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set to skyrocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious new tiriel needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on the jersey of. a city on edge again they washington d.c. police officer is killed after a man runs his car into a barricade. so robin you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up. putting your new year in a neck for that amount of. that amount of time. it is just.
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uncalled for a senior police officer gives his assessment of the force used against george floyd before he died testifying that it was totally unnecessary. taiwan prosecutors push to make an arrest over a train crash that killed at least 50 people as the president visits the area. and east asia is relishing the early bloom off the cherry blossom this year but experts say it's a strong indicator of climate change. welcome to the program a police officer has been killed and another injured when a man rammed his car into a barrier outside the u.s. capitol complex in washington d.c. the attacker was shot dead the area was immediately put into lockdown 3 months after riots there were donald trump was just puting the election results please do not believe friday's incident was terrorism related. reports from washington d.c.
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. it's happened again. another attack on the u.s. capitol. and then hit the north barricade barrier assets time the suspect exit the vehicle with a knife and hand the suspect is believed to be 25 year old noah greene police say he lunged at the officers and they shot him dead before his car rammed the steel barricade police say he ran over 2 officers william evans an 18 year veteran of the force was killed his body escorted to the morgue by a long line of police cars the other officer was seriously injured i just asked that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers this is been an extremely difficult time for us capitol police less than 3 months ago
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another member of the capitol police force died after trying to battle back a pro trump mob attempting to stop the election in that case reinforcements took hours but thousands of national guard troops have been here since just after the january 6th attack and they quickly surrounded the building alert for a follow up attack that didn't come congress is not in session right now police say they had no intelligence on the suspect before this happened so now they start looking for. most of the fences that have surrounded the capitol since the attempted insurrection have been taken down there were thousands fewer soldiers walking the grounds there was a sense that life here was going back to something approaching normal not now not after another deadly day in front of the symbol of american democracy. al-jazeera washington. p.j. crowley is a former deputy white house press secretary and also served as a special assistant to the president for national security affairs and he says the
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outcome could have been far worse there's still a lot we don't know but it could be that what we find out is that you have an individual attack you know involving some sort of mental instability some sort of perceived grievance against government and the use of a car as a lethal weapon this is actually the kind of threat that we've understood for decades and the barricade itself you know worked obviously we grieve the loss of one officer the injury of another but but obviously he didn't get in a position to threaten the capital that makes this a a very different kind of threat than what we saw in january 6 i don't think you know there's a connection other than the fact that that now the u.s. capitol is seen as a target for people across you know with a range of of political views if somebody is determined to in this case perhaps you know enact a murder suicide you and i walking across
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a busy street somewhere would be vulnerable if someone wants to use a car as a as a weapon you know so there's a limit to what we can do in this particular case you know the individual did not threaten the capitol itself you know the congress was out of recess so this this is not a mass casualty situation as it could have. a senior police officer has taken the witness stand the trial of director of and who is accused of killing george floyd which zimmerman's testified that jevons decision to kneel on floyd snake was a totally unnecessary act of deadly foals gabriel is on the house will from minneapolis. the end. if the 1st week of the murder trial may have lacked the tearful emotion of the previous days but for the defense team it was perhaps the
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most devastating the jury heard from one of the highest ranking members of the minneapolis police force lieutenant richard zimmerman. and a homicide detective he was called onto the scene in the aftermath of floyd's arrest and subsequent death to investigate in no uncertain terms he condemned. george floyd. it is just. uncalled for. no reason
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why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt. and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use a kind of force. in an exclusive interview without his ear after the court proceedings had been adjourned for the week george floyd's uncle selwyn jones told me the family just wants justice all i'm doing is sitting back just waiting you know just waiting for that day because when i hear guilty i don't get to see him at thanksgiving or christmas or hollowing i don't get the city anymore he don't get to see his baby he don't get to do any of the things he's supposed to be doing because somebody decided that that day he would be judge jury and executioner it's extremely rare for police officers to testify against one of their own and the dramatic testimony caps a week that saw several witnesses break down in tears in front of the jury while recounting what it was like to watch george floyd. who do you think is winning this
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case in the 1st week. there's no doubt in the 1st week that the government put its best foot forward in one of the things that they did is used video repeatedly and in different ways to emphasize their point because video has that objectivity that no eyewitness is going to have however for many people here in the african-american community there's still a long way to go in this trial they have control right now we're just they're just what's in their opinion we don't have no control he came through this journey to kill theel today they said not guilty he can walk away scot free before the trial will continue on monday and it's expected prosecutors will continue to call more witnesses perhaps even the chief of police gabriel. sando al-jazeera and yeah pulis prosecutors in taiwan have questioned the driver owner of
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a construction truck that rolled onto rail tracks just as a train was approaching at least 50 people died when the train hit the truck on d. railed its taiwan's worst round disaster in 7 decades the 500 people on board taiwan's president has been visiting the injured in hospital she's been speaking about the disaster are you keeping a home here. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims we will definitely do our best to help deal with the funeral issues at present the hospitals are also doing their best and will give the best care to the wounded when our reporter florence lu is following this story for us from kuala lumpur in malaysia in florence really given the comments by the president really underscores how serious the government is taking this incident considering the prime minister was also there less than 24 hours ago. that's right now as you mentioned this is
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one of the this is the blast chain accidents the island has had in decades it's also shaping up to be the 2nd worst rail in sitting on the island that the worst was in 1988 when a train caught fire an estimated 64 people were killed now officials are ready warning that the death toll for this accident could rise and that's because they haven't finished extricating the carriage and more body parts could be discovered so they're saying that the death toll really could be much higher than what has been reported so far and the accident also happened ahead of a long travel weekend a popular travel period on the island when people travel to their hometowns to clear the tombs of their ancestors so you know the government is really taking this very seriously now not only that taiwan has a very impressive rail system its mission its world class so it wants to maintain repeat this reputation around the accident happened on the eastern side which is
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also a very popular route for her as the route goes to take gorges. and such where we want to show the world that we're not. going holy hands and other such accidents happen especially problem what we're hearing right sounds like this really could more than an act and that number could have been prevented. florence thanks so much for the update from the city there force in kuala lumpur. a gunman in haiti have kidnapped a pastor and 3 worshipers during a ceremony that was streamed live on facebook in the video while he shared on social media choir members are interrupted when a man wielding a knife walks towards the podium and takes them away it happened on thursday on the outskirts of the capital port au prince. well still ahead here on al-jazeera the u.s. and iran daughter open in direct talks as part of broader negotiations to salvage
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the 2015 nuclear deal. and helping autistic children lead a happy life the campaign to change attitudes in one of europe's largest somali communities those stories after the break. how i once again we're still got some wintry weather to get out of the way for parts of the middle east northern parts of the middle east of course it's a little bit of cloud just spilling out to turkey easing across northern syria northern parts of iraq just pushing across towards the caspian iran will see that a bit of which weather over the mountains but south of that it is generally dry not exactly find there's a brisk wind blowing through the gulf i think even here because as we go through saturday some lifted just the sand to watch out for temperatures in doha at around 35 celsius it cools off a touch as we go through sunday that brisk wind still there temperatures at around
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29 degrees that wintry mix will make its way across to many start pushing across into northern parts of afghanistan but brighter skies coming back in behind and temperatures started to pick up at long last so too bad not too bad too across the whole of africa generally dry and fine here maybe one or 2 showers into southern parts of ethiopia the charity into uganda kenya could catch a shower too towards the west and maybe average was east as well tanzania also seeing some of those showers joining up as showers the rural out across the heart of africa right across into the gulf of guinea south africa is generally settled and sunny well over a few showers just hugging the eastern cape. of . good. when the boneless struck many died and many reste to end the epidemic.
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this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers who said people need to sacrifice more be lawful nation this is what i want i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching over there would be so rob a reminder of our top stories a man who has rammed a car into police at a barricade surrounding the u.s. capitol complex before jumping up with a knife one officer was killed and the attacker was shot dead the longest serving officer in the minneapolis police department has testified that the level of force
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used on george floyd was totally unnecessary richard simmons said floyd was no longer a serious threat once he was handcuffed. and prosecutors in taiwan are questioned the driver and owner of a construction truck that rolled onto rail tracks just as the train was approaching at least 50 people died when the train hit the truck and the railed its time world's worst oil disaster in 7 decades. the u.s. and iran will open in direct talks next week has the european union spearheads efforts to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal but those countries who signed the according to china france italy and britain will meet in vienna next week for the 1st time since donald trump withdrew from the agreement in 28 team a u.s. delegation will be present although it won't take part directly in the tall x. we are very clear eyed about the hurdles that remain these talks will be structured
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around working groups that the e.u. is going to form with the remaining partners in the d.c.p. away including iran and the primary issues that will be discussed in the nuclear steps that iran would need to take in order to return to compliance with the j c p a way and the sanctions relief steps the united states would need to take in order to return to compliance as well we don't anticipate presently that there will be direct talks between the united states and iran through the process though we certainly remain open to them. the bubble bring us the view from to iraq but 1st of fisher in washington looks at the u.s. approach to these talks. we know that joe biden when he was campaigning to become president said it was his intention to go back into the iran nuclear deal certainly over the last couple of months there have been talks between the american sates and the iranians through intermediaries including the europeans trying to see if there is some way they could come to an agreement with neither side ready to make the 1st step to really and were to stop the enrichment of uranium the said they would
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consider that if the united states lift sanctions or perhaps even gave them the $130000000000.00 worth of oil sales cash that was frozen abroad neither side ready to make that 1st step so there have been discussions in appears there's no been a breakthrough it's getting both sides together in the same city of perhaps not in the same room perhaps not face to face talks but certainly this is something that the united states are looking forward to from the state department have had this statement where they see that it is early days and while there is no signs of an immediate breakthrough in the don't anticipate an immediate breakthrough and there will be difficult discussions ahead we believe that this is a healthy step forward you have to remember a couple of things 1st of all that the iranians have a presidential election in june so the united states would be keen to at least get the workings of a new deal under way before then the other thing is that they want to talk about things outside the nuclear deal they don't just want to talk about and richmond and
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the process that was there before they also want to talk about missile testing and also whether or not iran will look at how it influences other countries in the region. well the news was welcomed by iran's nuclear chief he said that it was good news in the fight over who to take the 1st step in terms of the 2015 nuclear deal had now passed he also said that he was optimistic that the deal could be revived now farm is to develop 3 1st tweeted he said that the aim is to get those sanctions lifted and then iran would return to its commitments but he also said that they will not be a face to face meeting between iran and the united states he said that it was unnecessary now one of the chief negotiators for iran abbas iraq she now what he has said is that there won't be any direct in direct talks between the united states and iran however if the europeans want to go and speak to the united states well that's a matter for them now what he's essentially saying is that iran will not acknowledge
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any form of direct or direct or indirect talks with the united states but those are possibly take place because the europeans will be talking to the united states now the reason he said that is because of the domestic politics inside the country nothing has affected that to more than the nuclear deal and those sanctions everyday life is affected the banking sector the oil sector the economy has suffered but iran's iran's position still remains the same they don't want to step by step process to this they want all the sanctions lifted that were imposed by former president donald trump and then iran will start returning to its commitments in terms of that 2015 nuclear deal the international criminal court says it welcomes a decision by the u.s. to lift sanctions and visa restrictions on its employees imposed by the trumpet ministration the i.c.c. chief prosecutor and another top official were among those targeted as the court began to investigate u.s. troops for potential war crimes in afghanistan u.s. secretary of state and city blinken says washington seoul disagrees with that and
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other investigations. $100000000.00 people in the u.s. have now received at least one dose of the covert $900.00 vaccine that's roughly 30 percent of the population more than half of the people aged over $65.00 and are fighting vaccinated. began in december but the number of infections continues to rise and the u.s. centers for disease control says fully vaccinated people can travel within the u.s. without getting tested or having to quarantine but while the c.d.c. now considers them low risk it's still advising against travel. has been sworn in as the new president of its 1st transfer of power through the ballot box just days earlier security forces said they formed an attempted military coup and an interest reports from the capital namea. after a decade in the shadows of his progress or. emerged as the just democratically
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elected president. the day was also a historic one for the country it marked the 1st peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another the ceremony was overshadowed by a recent field coup and rising attacks by armed groups along its borders factors many here who he will use his experience as former head of both the foreign ministries to resolve. or less security the most important is security people of new desperate for security 2nd to that is good governance and finally equity and justice but above all that they politicalization of governance which is very important we hope the president will appoint the right people in iraq positions devoid of partisanship. but some believe that major politics and politicians are limitless ability to deliver real change mohamed the hard work begins now you will need to unite a deeply divided nation whose stability is once again threatened by wednesday's
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failed coup but the president can count on global support judging from reactions on the failed cool however the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also the threat posed by backcourt aman armed groups based in neighboring mali a reality not lost on mr bush as he rose to give his 1st address as president and then run. for a long time the criminals of the islamic state in the greater so hard who are affiliated to dosh almost exclusively attack the defense and security forces but for some time they've begun to attack a village chiefs and then progressively civilians in an indiscriminate manner since last january they've been carrying out massacres of innocent civilians on a large scale and thereby committing war crimes terrorism is a misfortune for our country. i was predestined mohammad isa for it was
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a moment to fulfilment offering democratical. for much of the country though the joy of this day will only be shed if mohamed does will be able to bring stability and development to the share of 80 trees. yami. greece's accusingly turkish coast guard of helping people smugglers greeks coast guard say that they've seen the turkish counterparts escorting boats filled with refugees and migrants several times in the past 2 days has been the reaction from turkey but they've been previously accused of illegally sending people back without allowing them to apply for asylum it's more of what greece's government had to say. apologies for that let's just move on to a mother in the u.k. who's helping fellow immigrant families overcome the stigma surrounding special needs children and lena d. whose son is autistic found attitudes within their own community were some of the
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biggest challenges that they faced jessica baldwin met her in the city of bristol. i mean a son manasseh her is now calm a lanky teen's smiling down on his mother but it wasn't always so from birth he cried endlessly didn't sleep at night and was nothing like her other 3 children at 2 his diagnosis was autism leaving ameena devastated i don't understand when my son is not talking you not use bain and you see. i don't know that's probably me i crying always if you my son is cry me a cry autism is a developmental disorder with a wide spectrum no 2 cases are the same some people never speak others are streaming anxious while some may be socially distant it's estimated globally
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between one and 2 percent of people have some degree of autism researchers here in bristol have found a higher incidence among some molly immigrants to the u.k. in the somali culture autism doesn't exist children on the autistic spectrum are considered mentally ill and shunned from society since nora base 1st child zac was diagnosed with autism she's fought that stigma in her community now she's made a series of short films explaining what parents can do to help their children lead a full and happy life trying to ensure that you get the white help to understand what autism is and hope hope your child and don't believe everything you see online because there's so much information out there that are not true early intervention is key not only to help with speech and language but letting the child and family know there is
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a reason for what can be very challenging behavior people are growing up sometimes into middle. not knowing why they are the way they are. and and then finding it all clicks that explains all the difficulties i've been having all my life because i'm autistic to predict wired differently it's not just a western condition the films explore those difficulties and provide support for parents struggling with autism they're available on you tube so somalis around the world can see and learn jessica baldwin al-jazeera bristol england. in northeastern asia cherry blossoms are blooming under a sure sign that spring has sprung as the earliest records show the season started and scientists are pointing a climate change explains from seoul. it's an annual event in northeast asia that heralds the coming of spring and that's been getting earlier each year in
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tokyo the traditional viewing of the cherry blossom coincides with the lifting of pandemic state of emergency restrictions allowing people to take full advantage of the spectacle. last year i couldn't come here due to the state of emergency so here i am it's the earliest the blossom has bloomed here since official records began 70 years ago and historians delving into archives from the ancient capital of kyoto believe it's the earliest the bloom has appeared for at least 1200 years of course . but when i was a high school student cherry blossoms were still blooming around the start of the academic year in april i think the timing is getting earlier. the colder korean peninsula witness says it's blossoming just after japan but not by much a rolling wave of color moving south to north as temperatures climb it's the
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earliest that sol has seen cherry blossom since records began 99 years ago and it's 3 days sooner than the previous record that was set only last year it coincides with higher than average temperatures and more hours of sunshine the same apparent result of a changing climate is being felt across south korea only the most southerly island of jeju was warm enough to support the growing of subtropical fruit but not any more species like passionfruit are now grown in greenhouses much further north they were nona and areas in which subtropical for. it could be grown or expanding towards the southern central and northern parts of the country in japan in recent years the warming climate has meant more devastating summer rains and floods while the korean peninsula has suffered from more destructive typhoons the early blossom may portend a changing climate that will bring more extreme weather come the summer months but
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for now and appearing all the more beautiful given the fragility and transients of its existence the blossom is here to be cherished robert bride al-jazeera soul will steffen is a climate expert and professor at the australian national university he says the early blossoms are a dire warning. there are many other examples of course we could go back using tree rings a coral reef sections and so on but i think the cherry blossoms are particularly striking one because they're valued by many people their tradition of springtime arriving in eastern asia and so on when it gets remarkable that we can go back 1200 years at least and see nothing close to the early arrival of the blossoms that we're starting to see now it's a very very good long term wrecked one that shows just how fast the comet is now shifting and of course this is
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a fairly innocuous and indeed rather beautiful warning that things are changing but other ecosystems are experiencing the same sort of changes driven by climate change a good example of that is that forests that normally burn are only very small amounts of war or only every every few years and now burning at much higher rates good examples being the north american fires in california oregon of a year ago and the massive bushfires and yes eastern australia those ecosystems are also being influenced by climate change but in a much more dangerous way than the cherry blossoms. you're watching al-jazeera me so robyn it doha a reminder of all top stories a man has robbed a car into police at a barricade outside the u.s. capitol complex before jumping out with a knife one officer was killed on the attack and named as 25 year old noah greene that.


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