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i miss you but. i feel really sad that the government doesn't care about us. as india widens the numbers of those eligible for co the 19 vaccines waste workers are asking to be among them elizabeth moran of al-jazeera new daddy. breaking news to bring you out of washington d.c. all on friday afternoon streets surrounding the u.s. capitol and the entire complex there in lockdown because of a security threat not much detail alan fischer though our correspondent is at the white house and what more can you tell us at this point. just got a statement from the u.s. capitol police just in the last minute or 2 they say they're responding to an instant at the north barricade a vehicle access point along independence avenue for reports of someone ramming a vehicle into 2 united states capitol police officers a suspect is in custody both officers are injured all 'd 3 have been transported to
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the hospital my understanding is that the car didn't stop the body there were reports unconfirmed that there were a number of shots fired a helicopter has landed on the capitol grounds just in the last few minutes that's obviously to transport the injured to hospital as quickly as possible and the capitol for the time being remains on lockdown no entry or exit to any part of the building which sits of course just about 3 kilometers along pennsylvania avenue on top of capitol hill clearly people still concerned because of what happened at the capitol on january the 6th you'll remember then that a more stormed the building as it was trying to. politicians were about to a farm joe biden is the winner of the 2028 presidential election you remember there was a big security cordon put on place after that particularly for inauguration day that over the last few weeks has come farther in but there are still these checkpoints
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and clearly at some point in the last stone and this is all happened just in the last hour and a car has tried to access one of those entry points it hasn't stopped it has hit 2 police officers the suspect is no in custody and 2 police officers have been injured all 3 all no way to a hospital ok so can i go back to the bit you talking about the the security that has come down i remember all of that from inauguration day that huge ring of security around the whole area when you say it's come down and been brought back how close could a person have gotten to the capitol these days. there are certain roads that take you up past the capitol building such as the cannon house building if you go there there is an entrance there staff use it journalists use it gets you into the complex there is a barrier there but in many places where these body isn't in place there are barriers that are built into the road either they come up with. pools or
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there are ramps that stop people getting in there so it's not easy to drive in some of these checkpoints there are other checkpoints that of course are temporarily in place it's not clear yet when exactly this happened but as a say over the last few weeks and even here at the white house we've seen some of the ballot is that have sealed off roads being moved perimeters have been brought in as the threat has gone down but people still very much concerned about what happened in january the 6th they haven't moved all the body is away because in the eyes of the intelligence community that threat hasn't gone away and clearly that has been justified with what we've seen happen just in the last hour on capitol hill can i get you to go back to that statement and not just for our viewers for me as well so i can get the details again. i am going to you can tell putting calls into people who might be able to help. they will be able to help
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because that so newsdesk in calling the moment the incident to say the united states capitol police is responding to the north barricade vehicle access point along independence avenue so there are 2. go past the complex one is pennsylvania avenue one is independence avenue this is pennsylvania avenue here in front of the white house independence avenue on the other side so more on that side of the building here and that side of capitol hill there were reports that someone around the vehicle into to us c.p. that's the united states capitol police officers a suspect is in custody both officers injured all 3 being transported to the hospital and that statement coming from the u.s. e.p. just in the last 5 minutes or so ok allan thank you for now stay there and we'll see if i can get you back on the phone to get into it with whatever they need to
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understand having a look at google maps here at the same time as well trying to get a. handle on things so the north barricade vehicle where when you on independence avenue as alan says the other side i think from the picture we're looking at. all this could be the you know i'm struggling to get a bearing on that to be honest. but some of the close up pictures that we're seeing now as well of and as allan said the report that vehicles have. that barricade. 2 offices apparently hit suspect taken to hospital and this is all what are we now trying to think of the date at the moment forgive me 2nd of april so you know 3 months almost since the insurrection on the capitol which brought all that huge new security it was an extraordinary great big ring of security right around the whole area which is that the cameras settle for
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a bit that's clearly the car that's around the barricades it's not gotten through but it's gotten pretty close allan sorry i can see you're on your phone there think you might be trying to get some more information anything else. there were reports of shots being fired in the suggestion on one of the media channels here in the united states that is that car was driving towards the body and it didn't stop that the police drew their weapons no it had no confirmation there is nothing in the u.s. c.p.p. statement the united states capitol police statement suggests that they say that the car was driven at the body and that struck 2 officers a suspect is in custody they certainly made no mention of gunfire the brady group which you may be aware fights to change the gun laws here in the united states has said it is wanted to in this situation i'm just going to quickly flick through here to see if there is any update from people that might have just e-mailed me in the
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last note allan while you are give you a little update as well u.s. capitol police tweeting a correction actually saying constitution avenue rather than independence avenue the north barricade vehicle access points along independence avenue is their original tweet they have now said constitution avenue. and certainly no further details as far as what is happening here certainly we know that there was a news briefing here at the white house as we get most days now from jen psaki she was asked about the incident at capitol hill it had just happened and they asked if someone would inform the president the president has left the white house for the easter weekend break he's on his way back to delaware she said that there is a team that travels with them obviously and he will be updated on any incident particularly capitol hill that something that he would know about know he will make
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a statement when he lands in delaware over the chances are slight that he will do that because this is obviously an ongoing situation he wants to make sure he gets all the information but what we do know is the incident has. shocked d.c.u. as you see it's just about 3 months since the what's been described as the insurrection at capitol hill that shook up a green many people here in washington d.c. and any incident like that brings about the trauma because that was for many many people including some of our own al jazeera reporters who covered a very traumatic experience and saw it seems as if the incident is over. someone is in custody but clearly there is a lot don't and capitol hill and the police are going to act with the freeze that we've become so used to with an abundance of caution to make sure that the threat is over for the time being and that they are fairly in control of the situation and the capitol hill complex before they make any for the state and i'm just watching
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on t.v. here that is a car which has been so blue car it's near a checkpoint it has the trunk the boot up it is sitting some distance away from the capitol hill building itself but on the complex and of course as we know a helicopter landed on the capitol hill complex very unusual for that to happen and took 3 people to a hospital those 3 people the 2 police officers who were injured and of course the suspect who is also in custody but just the fact that capitol police have again been injured on an incident in capitol hill will concern many people politicians and many people in here as well because of course as we know a number were killed during that attack on capitol hill by on january the 6th ok allan i'll give you a chance to see what more you can find speakers in the meantime i've got google maps up and running here and i reckon i figured out exactly where all this is
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happening here is washington d.c. to the left of your screen the white house where allen is right now and then heading up towards the capitol here is the capitol hill. he is as we were saying constitution avenue so the capitol right here constitution avenue here these red and white dash lines show where there are barricades in place at the moment and judging by the picture we saw when we saw that blue car up against the barricade i'm judging that's pretty much where it is it's come from the left of your screen heading towards the capitol just as a point of reference if you saw our inauguration day coverage from washington d.c. that's where we were on the roof of that very building there 101 management so this is happened right below where we were i believe from what i've deduced here from what we're hearing about constitution avenue and from the pictures that we've seen this is where i would say it has happened at the very least it will have happened somewhere in this area where those red and white dash lines are because those are
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all the traffic blockages since january the 6th since the inauguration since all of that security went into place as evening out again for you there is the lie of the land in washington there is the u.s. capitol and these streets on this side which are closed off with there are no access and if it's constitution avenue as the. u.s. capitol twitter account has corrected from independence to constitution then i'd say it's there don't fight and turn the map they will do it like that and it would seem that the car is headed north and headed for that. barrier the i don't know we don't have the the zoomed in shot at the moment do we can we have a look at one of those other shots though on the screen just a moment. here i reckon that's right i think that's right that's where they're headed for for the capitol and the reports at this point let me just check the
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latest was 2 offices 2 offices. have been taken to hospital along with the suspect after that car rammed into the areas near the capitol. u.s. capitol responding to reports the vehicle was rammed into 2 can probably see a star i'm just going through all the wires here because as we say so few such details at the moment the white house press rectory jen psaki saying she is not aware a few moments ago at least was unaware of the situation at the capitol which is about 3 kilometers away from the white house if you're just joining us 1742 g.m.t. which is almost quarter to 2 2 on friday afternoon good friday in washington d.c. and the breaking news is that 2 capitol officers have been injured after a vehicle was rammed into a security barrier at me at the capitol alan fischer our correspondent as i say at
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the white house 3 kilometers away but getting all the information allan what if you got. we're hearing from the emergency services here in washington that one of the people on the way to hospital we think is the suspect that's in custody is being treated for a gunshot wound it could be gunshot wounds we were hearing reports unconfirmed on capitol hill the suspect in the car the round its way towards this checkpoint officers 'd when it didn't stop started to open fire that appears to be confirmed by the statement that we're getting from the emergency services just in the last minute or so that the person one of the people on the way to hospital is being treated for gunshot wounds there is a suggestion as well that this person may have been armed with a knife that certainly seems to be what is being said in texas that are being shared by capitol hill staffers again no confirmation of that so let's just recap
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what we think has happened this vehicle approached a vehicle checkpoint it was told to stop it didn't kept going round into the checkpoint injuring 2 police officers but as it was heading towards the checkpoint it seems the number of officers opened fire on the vehicle wounding the man behind the wheel helicopter has landed on 'd the capitol hill complex and taken off in the last 1520 minutes or 'd so taking 3 people to hospital 2 of those united states capitol police officers and the other one the suspect who is know in police custody is a blue car on the complex it is sitting there with the trunk the boot open on one of the doors wide open as well the area has been sealed off by police and capitol hill remains on lockdown allan in the 2 and a half months or so since in the direction how much has security been relaxed in washington and i use that term loosely because clearly there are still checkpoints
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in place but going back to inauguration i mean that was an absolute iron ring of security wasn't it. the physical barriers have certainly moved but there was a white perimeter around the white house run the capitol hill complex on inauguration day immediately after january the 6th in fact and over the last few weeks that has become much narrower itself even today getting heat into the white house the body is that are normally 2 streets away have been moved one of the checkpoints there has been taken away as well and that is happened on capitol hill i was last there were 10 days ago and i could see that some of the barriers had moved in closer towards the main buildings itself but many of them still in place but behind the scenes we know there is. new head of security on capitol hill there is going to be a new head of the capitol police service as well they have been assessing what happened on january the 6th and what needs to be in place and of course we've seen
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recommendations as well that intelligence gathering has to be much better for the united states capitol police so while the physical barriers have certainly moved by it would be suggested by a number of people the security eyes actually improved because they are aware of some of the flaws highlighted by what happened on january the 6th they have addressed them they have corrected them and they are making preparations to make it a much tougher place to breach and to meet the people who work there much safer is there a physical presence on the street from. police again i go i know the national guard was called in back then for inauguration and i'm guessing most of them have have gone but is there that increased feeling if you were to walk around washington a visual. increase. well you can see the fences and certainly there are national guard still on duty and our own the capitol hill complex they have reduced some of the numbers but there was recently trying to write my brain an
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appeal to to keep a certain number of can't remember the exact number on capitol hill is 70 come up in some of the briefings that we've had of course there's been a number of security briefings from the head of the f.b.i. to the head of the national guard in washington d.c. and they have been on several occasions mainly by republican congressmen and women and also by republican senators if this acuity measures that on capitol hill still need to be in place well you've just received one of the answers in the last or so with this car driving towards one of the checkpoints that this acuity still very much needs to be in place and it seems it has walked in this case by a car being stopped from getting any farther access onto the capitol hill complex and that's paused for a 2nd oldest take our viewers through what we are looking at. and that's going to show zooming out for us now of that car that blue car ok that gives us
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a better idea doesn't it because you see the black gates there the fences that have been up and around washington guessing the cars actually smashed through that area and then has been stopped as it got closer thing. preps an impromptu media conference going on down there is well and this is very close to the u.s. capitol this is very close if we have a quick look at the map actually just pause for a 2nd i want to. make sure so that those barriers those stop areas those are the ones which lift up out of the ground. sort of flaps to drive over but can be controlled and lifted up and clearly very effective in that instance on the ground we're looking at some pictures again i'm just trying to get an absolute bearing on where we are but this is probably back from the capital itself and see the cap in the background you can see the stop areas as well i'm going to say all
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the stop areas have gone up around the capital now to help with trying to to lock it down right now as a site got the map here just to have a look at least to give us an idea of the general area u.s. capitol police saying that it's happened on constitution avenue which is in this area you can see straight through the middle there and up towards the u.s. capitol building. so back to our live pictures and that blue car which has been stopped by forces this purity forces there and the latest reports as i checked the wires again 2 capitol police officers and a suspect have been taken for medical attention and there's not actually a lot more news from the area but it gives you i mean you can just imagine after everything we saw on january the 6th when crowds breached the capitol in an
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insurrection there how much the security increased for. the inauguration which was on january 20th of course and then how much it held in place and has as alan fisher was telling us and allan i'll bring you back in at this point you know it has been stepped back but as we look at these pictures and unfortunately i don't know that you can see them the whole black fences the still there around the capitol they can keep people out but i guess if a car wants to ram its way through then it's found a way. and i told you there were numerous checkpoints like that one we're seeing with the blue car where either the poles come out of the growing which you get here on. pennsylvania avenue if you're getting close to the white house complex or they have that body which is flat to drive over and flips up and would block a car i mean julian appears to what what we seem to be finding is that this car drove towards the checkpoint it was ordered to stop by the police it continued
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to move on there were a number of shots fired but orderly we believe after the person who was driving the car got out of the car and me may not confirmed it may have been carrying a knife at that point the police then fired a number of shots and the suspect was hit he already injured 2 capitol police officers by driving his car and i'm saying he would no confirmation is actually a meal that the person involved drove towards the police officers hitting 2 police officers got out of the car was then shot by police officers which would certainly tally in with the reports that we're hearing of shots being fired on capitol hill 3 people injured including the person driving the car and 2 police officers and they have been airlifted to hospital so it seems that it was a car towards the checkpoint car stops at checkpoint person car gets checkpoint
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having injured 2 police officers police perceive a threat fired a suspect suspect this hit helicopters called 'd and all 3 are taken to hospital so that piers to be or what has happened just in the last hour or so not to downplay the seriousness at all but is congress actually in session at the moment allan. they're old go away for the easter break this is a big holiday in the united states today is good friday an important holiday in the christian calendar so the many of them will be back in their states in their districts and certainly nowhere near washington d.c. at the moment and i think it's april the 12th before they're due to come back so congress is not in session they are all in their spring struck easter break ok the pictures we're looking at. if you are just joining us as we approach the top of the hour live from washington d.c. on the right of your screen a blue sedan which has hit the barrier as you see the white areas to the side there
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of the picture near the u.s. capitol on constitution avenue. attempting to ram their way through into the capitol complex of the grounds of the capitol complex going through the tall black fences steel fences which had been erected close to the capitol and then that as allan was describing almost a flip up barry you see them on the left hand side of your screen there which clearly are effective at stopping a vehicle there 2 police officers injured however and the suspect has been taken to hospital as well as allan was pointing out to us just in congress not in session at the moment so senators and congresspeople not in the building not in their offices it is heading into. the easter holidays so they are not there and won't be back in session for over a week but still the security situation very tight as it has been ever since
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january the 6th no one needs any reminder of what we saw then when people were able to breach the capitol and the security just went up so quickly after january the 6th that stayed up for inauguration and it is only just been pulled back in increments. excuse me during that time whilst also still trying to remain and maintain a strong security presence around that very important building the u.s. capitol. i don't know that we have any other picture to show you just at the moment we're a little bit limited and we're a little bit limited in our information so unfortunate going to come back to you not unfortunately but i'm going to come back to you now it's good to take us through the statements again from from u.s. capitol police. ok well i can tell you is that national guard troops and you were asking about them just shortly i'm going to port here on twitter from someone who's actually on capitol hill that is saying the national guard troops who as we were
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pointing out the numbers have been drawn down over the last few weeks their country marching down constitution avenue to take up positions around there the capitol hill remains on 'd lockdown what we've heard from the capitol police just in the last hour certainly in the last half hour is that they were responding to a critical incident at the north but a kid vehicle access point along independence avenue which they lead to corrected the constitution avenue just this is pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house as you head towards capitol hill pennsylvania avenue becomes constitution avenue so the 2 roads that passed by the capitol building a constitution avenue pennsylvania avenue and independence avenue which is on the other side of the white house so the incident on this side all of the complex d.c. that. vehicle rammed into to you see pete united states capitol police officers a suspect is in custody both officers are injured all 3 have been transported to
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the hospital what we've had from the emergency services here in washington d.c. is that one of those people we believe is the suspect who was driving the car is currently being treated for gunshot wounds it would seem to have played out in this car was driving towards the body told to stop by police hit a number of police officers before it was stopped by the body or that you see there which is one of those pop up barriers the driver of the car then got out of the vehicle at that point the police perceived a threat whether there was a weapon or not we're not entirely sure the reports perhaps of a knife the police fired a number of shots and the suspect was hit a helicopter landed on the complex and is taken all 3 of those injured to hospitals in in washington. in d.c. that part of the most likely. countermine kevin to see new is d.c. credibly well what hospital is likely to be the one that the take them to from
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their. hospital center which is very very close to capitol hill in fact. and george w. which is just the other side of the white house here actually has a hell of part and facilities to take in helicopters so it could well of go in there but there's a couple of hospitals that could well have been used so they would have got dogs little very quickly clearly there was concern from the united states capitol police and who can blame them because of course a number of officers died in the insurrection in capitol hill on january the 6th. i hate to put it this way alan but you almost ever since january the 6th waiting or expecting something to happen again if i go back to 2 inauguration time when i was in washington and remember thinking then that security was just so ties you know there was no way that anyone was going to get through that but the fear was always that something could happen and as you start to pull back all of that security almost that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. there was chatter as
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well on the internet that a date in march had been earmarked because they believe that that was the day that donald trump would actually be brought back to office because it would be discovered then that joe biden was an illegitimate president all part of what has become known as the big lie in washington d.c. that joe biden didn't win the election when of course clearly he did he's been through the inauguration you were there he state that said he won confirm that he won he had enough votes and since then there has been concern and chatter on the internet that there may be another attempt to disrupt operations either on capitol hill or here at the white house 1st of all is going to be the inauguration and the march those dates have passed largely without incident has been a draw down of national guard there has been a reduction in the number of other federal support staff on capitol hill but
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clearly there is still a concern and this will not ease those concerns. alan approaching the top of the hour i'll just give you time to reset as well and see if there is any more information coming through i know it is very sketchy at the moment but what we know and what you're looking at on screen a blue sedan which has attempted to ram through into the u.s. capitol complex it's got through the initial black gates the steel gates which we saw a little earlier on the wide shots and it's been stopped by those flip up barriers there capitol police saying on twitter that the suspect is in custody 2 offices injured transported to hospital on the left hand side of your screen now some of those national guard troops still in place there and activated either they were already in action but were activated very very quickly. to be protecting the u.s. capitol this happening all on a friday afternoon good friday afternoon for the easter holidays so the congress is
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not in session they were in recess politicians not there but of course that does not mean to downplay any of the seriousness of a car trying to ram its way through into the u.s. capitol complex january the 6th it's always in people's minds the fact that what is known as the people's house was able to be breached in that insurrection the time is 1800 hours g.m.t. 2 pm in washington d.c. on the afternoon of friday the 2nd of april i'm kemal sons of maria continuing live coverage on al-jazeera of breaking news from washington d.c. a car has attempted to ram its way through into the u.s. capitol complex you see it on the right of your screen with the the boat or the trunk flipped up the suspect who was driving it has been apprehended 2 officers that have been injured all 3.


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