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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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of a special 2 part investigation on a. 0 . 00 i maryanne demasi you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes a police officer is killed after a car is rammed into a security barricade on capitol hill the suspect is also died after being shot by police. on a persons know the can kill more senior officers take the stand in the trial of derrick chauvin one describes his use of force against george floyd as totally unnecessary. survivors climb from the wreckage of
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a darrelle train in eastern taiwan and dozens of passengers have been confirmed dead i'm german ash with sports that major league baseball's all star game will be moved from atlanta in response to voting restrictions in georgia and it's being reported that a major test event for the tokyo it impacts the diving world cup has been canceled because of $1000.00 safety concerns. hello welcome to the news hour we begin of course in the u.s. where the capital the hearts of american democracy was once again thrown into lockdown on friday after a man rammed his car into a barricade killing at least one person the car drove into 2 police officers who were near the barricade one of them has died and the alva is still being treated in hospital offices on the scene shot at the suspect when he left the car he has since
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died of his injuries and that suspect exit the vehicle with a knife in hand. our officers then engage that suspect he did not respond to verbal commands the suspect did start lunging toward us capitol police officers at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect at this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased 2 so u.s. capitol police officers were transported to 2 different hospitals and it is wood a very very heavy heart that i announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. and mike hanna
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is at the capitol building and joins us now and we've been waiting for reaction from president joe biden who has said he has a heartbroken to have learned of this attack and the death of that one police officer also says he's been receiving ongoing briefings from the homeland security adviser and i suppose really attention now turns to security measures around the capitol and the investigation itself. whether didio simplistic notion will underway obviously there are still investigators on the actual see the event about 100 meters up the road behind me here you heard there reaction from president biden is going to be counted by his homeland secretary expressing his condolences for the death of that officer now the names of that did have been released to the did capitol police officer was william evans he was a 18 year old veteran of the capitol police now the driver of the car who was
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subsequently shot there's no word cream he isn't a 25 year old from say the investigators in the motive no clarity whatsoever this is obviously a point of ongoing investigation but a couple police making it very clear that they believe that this was a one off incident he acted. as they boarded no sign of the terrorist connection is another statement from the capitol police but you mentioned the security will perhaps ironic that it's only in the last week that the added security had been taken down from around the capital much of it which had been put in generally because there had been much higher fencing all around the capitol complex this has been taken down in the past week although a lot of the initial security things have been left in place like that black fence behind me there at. you see those concrete blogs as well at the bottom of the fence
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so the security has to be will the physical security but as you can see with the speed of reaction to today's events very much still on high alert around the capitol. all right thank you very much for now mike hanna with the latest there in washington and brian has also been following the story for us co-director of the center for emergency management and homeland security arizona state university joins me live now from phoenix and of course investigators will be tell us more about what they're focusing in focusing on now the priority presumably is to look at motivations for this attack and whether there might be any link to the breech of the capitol less than 3 months ago on january 6th. yeah i think i think that's a critical question to be answered in what will know hopefully we'll know more. as
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soon as possible but really there are a couple of couple of key alternatives one this could be just a case of a person who's troubled mental health issues or the person could be individual identified could have been radicalized in some way he could be associated with. conspiracy theory. conspiracy theorists who has a scheme which is kind of reached in that queue an acute crisis in the usa at the moment or or connected to some other domestic violence extremist group. i would note that. lone wolf attacks or single individual attacks are consistent with what the u.s. department of homeland security in its most recent threat assessment from 6 months ago. those types of attacks that we've seen in. other locations
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such as such as london. those kind of lone wolf attacks are consistent with. the methods and tactics of violent extremist groups so obviously we can't we can't know at this at this point but. if if this individual was connected to some sort of extremist organization and this kind of this kind of uncoordinated individual attack would be consistent with threat and risk that's been identified by the u.s. department of homeland security how difficult is it to identify something like that because you know 1st of all i guess radicalization and mental health issues not necessarily exclusive that you know one cannot be more vulnerable to the on the but also just the nature of the way this is happening it's very fluid it's decentralized i mean even with the attack on january 6th or a number of different groups involved they're still trying to work out what's
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happening that what precisely who was involved and how it how it started. you're correct you can't you can't though those those are not separate possibilities they can be related in fact somebody who might be troubled is potentially more susceptible to those kind of messages and radicalization i mean i think there are different different categories of individuals that become radicalized but. in terms of your question how difficult it is to anticipate that law enforcement. generally does a pretty effective job it at trying to anticipate these things but of course we balance have to balance. free speech rights and people have the liberty to. have unpopular or unsound views a the world. what i meant what i meant was how difficult is it to uncover
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evidence of a radicalization given the decentralized nature of those conversations that are often happening that difficult to track the happening online and then even online it's hard to know whether someone is just. you know it whether that just sort of sounding off all oh there that something is more serious happening yet it's a real challenge because as you said you have to sort out people make public comments and they're not particularly serious and some are and so. for example the january 6 insurrection attack on the capital much of that was done in open view and that's one of the criticisms of how that how the federal government compared for that particular incident. but at the same time a number of these organizations. in gaijin secure communications or some at least some individuals with better training try to engage in secure communications so
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it's it's a challenge and you're always balancing free speech rights versus the ability of law enforcement to track. individuals and political speech thank you very much brian for joining us co-director of the center for my agency management and homeland security that arizona state university appreciate it thanks thanks. and watching the news hour live from london still ahead the disturbing footage that appears to show a massacre in ethiopia take grey region. we also look at another deadly fire breaking out at a camp housing thousands of refugees. and then they transport india's cricket legend sachin tendulkar was hospitalized a week after contract in corona virus. a
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senior police officer took the witness stand on friday on the 5th day of the trial of derek chauvin richard zimmerman told the court that show vince decision to kneel on george floyd's neck was an act of deadly force chauvinist charged with killing floyd by kneeling on his neck off to arresting him his death sparked a massive backlash across the globe with cries for america to tackle racial injustice and police brutality zimmerman says show vns use of force was totally unnecessary in all the years you've been working for the minneapolis police department. been trained to the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back proposition no i haven't. is that if that were done would that be considered force absolutely what level of force might that be. that would be the top tier the deadly force while. because of. the fact.
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if you're on a person's know the can kill. is following the trial for us in minneapolis and that was richard zimmerman speaking there the longest serving police officer in the minneapolis police department saying that he was never trained to kneel on anybody's neck just how significant was this testimony today. incredibly significant because as you've pointed out he's a 40 year veteran of the minneapolis police department he's a homicide detective and beyond that he is probably by all accounts one of the more well respected officers if not the most well respected member of the minneapolis police department not only within the department but in the wider minneapolis community as well very well known so his testimony was just devastating for the
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defense because he basically said as you heard there that the actions taken by derek show friend were totally unnecessary and potentially acts that are not in the in the books where they train officers to do that in fact he said you should in his testimony said that. the only time you should keep a suspect face down in the prone position on the ground is until that suspect has been secured and their hands have been handcuffed behind them and in the case of george floyd clearly he was on the ground very secured and did have handcuffs the entire 9 minutes and 29 seconds that show friends knee was in for its neck so it's devastating testimony there really kept one very dramatic long 1st week of this trial. thank you thank you allison in
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minneapolis well mary frances berry is a professor of american thought and history at university of pennsylvania she's also the former chair of the u.s. commission on civil rights she joins me by skype from your own ends. as you know experts have spoken about the legal hurdles which stand in the way of cases like this one what is your feeling off to richard simmons testimony today does it make a conviction more likely. i'll answer you but i 1st need to tell you that there is a connection between what happened at the capitol and what is going on there in the show trial and what is going on in the united states generally in terms of people who want policeman for and who are concerned about police being too overbearing all those things are connected and the 1st and who who was who was the assailant there
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at the capitol and who's now dead we can't question him he may have just been part of the people who have been arguing for weeks now that they want the barriers and barricades taken down at the capital unfortunately when they took them down look what happened and that means that move more likely to get them put back up and would more or less less likely to get to least reform around the country the connection to the showmen case is that the outcome of that case whether he is convicted and whether is a quick will tell us a lot about whether the trend toward policeman form continues whether it's stifled altogether or whatever happens there now the defense today and looking at the trial the defense had a fairly good day today because despite her mum's testimony they lawyers for the defendant made several good points of arguing that all your and all foci and you
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don't know the circumstances and you've been around for 40 years or whatever it is that's not help the least do it today and you were not on the scene and you weren't there what he was trying to do was to set the stage for the defense argument which will come later and that in fact trainers are young people who are working on staff who will be called to testify those people from minneapolis and from other police departments this is what has happened and other police cases will testify that the police officer on the ground is the one who is best able to tell whether or not they should. it's certain action at all these higher ups been around a long time to really know that's what the defense is trying to do and all the defense wants and needs is to have at least one person. one person bite so that kind of argument so that they can come up with a hung jury or a mistrial or something because likely to get a certain level it sounds like from is saying we have to be cautious with how much
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we read into this case when i when has it it's it's rod for a police officer to face criminal charges for misconduct in the u.s. and even if that even if there were a conviction in this case it's not going to stop some offices from abusing their power and also we have lots of instances of police killing unarmed people but very few instances of them even being charged and brought into court and most of the time when they are they are couldn't and most of the time the argument for acquittal is exactly what the defense attorney was making today that the man on the ground or the woman on the ground he was just men and women had it women do this from a growl know what's going on and has certain all these factors to take into account while he's there actively trying to deal with the situation and that is to divert our attention from the fact that lowell floyd was on the ground wasn't doing anything which is resistant that the crowd that they keep talking about was their
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defense keeps him in a crowd was no more than if you look at the video and listen to the witnesses 12 people maybe 15 people and as lieutenant zimmerman said they weren't doing anything to attack anyone so we have to keep our as our what the shopman was doing and the situation that floyd was in and not be distracted by all of these other arguments but we don't know whether anybody on the jury will inspect false one. all right thank you very much for joining us mary frances berry thank you. at least 54 people have died in taiwan's worst rail disaster on man truck rolled on to the track just as a train was approaching a tunnel in the east of the island ili 500 people wrong or did many survivors had to climb out of the wreckage the accident happened at the start of the ching main
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festival which is when people were tons of our ancestral villages to clean the graves of their relatives well taiwan has a vos trained what with woman a 1000 kilometers of tracks transporting more than 200000000 passengers every year the dramatic mountainous scenery in the east makes it a popular tourist draw that means the eastern roadway line is heavily used winding its way through towering mountains and deep valleys a train derailed just north of the city of wylie n while traveling from taipei to tight adrian brown now reports. it was a rescue team scramble to reach passengers trapped in the front carriages carriages that folded into each other after coming off the rails as the train entered a tunnel. this woman yos carriage for carriage for has everyone come out 350 passengers paid for seats with more than 100 others
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reportedly standing in line for the journey here or i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped it and i didn't divulge the names unsentimental and we're fine but some of the passengers in the compartment were injured. inside the narrow tunnel emergency workers struggled to reach the enjoy there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor. a spokesman for the rail network says the accident was caused by one of its construction trucks sliding from a work site above the track the fire department later released pictures of what appeared to be the wreckage of the truck beside the d. rail train this is taiwan's worst of a train accident and it's believed many of the dead and injured were heading home
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to mark the 4 day annual ching ming holiday when chinese people tend to family grades adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. the european union is expecting to host a meeting with all parties involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week in vienna the conference will include the united states which withdrew from the landmark deal in 2018 under donald trump's presidency washington says it's open to direct talks with iran but the iranian foreigners foreign minister mohammad javad zarif tweeted that such a meeting is quite unnecessary i said bay has more now from toronto well the news was welcomed by iran's nuclear chief he said that it was good news in the fight over who to take the 1st step in terms of the 2015 nuclear deal had now passed he also said that he was optimistic that the deal could be revived now for mr divides refers tweeted he said that the aim is to get those sanctions lifted and then iran
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would return to its commitments but he also said that they will not be a face to face meeting between iran and the united states he said that it was unnecessary now one of the chief negotiators for iran abbas iraq to know what he has said is that there won't be any direct in direct talks between the united states and iran however if the europeans want to go and speak to the united states well that's a matter for them now what he's essentially saying is that iran will not acknowledge any form of direct or direct or indirect talks with the united states but those are possibly take place because the europeans will be talking to the united states now the reason he said that is because of the domestic politics inside the country nothing has affected that to more than the nuclear deal and those sanctions every day life is affected the banking sector oil sector the economy has suffered but iran's iran's position still remains the same they don't want to step by step process to this they want all the sanctions lifted that were imposed by former president donald trump and then iran will start returning to its commitments in
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terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. disturbing footage showing what could be a mass killing in ethiopia's to grey region has been posted online the video shows men who appear to be ethiopian soldiers in the town of la barre daigo following unverified footage which we advise our view is of graphic content emerged on social media and is reportedly from early march on the man wearing military fatigues can be heard speaking the language off camera they are then seen dragging a group of dead men off a cliff with access of course an internet connections video limited in that northern to gray region it's very difficult to independently verify these accounts because of a near information blackout in the area but the situation integrity was tense for years before exploding into conflict a few months ago the prime minister ahmed took office in 2018 and united ethnic based political parties but the tigre a people's liberation front ot p.l.f.
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which had ruled ethiopia for 27 years refused to join last year prime minister has spawned elections because of the pandemic but the tea p.l.f. called him an illegitimate leader and defiantly held its own local vote in september which was strongly condemned by the central government the situation deteriorated rapidly after tea p.l.f. forces attacked a federal military base in november killing dozens of soldiers the government responded with a furious offensive and now controls much of to grey but the fighting hasn't ended earlier we spoke to samuel get to chew a journalist based in addis ababa he said that if the videos are authentic they contradict the government's version of events. the prime minister if your image has promised there will be a full investigation done but there has been lots and lots of allegations made against all actors that have been involved in the region so this will take
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much of the country's resources. the prime minister the promise is going to be fulfilled but the kind of allegations we've been hearing that from day one we're just beginning to see actual video evidence of the allegations that have been made by the people of the growth from from last year from end of last year what struck me the most. people i've been we've been hearing from day one that people have been dying. and the issue of famine that that's coming up. has been limited resources and we've been hearing high numbers of people that have been dying in that region we just haven't been able to see their faces until now and the videos are showing us that there are people dying and we're beginning to see the faces behind the numbers and that's why it's having on such a strong impact just with the new york and many many countries that have interest in helping ethiopia forward whether to bangladesh now at least 3 rangar refugees
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have been killed in a highly secretive pollen count the blaze broke out at a makeshift market in the early hours of friday morning and it comes less than 2 weeks after a large fire destroyed thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people at a camp to palace the world's largest refugee settlement home to over half a 1000000 random refugees will stand in bangladesh and protesters have rallied against a lion police crackdown on demonstrations last week at least 11 people were killed at protests during the visit of indian prime minister narendra modi tally chadri was at the demonstration in the capital dhaka. thanks. columns of people have gathered in front of them about on the largest mosque in the country most of the supporters from have fathered a slum and other religious party they're demanding the release of their fellow party men who are detained by police and also to bring justice to those killed by
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police firing and recent violence they have fostered on leftist party have been protesting against modi's visit in bangladesh in last several weeks actually on sunday several people were killed in a shutdown all across the country following days there was also violence when the opposition brought out at a rally in trailer garden and dhaka the government said they had to crack down because they had to quell the violence many buses and trucks were many properties were damaged the rights curb of criticize the government on cracking down on descending guys there's no room for freedom of expression there's a digital security act which cartels any kind of expression in the social media mainstream media they also say the police have been using heavy handed tactics to quell any kind of legitimate protest in the country in recent years. and watching the news hour live from london still ahead for you on the program we're going to be
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meeting the indian based speaker who is fighting for workers like himself to be included on the government's vaccine list also helping autistic children he's the life of the campaign to change attitudes in one of europe's largest and mommy communities and then explored how this firefighter moment of frustration from christian. to help a sick child. how i wake up to a little bit of a cold blast coming in across northern parts of europe over the next couple of days at the moment it's not too bad last detroit we got high pressure dominating the weather up towards the northwest but around the highway pulling in the winds from a northerly direction we got some rain today to sleet snow over towards that eastern side of yet not a slight down across the black sea level rash of showers with some wintry weather
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mixed in there just coming in across the baltic states easing up it was batteries and western side of russia some snow there coming down towards remain through into the balkans and some wet weather there for italy as well as we go on through saturday back up towards northwest as i said it is lousy 5 and try if it a little on the cool side fairly cloudy system this one the cloud just drifting around our area of high pressure that stays lossie settle as we go on through sunday we ought to see temperatures getting up to around 15 celsius in london but you can see what's coming as we go on through into easter monday this cold air will come all the way from the arctic and i will say go all the way down and temperatures will struggle to get to around 7 or 8 celsius for the start of the new week meanwhile we've got so warm weather coming into northern parts of africa car over the top temperature of 24 degrees celsius by saturday.
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a unique endangered biodiversity lies in the hearts of want to produce tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now the probability is becoming that there are some conservation there communities al-jazeera chinese deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and had teams out to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region when it makes science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. we live in a world where the news is at our fingertips where we're one clay course wipe away from the latest headlines but how often do we stop swiping and scrolling and just listen it's the difference between knowing what's in the headlines and understanding how they got there. and this is to take pod cast where we bring you the context and the characters behind the stories that matter subscribe and start
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listening today. the ruling. come back a look at the main stories now a policeman has died off to he was hit by a car outside the u.s. capitol building in washington police say william evans was a member of the force for 18 years the of the officer who was with him is being treated for his injuries the suspect has also died after being shot by all the offices at the scene of the attack. the most experienced officer in the minneapolis police department has testified that the level of force used on george freud was
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totally on necessary riches zimmerman said floyd was no longer a serious threat when he was handcuffed this is the 1st week of the trial is now ended of course it continues next week and at least $54.00 people have died in taiwan's worst rail disaster an unmanned truck rolled on to the track just as the train was approaching a tunnel in the east of the island nearly 500 people on board. now the netherlands is suspending the use of the astra zeneca covert 1000 vaccine for people under the age of 60 following the death of a woman who received a job around 10000 scheduled appointments have now been canceled the woman was one of 5 people who suffered blood clots between 7 and 10 days after vaccination it comes a day off to germany halted the use of the vaccine for people under the age of 60. well elsewhere india has reported more than 80000 new coven 1000 cases this is the highest number in more than 6 months nearly every state is being hit hard by
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a new surge in the government is speeding up vaccinations but some of india's poorest people aren't yet eligible for the jobs despite putting themselves at risk every day india correspondent elizabeth purana reports now from the capital new delhi. from a distance these mounds in india cities could be mistaken for small hills but they amount of waste and rummaging through them with their bare hands of thousands of waste pickers they make a mega living collecting recyclable materials and selling them to scrap dealers. but while sanitation workers employed by the government or private companies are among the 1st to be eligible for co the 19 vaccines waste because aren't m.d.m. cigar. the new delhi municipal council workers are getting vaccinated police are getting vaccinated then are we not human we pick up trash from your homes if one of us fall sick then we probably will infect 10 others. begun connex rubbish from
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$300.00 homes but can't afford the $3.00 for each dose of clove of mine tin vaccine she lives with her family in a hot made from scrap cardboard there among around $2000000.00 informal waste workers in india. is that our minds we can't earn like we used to before our incomes have been hit when we're finding it so difficult to get by each day how can we afford vaccines the war of the war that hundreds of years with the help of environmental group chintan has started an online petition asking the government to vaccinate waste workers like her chintan calls of the country's silent environmentalist they are highly organized they are highly skewed they big up to 70 to 80 get degrees of rees so you can imagine that richard of born into a land of pick up to collect the signet get to say the reason so this is extremely
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important so is that the way the city. chintan says that each year people like eliminate 900000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by diverting waste away from landfills how many. is berthel source of what i feel really sad that the government doesn't care about us. as india of widens the numbers of those eligible for co the 19 vaccines waste workers are asking to be among them elizabeth brand of al-jazeera new daddy. now demands for covert $1000.00 vaccines of put a spotlight on india which is often called the world's pharmacy it's also home to the globe's largest vaccine makers the serum institute which is supplying astra zeneca doses to 64 countries through the u.n. is kovacs program but the company says up to 90000000 of those doses could be delayed sources have told told the reuters news agency that india has caused exports so it can vaccinate its own people and that's worried africa countries in
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africa which want to inoculate up to 35 percent of their population by the end of the year a top health official says that target might now might not happen now it's just and it's not just poor countries the e.u. is reportedly asked for 10000000 astra zeneca doses from the serum institute and the u.k. has asked for 5000000 doses it's already ordered as well but some argue that blaming india is unfair the country has exported 64000000 doses which is higher than the 62000000 administered at home and india needs to speed up vaccinations because cases of increased sixfold in the past 2 months in a new variant with a double mutation might be driving up infection so joining us now via skype from the united states is krishna or de or kumar he is associate director for innovation at the global health and i just want to pick up on the point we're making there about the rate of infection because it seemed as though for a few months the the infections were receding and now suddenly since february
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very rising faster than ever before could could this year end up being worse than last year if india. that's exactly right for many reasons some of which we had a good idea about and some we didn't we saw really after the 1st wave that peaked in september several months where the rates were going down and they're picking back up quite significantly and concerning we now so the coming months i think are really a dangerous time for india and we're seeing that happening in other parts of the world as well and that's increased the urgency for india to vaccinate its own population their program was very sluggish to start with but at the same time they are facing pressure to essentially export vaccine doses to to the kovacs program it's not just kovacs it sets other countries outside of that scheme as well it is india really has become though workhorse of manufacturing for vaccines
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largely through the serum institute of india kodak's facility that you mentioned is expecting to reach 2000000000 doses it through that kovacs mechanism this year and fully half of that more than a 1000000000 doses would come from the serum institute in india of both the astra zeneca as well as novak's and trying to balance that against the needs domestically with a population of 1300000000 and trying to make doses available to other countries around the world puts india and certainly institute in a very difficult position to try to balance all of those needs. i mean how disastrous could this be for africa because we're talking about some of the world's poorest countries they want to vaccinate countries in africa want to vaccinate 35 percent of that population by the end of the ad that's clearly not going to happen if astra zeneca doses being produced by the serum is to cheat at being essentially
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taken over by the indian government. yes we absolutely have to think about other contingencies so we need to see more back scenes actually become available with less reliance in what's a really concentrated market right now so some of the good news is that we're starting to see increases in manufacturing capacity of some of the m r n a platform vaccine so with pfizer and by on tech now say saying they can get to 2500000000 doses this year hopefully that opens up the possibility of a significant uptick through kovacs where right now it's a fairly small commitment of 40000000 doses that could potentially increase significantly and trying to understand how we can ramp up manufacturing capacity in other low and middle income countries is also going to be important in the coming months. what are your thoughts on the the indian government's involvement in vaccine shipments are you concerned about the nature of that involvement. i think
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we're seeing this similarly to what's happening in other countries as well so we saw export restrictions being put in place in the e.u. trying to prevent the export of private goods that we saw the use of the defense production act in the u.s. giving presidents to domestic needs over output and export of private goods so indian government here is really following the lead of several high income countries and regions in influencing what happens in terms of exports or potential exports from private sector companies so unfortunately we're starting to see more of this example of that see nationalism which doesn't help anybody all right thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts on this krishna day a coma thank you. well and to india protests have broken out in the disputed region of kashmir after 3 suspected rebels were killed in
12:41 am
a raid facer accused of using explosives to blow up a suspects home in what some say is an act of collective punishment and reports. the people of this village near pawan in india that mr kashmir once security forces to leave. the protests followed what was an hours long gun battle in their community which sent several people to hospital and destroyed 2 homes police say at least 3 fighters were killed a. 1000000 charging going to get. the militants tried to break the cordon but security forces are tele ated and the militants entered the house the building was 3 stories and that 1st the militants took a few people exhausted says. that was less than 24 hours after thursday's attack on the home of the local leader from india's governing b j p and srinagar which killed a police officer the civilians were also caught up in the fighting retired schoolteacher girl not be dar as one of the victims being treated for his wounds.
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the security forces came in fired tear gas shells i didn't run as i thought i'm an elderly person they won't harm me but pellets were fired at me i fell and blood started losing from my back arms and abdomen i was covered in blood adil ahmed says this is his sister's x. ray showing the bullet lodged inside her for years but honestly the one she was working at home and suddenly a bullet hit her will live far away from the going back to the side. in addition indian troops are accused of using explosives to destroy residential property in which they suspect fighters are hiding something shaikh shall cut the loose is an act of collective punishment tal says have been otherwise also bought to get to continuously so many yes but no this seemed to have. a sense of impunity and not a good. hosea so there the population which hired this as the militants is.
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destitute and they are unable to hire but there are many who. police say they have evidence the 3 individuals killed were involved in the attack in trying to guard on thursday and al jazeera. a build up of russian troops along its border has neighbor ukraine worried military tanks can be seen on a social media video which has yet to be verified but it's been enough to get joe biden's attention u.s. president contacted ukrainian leaders that in his lengthy shortly after that in baba has more. it's pictures like this that have got the government in kiev so concerned a week ago 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting east now here is accusing russia of preparing to expand its military presence in the separatist controlled regions of don't yet hanscom as well as the border with crimea to the south must. discover money by noon on thursday ukraine's foreign minister called on moscow to quote immediately and unconditionally reaffirm its commitment to
12:44 am
a political and diplomatic settlement and a cease fire regime. now president joe biden has spoken directly with the ukrainian leaders lattimer's olinsky the white house says he affirmed the united states is unwavering support for ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of russia's ongoing aggression might. be discussed the situation in the bus in detail president biden assured us that ukraine will never be left alone against russia's aggression. or c. . russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says any new conflict in the east would quote destroy ukraine. he's warned against incitement by western powers with the nato defense alliance saying it's concerned about a russian build up moscow says the real threat is nato sending troops to ukraine. undoubtedly such a scenario would lead to a further increase of tension near the russian border of course this will require
12:45 am
additional security measures from the russian side in february 2040 in the so-called my down revolution saw ukraine's russia friendly president viktor yushchenko bitch deposed and the opposition take power the next month russian forces are next prime year from ukraine prompting western sanctions in april 24th seen pro russian separatists seize part of the eastern donbass region starting the internal military conflict in ukraine in 2019 television actor vladimir zelinsky was elected ukraine's president he and president putin agreed to exchange prisoners and commit to a cease fire last july a cease fire with don't yet separatists was agreed but it's close to breaking and now the ukrainian leaders provoked russian anger. he went after the. media empire who wanted to honor rush. in ukraine closing down 3 russian t.v.
12:46 am
channels in the nearly week in the influence of pro russia never. keep in mind russia. or archibald it's always the 2 are keep the will these regimes in the only at school ones bear and you agree. destroy the latest warnings it's not clear whether there's been a real change the organization for security and cooperation in europe says there are far fewer ceasefire violations the last summer before the agreement came into force the al-jazeera greece is accusing the turkish coast guard of helping people smugglers the greek coast guard say they spotted spotted that turkish counterpart to scorching dinghies filled with migrants 6 times in 2 days this is apparently one of those incidents near the island of last boss has been no reaction yet from turkey but both countries regularly trade blame of the migrants techie previously accused greece of illegally sending migrants back without
12:47 am
allowing them to apply for asylum. now raising a child diagnosed with autism can be difficult for any parent but for immigrants who are native speakers often male with health services the diagnosis is frightening and often shattering jessica baldwin went to bristol to meet a woman trying to help the somali community cope with children on the autistic spectrum. meanest son manassero has now come a lanky teen smiling down on his mother but it wasn't always so from birth she cried endlessly didn't sleep at night and was nothing like her other 3 children. a 2 his diagnosis was autism leaving ameena devastated i don't understand when my son is not talking you not use bain and you see. i don't know that's probably me i crying or luis if you my son is cry me
12:48 am
a cry autism is a developmental disorder with a wide spectrum no 2 cases are the same some people never speak others are streaming anxious while some may be socially distant it's estimated globally between one and 2 percent of people have some degree of autism researchers here in bristol have found a higher incidence among somali immigrants to the u.k. in the somali culture autism doesn't exist children on the autistic spectrum are considered mentally ill and shunned from society. since nora base 1st child zack was diagnosed with autism she's thought that stigma in her community now she's made a series of short films explaining what parents can do to help their children lead a full and happy life trying to ensure that you get the right help to understand what autism is and how to help your child and don't believe everything you see
12:49 am
online because there is so much information out there that are not true early intervention is key not only to help with speech and language but letting the child and family know there is a reason for what can be very challenging behavior people are growing up sometimes into middle. not knowing why they are the way they are. and then finding it all clicks that explains all the difficulties i've been having all my life because i'm autistic to predict wired differently it's not just a western condition the films explore those difficulties and provide support for parents struggling with autism they're available on you tube so somalis around the world can see and learn jessica baldwin al-jazeera bristol england. still ahead for you on the program we hear from the real madrid's coach on the
12:50 am
possibility of signing one of europe's most sought after players.
12:51 am
or. is jamma the sport thank you mariam there's been a major setback for the organizers of this summit and it picks has been reported that's another big test event for the games has been cancelled it's not been confirmed yet but it saves the diving world cup in tokyo is also office and teams expressed their reluctance to travel to japan during the pandemic. diving is governing body phina is said to be behind the decision because it's not satisfied
12:52 am
with the safety measures in place they responded to the claims by saying the option of reallocating the qualifiers is under review and that announcement will be made next week the torch relay is underway but organizers and now admit parts of it may have to be cancelled in areas experiencing a surge in coronavirus the governor of a soccer wants their section to be scrapped but a final decision is yet to be may's $10000.00 runners are taking part all over japan to transport the flame to the opening ceremony as less than 4 months to go now it's still not clear how many people will be allowed in to watch the olympics as the supporters have been shutout but a decision still needs to be made about domestic farms. needs as we have been discussing how many spectators in japan to let in although it might change depending on the virus situation i think we need to have a concrete number by the end of april. the new major league baseball season is just 2 days old but already the league's commissioner has announced this year's all-star
12:53 am
game will be relocated from atlanta this is in response to a new voting law in the state of georgia that critics say limits access to the ballot box especially for people of color u.s. president joe biden said on wednesday that he would strongly support the decision to move the game from trist park which is due to take place july 13th the 2021 draft will also be moved out of atlanta he is one of europe's most sought after players right now in holland is a name that is intervenes and has had enough of talking about the bristol dome and strike is a top the transfer target for many sides after scoring 49 goals in this many games his agent has already been in talks with israel and barcelona in spain but the dad wasn't too keen to discuss the club's reported interest in him. to look at poor posture for everything surrounding what's happening i'm not going to tell you if that's good or bad i'm not going to talk about it i can speak about what matters to me and my players and that's just tomorrow's match i'm tired of this question but
12:54 am
if you or your colleagues are asking me about any player i am always going to answer the same responsibility used to think about our daily routine and we are just thinking about our next matches whatever happens next year i don't know chelsea or another club said to be interested in signing the striker but their head coaches loft off the speculation. have another answer that of course is big news around him around his agent and it seems like they are creating a race and we will not comment on any on any on any. one anything else regarding regarding holland. well one place it looks like holland way begetting is manchester city that's because their manager pep guardiola has ruled out signing a striker this summer city's record goalscorer sergio where is leaving the club at the end of the season when his contract expires but it looks like he's not going to be replaced you are very sorry we're going to buy any striker it's impossible we
12:55 am
cannot afford it. it's impossible so that is not going to help. you know all the clubs struggle financially we are not an exception so. we are not going to have real hope for an oblivion crowell in this in this position who have been young players in the academy we play many falls 9. now how a moment of frustration from christiania run out has been turned into something positive this is the portugal captain's armband which he threw to the ground after he was denied a stoppage time win against serbia in the world cup qualifier firefights georgia keech of it picked it up off the pitch and put it up for auction to raise money for medical treatment for a 6 month old baby boy from serbia gov really judge of it has spinal muscular atrophy a condition which causes progressive muscle weakness and muscle wasting the arm band has sold for $75000.00 and will go towards the $2900000.00 they need to raise
12:56 am
for his treatments india's cricket harry sachin tendulkar has been admitted to hospital a week after contracting coronavirus making the announcement on social media he stressed it was just a precautionary measure and ok you tons of 48 later this month have been quarantining at home after getting mild symptoms he lives in mumbai in the state of my roster where more than 47900 cases were recorded on friday. 19 year old yannick cinna is into the final of tennis is miami open the italian he's playing in this tournament for the 1st time be the number 7 seen. in the semifinals sinnott lost the 1st set but saved for break points on his way to winning the 2nd 64 and he won the decider apply the same school to become the full terms in the final lap. for the 2nd week in a row that you catch you by the quickest in 2nd practice of that assail circuit out of the doha g.p.
12:57 am
australian jack miller managed to recover from this very lucky escape for him to talk at the time sheets ahead of his teammate to pack a bag night last week's race without margaret been yalit was 9th boston with champion john mayer back in 13. and this wasn't a welcome sight for frank a move adelie italian had smoke pouring from the exhaust of his bike on more than one occasion in the 1st practice session he didn't have any technical issues in 2nd practice and he finished 7th quickest. certainly not ideal for him. issue sorted for qualifying smart anyway and well i'll be here tomorrow for you to tell me about ok thank you very much joe and thank you there's always a web site as well lots of information that al jazeera dot com i will see you in a couple of minutes with a full bulletin 2200 g.m.t. .
12:58 am
on counting the cost of the billionaires the bank has finally had enough of brazil's president green bombs how the world plans to reduce carbon emissions and turn false tracts of land back to nature plus europe's rush full backtrace technology. counting the cost and i'll just see it. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish it shifts the focus covering the way the news this comfort the listening posts on
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a. 56 it's. all. but for all. things to see a child and. to see. these young people. leave us to. try. to. seize.
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the. the. a police officer is killed off to a car is rammed into a security barricade on capitol hill the suspect has also died after being shot by police. and i know i am maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program if you do so on a person's know the can kill a. senior officers take the.


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