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tv   Football Rebels Honey Thaljieh  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 5:30am-6:01am +03

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it wasn't a fact an april fools joke and those who attended were instead met by the police belgium recently ended a 3rd lockdown with gatherings limited to just 4 people. and what turned out to be an april fools prank by one of the world's largest car makers has backfired folks fog and said it was rude naming its u.s. operations volkswagen signaling a focus on electric vehicles it provoked anger on social media among those appointed to the company's diesel emissions gandel the cup. that's a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera george lloyd's girlfriend has testified about their struggles with addiction during the trial of the former u.s. police officer accused of his murder derek children's defense team argues that drug use was a major factor in floyd's death. we've both suffered from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his butt in the back. and we both had prescription.
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but. after prescription. for philip and. we believe we get addicted. the world health organization has criticized the european union's vaccination rollout as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread meanwhile suppose syrian leader and sang suit she's facing the most serious charge since being forced from power by the military she's been charged with violating the official secrets act it carries up to 14 years in prison the dutch prime minister's chances of forming a new governing coalition have been thrown further into doubt parliament approved a motion of disapproval against mark reiter saying he hadn't told the truth about remarks made during the talks he survived a separate vote of no confidence the u.s.
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is warning russia against intimidating its neighbors verified social media footage suggest russia is moving tanks and other equipment to areas bordering ukraine and the region of crimea which must go an extra ukraine in 2014. the head of egypt so as canal or thora he says the country expects more than a $1000000000.00 in compensation after a cargo vessel blocked the canal for nearly a week he said the amount should cover the cost to dislodge the ship losses due to stall traffic and loss transit fees but he didn't specify who would be pain and the white house says it's alarmed by video of children being dropped over the mexican border by smugglers in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling and then dropping 2 children from the top of the fence so those are the headlines the news continues here now jazeera after football rebels state you can still watch it by foot. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when
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they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. holding them here is that all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. has been going into. this from pyongyang. 100 tons here to make sure. that you don't. miss this i am there is also such. emotion but it is true what it is that it. took me the
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i. c c c. c. i mean. so assiduously about you until you. so assiduously by the minute. you're nice young to the process will be hard to. tell me this song so you can just about. all but it's you know something about how to make. history today.
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if i did. play. many. there's. only. a. clue about 10 he says little more than once but a stimulant things such as. i
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have number 10 that at. least live to start the football in the theaters they have their. place but i'm not going to be put off for caught up in the air power. and. by that and i better feel how my body just not as. it only half. the candidates in an arm are bad to. shout at. the. even.
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a democrat in our. house and in home. the american stand there and look. at them and then you can insert a share. in the buses. the shuttle to. be. semi going to be there.
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and. high school. and the of us will start there. and. the biggest in my head. was the head. of. the did have a brain you on the. math the norm in your mind. these alarmist. it was very difficult to.
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form. playground at the university. from. the. more difficult life. but because we like to live so we don't think this is the natural of the palestinian if we don't. we can fight for our land .
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find a bad brainy on the much of the nurse and the model or fact that the. man in non issue because all of them. we had a clue it might be to him. and kind of had to tell the star the sum of the hours. for 8 or so we could have little by not going to look at them in a matter that it will cloud and or kill her and and oh well. let's do it. she nor this kid i wondered how because she was playing with the boys with the neighborhood with her brothers so the coach said you are better than me. in the beginning. the girl is never learned how to play football in school and when
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she came to the training she inspired me and the courts maybe she didn't have the skill from good. so we started together step by step we were only the goes for girls playing football and daughter for carers we brought from different areas so when we hear that they would like to play football they were also like me they have the same story. even more so. than when i was. 6 and then we had to convince now the process started to convince the whole society that we want to play football and to go and present palestine and.
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yes for me it was difficult at the beginning but not because of my parents not because of the safety you know we are the 1st the 1st years of playing football in palestine so we were the ones who had the difficulties of the beginning we were the ones who fight to save it i guess thank god and we did it. we had some restriction from the families and some religious to statistics runs because they thought that if the girls go to play and with short it's you know it's not our tradition for especially for muslim girl so i thought then you can stay with that and trousers with a long t. shirt with this and then your parents would like to be and we have christian
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and muslim girls in the same team and we practice together yes it was a fight you know even. with the boys we had left. the society is there but. people think that women should only stay at home cook marry early so the father's a problem and that's why it was difficult to. watch one. my grandmother look at doesn't like in the same places to know this is a struggle i can't even get into. something but what can we do this is. the. the.
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the. well. modest a lot on a lot of secular off a lot of the member to every judge not people in the been it. may have been a. fair government been at. the policy and. if that in the get a good job was going to have because it had. give a kind of laugh with the lads of the book could have just had the video was. coming . up. and i forgot to see it at. dawn to see me and not to well.
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done let me know if you don't see that he's contrite and that it's for steve that. if they. left i'm not. going to throw the public. i support for. every death and they get it through time. but i do it.
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just this one a sort of. dumb not a lot of fun for the. encounter. and i think i. don't. know no matter how big. a chicken i'm for the stimulus that i'm at least in my visit looking for something i could get them under. for being featured in this trade agreement and i'm not interested you know look at that that you don't look at
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the real the i'm sorry but the public in another thought you know a lot of them is the new commanders are going on here with the real thing if you want to go for the peace like that just something you feel something is. going to happen. but i'm generally not anything but i'm not at all what i said to him so how can i look at the stadium when i can be on the winning ticket if we did that. i would never forget that it was you know our 1st game and we get results because we played with a famous collapse in their man and. for the 1st time to play they play with their old enthusiasm when i entered the pitch i was like wow i see it for
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the 1st time. because we used to play on concrete. you know. i saw the grass and i saw it to you. i always strain on the on the small churches like the one maybe you will see at bethlehem university this is where we started so. i was on and i said ok it's not a problem because our our main mission at the beginning was to were to present palestine and to be presence there and wearing our palestinian uniform with our flags it was the 1st time to be seen playing the game that i love despite of everything. we learned. our 1st year. we were happy actually after work ok it was tough but we were happy because we made
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it we passed the border and we went from palestine to jordan and you know when i say this it's not the only 7 kilometers away it is 7 kilometers away but it's not it's actually. you have to pass all the borders of palestinian one and then this or any one where we stay hours and then we passed with the jordanians to make it happen it was the biggest achievement for. them so. it's hard. to get a. chance to see. such a. the
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how we know it's funny but i myself i am. so close that brain. confided that often out of. the half a mile now with a hood and the same and the horn as in the middle. and the head the fund and then in. the. booklet the man is you hold the book with the books not. good news for nothing. i do want to suggest
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i do implicitly in the checkpoints all filmy too clever for less will you need to. look at present it don't you because all too well with your dumb thought as your own dick fortress you. do. everything to the county don't you think but what does giving me freedom you know it's freedom i can't take it from my life here in palestine because whatever you go you can see the support of this but it will wear my films. to this in a new unit in additions you need to reward completion. and i think what's going. through all of the commission in the team is men and women. we conclude that the defense team taught them to difficult for me. to either. go with a good neighborhood friendship between enemies so that's
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a side that's not thinking when i see even the bad existence of it but a stint in the sport to end. up looking to. see our way up for t.v. i need to put a senior or going public with. gods and opinion from the so-called truth. to give but a senior level quest. while i don't fault also good at making good old boys to deal.
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with. not just don't feel. good. about let's not. let's not. let's look at. this i think. you think this is always the gold. each player has a bad story because when i got injured it was just 2 weeks before the big. international. student national women's football game in palestine where i was waiting for so long and it was my dream to be playing in this pitch so i wanted but old people who just came to watch the captain and how i stalked i believe that it
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was my work my hard work. 15000 people attended this game and there were from all around palestine. i tried to convince myself. it's friends it's going to be ok i have a game 2 weeks but then they said no we hear what happened to you and we started to go to the hospital so i cried a lot to be honest and after this training session there were press conference i didn't want to go and the coach came to my room i was crying. badly it's really terrible moment but then he said ok it's fine let's go to the press conference he would talk and then i went normally you know because i want to talk about this important depends. it was a bad moment. to look at. i was pushing them to win but then you said if you don't win at least like
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clay. shaw how skillful we are because the people would come and judge it was ok we are waiting for the women's football team look the wrong look at how the world can or. yeah i was supporting them in every minute the coach says ok maybe you just go the last 3 minutes because it's important that i attend this great show and when you are. also at the same time with everything happens for a reason. i believe that if i still playing. and this didn't happen to me maybe i wouldn't go international and be the champion for peace or work at $54.00 because then i would just limit myself. in palestine and just in the surrounding areas so that's why there's a reason behind everything that's. going to look like not.
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behind of just playing football behind just following the ball i wanted to follow my dreams as well i tried to be a full package in order to fight this world and to be a great example and just to sure the other old carols or. the word that nothing can stop you to go forwards it just like a football game. oh . yes. i would just say that leave your daughters to decide on how they want to achieve
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their dreams if they have the skills and if they have the time and they can make a huge difference one story can influence millions so it's not it's not about just the game it's about it's more it's beyond that it's beyond the boy it's beyond fun it's about values it's about responsibility it's about teamwork so if your daughters. wants to go forward then just leave them because it's nothing because it's nothing. with with the girls began playing football. just somewhat like a magician. so show me a country pushing much stuff. on it. what i would love to me. and i hope that it's going to be soon i know he is very supportive to have and
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palestinian people it would be a great opportunity for him to come here and see it and then always share the story about the palestinian people and how great we are going to be confined. to. a football of from space traded battling opponents on the plate for fighting fascism at home on the broad. footballing legend at accountant introduces some of the ninoy in the buckle. a warrior who used his beloved game to help himself one of those survived the horrors of a nazi concentration camp. football rebels on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter how you take
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a al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to. countersteering. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries cobalt extracting it is dangerous but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines obstructing the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on i just see it up.
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al jazeera. where ever you and i. may get addicted and and try really hard to. break that addiction george floyd's girlfriend testifies about their struggle with drug abuse at the trial of the former police officer who's accused of murdering and. i'm adrian said again this is al jazeera live from joe also coming up the world health organization slams the ears.


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