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bred their message far beyond their ham their call. history is far from innocent the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the day of the. nazis and fascists have no place today. 2 months since a military coup would be in march to post civilian leader. slapped with the most serious criminal charge yet but protesters remain defiant across the country. are watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. it's also coming up more promising signs for the pfizer biotech vaccine research shows it's highly protective against the south african variant of
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corona virus. several pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted for their will in the 2019 mass protests and the secret behind iraqi gold in a country with no minds calls from ours is a to ensure more is done to protect a centuries old industry. fellow mars the post civilian leader aung san suu kyi she is facing the most serious charge yet against her i'm bats of violating a colonial era official secrets act it carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison the military is now shutting down wireless broadband services after earlier cutting mobile internet completely over 2 months now protesters and activists have been sharing images of very defiance on the streets online as. they call for democracy scott had the reports.
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with tears of blood painted on their faces protesters in yangon mourn those killed for demonstrating against the coup this is they mark 2 months since the military power grab that plunged myanmar into crisis and. we are very sad for fallen heroes and protesters who are still fighting the military but we will never give up the legal team of the pows leader on song suchi thursday announced that she has been charged with violating the country's colonial era officials secrets act she's been detained since february 1st and has also been charged on 2 other accounts and has been accused of bribery it's a crisis that's now spilling outside its borders for the 1st time in more than 20 years myanmar military fighter jets attacked korean ethnic army held areas near the thai border those attacks during the past few days sent thousands of civilians across the border into thailand seeking safety and medical attention it also
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prompted the strongest reaction yet from the thai government on the coup next door kind of square very troubled by the reports of more casualties among them in my people during this past week and. we were doing ok. for the exercise of utmost restraint. the escalation of situation and to violence and for the release of detainees. some of the ethnic army groups have denounced the coup throwing support behind the protestors and have even called for an increase in attacks on myanmar as military most have spent years fighting for greater autonomy the u.n. envoy on myanmar has warned of a civil war if the situation does not improve some feel that not only is there already a civil war in myanmar but on 2 fronts the streets and the ethnic territories what we're at now is a situation of. one which is too much so and it's what the military.
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started when they they staged so it's a civil war with the excitement and then this 2nd civil war which has been going up to 7 days which is against all of these it talk to guys ations as protesters in yangon burned copies of the 2008 constitution that gave deep powers to the military a parallel government has been set up by deposed members of parliament mostly from unsung suchi is former governing party they have called for a federal democracy that would include the ethnic armed groups. scott either al-jazeera campaigners are warning that with the intensifying crackdown some protesters are being pushed into joining armed groups the qur'an national union is one of the largest among ran mars almost 20 armed groups known as the cane you it represents ethnic minority qur'an communities that border thailand it one self determination for its people in that region take a and use military wing wain just an armed rebellion against the military for
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nearly 70 years a cease fire agreement was signed in 2012 and now hostilities have reignited following february's coup they can use preparing its fighters on several fronts last week military jets launched airstrikes on k a new territory for the 1st time in 20 years the cane you has also responded to protesters calls for support by sending fighters to protect them attacking military positions and cutting off their supply routes a smile wolf is the regional director with the human rights organization fortify rights he says the decision to turn to the ethnic groups for training is born out of frustration. this is a culmination of 2 months of brutal crackdown by the burmese military in me a momentary against civilians so it's not necessarily an unexpected development but it is concerning and i think the impacts are great in the sense not just in terms of whether the civil disobedience movement protesters may start seeking to turn to
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more extreme methods to resist the coup but also what we're seeing there is this sort of extension of the fighting out into the ethnic areas and you've seen that the sort of defacto or parallel government under the name of the. for this constitution and it's really trying to seek to bring in the ethnic groups that have long had to be using longstanding tensions some cease fire agreements and they've all lapsed actually over the last few weeks this concern this is been raised already that this may escalate and they will see increased fighting and that's going in in the ethnic areas but it's also going to have a severe impact on the safety and security of the wider population because this is an escalation from the military side the concern i think for the military will be that they could see themselves opened up on many different fronts. and that really is not just a concern as you say for the military but also for the entire populations or so before so there are a very deep concerns i think the military may not have predicted such
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a unified potentially unified response against the top model and this crew. of pfizer biotech say it's vaccine is highly protective against the south african variant of corona virus the strain has calls concerns because of its resistance to . us from washington d.c. alan what more can you tell us on this. well some real good news from pfizer they say the covert vaccine is actually good for 6 months no many people thought it would be 90 days you might think 6 months isn't a lot but if you compare to the fact that they thought it would just give you protection for those 90 days 6 months is an incredible length of time so they say it's got 91 percent effectiveness after 6 months which of course reduces the need for a booster jag in a shorter period of time there is also the news that for those between the ages of $12.15 who have received this vaccination that it is 100 percent effective
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and of course i did that to the news as you report that as far as the south african filiation is concerned that this protects from that as well there was some concern with the number of variations that this vaccine might not give complete protection pfizer is saying that is absolutely the case that there is protection there so that is all good news and that means that the company will move to full approval from the f.d.a. here in the united states remember that only operating on emergency approval because they were keen to get the vaccination into the country it's good news compared to the bad news that we got on wednesday when johnson joins us said there were no longer going to ship vaccines to the united states because millions of doses had been ruined at a factory in baltimore and there they shipped the ingredients for the vaccination and it's all mixed together somehow it really is this should have been the
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vaccination got mixed up so essentially just to throw everything out but the pfizer news will be good news particularly for joe biden who as you remember was very keen to get 100000000 doses out into the country in 100 days in office there's no been 150000000 vaccinations carried out in the united states 54000000 people have had the flu or vaccination that 16 percent of the population 2 point. 1000000 vaccinations in the united states on wednesday and so the white house or not seeing anything publicly is quietly hopeful that they might reach 200000000 perhaps even 300000000 by the time joe biden marks his 100 days in the oval office ok thank you alan fischer for that update from washington d.c. . a court in hong kong has found 7 pro-democracy activists guilty of an authorised assembly in 2019 that's when anti-government protesters marched against
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the now repealed extradition bell the veteran leaders of the opposition movement face up to 5 years in prison but they remain defiant from hong kong here sarah clarke. they arrived at court flanked by their supporters defiant in the face of a crackdown on the movement they have represented for decades these are some of hong kong's most high profile veteran activists including 82 year old martin lee who is known as the father of democracy in the territory so many of my brothers and sisters so maybe britain. consider a picture on it. please one of 9 people who were found guilty of organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly in august 29th in join the anti-government demonstrations the rally was given police approval but this group was accused of aiding protesters out of the designated area into central hong kong veteran activist lead chuck young says peaceful protests are not
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a crime and they used charges a beijing's attempt to silence its critics i think it's. inevitable that we in such a political environment of oppression that repatriation that we have to go to to. you know pay the price media tycoon jimmy lie as well as barrister and former councilor margaret were also convicted and face up to 5 years in prison this group of probation supporters rallying outside the court wants a tough a penalty they are traitor this treason so today we're witness the trade out to the centers life sentence this is a major blow to democracy movement every major voice of dissent in from the inside in exile on trial already behind bars for the 2000. $100.00 people have been charged as part of this crackdown and police have told us more arrests even so the pro-democracy activists say they won't give up the game is not over we will
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continue to fight for so we don't want to see ribosomes money and all we want to do it in the possible and not out in way but we will carry on at least 3 in this group will be back in court on trial for the charges the court is expected to hand it sentence on this case later this month sara clock al-jazeera hong kong. still ahead on al-jazeera. that probably. more distressing video of george floyd's fatal arrest proves overwhelming for witnesses at the trial of the former us police officer accused of his murder. and more than a real hard time of being granted to places where the u.s. city where black people are in the majority but struggling to get covered 1000 vaccinations.
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but. how low they were lovely spring sunshine for japan over the next couple of days we have got some wet weather coming out to china they get a lot of cloud just coming through those central parts stationary front here bring you some outbreaks of cloud and some rain some heavy at times and that's all pushing its way further east was heading over towards shanghai further north some wet weather easing up towards yellow sea as well and that will eventually move across the korean peninsula turning increasingly wet as we go through the weekend ahead of that japan does stay largely fine and dry for the time being 21 celsius there in tokyo in the sunshine 22 in a saka sunshine too across northern parts of the philippines and largely fine and dry across a good part of indochina want to see showers around the lao into parts of vietnam some nasty weather there just easing across the andaman sea as we go on through the
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next few days plenty of showers there as per usual across much of southeast asia and in asia in particular could see some very heavy rain that wet weather that we do have around the end of the say the nicobar islands seeing some very heavy downpours as we go on through the next day or so the possibility of some localized flash flooding as a result of that much of india where the stays hot and dry and that heat extending all the way up its northern parts of pakistan. we tell the untold stories. we speak when others don't. because. no matter where it takes us i prefer your fear serious. and power. impartial we tell your story we are your voice. your net
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al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera myanmar's the post civilian leader and son suchi has been charged with violating a colonial era officials secrets act it carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison suit she has been detained since the coup in february and has not been seen in public since pfizer violence act says it's vaccine is highly protective against a south african variant of corona virus it's also released new data showing its vaccine is overall 91 percent effective even after 6 months 7 veteran pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted for taking part in an unauthorized
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protest in 2019 they included media tycoon former legislators and a prominent democracy activists. well the 4th day of the trial against the former police officer who's charged with murdering george floyd in the u.s. city of minneapolis is set to get underway very shortly let's bring in gabriel is on the he's joining us from minneapolis so gabriel there was some pretty compelling witness testimony on day 3 what are we expecting on day 4. yeah that's right to work spect in that testimony resumes here at the courthouse in downtown minneapolis within the next 15 minutes or so we just saw george floyd's brother flanked by the family lawyers walking into the courthouse behind me it's
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interesting because yesterday on wednesday when they walked out of court i asked the family attorney how did it go on wednesday and all he would tell me was it was a good day referring to the testimony on wednesday it's clear that the prosecution thinks that they've put on a pretty strong case so far what we expect on thursday is more testimony from prosecution witnesses. we don't know exactly who it will be because the judge has not given publicly a list of who will be testifying each day we only know when you know when they are called to the witness stand but for sure we will be hearing more testimony from witnesses or people that are called by the prosecution to help bolster the prosecution's case that comes down to basically one key thing and that's the prosecutors arguing over the course of this trial that it was derrick show friends need for over 9 minutes on george floyd's neck that ultimately killed george floyd
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yeah and that allegation of course led to widespread protests protests not only in minneapolis but right across the country at the time what is the mood like in the city as this trial now is well underway. i'd say it's a mix between tense downtown is pretty quiet a lot of things are boarded up as you can see there's security fence around the courthouse the courthouse is completely closed to the public but it's also even closed to courthouse employees are not allowed to go inside unless they are directly involved with this case around the city you see this scene appeared quiet tense and it's that hangs in the air here but you also see and you could see that from the testimony yesterday pain this city is now sort of collectively
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reliving that day 10 months ago when george floyd that video came out seen george floyd die on the streets and you could see from the eyewitnesses that were testifying on wednesday as well pain you saw people crying i wouldn't say is breaking down and so you're sensing that as this city and really the nation in a way collectively is now having to relive that traumatic incident that it is very very painful for so many people ok gabriel will speak to you later thank you for that update from minneapolis the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is a more needs to be done to tackle racism despite a recent report denying systemic issues it was commissioned by the government at the height of the global black lives matter movements the report blames family social class and location for existing inequality campaigners called the findings a whitewash the prime minister johnson says the report doesn't necessarily reflect
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government thinking. this is a. a very interesting piece of work you know i didn't say the government could agree with absolutely everything in it but it has some some original ins and stimulating work in it that i think people need to read and to consider there are very serious issues that our society faces. to do with racism that we need to address we've got to you've got to do to fix it we need to understand the severity of the problem and we look at all the ideas that they put forward and will be will be making our response the u.s. border patrol has released a video showing children being dropped across its southern border by smugglers in the infrared pictures and adults can be seen dangling and then dropping a child from the top of the fence along the mexican border moments later they drop
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another and appear to hurl supplies the children are sisters from ecuador and are now in the care of. the pace of covert $1000.00 vaccinations has dramatically picked up in the u.s. but distributing the jobs to everyone has been a challenge in baltimore black americans make up the majority of the population but they're being vaccinated at a far lower pace than whites how did your castro has more. inside this baltimore factory brews the viral vector that will train immune systems to neutralize the corona virus truckloads of the ingredients leave the factory operated by emergent bias solutions regularly destined for faraway facilities for further processing into the johnson and johnson vaccine and eventually even further away places where arms are waiting that's despite plenty of people in need of the vaccine much closer to home right here in the middle but you know it's here bob is
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not here. to me it mars will be about 2 miles away tanya gros lives just 2 kilometers from the vaccine component factory she's 56 years old and diabetic but she says she's getting nowhere in her search for a vaccine a moment a real hard time a been told in the realm of different places they could help me in the sis me with it in bolton more city black residents are being vaccinated at less than half the rate of whites that is troubling in a city where african-americans are the majority and as the johnson and johnson vaccine began its rollout in early march baltimore's mayor made a direct appeal to the drug maker to sell 300000 doses to the city where it was produced when you're talking about a city that has already before covered head to help this varies and probably just further exacerbated those in a city that is 60 percent african-american or people. and they're making
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a vaccine of course people here should be the beneficiary of that is that simple to me but baltimore didn't get the extra doses that the mayor requested to order instead it's had to rely on the federal government to secure the shots and scott says the situation is improving we've seen opening interest you know now you know that which is all part of this vaccination plan that we have that's very very. bus reaches us to reach our people where we like here aboard a mobile vaccine clinic operated by the baltimore city health department and med star health it's parked outside a community center in a heavily african-american neighborhood and nurse practitioner kelly mccallum has been busy inoculating people all day coming to them in their neighborhoods is in addition to show. faith and trust that if they can't come to us to bring things to them 79 year old joan smith a retired machine operator and cancer survivor just completed her vaccination
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a woman called north of there she got very sick and. she's in nursing so that he would know that i had left and that an indoor cat now that both have been vaccinated a reunion is in order. castro al-jazeera baltimore maryland. we're taking you live to minneapolis that is where witness testimony continues today in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer derek jovan there you can see the judge swearing in the 1st witness off the day i believe we will now listen in well you anticipated my 1st request which is to keep the rest of it just a little heated here if you feel you need it you got to put it back on the feel for it but the important thing is that we be able to hear you and so we're going to do is start richer. we can be where you were going to have you state your full them
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each of your lives ok. my name is courtney c o u r e t e n e y but the 80 way past r o s s thank you mr president thank you your honor. miss ross can you would just tell the jurors your address generally where you live. yes i live in there he's minneapolis along and you've been in the northeast minneapolis area my entire life has been arrest. and control jurors hold your. i am 45 years so 30 seems like a strange question but there is a reason for it s.k. and. i have to play. and miss ross juno. george floyd. when did you meet george for i met for a day in august of 2017 and you refer to him as floyd all the time
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that's what you just referred to a moment yes. and you know in court we prefer to use mr floyd. so as much as you can do that but i understand where it is just so you know i share our. and you know in court we prefer to use mr forte. so as much as you can do you have to stand for it just so you know for sure for. him for what what was it that you 1st met mr ford. made of this very sure ok if my favorite story. so. it was rather so you know if you feel you can you just take a moment to collect yourself you know for you know for no rush or to give.
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in. august. 2017 i had. work when i made. the coffee shop for 22 years now. part time and. i was tired and. just cleaned up and closed up the shop and then i went to go visit my son's father who was staying at harbor lights starvation army shelter he had some difficulties and was staying there.
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i answered her lights and. when you visit there you have to. ask for a person to come down if they're visiting them and so i. had the receptionist car him down but he didn't seem to be coming down so i waited in the lobby and. i wanted to talk to him both. earth physic. i was pretty upset and i started going to fasten. in the corner of the lobby. and. at one point.
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so it came to me. for it is this great deep southern border raspy. as i see it you could see this and i was ok you know. i'm just waiting for my son of. the book and i probably would feel.
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so much my son's and i. moved kind person just to come up to me and think can i pray with you but i felt alone in this lobby. it was so sweet. at the time. lost the love. for us. certain interrupt but i. can want to help with a few questions. at that point did you know what mr ford was doing there or the salvation army oh yes. there are. so he came up to you and tried to comfort you yet it. was that the beginning.


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