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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Generation Hate P1  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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lots of side of this syria we pushed as far forward as we can to the frontline now the smell of day is overpowering a lot of the stories that we cover are highly complex so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can to as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to. do what you want is there with me so robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories it's taiwan's worst train disaster in nearly 40 years at least 54 people have died and more than 100 others injured after a train carrying hundreds of passengers the railed in a tunnel now the accident happened just north of the city of highway adrian brown has more. on the rescue teams scramble to reach passengers trapped in the front carriages carriages that folded into each other after coming off the rails as
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the train entered a tunnel. this woman yells carriage full carriage for has everyone come out 350 passengers paid for seats with more than 100 others reportedly standing and i was able to hear or i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped and i didn't doubt the next unsentimental we're fine but some of the passengers not compartment were injured. inside the narrow tunnel emergency workers struggled to reach the engine or killed there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor. a spokesman for the rail network says the accident was caused by one of its construction trucks sliding from a work site above the track. the fire department later released pictures of what
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appeared to be the wreckage of the truck beside the d. rail train this is taiwan's worst ever train accident and it's believed to many of the dead and injured were heading home to mark the 4 day annual ching ming holiday when chinese people tend to family groups adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. though the media reports of a possible mass killing reportedly carried out in ethiopia is northern region it's reportedly happened in the town of mom bad a day go in early march with access an internet connection severely limited in it's difficult to independently verify these accounts. is all great new inaugurating its new president in the 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power moment bards who was sworn in a short while ago and on wednesday security forces stopped what they called an attempted coup by soldiers who carried out an attack on the presidential palace the
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european union will host a meeting with everyone involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week the conference will also include the united states which withdrew from the landmark deal in $2800.00 trump most aimed at identifying lifting of sanctions and measures to implement the deal to hand has been reducing its commitments under trans unilateral withdrawal from the j c p a. in bangladesh 3 people have been killed after a fire in their writing a refugee camp it broke out in a makeshift market in the early hours of friday morning and has not been brought under control it happened less than 2 weeks after a huge fire near by which destroyed thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people. 3 suspected rabble rebels have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir indian security forces raided a village near paul now there have been confrontations between residents and security forces after they destroyed a house during an operation. georgia floyd's girlfriend has testified about the
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couple's struggles with opioid addiction she spoke on the 4th day of the trial of a former police officer accused of his murder drug use is expected to become a focus of the trial when the defense present presents its case. religious sites in the occupied east jerusalem have partially reopened as christians begin easter celebrations a small crowd was allowed to watch a procession that the church of the holy sepulcher one of the holiest sites for worshippers and pilgrims buster only a group of priests was committed for the good friday ritual it's now the 2nd easter with mostly predominately christian countries and coronavirus restrictions those are the headlines about with more news here on al-jazeera of course we follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com next it's al-jazeera investigates.
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i. put a little over. 30 bucks. never . done up. i'll just here's investigative unit exposes links between one of france's largest political parties led by marine le pen. and a movement demanding the expulsion of muslims from europe.
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to say this guy is. you know look. out for. our investigation unmasks an emerging right wing ideology called identity terry an ism it claims europe's identity is white and christian you suppose they see themselves as crusaders who defends the values of a white west in the face of the assaults of the arab muslim world. marine le pen's claims that she's read her policy of the extreme far right although i. think you. need ot for. the arena pens demonization of is torn to shreds why these images as a. button. and how members of the identity area movement behind
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closed doors celebrates hitler's germany. today with the usual i could see it was easier. to find it dull to slip something many faces because some do not 6 p. m. . from the sonos for the. first 6 months little was home to an undercover reporter from al-jazeera as investigative unit. infiltrated one of europe's fastest growing far right organizations. it calls itself generous you know you don't see 10 generation identity because the forces across the continent. are on the cover a reporter louis made contact with the group's flounders branch.
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generation identity and set up a store outside its headquarters a ball called the citadel. material for the public but you know. how much of the you know the difficulty with the to 3 feet is about to go out the film. which of the developers work on the mag reaching out investigator is already i'm. a little bit. for louis is lead into the citadel where generation identity members drink and discuss the political strategy for. the region in the midst of a call for your question which. this is a dell is a ball with a courtyard at the back. there's another cool yard by the front entrance. g.i. members usually meet at the ball on
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a friday evening our undercover reporter uses a concealed camera to record conversations. the hospital says membership has nearly tripled in a year. but it will see a lot of those on the on use of the. the. little to focus of. the single digit need for. you to see if you. or your boss has soul is a very important leader in the north as a bottle is based in leo is a private which welcomes the far right about p.c. it's a conference space it's a place where they can hold discussions have some drinks like in pubs but it's private just wouldn't be but maybe brunch is a generation identity of also being set up in italy austria germany and the u.k. . g.i.
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presents itself as a patriotic movement that brings together people of similar culture and values it claims to be nonviolent and non-racist it's attracted thousands of mostly young followers across europe. vision the generation identity is the largest far right group in france and probably in year in the uk the school it is mainly made of white nationalists and the greatest threat is islam and mass immigration which for them threatens the european identity and the white identity if you don't. the group has mounted a series of publicity stunts which attracted international headlines around 100 militants blocked a mountain pass on the france italy border which was used by illegal migrants. that already in the hospital was one of the g.i. leaders taking pot if you will of can feel like this if you. keep open see if
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you can something to me to always be able to someone you know what they're going to own any such couple of the oldest don't you give off a lot of the. our undercover reporter became a member of the hassles group. in his bar then he discovers the hidden world. behind the facade of respectability is the true face of generation identity. the door to the citadel is usually long enough in college kids to fellow. movie is met by cyril when. in the course louis and way i'm joined by another activist charles. because
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george mitchell. says the men discuss a recent night out. because to move the focus to kill if it was on a fast full of course i'm full food and sit in the crew for sure to clean grease which is very typical no delete clues it will cause you to it is so. you know if. you fall off with me for just a little it will just sit. in your fist your piece only to look at circulars for the 1st. shelter for the question you know. to figure. east for the recession. to live with usually. the man who led the violence against
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the arab youths is ready for least. rescission but if you're. just push it you know. which double the moment you don't refuse you connie. mr president. mr. bones move which will be. a. generation identity's roots are in france the group rose to prominence when it occupied a mosque in 28. that has called for a national referendum on the slim integration. pushing their astronauts
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a generation identity from is their main battleground in europe that's quite simply because the muslim community in the country is the largest in europe on the what. ifs and above all friends has been the victim of terrorist attacks in recent years and else and there but whether in the back the clown that charlie hebdo on the face with this. small so then of the countries in europe. remy follies boasts that if he were to mount a reprisals attack he would target some markets in the least popular with muslims. spoke about it was simply to. keep it. a come out or try to do a good to see look at your. question what didn't you do to be. prudent most of what you should look at it. in my job don't you just say good luck to.
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you just for. people to look at you. folks like you. ringback with a little clip was your. book. paul gonna open shop found those. terms through. good girl or goods and he is loafing with his friends about a potential terrorist attack. this is very interesting because there are many foreign groups in france at the moment which have either been dismantled me to look for more of being investigated by the police because they have been preparing actions against muslims or arabs and when is a moment when i was it was also what we see here is that the identity aryans are themselves ending up as potential terrorists there was.
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recently a stranger came to the citadel. though he was told what happened afterwards by the little boss of generation identity. was polite he's waited actor comedian you're not going to take this up a place. to take your story if you get serious you can't help but holy trinity made it to your choice exclusively. i don't think it was last year it was the neighborhood of the committee that you know we assume that they don't know what kelly actually meant here that's electricity or fixation good luck little if you feel stuck up it's just the height of the. reporter as there are many accounts of physical assaults the g.i.'s had of activism and neil insists that the movement has turned its back on violence no call it the job. or. even a season for the stars of. the society of so of course
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here. 'd ringback that night the hassel makes an announcement. didn't. these are people you know if you please to go up and fight off the final. on is out. the image that the hassle presents to visiting journalists is of a committed but professional politician. who knew the call him was old beyond all false on the up city dustmites even if he said he's us from new and look at. the roots of identity terrorism law in a claim to a non central homeland. if you for this was a little bit closer to what you'll see if you want you to believe that lewinsky. is a gorilla is a little bit enormously grateful so you're going as you enjoy if you look at the 1st. generation identity is not a political party but
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a feeder for one of the largest policies in france. so this is a disability and everyone knows who fluffy family who fits your agenda which is they're going to suffer under some if you do you know if you're fortunate man just the ones who need. to use it for the numbers for the good of the troops or who it was on the office should be free to be one if you are vigilantes with the function that. tells his interview that the g.i.'s key policy is what they call re migration. and that's where they want a sensible ability to thrill me i don't need us for sick well 6 england. but they need to it's called bill it's office on the up with a lot of painterly. states yes the from enough failure the about the given time this is a. new would feel nice least of all about the face of the 21 year old but
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don't know if you want to watch the about his upcoming vote of. the movement has published details of which we migration policy. program to send non european families to their ancestral homelands is a core of g.i.s. vision for france's future. a prominent leader of the identity a movement comes to live. at the citadel and that to be challenges the idea that former colonies would accept re migration. probably through. the production of knowledge of the people to somebody else just the seat of a stick with a like or a story that was a sort of secret all you wanted off or something off your very old blues
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a little bit of the old. this is going to stay with this all it was going down it's not. going to evolve it was all those wonderful she also showed this with the slogan all about the financier somebody's going to see if you should also be a mile beyond this you know some of the civil war you will be sure. in his speech rejects multiculturalism. and shit in the bush is what. it is all. this really don't step. for the slow future for girlfriend just look this was just in a lot of cool. stuff that the mother of. the town was in charge of communications for to defend your campaign in 2070. activists disrupted attempts by aid workers to bring refugees from africa safely
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across the mediterranean. sounds vision is of a divided well a west threatened by enemy. marks maam. they're just going to some pretty boring stuff. he said you know and this is also. true so i'll go via. telnet on the so here we have generation identities hold discourse it's d.n.a. against multiculturalism integration does not work there is only one solution remark rationing us from. has been investigating france's far right for the past 5 years. said the concept of remind gratian is crazy it would mean deporting sounds instance thousands of people to countries which are
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supposedly their countries of origin because their ancestors might have lived there all because the color of their skin or their culture are associated with countries which are not from its it would practically be an ethnic cleansing and. cats out also tell g.i. members that he campaigns for the national front. be it blood awfully just you prefer it if you if you lost your look if you took a shelter of our culture the 1st place you. suggest. i didn't start because of the few feet on the part of all this when i look at your question as if it is a little bit of a confessional be right here. i don't. care if you're still being secretly. over the christmas holidays louis arranges the night out with g.i.
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activists he's been told had been involved in racist beatings. he meets the generation identity member who proposed driving a vehicle into a crowded market. if you're going to want to fuck your own g. i mean if you should swayze david. looking. for still for. joining them is g.i. activist 30 paul. and also several weigh ins but. there was an incident the night before. he makes it up to look at the film which if. he would leave the books let me guess he was transported to your school so if you get here. you can't so much
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keep your. way in the post about what happened next. thing you heard us from. the shebang but we could just take a look at significant place so. let's look at. the group head to the city's main nightlife strip. they bump into another far right extremist. that might play out. the one that. was it was. a 0. 0000. 000
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with. the roof has just returned from hamburg in germany. a lot less but that's just me he held the pews at and t. fascist demonstrators. they are going oh this will be. somebody who is an example of what he's trying. to say about the notion of. somehow. this is not the guy. who sat at the side of mornings. when. the roof follies unpretty pool leave the ball. they confront a young woman who uses the arabic slang. ladley was so good it was like.
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a bouncer from one of the boss' uses pepper spray at. the root pushes one of the teenagers. that even if. she's then pepper sprayed the phillies strike so low for. her to think it. was a dog. sitter what's the flow going. to be on. her. soon or whatever fuck the hobbit or the. next salts of the so much of i'm not.
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a week after the attack louie returns to the citadel. remy follies the man who led the violence is holding court. didn't want to shave a shirt. or the old look. let him a sword and. eat. it when she got it. for you know bruce good you know if you. really look you don't have to be told your choice good muzzle gives you to move in and not your oh you will ok make your. world larger force the situation.
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if. you cut. i'm having trouble expressing myself i'm so disturbed his or not he intends to get into fights they say they're preparing themselves they have gloves for hitting the fire why there was. just one there are these are people who make direct references to hitler who speak with phrases the nazis used as you couldn't as i. might there was no fires that is punishable by law. that is punishable by law i mean the law must be applied i think you impart to national front members discussed arming for a civil war if the party wins power. to
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which is it but. you didn't stick to. and we expose a generation i can see a leader working for the national front. to say. this piece is. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it wouldn't have been hard to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. knowing them here is not all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find to think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. the former police officer charged with
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murdering george floyd is now on trial all over the world watches this historic case unfold in minneapolis we'll have live coverage from inside the courtroom as it happens and the latest reaction to derek children trial on al-jazeera. and of our top news stories at least $54.00 people have died after a train carrying around $490.00 people the rail to east in taiwan it came off the tracks inside a tunnel just north of the city of holland president signed when has ordered an investigation into what happened it's taiwan's worst train disaster in decades adrian brown has the latest from hong kong. local media is also reporting that all those people who had been trapped have now been reached in other words there are no
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4 people trapped inside those 4 carriages inside the tunnel the accident we know happened just after 9 am local time so just over what 9 hours ago and it happened in a tunnel in one of the most mountainous areas of taiwan and throughout the day there's been a frantic rescue operation going on inside that tunnel the european union will host a meeting with everyone involved in the 2015 iran nuclear deal next week the conference will also include the united states which withdrew from the landmark deal in $2800.00 donald trump but there will be no direct talks between washington and tehran the meeting is aimed at identifying lifting of sanctions and measures to implement the deal iran has been reducing its commitments after trumps unilateral withdrawal from the j c p a way. there is inaugurating its new president in the 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power i'm a dancer who was sworn in as president a short while ago on wednesday security forces stopped what they call an attempted
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coup by soldiers who carried out an attack on the presidential palace demonstrators in miramar out on the streets again a day after the military shut down wireless internet services across the country they've laid flowers in public places to remember those killed during the crackdown earlier the u.n. security council strongly condemned the use of violence by the military against civilians. george floyd's girlfriend has testified about the couple's struggles with trying to break away from opioid addiction she spoke on the 4th day of the trial of a former police officer accused of his murder. india's cricket hero such an turned dog has been admitted to hospital a week after contracting corona virus making the announcement on social media he stressed it was just a precautionary measure those were the headlines are back with the news hour in just under half an hour's time we continue with al jazeera investigations do stay with us.
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al jazeera is undercover reporter louie has infiltrated the legal branch of generation identity in northern france. he witnessed a race attacked by g.i. activists over 3 weeks. oh look i'm glad to be expresses a desire to kill indiscriminately that's a market popular with muslims. it was the use the word. you. drew from because i'm not sure you do a good to say look he's doing. wrong.
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when not in the pan became leader of the national front in 2011 he made a pledge to support his. kids i mean citizen the no good at trying to deceive us some soon the new plan will develop. this is going to hurt the most cause and they follow some close adult. on this and not tell them not as the course to show it when the songs in the big. book mining have been a different because when marine le pen became president of the national front. the 1st concern was to demonize the policy that's going to by kicking out those whose racism and what i'm told semitism was shown in the media to sit in it for fun she did this to break the national front selectric glass ceilings for now and to get more votes should chris i walk proves that if. dozens of members were accused of extremism and kicked out of the party i think looted her father who she'd replaced
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his leader for statements he'd made about the holocaust. down from the. already built from the ground jockey to spend longer has a place in the national product. le pen's plan to d. demonize the national front appeared to be working. in the 27000 presidential election she polled more than 7000000 votes in the 1st round candidate . noted something something something. saturday afternoon in lille city center. as louise spends more time with generation identity and its legal boss already in basle he discovers that the pens effort to purge the party of extremism might not be working. louis and the hostile go for a drink near the town square. new we are asked him about his job. and basically
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the gist we could switch and. that's. why it's important because a brutal field so i want to listen. to the will to do sort of this is going to be just to talk to them about your culture it's. sort of understood they're going to come up with. a report as soon finds more evidence of connections between the national front on the extreme far right. of the citadel ball the headquarters of the flanges branch of generation i tend see he meets visitors from border. they say they provided security for national front leaders during the presidential election there in the
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course of their own city if it is that it would help to be a budget with what it was. sweet little girl it's restitution as i personally want to see if you. marry in marriage shall hardliner and niece of marine le pen is addressing a national front election rally. to be something else that you hear a social media so if you truly truly you can get it actually because it's just a place so you fear that you'll. be activists from photo posted they also provided protection for the national front leader that. you're that big she could look into what it said we missed you or take this machine will forget those who see beyond words of 87 and also get all. the visitors soon revealed their real role right wing vigilantes for hire. more than just about the all. his words
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profits i'm sure you see nice for the c.e.o. of it or not to do more to me if i go to the fruits of. the militia would like to carry out generation identity style stunts such as a rooftop protest at a hotel for migrants. to house who is worried that his guests will damage the image of the far right. who so i took this shot so let me think of the. first book we all of. us sufficiently already know what's recently suggested services based here actually has little. to save us all because some of you see the result so why did you go on the series to give yourself. unlike other far right movements generation identity is sensitive about its media image.
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the hospital says he. expelled numerous ultra right activists who are attracted to the citadel. of the future with different. pockets for what the strategy of going out you. gotta look for just here of you we do make to see because here you are on top of the result you. are not you know he of course will be spotless people so how about. you there are some. superficial videos are just if you have a little bit. later explains to louis the importance of winning and why he has to deal firmly with those who perform nazi salutes to believe it is going to put steel i know it. he said it's a good thing to that we go over to the wrong side of. good you know that that's
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a great it's a great. seize generation identity. of traditional fascism. and we prove that you know if you really. push the leader soledad if you kill somebody will not exist and that which you don't suppose i mean you know because of you recently found it to to make you think you can you. could store your bikes to clog up the p.c. of the season which if you created simply couldn't you just want to help what you need. to do. the skills generation identity differs from the traditional far right by the image they try to project. what they realized was that marginalization would never bring their ideas to power and never make their ideas spread so they try to have the cleanest image possible little timidly the message remains the same for him he says of us
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remember. one evening. taking. pictures with his photo. but i got blue shirts are also a bunch of their own security so i'm going to assume you're saying they're here for the 1st 2 of us you know the reason we're here is huge for them to search the d.v.d. saw a small city in the. there is constant fear the book goes on inside the citadel will be exposed. to the truck i'm sorry for the sort of good feelings of yours about you good luck to you got a copy of the bird flu is a little caught up to you bill and i want to experience some sort of mix of the experiences of their families and friends because i do most often to the softer your to the cons i presume the flu is a difficult. concept louis meets a g.i. member who works as a political officer for the national front. for
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support although they do. go to social hot weather holds up looking for sympathy that all looks good so that's what all of the lawyers call it. remy miller out with alongside filipe amory. amory as head of the national front in a regional council in northern france. he's speaking to one of the most powerful figures in generation identity. louis 1st spotted pierre latif at the citadel. about the. mc of the pen. i do says this could be a good reason that the. laws
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he tells. undercover reporter that he lost his former job after his road in generation identity became known or to worship or as a kid that was all over the world because he was a little. you know they don't go for the aguado but we also see where they were longing in your. last he spoke about his new job with the national front of the regional council offices in little. mostly it was. almost all. produce we don't know all. there is a. lot of. issues with it. inside
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the citadel louis talks to a g.i. activist about lottie's role of the national front. critical says there is a future period in the into getting a check point i'm not sure what we call you come up with a solid proof you have by closer to what is and is a continental. the 4 that you do you just seem so so i didn't want you to. evolve to the full if you should call the microphone. 3 of the good news you missed was one of the biggest put on leaving the commissioners to me. there will be dish as they came in here since i was there when you were given the $3.00 he. told you live partly because clearly you believe the media media your posturing defames of you to select the leaders is so good to see even. believe a marine is
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a hard liner who appears to provide a link between june. aeration identity and the party leadership already in vassal plays a key role in recruiting identity terry and who want to work for the national front . as louis discovers when he asked murray if you could get a job with the party. but say what you know. for sure jersey i was on. the radio you know. it's always i want you. to forget that one film. well. as it were none of it is very surprising to see or really unfair hassel has so much influence with the national front office this is a political force which is integrating with the national front which will end up in the party's programs and the speeches of national front officials it is important because the identity ariens have succeeded in their strategy of entry.
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after the 1st round of the presidential election the 2 most popular candidates competed for france's highest office. in the pen against the country's rising political force former banker emmanuel mccraw. the pen performs poorly during an election debate. but is also assume. that all was back on the run off comfortable. that there was enormous despair and disappointment after the 2nd round of the presidential election. after the debate between them in the pan in macron which led
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to her being internally contested. their strategy was put in doubt notably. phillipos strategy that i want to cut to. the national front moderate vice president was the biggest casualty of the infighting. you know what the role of florian philippo was in the end to bring on board people who didn't come from the far right to vote for marie in the pan which was a partial success he was the face of d.d. administration in the media didn't it why did florrie and philippo the. because in the end he felt that this cleanup at the national front was impossible that. the mind of the marion le pen insists she is with the party of extremists. no this is your decision to tell your friend knowing says one was i made their money as you. say you. know what she asked.
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me last conversion said you'll do pre this is a near enough. of a signal. one. is. not looking good in the car pool which at one point of. the trip and that was actually the bumper to bumper sticker nothing obama says not to she come up with. the hassle blame phillipos moderate law and full of pens defeat. ordinary things are things with. which i want you to believe that. the plaintiff is not completely sure she'll want you to clean up the clintons up at least a little. longer to complete. remy murad took a job with the national front to promote the policies of generational identity he found an open door. brokers or revealed. the struggle of biblical
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truth. with efficiency often with. it was just because your goal is to 'd be a pretty if you don't know if you think this is people look it up but it's not for all the good you're going to do your little efficiency but so don't hold anything if your boss about maybe about all the fault it will be the only way to make sure you. don't opt out when she lost the elections last year old the historic figures of the party who were fighting their tongues came galloping back and took the national front back and you were there they would sound to the fray with these identity tarion positions in their baggage notably on the questions of immigration. he wants to learn more about generation identity strategy to influence the policies of the national front. he meets a prominent activist from powers. are you this is the president has to be very
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tough you're going to live with her out of this is what he's. done a little better. could have been incredible just what. was. on the outlook with. you know something you as you say you can't believe i will not let. us never be learned lessons if someone like you. not circular is what it was also about john that what. we're. going to see that he says you can't lose what you want to keep going to demand when you lose yourself.
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in the main square. joined by another far right activist. he tells them about an invitation he's received to meet a senior member of the national front and party spokesman. to get better yet if they're not being forced to do or simply say it's too close not to look so. sebastian shannon is open d.k. . the house on the far right activist make homophobic remarks. mostly for myself always prisoners here for refusing even if they're the people you saw it was. really good it was a condition to get rid of. the hassle confirms that he also had a meeting with janet. but it was not usual if you look at her from
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the guy we're going to notice we don't have those who think she said it was a young horse is a bit difficult to move on to what i think of. since good friends presidential election defeat china has emerged as one of the most powerful allies. news paul to the national front group of the older friends council along wi fi a marie. le pen is also a member. louis is about to discover more unfair news links to generation identity. is it's the apartment of an activist he's met at the citadel. matters that isn't sure of the inside generation identity symbol so full of work.
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curing the $27000.00 election campaign matters that was filmed alongside already and the hassle. they were attending a national front rally neely's where the niece of the party leader merriam are a shell was speaking. initially vassal was not going to attend. to business but this is the. order for you to feel that this is this is before you. almost all. matters that claim the vassal only went after a personal invitation from a senior figure in lipans party. should you is this the role of the. book the hassle then run into another problem. if this is the
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result of those moves. the hassle needed chinese help one small. or you know the initiative for the 1st. is to shift. the but also although it's a misfortune with. vassal then went into the whole. much as i tells lizzie about the hassles but for the national front the safest sluggish affordable 'd to the foolish people still exist full force as the mood of the song equals 50 is they all just. are on the cover a reporter discovers that members of the national front all welcome visitors at the
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citadel they discussed what would happen if the national front were to form a government. to levy your wish list exploits he believed to be about 60 children in article 30 he had only been in the game you are one of those pascal sua says they would need to be all. you are and yes you need the indignity of the music or the feel of it what's written on your ship is that if you leave us you want to kill for the use of judgment of your because in business the money for sure the. people who feed it will be on top of the ship. that's. me but when asked if i was good i don't even look at it don't know. the
3:56 pm
significance of it but i'm baffled it. is only going to change said. she she she understood. the national front members post often a ray of weapons. jacket for those who i was with since one copy of yourself says that if you can screw some one to make it productively to a. shelter it certainly doesn't qualify for. the 1st year term it certainly. convertable. there is a breeding ground that makes it possible to mobilize french white people against islam and muslims more precisely by promoting the idea of an ethnic war the idea of a probable civil war between muslims and others. it is. so off the cuff if you prove. this. really you know when you.
3:57 pm
go to know. the pen said that since she became president of the national front she has publicly kicked out all those who've been filing racist or anti semitic she said p.l.r. has never worked for the national front of the o. de france council. lappin added that already and vassal has never worked or written speeches for the national front. stated that his association. was distinct from generation identity and was not dependent on it. sebastian she confirmed he told the hostel that the meeting with merriam are a shelf was open to everyone he said that while the hassle did contact him to say he was not allowed in he did not go looking for him and that the hassles subsequent
3:58 pm
application to join the national front had been refused. filipe amory said the recruitment of party assistance of the regional council is done within the law. he said the evidence presented by al-jazeera is an obvious interference by the cattery authorities in the run up to the european parliamentary elections in may $2900.00. the hassles lawyers at the citadel does not represent generation identity and welcome the wide. of members of diverse persuasions. she said vassell is not responsible for members who allege skirmishes took place which are either imaginary or which she strongly condemns the hassel said that being secretly filmed in a private space is detestable and that his discovery of this has irritated him. in episode 2 of generation hate the hassel tells g.i.
3:59 pm
members use political violence when necessary for example if you go easy with. the dish. on some of the national front biggest names secretly turn up at the citadel. of the. a.b.'s well lately since the reforms in the. very recent move. on. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right
4:00 pm
organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a just. this is al-jazeera. when you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes taiwan's worst crash in decades rescuers pull survivors from a train disaster that's killed dozens of people. as president is inaugurated in a peaceful transition of power 2 days after an attempted coup.


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