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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm +03

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this is what i want the world to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. growing concerns about a rise uncovered $1000.00 infections for several countries to reimpose restrictions even as they roll out that the nation campaigns. hello there i missed on the tape this is our life and also coming up another day of violence and me on our security forces again opened fire on anti to protesters demanding the deposed civilian government be free and station.
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marching for the right to protest rallies across britain and call on the government to scrap the controversial bill that would restrict demonstrations. and egypt puts on a show as $22.00 of its royal mummies including its most powerful internet queena moved across cairo to a new. well we begin with the global pandemic and concerns about the rising number of infections even as governments roll out their vaccination campaigns several countries have now increased restrictions ahead of the easter holiday france is extending its measures and now going into its 3rd a lockdown in just a year more than 6000 police have been deployed to make sure people around paris are complying with those new rules while all of italy is now considered a high risk red zone the government there has introduced a strict. easter weekend lockdown that's also banned non-essential travel and in
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south america brazil remains the epicenter of the pandemic there where infections have now passed the 25000000 mark that's prompted both chile and bolivia to close their borders asunder and he has this update now from the colombian capital. well it's truly been an outlier here most of the other countries of had a very slow rollout of had a very hard time buying vaccines getting those vaccines into their countries when they get them also there have been complications in distributing them for example here in colombia reaching more remote areas of the country it's been a real hurdle generally speaking the head of the pan american health organization this week said that simply there aren't enough vaccines throughout latin america many countries at this rate will be able to reach. a very late next
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year so that's a major worry so more restrictions social distancing measures the use of masks will remain the most important measures against the expansion of the vaccine in the country especially now there are many countries are seeing. a sudden rise in. infections well meanwhile germany is president has conceded that mistakes were made regarding coronavirus testing and vaccinations thousands rallied against 1000 measures and struck caution in berlin president frank also steinmeier says germany's enjoying a crisis of trust for confusing restrictions and the government's response to this pandemic here people to pull together even about i'm going to be given this you're expect haitian for those in government is clear get it together let's all get together decomp atria let's bring forth water. we're not we'll champions in dealing
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with the pandemic but we're not a total failure either we have the republic of germany we doubt a lot but we capable of a lot and it's capability not doubt that counts now. well moving on now and at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar. and the latest crackdown and protest is that the threats of violence and arrests have done little to deter demonstrators more than 2 months after that military 20. 0 a wounded man with a serious head injury is carried away from the barricades in money about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters are reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong in central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices
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of those filming as they dragged the body away. that violence shared around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar. we have always believed the political prisoners and so did any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through death. row and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic groups as borders through their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand is representative of the global beauty pageant
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broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the protest as they are working on the street. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support. because. on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the understates now i think that if they will not give that we will. and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now the internet services have been cut off. but even these simple shrines are being torn down as the security services try to eradicate signs of resistance tony chang 00.
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0 right now people are demonstrating in several u.k. cities against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests the bill was drafted after the so what extinction rebellion environment protests back in 2019 it was that police at a time in noisy limits on rallies even individual demonstrations activists say it's designed to suppress dissent existing laws are under new scrutiny after police arrested several people at a recent vigil for a magic woman paul brennan is at one of the rallies there in london for us for them we last spoke it was all looking very peaceful but there's really been quite the police deployment they were saying that now. the protests started at around midday in hyde park which is about a couple of miles away from here in this congress until now in parliament square which is where i'm standing on the home of parliament whitehall they seem to start to move a little bit down whitehall now it's been entirely peaceful for the most part of the day apart from about 10 minutes ago 20 about 20 minutes ago when there was
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a spill and scuffle and then the police came under attack missiles and bottles just on the corner over there and one point in the quite nasty but it's largely calmed down now that people have stopped for the throwing things at police but the main grievance there into the bigger issue at stake here is this police and crime bill which the government is trying to push through parliament at the moment still in the lower house and it's brought together the whole kaleidoscope of different campaign groups from black extension with dahlia to greenpeace all very unhappy that this new legislation if it's passed would give the police great suppose to control the way people can protest for example it could set start and finish times on demonstrations it could limit the amount of noise. the demonstrations are allowed to create and that is seen by its critics as being really infringements on civil liberties on human rights on people's rights to dissent from things
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particularly in the context that we have at the moment the double problem context which is the corona virus pandemic which is a district of people's ability to mix and mingle and go about about their daily business which businesses and also the birth of what we call center everonn here in london at the start of lot. of big deal 2 weeks later was broken up many people say quite a 150 by the police and the lot of concern about the way the police are going about its plumping down on the way people are gathering to express what they see as magenta mix concerns about the way the country is being run down. crowd is a good approach this is still ongoing we're going to keep monitoring it if there is need to come but we will be here but at the moment the demonstration is peaceful paul brennan there on the ground for us with all the latest from the streets of london thank you so much for one out egypt is moving some of its royal mummies to a new home the remains of 22 ancient monarchs 18 kings and 4 queens
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a set to be transferred to cairo has recently inaugurated national museum of egyptian civilization a so-called golden parade is set to get properly underway in the next hour with film stars dancers and singers a scorching there as well miami's the multi-million dollar ferris procession is expected to help resurrect egypt struggling tourism industry and we can now speak to a crime she's the head of the egyptology unit at the american university in cairo and she joins us now from that same we've been seeing lots of pomp and ceremony and celebrity already just over the last half hour is this all kicks off how significant is this not only for egypt but for the study of ancient human history. well i think we'll only know how important it is for the study of ancient human history a few years from now i'm sure sociologists will have a field day but certainly for ancient egypt it is quite remarkable because once again age of egypt is center stage and the world's eyes are upon it and it's a very good thing for egyptology on one level because people will this will be able
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to know more about mummies or actually their interest and egypt's economy we hope that people will come and see the mummies the oil money in their new installations in the national museum of egypt peace by station well in terms of the move i say that they have repaved the road to make it less bumpy and the money is also being transported in a very special vehicles i know you personally were consulted on the process of moving them what other preparations have been made for this today. and i was i was not really come comes out at that point the movie but on the academic content of things but they've been a lot of conservatives internationally who have been consulted on this and you have been working together to make sure that goes as smoothly as possible and i know that also security forces have been involved in this quite intimately to ensure the safety of the broader range of these mummies so we're hoping. that all of these
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precautions will actually work out and the mummies will move from the area into the national museum of civilization safely but it's not the 1st time that they've moved in kyra that i was going to ask you about that i see many years ago they even had to be classified as sultan fish for customs officials to actually even let them into the capitol but this is a reunion of sorts right this is one of the 1st signs of all the display together. this is one of the 1st time but many of them are going to be displayed together as well as with their great goods so in the last display they were separated from their coffins and the baked goods that some of them were found grip so the great advantage here is they're going to have a bit more space so they're not going to be all in bunched together in one room but they're going to be there with them as a group that was found otherwise some of the must separate walls but they're put flip that coffins aren't great goods as well as information can be made see years
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worth x. rays so that one can understand and learn about mummies. and as human beings well speaking of human beings they were talking to alfred saying in the last hour he has been working on. a fairy who is a pretty mad at all those centuries ago and i know you have your own favorites can you tell us about him. ramses the 3rd certainly is exciting because there was a whole text about how he had been there was under the tree and that he might have been murder but the text was a bit wobbly as to whether it actually took place in a clean list assassinated or not but recent work showing. c.t. scans you can see that those in back to cut across the throat and so he really had been killed and then he had been repaired so that was quite exciting another quite delightful one is francis the 2nd was terribly boehm and he made sure all is
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involved this made sure that the mummy looked like he did in real life and so with most mummies then there's a sort of get spot that would grant he's the 2nd there's a bone in there they put seeds in there because he had quite a remarkable profile which he has preserved in death as he had in life that that's really interesting we'll be talking to you much more about that in the next hour or so so we may come that ahead and the egyptology unit at the american university in cairo your insights here on out here thanks for being with us and. thank you. well still ahead from here on out as their families grieve for the victims of friday's train crash in taiwan prosecutors made a construction site near the tunnel. and a changing climate to live in south korea and now that cherry blossom record for the 2nd year running now.
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we got some subtle changes taking place in the weather across the middle east over the next couple of days we have still got some clouds some rain a little bit of wintry weather there across northern parts of the region the bylaws here those temperatures are starting to notch up at long last so we're getting into the low twenty's there in damascus 22 celsius by rate 80 degrees jerusalem a similar temperature here as well so when she weather moving across took my system northern parts of afghanistan further south it is la sheets right but temperatures starting to fall away here in doha 29 so on in the wake we're into the high thirty's so that is something of a change the winds have gone round to move in north westerly direction the wind setting in the a little cane as we go on into monday system lifted dust and sand to watch out for an eastern side is saudi arabia maybe also hitting concept further south it's dry
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and sunny in that sunshine stretching across the whole of africa you might see want to see showers just creeping their way into southern parts of somalia as we go through sunday southern areas of ethiopia as well and the showers of course stretching right up into the gulf of guinea they do run right across into northern parts of mozambique northern areas of madagascar south of that it's fine and dry so looking lossie settle for south africa. but. the climate is changing every year for me. so years and decades of talk but little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the new oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more choo-choo did was to shift absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera.
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the. but again i'm a star let's remind you of our top stories here this hour millions across europe are set to mark easter sunday under new coronavirus restrictions france began its 3rd national lockdown on saturday and if you return district to measures off to a surge in cases that. at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar and the latest military crackdown against anti crew protesters gunshots were heard in a number of cities as demonstrations once again took to the streets. people are also demonstrating in several u.k. cities against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests that would at least
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set a time a noise limits on rallies activists say it's designed to suppress dissent. officials in taiwan say the death toll from friday's train crash could rise as they continue searching through the wreckage families of some of the 51 people who died have held a vigil at the size meanwhile prosecutors are now seeking an arrest warrant for a construction site manager his truck rolled onto the tracks front story reports. who may survived the carnage but lost her husband her son and her daughter they were on their way to for the annual too sweeping day a traditional chinese festival she remembers hearing a loud bang just before the train and to the tunnel. it was like a living hell our carriage was mangled things had fallen off and piled on top of passengers shelves fell on top of me it was dark. the train had crashed into
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a construction truck that it slid down a hill and onto the track just minutes well with eugene downs and still we only go with what i got hold of a mobile phone and turned on the torch to try to find my husband and children i saw them but there was nothing i could do to get them out so many objects piled on top of them i tried to remove some of the things such as iron bars but there was just too much stuff and when i did a voice kept asking me not to move anything because it hurt him so i just sat still was rescued an hour later president trying when visited a hospital where dozens of the injured are being treated and promised a thorough investigation into the accident as well as government support to affected families for you. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims. officials have said the driver may have failed to properly applied
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the brakes of the construction truck prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the manager of the company that carries out tracks like maintenance a court has released the man on of the. workers are still trying to remove the more heavily damaged sections of the train that remain inside the tunnel. as taiwan marks a 2nd day of mourning families of the crash victims gathered at the site of the disaster on saturday to say press conduct religious rites and grieve for those they've lost florence louis al-jazeera. well it's been a dramatic week of testimony in the trial of a former u.s. police officer charged with killing george floyd a senior police officer testified that derrick chauvinists decision to kneel on for its neck was a totally unnecessary act of deadly force as on the reports now from minneapolis.
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the end of the 1st week of the murder trial may have lacked the tearful emotion of the previous days but for the defense team it was perhaps the most devastating the jury heard from one of the highest ranking members of the minneapolis police force lieutenant richard zimmerman 40 year veteran and a homicide detective he was called on to the scene in the aftermath of floyd's arrest and subsequent death to investigate in no uncertain terms he condemned show vns use of his knee choke hold on george floyd. for the. time. it is just.
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uncalled for. son no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt. and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use a kind of force. in an exclusive interview without his ear after the court proceedings had been adjourned for the week george floyd's uncle selwyn jones told me the family just wants justice all i'm doing is sitting back just waiting you know just waiting for that day to killed when i hear guilty i don't get to see him at thanksgiving or christmas or hollowing i don't get the city anymore he don't get to see his baby he don't get me there were any of the things he's supposed to be doing because somebody decided that that day he would be judge jury and executioner it's extremely rare for police officers to testify against one of their own and that dramatic testimony caps a week that saw several witnesses break down in tears in front of the jury while
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recounting what it was like to watch george floyd. who do you think is winning this case in the 1st week. there's no doubt in the 1st week that the government put its best foot forward in one of the things that they did is used video repeatedly and in different ways to emphasize their point because video has that objectivity that no eyewitness is going to have however for many people here in the african-american community there's still a long way to go in this trial they have control right now we're just they're just what's in their opinion we don't have no control he came through this journey to kill theel today they said not guilty he can walk away scot free before the trial will continue on monday and it's expected prosecutors will continue to call more witnesses perhaps even the chief of police gabriel's on doe al-jazeera and yeah
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police. now the last of vessels stranded by the grounding of a container ship in the suez canal have finally passed through the waterway more than 420 vessels were delayed when the 400 meter long ever given got stuck for nearly a week a dropped one of the world's most vital waterways holding billions of dollars a day in trade the ship that was freed on monday with the help of lots of childbirths after days dredging well greece is now accusing turkey of provocation by pushing migrant boats into its waters and says the turkish coast guard has been seeing a scorching boats packed with refugees and migrants several times in the past 2 days the turkish government has not yet responded to those allegations now a brazilian has been sworn in as the new president of new share its 1st transfer of power through the ballot box just days earlier the security forces said they stopped an attempted military coup just reports now from the capital. after a decade in the shadows of his progress as
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a while but presumably his new just democratically elected president. that he was also a historic one for the country it marked with the 1st peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another. the ceremony was overshadowed by a recent field cool and rising attacks by i'm groups along its borders factis many here who he will use his experience as former head of both the 40 interior ministries to result listen or less security the most important is security people of new desperate for security 2nd to that is good governance and finally equity and justice but above all that they politicalization of governance which is very important we hope the president will appoint the right people in iraq positions devoid of partisanship but some believe that major politics and politicians will limit disability to deliver real change mohamed the hard work begins now it will need to unite
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a deeply divided nation whose stability is once again threatened by wednesday's failed coup but the president can count on global support judging from reactions on the failed school however the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also the threat posed by backcourt aman armed groups based in neighboring mali a reality not lost on mr assumes to give his 1st address as president and then run . something for a long time the criminals of the islamic state in the greater so hard who are affiliated to dosh almost exclusively attack the defense and security forces but for some time they've begun to attack a village chiefs and then progressively civilians in an indiscriminate manner since last january they've been carrying out massacres of innocent civilians on a large scale and thereby committing war crimes terrorism is a misfortune for our country. i was predestined mohammad isa for it was
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a moment to fulfilment offering democratical. for much of the country though the joy of this day will only be shed if mohamed does will be able to bring stability and development tunisia. trees. now u.s. president joe biden says he supports major league baseball's decision to strip atlanta of the prestigious all star game that's because of a new version rule in the state of georgia critics say the new measures signed off by georgia's republican governor and limit access to the ballot box especially for people of color the all star game was originally due to take place at atlanta's chouest park on july 13th but baseball's bosses are now searching for a new venue well that's all put pressure on georgia's most famous sporting event the masters golf tournament at augusta the 1st major of the season is due to start on thursday one civil rights group wants golf's governing body the p.g.a. to cancel the event and is also calling on players to boycott it until that voting
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law is repealed. in northeast asia cherry blossoms blooming are a sure sign that spring has sprung this year there is the earliest start to the season on record and scientists are pointing at climate change reports now from the korean capital seoul. it's an annual event in northeast asia that heralds the coming of spring and that's been getting earlier each year in tokyo the traditional viewing of the cherry blossom coincides with the lifting of pandemic state of emergency restrictions allowing people to take full advantage of the spectacle coming i think that last year i couldn't come here due to the state of emergency so here i am it's the earliest the blossom has bloomed here since official records began 70 years ago and historians delving into archives from the ancient capital of kyoto believe it's the earliest the bloom has appeared for at least 1200 years of
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course and i took on your good when i was a high school student cherry blossoms were still blooming around the start of the academic year in april i think the timing is getting earlier. the colder korean peninsula witness says it's blossoming just after japan but not by much a rolling wave of color moving south to north as temperatures climb it's the earliest that sol has seen cherry blossom since records began 99 years ago and it's 3 days sooner than the previous record that was set only last year it coincides with higher than average temperatures and more hours of sunshine the same apparent result of a changing climate is being felt across south korea only the most southerly island of jeju was warm enough to support the growing of subtropical fruit but not any more species like passionfruit are now grown in greenhouses much further north they
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were nona and areas in which subtropical for. roots can be grown or expanding towards the southern central and northern parts of the country in japan in recent years the warming climate has meant more devastating summer rains and floods while the korean peninsula has suffered from more destructive typhoons the early blossom may portend a change in climate that will bring more extreme weather come the summer months but for now and appearing all the more beautiful given the fragility and transients of its existence the blossom is here to be cherished robert bright al-jazeera soul. sound is there and is the headlines millions across europe are set to mark easter sunday on the new coronavirus restrictions france begins.


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