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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the fastest growing organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 with a special 2 part investigation on. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sorry robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes taiwan's at worse crash decades rescuers pull survivors from a train disaster that's killed dozens of people. as president is inaugurated in a peaceful transition of power 2 days after an attempted coup. also the u.n.
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says more than half of qaboos women and girls of a sexual violence with armed groups accused of using rape as a weapon of war and frustration in germany many are complaining about confusing quote of virus restrictions and a slow vaccine roll out. they change the rules on a weekly basis it seems that the people who cop are the worst of the small businesses. and sports including another setback for the ice isn't take pics it's been reported that a major test event in take the diving world cup has been cancelled because of 19 safety concerns. because we welcome to the news hour now it's taiwan's worst train disaster in nearly 40 years at least 54 people have been confirmed dead and dozens more injured after a train derailed in a tunnel that the accident happened just north of the city of hart lane brown
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begins our coverage. the rescue teams scramble to reach passengers trapped in the front carriages carriages that folded into each other after coming off the rails as the train entered a tunnel. this woman yells carriage for carriage for has everyone come out 350 passengers paid for seats with more than 100 others reportedly standing in line for double duty here i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped to get into the next unsentimental we're fine but some of the passengers in the compartment were injured . inside the narrow tunnel emergency workers struggled to reach the injury there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to
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the floor. a spokesman for the rail network says the accident was caused by one of its construction trucks sliding from a work site above the track. the fire department later released pictures of what appeared to be the wreckage of the truck beside the d. rail train this is taiwan's worst ever train accident and it's believed to many of the dead and injured were heading home to mark the 4 day annual ching ming holiday when chinese people tend to family grades adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. catherine why is a taiwan correspondent for the straits times newspaper she says standing on the tickets add to the issue of safety. it was more difficult for the ambulances and the firefighters to reach the site of the crash because there are only 2 main
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highways reaching quality and from the bigger cities like taipei and new take the city and that proved to be a little more difficult i think right now. the injured have been rushed to 6 different hospitals in the region and so far no more people chopped this takes us facts back to 2 years ago when the taiwan railway and ministration announced that for these newer model trains traveling down taiwan's east coast which is no more. heavily mountainous areas in taiwan there will be standing tickets available and i think it is approximately $120.00 standing tickets for each train so that would be about a quarter of people if the train fills up a quarter of people would be standing up and people had objected in 2018 then they said it was and saved but the administration said they had. they had an adequate exams and tests for the carrying load for these trains and it should be safe but
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also in 2018 a train derailed. it was for different reasons and it was not because there were many people standing up but it also added to the concern that it is not saved having stanhope tickets sold anymore for these these routes. demonstrators in me and are out on the streets once again the day after the military shut down wireless internet services across the country now they've laid flowers in public places to remember those killed during the crackdown earlier the u.n. security council strongly condemned the use of violence by be a mass bill a tree a gate civilians but it stopped short of threatening further action china's insistence. well the killing of civilians in myanmar has been the focus of international outrage especially the deaths of children save the children so that $43.00 have been killed by security forces in the past 2 months a 6 year old girl was the youngest fatality while
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a one year old boy was injured after he was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet many children have been left without parents human rights watch says the military has forcibly disappeared hundreds of people since the coup the total number of people killed now stands at more than $500.00 the robertson is the deputy director of human rights watch the asia division he says the international community needs to do more to hold the military accountable. we need the unicef and the other groups that are working on child rights issues to really step up and be very vocal about this i mean the types of killings that we're seeing in some cases the military or the police are simply going into neighborhoods and and shooting up the neighborhood or barging into houses and shooting at anybody who's in there and colluding the case of the young 6 year old girl who died in her father's arms and other cases we have of course children you know 16 year old 17 year olds who are out on the protest lines you know trying to do what they can to defend their
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neighborhoods against these incursions by armed police and military you know there has to be a recognition that there is a responsibility by the international community to really hold 'd accountable the military for these actions that they've taken against children people are being taken away at night often when the internet is shut off people are you know obviously seen being taken away but there's no real clarity on who is taking them and then relatives as they seek to find where their loved one has been taken can get no answers and there's no formal notification a lot of times what we're seeing is sort of pass the buck mentality where the relatives go to this police bureau and they say we don't have them and maybe the other police bureau and oh no maybe the military is going to mean it's a it's a game of trying to shuffle the relatives around while giving no answers so we fear the worst for many of these people were concerned that the longer they're held without access to their families and without access to lawyers without any
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acknowledgement in fact that the already even have them means that it's more likely they will face torture and other abuses while in detention the united nations report says more than half of all women and girls uncovering have been victims of some sort of full of sexual violence rights groups wallet on find his life by using rape as a weapon of war nicholas. jemele claris lives in my room in cameron's far north region where boko haram is stepping up its attacks but she says it was a neighbor who came to her home and raped her she was 12 at the time and the family found out she was pregnant the baby was taken away from her and jimmy was abandoned . my parents choose me out of the house i became a stain for them a source of shame and so close my eyes and hid in the forest according to the un more than half of women and girls in cameroon have suffered from emotional and
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sexual violence rights groups say rape is a crime that goes unpunished especially in conflict areas of the far north and the english speaking regions armed groups like booker and security forces have been accused of using rape as a weapon of war the girls themselves are treated as subjects of suspicion you know they what's called bad blood back into the community some big mountain to climb sometimes to get the girls accepted and their children to. see their does as really something to keep on ostracize my room i escaped after being abducted by boko haram fighters who repeatedly raped her and then forced her into marriage where she gave birth to 3 children because of the identity of their father will not recognize them or register them as citizens without documentation the children cannot go to school . and i found a book was horrible life that here is not easy because of who the father is my
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children cannot have an education it's a constant battle for us to be accepted by society but i will fight for my children . despite the challenges in trauma both my room and jamila have suffered they are trying to rebuild their lives in a country where rape has become not just a weapon of war but a way of robbing young girls of their childhood and their future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. herz inaugurated a new president in the country's 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power but barzun is facing a number of challenges on wednesday security forces stopped what they call an attempted coup civilians 2 are being increasingly targeted by violence more than $300.00 have been killed in border areas this year now there have been media reports of a possible mass killing reported be carried out in ethiopia's northern to grow region it's reportedly happened in the town of moore had
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a bad day go in early march now the following unverified footage which revise our view is of graphic content emerged on social media armed men wary what appears to be ethiopian military uniform can be seen and heard speaking the language off camera now then the scene dragging a group of men off a cliff after they've been shot dead but with access an internet connection severely limited into groene it's difficult to independently verify these accounts while the government's offensive in began last year but it had been months in the making in 2018 prime minister abu ahmed took office and united ethnic based political parties but the to cry people's liberation front all the t.p. l.f. as it's known which would rule the theory of the 27 years refused to join last year prime minister. actions because of the crowd of arras pandemic but the team called him an illegitimate leader and held its own local vote in defiance which was
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strongly condemned by the government and the situation deteriorated rapidly after the t.p.o. forces in tikrit i attacked a federal military base in november last year killing dozens of soldiers now the government controls much of but there are still fighting going on in some areas well earlier we spoke to journalists and we will get to choose now this arvo he says the video seems to validate the various reports of violence in the region. the prime minister for your image has promised there will be a full investigation done but there has been lots and lots of allegations made against all actors that have been involved in the region so this will take much of the country's resources. the prime minister the promise is going to be fulfilled but the kind of allegations we've been hearing that from day one we're just beginning to see actual video evidence of the allegations that have been made
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by the people up to cry from from last year from end of last year watch trucks news or most. people i mean we've been hearing from day one that people have been dying there is an issue of famine that's coming up. there has been limited resources and we've been hearing high numbers of people that have been dying in that region we just haven't been able to see their faces until now and the videos are showing us that there have been people dying and we're beginning to see the faces behind the numbers and that's why it's having on such a strong impact just with the new york and many many countries that have interest in helping ethiopia advance forward. more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including. anger is rising in the democratic republic of congo with the un appearing powerless to stop mass killings plus. will be at the heart of a growing movement against police brutality in bangladesh. also in sport india's
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cricket legend such intern is hospitalized a week after contracting corona virus. in bangladesh 3 people are being killed by a fire near a refugee camp that broke out in a makeshift market in the early hours of friday morning and that having brought under control it happened less than 2 weeks after a huge find there by destroy thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people. well staying in bangladesh there are protests against police brutality after demonstrations last week at least 11 people were killed at those rallies during the visit of the indian prime minister narendra modi tundra chantry those demonstrations in the capital dhaka.
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thousands of people have gathered in front of i can look out on the largest mosque in the country most of the supporters from have fathered a slimy and other really just party there demanding the release of their fellow party men who are detained by police and also to bring justice to those killed by police firing in recent violence 5 there have been leftist party have been protesting against him on his visit in bangladesh in last several weeks actually on sunday several people were killed in an effort shut down all across the country following days there was also violence and the opposition brought out at a rally. the government said they had to crack down because they had to crawl the violence many buses and trucks by by many properties where the rights group of criticize the government on cracking down on descending guys there's no room for freedom of expression there's a digital security act which cocktails any kind of expression in the social media
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mainstream media they also say the police have been using heavy handed tactics to quell any kind of legitimate protest in the country in recent years. 3 suspected troubles have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir indian security forces raided a village near. where the residence has occurred after security forces destroyed a house during an operation in recent years that have been accusations that forces have blown up or set fire to residential buildings where rebels have taken shelter . christians in indonesia marking good friday and easter but under high security just days ago a suicide bomb attack at a cathedral injured 20 worshippers security forces have increased screenings at churches for good friday jessica washington reports now from the capital jakarta. at churches around indonesia military and police are screening worshipers before they enter good friday is one of the most important days in the christian calendar
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this holy week there's heightened security with personnel at the gates and ahmed vehicles standing by. it don't you think i feel that indonesians live peacefully side by side our diversity is beautiful but there are people who want to the story of the security. on sunday in the eastern port city of mark assad a married couple detonated a bomb miracle a troll injuring 20 people. it is not shocking any more every time there is a christmas celebration. celebration all 3 of our group are asian period. so i'd like to say there are over and attacked again christian churches. the bombers died in the attack since then police have arrested suspected associates of the couple who were linked to an i saw affiliated network.
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in 2018 a family of 6 detonated explosives at several churches in the city of sirte killing more than a dozen christians security forces have cracked down on these violent that works in recent years and arrested a number of key individuals while attacks are less frequent than they were in the early 2000 experts say religious intolerance is still a security concern. do you radicalization experts say combating hatred against minorities is part of their work. we have to give them a new understanding over legend told them to lick go the contradictory understanding and the beliefs which they used to justify the wrong actions in america but every. security experts say the landscape has changed and there are new challenges. they're. using social media as well. now that their legal. experts say the government should do more to
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protect minorities of all citizens. equal whether you are sunni muslim my dear muslim c. a muslim christian buddhist local believers or whatever so the government needs to make sure that everyone is treated equally in indonesia. president insists people should continue their religious activities without fear but for some that is a difficult prospect just a washington out easier to harder religious sites in occupied east jerusalem have partially reopened as christians begin to mark the easter holiday weekend. a small crowd was allowed to watch a procession of the church of the holy sepulcher one of the holiest sites worshipers and pilgrims last year only a group of priests was permitted for the good friday ritual it's now the 2nd easter
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with many countries under coronavirus restrictions but the european union is expected to host a meeting with all of the parties involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week the meeting in vienna will include the us which withdrew from the landmark deal in $28.00 of the donald trump it's aimed at possibly lifting sanctions and agreeing to measures to implement the deal to iran has been reducing its commitments after trump's withdrawal. u.s. president joe biden has ordered the pentagon to remove some military assets of forces from the gulf but according to a report in the wall street journal the u.s. has reportedly removed at least 3 patriot missile batteries including one from the basis are to arabia american officials say their craft carrier and surveillance systems are also being diverted because of military needs elsewhere. now russia has denied accusations of intimidation as a builder of its forces at ukraine's border prompts concern among skiff and its
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allies the u.s. has cautioned russia against provoking its neighbors unverified social media video appears to show military equipment moving towards areas bordering ukraine including russia annexed crimea russia has warned that any nato troop deployment in ukraine would raise tension and you just want to talk or you know the united states addresses ukraine through the lens of geopolitics ukraine close to russia makes russia great russia lift without ukraine is of no global importance i'm leaving the truthfulness of these ideas on the conscious of people professing them as well as their ability to appreciate modern russia president putin said not long ago but this statement is still relevant today that those who would try to start a new war in donbass would destroy you crying. our concern is predicated on russian escalations and aggressions in eastern ukraine of course we would be
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concerned by any attempt on the part of the russian federation to intimidate its neighbors and our partners of course ukraine. is among them. well here's a short timeline of events leading up to this point for ukraine in february 2040 the so-called maidan revolutions or the russian friendly president viktor yushchenko which deposed the opposition winning power next month russian forces and its crimea from ukraine prompting a series of western sanctions and in april 2041 pro russian separatists seized parts of the eastern gone bust starting the internal military conflict in the ukraine in 2019 t.v. comedians' lot of is the lenski is elected ukraine's president he had russian president putin agreed to exchange prisoners and commit to a ceasefire most recently a ceasefire with toilet separatists was agreed to in july but that's close to breaking as ukraine acknowledges that escalation in fighting is there or peter
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is a political commentator in the care of an executive director of the eurasia democracy in this shit if he says the build appears partly an effort by putin to distract russians from domestic issues. this is we are allowed to distracted by the good genes then there are we saw that in 2013 and 14 and it's happening now again what i'm encouraged by despite the fact that this is a serious escalation and there's no doubt it is the the russians are provoking it but both sides and i mean by both sides russia and nato have been signaling that they're prepared to meet each other by force nato has said that it's bolstered its presence in the black sea area and the russians have massed their troops around and made clear that these are exercises on the east of the northern border of ukraine and crimea which means that since there simply need to do a job there i hope this means that
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a full out rate will be prevented but once again putting the signal it is not happy if you want to do to change the situation in ukraine but wait he wants to give all of the present immediately to mr selenski has not who has pliable as lattimer when they expected him to be in the spirit as he was coming into politics from a completely different area of the area only interest in mr selenski has actually shown some courage and some decisive in this recently when he went after the draw russian media empire belonging to one of russia's latin it wouldn't come in ukraine closing down 3 pro russian t.v. channels and severely weakening the influence of pro russian narrative you create. a minneapolis police sergeant testified that the offices of straining george floyd
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could have ended their actions once he stopped resisting day for the trial of a fuller police officer accused of floyd was highly emotional floyd's girlfriend spoke about the couple's struggle to break free from opioid addiction. reports not from minneapolis and we do want some viewers you may find some of the images in his report disturbing this image of george floyd adopted by the black lives matter movement after his death is recognized all over the world as a symbol of police brutality and it is based on a selfie kind of business. that's according to georgia girlfriend courtney ross who was the 1st to testify on day 4 of the derek show vun murder trial. in her often emotional testimony she described how the pair met in 2017 when floyd was working as
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a security guard upon questioning she also described how they fell into addiction it's. classic story of. a chronic pain. mine was in my neck and back. it was an apparent attempt by the prosecution to get ahead of a central plank of chauvinist defense team's argument that it was the drugs that killed george floyd and not the officers more than a 9 minute show called. defense attorney eric nelson questioned ross about a drug overdose floyd had in march as a court session was ongoing ben crump the floyd family attorney released a statement saying in part we fully expected the defense to put george's character and struggles with addiction on trial because that is the go to tactic when the
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facts are not on your side we are confident that the jury will see past that to arrive at the truth the jury later heard from paramedics part of the team who arrived at the scene to treat floyd they testified when they arrived show up and still had his knee on floyd's neck and that floyd was unconscious in a living person there should be a poster i do not feel on i suspected the patient at the moment that you're checking for this crime and haas and the os are still in this and on top of mr black. yes the trial is moving into a new phase instead of heart wrenching testimony from eyewitnesses like what we've heard most of the week the trial is now shifting into fundamental questions like how george floyd died exactly when and who or what is to blame.
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al-jazeera minneapolis. well it's time for the weather to his habits of. how i once again welcome to look at the international forecasts it's been a lovely week for japan largely fine in trial weather calm winds but that's about to change we've got some what's the weather making its way towards the korean peninsula easing over tools to pan as we go on through the weekend we also want to weather to you just coming out of central and eastern parts of china was so shaky with this weather system which will make its way out into the open waters there's that cloud remain moving across c.l.o. see some very heavy downpours coming in i think particularly for south korea we could see some localized flooding in make the most of that fine day on saturday in japan because it does go downhill for sunday and also it's easter monday so some western weather coming through 20 celsius in tokyo shelter for a good part of the day by the mountain so not faring too badly but that right will eventually make its way through brightest guys come back in behind a fresh well the wind just coming in across the korean peninsula and was dry too of
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course a good part of northern china central areas very into badly either not too bad too across the philippines largely dry here want to see showers into southern parts some wetter weather coming back into indonesia and some wet weather to up towards thailand just pushing out into the andaman sea some very heavy rain in india is largely fine and dry. well still out here on the news our dutch prime minister mark survives a vote of no confidence but a political crisis in the netherlands is far from over also. 100 years since his boxing tina pays tribute to a controversial composer who revolutionized the tango. baseball fans return as the new season begins in the u.s. that's all coming up with sorrow in sport to stay with us.
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to lead your country on to the pitch is a special moment for any football to do it is a palestinian woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend and a cantonal introduces honey. who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels their way. on algis the. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic model failure is that a fair assessment catastrophic failure to weiss valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera is news hour with me the whole robin a reminder of our top stories a train in taiwan has derailed killing 54 people president signed when has ordered an investigation into what happened it's time was worst train disaster in decades demonstrators in me a bar out on the streets once again a day after the military shut down wireless internet services across the country they played a public flogging flowers in public places to remember those killed during the lockdown. has it all derated mohamed barzun as the new president heads the country's 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power basu says his priority will
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be tackling what he calls terrorist groups that have killed hundreds in border regions. police the democratic republic of congo have broken up a protest in the eastern city of goma as anger over attacks by rebel groups that have killed at least 200 people in recent weeks the u.n. says around 100 different rebel groups operating in eastern d r c as charles stratford reports. they hold up photographs of some of the dead victims of the latest mass killing in eastern democratic republic of congo. activists with a group called fight for change are demanding the government and un do more to stop the bloodshed at least 123 people reported killed in numerous attacks during the last 3 weeks. we denounce the ineffectiveness of the un force minister which has an offensive mission but which for years has failed to do
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anything. we want to mobilize the national and international opinion in the face of this tragedy. a rebel group called the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. this expected of carrying out the latest attack 23 people shot and many hacked with machetes in a village in the remote forests of the benny region in the northeast of the country . the problem is. the i.d.f. originated in neighboring uganda in the 1990 s. with the aim of setting up a so-called islamic state it is one of more than a 100 rebel groups fighting for control of territory in the resource rich region. the un says a recent surge in attacks by the i.d.f. has killed nearly 200 people and forced 40000 others to flee their homes it says the attacks could constitute crimes against humanity. something very very much. we must no longer continue to count deaths we do not know if we are
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really in a country where there is a government because a responsible government must not allow people to keep being killed on it if the government feels incapable i believe the government should go and cooperate with other states to help us. one of the un's mission in eastern democratic republic of congo was set up in 2010 and includes thousands of military personnel and police a mission statement says must go is authorized to use all necessary means to protect civilians aid and human rights workers under threat of violence. anger over the killings is rising across the region there was scuffles when a u.n. aid truck arrived in the town of pretend. police dispersed the crowd by firing into the yeah. and police
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broke up the demonstration in goma some protesters would beaten and bundled into a van that's the latest mass killing suggest u.n. forces are not able to stop the violence in eastern democratic republic of congo and the protesters say police action against them shows the government won't even listen to their demands that the killings must stop chance trafford al-jazeera. dutch prime minister mark could return has now only survived a vote of no confidence which would have forced him to resign however most of disapproval power has been passed accusing ritter of not telling the truth about coalition talks he said a position for a vocal opponent hadn't been discussed but documents later emerged contradicting his statement from our quarter is a conservative who's been in charge for more than a decade he's often called teflon mark his ability to avoid scandals in january he announced his resignation over child benefit fraud scandals which wrongfully
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drove thousands of families to financial ruin but his cabinet remained in a caretaker role to manage the coronavirus crisis until the elections well last month wrote a claimed an overwhelming victory in elections and vowed to use his 4th term in office to rebuild the country after the pandemic let's get more on this we're joined by the goddess logic in the hague he's an assistant professor in the university good to have you with us on the program sir how much trouble is mark ritter the man in with not only his own party with it but also with his potential coalition partners. yes what i would say quite a lot of trouble in quite a short amount of time if you consider that only. one of the recent elections and is by far of the leader of the far largest party and setsu basically become the longest serving prime and certain loss in the history of another lance and all of that seems to now be on the verge of unraveling and given this recent scandal or
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softening in that sense it's really a reminder of how quickly the fortunes going to change in politics and how someone who seems like one of the us most popular more stable leaders and you're also you know almost seems to become everyone's favorite target in the politics wipe out so before we go into the politics of such crime just get your opinion of public opinion a public opinion at the moment in the netherlands as a person if he is he a popular individual considering he did so well in the elections the general public have had time to digest digest this man you might say for nearly a decade as you say noise definitely popular say that and you actually result has borne that out and us and that's also where this attack from mark nickname constant use is popular despite a number of high profile scandals involving his parties and i profile one roasts of his party and yet it's also become really the figurehead of the neverland's a fight against all the cruel and that mix and that sense of that's also when you
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look to a. reasonable lead on does i think also he likes to present himself ok well it will certainly you know what he wants to be a popular leader and a reasonable one but he's got a bit of a fight on his hands because of the zikr it card is the leader of the d 66 party they did very well in the elections got more seats than most people had imagined they would win they still be a decent or potential coalition partner with a router or is it is his position it down because they're not very happy with him. yeah i think it increasingly becomes interesting to make a distinction between him and the person and his party which is still has the most seats and parliaments and just by maybe not by a by mutual affection or on a common cause of the just by default it's hard to imagine any dutch government and majority coalition in the parliament that wouldn't include the mark with his party either end up with a very right wing cabinet or parties that also really don't want to want to work
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with john have to carry out such that already but also on the on the left hand side saw you will have to almost work with his party but the question is now really to which extent that he can stay on given this is basically toxic and violence and of course us present what options are left ready for opposition parties because it's better perhaps the devil you know you might say it rutter rather than go back to another general election whilst the global pandemic continues well although i could also think of other creative ways you mention of it is a good car who are at a very good result as are presented herself i think as a potential 1st female prime minister and his 3 of them are lance so they're dead that might still be an option. in any construction of doesn't involve mark with still maybe a bit far fetched but i think in now what has been unthinkable in before the
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election and even shortly after the election results of which mark of that emerged as a big leader i think are now scenarios where you can consider ok his party will be part of a new coalition but maybe not himself but then again it's too early to speculate about that in a dozen years and call that a tough one mark for nothing so will see if he if you can answers the one of those prices it will see what happens that in the coming days for the members so you're a slower occur from like new diversity thanks so much for joining us. thank you. germany is going through its 3rd wave of the pandemic more than $21000.00 and factions were reported on friday now the country was supposed to be under a strict lockdown during the easter holiday weekend but the government scrapped it the last minute changes to rules affecting businesses stephanie decker reports from berlin. it's a constant adjustment julian boy says he had to sell
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a successful 126 mexican restaurant now focusing mainly on burger deliveries but it's also about keeping up with the current virus restrictions monitored by local authorities known as the arkansas we had to enforce all the rules as well which was tricky because every week the rules changed a few times the order exam came in and they weren't even sure of the rule one time one of one of them was googling right in front of me when i was supposed to be doing and that confusion apparent in a rare public apology from the german chancellor just a day after announcing a strict lockdown during the easter holiday which would have seen even supermarkets closing their doors and americal said she made a mistake would not happen not because it wasn't needed but because it was too last minute and had confused people. germany's vaccination campaign has been sluggish because of delays in the delivery of vaccines but also the decision not to give the astra zeneca shot to people under the age of 60 after reports of blood clots only
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10 percent of germans have been vaccinated so far the country is facing a 3rd wave of the virus who germany's top disease control body warning this one is showing signs it could be worse than the ones before. despite the back and forth new measures have now been introduced here in the capital they include things like having to present a negative covert 19 test before entering what the government deems non-essential businesses things like getting a haircut and you going to have to wear a mosque of a certain medical category before entering all shops because it's not mandatory outside. a similar theme emerges when we asked people about the lockdown measures and i might be country and they could be more united i mean once they decided to say we'll do it like this and then a few days later they do something different i find that a bit difficult. because it is going to do is get out of here not consistent either you say there is a lockdown then everyone stays at home like for example in munich whereas in berlin
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they say one thing but then a few days later it's completely different they are not consistent if you want something done indeed implemented hard and strict for julian as a business owner who was directly affected by the changing rules he says it's unfair if you as a person living in berlin like lockdowns know locked out nothing seems to be clear right now they change the rules on a weekly basis and it seems that the people who cop it the worst of the small businesses so you do get a lot of normal people complaining about being locked down and home office and all this sort of stuff but there's absolutely no lockdown enforced at all. and with numbers steadily rising again germany's head of this is ca sion for intensive in emergency medicine has warned hospitals could run out of available intensive care beds within a month if stricter lockdown rules are not enforced stephanie decker urges are. bolivia is closing its border with brazil and peru the latest south american
4:44 pm
country to increase travel restrictions to stop a rise in corona virus cases there's concern about the spread of the more infectious variant because identified 1st identified in brazil bolivian or thora teaser putting border towns under lockdown where it's been detected chile is closing all of its borders for the month starting on monday graves are being emptied in brazil's largest city to make room for a soaring number of cave with 19 victims older amazes are powerless are being removed to other locations officials insists it's standard practice but it's taken on a renewed urgency brazil is reporting the highest number of deaths since the pandemic began on average around 3000 people have died each day this week. some of india's poorest people are been inoculated for covert pointing billions of informal workers who salvage items from drug sales are eligible for india correspondent elizabeth purana reports from the capital new delhi. from
4:45 pm
a distance these mounds in india cities could be mistaken for small hills but they amount to ends of waste and rummaging through them with their bare hands at thousands of waste pickers they make a mega living collecting recyclable materials and selling them to scrap dealers. but while sanitation workers employed by the government or private companies are among the 1st to be eligible for co the 19 vaccines waste because aren't m.d.m. cigar. the new delhi municipal council workers are getting vaccinated police are getting vaccinated then are we not human we pick up trash from your homes if one of us fall sick then we probably will infect 10 others. man lot of big complex rubbish from $300.00 homes but can't afford the $3.00 for each dose of covert 19 vaccine she lives with her family in a heart made from scrap cardboard there among around 2000000 informal waste workers
4:46 pm
in india. we can't earn like we used to before our incomes have been hit when we're finding it so difficult to get by each day how can we afford vaccines more of those or do they get hundreds of years with the help of environmental groups chintan has started an online petition asking the government to vaccinate waste workers like her chinta calls of the country's silent environmentalist they are highly organized they are highly skewed big up to 70 to 80 get degrees of release so you can imagine that richard of warning to a lot of these people pick up to collect the signal good to say there is a good so this is extremely important so it was at the. the city. says that a chip people like eliminate 900000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by diverting waste away from land fields. is but. i feel really sad that the government doesn't
4:47 pm
care about us. as india widens the numbers of those eligible for the vaccines waste was asking to be among them elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new daddy . well still ahead on al-jazeera a big shock. around the pole of the sports section coming up with soccer straight after the break.
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the or the or. book about tops for his sorrow thank you very much so how well let's start with
4:49 pm
a major setback for the organizers the take care of them picks it's been reported that another big test event for the games has been cancelled now it's not been confirmed yet but it seems that the diving world cup in tokyo is off off to some teams expressed their reluctance to charges japan during the pandemic driving's governing body phina is said to be behind the decision but because it's not satisfied it says with the safety measures in place. not only was its a major test event the diving world cup was also a qualification tournament for the olympics the a quest to accenture is set to host swimming diving and artistic swimming at the games it's not the only test event to be canceled an artistic swimming qualifier has been postponed until may and gymnastics competition in tokyo has also been called off because of difficulties related to coronavirus now there are now just $112.00 days to go until the olympics begins the torch relay is underway plus organizers now admit parts of it may have to be cancelled in areas experiencing
4:50 pm
a surge in coronavirus the governor of asako wants their sections to be scrapped spots a final decision is yet to be made $10000.00 runners are taking part all over japan to transport the flame to the opening ceremony. now there's less than 4 months ago and it's still not clear how many people be allowed to watch the olympics overseas supporters have been shutout bazza decision still needs to be made about domestic fans. we have been discussing how many spectators in japan to let in although it might change depending on the virus situation i think we need to have a concrete number by the end of april. for the 1st time in over a year major league baseball fans have been let back into stadiums for the start of the new season the yankee stadium in new york operated at 20 percent capacity for their 1st game against its run 2 blue jays around $10000.00 spectators were allowed in ballots had to show a negative coded 19 tests all prove full vaccination. we are ecstatic we're
4:51 pm
so glad to be back very brave the elements regardless who come in no matter what rain sleet snow wind whatever looking forward to get back in the stadium and see you know yankees man it's you sorry you know having your head baseball in person in a while it's good to be back i mean we are that's just says i get tested and have vaccinated so hopefully that will hold me you use a little bit hallway and fans happy to be back their shoes can start their team losing the game and has hit this decisive home run the blue jays went on to spoil the party in new york with a 3 to victory. and take a look at this some fans were so desperate to live to see the live baseball rather they braved the snow in detroit now this is actually the 1st home run of the season hit by vera as the tigers beat the cleveland indians 32. indias cricket here is such intend has been admitted to hospital
4:52 pm
a week or so contracting corona virus making announcement on social media he stressed it was just a precautionary measure a 10 dollar car who turns 48 later this month had been quarantining at home after getting mild symptoms he lives in mumbai now that's in the state of maharashtra where more than 43000 cave in 19 cases were recorded just on friday. and it were chelsea's head coaches lot of speculation and keep the club with striker holland to the book borussia rather to woman dortmund star as one of the most sought after players right now after scoring 48 goals in his 1st 48 minutes his agent has already been in talks with barcelona and real madrid in spain. so that of course is big news around him around to say agent and. it seems like they're creating a race and we will not comment on the new on in the on the. on anything else regarding regarding holland. now moving on to basketball in the brooklyn nets rain
4:53 pm
that seemed to catch at the top of the n.b.a.'s eastern conference they comfortably beat the charlotte holton's by hornets rather by 22 points and that was without their biggest star james harden who has a hamstring injury the marcus aldridge made his brooklyn debut and scored 11 points 9 rebounds and 6 assists. tennis world number one ash barty is true to the final of the miami open the australian cruise to an easy victory over. in straight sets 636 results is the defending champion in his 27 win is not bad considering she had to save a match point during the match earlier is a good week to answer the final boss you'll be up against the former u.s. open champion but it bianca under a screw the 20 year old canadian one of top notch against greece's muddier psychology which finished at 1 35 am it will be her 1st appearance in the final since winning the us open back in 2019. and in the men's tournament poland's
4:54 pm
how to catch produces a stunning comeback it's not how 2nd seed is to finance the process he lost the 1st set but rallied to win the next 2 and look his place in the semifinals. he will be facing andre rieu next the russian end of the great run of. the unseeded 20 year old american is the son of peter cordova one year straight open now the court is a very very talented family because sebastian's 2 sisters just don't know the all carney competing the 1st women's golf major of the year the n.a.a. inspiration is taking place in california and there's no doubt about the best shot of round one. well that's it for males hand over to you thanks very much. now that's all sports of course the concerts across argentina marking a 100 years since the birth of time go legend asked put solar flares unconventional
4:55 pm
approach was criticized while he was alive but 19 years after his death his legacy is celebrated trees about how small but it's obvious. this is one of the most famous dangle songs worldwide. of you honey no it was written in 1989 by compulsory act of b.s. or like to beat farewell to his father. i didn't tino celebrating 100 years of utter b.s. when asked perth with series of concerts and shows in the city of oneness i used. to get into the military says your wife says this is the 1st time the city has paid tribute to his music. in the beginning he was at war with the city of port his iris don't forget that tango is from born azhar is alongside here
4:56 pm
a why he said he played music from the city he wanted to revolutionize music he wanted people to know there was more than 3 times 4 in the beginning he was more respected in europe than in argentina but people here looked at europe and saw him . museums and theatres in the city by putting his musical life on display early on in his career after p.s.o. left music arrangements were criticized by traditional tandem musicians some even accused him of killing and mocking her for his elements of jazz and classical music and created what is now known more i want that it became so successful that he's music is no no no around the guild. yes i was born in the province of one a scientist but he's father moved to new york city it was there where he was given his 1st abandoned and since then he never stopped playing it.
4:57 pm
but he rolled over 900 songs bayard to take tango to one you will never. be as tall as music has been played in many of the world's top theaters. and in films and royal weddings. and was a close friend of the my fiddle and also his manager he says took tango to the 21st century. story that will certainly come after on the basis of tango manages to create a new universal language that everyone understands and feels and you can hear it in so many different scenarios and on the 2nd note of a song you know it's he was special and elevated tango. but. 2 his music is now part of what a sight is a city that in the beginning rejected him but that today celebrates his art.
4:58 pm
but he said we'll just see that when a site is. going over by courier with more news straight after the break to stay with us. april on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to go back scene will out we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic one a one east skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese sumo a good president in to still be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chop election. the award winning art. returns it's to reset those striving to be juicer negative impacts on the planets has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on
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. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries kobolds extracting it is dangerous but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines obstructing the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact pointing in the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on and just. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dishes to shift the focus covering the way the news this covered the listening posts on a getting close to the people most affected by those in power is often tell us but it's absolutely vital that the stories to be told about social side of this area we push this fall forward as we can to the frontline now the smell of day is
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overpowering a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex so it's very important that we make the most understandable as we can to as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to. taiwan's worst crash in decades rescuers pull survivors from a train disaster that's killed dozens of people. and you're watching all of their life headquarters here in also coming up as president is inaugurated in a peaceful transition of power 2 days after an attempted coup. chilling video emerges online that appears to show a suspect.


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