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tv   Witness Survivors  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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bridge there's something else significant about this plot it represents and in the visible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck in his fans the weekend in minneapolis for proof where the court was selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. hello i'm down in jordan and the top stories here on al-jazeera george freud's girlfriend are spoken about the couple's opioid addiction go eros testified on day 4 of the trial of the former police officer accused of floyd's murder drug use is expected to become a major focus in the trial is on the reports now from minneapolis and a warning some of the pictures may be disturbing this image of george floyd adopted by the black lives matter movement after his death is recognized all over the world
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as a symbol of police brutality and it is based on a selfie kind of photograph business. dad selfie that's according to george choice girlfriend courtney ross who was the 1st to testify on day 4 of the derek chauvet murder trial. in her often emotional testimony she described how the pair met in 2017 when floyd was working as a security guard upon questioning she also described how they fell into addiction it's a classic story of. how many people. we both suffer from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his leg and his back. it was an apparent attempt by the prosecution to get ahead of a central plank of chauvinist defense team's argument that it was the drugs that
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killed george floyd and not the officers more than a 9 minute choke hold in their defense attorney eric nelson questioned ross about a drug overdose floyd had in march as a court session was ongoing ben crump the floyd family attorney released a statement saying in part we fully expected the defense to put george's character and struggles with addiction on trial because that is the go to tactic when the facts are not on your side we are confident that the jury will see past that to arrive at the truth the jury later heard from paramedics part of the team who arrived at the scene to treat floyd they testified when they arrived show up and still had his knee on floyd's neck and that floyd was unconscious in a living person there should be a poster i do not feel on i suspected the patient at the moment that you're talking and haas and the os are still listen on top of mr black. yes
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the trial is moving into a new phase instead of heart wrenching testimony from eyewitnesses like what we've heard most of the week the trial is now shifting into fundamental questions like how george floyd died exactly when and who or what is to blame. al-jazeera minneapolis. the world health organization has criticized the european union's covert 19 vaccination rollout as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread but. in the e.u. to ramp up production and ensure all available doses are used the w.h.o. also warn the overall coronavirus situation across europe is more worrying than it's been for months. that scenes are now available to anyone over the age of 45 in india the government's racing to inoculate its citizens as infections rise jobs
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were previously restricted to those aged over 60 and others with serious health conditions india aims to vaccinate 300000000 people by the end of july the country reported more than 70000 new cases in the past day 1000000 miles depose syrian leader and sank suit she's facing the most serious charge since being for some power by the military she's been charged with violating the official secrets act of terrorism to 14 years in prison activists continued to protest on the streets exactly 2 months after the coup wireless services are being shot. a ship carrying 1200 people who fled violence in northern mozambique has arrived in the port town of pemba family members were waiting outside the port to see which of their loved ones were among them armed groups stormed the northern city of palmer a week ago killing hundreds of people mozambique's ministry is fighting to retake it so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness statement that so watching i felt.
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my name for the top i think the sound of crowds. i almost across for in a filmmaker. the advent of ebola. in sierra leone. is something that i think baby seals. because it's touches my life. it's touched my feet in so she is the very foundation of might be. the only yet. was. was
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was the old. the death toll is now well over 1500 the biggest question and the most affected countries are grappling with this how to stop the spread of the to see efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus emergency measures were put in place in liberia answering your own restricting moment this right here is the largest and most complex that we have ever known it's also a global issue. when i need to tell the war how my people survived the morn. we've seen people making
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sacrifices sacrifices one thing often mentioned these are the stories i want to tell this is what i won the war to see that's not lost force inside me. orlando he's going to google will me. more i didn't know if you guys who are going to court you know one of us who are such a loser was about well i want smart pretty i demand a double when i'm living by my 80 equal we had a lock him up at a minimum i go back to me i get out of them can act as a city. of them again i ask. again if i have the. 'd market i thought i saw stock market that's i. understand you should be or be. any community to cool.
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off with their money you know what i need to know you. will be cheering the people . who don't believe that able to me and you see me get it to look look at em. he wound. 8 up. we. lose. i. believe yeah.
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yeah right. i will be yeah yeah yeah. he. was happy i. was very far leaves are are like that the fact that i just thought that even i was funny he had an awful nice idea but for the poor family was often the other the other one and that's why the telephone i want to. play for is really. good this guy the one who owns the truck on the disability focusing on this if you like or don't want yes i did it and when i say not able to yes i said i would have never had anyone talk about it don't talk. about so i did not as i can and was i think that it is nothing unusual you know and also believes it i would do anything anything at all yet and yet oh yeah.
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ok that is really a well known feeling that no yes you know that whenever you feel it's a couple just about it also got all the times it was here is what you mean and i want to be bangle i'm on about i'm right i mean this in atlanta. and the stuff when i say no not today in a small cinema and winning when and when and with it's because they want to talk for they did above. so what i'm going to tell me pick and choose me and that's i mean if that's what power the boys you look me get i know you cannot move. it develops most months so it's out tomorrow tomorrow give me one of these. back will come off. will you pass. you faster than almost. 10 a 2nd if. one of us invites. and that's how we know this he will come
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and i will. and i don't conform to that massive. police. now look i will this enough in other churches outside will not do what we don't. yes well i. don't know. that man was even like us. but it just to send us a look at the streets even though. it feels like a. * lot
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of people. should read. plus we've got for you i.
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mean family have all the money. that we put out was that over the last department so so not anybody we've got to come out oh but margaret but i will. tell you what we've done that to our church i let it go i found it without god i mean you know what's that about but nancy i've got to know about. my about i don't know. what i think you know what about but i want you know i did almost know that we could not blow that was it i was up to what you did before i want to go on outside of what we i would look at what's our motto we've got up what we don't you. 5 months a lot but i think about that so you know you i just don't even know 7 where you got the record if i want to know if you know where but i know god brings out if you're not a good what was our god serving your god no not god but i didn't think about so i don't. know if you've been sitting there it's not the food that you know
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don we've got a. minimal smile that's come us to see. it in the community it's not i do. according to him in those display if i see this couple we need medical attention. to these. i know. i've run out of body. yeah. right i thought it would you know. right over to right arm. you can work toward. wrong with me i'm
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really going to in on. you know bob you are proof or you are so go to google groups you. know when you are i don't anymore do those i did could install to you i put out the google or longer i ever would you prefer and most of this is worth the time. because it's. the greatest fear is. this a new disease and allow for under law it would be for seeing with you people and if we did so then we do not get the knowledge what's the disease so that money fear. because of because 18 really good people again top seeded appear we will quit horny for you because of the we did 500000 humans for soloman
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a big money 500000 that's not what was. is about let me see only a dollar only a dollar per week now small money down before your life. a possible city fall though into insight into you because infected identity die. please see life it's not going away before blissfully. oh i know it and if you can if i make me pick you know seattle good. it would end cystitis it would not and i'm already fully to know it.
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they don't know most of me calling do we don't die when i'm your close friend in me n.b.c. kalsu no allow me save him we get the idea save me save before i'll be in d.c. was. something else you'll feel guilty. for the phone had a quad submissive and i would have to mean literally. it would if not in fact see if i don't believe see. anybody. i mean i got some candy mindedly candy. it is that a. half ass value. if more than you had i name 3 kinds of it's all you know on you ma ma ma ma ma own and probably a bit on what that's like. so let's. examine the 85 pound i like the
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odds and pulling it difficult. to get to you don't quote me saying the item to which i'm going to ask and which it will do i get more thank you off my mean i'm not happy you don't know what i'm not sure. i do know my long think which equates final in law school class can both the day we're going to school to monday without a good boy or a short into the new book you send you mean you know the means of learning i think the doing the best wouldn't you can you even be i would know if you so much you can make good money you know that on time and even in way make good money to think you shouldn't use manga commuter now more. that's a car while mowing you don't want to pause to get up on a c a much as on everybody in high school so when i was someone who was fisa from the president yes all that for the record go on games thought oh god this what out of saudi but if you want to see they leave comments on a game yes ok that's
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a duck it's. we're go up for sure to go to some sort of them and they're sitting there listening but this was not just the sort of the morning i have exposed how hard john helpful to be to get up and walk before the outbreak but we have to pick up 2 for just one or 2 doctors 700000 people. under wraps. around. that there was no 3 other time finds us are going to do this and that yes that is a huge no no no no no no no. no . i don't mean about how i don't know how your mind. thank. you very much. biggest.
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thing. work. i'm going to. look a. little. i don't know. what is. going to. be. what's up you. should welcome us. big time at. the foot of the bed probably. going to walk out. of the book was
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out less than a little while just on my i was talking about the old. back yard said. it was like you this are. really going to have. most of that was. the limit for the someone who did it on the back of the lesson. that the lawsuit was a. book or a fun site i thought i was good enough with you it was not. there.
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yet 6 yeah. did i. not. get. it. on. monday. and the good. 6 thing.
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still today because he's out there you got these 2 just to move it to get it up or should not move i'm going to put in the 1st close up. this one. and it's a little bit of force in the os sposi video is the we must not imo i that he did most of us something about those moments out something we don't want to have to do then he gets in trouble a lot of us must do it up and he said you know those old guys are going to get much now we've got one tough luck but you know if we get it up. for that. no one.
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could make a. bad. i mean yeah and then making a living you know with everything. in . the woods and nothing you can swing it. then you kiss when he gets shot because we call it. we don't work for malacca so we kind of it's just. a shock really confuse me to mix up the order saying. because everybody be worried look for me personally not me but honestly. i think when you're trying to go down. because you lost. so
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i hope so when it's on sitting on a chair. with me. in this room. you. know but for. now i'm talking america for the whole.
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i have a lot of coffee. on the product on with your other food. so as soon as the results see you don't be composite see it being depreciates by did. it evolve to lose weight just being immense outwardly. calling out. all in. all. i mean you say goodnight impossibility specialists. who side look to the. change situation
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so i believe for play for me it's a game or so before we do we are going side. by you to really see if we are just strong parts for pally in believe open your heart. or. the want of what do i owe the richest. but my sister saved me. a lot more the less you share with your family. the reality of addiction in the arab world i'm in the struggle of recovery another look he told me it's
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a drug. i'll just 0 wells goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. xenophobia violence and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. the generation identity was at one time a fosters growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate . part of a special 2 part investigation on the. i was going to have his own talents and working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own story is in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from the highest
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because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. oh. and i'm down in jordan in doha with the headlines here on al-jazeera george floyd's girlfriend has taken the stand at the trial of the former police officer accused of his murder go to russia details of their struggle with opioid addiction drug use is expected to be examined heavily throughout the trial the defense would like to argue it was the main factor in floyd's deaths we both suffer from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his 1st in his back. and we both had prescription.
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but. after prescription. for philip and. believe we got addicted the world health organization has criticised the european union's vaccination rolled out as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread. and vaccines are now available to anyone over the age of 45 in india the government's racing to inoculate its citizens as infections rise jobs were previously restricted to those aged over 60 and others with serious health conditions the country reported more than $70000.00 new cases in the past day meanwhile deposed civilian leader and sang suit she's facing the most serious charge since being forced from power by the military she's been charged with violating the official secrets act it carries up to 14 years in prison activists
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continue to protest on the streets exactly 2 months after. a ship carrying told 100 people who fled violence in northern mozambique has arrived at the port town of pemba family members were waiting outside the port to see which of their loved ones were among them group storm the northern city of parma a week ago killing hundreds of people mozambique spent 3 years fighting to retake it. prime minister has now only survived a no confidence vote but m.p.'s did pass a motion of disapproval in his government they accuse him of lying about talks to form a new governing coalition and independent envoys now being appointed to see whether russia should be allowed to resume talks on forming a government russia is one of europe's longest serving leaders and is attempting to secure his 4th term in office. so those are the headlines it's now back to witness statement then so much in life and.
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this morning i am declaring. virus disease a public health emergency international concern countries affected today. do not have the capacity to manage an outbreak. and complexity. what we do. when it's came. on in the. stuffy cuts. because it's art that's the very fabric the foundation of our
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foundation of what makes us africans and that is our ability to associate with each of our ability to come to contact with one another. physical contacts is a big important it's bad balsa been for me to meet someone in the street without harbin a hunch or a hole. you know or some form of body contact. so with the advent of going up. it's like. every new thing that's makes me why. is on the attack. that. men are told me.
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2003. terry they're going to have to i'm going to try i love you actually with frank or. the way they say. but then why then are we all going to follow our father what i mean by big for that in the. evening but. if the. valley was ordered to get in and when it will last will go on my thought was you know. it's awfully nice. up witnesses not going well. she cannot be admitted to a blog post did you even do the doctor said that she really needs is
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a section. these are all problems if you will because normally i could have taken how to get between us she would have been admitted and observed for polly and all of these things. so kind of stuff and. i think it's. well. you. know that. there is yes. the. level of the fact that it would be something you know that. i know you. well 6 know. this all about you know justin it's not just about i don't know if i did 5 percent of it was not high steve on today i don't have an idea what i said
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before that i don't know if that's all i don't know is if you don't on the whole so that i don't got a life is i mean of course when the formula somebody people don't do what and what i have of told me my me to do or 7 say for them or not i don't doubt that i can die for that that is the sense on how to grow up so it doesn't matter if i make a point of what i know we welcome it it's on my own i know what about it and i miss that i just got from you know my father one guy now i don't suffer for money i don't want that now i know 1 7 day i won new course it was in a calm. reasoned official well guarded i don't go.
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well you know i. don't know probably. never know what. can i am every day thank. you yes. you know very heavy load. oh yeah. i don't. want. to.
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see. anything about. you know. what i'm doing. then you. don't know. what you. want. just turn your back make ya. boy you.
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wouldn't let yourself feel. hopeful multi-family would listen to what. you write.
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banana by what i had before coming. back under any of this work if you blame. people merely cockily bomb oh shit what you need obama. gave us some give up iraq. who let's try to make a fucking of us i may become the only good at it by gallon fleets not. one not in the pond they could. see it was really nice to get in on the front of if you ever felt so much can swim. if i put all my aunts. get it in need of a meeting the day before they're not going to. go
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deliver this life i seem to be your body because it wouldn't be equal to that. released today we don't let it come to the lights and it was time to take up on that that it's going to be and be doesn't lie here i don't have a family and then you should treat each she's leaving me a man. so these days especially from now to money are very very important these for me because. they don't get on till saturday that's tomorrow if she did not get back my tomorrow
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she won't be going through says ian section. well for me i just believe on transco dots and then. nothing goes wrong with about another baby. it's good to glory. this is only. it that's written this ruefully and. she's just name it we're. the kind of scene where the presence of gold. the lights whenever you go to the light of what was shown upon you you will never walk in darkness ways goodness and message will be upon you in about a father those on the list ages and. by
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the whistle both my wife. and my son home safe. and that's a fact i am happy that you be happy because. i have seen my song a nice healthy. i'm. really into people across the country i think to stay at a table. free to gather here and get west africa's q 14200 will. reach out as well lost a 3rd of. the stars for 3 days don't down on friday there is an extra push to white out the charts will also be taken this counterproductive to have been added by some charities a similar campaign in liberia's capital last year after rioting and looting died.
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we. know nor you know any good example of the foreign. ministers and i want to have a good doesn't listen to you but certainly to knock that is what i wanted so i want to get up a little get him a bit i don't pull my helmet off. i don't make you know. this stuff yet somehow. let's not even. let. anybody having a lot of a genuine and i've done a lot of late night and i know even. when i was getting the sound i was not a whim that i'm gonna get really down on well most of the above and i know many did so maybe i was on the watch that i could be no no no no. no no one's ever going to survive. but you know you know jonathan i mean i saw some of that with him because you know. do you want to become absolutely you know actually want to see norm you
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know will be. he just might need to. unite you young gentlemen i'm less able you have a brief is not to be held up usually by few c.d.'s or what's on his biggest number it's not ok i got about how do you get your work to do so we didn't get to do both now but don't be stupid to also i would not have. it is up to the standard not to run again i'm sorry to inform you that what i don't get for not sucking something. winos it when i don't get to accidents you know they don't get to accidents but as far as we can sound we're not interested in 2 accidents one to suck in one at this particular point in time because you feel for the people you work for making people lives that sacrifices now do you want an awful time and until we meet all we haven't got is of interest to you but you don't. look at spiderman not a superman look up to make you know he was the typically are one of the sacrifices that will be just me and this one i want you all well some of we hope all of us are going to be pleased i just don't see you going to discuss the time to come nobody
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suspects of all we're going to ever have allowed us. not out and got something you know you think you've thank you very much above the one you're from do or does it put your mind about 100. and one is really where even i know you really don't know anything when we. come here to tell us you know. 2
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you. didn't you know i'm going to try and have a. very. oh years ago was it. was. ok. if. i thought so not thank you for to not make. me smile what i will be it will be c. because this. and it will survive it i. know who.
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it is now we know richard it's the journey of a one year 6 months. and for me we have got to about who and this are no more acidic i do and i make efforts and if we do see the union we all make efforts when i make a fault. it hurts so i tell you all to keep it going toward him we live and come. now discounts you for this i want to feel sick and weak sad life and come to your boy's very special he's a fighter in their home and you cannot imagine how happy you. are going.
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to say such if you keep. on an only son to see. it in. this case living in the world is only a sense from. this wouldn't be a tete a tete a tetes nicely. and so so glad you go to sydney from this bloody turgid i'm glad for the efforts back when i knew from yeah you can i do run him over said the name he grew so who called me this you know if you took. to teach me the senate now college yes. it's fine and we see where c.d.c. came in we said you know i'd be good in a minute if he'd be good in here because the both he said i didn't listen to b.b. did and he looked as if you know something you must know we get it so i can also tell you it the same question over losing me and if america doesn't think it was
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a mistake. but. as one who said it well i'd almost comes on and then decide for a quick look on typing today and when i post them in any new allies the quality of my. words yes i did worse by the end of this morn i will start to look back and i can and. i go as far as i don't care. fellow civil unions. we declared a state of emergency. because the very existence of this quandary
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was at stake. today i have commenced discussions with the leadership of my limits and the state of emergency. the ebola outbreak has ended in sierra leone but we must remain vigilant and we must remain alert. a total of $8704.00 c. the unions were infected during the outbreak. and we lost 3589 of our brothers and sisters. more theirs and further as our sons and daughters. rest in perfect peace. that their money will come we got
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a good man in tom english name off my me and i give a damn when you going to name me tell my back to me i'm going to call. soon god according i couldn't. we all get to. the people who are all disturbed. here believe. so woman oh. yeah i. know it's. only thing i'll pull it off we know if you know with a laugh if i got mail because you know up here in prison and your whole who does that what are you like about them and you will have everything anybody knew when you read them in the old.
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if you government didn't know you wanted me gone going on. a plan for make. i was an. eye out would be. me and if i'm in the will come on i guarantee. me. they pick you than me with my mom. because your lies they're not i just give up as it's. this one notice or so this one and if you google it gets all would say i don't do
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it belong to me. because. i believes it will not be going to do this once in this or 5 when it will i don't know on. this miss was on this one now. and then we get to dismiss. mine let's lose the little nightmist. wouldn't there. there i mean. there's about been north and then there was the like you you saw.
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signs that is this is a strong country. this is what makes us unique it's all vibe. 10 to 12 years of one of the most brutal war in africa. so by that and also by the border. to see. things happening to see you continue to talk talk talk talk making a change for me the goods assuming of course is the make a change in the life of somebody. we are so in the lights so the mission. to sierra leone and to the what. it was that is why we're here. to do it to give meaning to life. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for
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millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that has the world's attention was drawn to her as mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. how is that we're seeing some violent storms moving across the deep south of the us
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this long line of cloud just moving out towards the eastern seaboard as that cold front associated with it cold northerly winds blasting out of canada ahead of that we've had some very warm air just being pulled out across the gulf of mexico that will move out of the way as we go on through friday those coldest temperatures pick back to 56 celsius along the eastern seaboard not too great it's all struggling to get about phrasing and also well at least it will be dry crisp shall we say central areas of the u.s. central parts of canada fine and dry for the west we have got a little bit of sleet the snow pushing towards the the west coast pushing over the high ground by the time we do come to friday find down that western side of the country want to see showers just around the full cone as we go on into saturday much of north america rosette fat looking pretty good actually there will be some snow over towards the west coast there of canada but elsewhere it is largely fine and dry some pleasant sunshine coming through lots of places sunshine meanwhile
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across the caribbean this is the place to be it is fine and sunny chalcis just the outside schaffel want to say but some heavy rain there for the bahamas this weekend . jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we don't want to feed than we are and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there on. the latest news judge need to see there would be no closure justice is served as the identities of those behind the list of bombings are revealed with detailed coverage
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there's something else significant about this plot it represents and visible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck in his friend the week in a minneapolis corporal with a quarter selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. george floyd struggled with addiction on the alleged drug of drugs and his death become a focus of the trial of the former police officer accused of his murder. our story it's it's a classic story. a many people get addicted to. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and accept the risk.


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