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tv   Bone Hunter  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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i will grant special coverage documentaries discussions and to pull ups exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some a c. to turn the time the season of programming exploring the climate crisis heading down on al-jazeera. the u.s. capitol on alert a police officer is killed off to a car rams into a security barricade just outside the capitol the suspect also died after being shot by police. i know i'm. in watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. if you're on a person's. the can kill one. senior officers take the stand in the trial of derek
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chauvin one described his use of force against george floyd as totally unnecessary survivors climb from the wreckage of a train which to rail in eastern taiwan dozens of passengers have been confirmed dead. and a slow vaccine rollout in mixed public messaging is cases soar in germany we take a look at the government's confuse response to the coronavirus. have continuing coverage of developments in the u.s. capitol this hour after a police officer died from his injuries after a vehicle rammed into a police barricade just outside the u.s. capitol the suspect has also died the other police of those 2 police officers on the scene at the time one is being treated for his injuries the other has succumbed
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to his injuries this is the scene right now in washington where actually the lockdown has been lifted but obviously restrictions on movement and traffic around the crime scene itself as the investigation continues and that suspect exit the vehicle with a knife in hand. our officers then engage that suspect he did not respond to verbal commands the suspect did start lunging toward us capitol police officers at which time u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect at this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased 2 so u.s. capitol police officers were transported to 2 different hospitals and it is wood a very very heavy heart that i and that one of our
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officers has succumbed to his injuries. a mind can or is following the story for us and joins us now just at the capitol building and might give us a give us some more detail on the precise target of the attack obviously the 2 police officers were on the scene but this was a security checkpoint near the capitol just outside the capitol. indeed yes well it was the north entrance to the capitol one that is used by a large number of representatives on the way in and out of the capitol via the media by everybody who's got business within the capitol complex behind me here now post generally the 6th in the events and that particular day security was intensified around the scuttle complex and new fences were put in concrete blocks as you can see behind me here in recent days the very large fences that had been
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erected were taken down the outer perimeter fences that is where is the in a pyramid to fences that you can see behind me here still standing so security has been ratcheted up at the capitol since those events and significantly as well the national guard were kept on deployment 2 or 2 and a half 1000 of them the rest having gone back to their bases off to general the 6 but by special request a segment of the national guard were kept on standby here and they were deployed within 30 minutes of the servant taking place they formed part of the perimeter that was put all around the capitol complex now the capitol police now say that the event is over as they put it they say that they believe that was the work of a lone wolf they see you know form of terrorist connection as they put it in terms of this event the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has ordered that all the flags
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in the capitol be flown at half staff in memory of that officer who died in this particular event the driver of the car as you mentioned also did whatever in trees he sustained during this particular event but importantly to note that capitol police insisting that this was a one off event as they put it that the event is over however the reaction the intensity of the reaction and her. the emotion in the voice of the acting head of the capitol police just showing how tense the city remains following those events on january the 6th and also how the security has been intensified producing a quark quicker reaction to this attempted breach of the complex then happened on general the 6th when demonstrators who actually got access to the inside of the building itself so just the science of how intense the security has become in
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recent months and how quick the reaction is then was back in general 6 indeed tell us more about the reaction to the attack might because that we have seen the deployment of national guard troops in the area just how extensive is that mobilization. well the mobilization was very extensive indeed obviously you had a cauldron of cordon of capitol police you had on the outside cordon here d.c. police then you have it's you mention those national guard personnel who have been on standby here since january the 6th so it was an immediate lockdown of the entire capitol very unusually even with press accreditation we were not able to move beyond this particular point at that time although the complete lockdown has now been lifted but the intensity of the reaction was extreme there was
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a complete lockdown of this entire massive complex here behind me constitution avenue is the one major artery that leads through past the capitol on the other side on the other side of the capitol complex independence avenue all of these were completely blocked off so every access to the capitol washed up in the wake of this incident that happened shortly after 1 o'clock local time now this despite the fact that there are very few representatives in the capitol complex at the moment congress is in recess for the next 10 days so very few personnel here but nonetheless the reaction from the security side very very quick and very thorough in terms of how the response of national guard police capitol police d.c. police how it all came together in the wake of this incident thank you very much mike hanna in washington also alan fischer following this story very closely and
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allan this attack comes when as you were saying there is or how has already been a sense of unease in the capital following the insurrection a couple of months ago and just when i think some of those emergency measures that were in place where were being. exactly we saw the smoke was saying the perimeter perimeter of capitol hill shrink over the just even the last few days and here at the white house we've seen the exact same thing if there is a plus to this is 1st of all that congress is on recess for the easter holiday a very important day in the christian calendar the other thing is because of the pandemic there are very few people on capitol hill at the moment normally over the easter break you would see a lot of trips from out of town people coming to the capitol to experience capitol hill the white house the lincoln memorial there were groups from schools in that area so that is a plus as well that the pandemic kept the numbers on capitol hill don't quite
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considerably what we're hearing is that of the 2 officers that were injured only one was taken to hospital that was the officer with the more severe injuries of course there was deep concern for him and he succumbed to his injuries in fact you can and the pittman who is the acting head of the u.s. capitol police said with a very very heavy heart she to announce that he had passed and remember 2 police officers died in the aftermath of what happened on january the 6th 2 others took their own life and here we have a 5th officer as i've said before for the 2nd time in 3 months capitol hill is a crime scene joe biden has been briefed on what has happened we're expecting a statement from him shortly he left the white house about 4 hours ago heading to camp david for the easter weekend here arrived there just after 1 o'clock just as this was unfolding jen psaki who is his press secretary she was in the pressure room giving her excuse me her daily briefing and only found out about it just at
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the end of the briefing when someone asked if there was any comment it was always lean used to her simply because she'd taken the podium before this is even begun to happen on capitol hill and said she was sure that the president would be informed this soon as possible merrick garland who is the attorney general he has to fight to control of the f.b.i. he. has been monitoring the situation as well and we know the f.b.i. field agents are on the scene they are investigating reports certainly local media is naming the possible attacker who became a victim by being shot by the police we won't give the name because we can't confirm the self but if it is the person that we're hearing about he's a 25 year old originally from indiana who may well of lived in virginia could possibly have lost his job recently but as i see all of that unconfirmed certainly the f.b.i. will be trying to identify him if they haven't already done so a new job they will be heading to any residence that is connected with him to see if they can find
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a more too for this is might was see the police are regarding this as a lone wolf incident at the moment but they still have got to build up a picture of who this man was why he did what he did and why he decided to do today why he decided to take the chance are there underlying issues is mental illness an issue was this some sort of suicide by cop because he would have known how well guarded the capitol hill complex is at the moment all of these questions to be investigated and to be answered by f.b.i. agents over the coming hours and days there is that and then also we were hearing earlier from capitol police acting chief pittman speaking to reporters allen saying that the public should keep u.s. capitol police and their families in their prayers it's been a difficult time for them after you the events of january 6th and now the events here today how we've been hearing these are statements of sadness and sympathy from members of congress paying their condolences to the to the slain police officer.
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listen i've been on capitol hill complex quite a bit since january the 6th there is a bit where you can walk from the house side to the senate side there are a lot of tunnels and walkways there and as you move from the house side to the senate side there is a long corridor where there are pipes and there's a wall and on there from many politicians and groups there are thank yous to the u.s. capitol police people were so grateful for the job they did on january the 6th believing that the actions of many protected those who were doing their job on capitol hill that day and we've certainly seen one officer for his actions that they've been given the congressional medal of freedom the highest order that congress can give because he led senators to safety that in fact led the attackers away from the senate chamber and so there will be this poor thing again because once more in the capitol hill police officer has died in the line of duty trying to protect the
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capitol complex and even though as i see congress is on vacation at the moment they're in recess there are people who work on the hill every single day saturdays and sundays the what they're for the congressmen and women for senators the do their duty to try and help people in those areas to solve problems to make their lives better here on capitol hill every single day and they are protected by the u.s. capitol police who have just gone through such a terrible time over the last 3 months it will be incredibly difficult for them but those people that still do their job every day the they're all was very gracious very helpful any time that i've been on capitol hill and this will be another body blow to an organization this is suffered quite a few of them over the last 3 months busy as you say allan even though congress is not in session there will be some people that are still working there who were
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inside the building when this took place thank you very much allan fisher at the white house. he. a senior police officer took the witness stand on friday on the 5th day of the trial of derek show than richard zimmerman told the court that shoguns decision to kneel on george floyd's neck was an act of deadly force chauvinists charged with killing floyd by kneeling on his neck off to arresting him is desperadoes a massive backlash across the globe with cries for america to tackle racial injustice and police brutality cinnamon's has showed his use of force was totally unnecessary in all the years you've been working for the minneapolis police department. been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back proposition no i haven't. is that if that were done
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would that be considered force absolutely what level of force might that be. that would be the top tier the deadly force while because of. the fact that. if you need is on a person's no the can kill everyone is all know has been following the trial for us in minneapolis. this is hugely significant testimony that came here on friday in the courthouse here in minneapolis because it's very rare that you will see police officers testifying against one of their own lieutenant richard zimmerman with some of the most damning testimony that we've seen all week against the actions taken by officer derrick shoaf and lieutenant zimmerman has been on the police force here in minneapolis for nearly 40 years he's one of the most senior police officers in the entire minneapolis police department zimmerman when he was
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on the stand said that the actions taken by derek show often were wrong and inappropriate and should not have been taken he said that officers while they do have the right to use force of course. they are trained to when they are told to stop using potential deadly force and he said that in all circumstances that see he saw here there was no justification whatsoever for the actions that derrick chauvin took against george floyd for as we know now 9 minutes and 29 seconds chauvinist need he was on the neck of george floyd so this is incredibly incredibly strong testimony from the prosecution witness and wraps up what has been a very powerful week for the prosecution as a whole. at
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least $54.00 people have died in taiwan's west riled as an unmanned truck rolled onto the track just as a train was approaching a tunnel in the east of the island nearly $500.00 people were on board and many survivors had to climb out of the wreckage the accident happened at the start of the chain festival when people retire. the ancestral villages to clean the graves of their relatives or taiwan has a vast train that what with more than a 1000 kilometers of railway tracks transporting more than $200000000.00 passengers every year the dramatic mountainous scenery there in the east makes it a popular tourist destination which means the eastern line is heavily used winding its way through towering mountains and deep valleys the train derailed just north of the city of wiley and while travelling from taipei to thai tongue adrian brown has our report was the rescue team scramble to reach passengers
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trapped in the front carriages carriages that folded into each other after coming off the rails as the train entered a tunnel. this woman yells carriage for carriage for has everyone come out 350 passengers paid for seats with more than 100 others reportedly standing with them i was able to hear more i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped it and i didn't tell the next and so sometimes you don't know we're fine but some of the passengers not compartment were injured. the inside the narrow tunnel emergency workers struggled to reach the enjoy feeling there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor. the spokesman for the rail network says
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the accident was caused by one of its construction trucks sliding from a work site above the truck. the fire department later released pictures of what appeared to be the wreckage of the truck beside the d. rail train this is taiwan's worst of the train accident and it's believed many of the dead and injured were heading home to mark the 4 day annual ching ming holiday when chinese people tend to. adrian brown al jazeera. well want to continue with our coverage of developments in the u.s. capital this hour a vehicle has rammed into 2 police offices just outside to the heart of congress one police officer has died so we have confirmation that one police officer succumbed to his injuries the other is being treated in hospital the suspect also died after being shot by other offices at the scene the lockdown in the u.s.
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capitol has been lifted but nonetheless there are heavy restrictions on movement in traffic around the crime scene itself as the forensic teams are there on the scene in the investigation continues or brian gerber is the co-director of the center for emergency management and homeland security are zona state university joins me live now from phoenix and obviously people will be thinking about the event a couple of months ago less than 3 months ago when insurrectionist stormed the capitol building on january 6th and obviously since then there's been a great deal of focus on preventing any threat or any sort of penetration of the building itself but as we've seen today there's nothing to stop an attack taking place in the outer perimeter of the building and which puts police officers and others that might be there at risk. yeah i think one way to think about this is in context only 6 months ago the u.s.
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department of homeland security did a. routine threat assessment and in that threat assessment from from this past october. the homeland security noted that the most persistent lethal and and most anticipated threat is domestic violence extremists or the message terrorists. we won't likely see a large gathering like we saw on january 6th but in that in that threat assessment report they note that lone wolf or lone offender attacks like the one we just saw or small group attacks are most most likely in the most persistent persistent threat so i think we don't know clearly the motives of this individual but. this kind of threat and risk is is what the u.s. department of homeland security has been anticipating for a while the indication from the conference earlier on was it was probably not
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related to terrorism and that the suspect might not have been on the radar of security agencies what are your thoughts on that. it's obviously too soon to tell i think it's possible this could be a case of a person with significant mental health issues that's one possibility but if this person if we find that this person was radicalized in some way which is which is a phenomenon that we increasingly seen in the u.s. . over the last several years that kind of rattled radicalization that that manifest itself on the january 6 insurrection and it wouldn't it would not be a surprise at all that somebody was motivated by a conspiracy theory thinking and that kind of. perhaps not well defined ideological. political motives but kind of
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a general. hostility to the federal government that's been. that's been particularly acute in the last last couple of years can these types of attacks be prevented. well i think what we saw today is. the capitol police the. washington d.c. metro police are taking all steps that can in a sense this was the harm done by the end of it was. it was limited by the brave efforts of the capitol police and and certainly it's set in unfortunate that a police officer lost his life and so. you know the whole country shares of condolences for the prince family but i think you can't obviously in a relatively free society like the united states eliminate all threat and all risk
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what you can do is. minimize it in a way that's reasonable a reasonable reasonable balance against. free movement of persons in the country thank you very much brian for appreciate your thoughts on this short now the european union is expected to host a meeting with all parties involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week in vienna the conference will include the united states which withdrew from the land not deal in 2018 on the donald trump's presidency washington says it's open to direct talks with iran but the iranian foreign minister tweeted that the meeting itself is unnecessary i said bank has more often tack on. the news here has been met with a quote quiet confidence from the iranians foreign minister divides raef tweeted out that the meeting did take place that it's discussing remedial measures
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something the iranians have been talking about synchronizing steps back to that nuclear deal so the united states can lift sanctions and iran would begin to scale back some of its remedial measures but what he did say that there will be no direct talks between the united states and iran he said that's unnecessary now that's been the position of iran from the outset even 2 weeks ago when the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini spoke he said that the u.s. promises were worthless that they wanted to see actions and those actions are that those sanctions must be lifted and then iran must be able to verify those that's very important to the iranians and the frustration from the iranians is that the europeans and the united states don't seem to understand that iran is aggrieved party here they are the country under sanctions and before anything happens those sanctions must be lifted from the iranian perspective i want to turn to me in my now because demonstrations have been back out on the streets just a day after the military government shut down wireless internet services across the country people have been laying flowers in public places to remember those killed
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during the crackdown in me in my 2nd largest city in mandalay there reports of more gunfire by security forces or protesters on thursday the u.n. security council strongly condemned the use of violence by the military but it stopped short of any action at china's insistence. the netherlands is suspending the use of the astra zeneca covert vaccine for people under the age of 60 following the death of a woman who received the shot around 10000 scheduled appointments have now been canceled the woman was one of 5 people who suffered blood clots between 7 and 10 days after being after vaccination and it comes a day off to germany halted use of the vaccine for people under the age of 60 well germany has just reported 21000 daily infections as it goes through its 3rd wave of the pandemic the nation was going to be under a strict lockdown of the easter weekend but that was scrapped just last week a day after it was announced and stephanie deck reports from berlin as more and
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more confusion over the government's covert policy. it's a constant adjustment julian boy says he had to sell a successful 126 mexican restaurant now focusing mainly on burger deliveries but it's also about keeping up with the current virus restrictions monitored by local authorities known as the autons i get to enforce all the rules as well which was tricky because every week the rules changed a few times the order came in and they weren't even sure of the rule or time one of one of them was googling right in front of me when i was supposed to be doing and feel that confusion apparent in a rare public apology from the german chancellor just a day after announcing a strict lockdown during the easter holiday which would have seen even supermarkets closing their doors and americal said she made a mistake would not happen not because it wasn't needed but because it was too last minute and had confused people. germany's vaccination campaign has been sluggish
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because of delays in the delivery of vaccines but also the decision not to give the astra zeneca shot to people under the age of 60 after reports of blood clots only 10 percent of germans have been vaccinated so far the country is facing a 3rd wave of the virus who germany's top disease control body warning this one is showing signs it could be worse than the ones before. despite the back and forth new measures have now been introduced here in the capital they include things like having to present a negative covert 19 test before entering what the government deems non-essential businesses things like getting a haircut and you going to have to wear a mosque of a certain medical category before entering all shops because it's not mandatory outside. a similar theme emerges when we asked people about the lockdown measures and i might be country and they could be more united i mean once they decided to say we'll do it like be a sim then a few days later they do something different i find that a bit difficult. because it is going to do is get here not consistent either you
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say there is a lockdown then everyone stays at home like for example in munich whereas in berlin they say one thing but then a few days later it's completely different they are not consistent if you want something done you need to implement it hard and strict for julian as a business owner who is directly affected by the changing rules he says it's unfair if you as a person living in berlin like lockdowns no locked out nothing seems to be clear right now they change the rules on a weekly basis and it seems that the people who cop it the worst of the small businesses so you do get a lot of normal people complaining about being locked down in a home office and all this sort of stuff but there's absolutely no lockdown enforced at all. and with numbers steadily rising again germany's head of this is ca sion for intensive in emergency medicine has warned hospitals could run out of available intensive care beds within a month if stricter lockdown rules are not enforced stephanie decker urges are.
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or was it covering everything including a breaking news story this hour on our website al jazeera dot com you can watch it on life streaming there as well and analysis that takes you behind the headlines including all the latest details of what has just happened in the u.s. capitol i will bring you actually more on that in a couple of seconds. so let's bring up to speed without top story this hour policeman has died after a car rammed into him and another officer outside the u.s. capitol building in washington police say william evans was a member of the force for 18 years the on the police officer is still being treated for his injuries the suspect also died after being shot by offices at the scene
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the u.s. capitol police officers fired upon the suspect at this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased 2 u.s. capitol police officers were transported to 2 different hospitals and it is would a very very heavy heart that i and that one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. oh in all the developments a senior police officer took to the witness stand on friday on the 5th day of the trial of derek chauvin richard zimmerman told the court that show of ins decision to kneel on george floyd's neck was an act of deadly force there was no reason why police should have felt they were in danger chauvin is charged with killing floyd by kneeling on his neck off to arresting him zimmerman told the court to show vns use of force was totally unnecessary. in the all the years you've been working for
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the minneapolis police department. been trained to kneel on the neck of someone who is handcuffed behind their back in a proposition no i haven't. is that if that were done would that be considered force absolutely what level of force might that be that would be the top tier the deadly force while because of. the fact that. if you need is on a person's neck that can kill him. and our other headlines at least $54.00 people have died in taiwan's worst rail disaster an unmanned truck rolled onto the track just as a train was approaching a tunnel in the east of the island only 500 people on board and many survivors had to climb out of the wreckage i will be back with the news out for you at 2100 g.m.t. in about 30 minutes time up front is next. as
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ethiopia's to grab people's liberation front been crushed by prime minister every ahmed's crackdown in the region i'll ask a senior member of the group. marc lamont hill also on the show yet another spate of mass shootings in the united states and along with it another debate about gun control but is this time different where president joe biden be the one to finally implement reforms we'll speak with the mass shooting survivor turned activist but 1st horrifying accounts of human rights abuses continue to emerge from ethiopia's northern to grow region where the government is at war with the to grab people's liberation front but. is there any end in sight and what is the t.v.
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a left objective this week's headlines are from to grow spokesperson potential ready. since last november more than 2000000 people have been displaced by the conflict between ethiopia's government and the to great people's liberation front the t.p.i. left thousands have been killed and credible reports have emerged of massacres and widespread sexual violence the united nations has called for an immediate into attacks on civilians but with rights groups still unable to gain full access to the to grow region remains unclear just how bad things are. we invited the ethiopian government to come on our program to discuss the situation but they refused our request saying they did not want to share a platform with the t.p. l.f. they view as quote a criminal enterprise we're joined now by content you read as a spokesperson and executive committee member of the t.p. l.f. it has you thank you so much for joining me my pleasure your joining us on upfront
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from an undisclosed location via telephone from the to great region why. we are in a war zone like you said. last november before the november. government and the start of missing time. more practically the exact reason it's not up. to. court to make the attack are going to go back. now we're going to know what is on the record that is the figure and the people out of any. way to be a success for instance are going to. be coordinated attack by. the support area needs is a crime processing time and it's. not just not if you can how to do what has to disclose where or what i have of course i'm not part of that or something
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i'm going to leave the ticket i'm outta me. and i could sit out of a rigid net effect because there would be school in check making the genocide and company by by how do you have any support. for months prime minister at the at mit has denied the presence of a return troops in the 2 great region despite reports from the united nations of human rights abuses by eritrea in the region last week he finally admitted that ethiopian national forces and eritrean soldiers had been fighting side by side he also announced on twitter that they returned government agreed to withdraw its forces and that the ethiopian national defense force would take over guarding the border hold immediately have to retrain forces left to help they haven't left in fact that it's going to take some of the cost of the air different version to reach the point but this is spicy look at stations. that. have
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a time portishead not involved in the fighting has to come for a lot and that means that the ecology impacts the true that the current forces will have i think a long time it is going to see because now brendan hutchens community the school on the issue of the afghan government you have to come forward and say a government that. none of us hasn't heard of anything government was that it was an indication on the part of the afghan government to go there for $65.00. announcement. the streets about the taps are going to really focus and a career has pretty. increasing the influx of it's core to seem to cry by leaps and bounds but the slightest. idea of concern. is there are looking out for just from the point of view looking at the violence i think of it because id has already lost
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tens of thousands of people from voting. most of them out of the years that have come for the song come come come come use some prefer a compliment apparently. i could read something going to be. what you did because i'm not very good provided the purpose of hunting us down because i don't know i want to ask you a question about a time it that you made in december of last year during an interview with 2 great t.v. you caught up on the people in the region to quote rise and deployed to battle in tens of thousands given that to grab opposition reports the 10s of thousands of people are now dead and there have been numerous documented human rights abuses do you regret the statement should you have worked harder to create diplomatic possibilities in the international community to get international support rather
11:39 pm
than rising up in the way that they did. at the knives last year that according with i.b.m. or any kind of support would have different results than this has ordered because. i mean i'm not going. to do it was specifically meant to neutralize the credit because. the fact of the. doubt and i. was for whatever we might have done is not i'm not a member but yes we could have come on because this is that we could have both what i think into even the principle that one obvious not work and if you are going to that's because we should have is a bit of a process if you didn't get my country i'm going to be counted as a reformer by the way what's going to. look at the interest that we should not be in could have stopped short of of course 150 percent
11:40 pm
of the people of the club. so do i have a great quarter you want to. know i don't because. it's a bit stunning i mean so there was a senior humanitarian official in to grey who said that this could end up like a situation similar to yugoslavia where we'll be digging up mass graves for more than a decade when i look at that amount of. of violence when i look at that amount of death it prompts the question. was there room despite the circumstance you just laid out was there room for some alternative not maybe not all to merely no violence but certainly at least in the short term some diplomatic possibility some international coalition that could have led to an outcome that was different is there anything you could have done differently what. it would require.
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to come to the democracy trip where we would have been. i don't study and the kind of coverage in the. russia community could happen would have done could have done. better. is there currently any line of communication between the to payless and big government no no not. on the bottom front. what is the end game here does the to p.l.f. want to grab it to become its own state is that the ultimate goal here. you know i can address this question for me by giving you. my take on what it means to be impure you know written because i have read a lot of this context proponents of some. i have
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no clue whatsoever how they did not you know i don't you're going to take the phone call and if you're trying to go right now. why do you keep something in these people like directv and don't you know that's just a title as in just now it could be absolutely impossible for it's own a part of a proponent or he feels in states like myself to come out in public and argue for the court to meet the people and i'm not saying ethiopia could go down as great but i have no capacity whatsoever to avoid. good luck and that kind of decision. by the keeper of the car so i think about ready to say at this point that it should be next for the people to try to determine whether. the should have been i don't stay i would strongly strongly suggest that's different scrawny the best
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option that is at this point and if you did it a priority for me to become a public and crowded and taken some things about it given situation like we have seen in the last 5 months mexico abundantly clear that this is nick and that is next. for her any ordinary president he said if i'm understanding you correctly you're saying that you're not ruling this out you're not ruling out the possibility of an independent state. i'm not going to give up in fact the situation strongly suggest that that would probably. flap in the possibility of a state a realistic one though because none of the hawks in. your lane like between sudan and eritrea if you'll be i was i was curious and i'm saying you know calling someone today but you're not ruling out the possibility i guess i'm not ruling out by the way as far as i'm concerned it's not just about having being landlocked or
11:44 pm
whatever it was about that criticism when the people think i have become an independent state there is nothing whatsoever that would stand in the way that's not a stretch is not acceptable to my my my you'd like i thought i i i was one of the proponents of. president if you can stay but even myself a staunch proponent of the difference can you have difficulty coming out in public in support because i don't believe it is as high as an option at this point in time what i'm saying is i'm not the person you're running out of. hiding from taxes but if it's more idea and more romantic than i am it has you read it thank you so much for joining me on a fraud. matter. to mass shootings in the space of just one week have reignited the debate about gun control in the united states on march 16th 8 people were killed in
11:45 pm
a shooting spree in atlanta georgia just days later 10 people were killed in another shooting at a grocery store in boulder colorado president joe biden was quick to call for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines urging members of congress to take action but since the shootings his focus has already shifted to other areas of policy so after years of inaction on meaningful reforms to prevent mass shootings in the united states is it just going to be more of the same to help us answer this we're joined by kamran caskey a gun rights activist and a survivor of the 2800 school shooting in parkland florida which killed 17 of his fellow students and teachers cameron thank you so much for joining me and stratton me. another one of these moments that we've seen far too often in the united states we have a spate of mass shootings that have caused people to say we need to do something about gun legislation a day after the shooting in boulder president biden said and i quote he didn't need to wait another minute to address gun control and yet since then he's shifted back
11:46 pm
to talking about infrastructure as the priority issue what do you make of this shift are you worried that serious action will never happen on gun control. it's bizarre i'm starting to see something with the added ministration that i saw and i and everybody saw a lot of with the trump administration which is the people in power taking this bizarre stance where they're acting as though they're not completely in power dollar trump when he was the president would constantly tweed a washington politics are so corrupt everybody out there in washington they aren't looking they are looking out for you when he was the president of the united states and he had a lot of control with the senate so right now the biden administration is using people like joe mansion and and cures and cinema as this kind of safety net where if there's a policy that they are not particularly interested in trying to are the past they
11:47 pm
get to say oh well you know a lot it's not going to get the votes in the senate and there's only so much we can do as if the democrats don't literally have every branch right now so the question becomes if they're not going to show up for immensely popular things like background checks and red flag laws which you know 70 more than 70 percent of cargo holding n.r.a. members support red flag laws what are biden harris going to show up or wasn't a $50.00 minimum wage or wasn't cancelling student loan debt you know we've seen a lot of great things in the american rescue plan was in many ways a success but. you know if you're not going to deliver on guns i spent the absent can't determine the let me ask you are you are you surprised by this i mean we've seen presidency of the presidency show the same kind of lack of political will on the question of gun legislation so that there be too much of
11:48 pm
a surprise here no i mean look at the end of the day. specifically background checks and red flag laws those laws are so unbelievable. popular that it's shocking to me that those long passed but in terms of the ban on assault rifles and other you know what i consider commonsense pieces of gun reform i'm not surprised at all and it's been a common thread with the biden hairs administration that we're not seeing exactly what we wanted out of them but i spent 3 years telling everybody guys we need to get the democrats and power because once the democrats are in power we're going to be able to fix these kinds of issues and you know here a lot of people are in the gun violence prevention community we're sitting here saying ok this is the moment are we not going to get it yeah i mean why didn't didn't just gesture toward this he gave some concrete promises some day one cop promises including sending a bill to congress to repeal liability protection for gun manufacturers and of
11:49 pm
course closing loopholes in the federal background check system now there are people who say look biden is playing the long game here he has a navigate a congress that is has a razor thin majority for democrats and many of those democrats who you reference are themselves right leaning and that there really isn't much else they can do you take that you understand that sensibility or you are like a promise is a promise a day one promise has to be kept. well i get in politics are real but again the question is at what point are we going to get something meaningful from them because if you've got the governing power you have to govern that's just how it works and how silly are we going to look in 2022 when we're asking america to vote for democrats again and america says ok well the democrats campaigned very distinctly on these issues and wouldn't even deliver the most baseline simple results on them rape i mean if we put in 4 years of what we've been seeing in the 1st less than $100.00 days of the biden ministration which the 1st 100 days are
11:50 pm
normally when you see so many of the results what am i supposed as all people what is anybody supposed to tell anybody who are trying to get them to vote for democrats and 2022 you know that we're asking to lose seats if we're not going to deliver the things that we said we did some would argue that the result of these mass shootings are evidence that we won't get anywhere think about the sandy hook school shooting for example in 2012 you have 20 people 20 young people ages 6 and 7 . they die and we don't see any shift in gun legislation no progress in the estimation of many that moment for so many observers was the moment where they'd realize or believe came to believe that nothing was ever going to change that a vet many children killed did nothing then there's no shooting no tragedy no other moment that could sway lawmakers any more than that one what do you make of that
11:51 pm
idea. well sandy hook was a huge sign it was a sign that you're right this is not going to happen because of one of these shootings white little kids are the only thing republicans like to talk about with any legislation they like to tell you in their culture war battles that liberals are coming to do this to your kids and obviously they don't care when children of color are murdered so in that many white children were murdered and we still didn't see any any meaningful legislation passed that was a sign no matter what levels of cruelty we will see. it's not just going to happen like that and that's why so many people in the gun violence prevention unity were thrilled to see the joe biden won the election because we said ok we've got i didn't inherit i didn't hear us who campaigned on these changes these are changes that we made up out of nowhere you know things like red flag laws universal background checks that's the most basic technocratic thing that i could have
11:52 pm
written out and told you about in 4th grade and we're going to get these you know why are we going to the ballots in 2022 why am i supposed to go i will not campaign for the democrats because that's just my life but what are we supposed to say to people who see this kind of violence with no meaningful action one of the things that the n.r.a. does and other gun can gun advocates do is they appeal to the 2nd amendment they create a kind of romantic narrative the 2nd amendment how it's tied to liberty and freedom etc that the right to bear arms or right to own weapons is tied to our sense of citizenship and identity as americans when i watch people on your side of the fence defend your position you often still appeal to the 2nd amendment rather than say the 2nd amendment is so that we should get rid of that i often hear you say look we're not trying to take your guns we're just trying to control reasonably what
11:53 pm
people have access to and how people navigate so we can be more safe my question for you is why why stop there what wide wide conceive the ground the 2nd amendment is a reasonable place to start given the context in which was produced why begin from a place of saying that every american adult has a right to have a weapon why begin there one that begins with a question the premise itself that the 2nd amendment may not be a reasonable. presentational provision in the 21st century. sure well i need to very quickly make it clear that my personal views on this are not reflective of the entire gun safety community it's my understanding that the entire gun safety community is very rooted in upholding the 2nd amendment but of holding the 2nd amendment in it's appropriate use. and by that i mean allowing people to hold their right to bear arms but arguing that this is not a well trained militia that we're seeing right well regulated militia we don't have a well regulated militia here we don't even know how to put on masks and we've got
11:54 pm
a wal-mart my personal opinion is that our country is obsession with the constitution is very weird it's a very very old document there's some good stuff in it there's some very silly stuff in it but it was written by a literal slave owners and look i don't want to trigger people because people get really upset when young people are talking smack on the constitution people have this really weird obsession with it when they won't even follow the constitution when it isn't appropriate for them you know but you know i think that there's 2 ways to look at it yes banning these assault weapons can be adjacent to the 2nd amendment simply because the 2nd amendment was not written with the understanding that weapons of this power would exist and we were doing that i mean as a simple question if you were in charge of policy for the united states what would you still allow for the 2nd amendment to exist would you allow for all americans of
11:55 pm
our rights of any arms well i would say all americans i think that americans should have the rights to defend themselves and their home specifically with weapons i think that the working class should have the right to be armed with weapons that belong in the hands of civilians and are not directly designed for killing i think that what we're going to we're going to say weapons are going to mean guns. yeah i mean look we have handguns in my house my father has a gun safely stored in a locked safe i couldn't tell you where the key is in case he needs to defend our home i don't know how to access a gun that we have but people should have the right to own a handgun in my opinion specifically people in communities of color that are the targets racial violence i feel as though suggesting that people should disarm themselves when they are directly threatened by police officers would be very
11:56 pm
shortsighted of me i'm not directly afraid of police officers the way that people of color would be because i feel is the police force in this country is designed to work in protect and so i've got a militia and i got to push a little bit on that camera i got to push a little bit on that because some people would say myself included quite a bit but that's leaning into the well regulated militia argument that it's like this romantic idea of it somehow hangers are going to protect the vulnerable in this country from from state violence in other words black people as a country can't defend itself and the police with guns right. well that's where it gets really complicated because on the one hand you know a there are people there are conservatives who will say you can't judge you know no right over the 2nd and rights of people in black communities look let's look what's happening you know and say ok conservatives you have absolutely no right to be spot speaking about this but it's an interesting it's an interesting thing to bring up i think that if. a black person is stopped by police officer and they are legally
11:57 pm
carrying at handgun that can be an excuse that the police officer sees is to do whatever horrible things that they want because a police officer will say that a black person having a pack of skittles is a weapon so you've got this really difficult situation obviously specifically for communities of color on the one hand self defense is important on the other hand if you have if you have kept a sticky notes in your pocket the cops will shoot you dead and say they did so i thought it was a gun and i don't have an easy answer to that i will say that i think that the right to own a gun should be protected and that should be protected but all of this all of this can just be put aside to look at the issue of assault rifles where nobody really needs these weapons camera casket thank you so much for joining me on outfront thanks so much for. that is our show for the week but up front will be back next.
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how either the weather sloshy settle for a straight yes some lovely sunshine coming through for the most part we got 2 areas of low pressure to keep an eye on we got one up towards the northwest that may well develop into a tropical low could cause some very heavy rain coming in here just around the pilbara just around the complete and we got another area of low pressure just over towards that eastern side of queens that are around a high we're pulling in the winds from the open waters recede some showers coming back in across that eastern side of us see some very heavy rainfall here of course over the past couple of weeks further showers coming in and they will penetrate their way into the outback as we go on through sunday so if the flooding concerns coming through for many further south it is largely fine in try temperatures will
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ease off in melbourne going from around 30 celsius to around $22.00 degrees celsius there is some heat around the slick up tools the northwest 40 degree celsius there in broome that's up across into new santa we got some wetter weather coming into the south island as we go on through sunday but for the most part is fine and dry and cross just in quite nicely temperatures here at around 25 celsius but back to across such a pattern at present we have got cloud of rain which is spilling out of china as you go on through saturday moving through the korean peninsula and making its way further east. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french
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government banning the group. generation hate. part one of a special 2 part investigation on the ready. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes a police officer is killed after a car is rammed into a security barricade on capitol hill the suspect is also died after being shot by police if you news on a persons know can kill a.


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