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the cure is to drop. you know hope of finally letting the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. veterans of hong kong's pro-democracy movement to convicted over a $29.00 to protest song now face jail time. hi there i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a peaceful protest marks 2 months of demonstrations against me and miles miter the
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u.n. is warning it's on the brink of civil war. with. more distressing video of george floyd's fatal wrist proves overwhelming for witnesses at the trial of the former u.s. police officer accused of his murder. among the real hard time of being pulled on the ground of different places. where the u.s. city where black people are in the majority boss are battling to get covert 900 vaccinations. we begin with hong kong where prominent pro-democracy activists have been found guilty for their role in a massive protest and 2097 of them have been convicted for illegal assembly and an unauthorized protest. include a media tycoon former legislators and
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a democracy veteran activist a crackdown on dissent escalated of the china's imposition of a national security law on hong kong last year let's go live now to sarah clarke who is in hong kong sarah to tell us what happened in court what's the reaction being. well that the group has left the court now where we are west helen but they remain defiant in their pursuit for democracy and the freedoms that they say were promised on the 997 handover agreement on departure we had one of those people going he said it was a peaceful protest that they took part in it was not illegal he's accused the police of bowing to beijing's crackdown on now and start saying its critics here in hong kong now all 9 faced up to 5 years in jail on each particular charge and as you mentioned those charges were for organizing and participating in what the place deemed an illegal assembly this is back in august 29th changing those anti-government demonstrations the rally was approved but the place accuse this
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group of leaving the designated area and taking some of those protests on a march toward central now the judge made a strong statement join his verdict decision he said the court will in no way allow public order to be disrupted unlawfully but a couple of those people who were found guilty had to say on the why in the course . we are sentenced to jail in the future for this case although many other cases that are following it is not back on. to being in jail for walking together with the people home calm and we want president to say that we are not home call and we will continue to fight for freedom and democracy and we love the people hong kong and we all know that we can walk with you and we all know that we hong kong to get we continue the struggle for what we do. back to our. rights. our freedom and democracy in the future so are these
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a big figure in the pro-democracy movement and then at the same time china has has made changes to hong kong's l.h. rules meaning it convey it all potential m.p.'s before they can run so i'm wondering what does all of this mean sort of together for the pro-democracy movement. well this is yet another blow to the pro-democracy movement we've got nearly every major voice of dissent or opposition figure and prominent opposition figure in hong kong there are the elect. more than $2400.00 people have been charged journal since the anti-government protests and so this is certainly limited the voice of these pro-democracy groups out jimmy lies who's the media tycoon behind he's in custody still and he's facing 6 other cases and one of those is under the national security laws and under those of that law you could face up to life in prison leeteuk young we just heard from he faces 3 other trials on separate different incidents of separate charges separate instance
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but different charges so the pro-democracy movement says the national security law is yet another blow will certainly targeting movement and some of the veteran activists we also spoke to at the court hearing today they said that these at this camp have to find other ways of voicing their opposition and they fight for democracy ok thank you for that update there sarah clarke live from the court in hong kong protesters and once again on the streets to mark exactly 2 months since the military seized powa they continue to defy violence to demonstrate against the coup in which. she's elected government in the dawn people are gathering to commemorate more than 500 people who have been killed by security forces earlier security forces kept up the pressure on activists by carrying out more nighttime raids several people were detained in mandalay bay activists say night raids are conducted to terrify people and intensify when the military faces
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pressure. joins us live from bangkok in neighboring thailand obviously the thais are involved being neighbors of me in ma now the foreign minister there has spoken out what are they saying. yes of the strongest reaction yet from neighbor thailand here on what's going on in myanmar and kim that's mainly because of what we saw over the last couple of days started on the weekend and that is where. myanmar's military bombed positions along the border near the border with thailand and those were areas held by the korean national union this is one of those ethnic armies that has been engaged in battling the myanmar central military for decades but in the last say week a week and a half it's really kind of kicked things up because a lot of these ethnic armies have now thrown their support behind the protest
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movement so we saw these bombings over the weekend about 3000 people fled across the border here in the thailand. authorities said that. 2000 went back because it was safe to go back human rights groups say that they were pushed back but 500 over 500 remain here in thailand so now that you know this is kind of spilled over its borders the situation in myanmar that has prompted a pretty strong reaction the strongest yet so far from the thai government they say that if the situation continues to get worse that they will allow people to come across and stay across but right now they say saying that the situation is safe but what we're seeing kim here is that you know we've got this crisis getting worse in myanmar and now it's starting to to go outside its borders and now we're hearing with the neighbor that has pretty close relationship with the. that they now are saying the strongest criticism yet to what's happening inside myanmar it's got as are saying it's been 2 months since the minute tree seized 2 months since the
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military detained elected leader suchi who we haven't seen publicly at least since she has a court hearing coming up another court hearing coming up what's happening there. yes she has a court hearing today and there's really a lot of that quite honestly lack of transparency which i guess is to be expected when you've got a job to running the country and that is that we don't really know what cases against her are going to be discussed today in this hearing one thing that happened on wednesday that was interesting that for the 1st time there was a you know all this is done by a video link. to says because a covert 1000 restrictions but we know for the 1st time her legal team was able to directly speak with her by the audio link on wednesday there were police and other officials in the room while it happened but at least they were directly communicating so going into today's hearing we don't really know what's going to be
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brought up you know she's got at least 2 charges against her pretty low level charges possession illegal possession of walkie talkies and then also breaking kovan 1000 restrictions when she was campaigning back in november but then since the last court hearing there have been accusations that have come out by the government saying that she was bribed so we don't know if those are going to be new charges that are introduced or there are going to be even more that have been brought up so that's most likely what will happen today has to be said that 2 previous hearings had been delayed and then they just rescheduled and that also we really don't hear anything about what happens until after it's concluded and then we hear from her legal team. thank you for that update. in bangkok let's get more on the international pressure facing me and miles military the u.n. security council has been warned that the country is on the verge of civil war and immediate action is needed u.n. special envoy christine train
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a brief the security council on the increasingly violent military crackdown the army's also intensifying an offensive against rebel groups and diplomatic editor james baker is at the united nations. in the past the security council has released 2 statements about the situation in myanmar but the generals defied those words and there was further violence this time no statement the outgoing president of the security council for march the u.s. ambassador linda thomas greenfield spoke to reporters it's the credibility of the security council it's. i don't think our credibility is at stake i think what has to happen is we have to redouble our efforts what the military is doing in burma to the people or to the people of burma the violence the attacks the killings of children they are appalling and and they are unacceptable so we can't just.
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step back and allow this to happen we have to keep pushing forward in the close in the council was briefed by the u.n. special envoy christine trauner bergan she still wants to travel to me and marta speak to the generals she said i will remain open to dialogue and continue to signal this but if we wait only for when they are ready to talk the ground situation will only worsen a bloodbath is imminent this council must consider potentially significant action but the chinese ambassador said what he called one sided action or calling for sanctions would only aggravate tensions a similar position was relayed by russia and so for now any tougher action by the security council seems highly unlikely.
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it was another day of emotional testimony in the trial of former police officer derek self the jury was shown video from body cameras showing the last moments of george floyd's life floyd was seen crying pleading with offices i was on the reports from minneapolis. day 3 of the derek show vun trial saw yet another eye witness take the stand another view of george floyd's death and another for whom the emotion of reliving that day became at times too much to bear. proving that some of the most powerful moments in the trial can be would nothing is said. 061 year old charles mcmillan can be heard here urging floyd to do what the police say but the restrained floyd can't move at one point he can be heard calling for his mother. to your concerns
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increase over time. the longer it went on. and. on the. earlier prosecutors focused on the events leading up to that confrontation trying to add context to the moments before he was pinned to the ground store clerk christopher martin testified that floyd had handed him what he suspected was a counterfeit $20.00 bill which eventually led to the police being called. later when martin went outside and saw. floyd pinned to the ground under chauvinists knee he was distraught and if i would choose not to do this could have been aborted. in
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cross-examination the defense focused on floyd's state of mind while he was in the store based on your observations of his behavior his speech patterns that's what caused you to form the impression he was under the current. piece of work and jurors ended the day seeing floyd's arrest again and again as one by one the footage from each of the officers body camera was played in the courtroom this trial has shown that so many people who are witnesses to floyd's death are still suffering from trauma now trying to relive it and it's even affecting the jury at one point on wednesday the trial had to be briefly halted when one female juror while listening to testimony suffered from what the judge called a stress related reaction. gabriels on doe al-jazeera minneapolis. still ahead on al-jazeera u.s.
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border guards release video of the pressure that they're under as they face more criticism for their treatment of migrant children. will tell you why debussy of all areas black sea coasts is being spoiled by consumption and heads into it defining the general election. for. how either the weather remains remarkably warm across a good parts of western europe i think that may well changes because for the next 24 hours at present we drawing up warm out of north africa and potentially back up towards the northwest behind this cold front this blue line. here that is going to introduce some sherry ray and some cool as we go on through the next couple days notice a northerly wind starting to just come in across the north sea so that'll pay temperatures
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back in london to around 15 degrees celsius almost 10 degrees down the sort of valley that we saw on monday tuesday and going on into wednesday as the still warm though up towards northern parts of france paris at 25 celsius some showers there just around poland pushing over towards the baltic states western parts of russia still a few showers into that he says out of the mediterranean and just stretch there across to here we've got some rather choppy waters looking pretty wet to cyprus on friday what's the weather will come down across much of eastern europe quiet where we had that high pressure you central parts of europe and notice the cooler tucking in 12 so she is there for london bits and pieces of cloud of rain now moving across peyronie's to move in parts of spain well the parts of africa largely fine and dry all that we will have wanted to shower still lurk in there to see egypt. it made 2020 the death of george floyd sparked protests and outrage across the
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world the former police officer responsible for the city pinning him to the ground although program within may be behind his neck now faces trial join us for my coverage of the church of the trial on i'll just see. frank assessments should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. you're watching al-jazeera our minder of our top stories this hour 7 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted for participating in an unauthorized protest of 2019 thank you to media tycoon former legislators and
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a veteran democracy activist. protestors and made ma once again on the streets tomorrow exactly 2 months since a military seen our military continues to arrest people despite rising international pressure u.n. security council has been more of the nation is on the brink of civil war. a u.s. court is being shown the last moments of george ford's life from the perspective of the of the police officers who arrested him floyd could be heard begging them not to shoot him in the office his body can vote which was during day 3 of the trial of the former officer accused of murdering him. france will enter its 3rd national lockdown this weekend as it grapples with more than $30000.00 new cases a day schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least
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a month olds. shut down by saturday with the death toll from cove of 19 nearing 100000 french president emanuel was forced to act. we will lose control of we do not move now macro has tried to keep the country open as a way to protect the already battered economy but with many intensive care units at breaking point and a slower than planned vaccine rollout the economy had to wait. if you want to hold resource on don't remember this figure 44 percent of patients in intensive care are today less than 65 years old. for the next 4 weeks schools in nurseries will be closed along with non-essential businesses a curfew will be in place and travel will be restricted to 10 kilometers from home earlier this week macross said regional lockdowns like in paris would be enough scientists disagreed saying partial lockdowns won't stop such
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a fast spreading virus is putting me to disappear when you realize what we must prevent the virus from spreading we can't do it with half measures these 50 shades of measures for now are not producing results and in 2 weeks we still won't see any result so we must go back to a lockdown and unfortunately this lockdown will last for several weeks then on wednesday mccrone changed his tune. of a new for the coming months each one of us must make an extra effort this is what i ask of us collectively this evening. the surge of covert $1000.00 cases in france is linked to the slow rollout of vaccines across the european union along with disputed fears surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine only cement of new lows and. in the coming weeks will excel or it further the number of doses that we will obtain and we will gradually become the 1st continent in the world in terms of vaccine production. but for now months after the 1st vaccines were approved only 12 percent
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of the french population is an ocular lated hardeen al-jazeera. ecuador's health system is severely strained from a rise in covered 1000 cases with some doctors saying it's collapsed hospitals are working beyond capacity across the country 12000 cases were recorded in just the past week that's nearing the peak that it experienced a year ago one hospital quit the patients are being treated in tents corridors the cafeteria and office spaces there more is a lab so we have collapsed we're talking about a cemetery collapse in this hospital with 150 percent usage of the spaces resources and supplies that means we are exceeding all our capacities even the contingency plans is the most. because we are facing an important peak of cases that we consider to be the worst so far according to the dimia logical curve most likely
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cases will increase this is a very well formed snowball with an avalanche to come we are in the middle of the wave and it is collapsing the system. the pace of covert 19 vaccinations has dramatically picked up in the u.s. but the equitable distribution of shots has been a challenge despite being in the majority but people in baltimore a big vaccination fall slower than what's. inside this baltimore factory brews the viral vector that will train immune systems to neutralize the corona virus truckloads of the ingredient leave the factory operated by emergent bio solutions regularly destined for faraway facilities for further processing into the johnson and johnson vaccine and eventually to even further away places where arms are waiting that's despite plenty of people in need of the vaccine much closer to home right here mabel but you know it's here bob is
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not here. to me mars will be about 2 miles away tanya gros lives just 2 kilometers from the vaccine component factory she's 56 years old and diabetic but she says she's getting nowhere in her search for a vaccine a moment a real hard time a been told in the realm of different places they could help me in assists me with it in bolton more city black residents are being vaccinated at less than half the rate of whites that is troubling in a city where african-americans are the majority and as the johnson and johnson vaccine began its rollout in early march baltimore's mayor made a direct appeal to the drug maker to sell 300000 doses to the city where it was produced when you're talking about a city that has already before covered head to help this varies and probably just further exacerbate it goes in a city that is 60 percent average in america where people back to work are cold and
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they're making a vaccine of course people here should be the beneficiary of that is that simple to me but baltimore didn't get the x. . doses that the mayor requested. instead it's have to rely on the federal government to secure the shots and scott says the situation is improving we've seen any increase in our amount you know that which is all part of this vaccination plan that we have that's very robust it reaches us it reaches out people where we like here aboard a mobile vaccine clinic operated by the baltimore city health department and med star health it's parked outside a community center in a heavily african-american neighborhood and nurse practitioner kelly mccallum has been busy inoculating people all day coming to down in their neighborhoods is in addition to. faith and trust that if they can't come to us to bring things down 79 year old joan smith
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a retired machine operator and cancer survivor just completed her vaccination a woman called my food there she got her fit and. she's been nursing so that he would know it meant that when he got in the door now that both have been vaccinated a reunion is in order. castro al-jazeera baltimore maryland. the u.s. border patrol has released a video showing children being dropped to crossed its southern border by smugglers in the infrared pictures an adult can be seen dangling and then dropping a child from the top of the fence along the border with mexico. another that appear to hurl supplies the children are sisters from ecuador and now in the care of u.s. authorities and a statement u.s. border patrol said if not for the vigilance about agents using mobile technology these 2 tender age siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of the
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desert environment. we're currently working with our law enforcement partners in mexico and attempting to identify these ruthless human smugglers. bennett his mother is a political analysts at the national university of mexico he explains why there's been a surge of migrants going to the u.s. . with the change of the government there isa kind of a bi than hope they had a speech of joe biden during the campaign and even of his government is a major in that they want to change the name migrant immigration issue and a biden says. he want to change to 2 words i wonder woman tyrion policy and one of the key of this of human time in the new policy i'm in the new human tendency are the treatment of the of the non accompanied my nerves or or people who aren't you see traffickers is mahler's to send their children from of honduras from
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little or whatever to california to texas and this is a big crises because they migrants increases the amount in the last 2 months the smaller side of the only who are winning with the situation this is have the tremendous humanitarian crisis because involve many governments. are people from the roof remake whether from colombia to central america central america and in person mexico i am in the border a many people are waiting 20000 or 25000 in my nerves in there were there was any different excess in one month and this is terrible. well gary and i will head to the polls for a general election on sunday one of the biggest issues is rampant corruption puts bulgaria at the bottom of transparency international's european corruption index but it's met reports from the black sea coast. a haven for rare
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and threatened species gary is black sea coast is protected from unregulated development by the mess stick and the e.u. rules yet the landscape is scarred by hundreds of illegal buildings the simple because of the corruption. is a local councillor who's managed to stop for now some of the most blatant abuses. this was signed off by the planning directorate of the war to stop coastal erosion so no need for a public inquiry it's clearly much more than that its owners now admit it will be a hotel but say it will also protect the coastline the corruption is spread up in bulgaria since we joined the european union and says the board here says there bulgaria mafia get their hands on the european front and the bulgarian mafia become stronger and stronger and have the money needed to buy the
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government. just in the last 6 years the e.u. has sent 10000000000 euros in funding to bulgaria for gary hungary romania is at the bottom of transparency international european corruption perception index describing this country as having a systematic problem with corruption and it says there's little transparency or accountability of government institutions. people angry because this is a very highly protected area what should be unspoiled coastline is being exploited by those prepared to ignore the law knowing they're unlikely to be prosecuted. cannot build everything. and i think that no concrete is needed here. we should leave some nature to help children children but . this private marina was built without permission by a well connected politician access to the beach was also sealed off even though all
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beaches in bulgaria a public property only one thousands of people protested last year was the access roads reopened i find 66 is sad because this is my country and this is my country and i have i can't do anything about it apparently because apparently the law is not enough for these people and according to them they are above it the environment ministry told al-jazeera no one was available to answer all questions about corruption over the next 6 years the e.u. will give bulgaria another 29000000000 euros to help recover from the coronavirus crisis bernard smith al-jazeera burgas bulgaria. and watching all just there are muslim the top 7 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been convicted.


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