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tv   Bone Hunter  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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at accountant introduces set the nino on the back. of what he could use his beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a match you can to try to. blow bubbles on al-jazeera. a showcase of the best documentary films cross the neckline on al jazeera 'd. this is al-jazeera i'm daddy navigator with a check on your world headlines at least 5 more people have been killed in me and maher in the latest crackdown on and protesters more than 2 months since the military deposed the civilian leadership security forces shot and killed protesters in 3 different cities on saturday to spite that demonstrations are continuing in major cities including gang gone and mandalay the military has also issued arrest
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warrants against 18 prominent online critics tony chang has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. those protests are still ongoing they have been pretty much every day since the coup happened on the 1st of february. in money in the town and months state and embargo we understand the security services have opened fire and killed a number of protesters 5 being reported at the moment of the specter that number will rise we also saw protests on the street of young go on and mandalay myanmar's 2 largest cities which also saw the security services cracking down in mandalay they came out early in the morning initially on motorbikes this is a tactic the protesters have been using more and more which gives them much easier . a much easier scape route when the security services come out to meet the security services then crack down force the protesters out into the vigil narrow
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alleyways in that part of the city where they also went in to chase them down that appears to be something the security services and now doing the not happy to just disperse the protests on the main road but they are going into neighborhoods where those protesters are trying to escape and hunting them down but once again i think we're seeing the security services determined to try and snuff this out they were operational overnight trying to pick up people they have on their lists of wanted people to arrest their videos on social media of them beating people in the streets prosecutors in taiwan have questioned the driver and owner effect instruction truck that rolled on to rail tracks just as the train was approaching at least $51.00 people were killed when the train hit the truck on the rails on friday it's taiwan's worst rail disaster in recent history nearly $500.00 people were on board . are you cheating at. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties
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i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims we will definitely do our best to help deal. with the few issues at present the hospitals are also doing made based and will give the based care to the wounded so malia is military says it's pushed back in attack by al-shabaab fighters the fighters targeted to army bases about 100 kilometers from the capital mogadishu while the government says most of the attackers were killed the armed group is also claiming victory it says it captured the bases and dozens of somalis soldiers were killed in the fighting. the last vessels stranded by the grounding of a container ship in the suez canal should pass through the waterway in the coming hours more than 420 vessels were delayed when the 400 metre long ever given got stuck for almost a week blocked one of the world's most vital waterways holding billions of dollars a day in trade it was freed on monday with the help of tugboats after days of
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dredging a police officer has been killed and another injured when a man rammed his car into a barricade outside the u.s. capitol complex in washington d.c. the attacker was shot and died in hospital a veteran officer in the minneapolis police department has testified the level of force used on george floyd was totally unnecessary richard zimmerman said floyd was no longer a serious threat once he was handcuffed the 1st week of the trial has now ended its . 3rd nationwide lockdown comes into force in a few hours as the government tries to stop a new wave of corona virus infections parisians have been leaving the capital ahead of the new restrictions it includes an overnight curfew closure of schools and on essential shops and a ban on travel between regions for 4 weeks on friday france reported its biggest jump in go over 1000 intensive care patients in months infections have doubled to around 40000 leaving hospitals overwhelms those are the latest headlines on
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al-jazeera bone hunter is coming up next thanks for watching. more than 20 years after the bosnian war one man is 13 for the bones of his piece of gold you feel settled for full your own daughter will of course have been a quarter. mile to you all just said i'm going to will give you a tray of food and water bones are all that families have to lay their loved ones to rest. of us would consider he's he's a nice nice for. them to visit and of his wife.
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laure thought. was. 2 fulfilled. will disappear.
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every day since 2002 ram his new catch has been scouring the forest for the remains of victims of genocide. although they themselves have disappeared their memory lives on and they haunt the minds of their friends and family lives he roams these words with the sole purpose of finding human bones which can be identified and finally to rest. the breakup of yugoslavia began in 1991 when the republics of slovenia and korea declared independence 6 bitter wars followed by the republic of bosnia-herzegovina
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paid a high price for independence memory that obviously there's a magic pill that washington can figure out i'm a free market out of more of the mess but i'm not a member of the programming of the without the i. was the bosnian war started in the spring of 1992 and lasted for 3 and a half months. in the summer of 19951 of the worst atrocities in europe since the 2nd world war was committed here. bosnian serb forces under the command of general rights common law ditch occupied sort of beneath on the 11th of july 1995 in the following days 25000 women and children were forcibly removed from the town. and 8000 men and boys were systematically killed.
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thank you thank you thank. you journalist me murchadh to true pointed from 70 on the 10th of july 995. the next day was the last that his mother hyra saw him alive. though surely adonis boot with the couch or feely fire goes wrong on a. dollar on just us when there was too much because for many years incidents were going to name a spouse under the laws of the news good looking years are not good. but i go in medium so. they would be used memories that still haunts survivors. but on is the law so large that they got all these denoted
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in. one as opposed to through the. mission to harass us your nosy and on the it that they were any other the reply which your anonymous at the end that ana orders arnie does and law that nikken me or are. you doing yet the nice of them after the war the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia prosecuted those responsible for the atrocities committed in srebrenica bosnian serb civilian and military leaders were tried for genocide rape and the mass execution of bosnian muslims the tribunals handed down over $160.00 indictments for crimes against humanity the bosnian serb forces were aware when they embarked on this genocidal
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venture to harm to cause would continue to plague the bosnian muslims zippier schoenberger states quickly. condemns in appropriate terms the deep and lasting injury inflicted and caused the massacre at srebrenica by its proper name genocide. the remains of $7000.00 civilians were found after the war in mass graves and scattered through the woods surrounding several. 1000 more have yet to be found. a native of these quiet hamlets but his new catch survived the genocide his father and 2 brothers did not. of his own will and unpaid has devoted 16 years to unearthing and providing the authorities with thousands of bones for d.n.a. analysis. he
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. knows he. can play. a role or whatever. promise lives near come in each call barito in the days leading up to the genocide people fleeing celebrity refuge in the woods around this village after the bosnian serb army attack elderly women and children fled to the un base and put
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a charge but the army pursued them. via. the hollywood voice that. that years very school august glorious day and as i said it is going ok to still cannot simply because ears. men fit for military service and older boys who had come from step beneath formed a column and escaped through the woods toward what was known as the free territory of tuzla. the column was constantly fired upon. the 1st mass killings took place in the forest surrounding coming into bird dog. house it delkin us populace that there would be
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a gun in the north that you would be put sell enough to lots of fields tonight with a little east near the leash many that are the only one who smiled but i. yelled through it equal to spawn model of what it is and i was a stickler the ball is the. among those killed in common each could better still near the house where ram is was born where his father and 2 brothers one of whom was 17. a while ago he did. neal poignant softness that on an artist. is a many of. us will only. want us to live up to any of your sunday oh dear if you need you know an equal just missed out. on your old you know you can use a model of
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a normal. north north school. but obviously you are not is more with us you know not worth it. runyan humanitarian bill it really is no more in the gobi doesn't it but only say most of happened lendl's when your eyes met. his uncle after 6 days of walking in july 1905 ramez in a small group found a way through the bosnian serb forces cordon and reached his long after the war and 6 years as a refugee rama's returned to his family home he started with a notable nandini if you give me. lucky fellows on doing bird dog learn to know
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what needs are not for them you just model but don't give me the louis vuitton gimmick which only not a fool of a mother says not a clue to new who might be ok food on a more wooden marking the one year bug bunny rama's 1st found bones while clearing land near his home in 2001 the post let me see. roger that's the on doesn't create a new writer or. not read every post no knowledge in branch will pay you 400 will not be good just are. not he great author when you've. not read. i want to do most doggone. most out of me. don't want to look. what you know because. it means we're going to. die not a dollar bill. and there's no. you believe me you want to do.
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more than one in which no matter if you're not. going to. be not too nice when you know that i've done in order. not to use those 100 on the so i'll be no noticable lawyer. so. i won't be your d.h. all your be more solemn. you don't dawdle. not at all just said i mean i don't. want to fuck with. your aunt out. there moderate anymore it. was all over the top of.
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you already. and why you all you know. don't get. the way. you have knowledge you have notwithstanding my cost you don't import to me because the norm talk to any. talk we didn't get off.
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all of your double one or governmental body or why do you. here below me is that any of you of. course dora who are from. not you know tall dark we're not to benefit going to focus no ideal. the 1st exhumations and processing of remains found in the city beneath the area
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we're led by international forensics teams among them was ever kind of ski a polish anthropologist in 1906 she had worked in areas near come in each called birdo it took me maybe it's a wait when they go when they go to set it because we came with a convoy of cars so we were walking and there was no pass up to the heater. and on the boat site movies pass in peace thank you book face and between 3 s. . whether 9 p.c. sopranos. or troops. opened. the luggage smart get some smart backs. and it was he didn't one place a book open book and. when the wind was flying paid piece so i
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came and so getting the support. and then we came on top and it would remind us about that nice way it. was a piece of prose. is thrown away. with their open piece of flak it. was him who made the big biggest impression from me because it meant divert some of that between draining to 5 and september getting to 6 was that i. knew the corrupt zip code this from to close from maybe thinks which but since the visit from sort of been spent and with saying what or which where not usable but still no way so it was the biggest impression the graves before the bodies before because they were slow to deal just but it's but it's but it's not it's of the people were yet to go or even personal
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playing to sort of by. and to find their way through. from this what happened and what it was they were. that bugged this word. game.
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not all. fully get it and look near it. was full of off and i was obviously going from. offering it for free in a moment. when connect no no to nipples no. vomit responses not to date to mr previously gotten we want to be. well not in the period we had to go to movies that are sleek of the movie think to me to not top post literature long. not just the gold old woman or your real name and a new name in a little more from the detached. was
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a little bit on the i didn't. call norful know full well meaning. booming really give me a little beatle paltry to put on clothes meant to tell us all not true but nagin did mean a little daily beat the freeze did not treat a single neutral obviously not good luck. and no. good militaries mean little. money all knowledge in the team will go to don't know
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you or don't will only know what you. will be supporting you not you could cream penology seals and they should not go unnoticed lobbying. similarly steno on the show no one. put them into his own arsenal in a few moet do you know julie. you know if. it. did in your. old age appropriate you know team coco wouldn't. minimum to get it given that up he
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wants. the be. with. the. hostility don't we had when we moved from auditing to some nice folks not far from the uk with one of the. local modoc we. came to some well known drug. dealer and you may not need thought of me. to start a month and talk with some people called nice you e.p. little dog owner of course the name little bunny so not. only you. and.
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no strong little. i want us little plushy let's hope you will not be. missed at all. as i. saw you in this meaning to not going to get a. government or listen to what i mean i have no money mark with you let me. they might with me most really only need him not to focus can come with authority if you don't you can conduct on going to move people be the deal why didn't you. approach the star you stay on the not so
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no one else for not because she thought sylvia gardiner but him and skews thought it was you voting as fast and asked the name of the news for a beer look because you need to cause more in the knowledge of money but you have to go. you know to that me and then on that back i'll go up and then i'm getting money i'll pay them left a meal and apple give them to me and anything to which only but if. i feel it's very senior and i'm going to. make a living. the climate has changed every year for millions of years and decades of talk but little
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action it's all about distraction to create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shell came truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted a new oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition of climate act campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fears of the same absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries cobalt extracting it is dangerous but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines obstructing the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on i just. thought of what do i owe the next. but my sister saved me. a lot my last year with my family you talk about the reality of addiction in the
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arab wild and the struggle for cover a lot of the hate towards just me and it's a drug. i'll just say oh well it goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile town tac. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. this is all just there i'm day with a check on your world headlines at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar in the latest crackdown on and protesters more than 2 months since the military depose the civilian leadership security forces shot and killed protesters in 3 different cities on saturday despite that demonstrations are continuing in major cities including yangon and mandalay the military is also issued arrest warrants
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against 18 prominent online critics tony chang has more from bangkok and neighboring thailand those protests are still ongoing they have been pretty much every day since the coup happened on the 1st of february. in money in the town and months state and embargo we understand the security services have opened fire and killed a number of protesters 5 being reported at the moment although it's back to that number will rise we also saw protests on the street of young go on and mandalay 2 largest cities prosecutors in taiwan have questioned the driver and the owner of a construction truck that rolled onto a rail tracks just as the train was approaching at least $51.00 people were killed when the train hit the truck in the railed on friday it's taiwan's worst rail disaster in recent history nearly $500.00 people were on board. so you keep doing
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it. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims we will definitely do our best to help deal with the funeral issues at present the hospitals are also doing made based and will give the based care to the wounded so malia's military says it's pushed back an attack by al shabaab fighters fighters targeted to army bases about 100 kilometers from the capital mogadishu while the government says most of the attackers were killed the armed group is also claiming victory it says it captured the bases on dozens of somalis soldiers were killed in the fighting a police officer has been killed and another injured when a man rammed his car into a barricade outside the u.s. capitol complex in washington d.c. the attacker was shot and died in hospital the area was immediately put into law 3 months after congress was raided by donald trump supporters those are the latest
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headlines the news hour is coming up at the top of the hour it's back to bone hunter next thanks for watching. the remains of rama's new coaches father and brother were finally found a couple of years ago in a mass grave not far from nearby stepped in the. years after he began searching for his family he could finally lead them to rest. but there were more bones to be found and he continued scouring these words to help others also find closure. global government vehicles all of these old folk would be of course welcome. both were. no more limited by the knowledge of. the.
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local more. local both. local both who. then are not. seen i move live to new. york will board a last meal when i'm largely going to what are. called. sodomy along. with the.
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what a poor move will be because you. really feel it all need to be. well even for. real but i know it's.
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so. funny. you know.
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if. you would be able. you would do. to. people who knew we would.
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call you know 2 feet long. you know which if you want to know. the. other would you know that you bought the quest but. the bottom $3.00 cost of the night was that of the regime jane hyde says and on that which is still will pursue mass so i said sure coke with those you know. don't keyboard. it does not you know as well such as that the boarding. still couldn't be and the queen is local food check. book it.
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when rama's finds a bone in the woods he contacts the missing persons institute of bosnia and herzegovina. dix the name of x. comes to help promise members of his family also perished in the genocide. what you would if you look closely if you can. but 1st go to those are those who post here cause a lot of will mean more. so they want to remove their no removing you from all that i'm posting no girl who might not under. there would upload their way out to us yet feel good if the knowledge of would hold the. only humans who know you know you must on. is also most of the look at all real food if it was lost to do ready it was sold to a sort of to put the little set up where we should all know. well the sword of
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cloth got to work with midwest region on what i want to do i don't agree with i think it will do it it will it may do what it is called evil the day 32 whatever if you look but before the sure they're around. the strategy we used to do which as in history also bears sue brush no loss of a clear prove it all as you couldn't see one quality from the book i'd see on. the is pete to open a t.v. put hot could aqui my pseudo kind i don't know please you see the hook up was 30 losing you want to slow the studies octave to the last 2. which nickel re in there to the last 2 mostly had to liquidate heartlessness that were easy for me no said team cleat odorless unitarian keysar she sake so much.
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i'm sure i could order we're through them if you wish overdubbed deal with both of them but upwards of them would agree on one can win florida little the people didn't put the older children off. the. wall you know who pulled out of wood over there but up to. around. where yeah they are and. the day before story would push the coverage nobody would leave the city when it could cost you it would i think of it at the if you w. do it out joe would be honored to but those of us to do cause did it well it was.
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you did be a good meal what i had to put up a bit of those stories will be good but really got really. cool with the medical record to store. according to the missing persons institute the remains of nearly 900 men who fled bosnian serb forces instead he needs to have been found in these quotes around to. me. me. or nearly instructor forced not speak with the one above. and that's really slug it is not really where you would in a. order to do you have your cool job but all those are not who simply of course. cannot impose this and. you'll go up to
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a world of your yap on. the going to launch the rules for you where your for all the office before they thought of boulder will read you and i want to be on the bill pointed to time really on the road to what i was going to mobile poultry talk you know. a cock everybody should live on me so no it is cocker not me for when they call looked good to put to. sleep. only of course for the 3rd would want to go work on a call to look for the critters for the stuff. but you know. brought to us the children below but any of them were loaded on the. various oil clear 1st resort on the top of the book too. folk-lore you our comments for coverage
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will bill tucker always on the kingdom for. a little more than what that was that there was a little bit at least. in many people though it was to see that you know the old in the past. couple of going to move the slow slow slow down with the with the locals or the you saw the food you could hear. the grosvenor g.-d's way below get you these were the other to do you go to the both of the show and they both said wordsworth advised we had to be a bit broader julia 3830000 that you would see to do that cook were put to start with you teaming up to do a dirty can do your day girlies up missin out i'm a bit older too so the who listed need to search the cost of the. nest you books
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and out of the tools that old ain't gonna leave the immortal so that the welcome is not about cost to support it was regarding the destruction. after a criminal investigation and exhumation by local authorities the bones are center forensic medicine facility into. long. wall in the apartment to me along on the walls whatever this was an exhaustive basis i actually saw a horse a kid an old equally so the being that like what i like you a lot of us a take at it why they don't just want to stop that and maybe they still pay more on the knees this guy at the cost of our car and i put them on the water the mechanic also buy a lot on me i don't. slow try to write in montreal is
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a verse tell you to totally coachable is what i was looking on obviously caused by then caught metal what they had in the metal then also when was a window open to me to get us out. on. the ice $38.00 also but we swear if you fall waltz act will be a model for this if you take it it was the man i was also a pianist. her
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. son.
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yeah. every year on the 11th of july the identified remains of genocide think times are laid to rest in the same location where the once thoughts refuge in the un safe haven i thought to try to. put a charter you memorial center here strictly need some. other sort of this as well. it was until the knowledge in the media. thought of my feet that this should be a blood and i. think a lot of madonna's and all of you. felt that you led with the. evil force ritual definitely nash. was not you know. in park and in the course. does not you.
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know. and. does not you know. and i wish i knew and you can thought about it had better luck to be hostile trashed from that standpoint and then go on the we shall lengthen it losing. so you. could seduce you piers could do could match you know. good to scoop or no losing in the world and scenarios to connect with people and i studied with you through it so. morley traditionally the premier last day piece where do your story emotional see this approach actually baria last.
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night it was poison i am like a portal to where you're truly arises from history yes it too is really your bully or she and so the runners clearly see them. i don't you. really are sleaze. and. there's a question that's when i called was that their dog i are going to me i will be doing is. not going to israel still really got going and on. trial for a minute all of them but a lot of the nature of the original wasn't there was thought about what you said and i already knew mr i was what they are mr god where you so what is the nature of the bottom go on up. to ministry brogan you look all well if you don't those who go scruples and all but among the boats walk the. dog those others are burdened by this you give you a god they're only a bra not.
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yeah. 2 the much mike of 20 an awful. long honorable. walk.
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along the middle of. the us and i can. not you will know if you didn't dogging to cause you know to help when you know what you need to left or. where knowing body and when they must know what you call us and i will lead you to each of the cuisinart in this way. thanks to the people who struck a smile because he didn't want to pollution problems even put in you who the which you could say was sound you know 900 but a damn good name and you could it was who knew they would. think with a missing in the middle. board of butts g.o.p. always knew that religion must feel the same body the last time you had to barbers as trashing in this thing they put my than your doing to my head when you used to
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tie course with them then i took the border extreme i'll clear clearly be this head of you know. and to my you surely. i lost the last quest to quit often. most of that i am i spending versus what can i worked for a month that would make us a vicious sense of compassion and understanding for people that if i understand that imus he has others feel compassion and understanding for as it families because he lost his members family he lost his brother. and. said if i could understand he would walk in every day because it is like a nice from. he sees it my for me soon to be he would go with them to disney and the feast nights.
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were. loads. i always told while watching you it's a lot to. finish on a. cool focal point yet i'm going to a long winter of close. as this to steve to build
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up the. cost c.s. will call upon it. in on the full cost resentment. of the office formed on day with all of the meat on everything in way i'm not saying. 3 were. born no one else is china because although some oil can barely being in use. 2. haunted by the connected suffering of his people and the memory
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of his murdered family and on his new coach continues to search for the last remaining bones. it's his way of finding resolution and bringing peace both to the looking. for targets 2. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you stand on cancer culture creasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 we're trying to talk now up front with me while i'm on hill on
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al-jazeera. it's time for the perfect journey and the winter storm suit point cuts at ways how high the heavy downpours continue across northern parts of the libya lots of wet weather into that west aside all the amazon bison. in the north of over $100.00 millimeters to fry and come down in the past 24 hours she does say that west the weather there around northern bolivia western brazil eastern parts of peru more heavy showers through here than further south it is generally try not see about it so some pleasant autumnal sunshine there for want to satirise at around 25 celsius
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but 26 samaria dry here but the showers never too far away nice temperatures just not up a touch as we go on through sunday by sunday wetter weather into northern parts of brazil pushing up towards venezuela will see some heavier rain too into northern parts of poland colombia when you out west the weather also affecting panama some live you downpours coming through here see some rather wet weather recently in sioux billie's and that line of cloud in the rain will also affect what amala and holland follow that same band of cloud right across the great franticly so we got some rain in the forecast that the jamaica southern parts of cuba and also into haiti that will make its way a little further east was as we go through sunday bright skies coming back into cuba but it does stay wet for jamaica and the western side of the region. spoke to qatar airways. april on al-jazeera from a crude way to the vaccine roll out we'll bring you the latest developments from
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around the world are you into the coronavirus pandemic one o one east skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese tsunami. could president interested be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for that shot in action. the award winning our choice returns the stories of those striving to be juicer negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of these 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on out which is iraq. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories providing a glimpse into someone else's well i am the voice we are the voice. on al-jazeera. we tell the untold stories.
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we speak when of us to. be caught up alongside us. no matter where it takes us a pretty familiar feeling seared after my eyes. and palate and pasha which tell your stories we are your voice your news your net al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and i'm debbie navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes france and italy reimpose lockdowns as european nations struggle to contain a rising number of covert 19 in fact since security forces
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a man maher opened fire at an supertaster is killing at least 5 people in the military is intensifying crackdown.


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