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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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a pretty familiar feeling seared gavel nayak and paragraphs and pasha which has your stories we are your voice your news your network al-jazeera. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and i'm getting out of a doctor going up in the next 60 minutes france and italy reimpose lockdowns as european nations struggle to contain a rising number of covert 19 infection. security forces amid maher opened fire at an supertaster is killing at least 5 people in the military is intensifying crackdown a city on edge again a washington d.c.
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capitol police officer is killed after a man rammed his car into a barricade families grieve for the victims of friday's train crash in taiwan while prosecutors raided a nearby construction site. and i'm sorry just sports major league baseball strips the transfer of the all star game because of new controversial voting rules in the state of georgia. welcome to the news hour millions of people across europe are set to mark easter sunday under new coronavirus restrictions the use largely slow vaccination rollout and raising infections are leaving governments with just one option a full lockdown many people in paris left the capital ahead of restrictions as france faces its 3rd nationwide lockdown on friday it reported its biggest jump in
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the number of intensive care patients italy has and forcing a strict 3 day lockdown during the easter weekend non-essential travel has been bans but churches are open people are allowed to share an easter meal at home with 2 other adults and in a rare national plea germany's president has urged germans to get vaccinated as more cities increase coronavirus measures and it is joining us from london to talk us through developments in europe and you have 2 very different lockdown situations in france and the u.k. nadeem can you tell us more about those. absolutely daryn well you were just briefly talking about italy there which is really trying to get on top of another wave of corona 'd virus infections on friday it reported 22000 new cases slightly down on the day before but still worryingly high so the country now is in a red zone emergency as they call it is not
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a strict as it was last spring when people were told 'd you may not leave the house for non-essential reasons but they're being told that they can't travel outside their hometown or their home reads a region although they can actually go in groups of up to 2 to other households over the easter holiday. the controversial thing for a lot of people is that people can leave it to leave for non-essential journeys abroad like going on holiday so there are been busy scenes that different airports in italy which of angered some italians when they're being told that they can't travel to meet family members in other regions for easter the situation in britain is somewhat different because of the vaccine rollout because of the speed of that vaccine rollout in the u.k. that you were referring to the message here is that under the relaxations of the restrictions people can now gather in groups of up to 6 out doors prime minister
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boris johnson on friday reminding people that the risk of transmission is high indoors and urging them to stick to the guidelines which is only meet outdoors or in other people's gardens and just use common sense keep that distance between yourselves and he's trying he's hoping that people will stay local although there is no legal restriction on people actually traveling to beach resorts for example which has led to some people for example in southwest england getting worried about an influx of people from elsewhere in the country aerated that's a very disciplined situation from france where now it's reporting a 3rd are people who are facing a 3rd nationwide lockdown. that's right in france another country which is traditionally which it has a large catholic population which will be disk does which will be inconvenienced by the restrictions but the government says that it's doing what it needs to do to
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drive down transmission now they reported in france more than $45000.00 new cases on friday so even higher the restrictions which have been in place in some regions including paris will now apply nationwide from 7 pm local time on saturday there's a curfew there are restrictions on people's movement saying that they can't get more than 10 kilometers from where they live for non-essential journeys they the government has been saying that there will be some tolerance over the next few days through into monday which is a public holiday for people going further for easter but after that the police will actually be checking that people have an artist that's your document saying that they need to go somewhere for for a particular reason for an essential journey such as health care for example the the situation in france has been getting has been worrying a lot of the health care officials they really do what worry about the number of
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coronavirus patients still in hospitals there and similarly in spain one of the hardest hit countries and a country where many people would have been traveling between regions for each family gatherings but also for those famous parades they're being told that they can't travel between regions the situation they're just not not good enough for the government to allow that controversially though there are people from other e.u. countries are being allowed to travel into spain if they've tested negative for coverage 19 votes getting a lot of people in spain wondering whether the rules really are that sensible ok nadine thank you so much for that update from. let's talk about all of this with john ryan who's a visiting fellow at the london school of economics and political science he is joining us from london as well thanks very much for your time with us mr ryan so if you look at the economic impacts of all of this i mean traditionally the easter weekend would be peak season for at least tourism and income and obviously one of
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the busiest holiday seasons in europe so what impact is this lockdown going to have on the country economically speaking. overseas going to affect the gross domestic product growth rights productivity because. not only service industries will be affected but also factories exception supply chinese will be disrupted so that will rule and have a negative economic impact especially when it's countries likes by fronds. germany austria you know interconnected with each other so this will have a detrimental effect because basically the economic impact for france and germany as opposed to the united kingdom was less up until now but there is maybe
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a catch up in the economic damage with these types of. lock downs and unfortunately the death stuff will come with the high rights to be infection rate and even when the government starts to give the green lights obviously the readjustment phase is going to take many months perhaps even years how long do you think i know it's a pretty broad question here but how long do you think that it'll take for these countries to start recovering. well you know spine and its city are in a bad place in terms of effects she writes already. in the last year and death writes and that catching up to the british. cases and deaths right said that is very bad because britain was a very much a poor performer in this issue of the vaccine rodel and germany which is that and france now already starting to feel the pain of this. yes he said it's
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a broad question we have to remember where we're going to have the vaccine rollout we're going to get the vaccines done and dusted i think probably the u.k. for 1st and 2nd vaccines properly by the end of the sama europe is behind that the european union is behind that america is going ahead israel is one of the best performances but we've got these new it's a ration south african virus and new iteration of coverage 90 so we would probably need boost is so we're going to get situations where is it going to be flare up so this time and time again over the next year so it's very difficult to see that we're going to be anywhere out of this situation until maybe 12 months maybe 18 months down the line when maybe we are living with that kind of 90 but we might have another every to ration that is kofi 20 or something like that so it's very
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difficult to to make a prediction about that but i would say that we're nowhere near out of this particular predicament so so then you're not very optimistic about a travel and tourism sort of recovery in the short term you know the industry it accounts for more than 10 percent of global economic growth and this clearly is one of the worst crisis. yes i mean you correspondent touched on you know the situation in some of the european countries where people are being locked down in their countries for example in germany you know. not the place but thousands of germans are going to mayo. and they they might be ok when they get there but maybe this you know 19 flares up there and that's already happened whereas some of the tourists have already had to be i 78 so
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allowing people to travel into other countries been met trying to melt down is probably not a good idea because this. this needs to be really if you're going to do a knock down you really going to have to make sure that you you do everything possible to minimize flareups. 900 specially when your a fiction right is going now so people are talking about this tourism and they're talking about the economy but you want to be able to move forward with the economy because if we don't 6 months ago or 7 months ago jodi looked like it was in a good place now it's in a very bad place in terms of that and is a degree of human human error and he had he humanity is getting very tired of all these talk downs over these restrictions and. consequently people become complacent and of course kind of 19 strides in that environment. and that's what we're seeing now in the european union. strive enough the virus
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a slow fact seen rod out which is very very poor performance by the european union in that particular area so right don't see the tourist industry actually coming back really this year it's oh ok thank you so much john ryan for speaking to us from london thank you. more u.s. states are expanding vaccine eligibility as coronavirus infections rise across the country nearly a 3rd of the population has received at least one dose of over 1000 back seen more than half of people aged 65 and above are now fully vaccinated but more than $60000.00 new cases were reported every day this week the u.s. centers for disease control says fully vaccinated americans can now start traveling at low risk to themselves they do not require tests or quarantine but while the health agency considers vaccinated people low risk it's still advising against
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travel for those who have not been vaccinated argentine us presidents all better fernandez who's been vaccinated against over 1000 has now tested positive for the virus in its wheats he said an antigen test was positive but he was still waiting for the results of a p.c.r. test to be confirmed fernandez says he's in good spirits despite having a slight fever government sources say fernandez was inoculated with a russian sputnik vaccine and had his 2nd shot last month iraq has received more than a quarter of a 1000000 astra zeneca vaccines through kovacs that's the u.n. backed vaccine alliance led by the world health organization the government aims to inoculate 20 percent of the population of $40000000.00 by the end of the year gold could prove difficult simona fulton reports from baghdad's. after months of delay at contradictory messages from the ministry of health iraq's covert 19 vaccination campaign has begun. but. with now received
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336000 vaccines in the being distributed according to plan to health clinics across iraq the priority health workers security forces the elderly and people with immunity disorders. that prioritize ation plan has yet to be implemented the government 1st asked people to register online but because of limited uptake it then opened the doors to everyone including young people like myself there isn't enough in courtrooms from the government to take the vaccine so i don't turn the priority to take the vaccine but i know if i don't come and take it maybe it will get expired and nobody is going to take it indeed this batch of vaccines expires at the end of may. off already is race against time to mobilize a reluctant public the distrustful of the government and science 65 year old man should be a priority candidate he suffers from hypertension diabetes and had one of his
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kidneys removed but he has no intention of getting the vaccine. and people are scared especially the elderly vaccines contain cortisol which can stop the lungs so if you also are elderly about taking the vaccine they on so will be no. iraq's government is facing a dual challenge when it comes to inoculating the population on the one hand must convince people to get a teen at the same time if struggling to secure those us from global fire. the astra zeneca inoculations iraq has received our part of 16000000 those is it has been allocated under kovacs the global vaccine alliance to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines but a world health organization. nation's top official in iraq says delivering on those commitments has been a challenge as producing countries prioritize their own needs the kovacs facility
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have have had some delays because the manufacturers did not produce as much vaccines to honor. the estimated doses to be distributed while both the scenes are pending delivery you covered $1000.00 cases are hovering above $5000.00 daily as the country experiences its highest levels of infection since the onset of the pandemic seen one awful teen al-jazeera bucket that. had on the news hour including we're live in london where protesters are gathering to rally against the controversial no crime legislation. putting your new. for him on a park that amount of time. is just. uncalled for a senior police officer gives his assessment of the force used against george ford before he died saying it was totally unnecessary and in sport the phoenix suns
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continue to shine in the n.b.a. the best reaction coming out with sarah. at least 5 more people have been killed in me and more in the latest crackdown on protesters but threats of violence on the arrests are done little to do it's hard demonstrators more than 2 months after the military coup so many child reports. a good man with a serious head injury was carried away from the barricades in money about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on most. easier to flee when the crackdown comes and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong and central young gun shows police
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standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices of those filming as they dragged the body away. that shared around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar. we have urged the release of political prisoners and supported any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of the. pro and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic armed groups are myanmar's borders through their support behind the empty coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand representative at
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a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the protesters they are working on the street. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support. because. on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the other states now i think that if they will not give that we will win and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank. bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now that wireless internet services have been cut off. but even these simple shrines are being torn down as the security services try to eradicate all signs of resistance tony chiang al jazeera people are demonstrating in several u.k.
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cities against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests the bill was drafted after the so-called extinction rebellion environmental protest in 2019 it would let police set time and noise limits on rallies and even individual demonstrations activists are saying it's designed to suppress dissent paul brennan is joining us from the rally in london paul tell us what you're seeing behind you and what opponents are saying about this bill. yet there are many many different groups about this peace front bill which i'm seeing for the moment is that the rebels have got to be on the stage or in parliament rests in the lower house but the committee statesman has got the upper house yet but your time going to be amended there are several provisions within this bill which have got people out on the streets not just here but up and down. the big this is the national weekend of action which is going on there are demonstrations in cities it's not
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just a place like form of the sound barrier around the country i'm happy now to explain why it's because the people here feel that the bill would get the police more more power to people's rights to protest freedom of expression for example and put them out of place it's been said that there is a big big friends. with the pot on the back of the demonstrators because they were people but they could be despite tax conditions for example. the difficulty from dependence points of view is that the bill is wide ranging and it has several points which many people say should be a. serious trouble. well the prison sentences less serious criminals getting sent to prison it's been bumping up against the way that opponents say it's quite wrong the people here say. that the right to smoke is freedom human rights and civil
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liberties ok paula let you go for now thank you so much for that update from london . a police officer has been killed and another injured when a man rounds his car into a barricade outside the u.s. capitol building in washington d.c. the attacker was shot and died and hospital the area was immediately put into lockdown 3 months auster congress was raided by donald trump supporters culhane reports from washington d.c. . it's happened again. another attack on the u.s. capitol suspect ran his part into officers and then hit the north barricade barrier assets time the suspect exit the vehicle with a knife in hand the suspect is believed to be 25 year old noah greene police say he lunged at the officers and they shot him dead before his car rammed the steel
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barricade police say he ran over 2 officers william evans and 18 year veteran of the force was killed his body escorted to the morgue by a long line of police cars the other officer was seriously injured i just asked that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families and in your prayers. this is been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police less than 3 months ago another member of the capitol police force died after trying to battle back a pro trump mob attempting to stop the election in that case reinforcements took hours but thousands of national guard troops have been here since just after the january 6th attack and they quickly surrounded the building alert for a follow up attack that didn't come congress is not in session right now police say they had no intelligence on the south bank before this happened so now they start looking for a motive. most of the fences that have surrounded the capital since the attempted
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insurrection have been taken down there were thousands fewer soldiers walking the grounds there was a sense that life here was going back to something approaching normal not now not after another deadly day in front of the symbol of american democracy. al-jazeera washington oh let's get out of jail for mike hanna who's joining us from washington d.c. so mike are you learning anything new about the investigation. no the investigation ongoing some further details have emerged about the driver of that vehicle no agree no 25 year old now social posts that he put that have now been taken down indicate a support for the nation of islam movement and its leader louis farrakhan but they also according to many observers indicate a slightly unbalanced state of mind indications of extreme paranoia so all
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indications are is that this man suffered from some kind of mental health issues but the whole incident as well as sparked of the debate a debate that's been ongoing about security around the capital and how to maintain the balance between giving all acts access to all americans to the cradle of democracy while preserving security for those within the capitol and of course those who guarded now yet another capitol police officer is killed in terms of while protecting the capital so this is going to reignite this particular debate the security measures in crease security measures have been lessened in recent days now the debate is going to go on whether they should be reinstituted the massive fence with topped with razor wire that had been erected around the capitol has been taken down in a spirit of turf and still remains that many members of congress still feeling deeply uncomfortable about potential threat and this incident has once again
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reignited these fears again mike as you're saying i mean this is a subject that has already been under the spotlight since the january riots. very much so the january incident on january the 6th when people stormed into the capitol led to a massive increase in security around the capitol it also led to a national guard being stationed in the capitol area now there were some 2000 members of the national guard who were kept in d.c. on station after a large number had been sent back to their bases following january the 6th now their presence in d.c. was extended by special permission to to the middle of may now the question's going to arise as well whether the national guard could become a permanent feature of capital security investigation into january the 6th indicated that the capitol police are understaffed underfunded and simply do not
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have the intelligence resources to carry out an effective security operation and this is something that once again is going to develop following this latest incident in terms of what can be done to balance the need for security around the capitol with the right of americans to visit the congress ok mike hanna thank you very much for that from washington d.c. . time for a check on the weather on the news hour here's everything. we've got some subtle changes taking place in the weather across the middle east over the next couple of days we have still got some clouds some rain a little bit of a wintry weather there across northern parts of the region but by laws here those temperatures are starting to notch up at long last so we're getting into the low twenty's there in damascus 22 celsius by route 80 degrees to roost a similar temperature here as well so wintry weather moving across took mega-star northern parts of afghanistan further south it is largely dry but temperatures
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starting to fall away here in doha 29 celsius earlier on in the week into the high thirty's so that is something of a change the winds have gone around to move in northwesterly direction the wind setting in the a little cane as we go on into monday system lifted dust and sand to watch out for an eastern side of saudi arabia maybe also hit in concept further south it's dry and sunny in that sunshine stretching across the whole of africa we might see one of 2 showers just creeping their way into southern parts of somalia as we go through sunday southern areas of ethiopia as well and the showers of course stretching right up into the gulf of guinea they do run right across into northern parts of mozambique northern areas of madagascar south of that is fine and dry so looking largely settle for south africa. still ahead on the news hour who's there as a new president's we'll look at the major challenges we face as we try is to unite a divided nation. and the changing climate delivers south korea another cherry
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blossom record for the 2nd year running and in sport there's the dramatic start of a new electric off road series taking place in saudi arabia. when the news breaks 4 months ago janine onion's was president of bolivia now she's under arrest when people need to be heard that more than 11000000 people infected hospitals in brazil are struggling to cope al-jazeera has teams on the ground the last time voters lined up to cast their ballots in the central african republic an attempted coup was taking place to bring you more room mood when documentaries and lightning. on air and online. jumped into the story there was a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are and where it be part of the
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debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. more. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera millions across europe us. that's a marked easter sunday under new coronavirus restrictions france will begin its 3rd national office on saturday and italy a return to stricter measures after a surge in cases at least 5 people are reported to have been killed in myanmar in
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the latest crackdown by the military against ansi from protesters gunshots were heard a number of cities as demonstrators again took to the streets. a police officer has been killed and another injured when a man round his car into a barrier outside the u.s. capitol complex in washington do soon the attacker was shot and died in hospital. the. it's been a dramatic week of testimony in the trial of a former police officer charged with killing george floyd a senior police officer testified decision to kneel on floyd's neck was a totally unnecessary act of deadly force is on the reports from minneapolis. the end of the 1st week of the derricks jovan murder trial may have lacked the tearful emotion of the previous days but for the defense team it was perhaps the
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most devastating the jury heard from one of the highest ranking members of the minneapolis police force lieutenant richard zimmerman a nearly 40 year veteran and a homicide detective he was called on to the scene in the aftermath of floyd's arrest and subsequent death to investigate in no uncertain terms he condemned show vns use of his knee choke hold on george floyd. what is your. you know your view that use of force during that time. totally unnecessary what do you mean. well 1st of all. pulling him down to the ground fresh talent and putting your new yana neck for that amount to put that amount of time. it is just. uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt
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. and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use a kind of force. in an exclusive interview with after the court proceedings had been adjourned for the week george floyd's uncle selwyn jones told me the family just wants justice all i'm doing is sitting back just waiting you know just waiting for that day to killed when i hear guilty i don't get to see him at thanksgiving or christmas or hollowing i don't get the city anymore he don't get to see his baby he don't get to do any of the things he's supposed to be doing because somebody decided that that day he would be judge jury and executioner it's extremely rare for police officers to testify against one of their own and the dramatic testimony caps a week that saw several witnesses break down in tears in front of the jury while recounting what it was like to watch george floyd. who do you think is winning this
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case in the 1st week. there's no doubt in the 1st week that the government put its best foot forward in one of the things that they did is used video repeatedly and in different ways to emphasize their point because video has that objectivity that no eyewitness is going to have however for many people here in the african-american community there's still a long way to go in this trial they have control right now we're just they're just what's in their opinion we don't have no control he came through this journey to kill theel today they said not guilty he can walk away scot free before the trial will continue on monday and it's expected prosecutors will continue to call more witnesses perhaps even the chief of police gabriel. al-jazeera and yeah police gunmen in haiti have kidnapped a pastor and 3 worshipers during a ceremony that was streamed live on facebook.
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members were seen singing before dropping their microphones and hiding a man armed with a rifle entered the church and took the 4 away they attacked on thursday was at a 7th day adventist paris on the outskirts of the capital port au prince. military says it's pushed back an attack by al shabaab fighters the fighters targeted 2 army bases about 100 kilometers from the capital mogadishu while the government says most of the attackers were killed the armed group is also claiming victory it says it captured the bases and dozens of somalis soldiers were killed in the fighting. has been sworn in as the new president of ensure its 1st transfer of power through the ballot box just days earlier security forces said they stopped an attempted military coup. reports next happens on the i. have to take in the shadows of his protests as
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a while but. as new just 50 democratically elected president. that day was also a historic one for the country it marked the 1st peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another the ceremony was overshadowed by a recent field cool and rising attacks by i'm groups along its borders fact is many here who he will use his experience as former head of both the 40 interior ministries to resolve. or less security the most important is security people of new disparate security 2nd to that is good governance and finally equity and justice but above all the day politicalization of governance which is very important we hope the president will appoint the right people in iraq positions devoid of partisanship. but some believe that new politics and politicians will limit disability to deliver real change mohamed to hard work begins now it will
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need to unite a deeply divided nation whose stability is once again threatened by wednesday's failed coup but the president can count on global support judging from reactions on the failed coup however the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also the threat posed by book or aman armed groups based in neighboring mali a reality not lost on mr bush assumes to give his 1st address as president and then run. something for a long time the criminals of the islamic state in the greater so hard who are affiliated to dosh almost exclusively attack the defense and security forces but for some time they've begun to attack a village chiefs and then progressively civilians in an indiscriminate manner since last january they've been carrying out massacres of innocent civilians on a large scale and thereby committing war crimes terrorism is a misfortune for our country. always produces a mohammad isa for it was
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a moment to fulfilment offering democratical. for much of the country though the joy of this day will only be shed if mohamed does will be able to bring stability and development to be share of 80 trees. the backlog of vessels in the suez canal has been cleared more than 420 vessels were delayed when the 400 meter long ever given got stuck for almost a week and blocked one of the world's most vital waterways wholesale billions of dollars a day in trade it was freed on monday with the help of tugboats ofter days of drenching. officials in taiwan say the death toll from friday's train crash could rise as they search through the wreckage families of some of the 50 people who died held a vigil at the sites prosecutors are now seeking an arrest warrant for a construction site manager whose truck rolled onto the tracks so once the reports . to move we may survived the carnage but lost her husband his
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son and her daughter. they were on their way to for the annual too sweeping day a traditional chinese festival she remembers hearing a loud bang just before the train and took the tunnel you can't leave. it was like a living hell our carriage was mangled things had fallen off and piled on top of cason shoes shelves fell on top of me it was dark. the train had crashed into a construction truck that it slid down a hill and onto the track just minutes now with huge in dollars and still when you make a little i got hold of a mobile phone and turned on the torch to try to find my husband and children i saw them but there was nothing i could do to get them out so many objects piled on top of them i tried to remove some of the things such as iron bars but there was just too much stuff and when i did a voice kept asking me not to move anything because it hurt him so i just sat still
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chuma was rescued an hour later president trying when visited a hospital where dozens of the injured are being treated and promised a thorough investigation into the accident as well as government support to affected families for you keeping. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims. officials have said the driver may have failed to properly applied the brakes of the construction truck prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the manager of the company that carries out tracks like maintenance a court has released the man on the. workers are still trying to remove the more heavily damaged sections of the train that remain inside the tunnel. as taiwan marks a 2nd day of mourning families of the crash victims gathered at the site of the disaster on saturday to say prayers conduct religious rites and grieve for those they've lost florence gluey. leaving human rights groups in russia have released
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a rare report condemning moscow's involvement in the syrian conflicts it was released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the war and that includes interviews with survivors and says most syrians view russia as a destructive foreign force the authors also criticize russian media for failing to report on attacks against civilians. international criminal court says it welcomes the decision by the u.s. to lift sanctions and visa restrictions on its employees imposed by the trumpet ministration the i.c.c. chief prosecutor and another top official were among those targeted as the court began to investigate american troops for a potential war crimes in afghanistan but secretary of state anthony blinken says washington still disagrees with fats as well as other investigations steven rattner is a professor of law at the university of michigan he says that's another strong message from the biden administration to its international partners. well it's
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a very significant move for the united states and i think it's part of the basically 180 degree reorientation of u.s. foreign policy under the new by administration that follows along with many other nations like rejoining the powers accord i think the u.s. is trying to send a signal to 3 audiences here and i think 1st and most importantly perhaps our u.s. allies many of whom are party to the i.c.c. statute and who saw this move as complete sort of overkill in response to an investigation it would almost be like putting sanctions on the u.n. secretary general for just doing his job secondly i think the u.s. is trying to send a signal that more positive relationship with the i.c.c. that it treats the i.c.c. is a serious mechanism for accountability and it's going to begin to engage and cooperate with the i.c.c. and then i think it sends a message to all other states of the u.s. now trying to work with international organizations and not go unilateral on all
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important issues so i think it means that i.c.c. officials are now going to come to the united states i think united states may share information with them in their propaganda potential investigation of the taliban which will be very very helpful for bringing justice. for the taliban who committed war crimes and i think the u.s. is going to be trying to explain to the i.c.c. officials why charges should not be brought against any u.s. forces are either because no crimes were committed or because they've been investigated whether they will succeed or not it way too early to see but it will be a dialogue and the u.s. i think figured that it was much more likely to meet its policy goals or to talk to the i.c.c. than if it just rebuffed it. isn't turkey a provocation by pushing migrant boats into its waters it says the turkish coast guard has been seen as courting boats packed with refugees and migrants several times in the past 2 days the turkish government has not responded to the
4:44 pm
allegations yet it's. it is beyond doubt that these migrants departed that shore and given the fact they were supported by the key were not at risk we call and tell you to stand down and stop this on 100 provoke asian return these migrants to the people tell a key and live up to the 2016 if you don't you join statement on migration a mother in the u.k. is helping fellow immigrant families overcome the stigma surrounding special needs children i meet obscene whose son is autistic found attitudes within her own community created some of the biggest challenges just baldwin met her in the city of bristol. ameena son manasseh is now calm a lanky teens mai-ling down on his mother but it wasn't always so from birth he cried endlessly didn't sleep at night and was nothing like her other 3 children at 2 his diagnosis was autism leaving ameena devastated i don't understand
4:45 pm
when my son is not talking you know it's big. and you see. i don't know that's probably me i crying always if you my son is carry me i cry autism is a developmental disorder with a wide spectrum no 2 cases are the same some people never speak others are streaming anxious while some may be socially distant it's estimated globally between one and 2 percent of people have some degree of autism researchers here in bristol have found a higher incidence among somali immigrants to the u.k. in the somali culture autism doesn't exist children on the autistic spectrum are considered mentally ill and shunned from society since nora based 1st child zack was diagnosed with autism she's thought that stigma in her community now she's
4:46 pm
made a series of short films explaining what parents can do to help their children lead a full and happy life trying to ensure that you get the white help to understand what autism is and how to help your child and don't believe everything you see online because there is so much information out there that are not true early intervention is key not only to help with speech and language but letting the child and family know there is a reason for what can be very challenging behavior people are growing up sometimes into middle adulthood not knowing why they are the way they are. and then finding it all clicks that explains all the difficulties i've been having all my life because i'm autistic the brain is wired differently it's not just a western condition the films explore those difficulties and provide support for parents struggling with autism they're available on you tube so somalis around the
4:47 pm
world can see and learn jessica baldwin al-jazeera bristol england. still ahead on news hour instead in georgia stripped of one of the biggest events and us on its sarah will be here with the details after the boy. told to al-jazeera. can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country the conflict in yemen we meet with the global news makers and talked about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. the generation
4:48 pm
identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. talk one of the special 2 part investigation on a. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. or northeast asia cherry blossoms blooming is a sure sign that spring has sprung and this year is the earliest starts of the
4:49 pm
season on record and sciences are pointing at climate change up with pride reports and so. it's an annual event in northeast asia that heralds the coming of spring and that's been getting earlier each year in tokyo the traditional viewing of the cherry blossom coincides with the lifting of pandemic state of emergency restrictions allowing people to take full advantage of the spectacle. last year i couldn't come here due to the state of emergency so here i am it's the earliest the blossom has bloomed here since official records began 70 years ago and historians delving into archives from the ancient capital of kyoto believe it's the earliest the bloom has appeared for at least 1200 years of course and i don't know if when i was a high school student cherry blossoms were still blooming around the start of the
4:50 pm
academic year in april i think the timing is getting earlier. the colder korean peninsula witness says it's blossoming just after japan but not by much a rolling wave of color moving south to north as temperatures climb it's the earliest that sol has seen cherry blossom since records began 99 years ago and it's 3 days sooner than the previous record that was set only last year it coincides with higher than average temperatures and more hours of sunshine the same apparent result of a changing climate is being felt across south korea only the most southerly island of jeju was warm enough to support the growing of subtropical fruit but not any more species like passionfruit are now grown in greenhouses much further north they were nona and the areas in which subtropical fruits can be grown are expanding towards the southern central and northern parts of the country in japan in recent
4:51 pm
years the warming climate has meant more devastating summer rains and floods while the korean peninsula has suffered from more destructive typhoons the early blossom may portend a change in climate that will bring more extreme weather come the summer months. but for now i depair in gold the more beautiful given the fragility and transience of its existence the blossom is here to be cherished. the bride al-jazeera so it's time for an update on the sports news here sarah chayes story no u.s. president joe biden says he supports major league baseball's decision to strip atlanta of the prestigious all star again it's a protest against a new voting law in the state of georgia critics say the new measures signed off by georgia's republican governor limits access to the ballot box especially for people of color the all star game was originally g. to take place on july 13th spaceballs bosses and now searching for
4:52 pm
a new venue. m l b commissioner rob manfred said major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box we proudly use our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities throughout our country as he says to perform their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process for access he says to vote in continue to have our games on wavering support while this move is put pressure on arguably georgia's most famous sporting event the masters golf tournament which starts on thursday when civil rights group wants governing body to cancel the event and is calling on players to boycott it until the voting law is repealed earlier we did speak to a sports broadcaster michael colson. if the masters were the face of white kind it would have to come from the players themselves the augusta national golf club isn't going to move to another venue the 1st black player didn't play in the
4:53 pm
masters to 176 that was lee elder and the augusta national golf club didn't have any black members until 992 and under pressure from the professional golfers they finally integrated so it's an interesting question for them as to what they can they will do but they won't have to do anything unless the professional golf association the p.g.a. begins to put pressure on them so i doubt that anything is going to change there but you know i sort of doubted that major league baseball would move its offer game i think the quickness of the decision really surprised everybody rob manfred said a few days ago that they were considering it and then they went ahead and did it because i think there's so much more awareness among people about the way voting rights impact civil rights and given the black lives matter movement and the cullen capper nick boycott around that with with the n.f.l. i think baseball wanted to be on the right side and getting ahead of the argument
4:54 pm
because what has happened in georgia which is the 1st major state to pass legislation restricting voting ability really really say stinks i would say of jim crow legislation which was the legislation that from the end of the civil war up until 965 when the voting rights act was passed kept people from voting predominately black people as who it was aimed at in in the south and so this is really a major move by major league baseball is particularly significant this year because it was going to be staged lanta and the theme of the the game and the major league baseball amateur player draft and all the other stuff that goes on around it was going to be to honor henry aaron who was the. homerun king broke babe ruth's record for the american braves was an executive producer of the grid for the. 'd movie way and is proud to be some of the produce when he was
4:55 pm
a young player in the minor leagues in jacksonville florida when he was an executive with the braves or turner broadcasting so this will take that focus on henry aaron out of the city where he lived. and i think that's a big thing for major league baseball to do but it's football in a similar honestly top of the race for the it's highly neat title they held so 11 draw overtime by some torah some really bad defending just took the lead to the visiting team center adam and sent off a milan way which gets a late equaliser and spezza with the goal man came very close to winning in the 93rd minute but frank has shot to flex it on to the post and now 5 points behind their rivals and man who have the chance to extend their deeds when they play. over in spain athletic robot our bouts of pay the 1st of $2.00 concerts already finals in 2 weeks 1st they face real sociedad and what is technically last year's final which is perspiring because of the pandemic and then they'll take home
4:56 pm
boss alone or in the sea as addition they have 2 chances to win the competition for the 1st time since 1984. the movie in the 1st a few months ago we won the super cup here so we have great memories of the stadium we feel good in training and everyone's excited to have the opportunity to win the cup of the so many years well to miami open tennis was an upset in the semifinals polish player who bowed to a catch beat the favorite from russia. who actually lives in florida won the straight sets 6364 he won a lower ranked event earlier this year which is now through to his 1st ever masters final next up family couch will face teenager yannick cinna in the final on sunday the 19 year old italian 7th see that over to about a good son a semi final center is only the 4th teenager it's reached the final in miami following under i guess a rafael nadal and novak djokovic. now a new electrical motor sports series is making its debut in saudi arabia there was
4:57 pm
a very dramatic moment in qualifying taken going to be deployed was. that. this was german driver heard losing control of a car in the desert somehow though the 49 year old wasn't seriously injured apart from biting her tongue the extreme afraid series sustainability by racing in a remote part of the world affected by climate change and also make stops in senegal greenland brazil and argentina. moto g.p. is in qatar for the 2nd week running from the doha grand prix australia's jacqueminot was fastest in practice on his account see one last week's win a month break many others was 9th quickest. now to the n.b.a. and a huge win for the phoenix suns they made a fast start against the oklahoma city thunder building a 30 point lead in the 1st quarter so only have cup and 13 times in n.b.a. history and with that the suns never looked back 814-2103 which is their 5th
4:58 pm
straight wins they now 2nd in the western conference. and that's it for me i don't think you so much so we're back in just a moment. more news on the other side of the breaks either. a unique hit endangered biodiversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals of the half year and now. becoming the boss of their self conservation in their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist untouched teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick
4:59 pm
head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. in colombia in the mid ninety's coca fields covered homes stretches of land far from the cities which were now on the high surveillance the end of the ninety's people were told about the potential for preserving an all cursed with the guerrillas to help drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungles of mountains well out of the state's reach. the far right militia of 20000 men the united self defenders of colombia define the guerrillas. meanwhile colombia's legitimate military suffered ambushes by the soldiers were abducted in the hundreds the systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people the
5:00 pm
paramilitaries dictated that lands in the zone such a kind of areas the state could never reach under pressure from the d.n.a. the criminals who came off the problem escobar hunted down their shell companies were dismantled under arrest saying increase. france and italy reimpose lockdowns as european nations struggle to contain the rising number of covert 1000 instructions. to watch al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha and also coming up security forces of myanmar opened fire and seen through protesters killing at least 5 people in the military is intensifying crackdown. a city on edge again a washington d.c.
5:01 pm
capitol police officer is killed after a man around his car into a barricade families grieve for the victims of friday's train crash in taiwan.


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