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this something else significant about this what it represents and then there's a dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck his friend the weekend in minneapolis corporate board to selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. george floyd struggled with addiction and the alleged role of drugs in his death become a focus of the trial of the former police officer accused of his murder. our story it's it's. tragic story. and many people here. daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up unacceptably slow the
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world health organization slams the european union's vaccine rollout. protesters mark 2 months since the military seize power as unsung suchi start with the most serious criminal charge yet plus. percent tina rivers birth argentina pays tribute to the controversial composer who revolutionized tango and divided the music of. george floyd's girlfriend told the story of how they met and both struggled badly with an addiction to opioids courtney ross testified on day for the trial of the former police officer accused of floyd's murder drug use is expected to become a major focus of the trial cable is under reports now from minneapolis. this image of george floyd adopted by the black lives matter movement after his death is recognized all over the world as a symbol of police brutality and it is based on
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a selfie kind of for us. that's according to george girlfriend courtney ross who was the 1st to testify on day 4 of the derek show ven murder trial. in her often emotional testimony she described how the pair met in 2017 when floyd was working as a security guard upon questioning she also described how they fell into addiction. of. chronic pain. mine was. it was an apparent attempt by the prosecution to get ahead of a central plank of chauvinist defense team's argument that it was the drugs that
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killed george floyd and not the officers more than a 9 minute choke hold in their defense attorney eric nelson questioned ross about a drug overdose floyd had in march as a court session was ongoing ben crump the floyd family attorney released a statement saying in part we fully expected the defense to put george's character and struggles with addiction on trial because that is the go to tactic when the facts are not on your side we are confident that the jury will see past that to arrive at the truth. the jury later heard from paramedics part of the team who arrived at the scene to treat floyd they testified when they arrived show up and still had his knee on floyd's neck and that floyd was unconscious in a living person there should be a pollster i do not feel on i suspected the patient at the moment that you're checking for this crime and haas and the os or sell this and on top of mr black.
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yes the trial is moving into a new phase instead of heart wrenching testimony from eyewitnesses like what we've heard most of the week the trial is now shifting into fundamental questions like how george floyd died exactly when and who or what is to blame gabriel's on doe al-jazeera minneapolis. the world health organization has criticised the european union's covert 19 vaccination rollout as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread the double h i was urging the e.u. to ramp up production and ensure all available doses are used the w.h.o. also warn the overall crown of our situation across europe is more worrying than has been for months. vaccines in our brain about to anyone over the age of 45 in india india's government is racing to inoculate its citizens as infections continue
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to rise jobs were previously restricted to those aged over 60 and others with serious health conditions india aims to vaccinate 300000000 people by the end of july the country reported more than 70000 new cases in the past day. and i think everyone should get vaccinated it's absolutely safe as the vaccination campaign now includes everyone over 45 they should get the shots. well india's rush to vaccinate its own people is affecting countries far beyond its borders it's home to the world's largest vaccine maker which has put a temporary hold on exports of the astra zeneca job it's the main dose supplying the un's kovacs program for poorer countries africa's top health official is warning if the delay continues the result will be catastrophic. continuously. of people different.
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from astra zeneca from media from the. country. because they'll be catastrophic. become problematic. slovakia has a new government after a scandal arrest secret vaccine deal brought down the previous administration the crisis paralyzed one of the e.u.'s hardest hit countries that in baba reports. swearing in a new government and hoping to turn the page on a terrible year for slovakia's ruling coalition. president says on a couple to over praise the coalition for reaching an agreement in 4 weeks and such at contests the real fulfillment of the success of your agreements will be if these government continues to take steps to help the country and its citizens development
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and now chile we have learned a lot and we also have learned a lot from mistakes i believe that will be stable and trusting and i believe that there will be cohesion and unity between us because that if occasion and renewal of slovakia continues hagar was previously finance minister and deputy prime minister he swapping those roles with the man who stepped down as premier along with his cabinet on tuesday igor much of it his was the 1st european government to collapse because of how it's handled the covert 19 pandemic disputes over matter if it's his leadership boiled over last month the prime minister had ordered shipments of russia sputnik the coronavirus vaccine without consulting his political partners but when asked in the next 2 months we will receive 1000000 vaccines as agreed meaning it will be for half a 1000000 people the move prompted 2 parties in the coalition freedom and solidarity and for people to demand that matter which resign he'd only lead the
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center right along no party to election victory a year ago with an anti corruption agenda. since covered 19 a raw if so about he is how did on the enviable record but with a population of 5 and a half 1000000 it's registered roughly $10000.00 covert deaths one of the highest per capita rates in the world in recent weeks it's seen infection rates for by avoiding early elections the new government will hope it can concentrate on driving down covert cases and hospitalizations the al-jazeera me and miles depose civilian leader unsung suchi is facing the most serious charge since being forced from power by the military the new charge against her and 4 others carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison the generals are also shutting down wallace and this is scott hartnell reports. with tears of blood painted on their faces protesters in yangon mourn those killed for demonstrating against the coup this is
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they mark 2 months since the military power grab that plunged myanmar and the crisis and. we are very sad for our fallen heroes and protesters who are still fighting the military but we will never give up the legal team of the pows leader on song suchi thursday announced that she has been charged with violating the country's colonial era officials secrets act she's been detained since february 1st and has also been charged on 2 other accounts and has been accused of bribery it's a crisis that's now spilling outside its borders for the 1st time in more than 20 years myanmar military fighter jets attacked korean ethnic army held areas near the thai border those attacks during the past few days sent thousands of civilians across the border into thailand seeking safety and medical attention it also prompted the strongest reaction yet from the thai government on the coup next door kind of square very troubled by the reports of more casualties among them in my
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people during this past weekend. we reduced the call. for the exercise of utmost restraint. the escalation of situation and to violence and for the release of detainees some of the ethnic army groups have denounced the coup throwing support behind the protesters and have even called for an increase in attacks on myanmar as military most have spent years fighting for greater autonomy the un envoy on myanmar has warned of a civil war if the situation does not improve some feel that not only is there already a civil war in myanmar but on 2 fronts the streets and the ethnic territories what we're at now is a situation of 2 civil war. one which is too much so and it's what the military. started when they they staged so it's a civil war with the anti-sex and then this 2nd civil war which has been going up to 7 days which is against a lot of these at
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a time when i say. as protesters in yangon burned copies of the 2008 constitution that gave deep powers to the military a parallel government has been set up by deposed members of parliament mostly from unsung suchi is former governing party they have called for a federal democracy that would include the ethnic armed groups it's got either al-jazeera. a ship carrying 1200 people who fled violence and northern mozambique has arrived at the port town of pemba family members were waiting outside the port to see which of their loved ones were among them the group stormed the northern city of palm a week ago killing hundreds of people mozambique's military is fighting to retake it here that i don't know about my son i don't know where he is nothing i haven't been able to eat for a week. and then the guns i'm so tired it was 7 days in the bush is i'm so tired we cross paths several times at the bandits this
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is who ation is really bad many are dead. the head of egypt's suez canal authority says the country expects more than a $1000000000.00 in compensation after a cargo vessel blocked the canal for nearly a week he said the amount should cover the cost to dislodge the ship losses due to stall traffic and loss transit fees but he didn't specify who would be paying they have a given is owned by a japanese operated by a taiwanese company and registered in panama. time for a short break here and just iraq when we come back on verified social media video as a tension between russia and ukraine. and the potential punishment waiting for veteran hong kong democracy figures have been convicted of a protest more in that state this. time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways holiday
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we've got lovely spring sunshine for to pan over the next couple of days we have got some wet weather coming out to china they get a lot of clouds coming through those central parts stationary front here bring you some outbreaks of cloud and some rain some heavy at times and that's all pushing its way further east was heading over towards shanghai further north some wet weather easing up towards yellow sea as well and that will eventually move across the korean peninsula turning increasingly wet as we go through the weekend ahead of that japan stay largely fine and dry for the time being 21 celsius there in tokyo in the sunshine 22 in a saka sunshine too across northern parts of the philippines and largely fine and dry across a good part of indochina want to see showers around will our way into parts of vietnam some nasty weather there just easing across the andaman sea as we go on through the next few days plenty of showers there as per usual across much of southeast asia and in asia in particular could see some very heavy rain that wet
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weather that we do have around the end of the say the nicobar islands seeing some very heavy downpours as we go on through the next day or so the possibility of some localized flash flooding as a result of that much of india where the stays hot and dry and that heat extending all the way up into northern parts of pakistan. sponsored paul qatar airways. goodbye. when the bonus struck many died and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers who say people making sacrifices while been off a mission this is what i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories this hour george floyd's girlfriend has testified about the struggles with addiction during the trial of the former u.s. police officer accused of his murder very chauvinistic feinstein is expected to further argue that drug use was a major factor in floyd's death. the world health organization has criticized the european union's vaccination rollout as unacceptably slow this it says risks prolonging the pandemic as variant spread. and me and most of those with believe that i'm sensing she's facing the most serious charges being forced on by the military carries up to 14 years in prison activists and continuing to protest on the streets exactly 2 months after the generals seized. the u.s.
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is warning russia against intimidating its neighbors unverified social media video suggests russia is moving tanks and other equipment to areas border in ukraine and the region of crimea which moscow an extra ukraine in 2014 early this week ukraine accuse pro russian separatists of violating a ceasefire all this is happening as nato ambassadors met to discuss a recent rise in violence our concern is predicated on russian escalations and aggressions in eastern ukraine of course we would be concerned by any attempts on the part of the russian federation to intimidate its neighbors and our partners of course ukraine. is among them the gunman have killed at least 30 people in ethiopia's a roomier region villages who witnessed the attack in the west will eggers and say the victims were ethnic i'm horas orthe or it is a blame the group called the or remote liberation army catherine sawyer reporting from neighboring kenya explains why this part of europe has seen
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a lot of similar violence. this incident happened on tuesday night at around 9 pm local time that's $800.00 g.m.t. and it happened yes in that area called a leg. or a media right at the border with mara and people who live there are mainly ethnic amar's these are 2 areas that are occupied by 2 of the largest ethnic communities so we're being told by people in that village that was attacked is that gunmen came force people out of their homes and started shooting indiscriminately now the regional authorities there have the oromo liberation and this is a breakaway faction of the larger or roma liberation front which until very recently when prime minister abbott took power had been fighting the government over the same issue over the years at this particular area there's been a lot of clashes over land and resources or left has also been fighting over the
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same issues and grievances of my generalization now officials like i said have these breakaway faction overlay but we've also had from officials who have denied any responsibility they're saying that in areas they've both a mara's. people from them our community and our army as have existed peacefully but this is also causing a lot of concern with people saying that it seems the prime minister. his government is a the overwhelmed and able or unwilling to deal with the situation in the country because we're not just talking about or a marriage and we've seen clashes ethnic clashes over same disputes land disputes flaring up in different part and people are particularly concerned of the impact this might have on the parliamentary election in june representatives of egypt sudan and ethiopia are meeting us and e.u.
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officials and car to bettors cussing ethiopia's contentious method among the river nile in an exclusive interview. vall spoke with the sudanese minister variegation. what we are proposing the downside is to strengthen the african union persis by ferris jenkins are all of the above their worth that is the united states of america and the european union and the african union itself to mediate that and facilitate that and then to invite a 4th party the united nations so it become a court fight to give more things to the african union persists and to give more leverage political leverage to reach a kind of an amicable agreement among the 3 countries and the full interview with yes at bass as next to 0830 g.m.t. on friday in talk to our jazeera the leader of the palestinian israeli party has called for better coexistence between arabs and jews mansour
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a bass did not endorse prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his rivals in a closely watched speech as united arab list party has emerged as a kingmaker following israel's latest in countries of election it won 4 seats in a row. i don't want to be part of a block on the right or laughed i'm here for a different black bloc that elected me to serve my people i reach out a hand my name and out of my colleagues and on behalf of the public that voted for me to create an opportunity for existence in the holy land blessed by 3 religions and 2 peoples here's president joe biden has ordered the pentagon during moves some military assets and forces from the gulf according to a report in the wall street journal the u.s. has reportedly taken at least 3 patriot anti-missile batteries including one from a base in saudi arabia american officials say an aircraft carrier and surveillance systems are being diverted to answer military needs elsewhere around the world.
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according to hong kong has found 7 pro-democracy activists guilty of unauthorized assembly in 2019 the veteran leaders of the opposition movement faced up to 5 years in prison but they remain defiant from hong kong his sarah craft. they arrived at court flanked by their supporters defiant in the face of a crackdown on the movement they have represented for decades these are some of hong kong's most high profile veteran activists including 82 year old martin lee who is known as the father of democracy in the territory for many of my brothers and sisters so maybe britain. considered better morning. please one of 9 people who were found guilty of organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly in august 29th in join the anti-government demonstrations the rally was given police approval but this group was accused of aiding protesters out of the designated area into central hong kong veteran activist lead chuck young says
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peaceful protests are not a crime and they sed charges a beijing's attempt to silence its critics i think it's. inevitable that we in such a political environment of oppression are retaliation that we have to go to jail to . you know he paid a price media tycoon jimmy lie as well as barrister and former councilor ma gotten also convicted and face up to 5 years in prison this group of probe aging supporters rallying outside the court wants a tough a penalty they are traitor this treason so today we read us the trade out to the sentence life sentence this is a major blow to democracy movement every major voice of dissent in hong kong is already in exile on trial already behind bars for the $2400.00 people have been charged as part of this project and police have told us more arrests even so the
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pro-democracy activists say they won't give up the game it's not over we will continue to fight for so we don't want to see really the onion fall far we want to do it in the course no and not out in way but we will carry on at least 3 in this group will be back in court on trial for other charges the court is expected to hand its sentence on this case later this month sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. well victor gao is director of the china national association of international studies he argues that illegal gatherings result in prosecution all over the world there have been tremendous amount of chaos and anarchy and violations of the rule of law yes indeed there were many protests and demonstrations but i would say many of these protests and demonstrations were illegal by hong kong stand it's hawkeye's of democracy protects people's right to demonstrate and to protest but you need to
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do that according to the law therefore if someone is involved in illegal and unlawful protests and demonstrations or even further committed offenses like a murky assem want to attack of other people for example or setting fire or even for example attacking and assaulting a little pine the logical building or other government facilities then definitely this person or those persons would be filed. for the law or will be subject to prosecution this is perfectly understandable this is not surprising. now just 2 weeks after emerging on top in elections the dutch prime minister mark rutte a is fighting for his political life opposition parties are presented a no confidence motion accusing him of lying about talks to form a new governing coalition rotters one of europe's longest serving leaders and is
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attempting to secure his 4th term in office. and put to own use what i've been able to observe to myself is a pattern of forgetfulness amnesia how can you in the greatest crisis that we face in the netherlands restore the trust that is again being damaged for you here maybe you hung over spilt don't you realize your time is up and the netherlands now sees who you really are a liar. expletive art i am speaking the truth i made a mistake in my memory has failed me but what i'm seeing now is through i'm not lying and it is up to the north alliance the parliament everybody to have an opinion on this white house says it's alarmed by a video of children being dropped over the mexican border by smugglers in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling and then dropping a child from the top of the fence moments later they drop another and appear to hurl supplies assistance from ecuador in the care of authorities just 3 and 5 years old. i will say that our concern and our focus is on sending
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a clear message to smuggler to the region that this is not the time to come you should not send your kids on this treacherous journey that these smugglers are preying on vulnerabilities in these communities there's a lot of issues and steps we need to take to address root causes so of course our concern is for the safety of these kids these border patrol agents who saved these kids deserve our our thanks and our gratitude for ensuring their safety. concerts are taking place across argentina to mark a 100 years since the birth of tango legend stop it so that is unconventional approach was criticized journey his life now i'm 19 years after his death his legacy is being reflected upon much more warmly of stories about reports from but as ours. this is one of the most famous dangle songs worldwide.
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of you honey no it was written in 1959 by composer actor to beat farewell to his father. argentina is celebrating 100 years of a birth with us series of concerts and shows in the city of one of. the be increases your wife says this is the 1st time the city has paid tribute to his music. in the beginning he was at war with the city of port his iris don't forget that tango is from born as arias alongside heroic why he said he played music from the city he wanted to revolutionize music he wanted people to know there was more than 3 times for in the beginning he was more respected in europe than in argentina but people here looked at europe and saw him. museums and theatres in the
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city by putting his musical life on display early on in his career after p.s.o. left music arrangements were criticized by traditional town musicians some even accused him of killing and walking forward in elements of jasin classical music and created what is now known more i want that it became so successful that he's music is now known around the globe. yes i was born in the province of one of scientists but he's father moved to new york city. it was there where he was given his 1st band and since then he never stopped playing. he wrote over 900 songs to take tango. has been played in many of the world's top for years. and in films
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and royal weddings. was a close friend of the my and also his manager he says took tango to the 21st century. after on the base of manages to create a new universal language that everyone understands and feels and you can hear it in so many different scenarios in the 2nd note of a song you know it's he was special and elevated. 2 his music he's now part of. a city that he may beginning rejected him but the today celebrate. when a site is. now 20000 people who turned out to dance to calvin harris some daft punk in belgium i wishing they'd check the date the party invite wasn't fact an april fools joke and those who attended were instead met by the police belgium recently
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ended a 3rd lockdown with gatherings limited to just 4 people. and what turned out to be an april fools probably one of the world's biggest carmaker has backfired to volkswagen said it was renaming its u.s. operations bolts signaling a focus on electric vehicles to prevent anger on social media among those who pointed to the company's diesel emissions scandal attempts to mislead customers. a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera george floyd's girlfriend has taken the stand at the trial of the former police officer accused of his murder courtney rush said details of their struggle with opiate addiction drug use is expected to be examined heavily throughout the trial the defense will later argue it was the main factor in floyd's death for. the. pain.


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