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tv   101 East Thai School Scandal  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2021 6:30am-7:01am +03

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radius wired differently it's not just a western condition the films explore those difficulties and provide support for parents struggling with autism they're available on you tube so somalis around the world can see and learn jessica baldwin al-jazeera bristol england and of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com it's updated throughout the day al-jazeera dot com. is there with me so whole rob a reminder of all top stories a man has robbed a car into police at a barricade outside the u.s. capitol complex before jumping out with a noise one officer was killed in the attack and name just 25 year old noah greene was shot particle hain has more on the suspect preliminary indications just from scrubbing social media seem to indicate
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a 25 year old man with potentially some pretty serious mental illness very distraught apparently have lost his job recently looking for some sort of guidance . and talking about some of the things we often hear when it involves mental illness and a violent crime that the government was trying to manipulate his brain that they were causing him elements so beginning to splash out a picture of a very disturbed young man who thought that he needed to target the government the longest serving officer in the minneapolis police department has testified that the level of force used on george floyd was totally unnecessary richard simmons said floyd was no longer a serious threat once he was handcuffed. at least 50 people have died in taiwan's worst rail disaster a truck rolled onto the tracks just as a train was approaching there the $500.00 people were on board and many survivors had to climb out of the wreckage the international criminal court says it welcomes a decision by the u.s.
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to lift sanctions of visa restrictions its employees imposed by the former trump administration the chief prosecutor and other top official were among those targeted as the court began to investigate u.s. troops for potential war crimes in afghanistan. the u.s. and iran will open direct talks next week as the european union spearheads efforts to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal participants in the according kluge china france italy and britain the will meet in vienna next week the u.s. won't take part directly but for the 1st time since donald trump's withdrawal from the agreement in 2080 a u.s. delegation will be present and 100000000 people in the u.s. have now received at least one dose of the covert $900.00 vaccine that's roughly 30 percent of the population in occupations began in december but the number of actions is rising those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour here on our next it's one of the east. it's a very bleak picture for
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a lot of americans out there white supremacy in fact all of my patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone or taking money out of the hands of other workers everyone goes to their camp and becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there. from the length of the hair to what they wear and how they behave thailand schools have long been a place where students must abide by strict rules. in some schools children are exposed to abuse bullying and humiliation. or meet the long. ordeal of everything that has been explored going on with a film that. recently c.c.t.v.
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footage emerged of a teacher violently beating a young child in one of bangkok's most prestigious schools it wasn't the only case . t. hen was up in no pleading no one thought they'd walk off. what had i been up outside of tokyo are no long at. how do it be. now students are taking to the streets to protest against the system they say fails to protect them. want to one investigates what's really going on inside. and the scandals that have shocked the nation. a series of incidents that took place inside this school exposed a culture of violence in thailand's classrooms. rotch approach is
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a prestigious private school in bangkok for kids aged from 2 to 18. the school is enormous grounds are home to more than 4000 students. what's been happening inside its classrooms has damaged the school's growing reputation. rob and her husband chimed with became concerned a few months after their song started attending to the garden there. are no armed he only on name and i hung. harlem t. a number of my act i when i alone hang on and i am wrong way worse was to come they heard their 4 year old son had been hit in class by his teacher gone on them good to me been good i have no knowledge all who. do you are wrong who are on our.
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northern line. why don't the. other parents like to turn on what also alarmed at how their children were behaving after attending the school. their homework on time found out of their. mayor what. their lawyer. $200.00 parents met the school administration to demand an explanation. who was now called out. when where would i. be. made today when we got the. name of god did it go by when we got leading. but the parents didn't believe them the school had installed c.c.t.v. cameras in classrooms so the parents asked to see the footage.
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loud on how many. of them come up how they work on who had a car. my car cong. the look i make of hawk on my own that i see is the reason he. eventually to school was forced to provide access to the footage child which serves father was horrified by what he saw here was tangible proof his son was being physically abused by a teacher in front of other staff. may have been one had a bomb technical and undermine or on the part of what happened. in accord to your eyes and. see what i don't want now. don't wanna. know what about. me at home if you know
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who along with well i think you may call a yeah. and it was an only child with son who was abused all hit by the teacher. who can be hidden 5. who's a theatre i go to court and watch my then open what if you don't let me out i court i don't mind or no i. the c.c.t.v. footage shows widespread abuse from throwing kids across rooms covering their heads with plastic bags as punishment and banging the heads of 4 year old children against tables the parents showed the footage to the police and the teacher captured on c.c.t.v. hitting children was arrested and charged with assault soon afterwards the video was posted on facebook and quickly went viral it was public outrage many parents wanted to know how this could happen we contacted cyrus and we take roger prick school for an interview but they denied our request when the school's owner people
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nyungar man was questioned about the incident on thai television he accused the parents of being out for money. they get nearly. not. good but and people refuse to accept any responsibility. let me get your daily on what they look c like. and then you won't tell me right now. 7 but the school has a serious case to. the ministry of education's regulations only allow warnings suspension and great deduction as punishment for students.
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noir runaround was paying close attention to the case he had planned to send his son to the same school and knew one of the parents whose child had been hit in class when he saw the c.c.t.v. footage he said he had to act. i want to. and i really want to. the parents formed a group to put pressure on the school and they asked one wrong for advice he proposed taking legal action and offered his services pro bono but he wasn't sure if they'd go ahead. i never think. the only of me now. that might be a. hawk. the sara site parents group decided to make
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a stand. cover on tom cruise yak could be. keep had minor key how he can't talk at all but had high. up in math who would be there time like and me been hacked and back on who don't lie are they are i now call me now learn how one can who know about how mining i really like hockey while only in your mind you can yap president can like to have only an art my laptop bag not have leverage on it one must meet up with that at all and in reality the model and it not a my alma to an ignorant on. my on behalf of the parents runaround filed charges of physical abuse illegal detention and child abuse against staff and a separate complaint against the school. the teacher in this is the t.v. footage is on my blog brown or teacher job at 1st she denied any wrongdoing in the classroom but when confronted with this video evidence she finally confessed saying
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it was down to extreme pressure on what michael would have done come to pick that man come what bloody hell call mommy my. man love me how while i calculate how man i'm glad that victor truong hi that me do. like that man not how come up a lot. joan was convicted of assault and sentenced to 6 and a half months in prison but her behavior wasn't the only problem. i think it's only in my heart how i know one time i have one honey x. and crew thinking hey only if it's only one of you i must. quit or met my doctor all my top cap was watch my nana like a mathematical he mean. when called pm. wasn't the only teacher at cyrus out without proper qualifications but as the parents' lawyer explains this is
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allowed under thai law the thing lack of quality much on that one what i mean what he might mean by a reactor or that. made me go i don't want to react. at all well if i quote him in my reality progress or his i think your when high. as the cases of abuse in sarasota rajapakse school hit the headlines police found 13 teaches in assistants were involved in at least $36.00 incidents meanwhile the teacher's council of thailand launched an investigation discovering that less than a quarter of the staff had teaching licenses. i os apart from the ministry how this could happen. by supes or began to give up our border we're not a level one. dependent who to a who maybe. i mean i'm going on my bike i recall when.
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my mutable to do work was a no. who. i'm going to research a cool enough to do need to read up on and it's. my b.c. . is it the responsibility of the education ministry to deal with the schools that have abusive teaches. me. so. that 6 months after the crimes were 1st reported the ministry has failed to take any significant action against the school why has the thai education system failed its students do you will. die.
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i hope all. who will die from dying 101 it was a moment to me. in the ministry insists that what happened. is not representative of thailand's education system. you know in him that i don't know who. you will never will but you can tell me what. the ministry gets disagree. abuse is widespread in school. and they have taken their case on to the streets. you know what i don't want to but what they want a little bit more than even the women. they called themselves the bad student group
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school students from all over thailand who are campaigning for education reforms. today i'm meeting with one of their members. to find out more about their grievances. when diana hauled out. the. beat up the. well. i don't hold the dominate and he got to have the will i would he. says he used to think frequent physical punishment was to be expected in schools. but i want to know what i thought like on t.v. . to obama that they gave it up so i'm going to put you on. the bad student group says that the extensive use of physical punishment is about instilling a sense education with suffocating rules on everything from what they wear to the
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length of the head. on hold. on how many how i'm going up what thing that i had how it. was a guy who hold up my home had gone home that holly it up to one of those who i don't really yeah i'm not going to. these draconian rules can cause serious harm. could mean they're going to open up a lot of our. introduces me to benjamin hawn point one of the founders of the bad student group. she oversees the group's facebook page to coordinate protests and call for forms the
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group also post videos recorded by students in class rooms across the country. holy and come top he live there are young and basically got hooked on the soon on the net who was a me i had him they can be. create to. guide me and i young said that my oh my oh my mind have bangle kind i had fun food let me got. ha yeah. hall had it all me you not sell a whole lot. call me young and come for tea. while i. ploy believes that physical punishments reflect thailand's educational culture. seung sahn thought he. got. up and got to be a. lie hit me that. nazi t.s.a.
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popcorn at lee and loud i. look at. you. and she says it's not just school videos that show oppression you have a dense is in plain sight. who well if you. not saying. thank the woman. and more who more c.d.o. cycle how to get around 201 when you are. one of thailand's most respected academics dr. agrees. the 1st kind of authoritarian and so. is in a classroom because a classroom is where they have to they have to be deferential they don't ask questions. they're being. not robots but.
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in a way. so what is to be done according to polite reform a start at the top of the ministry. playing. class it's only a guess also he got me a. while on me my whole 2 and i took out that been. made a captain have been. substantially all ok to educate. education is to get the largest chunk of the of the national budget. some 20 percent and a lot of the money goes through the bureaucracy and bring a lot of with our misspent inefficiently allocated away. in. hope on call on our pioneer set up some. well actually and results who are
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all high. cotton to you and now i come to. ny and i make use cotton and the lottery and. really. really what i learned how to read and went to 3 attack going to you. however the ministry. issues with the quality of teachers to be addressed. in the book people will make that course all let's help us how do you know. we've got those sorts of outside of our. dr. from my head on university has been studying thailand's education system. she believes that the problems are rooted in how teachers have traditionally been trained. violence in a crash. for example has been kind of tied to conditions
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for a long time and it's officially banned in 2000 when you go in talk to teachers they do would mentally say or do you practice. because it's the most effective way to kind of stop a behavior that is under sire. dr roger out-i is trying to reform teacher training. there are teachers who are radical believe have to change today just don't know how to test training. they need different areas in gained skills and they need to develop a community does teach us. to get a teacher's view on training i meet funny doppelgangland a primary teacher at a government school. and that he had been elaborate me on how well what i had. done and carney got my take on and because
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that. how light it all lacked in korea he did it all and even had a hollow. but she says the government offers little support for retraining teachers . but only. the lab. but i'm not mad he may climb up a partner finding out how you young. how. come it i. dr archer arter time i invited ronnie down to join a trial training session you don't diversity to introduce new teaching methods. teachers is. an authority and naturally we stand in front of a classroom. we deliver what students should know. we want to be able to
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change his dynamics so that students are so and students so as active. participants. the training methods developed here focus not on enforcing rules but on empathy with the students. learn them. teach. could not yet only in our moment that all the bad we do you know we lack. because it is my life. who know my life. the things myself. coming up and being called have no money make long. including the intelligence on the fact that he says he had money at. last loud outweighs hike up that you know that they love finding a home and i think that one can you know that a lot of funding. these new teaching methods might have helped
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the teachers that sort of manage their classrooms without resorting to physical punishment. after a lawyer runaround filed a case for the parents of $26.00 students the court order of the school to pay compensation. but not all of the parents accepted the result. now mark one couple who could be moved don't. know to make a life. but as one who can. i thought by what i got. that went on what i found. these parents say their to a larger payout would send a powerful message to the school. on how my. lonely and that.
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my level and blanket and how my long portly net. was. a. child and pretend on whose sons were both abused at the school or among those continuing to fight for more compensation. got to me. only. that. i'm a parent myself and every week i take my daughter to school and leave her in the care teachers so far i've had no problems but not every parent in thailand can say the same thing and that's what. i think the education authorities they.
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willing to really prove up and pick the schools to account because they have a lot of power of course they have a lot of money to start this one example but it's the tip of the ice. and problems are exacerbated when private schools like. unlike state control public schools can employ in adequately trained teachers. well we're. going to. use all we have to print saul. but these promised reforms may not come fast enough for the parents and kids on the front line according to dr t. . the thai education system is notoriously slow to change. is a creature and i think we look at the size of the student. you look at the rituals
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they have to go through all the national anthem singing them singing and so on and it's almost as though the tide occasion. at the grassroots has really moved forward you know. i know. thank. god mainly and. in the meantime chondrite and his family have voted with their feet. has started at a new school and they hope. soon become just a bad memory they continue to pursue their legal case hopefully that shining a light on the abuse their son suffered a powerful message that children should be kept safe in thailand schools.
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the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy 101 east gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us and what a responsibility to change our 1st place for the better than al-jazeera. when the boneless struck many died and many reste to end the epidemic.
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this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifices more been offered missions this is what i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a city on a washington d.c. police officer was killed after a man runs his car into a barricade. the loves of a robin you're watching old is there a life while headquarters here in doha also coming up. putting your new yarn a knack for them on a park that amount of time. is just.


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