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you know finally laying the pasta rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just find a finger i could bury him. on al jazeera. al jazeera. you're watching the news our life from headquarters and i'm dead you know coming up in the next 60 minutes. defiant protesters marked 2 months of mean mars military coup as the u.n. warns of a looming civil war. more promising signs for the pfizer violence had vaccine research shows it's highly protective against the south african variant of corona
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virus several pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted for their role in the $21000.00 mass protests. that call the lives i think were in the. video of george ford's arrest proves the stressing for witnesses at the trial of the former u.s. police officer accused of his murder. and support germany lose their 1st world cup qualifier in 2 jackie a 4 time world champion cyclist on she wanted host i knew a chance to just. say. hello myanmar's deposed civilian leader and sponsored she is facing a new charge of violating a colonial era official secrets act it carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison meanwhile on the grounds of the un special
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envoy for me and mars warning of a civil war that's unless the security council acts to restore democracy despite the increasing bloodshed a diverse group of protesters is keeping the pressure on military generals to give up power as they mark 2 months since the coup and the military is under pressure from its regional ally thailand that's where hundreds of refugees are sheltering to escape the airstrikes by the military. kind of a square free troubled by the reports of more casualties among them in my people. during this past weekend. we return i'll call. for the exercise of utmost restraint. the escalation of situation. and to violence and for the release of detainees. scott heiler has been across these developments he is joining us from bangkok so this is the strongest statement yet from thai all forty's on situation mean mars scott what are we to read into the comments.
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that and yes deeply troubled is the way the foreign ministry spokesman put it there and what we can read into it is that you know. the big picture what this means is that the situation inside myanmar the crisis inside myanmar is flowing outside its borders and here in the thailand is the biggest case of it you know there have been other people who have fled across over to india but nothing like this because these people were fleeing violence and it was in this qur'an area along the border with thailand and the reason they fled is because there was an aerial bball bombardment by aircraft with the myanmar military so this is something we haven't seen for more than 20 years so it's simply a ratchet up of aggression between those 2 forces the military and the korean ethnic fighters now what's interesting about this is that it took you know a couple of days for
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a lot of these people to filter through across the border into thailand here there's a bit of a. back and forth of what exactly happened after that no this happened over the weekend started over the weekend they fled here and then some went back the thai authorities said that they went back because of safe to go back and rights groups said that they were pushed back but a few 100 remain here they were injured in those attacks so what it means really is that the confrontation that that myanmar military is facing is off obviously their crackdown on the streets but it's also going on in these ethnic territories and that is starting to flow over into its neighbors and scott the civilian leader aung san suu kyi has appeared in court what do we know about the new charges leveled against her. you know this new charge you know it was very innocent was during the day we heard from her from her legal team saying that there weren't any charges today but the new charges today but then there is this charge that came
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through a new charge additional charge that hadn't been announced before but it sounds like it came from a couple of days ago and it's against the colonial era law. secrets act she violated that according to the court and that could carry up to 15 years what's also kind of going along with that it's not just her that is being detained and being charged with different things this particular charge it's coming out her attorney said one of her attorneys said is that it's also being levied on 4 of her allies some cabinet members and actually an australian who's been in the visor to her over the last couple of years he is also in detention so they are also facing this charge we don't really know what the next steps are this is a hearing was held today but it didn't sound like much going on but with this opportunity the legal team said that just a couple days ago this additional charges on so that adds to 2 charges already leveled against her but then also there have been accusations of fraud by the gintas so
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a lot of things going to moving in the court against her right now but that's the latest on this new additional charge ok scott thank you so much for that update from bank. will come painters are warning that with the intensifying crackdown some protesters are being pushed into joining the armed groups because national union is one of the largest among main mars' almost 20 armed groups known as they can you it represents ethnic minority communities that border thailand it won self-determination for its people in that region the k. and use military wing waged an armed rebellion against the military for nearly 70 years a cease fire agreement was signed in 2012 and now hostilities have reignited following fabrice coup and dictator and u.s. preparing its fighters on several fronts last week a military jets launched airstrikes on k a new territory for the 1st time in 20 years the caney has also responded to protesters calls for support by sending fighters to protect them attacking military
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positions and even cutting off their supply routes is smile wolf is the regional director with the human rights organization 45 writes he says that the decision to turn to the ethnic groups for training is born out of frustration. this is a culmination of 2 months of brutal crackdown by the burmese military in me a momentary against civilians so it's not necessarily an unexpected development but it is concerning and i think the impacts are great in the sense not just in terms of whether the civil disobedience movement of protesters may start seeking to turn to more extreme methods to resist the coup but also what we're seeing there is this sort of extension of the fighting out into the ethnic areas and you've seen that the sort of defacto or parallel government under the name of the. for this constitution and it's really trying to seek to bring in the ethnic groups that have long had these among standing tensions some cease fire agreements and then they
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will lapse actually over the last few weeks this concern that as has been raised already that this may escalate and we will see increased fighting and that's going in in the ethnic areas but that's also going to have a severe impact on the safety and security of the of the wider population if this is an escalation from the military side the concern i think for the military will be that they could see themselves opened up on many different fronts and that is it really is not just a concern as you say for the military but also for the entire population that's had before so there are a very deep concerns i think the military may not have predicted such a unified potentially unified response against the top model and this coup. well pfizer. it's vaccine is highly protective against the south african variant of corona virus the strain has cause concerns because of its resistance to some jobs pfizer has also released new data showing its vaccine is overall 91 percent
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effective even after 6 months the company is seeking full approval for the shot in the united states alan fisher is joining us from washington d.c. to talk us more through these findings released by pfizer and how significant they are alan. well there is good news there's no doubt about that initially people thought that the vaccine would be good for probably 90 days so the fight the fires are came out and said no you'll get 91 percent protection after 6 months that is very good news and of course it extends the period that people can get vaccinated and then may need another booster with the vaal sort of yield that children between the ages of 12 and 15 are 100 percent protected by the vaccine and as you see the big news is that they tested it for the south african variant and found that it was very effective there was worry this may well cause problems for this vaccine
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that it might be able to work its way around and meet people there saying no we've managed to sort that out we've tested it everything is good here and that's good news for pfizer as well because they can now go to the f.d.a. here in the united states and see we would want full approval for this vaccination because of course you'll remember that there are only operating on temporary american c. approval which was granted to make sure that they could get shots into people's arms and millions of people have received their vaccination this is good news as i see coming on the back of what was essentially bad news on wednesday that's when johnson and johnson said that they were stopping shipments of vaccination to the united states that is because millions of doses of the drug were ruined at a factory in baltimore know what happened is that the ship all the ingredients there it is put together but somehow the wrong ingredients were put into the
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vaccination therefore essentially it had essentially to be thrown right out of the window so bad news on wednesday but much better news from pfizer today particularly as the united states keeps motoring towards 4 vaccinations certainly well ahead of the target set initially by joe biden when he said he wanted one. vaccinations it is force 100 days it looks as if we may get 3 times that figure by the time he hits 100 in the white house ok allan thank you so much for that update from washington d.c. let's break down the findings with our next guest who is stereo moskos he is joining us from newcastle he's an associate professor in cellular and molecular science it sciences that northumbria university thanks for your time let's look at this so pfizer is saying it's shot is 91 percent effective and still offers high protection after 6 months so this is longer than the initially thought 90 days of protection what do you make of that particular finding. i think it's really good news that we
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see that this particular vaccine is actually able to protect individuals up to this 9095 percent of a sentence which ever way you look at it the way this is about it is basically people who come out of the succession programs on they say. infection they dared to show who showed symptoms to get tested and then but they try to find out whether or not the boxing on the placebo and what's happened in this case is that 6 months after the study has started the evidence showing that the boat the sentence of coverage are actually people have not received the box in the past the majority of us who calculate this now do percent protection it means that in society out of 10 people that would get that disease not a ton of them would be individuals who have not been box and therefore vaccinations higher last 3 to protect us the fact that it's working for 6 months sometimes think
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because it means it gives us a long awaited though to look into these new variants and what is the possibility you know if there's other vaccines work in it guess that yes and speaking of the new variants pfizer is also saying that their job is so i got a 100 percent efficacy when it comes to the south africa variant to it as you know has been a major concern but does it concern you that they're basing these results on a small trial of simply $800.00 people when it comes to the south african variants . so when it comes to clinical data it's open to present to. be made available in terms of size 0 to show comics that are going to be a 100 people it's not a sufficient number just say it definitely was x. but if the data show that the most they say 100 people was that bad of the disease none of them. basically the south african variants on the box about the same time then that's what they found out say or at most people think it uncivil we need more
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data we always need more data the real consensus if you allow me with the so-called brazilian variant of the people out there and it's a very good said sue because we know that this is a little bit more tricky competitive the south african variant what we need to see now is they stop all the other variants but also with on the other vaccines where the protection continues i may transpire 6 months to a year from now we will need to get a boost that dose with a box will cover it all the variants of the let's hope this will work because that will reduce the problem of current viruses and this must fast track the company's plans then to get full approval for the shots in the united states because right now of course it's only emergency or proof of emergency approval. not a policy to the details us to follow pfizer would get full approval for all this i
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don't know of this mechanism in full detail right when i do know is that once the beta hover reached a sudden threshold set by the food and drug administration then the company is allowed to make a submission and if they take that much as their claims that the food and drug administration will take expert opinion say yea or nay this is a productive or ok got it thank you so much for speaking to us from newcastle. you're welcome. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour. people are. struggling to get. more votes lost.
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the 1st accord in hong kong has found 7 pro-democracy activists guilty of unauthorized assembly in 2019 that's when anti-government protesters marched against the now repealed extradition bill the veteran leaders of the opposition movement face up to 5 years in prison but they remain defiant from hong kong here sarah clarke. they arrived at court flanked by their supporters defiant in the face of a crackdown on the movement they have represented for decades these are some of hong kong's most high profile veteran activists including 82 year old martin lee who is known as the father of democracy in the territory for many of my brothers and sisters so maybe britain. considers better morning. please one of 9 people who were found guilty of organizing and participating in an unauthorized
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assembly in august 29th in join the anti-government demonstrations the rally was given police approval but this group was accused of aiding protesters out of the designated area into central hong kong veteran activist late chuck young says peaceful protests are not a crime and they sed charges a beijing's attempt to silence its critics i think it's. inevitable that we in such a political environment of oppression that repatriation that we have to go to jail too. you know he paid a price media tycoon jimmy lie as well as barrister and former councilor ma gotten also convicted and face up to 5 years in prison this group of probe aging supporters rallying outside the court wants a tough a penalty they are trading this treason so today we're witness the trade out to the centers life sentence this is
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a major blow to democracy movement every major voice of dissent in hong kong is already in exile on trial already behind bars for the $2400.00 people have been charged as part of this project and police have told us more arrests even so the pro-democracy activists say they won't give up the game it's not over we will continue to fight for some we don't want to see really so long and all we want to do it and that was no and nonviolent way but we will. at least 3 in this group will be back in court on trial for the charges the court is expected to hand it sentence on this case later this month sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong oh let's me to emily lau who's the chairwoman of the international affairs committee of the democratic party she's joining us from hong kong thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera what is your reaction to the sentencing well course is very very distressing. very sad these people really have made huge contributions to
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call for several days some of the very eminent legal career. members of the legislative council so it's very sad. and said there is no revenge. i guess most people could be arrested. and not just. with the law by the opposition now either being tried or jailed or even in exile but what impact is this going to have on the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. i think we will carry on for those of us who are still outside we will carry on but as i said we will do it in a peaceful and nonviolent way this is what we believe and if you look around the world people are sacrificing their lives trying to what they believe in and in hong
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kong are willing to sing and we hold friends in the international ringback community who support us do you see any signs that the authorities in hong kong are like kerry lamb are willing to engage with you in dialogue. not really but we have to persist and you know right dialogue is the way out we're not here to fight for independence or have a color resolution all told it's all of the government not useful we just want the chinese government kerry and ministration to align their promises of the sino which is gigantic liberation and they said no let's be free yes we say let us develop you wrong crissy great to but there's absolutely no sign at least from where we're we're setting that china and the author already is in hong kong are willing to back down or even back off so this makes your job very difficult
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going forward doesn't it well you are you absolutely right and at least right now we're not dodging bullets like other people are in other countries it's tough citing for democracy and human rights on the world it's always tough and some people will be satisfied but if there are people who are strong enough determined in this struggle will go on our we thank you so much emily lau for giving us your time and speaking to us on al-jazeera. thank you. it was another day of emotional testimony in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin the jury was shown a video from body cameras showing the last moments of george floyd's life floyd was
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seen crying and pleading with officers gabriel these are reports from minneapolis. day 3 of the derek show ven trial saw yet another eye witness take the stand another view of george floyd's death and another for whom the emotion of reliving that day became at times too much to bear. proving that some of the most powerful moments in the trial can be would nothing is said. 61 year old charles mcmillan can be heard here urging floyd to do what the police say but the restrained floyd can't move at one point he can be heard calling for his mother. concerns increase over time. the longer it went on.
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and. on the. earlier prosecutors focused on the events leading up to that confrontation trying to add context to the moments before he was pinned to the ground store clerk christopher martin testified that floyd had handed him what he suspected was a counterfeit $20.00 bill which eventually led to the police being called. later when martin went outside and saw floyd pinned to the ground under chauvinists knee he was distraught. not in the bill could have been avoided. in cross-examination the defense focused on floyd's state of mind while he was in the store based on your observations of his behavior his speech patterns that's what
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caused you to form the impression he was under the influence curt. and jurors ended the day seeing floyd's arrest again and again as one by one the footage from each of the officers body camera was played in the courtroom this trial has shown that so many people who are witnesses to floyd's death are still suffering from trauma now trying to relive it and it's even affecting the jury at one point on wednesday the trial had to be briefly halted when one female juror while listening to testimony suffered from what the judge called a stress related reaction gabriel's on dough. minneapolis staying in the u.s. some politicians in the state of georgia have approved a bill to end the civil war era law that allows citizens to make arrests it comes
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more than a year after the fatal shooting of a black man by 2 white men who say they suspected him of a crime are barry was out for a jog at the time the father and son weren't arrested until 2 months later when video of the killing became public they've been charged with murder. the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is acknowledging more needs to be done to tackle racism despite a report finding there is no systematic issue it was commissioned by the government at the height of the black lives matter movements the report blames family social class and location for existing inequality campaigners called the findings a whitewash prime minister johnson says the report doesn't necessarily reflect government thinking this is a. a very interesting piece of work you know i didn't say the government could agree with absolutely everything in it but it has some some regional and
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unstimulating work in it that i think people need to read into and to consider there are very serious issues that are society faces. to do with racism that we need to address we've got to we've got to do to fix it we need to understand the severity of the problem and we look at all the ideas that they put forward and will be will be making our response time for the weather here as efforts and. they're the weather is set fatha much of australia are in place to say largely clear skies we have got a couple of areas of low pressure to watch out for the 1st ones just up towards the northwest here that may will develop into a tropical low or bring some very heavy rain down towards the pilbara we have another system just looking out in the coral sea route of area of high pressure dragging in some wet weather some showers into that eastern side of queensland will see some of the live the showers rolling through here as we go through friday and on into sas day so we could see some wet weather for
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a time coming in here notice that circulation up towards the fall in the northwest that could cause some problems elsewhere it is fine dry and sunny and it's warming up $32.00 celsius in adelaide 30 celsius in melbourne even hope getting up to around 28 degrees hopping across the ditch not see bad there in new zealand as well lucky 5 and dry or clint touching 22 degrees celsius is the sort of temperature we can expect in tokyo over the next day or so high pressure in charge here as well so it is lousy $5.00 and $7.00 is a 19 there for tokyo on friday a warm up a little more showers there it's essential in the eastern parts of china will spill out across the yellow sea the korean peninsula tutting increasingly wet but warm and dry for japan. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour new video of children being dropped across the u.s. border as guards face more criticism for their treatment of migrants and a coastal haven that's being spoiled the corruption issue plaguing vogue area ahead
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of its general election only in s'pore at the best women's football teams will soon be targeting an appearance in the australian city of sydney for a will be here without story a little later. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries cobalt extracting it is dangerous but profitable with global demand such as sky rocket people in power investigates claims that industrial mines obstructing the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow the cost of cobalt people in power on and just you know. the latest news judge need to see there will be no closure under the justices so as the identities of those people highly sensitive bombings are revealed with detailed coverage there's something else significant about this plot
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it represents and then there's a whole dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck he has spent the week in a minneapolis corporal where the courts are selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. again the top stories on our news our memoirs the pows. she is facing a new charge are violating a colonial era official secrets act it carries a penalty of up to 14 years in jail has been detained since the coup in february and has not been seen in public since pfizer bylane tax banks say it's vaccine is
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highly protective against the south african variants of corona virus no cases of the disease were observed during this scale trial. 7 veteran pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted for taking part in an unauthorized protest in 2019 clued in media tycoon former legislators and a prominent among prosy activists. returning to our top story me and mark campaigners are warning that with the intensifying crackdown some protestors are being pushed into joining armed groups al-jazeera spoken to fighters in korean state who say they have no choice but to defend themselves florence the reports. show mo never thought he would become a soldier he was a youth leader and activists in the current community in the capital of state in southeast. like many others he's taken part in protests against the coup since they
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started nearly 2 months ago. i went to a protest every day the police in the. us with a group. he says he's training to fight after witnessing a friend being shot and seriously wounded by the military during a protest or dialogue. after i graduate. and work with the villagers to resist. al-jazeera met other activists including from. travel to state to train with the current national defense organization it's one of 2 armed branches of the qur'an national union that has been fighting for more autonomy for the car and minority this protester has asked us to conceal his identity. when we protest on the streets the police shoot at us and of crack down on a demonstrations but we're not afraid we've been afraid of them for many years we have to fight against their power we have to win this time. the conflict in state
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is one of the longest running civil wars and has escalated in recent days. this video obtained by al-jazeera shows one of several strikes launched since saturday by the myanmar military on areas controlled by the qur'an national. several people were killed and rights groups estimate at least 10000 have been displaced. i'm very afraid i've heard that villages can't flee to the thai side because thai soldiers had blocked them the qur'an national union says it's bracing for a major government offensive in its territory to get rid of. the current troops are tacking positions and cutting off supply routes at least 3 other ethnic groups have promised to support protest is if the man does not stop killing
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civilians immediately but some fear that may not be enough to reverse the coup and could put the country on the path to a full civil war. leaders from southern africa or promise to help deal with fighters who have killed hundreds of people in the north the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly. reports from harare in neighboring zimbabwe. pama is deserted international aid agencies say thousands of people have already fled. fighting between soldiers and an armed group that calls itself al-shabaab has been going on for days the town in mozambique's northern province has been the site of major gas discoveries in recent years. the exact number of people killed injured and unaccounted for is still unknown some of those displaced by the recent violence have started arriving in pinback the provincial capital what has happened in. empowerment is an
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absolute horror of being in treatise on civilians by an non-state army. that is what i can say they have done horrific things they're still doing so we have reports this morning of continued clashes that is why we are talking about our expectations of thousands of more people moving out from my district and towards other areas of the country and towards the border was turned sagna far to the southwest in the bubbas capital harare southern african leaders say the is collating violence in northern mozambique is their top priority we. respond in a helpful manner to ensure that we are sure the integrity and so that i need to your one of all the southern african development community security troika brings together the leaders of zimbabwe but swan and south africa but one as president.
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suggest some kind of regional response is imminent speaking on behalf of the troika . following our consultations we are going to me that no. blood no to finish off with prison time up or so. you want need to look for it when you see it there is speculation a regional force might be sent to mozambique deploying troops has been done before in the region in the late 1990 s. angola libya and zimbabwe send forces the democratic republic of congo to assist the government before that soldiers from zimbabwe help defeat a number insurgence in central missouri and the u.n. world food program says more than 900000 people in mozambique now require food aid because of the crisis. this in public. how do we toss a had at least 30 people have been killed in ethiopia's a roomier region gunmen are suspected of carrying out the attack on
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a village in west while a goes on on wednesday witnesses have said some of the victims were ethnic m. horas the massacre is the latest outbreak of ethnic violence which the government has been struggling to control let's speak to william davison he's a senior analyst with the international crisis group is joining us from nairobi thanks for your time so local authorities we understand are pointing the finger at the aroma liberation front who are denying responsibility what do you make of what happened in who could be behind it. was something of an important distinction between your most liberation front which is a political party and the or remote liberation army which many people see as a sort of splinter splinter group of that political party out of them and we know that this is a very similar report to other tragic massacres of civilians in this part of ethiopia western or mere similar incidents also occurring in region to the north in
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many shango often the victims are of the un horror ethnic group what we do not know is exactly the circumstances of these massacres and who is responsible it is a question of claim and counter-claim at the moment with each incident adding to the tensions and increasing the allegations so at the moment there is simply no clarity but of course we do know that the government and the political opponents are very much blaming the or most liberation army rebel group for these massacres right so as you're saying i mean there are several flashpoints here where ethnic rivalries are taking place and and our reporter was mentioning also a little while ago that these are over land and power and and resources so why is the government unable to control what's going on. the or most liberation army is a an extension of a decades long struggle by some remote political factions against what they see is perceived marginalization and
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a lack of autonomy for their community within the ethiopian political system. there is also a political legal political representation of that but they are also claiming states oppression who have affectively boycotted elections as they approach the violence we are seeing in our media lots of it is between the actions of the order liberation army rebels were against the government and then sort of counter insurgency action by the government and its amidst that conflict which these have been these reported baskets of civilians blamed by various and is essentially on each other and they are also being against the group what will be the impact on the parliamentary elections taking place in june if any at all there is continued instability in western or so that is one of the parts of the country where it looks like the security problems may make it difficult for the government to successfully run an election as i mentioned there has already been an election
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boycotts by the major or a mo opposition parties so you have was this violence is absolutely tragic and it will cause problems for the authorities the electoral doris's it doesn't necessarily look like that there's no suggestion or lead to a consolation of the election or anything like that ok we'll leave it there thank you so much for speaking to us from nairobi william davis and thank you very much. the u.s. border patrol has released video showing children being dropped across its southern border by smugglers so in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling and then dropping a child from the mexican side of the border moments later they drop another child and her a what appear to be supplies the children are sisters from ecuador or in the care of their in the careful forty's there are just 3 and 5 years olds and
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a statement the u.s. border patrol said this if not for the vigilance of our agents using mobile technology these 2 tender age siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of the desert environment for hours we're currently working with our law enforcement partners in mexico in attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers joining us from washington d.c. so mike just talk us through the significance of that particular video and also what's the reaction been. well it highlights a massive problem facing the by the administration on the border and this is very much a seasonal one in the spring going into the sun though there's increasing numbers of would be migrants coming across that particular border figures indicate that as many as 2000000 migrants will attempt to cross that border over the next few months now among those the statistics indicate are some 170000 unaccompanied minor children such as those to a 5 year old and
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a 3 year old toddler that you saw smugglers dropping over their border fence now the issue here that the biden administration is attempting to address is how to deal with this in the short term and then how to deal with it in a wider context in the short term the priority is to move unaccompanied children as quickly as possible from the control of customs and border patrol to health and human services where conditions are said to be far better the department set up to deal with unaccompanied minors in particular but this is a process that is taking far longer than most observers would expect the by the administration insists it is doing everything in its power to try and make the lives of the company of mine is in particular better such as those 2 that you saw being dropped across that border fence they at the moment are in the custody or protection of customs and border patrol officers but the priority is to get them as
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quickly as possible into health and human services where they would receive much better conditions but of course a greater priority as well is how to unite them with their parents their parents whereabouts unknown at this particular stage which is a pattern that has repeated itself and over the next few months is going to increase in volume you know ok mike hanna thank you very much for that update from washington. the pace of covert 1000 vaccinations has dramatically picked up in the u.s. but distributing the japs to everyone has been a challenge and both are more black americans make up the majority of the population but they're being vaccinated at a far lower pace than whites how did you castro has more. inside this baltimore factory brews the viral vector that will train immune systems to neutralize the corona virus truckloads of the ingredients leave the factory operated by emergent
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via solutions regularly destined for faraway facilities for further processing into the johnson and johnson vaccine and eventually even further away places where arms are waiting that's despite plenty of people in need of the vaccine much closer to home right here in the middle but you know it's here bob is not here. to me it mars will be about 2 miles away tanya gross lives just 2 kilometers from the vaccine component factory she's 56 years old and diabetic but she says she's getting nowhere in her search for a vaccine a moment a real hard time a been told in the realm of different places they could help me in a cyst me with it in bolton more city black residents are being vaccinated at less than half the rate of whites that is troubling in a city where african-americans are the majority and as the johnson and johnson vaccine began its rollout in early march baltimore's mayor made
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a direct appeal to the drug maker to sell 300000 doses to the city where it was produced when you're talking about a city that has already before covered head to help this varies and probably just further exacerbated those in a city that is 60 percent african-american or people. cobie and they're making a vaccine of course people here should be the beneficiary of that is that simple to me but baltimore didn't get the extra doses that the mayor requested meetings in order instead it's have to rely on the federal government to secure the shots and scott says the situation is improving we've seen opening interest you know now you know that which is all part of this vaccination plan that we have that's very very bad. reaches us he reaches out people where we like here aboard a mobile vaccine clinic operated by the baltimore city health department and med star health it's parked outside a community center in a heavily african-american neighborhood and nurse practitioner kelly mccallum has
4:45 pm
been busy inoculating people all day coming to them in their neighborhoods in addition to show. faith and trust that if they can come to bring things to them 79 year old joan smith a retired machine operator and cancer survivor just completed her vaccination a woman called my foot with which she got her effect and. she is in nursing so that he would know it meant that when he got in the door now that both have been vaccinated a reunion is in order. castro al-jazeera baltimore maryland doctors in ecuador say their health care system has collapsed because of a rise in the number of covered 1000 cases hospitals are working beyond capacity 12000 and factions were reported in the past week in one hospital in the capital quito patients are being treated in tents corridors cafeteria and office spaces
4:46 pm
they must go to labs so we have collapsed we are talking about a cemetery collapse in this hospital with a 150 percent usage of the spices resources and supplies that means we are exceeding all our capacities even the contingency plans is the most efficient their own because we are facing an important peak of cases that we consider to be the worst so far according to the dimia logical could've most likely cases will increase this is a very well formed snowball with an avalanche to come in the middle of the wife and it is collapsing the system. well brazil has again had a record number of coronavirus deaths making march its deadliest month in the pan. demick almost 3980 s. were recorded on wednesday families in sao paulo have been forced to burry their loved ones in the dark as cemeteries work through the night. with passing
4:47 pm
through this sadness today no family in thousands of families in brazil and in the world this because our politicians can't find a solution to this problem we heard about vaccines but the poor people are the ones who are suffering today. officials in france are hoping the 3rd wave of covered 1000 infections could peak as few as 7 days with new lockdown measures parliament is expected to approve plans to enter a 3rd national lockdown this weekend schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least a month daily infections are above $30000.00 and hospitals our risk of being overwhelmed. still ahead on the news hour the sports news and find out how costly this mistake could prove to be in england's world cup qualifier against poland its .
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
variants are heading to the polls for a general election on sunday a big issue is corruption bernard smith reports from on the black sea coasts. a haven for rare and threatened species well gary is black sea coast is protected from unregulated development by. domestic and the e.u. rules yet the landscape is scarred by hundreds of illegal buildings the simple because of the corruption debate are now ignored is a local councillor who's managed to stop for now some of the most blatant abuses this was signed off by the planning directorate as a war to stop coastal erosion so no need for
4:50 pm
a public inquiry it's clearly much more than that it's owners now admits it will be a hotel but say it will also protect the coastline the corruption is spread up in bulgaria since we joined the european union and says the board here and says there bulgaria mafia get their hands on the european funds and the bulgarian mafia become stronger and stronger and have the money needed to buy up the government or. just in the last 6 years the e.u. has sent 10000000000 euros in funding to bulgaria will get along with hungary romania is at the bottom of transparency international european corruption perception index describing this country as having a systematic problem with corruption and it says there's little transparency or accountability of government institutions. people angry because this is
4:51 pm
a very highly protected area what should be unspoiled coastline is being exploited by those prepared to ignore the law knowing they're unlikely to be prosecuted. cannot build everything and. i think that no concrete is needed here. we should leave some nature to. children but. this private marina was built without permission by a well connected politician access to the beach was also sealed off even though all beaches in bulgaria a public property. only one thousands of people protested last year was the access road reopened i find 66 sad because this is my kitchen this is my country and i have i can't do anything about it apparently because apparently the law is not enough for these people and according to them they are above it the environment ministry told al-jazeera no one was available to answer all questions about corruption. over the next 6 years the e.u.
4:52 pm
will give another 29000000000 euros to help recover from the coronavirus crisis. but it's burgas bulgaria. time for an update on all the sports those has far daryn thanks so much germany have suffered their 1st of the 10 world cup qualifying since 2001 north macedonia beating them to want to secure the biggest win in the country's history at the richardson reports. for germany matches against lower ranked seems like north macedonia are normally a formality the 4 time world champions hadn't lost a world cup qualifier in 2 decades and should have taken an early lead in this game falling at the feet of so she cannot break instead 37 year old pam devotee well known to defenses in italy's syria north macedonia ahead just before half time.
4:53 pm
but you know normal service appears to have resumed when the one level to game up from the penalty spot $10.00 on. the captain leads from the bronx chelsea strike it seem overt they missed something that looked very close to an open gold mines and that gave the team ranked 65th in the world the chance to seize a famous win it was taken by elite fell massage agenda back at that. game finished $21.00 germany and now 3rd in their qualifying group behind macedonia and all mania is the sort of player is a bit of capital england made it 3 wins out of 3 a victory against poland didn't come easily sorry keynes penalty did look to put them on course for a convincing win at wembley so england in front of the penalty spot to study for the international go not for the 1st time in an england shirt johnstone's made a costly mistake in defense and you could be stolen to make it $11.00 but stone's was able to add song for his era has had a setting up harry mcguire scored the winner firing guns back in france you know
4:54 pm
the pleasing thing was join in particular regained his composure quickly recovered in the guy. thankfully had a name. in the winning goal as well so he's got a lot of resilience over that period spain on top of group b. after a 31 win over. dani almost who scored a last minute win against georgia also on saw get this going to. show you should. you know why it comes now and reigning world champions france speedballs new herzegovina woman they are in 1st place in the qualifying group and the richardson al-jazeera. the top women's international teams will be targeting an appearance in the australian city of sydney on august 2023 stadium australia has been named as the venue for the next women's world cup final organizers have just released
4:55 pm
details of the host cities for the tournament so which will be co-hosted by australia and new zealand the event will kick off at even park in auckland and it's just something so positive for all of us to look forward to and to sound like side it is an understatement but to be able to showcase a great venue and also our gratitude actions at this time to the whole world is an opportunity we can't underestimate there's confusion surrounding the olympic torch relay in japan organizers have been forced to deny reports that the a soccer leg of the event had been cancelled due to a surge in corona virus cases the 4 month relay is into its 2nd week in limited crowds are being allowed on most days of claim is due to enter osaka prefecture on april the 13th organizers say a final decision on whether or not the relay can go there is yet to be made the games themselves are set to start in tokyo in late july. south korea's capital seoul has made a formal bid to co-host the 2032 games with north korea leaders of both countries
4:56 pm
have agreed to pursue a joint efforts at a summit in pyongyang in 2018 of the australian city of brisbane is the big favorite to host those olympics. his 23 match winning streak has ended the world number 2 has been knocked out of miami open the japanese star was stunned by world number 25 merissa caria of greece in the quarter finals 6 club 64 defeat was assault as 1st since feb 2020. 6 are will face bianca and dress q. in the semifinals the canadian a world number 9 battled through her match against the unseated saros of the buzz tormato but eventually coast of the match in 3 sets to reach the. italian teenager yannick center is through the semifinals at this level of tournaments for the 1st time his performance in miami was so good his opponent couldn't quite believe what he'd seen. or you're not
4:57 pm
a human you're 16 years old you were just. outsource pointing out that center is actually 19 but whatever his age russia's alexander blueblood couldn't keep up with him center securing a straight sets win. and i am very happy and you know the tournament is not over yet so i'm trying to play my best tennis after tomorrow. yeah yeah and i'm looking forward to it. and a limited number of baseball fans will be returning to stadiums in north america later this thursday it's the opening day of the new regular season and most teams will start out with their venues at 20 or 30 percent capacity the big exception to that rule are the texas rangers they've announced plans to open up all 40000 seats for their 1st home game on over 50. ok and that is all yours for for now daryn back
4:58 pm
to you thank you so much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we'll take a short break but we'll be back right after with much more of the day's news and all the day's latest stories see you in about. vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the marriage between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start look that's incomes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. discover a world of difference. determination i'm talking about when we are moving to. freedom. on the skids so just in the 16 people.
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corruption and get it compassion. just 0 the world a selection of the best films from across our network of tunnels. this is some paoli. despite being in germany's 2nd tier of football and without a single major trophy to its name it has become one of the world's most iconic teams and it's all down to their fans. but for them some paoli transcends sport. for them football is about politics protests and music. these fans see themselves in the fan god of a global struggle against and a phobia inequality and racism with over 500 supporters clubs outside germany they were able to spread their message far beyond their hamburg home but some
5:00 pm
pollies history is far from innocence the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the a.f.p. . nazis and fascists have no place in something today. 2 months since a military coup would be in mar to post civilian leader and son suchi is slapped with the most serious criminal charge yet protesters remain defiant across the country. are watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up more promising signs for the pfizer biotech vaccine research shows it's highly protect.


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