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tv   Al Jazeera World Rehab Egypt Edge Of Addiction  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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140. in film time i can swear students are being bullied abused and humiliated by their teachers one a one east investigates thailand school scandal on l.t.c. . be the hero of world news right. washington ready. hello i'm adrian finnegan in doha the top stories on al-jazeera at least 34 people are dead in eastern taiwan ultra train came off the tracks the derailment happened inside a tunnel dozens of people are in hospital the train was carrying $350.00 passengers after a series adrian brown is monitoring developments from hong kong. the scenes there
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are pretty frantic because the 1st 4 carriages of the train appear to be ok it's the rear 4 carriages that appear to have been badly damaged and i was carriages and now inside the tunnel now this train agent was traveling from cape towing in the far south of taiwan to the northern port city ok long it was traveling along the railway line which runs along the eastern part of taiwan now the train confound the speed of anything up to 120 to 150 kilometers an hour what we don't know is why this train came off the tracks inside the tunnel some reports say that it appeared to have hit some sort of obstacle that was inside the tunnel we're not quite sure what that obstacle is or was an investigation of course will eventually establish that the iraqi the moment is to try to get passengers in carriages 5 to 8 but you know fire crews can only enter the time the the tunnel in
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sort of single file that they're calling out to people it's dark in there they're trying to get extra light put inside the tunnel so what we know is there were $350.00 people on this train we know that around about $100.00 have been rescued but we also know the more than 30 people have been killed and at least more than 70 have been injured so that leaves about 100 to 150 passengers who are still unaccounted for the train was heading to the north of the country and of course this is a holiday weekend in taiwan and in other parts of china it's the tomb sweeping fest to go this is traditionally when people go to the graves of their ancestors to pay their respects so it's fair to assume the people on this train were heading from tatum to cologne to do just that so that brings a sort of added poignancy to this tragedy. george floyd's girlfriends testified
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about their struggles with addiction during the trial of the former us police officer who's accused of his murder a very chauvinistic fence team argues that drug use was the major factor in floyd's death defense lawyers cross-examined ross after she was put on the stand by the prosecution it was your belief that mr floyd started using again about 2 weeks prior to his death correct. and. that's when you noticed the changes in his being. and you described some of those changes in his behavior in that timeframe right. here do you recall telling the f.b.i. that there would be times that he would just be up in bouncing around and then there would be times he would be like unintelligible. i know that but. if you disagree if i said that in the transfer.
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of an independent then void will look into the conduct of dutch prime minister mark roots up m.p.'s approved a motion of disapproval against him saying that he hadn't told the truth about remarks made during negotiations to form a new coalition but he did survive a separate no vote of no confidence the world health organization has criticized the european union's vaccination rollout has unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread thanks seems out of a double to anyone over the age of 45 it india india's government is racing to inoculate its citizens as infections that continue to rise jobs were previously restricted to those aged 60 and over those with serious health conditions. may on laws to post civilian leader aung san suu kyi is facing the most serious charge since being forced from power by the military she's been charged with violating the official secrets act it carries up to 14 years in prison is the headlines when you
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see it here on al-jazeera on the al-jazeera world next. the a. moment
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that he said you know that out of all by the share that you lost all of you have that here i was 3 are in the heat of the shadows on the other you know when i had my in the night if that's not the way i was with him out of the members of the. super good. points i thought well some of the talk to me and say what been bill's a lot of the b.s. . my bash had. me a. little go also it is so i got up out of a fog. my nature had all i needed enough see on the law the way. we walk and all the bull off of it all felt that i was some obama awful could be hell i had. my all you can live in the up being the primal
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snuff subway you had to pull them out of i want to come i thought i would. and i just did i had to. shovel this cuisine i think it actually one big body could actually want me to time. say i isn't rational and would. have a good wooden drive. more to consider. a little more about what the local budget ought all. my intention as to when obama. and i want to put the most. better ideas of all know how little and how long i don't. want to end the i want matt for. a one way moment left about to show any. good you need. to tell me for
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a 2nd any the luckily. my machine can see my. number collusion i had was a logical way to go a little bit accompanied bottom of the helpful as usual out of the blue and the pushing and it can. have a lot of this and could have been adamant. but sector to be made by would be good but you should be hired to. place me in the story have a chariot been enough see. through some of them would get off the number i had always just sit at the been of see when nessa governments and that this ultimate.
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min what to call a on the one time of picking at the time my leg. but i'm with michelle. and why i like let him be that then with alan here i shall be feeble that. you'll be as needed danny if you thought he turned heel for the south you have no influence and then i sense an. american. recognition we have had then i took interest why in. femur can come in and that i. can go out on. those that are going to go over i don't have a company called broken of the wood level up but when i would look at you know when i. looked through army is so high i don't. know what i would. really be.
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if you heard it then yes the call that that would probably lead to death is enough in death rock but done for people who are in need doc and bob minton larry. let them sort of the. it had to be some game. might have to. interrupt you. do. you know it was. i mean. it was the book. and it was something. that. actually. with.
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your talk called the most for fear. wouldn't. i don't. mean home we you. know my eye for. very may i mean the. literates you need. to meet. it i'll marry a muslim right there give me the lead. on the look at it how delhi. looks at a union and the mind of an 8 year. old son of a hole in. one of. the tub it in the get ahold of her. mom.
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but a lot of a day or her goal was to get the. tension. that's the model shania lolol it's all about if it's moving a little not a honeybee. not up to the sham i got you. and will. all be fairly nice. because they must have. left them alone. but it could. be give her. any lot of the 3. of the need to whatever. it elaborately be i mean the last angle. of the deed but it doesn semi-colon why
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she charlotte really ought to only be in. the memorial. that they. are going to. have one of the at my end of. the mile and a quarter of them are going to be alone when always share for the last hour. of the about. the 3 of. you share a. story with the in that little. old me. i will market the what have bed it hasn't had a very well has it not so good then. what was in it any all my late enough of that and i was innocent happy out of the want of checking it any the law. well know how to sit in give easy a whirl it off with it in my belief everything is me i sit in i'm sure the time i
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married leggett didn't. emily get them for her then i was a man said. leighton and i want to get them but i got it. and the talent among the top $121.00 how to cash in some out of service someone something none of the chill of the result. through our reckoning with them or see many muslims moment to moment is one of those are where i am ready to be. aware that there is this course of the dog. doesn't bug and. there was a lesson and toy. and call him a kind of a whole baby small band. and i know him for the daily arm of the shelf where homo conscious and you to hone your
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lies in your saloon in time of me and even recently muslim in knobs. you have 11 would mean any meal that would allow the butyl do it no homo i'm sure that's what i'm scared of. not the father i love my guess me. that the only guess means in fact i do not believe. that it literally should i be chances of a lot if a lot of i had to be to sell the tag. along to valley committee i don't want to get them going to. get them so we get them to do. they. could do 30 more of them this year.
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i want to get them agnes and i have an auntie. of sanity to remember which we are going to be in is when can they stop. tomorrow. i'm going to see them none of us are here and want to look and sound i'm going to want to give time. for them because but. that's something i don't give. a lot of. them have had to have one of my most how come it took them. a lot time was up with us from a ghost as it was during the kind of 100 movement arrivals of what. somebody. lived or come on feedback. from the high the memory.
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colluding with my does your mom i have gotten a good meeting with him i remarked to my knowledge gives me for granted that we are now as a matter of shame for my new cross the river just let me alone where i would boys who are at their lives than that know oddly enough i look on the net more good to see got them if. i was a little girl then i still am. i with a woman. i want to put them out of and doesn't want to hug the head of of one of them. because a lot of influence on my writing about a dog was on and off well had the. right listen to what a sudden they had yet to demand. from so if i get to norm had to get a. shot i'd buy a name can you had any demand here
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a lot of what i am told. the world looked as if it means. up in the chemicals the near. but not. that i blow my own i'm in a 1000000. national world saddle. who does feel it will can be familial are valid as usual one will the other. the help the fuel chemicals the if the little you have determined the national sad value. teleporter vian's and the good side the need to do. so and i know an awful lot of good to normal muslim for going to work with a bus that there will be. a little about.
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forbade back home. and so little. simon on tabun good shot of us all out of family hunger. magen and is also innocent if it were given 100 ash miserable weather a mile to head solitary for you telep there are way out about it. that in a lot of years it will again be to offer. at it head of again and again and the shit out of body chemistry which i had never gotten a lot of amulet in a while because of the culture i had. forged don't have a moustache one. can then if seen then a given one had to be ted out of a cottage for a head go or dr berlin type in shock as in satish all wrong one are bad that i looked. i had to learn
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a few and then i was able to. intrude start the 1st should get so lucky to. be sure to. place fear. kind of the side to hell alone knows i've been out of that he. had them off watergate. i am father. said if you like and official the matter that a lot of men often. seem to share. they buy the good that will lift up the the i mean you. do not want me nicholas for going on there are going to look mean yes or. looking to demi also on the phone to sort out along with local beat me up we have a shot if you will from a single democrat. one of them floated up could tip it does have
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a little how couples. can in the modern. i want an able and wasn't too much money. and let me can i loud you take it you. know there's a mind you know a little bit more chips of what i'll. call this i defy woman in a lot of evidence suddenly tell you i laughed. out of function and mobile alabama in a kind of a low bad element has been. going
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on that i got. called. in and i feel it's. the quote. but i feel i'm the end of it. it was how would it mean to me but i got some of. what they tell you. and took them up just over. 71 when i went. to memphis and i know what you said even. without it. and if you. really want to live it's all mine i left a bit and do a little bit i'm going to get it. i got a little enough for what i would have been. nothing noble holcombe is many i mean come on what's. more i was going to.
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walk. 0 one of the hopeful. as. a model rational one of us. on a mission none of us are. anything like that and . one who won't pay any at any of us dollar for on the phone and without a lot of a. lot of whale confusing at that a lot of empathy if one had the whole of it. i would had taken them to the mountain on the little man on it had suffered at that and they are. that any. gain.
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the long haul and moans are not needed want to come in there's been a problem being in them and i see them though that i've gotten along on the same cutting it will add. to their tab just a little to from. him can also tell you how lucky. and can also let him get them out of that i had. a look at them shared a canal and they help because if you look at. a leggy for the. relative you will see if the 2 are one and then had to go away argument but i view the whole darkness of this is we need to learn how long they have died you would a nice armored cars or one becomes
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a would when you were bullied and wiser was well i would wish you had a. first and i'm not a while she had then out of the highway and then it made me sort of thought about this i mean i do have the rights and i thought of my lot if i mean come on and when i would talk to her and i said i said. by the at that i bought it walked in there then it came on sherman the home of the will of the deal mother someone would mean what i feel is not i feel woman is that i was a. foot in the throne and the throne. this house at the soap home and pushes it to own it it is. a sin to show them i will she will try to fool you and you can feed both of
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the whole book with any book in this hand and then the feeling about bill and the vote in the melon with him. oh i. saw him again i thought of a plan for the long run that i want to do and then it's all caught on something awful for me in the senate. comes up sorry or kind when. the month. was and how you show a bit of a lead is. macand the time a few men yes. i did she would lie not in the commission but limited when take us not know if you want to know it's good and the home of lot less of a question i have and which b.t.n. going to most. like it often smoothed him a dish. and. you know what so they move
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a scaped hostility and phony and. in. illing of adding of the mean i found in the quote. i thought to. one quick to get to ask some of you haven't. been out a lot been in the workplace or the whole day and bit little snot in my twenties but . without understanding who knew where i would just move from the one. who knows would that it was the war with china for a bit. slower than what i would get
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them and it was one of her ottoman all i'm a bit dull if you want me to post i don't know that i got but in the venue my chum is in the. phone. that goes i was the maid i'm guessing it was a mortgage of one of those of the late in the middle of. a good fight. when the boneless struck many died and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifices and walking off a mission this is what i want to want to see survivors
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a unique yet endangered biodiversity lies in the heart of one of the back windows tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the city i knew most every half year and now they're probably are just becoming by their self conservation in their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and head teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the match between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start look that's incomes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the
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corona virus pandemic are not just we know what's happening i read and we know how to get the plague is that others cannot i was just throwing here guys by to put even on her back fires and then i'm going i'm a few years younger than my minor son the way they you held the story is what and make a difference. hello again adrian for the good and doha with the headlines on al-jazeera at least $34.00 people are dead in eastern taiwan after a train came off the tracks but around that happened inside a tunnel dozens of people are in hospital the train was carrying up to 350 passengers adrian brown is monitoring developments from hong kong. i've been looking at some pictures that come in they show images of the crash scene and it
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appears to see you can see carriages inside the tunnel that have have crumbled and been ripped apart from the impact you can see passengers trying to gather their suitcases trying to get out of the tunnel the scenes there are pretty frantic because the 1st carriages all the train appear to be ok it's the really of cool carriages did appear to have been badly damaged and i was carriages are now inside. george floyd's girlfriend has testified about their struggles with addiction during the trial of the former us police officer who's accused of his murder very chauvinistic fence team argues that drug use was the major factor in floyd's death defense lawyers cross-examined courtney ross to she was put on the stand by the prosecution an independent envoy will look into the conduct of dutch prime minister mark ruta m.p.'s approved
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a motion of disapproval against him saying that he hadn't told the truth about remarks made during negotiations to form a new coalition of the world health organization has criticised the european union's vaccination rollout as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variance spread. thanks ins are now they able to anyone over the age of 45 in india the government there is racing to inoculate its citizens as infections continue to rise jobs were previously restricted to those aged over 60 others with serious health conditions where most opposed civilian leader aung san suu che is facing the most serious charge since being forced from power by the military she's been charged with violating the official secrets act it carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison the u.s. is warning russia against intimidating its neighbors some verified social media video suggests that russia is moving tanks and other equipment to areas bordering ukraine and the region of crimea which moscow an extra ukraine in 2014
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there's the headline let's get you back to our to 0 world. family and i was about the same but not. bad very fast and then the didn't could turn out of parliament and hungry a little called the. road to hana do clearly have a whole lot. 5 percent to believe that we had little hay left. bill might have tied up a. little as a lot of. the hell happened the horrible. comments that mean it has zip to see if you. can model from some of the diversity.
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for a little ballot look from one of my. lists that we need for the new group who are. voting much. on lost in your own fallin. my what law nahla. what did not. follow was. a time. lead in the day one when i said if you have modeled it's a high but i'll call america's auto because a high of doing well accepted will and what i got did the howling with and a lot of d.m. . how did but i had the biggest money enjoy it like lamont laid out deeds. it's.
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the ticket you had to his daughter a lot of. the hey i'm gonna be anyone one of the way i am how me ill help a half a mother to whine about tibet and that maybe i'll get more time out i'm in with a multiple that i bought about mother i've dated books already have i think lauren do i had the whole. why didn't i think. they'll see the now i know to shatter. 11 fish. in the confusion that you must laugh and then. can one you know why don't you both little must all charmion when the thought of what i've got to go and then my love actually. starts i'm actually a must at all will bother when godmother cut them above it all if it's all then that that's not up the bottom an enemy which out of and out of on the figures most
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of us wouldn't get them when they had the sense. of a semi that pokes away mark of obvious have looked at just how ugly holding was given lard leno can just try to fight. in all of them to have an. audience how would they i mean business of any of that out and what would our. thought about the. that even about the winter and. it. are different it looks worth oregon's had one of the honey to me though. is that we're about to get up or not run all choked. on mcclanahan out of. our having gotten on the law and. not a glance have friends in the met have met anyone less stuck in atlanta but don't
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know their mama now because the majority of. the want to go the route i get them. i'm a $1000.00 to buy for our little bubble and try to feel more comfortable i fished around all the fish fish. glumly rabbits or colleen. figured i would sooner rather than. only lawman i'm sure father mckenna way. as i'm i'm sure not all here were when i was having been. squeezed from a can always get done. real close to try my ears want to come in for moments for the next in my is final 8.
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different i don't know. one of the 3 books. i was. going to be. one of the. well the limit. for. someone. who. was on the boat and i was going. to when. i was. under the money to. do the walls were going to come over the looks swear that's the knesset the moment i said that my.
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team was started by would really cause. really in a lot of the hotel if i'd read it. would we need. it when it's really clear that i would mean a lot of the games didn't actually. take a. minute had out there without ever so much as. awfully lebannon of the leg had a smile. and couple would not have the heart. if
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a couple of. 100 in the i had a lot. to be about i'm not making look i'm going to feel. it to be the end of nicolette how good they can you know i mean she had a hard days that i get enough of me she'd call isabella lafitte get in nash and he did as i've been in the. for it to be fun to call it had hope all of it has. to be has. had the howdy. doody about a couple funny i'm to have missed and i suppose it's also fianna small but the law . to do them a good deco and they are to give the hardin i'm at. the total time up to the autumn a little but not sure to be. quite all total from benar all day at a lot with. a little bit out of been along for the coming of bordeaux a lot of them in the game can.
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use. them on the couple with no you're not going to like that if all of them in a. war with me and it meant. less him making a clinton but i feel it's personal for you i'm sick. alcoholic. minus. let him come but then you know a couple of them you know. they most anything i would want ice fall is not of the. cup what then you. know the one that i've been known as i had some of it she mentioned it many moderates and our socks then in and in then about 5 going to have go. a lot of shit went on a lot of well how does it even looks right not you look up to.
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a local law. this image woman in an amish right michael. after. you have seen a man away at. the most it didn't matter how the little honey had to so why you are sure you could talk to. one of them but you probably won't be able to be. inside with what looked like. most of the quote also i don't want to be picked about i want to. give purple heart. but the minus on that was a. couple comes at the bit below you'll believe how dark it instantly become the little family. member me. later you will. know with
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a web site the judicial feeling we shall see and hon. but they need a shelf. in the flesh. in the famine the new initiative to do the harder for you we did the show did it official action and she swore on a year of that felt sort of meaning we have been highlighting a good way. some opted out of a new family and you learn that as a model. i see mash my opponent has hell an obscene one who'd already been so mad no more is that a bit of an a in rafah nimoy's couple. halted in this discussion and. button issue of meaning ness and then as if. among us all of them the bomb claim i mean were they that they won't. run about did alt ok. look at all me
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and i'm to look. or is that an homage to michael i didn't let the world had it in when i could. not see any man away in all my day and. when i get a civil. war if you lose the animal can niggas when i do. think it was. good the little 1000000000 shares of loose and i'm somehow either. is an intimate or gosh the shop then you tell the wife. we. want to go. get him a little bit of. thinking. about
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the gun and as it as a nazi for you would demand the. numbers and so on and i'm going to work. something . rick to her. and. him and have nothing in. common and i did. with him and i would. i lost a couple of dozen all by the instant i had washed up the couple of the few i got a deal meaning some sort of insulin and of agree to have eliminated. as well with. out i mean i suppose they could have been not of the. not all of them not of the nom. for the good of the army and i'm a bit shocked that even
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a house of how to the must often have something go well honey it's a $10.00 short. i'm one model but not. the traditional little been a bionic eye he has been a been all this time and of of the not. finding out about them understudy assault on them come get me a shot of a gal i had i want to be had me you how you can not a little but i when i met. out sad i met jani but i'm a grandma to the hub of. time and feeding it gives me the shugart for high overhead for getting a dream. fulfilled fella cradle born for going to highlight how the men are. out of high gimme. 20 an
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edison among the hunt is about i will hunt. has anyone know what to do i am home. i am on the phone. the whole deal still. went to the. land that i mean. and told me when i had them all on the sky. and nobody but. myself and. and that's not a choice i want. out of that i'm a fan of government is what it all. meant. i mean. just. the thought of a time last year. when i was one of we can come in with a little more confident.
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about the deal. than hold that a. 98 ball mine will get or you could look at yourself and then i come in for the. messiah that in a moment i said moving about. in the a nest of 18 high sadness would mean he could have done it and that we had in common maybe. it's in the home of. my better promotional move. with. them in life moving and i mean human being and. when i'm a day. to day. has been
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affected by. that. movement he said movement the bat. if he said awful awful lot of. i will rush on a father in reno will sheriff you for free if i did look sick and then show off no more not a dog when. for the heart of a. little. well. listen what it could be like. to. sit in. the asylum why enough and higher if he had gone why on earth in time it. would. be his 1000000000 to look probably why and organize the minutemen type 10.
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feet and look to have a whole row. of. the center credited mentalism. well the man is the sure frodo not all of them i'm sure command. me didn't really want to marry. anybody. most essential from him. nobody could on lies off from the can we said to him you don't know for sure. and i can't get the bottom of each i had a. photon. come on.
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mr maliki if some of you a lot of shook and i said he. had music locked just to have that he wanted to say in another sadness on about. in one of ability and about was a man of boredom and. had to learn not to go on. welfare mad at the mouth off of the oil. pan out we all come in a month to get even the lot that didn't mean on a dime it. so next it was said and i did give you good men in this little bit of winter that he brought out of the deli and like you were going to walk out of the mohali oh in the beginning. would mean without human blood all over you why did men fit again but tanika men said we settle for the negative lead role will get in and we did it
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we've seen men. who do a lot of weird and open fiennes was in the full interview but then we get to do the lead mission of those cited would really divide us shouldn't be at will kind of and then follow ok whatever get them benevolent to have that image. in one talent already worked except in the few books that have been caught up and the intermountain. decide now one thing to him that if i'm against the side that's the mother the one with the shock didn't see what's going on than if a mother but a girl you know skinny without any model that one doesn't try to fit in with the model i'm above have very learned of a side and then the rest of the show let me come while a good man that we were to where they were going to work i was to look at them hope that all beside nesta mata. and i'm not getting mad at him. they can mogul but that if demeanor they'd sold out in the main fashion not even then i
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have to have to cover the house all the way hoss i wanna gain and how and how much. and i should like to man he. says and i stop being. macand he had dictated to me they didn't i don't mean i was a dean in the school i had. 1000000 literally within minutes of these. minutes of wilson book room which helped . me that how women are more allowed to sell off
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a lot of content is. more whole when i look. alike to nixon but that's a lot more than that but that i should want a new mom sort of let go and not let them teach. and if a sawfish is a little close and. clearly your move on get a move or he in the office. and we're going to and out of it and on the pitch and you feed them do and jungle for vangelis for because shannon is protected in the owners and you live it in this school in this victorian.
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with the dead not professional today non-polar opened in a book my freddie i'm going to do no damage but remember penny was what i'm looking for do you bieber took a little fear to play for the healer. in britain i'm about we. have been on the road here nobody from the going to. alarm i'm not miss. it and then i'm not about me 30. 9 other than adam and you're not on the order of us dr ahmed. not on not a look. like an automated the neck at more hollow licht if you know. but if it. can one really get.
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have often asked non them out of the hall nobody to stop by later. in one eye and. say man about i was in mr what the delegate rather than half the night i went up but it got. down. the butt out of us in. a lot of us and then you can have a bite of any. and. i'm going out of anybody missing you.
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discover a world of difference. determination i mean something about when the need we are moving. freedom will climb this keep us in a shop so just put it on the 16 people that corruption in it and compassion. just 0 the world a selection of the best films from across our network of couples. that whether she said faddle society shot across the middle east most on the side as well for the most poppy got some bits and pieces the cloud still larry in suits the side of the mad looking a little to at the moment hand on the cool side temperatures struggling to get to well 3040 maybe 15 celsius wet weather moving through cyprus heading towards that
9:58 am
west inside of syria lebanon seeing some wet weather some of that showery rain just making its way into the fog north west of jordan as a result says that warms up it brightens up as we go on through saturday i want to shout as i was towards southern parts of the caspian sea northern areas of iraq well the pulse of iraq catch a shower what's a south of that generally try and find but a brisk wind around the eastern side of saudi arabia and with the dust and sand to watch out for temperatures here in doha still getting up to around 38 celsius little cold off through the 2nd half of the weekend but it's a party of sunshine having said that plenty of sunshine just around the horn of africa much of a the ip address some showers there into southern parts of ethiopia pushing across into uganda will see some heavy showers here heavy showers too just around the coastal fringes of towns and in the south africa we have got some bits and pieces of cloud and right in the process of moving away.
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from counting the cost of the billionaires the bank has finally had enough of brazil's president green bombs how the world plans to reduce carbon emissions and turn vos tracts of land back to nature plus europe's rush for battery technology. counting the cost on i'll just see a. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. in the here is the door. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because in egypt if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. we tell the untold stories. we speak
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when others don't. because on the inside. no matter where it takes us i prefer your fear serug out of my eyes. and power and passion which tell your story we are your voice no news to al-jazeera. taiwan's worst train disaster in decades dozens of people have been killed and many more be taken to hospital. i'm given al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up several deaths from
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a fire near overhang a refugee camp in bangladesh. we get addicted. and try really hard to.


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