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they are just coming back at their stuff that emission their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and have teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello example robin you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes taiwan's at worst crash in decades rescue crews pulls a virus from a train derailment that's already killed at least 48 people. chilling video emerges online that appears to show a suspected mass killing in ethiopia's of more than 2 grey region. and after an
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attempted coup just 2 days ago the president is inaugurated in its 1st democratic and peaceful transition of power. also india expands its covert 19 vaccination program some of its most vulnerable are being left behind. by i'm sorry headed sports indian cricket legend fanchon tendulkar response besides a week after contracting corona virus. into the news are its taiwan's a worst train disaster in nearly 40 years at least 48 people have died and more than 100 others injured after a train carrying hundreds of passengers derailed in a tunnel the accident happened just north of the city of hoyle lane charlotte dallas begins our coverage with this report. it was a rescue
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a scramble to reach people trapped after this train came off the tracks on friday morning the front of the train had passed through a tunnel when it derailed the back carriage is still inside the tunnel with the brunt of the damage. this woman yells carriage for courage for as everyone come out there were 490 passengers on board when it crashed and i was able to hear or i could feel the emergency brake was put on and the train just shook and then stopped it and i didn't i felt the knife and sentiments i don't know we're fine but some of the passengers in a compartment were injured. rescue a struggled inside the narrow tunnel trying to reach the injured from inside the crumbled carriages the trains roof became the main access point for risk you is and for passengers to escape oh my god was killed there was no other way for us to get out so we had to climb to the top of the train and then climb down i
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was sitting on the aisle side and i was thrown to the floor with ortiz believe a truck's little for rode from a nearby construction site and collided with the train it's taiwan's was trying to zoster in over 3 decades the last major rail crash happened in 2018 when an express train derailed killing 18 people the accident came on the 1st day of the 4 day terms weeping festival an annual event where people travel to their hometowns to see family and worship at the graves of their and 6 states ballasts al-jazeera. let's cross over to adrian brown our correspondent who's monitoring developments in taiwan from hong kong and they drain really the death toll is increasing the sun is setting which only makes rescue efforts even harder so what are the authorities saying about the situation right now. well the authorities have been saying in the last few minutes so that the death toll has now risen to 50 full
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with 156 people injured but local media is also reporting that all those people who had been trapped have now been reached in other words there are noble people trapped inside those 4 carriages inside the tunnel the accident we know happened just after 9 am local time so just over what 9 hours ago and it happened in a tunnel in one of the most mountainous areas of taiwan and throughout the day there's been a frantic rescue operation going on inside that tunnel it's been very hard for rescuers to reach the injured because the tunnel was very narrow and the 4 carriages were basically lying to one side against the wall of the tunnel some passengers had to smash their way out smashing windows to get out of the carriages the police the army as well as other emergency workers have been involved in this operation taiwan has basically been throwing what it can at this tragedy we heard earlier on today form from
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a spokesman for taiwan railways all the railways in taiwan are owned by the state and he confirmed that this accident was can was caused by one of its construction vehicles sliding off a service road onto the track and then landing very near to the entrance of the tunnel and of course the train plowed into that truck the fire services department has released video showing what appears to be the crumpled remains of the yellow truck beside the d. rail train we know that there were 350 people on board the train who had bought seats but we also know so that more than 100 other people were standing because remember this was the start of a very busy holiday weekend so when that train crashed people literally fell on top of one another and it's almost certain that some people were actually crushed jury . that accident this without doubt is taiwan's worst ever train accident and in
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social inquiry has begun and of course what makes it all so poignant still is that it happened on the 1st day of the 4 day ching ming great sweeping holiday this is when people traditionally returned to their hometowns to pay their respects at the graves of their ancestors and we know that many of the people on that train where heading home to do just that a do thanks very much for the update into a brown there for us in hong kong let's cross over to catherine way in taiwan she's a correspondent for the straits times and joins b. by a skype from the capital taipei cuffing could tell you with us on the program you've heard our correspondent in hong kong talk about what you thought he was saying just bring us up to speed on what you know in terms of the rescue efforts because the sun is setting it is getting dark but there are people still trapped hi yes thank you for having me and so far the rescue efforts have been completed it is not sunset yet and there are no more people like adrian said trapped in the care does
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but it was more difficult for the ambulances and the firefighters to reach the site of the crash because there are only 2 main highways reaching quali enter from bigger cities like taipei and new take the city and that proved to be a little more difficult but i think right now the. the injured have been rushed to 6 different hospitals in the region and. so far no more people trapped well ok so it's obviously a recovery operation now perhaps for the rescue services taiwan has very difficult terrain a island country and the rail system is very important to the way people travel around the country this particular line is very busy and as adrian said it is a special holiday weekend at the moment how much or how many questions will be asked about the way that that train was filled not with just seated passengers but
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with passengers standing in the aisles. right so this takes us back to back to 2 years ago when the taiwan railway administration had announced that for these newer model trains traveling down taiwan's east coast which is now more. heavily mountainous areas in taiwan there will be standing tickets available and i think it is approximately $120.00 standing tickets for each train so that would be about a quarter of people if the train fills up a quarter of people would be standing up and people had objected in 2018 then they said it wasn't safe but the administration said they had. they had adequate exams and tests for is carrying a load for these trains and it should be safe but also in 2018 a train derails. it was for different reasons and it was not because there were many people standing up but it also added to the concern that it is not safe having
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stanhope tickets sold anymore for these these routes it is interesting as it leaves me. ongoing situation continues seems to be a recovery operation now catherine way from the straits times joining us from taipei thank you thank you. now there have been media reports of a possible mass killing reportedly carried out in ethiopia's northern to grey region it's reportedly happened in the town of bury a day ago in early march the following unverified footage which we advise our viewers is graphic content emerged on social media that armed men wearing what appears to be ethiopian military uniform can be heard speaking and the arab make language off camera then they're seen while leading a group of men off a cliff after they've been shot dead but with access and the internet connection
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severely limited integrate it's difficult to independently verify these accounts now the government's offensive in t. gray began last year but it's had or had been months in the making the 2018 the prime minister of the ahmed took office and united ethnic based political parties but the 2 great people's liberation front or the t.p. l.f. as it's known which is really theo pure for 27 years refused to join last year prime minister they postponed elections because of the crew and a virus pandemic but the t.p.a. left called him an illegitimate leader and held its own local vote in defiance which was strongly condemned by the government now the situation is tyria to drop italy after the t p l forces integrate attacked a federal military base last november killing dozens of soldiers another government controls much of t. grey but there is still fighting in some areas for more on this we're joined by journalist some we'll get to chew in ad is good to have you with us on the program
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a very serious situation and allegations being made against the military what sort of response has the government made or the military to this apparent video. the prime minister of the armor that you mentioned has promised there will be a full investigation done but there has been lots and lots of allegations made against all actors that have been involved in that region so this will take much of the country's resources. the prime minister promises going to be fulfilled but the kind of allegations we've been hearing that from day one we're just beginning to see actually video evidence of celebrations that have been made by the people of the growth from from last year from the end of last year indeed of course this video is available on the internet or anybody in the world can see it's you've seen it yourself with the limited access we've had to too great to independently
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verify such videos from what you see what shocks you the most. what shocks me the more. people like me we've been hearing from day one that people have been dying there is an issue of famine that is coming up. with limited resources and we've been hearing high numbers of people that have been dying and that we just haven't been able to see their faces and this video is are showing us that there are people dying and we beginning to see the pieces behind their numbers and that's why it's having a strong impact not just within if you're in many many countries that have interest in helping you. work and of course. there's been a great deal of international condemnation about not being able to verify the situation into gray the eyes of the world are in northern ethiopia wondering what's happening to the public at large only last week we had confirmation from the state
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appointed ethiopian human rights commission that its investigation found preliminary evidence that more than 100 people for example had been killed in accidents or trained soldiers how significant is that statement in the context of what we're hearing about and seeing on the internet right now because we thought that the state controlled human rights commission would be a bit more guarded about how they perhaps criticize their own government. you have to understand that your friend human rights commission the late by a former prisoner of conscious. dr daniel who have seen the human rights abuses of the country not just in the last few years but even before and he is someone who really speaks highly on the issue of human rights within if you're pretty understand yourself unlike most aussies your friends your across so his
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voice indicating that there has been killings even in the actual which was previously denied is a strong indication that people are still dying in the region of to cry and you have something that's not just since a great it's also in many many parts of the country that that's a minority minorities are being attacked and many people are dying so his voice is an important indication in addition to the voices that have been poisoned i think u.n. agencies in the country n.g.o.s including doctors without borders which said that 15 people dying and people being killed in front of them shows you that something is happening in the growing regions and something must be done to. try to slow it down because you only have to speak to the victims that are heading to the sudan to understand what we happening and they're saying the same thing that too many people are dying money life are being up. and it's just
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a disaster that we're watching. so we're going to show folks who have to leave it best to good to get your insight thanks for joining us thank you thank you thank you. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including armed groups in cameroon accused of using rape as a weapon of war. confusing and at last minute our quote of virus restrictions in germany are affecting businesses. and baseball fans return as the new season begins in the u.s. sun's coming up with sars in sport. is inaugurating its new president in the 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power had barzun is facing a number of challengers a wednesday security forces stopped what they called an attempted coup by soldiers who carried out an attack on the presidential palace and would address is our correspondent live for us in the jazz capital near me just talk us through the
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timeline of the events so far the president i believe has been inaugurated now. the ceremony is underway here minutes ago president elect biden mohamed arrived and mohammad yousuf will be incumbent president to his final left in his presidency and he moved into this building behind us here where the ceremony is now holding in a few minutes by the mohamed will take the oath of office and then he will inherit all the problems that mohammad yousuf has been dealing with over the years in addition to the new u.s. strategy which is political instability. to democrats say a democratically elected government in asia following when this case now these are some of the things that he has to deal with crossed and one of the ways he could do that is by forming a new cabinet a lot of people will be watching closely to see how that cabinet. gets in.
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already we've seen the prime minister the current prime minister resigning his post yesterday accepted by the incumbent president or are going president but asking him to stay on until one the situation our new government isn't. so much we'll check in with you late for the day to see what the president has to say in his 1st presidential address thank you a united nations report says than half of all women and girls in cameroon have been victims of some form of sexual violence rights groups warned. her arm while using rape as a weapon for cripples. jamie lee claris lives in maru in cameron's far north region where boko haram is stepping up its attacks but she says it was a neighbor who came to her home and raped her she was 12 at the time and the family found out she was pregnant the baby was taken away from her and jimmy was abandoned . my parents choose me out of the house i became
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a stain for them a source of shame and so close my eyes and hid in the forest according to the un more than half of women and girls in cameroon have suffered from emotional and sexual violence rights groups say rape is a crime that goes unpunished especially in conflict areas of the far north and the english speaking regions armed groups like booker and security forces have been accused of using rape as a weapon of war the girls themselves are treated as subjects of suspicion you know they what's called bad blood back into the community some big mountain to climb sometimes to get the girls accepted and their children to. see their does as really something to keep on ostracized my room i escaped after being abducted by boko haram fighters who repeatedly raped her and then forced her into marriage where she gave birth to 3 children because of the identity of their father will not recognize
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them or register them as citizens without documentation the children cannot go to school. and i found a book was horrible life that here is not easy because of who the father is my children cannot have an education it's a constant battle for us to be accepted by society but i will fight for my children . despite the challenges and trauma both my room and jamila have suffered they are trying to rebuild their lives in a country where rape has become not just a weapon of war but a way of robbing young girls of their childhood and their future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. a ship carrying 1200 people who fled violence in northern mozambique has arrived in the port town of pember family members are waiting outside the port to see if their loved ones were amongst them or groups stormed the northern city of parma a week ago killing hundreds of people when some big military is fighting to retake
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it. that 'd i don't know about my son i don't know where he is nothing i haven't been able to eat for a week. and. i'm so tired it was 7 days in the bush is i'm so tired we cross paths several times with the bandits the situation is really bad many are dead. in bangladesh 3 people are being killed by a fire near a refugee camp broke out in a makeshift market in the early hours of friday morning and has now been brought under control it happened less than 2 weeks after a huge fire nearby which destroyed thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people . well staying in the country there are protests against police brutality after demonstrations last week at least 11 people were killed in those rallies during the visit of the indian prime minister during drum movie time to children is out those
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demonstrations in bangladesh's capital dhaka. thousands of people have gathered in front of i can look out on the largest mosque in the country most of the supporters from have fathered a slimy and other really just party there demanding the release of their fellow party men who are detained by police and also to bring justice to those killed by police firing in recent violence 5 there have been leftist party have been protesting against him on this visit in bangladesh in the last several weeks actually on sunday several people were killed in an effort to shut down all across the country following days there was also violence and the opposition brought out a rally in trade are gone and dhaka the government said they have to crack down because they have to quell the violence many buses and trucks by by many properties where the rights group of criticize the government on cracking down on descending
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guys there's no room for freedom of expression there's a digital security act 'd which cartels any kind of expression in the social media mainstream media they also say the police have been using heavy handed tactics to quell any kind of legitimate protest in the country in recent years 3 suspected rivals have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir indian security forces raided a village near there have been some confrontations between residents and security forces after they destroyed house during you know her ration in recent years there have been accusations forces of the blown up or set fire to residential buildings where rebels have taken shelter. christians in indonesia marking good friday and easter but under very high security just days ago a suicide bomb attack at the cathedral injured 20 worshippers security forces have increased screenings at churches the good friday jessica washington reports from the capital jakarta. at churches around indonesian military and police are
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screening worshipers before they enter good friday is one of the most important days in the christian calendar this holy week there is heightened security with personnel at the gates and armored vehicles standing by in both and what you don't get i feel that indonesians live peacefully side by side our diversity is beautiful but there are people who want to the story of the security. on sunday in the eastern port city of mark assad a married couple detonated a bomb miracle troll injuring 20 people. it is not shocking any more every time there is a christmas celebration is the celebration all 3 of the parisian period. sadly to say there are over and attacked again christian churches. the bombers died in the attack since then police have arrested
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suspected associates of the couple who were linked to an ice all affiliated network . in 2018 a family of 6 detonated explosives at several churches in the city of sirte killing more than a dozen christians security forces have cracked down on these violent that works in recent years and arrested a number of key individuals while attacks are less frequent than they were in the early 2000 experts say religious intolerance is still a security concern. the radicalization experts say combating hatred against minorities is part of their work. again. we have to give them a new understanding of religion tell them to lick go the contradictory understanding and the beliefs which they used to justify the wrong actions the american whatever your very amount security experts say the landscape has changed and there are new challenges there is very. using social
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media as one. now that there will be only the noise according to. experts say the government should do more to protect minorities all citizen. equal whether you are sunni muslim might be a muslim see how muslims christiane buddhists local believers or whatever so the government needs to make sure that everyone is treated equally in indonesia. as president insists people should continue their religious activities without fear but for some that is a difficult prospect just to washington out to sea or to the heart of. the religious sites in jerusalem have partially reopened as christians begin to celebrations all where the world all the a small crowd was allowed to watch
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a procession that the church of the holy sepulcher one of the holiest sites for worshippers and pilgrims only a group of priests was permitted for the good friday ritual it's now the 2nd easter with most predominantly christian countries and the coronavirus restrictions. well still ahead here all the news on. 100 years since this volunteered to pay tribute to a controversial composer who revolutionized the tango and devoted to the musical world. and did support the book in that she wanted to have a team to the n.b.a. instant conference after. a. little bit of a cold blast coming in across northern parts of europe over the next couple of days
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at the moment it's not too bad lost the drive because high pressure dominating the weather up towards the northwest but around the highway pulling in the winds from a northerly direction we got some rain sleet snow over towards that eastern side of yet not a slight down across the black sea level rash of showers with some wintry weather mixed in there just coming in across the baltic states easing up it was batteries and western side of russia some snow there coming down towards remaining through into the balkans and some wet weather there for italy as well as we go on through sas date back up tools northwest as i said it is lousy 5 and try if it a little on the cool side fairly cloudy system this one the cloud just drifting around our area of high pressure that stays lossie settle as we go on through sunday we'll see temperatures getting up to around 15 celsius in london but you can see what's coming as we go on through into easter monday this cold air will come all the way from the arctic and it'll say go all the way down and temperatures will
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struggle to get to around 7 or 8 celsius for the start of the new week meanwhile we've got so well the weather coming into northern parts of africa car over the top temperature of 24 degrees celsius by saturday. from. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic failure to weiss valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on our. planet it's a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage
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documentaries discussions and reports exploring the consequences to actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. oh. wow. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour would be civil wrong a reminder of our top stories at least $54.00 people have died after a train carrying around $490.00 people derailed in eastern taiwan that came off the tracks inside a tunnel just north of the city of the u.n. . and there be media reports of
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a possible mass killing reportedly carried out in ethiopia is northern tigre a region it's reportedly happened in the town of they go in early march but with access an internet connection severely limited into gride it's difficult to independently verify these counts. is inaugurating its new president and the 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power but the passing game is facing a number of challenges when state security forces stopped what they called an attempted coup by soldiers who carried out an attack on the presidential palace. germany is going through its 3rd wave of the pandemic more than $21000.00 infections are reported on friday the country was supposed to be on drugs strict lockdown during the easter holiday weekend but the government scrapped at the last minute changes to rules is affecting businesses stephanie jacques reports now from berlin. it's
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a constant adjustment julian boy says he had to sell a successful 126 mexican restaurant now focusing mainly on burger deliveries but it's also about keeping up with the current virus restrictions monitored by local authorities known as the audience and we had to enforce all the rules as well which was tricky because ever. week the rules changed a few times the order came in and they weren't even sure. one time one of one of them was googling right in front of me when i was supposed to be doing and feel that confusion apparent in a rare public apology from the german chancellor just a day after announcing a strict lockdown during the easter holiday which would have seen even supermarkets closing their doors and americal said she made a mistake would not happen not because it wasn't needed but because it was too last minute and had confused people. germany's vaccination campaign has been sluggish because of delays in the delivery of vaccines but also the decision not to give the astra zeneca shot to people under the age of 60 after reports of blood clots only
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10 percent of germans have been vaccinated so far the country is facing a 3rd wave of the virus who germany's top disease control body warning this one is showing signs it could be worse than the ones before despite the back and forth new measures have now been introduced here in the capital and they include things like having to present a negative covert 19 test before entering what the government deems non-essential businesses things like getting a haircut and you going to have to wear a mosque of a certain medical category before entering all shops because it's not mandatory outside. a similar theme emerges when we asked people about the lockdown measures and i might be country and they could be more united i mean once they decided to say we'll do it like be a sim then a few days later they do something different i find that a bit difficult. because. they're not consistent either you say there is a lockdown that everyone stays at home like for example in munich whereas in berlin
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they say one thing but then a few days later it's completely different they are not consistent if you want something done you need to implement it hard and strict. for julian as a business owner who was directly affected by the changing rules he says it's unfair to you as a person living in berlin like lockdowns no lock down nothing seems to be clear right now they change the rules on a weekly basis and it seems that the people who cop it the worst of the small businesses so you do get a lot of normal people complaining about being in lockdown and home office and all that sort of stuff but there is absolutely no lockdown enforced at all. and with numbers steadily rising again germany's head of the association for intensive and emergency medicine has warned hospitals could run out of available intensive care beds within a month if stricter lockdown rules are not enforced stephanie decker al-jazeera. the world health organization has criticised the european union's covert 19
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vaccination rollout as an acceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic has variance spread the w.h.o. is urging the e.u. to ramp up production and short all available doses unused is also warned the overall create a virus situation across europe is more worrying than it's been for months a new administration has taken power in slovakia replacing the previous one which was brought down by a vaccine scandal a secret deal came to light involving the purchase of 2000000 doses of russia's but nick v. but the barber has been. swearing in a new government and hoping to turn the page on a terrible year for slovakia's ruling coalition. president is on a couple to over praise the coalition for reaching an agreement in 4 weeks you know unfettered contest the real fulfillment of the success of your agreements will be if this government continues to take steps to help the country and its citizens.
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developmental now clearly we have learned a lot and we also have learned a lot from mistakes i believe that will be stable and trusting and i believe that there will be cohesion and unity between us because that if occasion and renewal of slovakia continues hager was previously finance minister and deputy prime minister he swapping those roles with the man who stepped down as premier along with his cabinet on tuesday igor much of it his was the 1st european government to collapse because of how it's handled the covert 19 pandemic disputes over matter which is leadership boiled over last month. the prime minister had ordered shipments of russia's sputnik the coronavirus vaccine without consulting his political partners . the move prompted 2 parties in the coalition freedom and solidarity and for people to demand that much of it to resign he don't need to lead the center right along a party to election victory a year ago with an anti corruption agenda. since covered 19 arrives evacuees had in
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and then be able record with a population of 5 and a half 1000000 it's registered roughly $10000.00 covered deaths one of the highest per capita rates in the world in recent weeks it's seen infection rates fall by avoiding early elections the new government will hope it can concentrate on driving down covered cases and hospitalizations the dean barber al jazeera well india is racing to thank senator as many people as possible but some of its poorest people are being in ocular lated millions of informal workers who salvage items from landfills are not eligible for vaccines our india correspondent elizabeth purana reports now from the capital new delhi. from a distance these mounds in india cities could be mistaken for small hills but they amount of waste and rummaging through them with their bare hands at thousands of waste pick is they make
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a mega living collecting recyclable materials and selling them to scrap dealers. but while sanitation workers employed by the government or private companies are among the 1st to be eligible because of 19 vaccines waste because aren't m.d.m. see got bigger like that in the new delhi municipal council workers are getting vaccinated police are getting vaccinated then are we not human we pick up trash from your homes if one of us fall sick then we probably will infect 10 others. lot of big complex rubbish from $300.00 homes but can't afford the $3.00 for each dose of covered 19 vaccine she live. with her family in a hut made from scrap cardboard there are among around 2000000 informal waste workers in india is that our minds we can't earn like we used to before our incomes have been hit when we're finding it so difficult to get by each day how can we afford vaccines more of the rule that hundreds of years with the help of
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environmental group chintan has started an online petition asking the government to vaccinate waste workers like her chinta calls of the country's silent environmentalist they are highly organized they are highly skewed they pick up to 70 to 80 get degrees of release so you can imagine that. born into a land these people pick up to collect the signet get the same they recycle so this is extremely important so it was at the root of the city. chintan says that each year people like eliminate 900000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by diverting waste away from landfills i miss it but. i feel really sad that the government doesn't care about us. as india widens the numbers of those eligible for the 19 vaccines waste workers are asking to be among them elizabeth piron of al-jazeera
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new daddy. in minneapolis sergeant testified that officers restraining george floyd with fatal consequences could have eased up once he stopped resisting day 4 of the trial of a former police officer accused of floyd's murder was emotional and at times harrowing floyd's girlfriend also spoke detail in the couple's struggle to break free from opiate addiction gabriel is on the reports from minneapolis and we do warn you that some of the pictures in his report are disturbing. this image of george floyd adopted by the black lives matter movement after his death is recognized all over the world as a symbol of police brutality and it is based on a selfie kind of this. that's according to george girlfriend courtney ross who was the 1st to testify on
1:40 pm
day 4 of the derek show ven murder trial. in her often emotional testimony she described how the pair met in 2017 when floyd was working as a security guard upon questioning she also described how they fell into addiction. of. mine was. it was an apparent attempt by the prosecution to get ahead of a central plank of chauvinists defense team's argument that it was the drugs that killed george floyd and not the officers more than a 9 minute choke hold in their defense attorney eric nelson questioned ross about a drug overdose floyd had in march as a court session was ongoing ben crump the floyd family attorney released
1:41 pm
a statement saying in part we fully expected the defense to put george's character and struggles with addiction on trial because that is the go to tactic when the facts are not on your side we are confident that the jury will see past that to arrive at the truth the jury later heard from paramedics part of the team who arrived at the scene to treat floyd they testified when they arrived show up and still had his knee on floyd's neck and that floyd was unconscious. in a living person there should be a poster i do not feel on i suspect the. patient at the moment that you're checking for this crime and the os or. the master plan. yes the trial is moving into a new phase instead of heart wrenching testimony from eyewitnesses like what we've heard most of the week the trial is now shifting into fundamental questions like
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how george floyd died exactly when and who or what is to blame gabriel's on doe al-jazeera minneapolis the buildup of russian forces that ukraine's border is causing concern the kiev and its allies unverified social media video military equipment moving towards areas bordering ukraine including russian and it. the us as old russia against intimidating its neighbors. our concern is predicated on russian escalations and aggressions in eastern ukraine of course we would be concerned by any attempt on the part of the russian federation to intimidate its neighbors and our partners of course ukraine. is among them. the kremlin says it's free to move its military assets around whenever it wants to foreign minister sergey lavrov says if tension is rising in eastern ukraine it's
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not russia's fault and you just want to talk or you know the united states addresses ukraine through the lens of geopolitics ukraine close to russia makes russia great russia lift without you crime is of no global importance i'm leaving the truthfulness of these ideas on the conscious of people professing them as well as their ability to appreciate modern russia president putin said not long ago but the statement is still relevant today that those who would try to start a new war in donbass will destroy you crime. bill is a short timeline of events leading up to this point in ukraine back in february 24 teens these so-called maidan revolutions all the russian friendly president viktor yanukovych deposed and the opposition winning power the next month russian forces and excrete near from ukraine prompting a series of western sanctions in april 24 teams pro russian separatists seized parts of the east and starting the internal military conflict in ukraine and then
1:44 pm
in 2019 t.v. comedian larger beers olinsky is elected ukraine's president he and russian president putin agreed to exchange prisoners and commit to a cease fire and most recently a ceasefire with donetsk separatists was agreed to in july but that's close to breaking as ukraine acknowledges an escalation fighting continues. peter zone there as a political commentator and about executive director of the array should democracy initiative he says they built up as possibly an effort by putin to distract russians from domestic issues this is what we are distracted by look at change the narrative we saw that in 2013 and 14 and it's happening now again what i'm encouraged by despite the fact that this is a serious escalation and there's no doubt is the the russians are provoking but both sides and i mean by both sides russia and nato have been signaling that they're prepared to meet each other by force nato has said that it's bolstered its
1:45 pm
presence and let area the russians have massed their troops around and made clear that these are exercises on the east of the northern border of ukraine and crimea which means that since there's a thing to do it out there i hope this means that our pull out rate will be prevented but once again it wouldn't signal it is not happy if you want to do change the situation in ukraine but we he wants to give all of the present media to mr selenski has not as pliable as lattimer when they expected him to be an inexperienced as he was coming into politics from a completely different area the area of interest in mr lansky has actually shown some courage and some decisiveness recently when he went after the draw russian media empire belonging to one of russia's latin it wouldn't confidence in
1:46 pm
ukraine closing down the row russian t.v. channels and severely weakening the influence of pro russian never create. u.s. president joe biden has ordered the pentagon to remove some military assets and forces from the gulf and that's according to a report in the wall street journal the u.s. has reportedly removed at least 3 patriot anti-missile batteries including one from a base in saudi arabia american officials say an aircraft carrier and surveillance systems are also being diverted because of military needs elsewhere. jacobson is a former advisor to the u.s. secretary of defense he says it's a reminder to saudi arabia that it's not an indispensable u.s. ally in the middle east. i actually think that this is a fairly routine matter even though it's understandable that the saudis may see this or interpret this as being some sort of signal by the administration and frankly the u.s. central command the middle east i think a very steady vision of what they would like in saudi arabia there's no imminent
1:47 pm
threat from iran right now it's pretty natural to want to rotate or move troops out when there's not an imminent threat and frankly i give more weight to concerns the u.s. may have over a lack of air defense of course we you know we saw these issues with the iranian shooting in medium range missiles in recent years i think that might be more of a driver of the lack of u.s. short. range air defense capability in that need to move those patriot batteries out if you reduce your force structure in the face of. less tensions in the region it allows you to ramp back up again rather than on a day to day basis flying b. 52 is over to send some signal then what are you going to do if you need to ratchet up and and i think if you take a look at what's going on in the broader region again you now have a renewed russian threat to ukraine might be perfectly natural that the u.s. makes make sure that it could have
1:48 pm
a naval presence increased naval presence in the mediterranean versus one in the gulf right now so i also think that it's in some ways it's a reminder to the saudis this may not be intentional but i think it's a reminder to the saudis that they are not the indispensable ally in the middle east that they their treatment and are working with them is predicated on u.s. national security interests and of course you know the i did mr nation has been very clear about its unhappiness with the saudi regime. well still ahead here on a big shock in the miami open tennis around the ball the action coming up with.
1:49 pm
the rules. the old.
1:50 pm
joke about back concerts are taking place across all janina to mark 100 years since the birth of tango legend but sola is unconventional approach was criticized during his lifetime now 19 years after his death his legacy is being celebrated to reserve i reports now from the capital desires. this is one of the most famous dangle songs worldwide. have you honey know it was written in 1989 by composer attributes or lack to beat farewell to his father. i didn't tina's celebrating 100 years ahead of us when asked 1st with
1:51 pm
a series of concerts and shows in the city of one of. the to get into the theater says your wife says this is the 1st time the city has paid tribute to his music at the security that in the beginning he was at war with the city of porn osiris don't forget that tango is from born as arias alongside here a quiet he said he played music from the city he wanted to revolutionize music he wanted people to know there was more than 3 times 4 in the beginning he was more respected in europe than in argentina but people here looked at europe and saw him was museums and theaters in the city by putting his musical life on display early on in his career after p.s.o. left music arrangement for the greatest time. by traditional tandems he said some even accused him of killing and walking over to elements of jazz and classical music and created what is now known as more work than it became so successful that
1:52 pm
he's music is now known around the globe. yes i was born in the province of when a site is but he's father moved to new york city it was there where he was given his 1st bandoneon and since then he never stopped playing it. he wrote over 900 songs to take tango to one your level. music has been played in many of the world's top theaters. and in films and royal weddings. and was a close friend of the my and also his manager he says took tango to the 21st century. story that also comes after on the basis of don't go badly just to create a new universal language that everyone understands and feels and you can hear it in
1:53 pm
so many different scenarios and on the 2nd note of a song you know it's a law he was special in to look at the tango. but. 2 his music is now part of what i cited as a city that he made beginning rejected him but the today celebrates his art to. be several deceit i want to cite as. well times for now his story thanks a lot for her oh well in his cricket harry sachin tendulkar has been admitted to hospital a week off the contract seen coronavirus making the announcement on social media he stressed it was just a precautionary measure sent oco turns 48 later this month have been quarantining at home after getting mild symptoms now he lives in mumbai in the states of maharashtra where more than 43000 cave in 19 cases recorded just on friday. now we're just getting reports that one of the main test events for the tokyo
1:54 pm
olympics has been cancelled it's not been confirmed yet spots it seems that the diving world cup in tokyo is off off to some teams expressed their reluctance to travel to japan during the pandemic diving govern involves a fino is said to be behind the decision because it's not satisfied with the safety measures in place now another possible cancellation policy the olympic torch relay in areas experiencing a surge in corona virus cases the governor of a soccer has already called for this section to be scrapped $10000.00 runners are taking part over a $121.00 days to transport the flame to the. now as it stands there are still several other questions still hanging over the olympics including the policy on stadium capacity overseas supporters have been shutout bazza decision still needs to be made as to how many domestic fans will be allowed in. we have been discussing how many spectators in japan to let in although it might change depending on the virus situation i think we need to have
1:55 pm
a concrete number by the end of april. all some good news though for baseball fans in the us the 1st time in over a year major league baseball fans have been let back into stadiums for the start of the new season yankee stadium in new york operated at 20 percent capacity for their 1st game against us from 2 blue jays around $10000.00 spectators were allowed in to show a negative covert 19 test or prove full vaccination we are ecstatic we're so glad to be back very brave the elements regardless who come in no matter what rain sleet snow wind whatever. to get back in the stadium and see you know yankees man it's exciting you know having your head baseball in person in a while it's good to be back i mean we all get tested and have vaccinated so hopefully that will hold you use a little bit. when keith yankees fans happy to be back bob their chairs couldn't
1:56 pm
stop their team losing the game. this decisive home run and the blue jays went on to spoil the party in new york with a 32 victory when moving on to basketball in the brooklyn nets remain virt seemed to catch at the top of the n.b.a.'s eastern conference they comfortably beat the charlotte hornets by $22.00 points which is not without their biggest star james has a hamstring injury marcus aldridge made his brooklyn debut in schools 11 points 9 rebounds and 6 assists. tennis world number one see through to the final of the miami open the australian cruised to an easy victory over alina spitz alina in straight sets 6363 vassie is the defending champion and hit 27 winners not bad considering she had to say their match point during her match in a weak spot in the final bhatti will be off against the former u.s. open champion bianca addressed screw the 20 year old canadian one
1:57 pm
a time he says ready a safari which finished 1 35 am it will be her 1st appearance in a final since winning here so from back in 2019. and in the men's tournament opponents who brought her produced a stunning comeback to the 2nd seed is the final state to suss that he lost the 1st set but rather to win the next to his face in the semifinals. now face andre rieu blub next the russian end of the great run a. 20 year old american is the son of die who won the australian open and his mother regina was also a top player. not a quote us are a very talented family because the 2 sisters just occur in nearly a carnie competing the 1st women's golf major of the year the a and a inspiration is taking place in california and there was no doubts about the best shot of round one australian play and hold a 2nd shot for an eagle at the 18th hole. for me for now all
1:58 pm
the violator thanks very much so. it's great to say with. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time a foster's growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation 8.
1:59 pm
part one of a special 2 part investigation on a. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of some workers taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line asks the big questions on out is there a pro on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic one o one east skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese sumo. could president in to still be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chat election. the award winning our choice returns stories of those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special
2:00 pm
coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on allergists iraq. ready. taiwan's worst crash in decades rescue crews pull survivors from a train derailment that's killed at least 54 people. either and given al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. chilling video emerges on my bed appears to show a suspected mass killing in ethiopia's north into great beach.


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