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tv   101 East Thai School Scandal  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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his music is now part of what our society as a city that is a beginning rejected him but the today celebrates these are. pretty sad to see that when i say to. you can find much more on our web sites the address for the next is al jazeera dot com. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories a train has derailed in taiwan killing at least 48 people dozens of people were trapped in egypt taiwan's worst train disaster in 3 decades adrian brown is across developments from hong kong a frantic rescue operation has been taking place the focus of that operation the tunnel where at least 4 carriages folded into one another after the train struck an object as it entered the tunnel now it's very difficult for emergency workers
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because the tunnel is very narrow it's just a single track road to a line in that part of taiwan so it's been very hard for them to actually just move around now some passengers managed to get out by basically smashing the carriage windows others managed to get out through access points in the roof 3 people are confirmed to have been killed in a fire or refugee camp in bangladesh it's happened less than 2 weeks after a huge fire nearby which destroyed thousands of tents and killed at least 15 people . there are reports 3 suspected rebels have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir locals say indian security forces raided a village. told ford's going to have his testified about the couple struggles with opioid addiction she spoke on the 4th day of the trial of
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a former police officer accused of his murder. is inaugurating a new president its 1st democratic and peaceful transfer of power these are live pictures from the inauguration in the capital and you need a space and a number of challenges to stabilize this country on wednesday the government said it stopped what it called an attempted coup by soldiers at the presidential palace . the u.s. has warned russia against intimidating its neighbors on their 5 social media video appears to show russian forces moving toward areas bordering ukraine including russian and excrete the dutch prime minister has now really survived a vote of no confidence which would have forced him to resign however a motion of disapproval has been passed accusing him of not telling the truth about coalition talks. but $100.00 is coming up next to see an exciting latest news
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see there would be no closure until justice is. the identities of those behind the bombings are revealed details coverage there's something else significant about this one it represents and then there's a dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck his friend the week in a minneapolis court room where the board of selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. from the length of the hair to what they wear and how they behave thailand schools have long been a place where students must abide by strict rules. in some schools children are exposed to abuse bullying and humiliation.
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everything has been explored. recently c.c.t.v. footage emerged of a teacher violently beating a young child in one of bangkok's most prestigious schools it wasn't the only case . t. hen fellows have been pleading no one felt they'd walk off. what had i been. how do it be. now students are taking to the streets to protest against the system they say fails to protect them. want to one investigates what's really going on inside. and the scandals that have shocked the nation.
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a series of incidents that took place inside this school exposed a culture of violence in thailand's classrooms. is a prestigious private school in bangkok for kids aged from 2 to 18. the school's enormous grounds are home to more than 4000 students. what's been happening inside its classrooms has damaged the school's growing reputation. rob and her husband became concerned a few months after their son started attending to the garden there. are no i'm he only on name and i hung. harlem t. a number my i when i don't hang on you and i want. worse was to come
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they heard their 4 year old son had been hit in class by his teacher gone on them we're going to meet been good i have no knowledge awkward. who are on our. northern line. why don't the. other parents like to turn on what also alarmed at how their children were behaving after attending school. their homework on time from time to their. mayor what. their lawyer. $200.00 parents met the school administration to demand an explanation. who were now called out. when why would i. be. made to me that the. pentagon did it. when we got the thing. but the parents didn't believe
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them the school had installed c.c.t.v. cameras in classrooms so the parents asked to see the footage. loud on how many. of them come up how they work on who had a car. my car cong. the look i make of hawk on the high level that i see is he revealed he. eventually the school was forced to provide access to the footage child which serves father was horrified by what he saw here was tangible proof his son was being physically abused by a teacher in front of other staff. they have someone who had a bomb technical and could undermine a part of what happened. in accord i mean i think i. will say what i don't want to have. paul
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is again i don't wanna. know what. i mean how many who along with well i think you may call a yeah. and it was an only child with son who was abused or hit by the teacher. who will be here in 5. who's a theatre i go to court and watch my then open what if you don't let me out i court i don't mind or noise. the c.c.t.v. footage shows widespread abuse from throwing kids across rooms covering their heads with plastic bags as punishment and banging the heads of 4 year old children against tables the parents showed the footage to the police and the teacher captured on c.c.t.v. hitting children was arrested and charged with assault soon afterwards the video was posted on facebook and quickly went viral it was public outrage many parents wanted to know how this could happen we contacted cyrus and we take roger prick
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school for an interview but they denied our request when the school's owner people nyungar man was questioned about the incident on thai television he accused the parents of being out for money. they get nearly. died not. good but and people refuse to accept any responsibility. let me tell you we're doing fine but they look like. i'm like one. couple then you won't tell me right now. but 7 maybe. but the school has a serious case to answer the ministry of education's regulations only allow warning
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suspension and great deduction as punishment for students. lawyer runaround was paying close attention to the case he had planned to send his son to the same school and knew one of the parents whose child had been hit in class when he saw the c.c.t.v. footage he said he had to act. and i want to buy another one or maybe i. got. the parents from the group to put pressure on the school and they asked one wrong for advice he proposed taking legal action and offered his services pro bono but he wasn't sure if they'd go ahead. and never think. the only of me now.
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that might get. me one. the sara site parents group decided to make a stand. over them tom cruise yak hankered can. keep had minor key how he can't talk at all but had high. up in math who needed time like and me been hacked and who back on who don't lie are they are i now call me now learn how one can who know about how mining i didn't like hockey while only in. their own country like i had only an art my laptop bag not have leverage on me one was made up of that at all and in reality the model and ignored a my alma 2 and a little home yet it died and my on behalf of the parents runaround filed charges of physical abuse illegal detention and child abuse against staff and a separate complaint against the school. the teacher in this is the t.v.
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footage is on my blog brung or teacher job at 1st she denied any wrongdoing in the classroom but when confronted with this video evidence she finally confessed saying it was down to extreme pressure on what michael would have done come to pick that man come up on the call call mommy my how him batman love me how while i calculate . papad i'm glad that you're thrown high that me do. like that man not how come up a lot. joan was convicted of assault and sentenced to 6 and a half months in prison but her behavior wasn't the only problem. i think it's only in my heart how i know one time i have one honey x. and crew thinking hey only if he told her you are. quote all men my doctor all my top cap was watch my nana black on my thumb up and courteney. then call pm. wasn't the only teacher at cyrus out without
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proper qualifications but as the parents' lawyer explains this is allowed under thai law the thing that accordion must on that no one but me what he might mean by a reactor or that. made me. react. and i'll believe i caught him in my reality progress or his i think i'm your when high and. as the cases of abuse in sarasota rajapakse school hit the headlines police found 13 teaches in assistants were involved in at least $36.00 incidents meanwhile the teacher's council of thailand launched an investigation discovering that less than a quarter of the staff had teaching licenses. i os apart from the ministry how this could happen. i saw a bit and to me dorothy of our daughter we are not
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a lot of course all in one. who 2 or who maybe. are you going on one i recall when you. might be mutable to do what's on your. who. are going to be married to mr cool enough to do need to eat out on. my p.c. . is it the responsibility of the education ministry to deal with the schools that have abusive teachers. got me. in. so. that 6 months after the crimes were 1st reported the ministry has failed to take any significant action against the school why has the thai education system failed
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its students do you will. die hall. i hope all. who will die from dying $100.00 will run it was over to me. in the ministry insists that what happened. is not representative of thailand's education system. you know in him that i don't know who. you were noble but you can go to me what. the ministry gets disagree. abuse is widespread in school. and they have taken their case on to the streets.
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well you know what my dad wanted but all they want a little bit more than even the limits. they called themselves the bad student group school students from all over thailand who are campaigning for education reforms. today i'm meeting with one of their members. to find out more about their grievances. when diana hauled out. the. beat up be but you know. what well. i don't hold the dominate one and he got to have the what i would he. says he used to think frequent physical punishment was to be expected in schools. but i want to know more i thought like on thieving. to obama that they gave it up
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so i'm going to put you on. the bad student group says that the extensive use of physical punishment is about instilling a sense education with suffocating rules on everything from what they wear to the length of the head. thing going. on hold. on how many how i'm going up and what thing that i had how it. was a guy who hold up your harley and are like all that hollywood who have to all of those who want to yeah man eating. these draconian rules can cause serious harm. could mean they can open up a lot that are like what i was like i think you read.
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introduces me to benjamin hawn point one of the founders of the bad student group she oversees the group's facebook page to coordinate protests and call for forms the group also post videos recorded by students in class rooms across the country. wholly and come top live look there are young and basically got hooked on the soon on the net who let me i'd have nick on the. create to. guide of me and by yes head that my oh my oh my when have bangle i had fun food let me gun fights on the. hallway had it all me you not sell a whole lot. call me young and come for tea. while idly. ploy believes that physical punishments reflect thailand's educational culture. seung sahn thought he. got.
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up and got to be a. poor meet that. little nazi t.s.a. popcorn at lee and loud i. look at. you. and she says it's not just school videos that show oppression the evidence is in plain sight. who were not here. not saying. thank the woman. and more who more c.d.o. cycle how to get around 201 when you were. one of thailand's most respected academics dr. agrees. the 1st kind of authoritarian and so. is in a classroom because
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a classroom is where they have to they have to be deferential they don't ask questions. they're being. not robots but. in a way. so what is to be done according to ploy reforma start at the top of the ministry . playing that song that's it's only a guess also he got me a. while when me but i had my whole 2 and i took out that been. made a captain have put it in. a while but. substantially. to educate. education is to get the largest chunk of the of the national budget. some 20 percent and a lot of the money goes through the bureaucracy and being a lot of it also misspent inefficiently all that katie at the way.
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home on call phone or pioneer said absolutely. well i certainly and resolved to hire. cutting through you and now i hope you come to. my. make use column and the lottery and. really. only what i learn how to read and who has a free attack going to you. however the ministry. issues the quality of teachers to be addressed. in the book people will make that course all let's not put out a nina. without those sorts of outside of a. doctor . from my head on university has been studying thailand's education system.
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she believes that the problems are rooted in how teachers have traditionally been trained. violence in a classroom. for example has been kind of tied to conditions for a long time and it's official banton 2000 when you go in talk to teachers they do would mentally say orders to practice. because the think it's the most effective way to kind of stop a behavior that is under sire. dr roger out of time is trying to reform teacher training. there are teachers who are radical believe have to change today just don't know how to test training. they need a different way of endangered and then need to develop a community does teach us. to get a teacher's view on training i meet funny dubroca uncool a primary teacher at
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a government school. will not be likely at being elaborate me on how well what i had. done when connie let me take all and because that. how light it all back in korea give it a thought though and it even had a hollow. but she says the government offers little support for retraining teachers . but only. the last roll will take hold out of it but i'm not mad he may climb up a partner finding out how you young. and how i could help and i like your comment i . dr archer ordered high invited running down to join a trial training session might you don't diversify to introduce new teaching methods. teachers as. an authority and naturally
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we stand in front of a classroom. we deliver what students should know. we want to be able to change things dynamic so that students are so care and students so as active. participants. the training methods developed here focus not on enforcing rules but on empathy with the students. are not. going to see. only an arm moment that might see all the magic you know we lack. the. who know my life. the things myself. coming up and being called have no money. including the intelligence on the fact that he says he only had money at my last
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loud out a strike up that you know that they love finding me wholly and i think of one that you know they love funding. these new teaching methods might have helped the teachers that sort of manage their classrooms without resorting to physical punishment. after a lawyer runaround cowpat filed a case for the parents of $26.00 students a court order of the school to pay compensation. but not all of the parents accepted the result. now mark one couple who could be. there to look. like me. but no one can. i thought by what i got out there. that went on when i found. these parents say their to larger payout would send a powerful message to the school. on how my. lonely and
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that. my level and blank couldn't come along cortland that. i'm going to. have. a. child with and pretend on whose sons were both abused at the school or among those continuing to fight for more compensation. got to me. only. that. i'm a parent myself and every week i take my daughter to school and leave her in the
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terror teachers so far i've had no problems but not every parent in thailand can say the same thing and that's what. i think the education authorities they. willing to really prove up and take the school to account because they have a lot of power of course they have a lot of money to start this one example but it's the tip of the ice. and problems are exacerbated when private schools like. unlike state controlled public schools can employ inadequately trained teachers. well we're. going to. use all we have to bring salt. but these promised reforms may not come fast enough for the parents and kids on the front line according to dr to. the thai education system is notoriously slow to change.
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is a creature and i think we look at the size of the student. you look at the rituals they have to go through all the national anthem singing them singing and so on and it's almost as though the tide occasion. at the grassroots has really moved forward you know. i know. thank. god mainly and. in the meantime chon with and his family have voted with their feet. has started at a new school and they hope. will soon become just a bad memory they continue to pursue their legal case hopeful that shining a light on the abuse their son suffered a powerful message that children should be kept safe in thailand schools.
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the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy one on one nice gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a al-jazeera read the news and current affairs that matter to you. countersteering. a unique kid endangered biodiversity lives in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals of the half year and now they're proud
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they are just becoming by their stuff better mission their communities algis their journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and her team's effort to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. her warning a warning. this is al-jazeera. hello rob you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes taiwan's worst crush in decades rescue crews pulls a virus from a train derailment that's already killed at least 48 people. chilling video emerges online that appears to show a suspected mass killing it.


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