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and no limitations empire is the reason that we live in a multicultural society part of pfizer's say he and adam where the fate. unscripted and. all that. i think. more distressing video of george floyd's fatal arrest proves overwhelming the witnesses at the trial before me us police officer accused of murder. darren jordan this is obviously a live from doha also coming up. the violence the attacks the killings of children there are polling further words of condemnation at the u.n.
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where the security council's been warned me in my bloody ante to crack down wrists causing civil war. from this is ordered into its 3rd national lockdown to push back a 3rd wave of covert $9000.00 infections threatening to overwhelm hospitals plus it's disgraceful. everything else leading up to this point has said completely different things how many british people of color are reacting to a government backed report that found their country isn't institutionally racist. a us court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him that along with further video recorded by onlookers and witness testimony dominated day 3 of the trial of derek cho then who's accused of murder it painted a dramatic picture of how floyd's alleged attempt to use a counterfeit bill escalated into his death in may last year. even though he was
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the only. place where you know see more nazi stuff on ebay located ok. right where. me i don't know me so i don't know out. in another scene before chervin the old on his neck floyd pleaded more with officers. less than. another character over on one of. our do you argue that look at it. we did better than no one said. no i don't want that we don't want to know we. i don't we're not the program. footage of floyd being pinned on the champions knew he was too much for one witness . on the interview. with him but he never will be challenged mcmillian who was passing by at the time stopped and tried to persuade floyd to
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give himself up to the police he broke down in court when asked to relive the day's events saying he felt helpless as on the has more now from minneapolis. this was all part of the prosecution's efforts on wednesday to show the jury more video that added more context to the time that led up to that fateful moment and it was also never before seen footage from inside the convenience store before george floyd voice out lho went outside and it was footage of him in the convenience store at times he was laughing at sometimes he was smiling other times he was acting a little fidgety but this was the moment that he. gave what a cashier testified as he thought it could have been a counterfeit $20.00 bill and that's what ultimately led to the police being called
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and then. of course george floyd's death now in terms of how this day went for the prosecution it was certainly very powerful you could tell from people who were in the courtroom that the jurors were very much engaged watching every minute of this and also as the court let out. some of george floyd's lawyers were leaving the courthouse and i asked them how they thought the day went and one of floyd the floyd family lawyers told me it was a good day so debbie hynes a former prosecutor from the city of baltimore she explained what the newly released police video could mean for the trial. you're saying what happens before and what happens what with the police officers trying to get mr floyd into that vehicle he's saying he has some anxiety you're going to send these shoes or he's going to feel big and they're taking him out of the vehicle and there is some slight resistance there and so when officers are allowed to do they are allowed to
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use reasonable force when there is any type of resistance i'm going to arrest but once that resistance has stopped then they can no longer use force and so that's really the focus of the case is that 9 minutes and 29 seconds and mr fullaway was one of the ground pin down my dare show been found down by 2 other officers lad proudly yelling that he can't breathe that is really the case. but u.n. security council has been warned that mean mars on the verge of civil war and immediate action is needed u.n. special envoy christine traina burn a brief a security council on the increasingly bloody military crackdown since the general seized power in a coup 2 months ago the army has also launched an strikes against a rebel group raising fears of a return to ethnic conflict well ahead of the meeting the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said they cannot allow the violence to continue in myanmar which washington refers to as burma what the military is doing in burma to the people look to the people of
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burma the violence the attacks the killings of children their appalling and and they are unacceptable so we can't just. step back and allow this to happen we have to keep pushing forward we're doing the meeting china called for a democratic transition and me and ma but ruled out sanctions is a diplomatic editor james baker's. certainly you have some members of the security council russia china vietnam potentially who are not keen on any punitive action against the generals and if the security council doesn't take some further action if it just comes up with another statement it's not clear where that takes us because remember the security council has issued 2 statements. a return to democracy in myanmar urging the release of all the politicians who are being
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detained and condemning the violence and despite that the bloodshed has gone on individual countries obviously can pursue their own policies and many have done that certainly western countries have stopped doing business with beyond man to put sanctions on the military and businesses that are linked with the military certainly the u.n. secretary general would like tougher action from the security council that is clear from his special envoy christine shriner bergen who's been speaking to the security council the meeting is behind closed doors but i have obtained a copy of the remarks he's just delivered and she says i remain open to dialogue and continue to signal this but if we only wait for when they're ready to talk the ground situation will only worsen a bloodbath is imminent and the u.n. special envoy who speaks was that general goes on this council must consider potentially significant action that can reverse the course of events in myanmar at least $43.00 children have been killed by armed forces in myanmar since the
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military coup began in february that's according to a new report by the assistance association for political prisoners 15 children under the age of 16 are among the casualties the youngest victims a girl aged just 7 number of children who have been injured as a result of the post-coup violence is unknown. now francois enter its 3rd national lockdown this weekend as it grapples with more than 30000 new code 900 cases a day schools will be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least a month and extends measures already in place in regions like paris which had been criticized as inadequate reports. shut down by saturday with the death toll from cove of 19 nearing 100000 french president emanuel was forced to act. we will lose control of we do not move now macro has tried to keep the country open
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as a way to protect the already battered economy but with many intensive care units at breaking point and a slower than planned vaccine rollout the economy had to wait. for the next 4 weeks schools in nurseries will be closed along with non-essential businesses the curfew will be in place and travel will be restricted to 10 kilometers from home earlier this week said regional lock downs like in paris would be enough scientists disagreed saying partial lockdowns won't stop such a fast spreading virus is fully need to disappear we must prevent the virus from spreading we can't do it with half measures these 50 shades of measures for now are not producing results and in true weeks we still won't see any result so we must go back to a lockdown and unfortunately this lockdown will last for several weeks. the surge of covert $1000.00 cases in france is linked to the slow roll out of vaccines
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across the european union along with disputed fears surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine only cement of new homes and. in the coming weeks will excel or it further the number of doses that we will obtain and we will gradually become the 1st continent in the world in terms of vaccine production. but for now months after the 1st vaccines were approved only 12 percent of the french population is inoculated hard in al-jazeera brazil's coronavirus situation is also becoming more dire by the day almost $3900.00 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours but unlike france results president is resisting any new restrictions stories about reports. burials in the middle of the night this is how the city of how power is trying to cope with the rising death toll from colvin 1000 in brazil's economic capital.
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so far over 300000 people have lost their lives in brazil more than 3700 of them in the past 24 hours experts in the country say brazil's need to adapt urgently to turn the tide. brazil needs to rapidly increase the speed of vaccination primarily among the most vulnerable population to stamp out speech in favor of medicines that science do not say are effective against covert 19 and lastly improve vigilance and tracing of the variants the could have more aggressive biological behavior from the mutant strains of covert 19 virus. the death toll rice comes as brazil's bill done 10 biomedical institute detected a new strain of the virus similar to the one registered in south africa. and this president jade also nat'l struggles to cope with sliding popularity and growing pressure over his handling of the pandemic. on tuesday top commanders of the armed
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forces step down coming just one day after the matter replaced 6 government ministers in a sudden reshuffle that appear designed to secure loyalty. at the beginning of the condemning brazil's president disregarded the risks of covert 19 and resisted taking extreme measures to reduce the spread of the virus. was at their most boys anemia we have 2 enemies the virus and unemployment it is reality we are not going to solve this problem by staying at home. in spite of the rising death toll continues to challenge medical record monday sions below go to far as a cure this policy of isolation risk reduction and curfew but the suppression all right to come and go goes far beyond even a state of siege i appeal to all of it or it is in brazil to review this policy and allow the people to go to work. the slow pace in the vaccination campaign have
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people frustrated and angry only 2 point one percent of brazilians have received 2 vaccine shots and only one 3rd of the 77000000 brazilians who qualify for shot i've been vaccinated covered $1000.00 is a major challenge for latin america concerns are mounting in the region because the pandemic cannot be contained if the crisis in brazil lingers argentina already suspended flights coming from brazil and other countries like believe have stepped up efforts at the border to prevent the spread of the virus. i just see what aside this time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back pfizer biotech's a covert 19 vaccine works to take. a gesture of goodwill libya's new unity government releases dozens of prisoners who fought for the war after more now stay with us.
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it's time for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point cut some ways how that the weather is still set fair across a good part of japan at the moment has a very warm sunshine to start the week temperatures to support 18 celsius the warmest march day on record here many parts of japan have seen the warmest march weather on record as well little further south and west we have got this weather front bringing some rather heavy right now to central and eastern parts of china and that will slowly make its way towards q shoot as we go on towards the weekend so some wet weather on the cards for some make the most of the sunshine there ahead of that and with light winds it really won't feel too bad as a high still in place 940 but wetter weather will creep creep across the east china sea the low say that will push its way towards the korean peninsula as we go on through the weekend for the south it's fun to drive home call temperatures at 30
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degrees celsius to dry by the stretching down across northern parts of the philippines before southern areas of the philippines we could will see some very heavy showers a possibility of some localized flooding coming in his shot was to across malaysia and indonesia shows malaysia they now say way up towards the nicobar islands the ottoman islands want to showers to it to the south of india just around kerala but for much of india it's all about the hate temperatures again into the forty's. sponsored paul qatar airways. the launch of what do i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot my last year with more family good work about the reality of addiction in the arab wild and the struggle for cover in another it was just me and it's a drug. out to syria wells goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of it action on
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al-jazeera. welcome back a program out of our top stories here this hour a u.s. court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers arrested him floyd could be heard begging them not to shoot him in the office as body count footage it was during day 3 of the trial of the former officer accused of murdering. the u.n. special envoy for me on mars want a bloodbath is imminent unless significant moves are made to stop the violence briefing the u.n. security council kristie ensuring a burden i said there's also a risk of civil war. and france will enter its 3rd national lockdown this weekend
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as it grapples with more than $30000.00 new coronavirus cases that day schools be closed for 3 weeks and domestic travel is banned for at least a month. pharmaceutical companies pfizer and biotech say their vaccine has proven safe among 12 to 15 year olds they say trials involving more than 2000 adolescents show only minor side effects and 100 percent efficiency and preventing disease they hope to get emergency approval in the u.s. and begin inoculating young people before the next school year. is definitely a very special opportunity to be able to do something like this case usually i'm just there on doing online school and there's not much i can really do to fight back against the virus. breaches being in this trial and potentially helping other kids to feel safe and want to get the vaccine in the future one of the cons for glee available on what is really some way that could actually help out yemen has
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received its 1st shipment of covert 1000 vaccines 360000 astra zeneca doses are part of the international kovacs program to help poorer nations water on yemen as reported around 4000 infections but experts say the real number is much higher. and jordan has recorded 111 coronavirus deaths it's the highest daily total since the pandemic began rising infections since february blamed on the very 1st identified in the u.k. put jordan's numbers above most of its middle east neighbors nighttime curfew is in place and people have been told not to leave home on fridays they're also stiffer fines for not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing as not 3 day lockdown australia is 3rd biggest cities being lifted that incision was made up of just one new over $1000.00 infection was confirmed in britain people were ordered to stay indoors when 2 plasters emerged of 18 cases in total masks are still required to be worn in public libya's new unity government has released dozens of prisoners who
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fought for the war not only for have to are seen as a gesture of goodwill some there think it's too soon malik trying to reports now from misrata. and a ceremony attended by ministers google and military leaders in the city of zawiya west of tripoli $105.00 fighters loyal to warlord who if the have to are released it's part of a reconciliation process by libya's new interim government. this initiative was undertaken by the tribal and political leaders of zawiya and will help reconciliation efforts but not everyone supports this process these men were taken prisoner on april 5th 2019 at the after have to launch the field military campaign on tripoli they surrendered when government forces retook western libya in june 2020 later atrocities committed by forces loyal to have to emerge in the
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city of through no mass graves were on earth. officials say at least 129 bodies have been recovered so for family members who have lost loved ones want those responsible to be held accountable before any reconciliation process can begin libya's new interim unity government is meant to lead the country until nationwide elections can take place in december for that to happen a serious reconciliation this will have to take place but in cities like to whom and here in the city of misrata that will be difficult according to city officials here 750 men were killed and how does attempt to take the capital back at the ceremony it's been nearly 2 years since these men were taken captive now they're able to go back home to their loved ones for their family members it's a joyous day. i am so pleased my son is able to
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come back home he's been in prison for 2 years that's a long time he has 5 children and supporting them myself has been difficult. to malign you know 2 of my children will be released today i'm so happy i hope all mothers of prisoners across the country can reunite with their children and be happy like i am today thank god although the government will face many challenges in its attempt to bring libyans to gether for these families they are just happy to have their sons back home. trainer to their misrata. the united nations is raise the alarm over reports of grave human rights abuses by russian ministries in the central african republic they're accused of numerous crimes including must summary executions torture and indiscriminate killing of civilians and humanitarian workers. the unix purge describe grave human rights violations and
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abuse they say carried out by russian fighters the fuck out which are the central african forces and the un who they say are behind mass summary execution torture and the forced displacement of people more than 240000 people have been displaced since december's election which was won by president hu we had the backing of russia with the russian fighters on the ground the wagner's group which is a private russian contractor company and we were there when we met with the advisor to the president vladimir is a corrupt who told us that russia was there on the ground to ensure the president can regain control of the country and secure the security of the border now according to the un 44 percent of the country is in the hands of armed groups specifically the coalition for patriotic change led by former president francois in a not so veiled threat the ambassador to russia on the ground said that it was easy
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could be neutralized by russian forces or the central african forces if need be on the ground if he continues to from at rest now the west and especially france sees the presence of russian forces on the ground with suspicion they say they're adding fuel to the fire in a country that's already volatile world where most of the population are in dire need of humanitarian help leaders from southern africa promised to help most some big deal with fighters have killed hundreds of people the u.n. says the humanitarian situation there is deteriorating rapidly reports from harare in neighboring zimbabwe. parma is deserted international aid agencies say thousands of people have already fled. the fighting between soldiers and an armed group that calls itself al-shabaab has been going on for days the town in mozambique's northern cover dug out of province has been the site of major gas discoveries in
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recent years the exact number of people killed injured and accounted for is still unknown some of those displaced by the recent violence have started arriving in payback the provincial capital what has happened in. empowerment is an absolute horror of being in treatise on civilians by an non-state armed group that is what i can say they have done horrific things they're still doing so we have reports this morning of continued clashes that is why we are talking about our expectations of thousands of more people moving out from district and towards other areas of the country and to watch the border was turned sunnier. far to the southwest in zimbabwe's capital harare southern african leaders say the is collating violence in northern mozambique is their top priority we. respond in
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a helpful manner to ensure that we assure the integrity and so that i need to you or one of the southern african development community security troika brings together the leaders of zimbabwe and south africa but one as president. suggest some kind of regional response is imminent speaking on behalf of the troika. following our consultations we are going to me that. and right now to finish off with present. you wanted to look for it when you see it there is speculation a regional force might be sent to mozambique deploying troops has been done before in the region in the late 1990 s. angola libya and zimbabwe send forces to the democratic republic of congo to assist the government before that soldiers from zimbabwe help defeat a number insurgence in central. the un world food program says more than 900000 people in mozambique now require food aid because of the crisis in public.
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al-jazeera. pakistan has lifted a nearly 2 year ban on sugar and cotton imports from india pakistan suspended ties with its neighbor in 2019 where new delhi scrapped the special status of indian administered kashmir relations though have warmed again more recently. finance minister says resumption of sugar imports will help reduce soaring prices president joe biden has announced a $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure plan that includes upgrading roads and bridges and more funds for public transport. billions will also go towards new electric vehicle charging stations and expanding high speed broadband all this will be partially funded by raising corporate tax in opposition and congress is a certainty biden's urging against any delay the bill's affair connally gives everybody changes you can see it's going to create the strongest most resilient
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innovative economy in the world. it's not a plan the tinkers around the edges it's a once in a generation investment in america unlike anything we've seen or done. since we built the interstate highway system in the space race decades ago now the british government has suggested that the u.k. should be seen as an international model for racial equality that's the main finding of a report that says while racism still exists there's been significant progress it's come as a surprise to many people of color who describe the report as a whitewash that denies their lived experiences journal reports from bristol. the picture of britain having largely moved on from racial and ethnic inequality isn't one recognized in cities like bristol ranked among the country's most unequal societies. last summer the statue of
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a prominent 17th century slave owner was toppled a nationwide black lives matter protests that prompted the government's review the disparities in education employment health and criminal justice it's disgraceful i mean everything else leading up to this point has said completely different things even government commission reports we definitely not a beacon for the world if we look at incarceration figures they're worse in america the capital. if we look at deaths in custody if we look at stop and search and drug stops and searches they are. disproportionate to the crimes being committed and they are focused on black men especially these are the front doors beyond. and tom brown believes deprived communities must help themselves with no schooling beyond the age of 12 he founded a successful cleaning business became a mentor to troubled youngsters and is now building
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a community skills academy for those also excluded from education you have something. everybody can come here from parents children and they can become something you don't have to feel that oh i can achieve anything in life based on my color. and they. are starting to come from this thing the pride but. a little education. that means they can do exactly the same thing this is where the statue of edward colston once stood when protesters brought it down last year it sparked intensive scrutiny of this country's racial past of injustices that led to inequalities that persists today but the government's report seems to be a direct rebuke of all of that the well intentioned idealism it says of those young people who claim the country is still institutionally racist is not borne out by
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the evidence. ask these young people and they'll tell you the evidence is plain to see in this area in the city there's no youth sometimes lead to see the social equality that when you grow up you don't have any place to go to learn how to play football or basketball now. so yourself will meet new friends and girlfriends. but that is a picture barely recognized by the government's report jonah hall al jazeera bristol. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a us court has been shown some of the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him floyd could be heard begging them not to shoot him and the officers body count footage it was during day 3 of the trial of the former officer accused of murdering. those who was the.


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