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generation 8. 1 of the special 2 part investigation on the. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. and we take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. growing concerns about a rise in credit $1000.00 infections for several countries to reimpose restrictions even as they roll out bags nation campaigns. i know there are missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up another day of violence and mayhem our security forces again open a file in and secret protesters demanding their deposed civilian government be reinstated. marching for the right to protest
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rallies across britain call on the government to ground the controversial bill that would restrict demonstrations. and egypt puts on a show as 22 of its royal mummies including its most colorful ancient queen moved across cairo to the new home of the national using. well we begin with the global pandemic and concerns about the rising number of infections even as governments roll out their vaccination campaigns several countries have increased restrictions ahead of the easter holiday or france is extending its measures and now going into its 3rd lockdown in a year more than 6000 police have been deployed to make sure people around paris are complying with the new rules all of italy is considered a high risk red zone the government there has introduced a strict. easter weekend lockdown it's also banned non-essential travel and in
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south america brazil remains the epicenter of the pandemic there where infections have now passed the $25000000.00 mark that's prompted both chile and bolivia to close their borders and santorum has he has this update now from bogota well chile has truly been an outlier here most of the other countries of had a very slow rollout of had a very hard time buying vaccines getting those vaccines into their countries when they get them also there have been complications in distributing them for example here in colombia reaching more remote areas of the country has been a real hurdle generally speaking the head of the pan american health organization this week said that simply there aren't enough vaccines throughout latin america many countries at this rate will be able to reach you need stations very late next
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year so that's a major worry so more restrictions social distancing measures the use of masks will remain the most important measures against the expansion of the vaccine in the country especially now there are many countries are seeing. a sudden rise in the. infections well is pretty deep to go to sunny she's a clinical epidemiologist and a senior lecturer at queen mary university of london she says vaccinations alone will not contain the spread of the virus. this is what scientists have been warning for a long time that vaccination reduces the risk of severe infection among the people who are vaccinated but to achieve low levels of transmission just with vaccination you need to vaccinate almost the entire population a piece of a large proportion of the population of particularly given that access don't provide complete protection against transmission even among those vaccinated so this really highlights that cases scad get very high even with high levels of
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vaccination like we're seeing in chile at the moment and hospitals can be overwhelmed even so also we need to really think of vaccines as one part of a multi-pronged approach rather the saudi approach that's going to end the pandemic we really need those interventions like mask use social distancing all of those things that please good test case and isolate systems good border controls particularly with the new 1000000000 sophisticated right now to ensure that cases are kept down by vaccination or that continues also to prevent new billions arising that could potentially threaten these precious vaccine resources on our gemini's president has conceded that mistakes were made regarding create a virus testing and vaccinations thousands rallied against cove in 1000 measures and start garson and fallon presents frank water steinmeier says germany's and during a crisis of trust a confusing restrictions on the government's response to the pandemic he urged people that a pull together even a vote on going to the given the security for those in government is clear get it
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together let's all get together de compatriots let's bring forth what we're made of we are not world champions in dealing with the pandemic but we're not a total failure either we are the republic of germany we doubt a lot but we're capable of a lot and it's capability not doubt that counts now of. when a coronavirus restrictions could soon be tightened in some of india's biggest cities if the number of cases there rise daily new infections are now at a 6 month high with a month long said reaching a peak of around $80000.00 on monday india's richest state accounted for more than half of those new infections with officials there warning that a lockdown may be necessary. lebanon has imposed a national lockdown until next tuesday to prevent a potential surge in 1000 cases during the easter holiday some essential shops will
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stay open though and restaurants will still be allowed to provide delivery services and the country has reported more than 474000 cases and over 6000 deaths since this pandemic started. and iraq has received more than a quarter of a 1000000 astra zeneca vaccine that's the u.n. back to vaccine alliance led by the world health organization the government. 20 percent of the population of $40000000.00 by the end of this year but that goal could still prove difficult to fault in reports now from baghdad. after months of delay at contradictory messages from the ministry of health iraq's covert 19 vaccination campaign has begun. with now received 336000 vaccines in the being distributed according to plan to health clinics across iraq the priority health workers security forces the elderly and people with immunity disorders. that prioritize ation plan has yet to be implemented
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the government 1st asked people to register online but because of limited uptake it then opened the doors to everyone including young people like myself there isn't enough in courtrooms from the government to take the vaccine so i don't have the priority to take the vaccine but i know if i don't come and take it maybe it will get exploited and nobody is going to take it indeed this batch of vaccines expires at the end of may. off already s. race against time to mobilize a reluctant public the distrustful of the government and science 65 year old man should be a priority candidate he suffers from hypertension diabetes and had one of his kidneys removed but he has no intention of getting the vaccine. and people are scared it spatially the elderly vaccines contain cortisol which can stop the lungs so if you also the elderly about taking the vaccine they on so will
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be no. iraq's government is facing a poor challenge when it comes to inoculating the population on the one hand must convince people to get a teen at the same. time if struggling to secure those us from global fires. the us doesn't occur in occupations iraq has received are part of 16000000 those is it has been allocated under kovacs the global vaccine alliance to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines but a world health organization stop official in iraq says delivering on those commitments has been a challenge as producing countries prioritize their own needs. facility have have had some delays because the manufacturers did not produce as much vaccines to honor. the estimated doses to be distributed well both the scenes are pending delivery you covered $1000.00 cases are hovering above $5000.00 daily as
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the country experiences its highest levels of infection since the onset of the pandemic scene one of 14 al-jazeera. moving on now and at least 5 more people have been killed in me along in the latest crackdown on protesters there the threats of violence and arrests have done little to deter demonstrators well in 2 months after the military coup tony chang reports oh i wanted man with a serious head injury was carried away from the barricades in money about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters are reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes. and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong in central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices
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of those filming as they dragged the body away. that shed around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar we have urged the release of political prisoners and supported any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of the. pro and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic armed groups are myanmar's borders through their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand memo's representative at a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the
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protesters they are working on the street. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support. for the situation because. on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the other states now i think that if they will not give that we will win and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank. bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now that wireless internet services have been cut off. but even these simple. as the security services try to eradicate signs of resistance to al-jazeera. 5 indian security forces have died in
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a clash with malice to rebels the skirmish broke out in the bigger pool region in the central. it comes days after 5 police officers were killed in a maoist attack on a bus. all right now people are demonstrating in several cities against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests that bill was drafted after the so-called extinction rebellion environment protests back in 2019 it was that police set time and noise limits on rallies even individual demonstrations activists say it's designed to suppress dissent existing laws under new scrutiny after police arrested several people at a recent vigil for a murdered woman well our correspondent paul brennan is at that rally in london. the instigation for all of this was the extinction rebellion protests of 2019 which brought central london to an absolute standstill and the frustration of your horses in the police that they didn't have more was to move them along to open up these roads and these fast to people on the moving they had to protect the people but at
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the same time the people come paining now say that it's gone too far the other way and an assault on freedom of speech on the human rights particularly at a time when there is already restrictions on movement because of the coronavirus but of course boris johnson and his ruling conservative party have a pretty healthy majority in parliament in the lower house so unless he faces some kind of big rebellion from within his own member members of parliament then it's unlikely that any meaningful amendments will be forced upon it but i have to say that the labor party which is the liberal democrats and the opposition parties are not happy about it all and they will undoubtedly try to force amendments on this bill as it progresses through it's still a long way to go and a lot of debate but the government seems very minded to put it through in its current form because they can criticize the opposition parties that that come out
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against it because it's such a mammoth bill you see there are measures in it for example to extend prison sentences for serious crimes that's a measure that most people in this country would agree with other measures include reducing sentences for less serious crimes again that's a measure that most people in this country with agree with but tapping into that bill that mammoth bill. things that would. restrict protest is not something that many people would agree with and it's that the fact that it's all on the want that many people are not happy about it. still ahead here she announces here families grieve for the victims of friday's train crash in taiwan prosecutions that raid a construction site mean that tunnel. anusia has a new president will look at the major challenges he faces as he tries to unite the united nations.
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it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways has been a lovely wait for japan is going to change as we go on through the next couple of days cloud and right is making its way out of china across the korean peninsula the cool cool weather system making its way across northern parts of japan as we go on through the next couple days there's a lot of cloud and rain then moving across the sea of japan and it does turn increasingly wet here as we go on through sunday so warm right for tokyo later on in the day temperatures here getting up to 20 celsius it will freshen up behind the winds swing around to a northerly direction so very heavy rain for a time a hunch you could lead to some localized flooding but it will brighten up as we go into the early part of next week what a broadening up across the korean peninsula but too bad for that eastern side of charter but a few showers a little further west i'm sensing some rather wet weather down towards the southwest of china some wet weather too in india china will see some very heavy
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rain there into thailand making its way across into cambodia financial either through the philippines but some very heavy rain into indonesia a little disturbance that could cause some flooding and there's a disturbance to in the andaman sea that could cause some flooding around the nicobar islands the out of anonymous want to shout into eastern parts of india much of india stays fought in troy with temperatures in the low forty's to some. ways. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries cobalt extracting it is dangerous but profitable with global demand such as sky rocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines obstructing the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on and just. to.
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get i must also attend the term under about top stories here this hour millions across europe are set to mark easter sunday under a new coronavirus restrictions france begins its 3rd the national opt out on saturday and it's only returned district to measures after a surge in cases that 2. at least 5 people have been killed again in me along in the latest military crackdown against 92 protesters gunshots were heard in a number of cities as demonstrators again took to the streets people are also demonstrating in several u.k. says he is against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests and with at least that time
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a noise limits on rallies activists say it's designed to suppress dissent. egypt is moving some of its royal mummies to a new home the remains of 22 ancient monarchs 18 kings and 4 queens are set to be transferred to cairo as recently inaugurated national museum of the gyptian civilization a so-called golden parade is set to get underway very shortly with film stars don says and singh is scorching those royal mummies the multi-million dollar pharaohs procession is expected to help resurrect egypt's tourism industry visitor numbers have promised after the 2011 uprising and this coronavirus pandemic well that's now speak to albert sink he's the head of the institute for mummies studies at you at croisset she joins us now from munich doctors think this is obviously a huge day for anyone who has even the vaguest interest in egyptian history i know one of the mummies today that's being moved is a subject of particular study for you can you tell us a little more about the significance of king runs that in perhaps a few other mummies we should be looking out for here. yeah sure it's
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a very bottom to vent it's not only important for the populace it it but also or. a way of showing respect to these important mummies that are part of our all cultural heritage and specifically of the chips and history we started runners that they're at it was a mommy who could show that he was killed actually in a coup in his her own so it was really a murder case this we could figure out during our studies and a lot of other famous mummies from the new kingdom like runs a 2nd i think maybe one of the most well known mummies the range for more than 60 years one of the oldest mummies we know or the famous hutch of sorts one of the few female characters we are knowing and there's so much more of these mummies and i hope that everything goes well and the mummies are in a secure. transporter but i'm sure that everything was done to make them
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safe and secure to their new place and what i'm curious about that i want to ask you more about this obviously a very delicate the distal exercise given the size of the parade as well as the sensitivity of the people of the money's being moved i'm curious can you talk us through the considerations here and and are you actually confident that they've all been taken into account. yeah at least what i was sure that if they do chip shop warrantees did everything to make their transport secure which is very important because you have to wait any kind of damage to the mummies any shocked by by their transporting them on the streets but i heard that they made specific cases also and it's also important to keep the conservation conditions of the mommies because there were now 4 years and a nitrogen so on the night shift atmosphere and on a certain you meet temperature and you have to keep these also during the transport
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even if it takes just one hour or so it's important that it doesn't change the heat or the nitric chance but i'm quite convinced that it did everything necessary to make deterrence but secure and without any problems for the months until the public will be in a king for interviewing those monies i believe they can from mid april and then new home in the museum i say they're going to be part of a very ambitious lay curated exhibit can you describe what that might look like for us. yeah as far as a hurt their child goes to show some contest context of their money said they want to briefly explain who are these mamas because this was in the in depletes they were not so perfect to describe it and they also want to give live your lives professional how does their original toombs it looks or look like in the way of the kids where they were rich no barrett and it think this will make all together very
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great exhibition that shows how the mummies are already very how they're now preserved what we know about these mummies there are supplanted sure sounds if you scan source some also of our results hopefully and this all will give a very nice impression of the man was it also shows him to respect and not that it's very important to also consider this if you can ethical standards that the moments are shown in a respectful way and that the all these is ready of the new museum very briefly i do have one last question for you egypt's as we've been reporting is had a rather rough run of things in the last couple of weeks the ever given getting stuck in the suez canal building collapse as fire as a devastating train crash i know there's meant to be a curse for those who disturb the monies that the cast of the faroes want to make of all that. but i don't believe in discouraged because i actually work a lot with egyptian mummies now and for the last 25 years i worked with one charm only front of the 3rd and i still feel perfectly fine so i think it's makes being
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said bit more exciting but there's so many things happening all the time around the world and it's then easy to link them to there so the mommy spread it on things there's nothing about his mummy terse avid think that the head of the institute for many studies at you at croisset thanks for being with us and you enjoy the parade today thank you oh we'll. well as we were referring to there that whole suez canal disaster the last vessels stranded by the grounding of that container ship have now passed through the waterway more than 420 vessels were delayed when the 400 metre long ever given got stuck for nearly a week and blocked one of the world's most vital waterways holding billions of dollars a day in trade the ship was freed on monday with the help of lots of tug boats after 8 days of dredging officials in taiwan say the death toll from friday's train crash could rise as they continue searching through the wreckage the families of some of the 51 people who died have held
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a vigil at the site prosecutors meanwhile are now seeking an arrest warrant for a construction site manager whose truck rolled on to the tracks front street reports. who may survived the karni but lost her husband her son and her daughter. they were on their way to for the annual 2 day a traditional chinese festival she remembers hearing a loud bang just before the train and to the tunnel. it was like a living hell our carriage was mangled things had fallen off and piled on top of cast in twos shows fell on top of me it was dark. the train had crashed into a construction truck that it slid down a hill and onto the track just minutes. away. i got hold of a mobile phone and turned on the torch to try to find my husband and children i saw them but there was nothing i could do to get them out so many objects piled on top
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of them i tried to remove some of the things such as iron bars but there was just too much stuff and when i did a voice kept asking me not to move anything because it hurt him so i just sat still was rescued an hour later president visited a hospital where dozens of the injured are being treated and promised a thorough investigation into the accident as well as government support to affected families. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims. officials have said the driver may have failed to properly applied the brakes of the construction truck prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the manager of the company that carries out tracks like maintenance a court has released the man on of the. workers are still trying to remove the more heavily damaged sections of the train that remain inside the tunnel as taiwan marks
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a 2nd day of mourning families of the crash victims gathered at the site of the disaster on saturday to say press conduct religious rites and grieve for those they've lost florence 0. military says it's pushed back an attack by al-shabaab feiss the fight has targeted 2 army bases about 100 kilometers from the capital mogadishu while the government says most of those attackers were killed the armed group is also claiming victory it says it captured the bases and dozens of somali soldiers were killed in the fighting. now the international criminal court has welcomed at the u.s. decision to lift sanctions on some of its employees calling it a new phase and ties the trumpet ministration your call impose those restrictions on the i.c.c. chief prosecutor and another top official as that court began to investigate american troops for potential war crimes in afghanistan secretary of state and neighboring can says washington still disagrees with that and other investigations
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mohamed presumed has been sworn in as the new president of its 1st transfer of power through the ballot box just days earlier those security forces said they stopped an attempted military coup ahmed address reports now from the capital. after a decade in the shadows of his produces a while but presumably his new just democratically elected president. the day was also a historic one for the country it marked with the 1st peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another. the ceremony was overshadowed by a recent field cool and rising attacks by i'm groups along its borders factis many here who he will use his experience as former head of both the 40 interior ministries to resolve listen said sit up or less security the most important is security people of new desperate for security 2nd to that is good governance and finally equity and justice but above all that they politicalization of governance
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which is very important we hope the president will appoint the right people in iraq positions devoid of partisanship but some believe that egypt politics and politicians will limit to civility to deliver real change which doesn't mohamed the hard work begins now he will need to unite a deeply divided nation whose stability is once again threatened by one stays failed cool but the president can count on global support judging from reactions on the failed school however the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also the threat posed by book or aman armed groups based in neighboring mali a reality not lost on mr bazooms assumes to give his 1st address as president. but don't run. your criminals up for a long time the criminals of the islamic state in the greater so hard work affiliated to dodge almost exclusively attack the defense and security forces but
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for some time we've begun to attack a village chiefs and then progressively civilians in an indiscriminate manner since last january they've been carrying out massacres of innocent civilians on a large scale thereby committing war crimes terrorism is a misfortune for our country. always produces a home would be nice if it was a moment to fulfill it but offering democratic. for much of the country though the joy of this day will only be shared if mohamed does will be able to bring stability and development to be here by the trees i would use either. now u.s. president joe biden says he supports major league baseball's decision to strip atlanta of the prestigious all star game and because of a new voting law in the state of georgia critics say the new measures signed off by georgia's republican governor limit access to the ballot box especially for people of color the all star game was originally due to take place at atlanta's jurist
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park on july 13th but baseball's bosses are now searching for a new venue and this move by baseball has now put pressure on r.g.p. georgia's most famous sporting about the masters golf tournament. the 1st major of the season is due to start on thursday one civil rights golf's governing body the p.g.a. to cancel the event and is calling on players also to boycott it until that voting law is repealed. and that this is al jazeera these are the headlines millions across europe are set to mark easter sunday under a new coronavirus restrictions fronts begins its 3rd national lockdown on saturday and is a return to stricter measures after a surgeon cases the dba has this update for us from london.


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