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come over here i'm going to decide what we need we need a piece of this time period not the time i'm. writing right i know if i never want to write this no response is very very. very. wrong. also ok all right ok i think i probably. wouldn't. let her go. oh oh. oh you do not. take it right out. of the good. old. homes in the world.
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like everyone. i'm not. sure. why right knowing and think we. were going to stop playing at that point if you take the image on the screen please . sir the way the bodywork cameras work the have an internal microphone right yes and
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a slow kid fairly close to the officer and you can hear even with background noise officers having conversations in conversational tone they don't have to yell at each others the right correct. there is also a body work camera footage taken from the camera to shoot the officer to tao at the same state offers exhibit $49.00 intention. for him and his yass to publish. so we have been though watching the direction of in trial for the killing of george floyd from minneapolis in the past half hour or so have been watching very
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harrowing footage from the body cams that the police officers were wearing now where watching the body camera of officer to tell a little earlier we watched officer killed and officer laying depicting the events that led to the death of the georgia florida literally the the 10 minutes leading up to it you can see the officers arrived at the food store cut food word george floyd had apparently given a fake $20.00 bail you could see them. go to him in the car earlier and get him out of the car ready at gunpoint we saw a visibly upset a george ford let's listen in this is the body cam from officer to town. are you well. our. thoughts.
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are mean or cruel. until run. out on the road. for. more than one hour who. among. her. other. thought of it was. our. right. this person has worked through her heart totally help to photograph her in the
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a young. boy. i do know your brothers cleared out of the murder part was how do you see. me. leave of my arrest when called free. 1 kick. well. there's a good heart right world war. or world order going on the lives of hard hearted father was a very i think i got you. don't have race. 000000012000 . relax but nobody who opposes you still live or what you want ok. i don't wish you well.
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take this point out how chavez health south texas was growing up we are opec this paul romer above don't believe opened some new drug problem it is one of the big not if you saw the whole we don't pay the back no money order. you go would you go oh you and i do really have far far as i have here many have ok well if you don't do not want us all i checked. i'll check how was it back on the site well yeah well the man who did. that probably better grow hair won't grow your i guess well you like well i will. stop publishing 202634. officers shot also had a body worn camera as it right yes and based on your review is that the box that we saw underneath the car at one point in the encounter yes. that you said to
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exhibit 44 offer exhibit 44. $44.00 is a request published $44.00. quite the same.
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you are right if you can see the town please and i'm going to be asking you about some items that will we will see to admit without publication at this point officer who you're a sergeant at the 3rd precinct you're familiar with him is he was also issued a body were a camera at his footage. yes there's footage that was captured of the incident that's offered as exhibit $48.00. 40 is received. then there's a number of still photographs that were teagan from some of the footage that has been reviewed. december grace you offer these about seeking to publish one of your group.
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for exhibit 37 still photographs from wade's body work area 203041. u.s. or. is it the. first that one of which are. where you bring it up and. received. and we have been following the trial of derek chauvelin live in minneapolis in the past hour or so we've watched some pretty distressing images
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recordings from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him now the witness that was just on the stand now that you can still see is james ruger all now he's part of the technology department for the police and specializes in the kind of body cameras that the officers were wearing so we saw the different perspectives from officer lane officer coon and officer tower as well and then a few minutes of officer show been in they really showed the timeline of the officers arriving at cup foods that is the shot that had said that george floyd gave up argue a fake 20 or they said a counterfeit $20.00 note you could see images of the officers going to the car were george floyd was asking him to come out of the car at gun point. george floyd already obviously huge the distressed and then
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really from about. 8 past 8 to actually 19 past 8 is when they have taken george floyd to the police car and you can see them wrestling trying to push him in push him into the police car he is resisting going into the police car and then eventually goes through the back seats on the other side and that is when they start to restrain him you can already hear him saying that he can't breathe that he's claustrophobic and that's why he doesn't want to go into the car and interestingly a few minutes later you can see. see especially through the camera of officer tao you can see the crowd beginning to gather and film what was going on at this point there are children already has his knee on george floyd's neck the crowd filming
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and and also starting to question what the officers were doing in the literally the car arrived at. 7 past 8 and by 28 past 8 we see a stretcher we've heard a siren ambulance arrived and we see a now unconscious george floyd being put on a stretcher. and that is what that court in minneapolis has just been shown in the last moments of george floyd's life from the perspective of the police officers who arrested him in often very distressing recordings from their body cameras the jury witnessed him encounter the officers including derek chauvin who is of course on trial for his murder repeatedly they were shown him being handcuffed and taken to a police car as he obviously became increasingly agitated. he
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was the only. knock out. another. person. that. i walked out with oh no we. don't we're going to go over. that's the officers trying to put their ik chauvin in the car him saying he's claustrophobic will footage of floyd being pinned and a show of ins in the in his final moments was too much for one witness.
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this happened earlier on charles mcmillan was a passing motorist who stopped and tried to persuade floyd to give himself up to police he broke down in court earlier when asked to relive the day's events saying that he had felt helpless and the court also heard from christopher martin who was working in the food store cup food and sold george floyd a packet of cigarettes he was paid with what he thought was a counterfeit note and it was that incident which kicked off the chain of events leading to officers apprehending floyd. you saw you standing there with your hands on your head for a while right. was going through your mind to. leave. and go. why do you. not build. another individual officer or. what did you do after that happened.
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and so we're seeing court proceedings as i was saying now i think they seem to have gone back to another body can a foot is just to remind you the witness is actually on the stand this change drew go who is what was described as a foundational witness basically he is in the technology department of the police department in charge or with the knowledge of the systems the police officers that use especially the body cams that they use while at work and that they are instructed to turn on whenever there is any kind of interaction with the public we are now seeing images of yet another body cam we have already seen the events that led to george floyd's death from the point of view of
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officer lane of the securing an officer tile there body cams let's watch that.
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oh. and then we reached the point where based on your experience and observation that the camera is now on the ground underneath vehicles are yes yes. thank you very much an offer. and we just saw there steve a special assistant attorney general and part of the prosecution ending his questioning of james rueful during which we saw that very disturbing footage the recordings of from the body cameras of the officers who arrested george floyd
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gabriel elizondo is live in minneapolis for assegais we watched the same events the same or just under 20 minutes or so but from different points of view all really upsetting but i guess all putting together the puzzle if you will of what was actually happening around george floyd in those terrible minutes. yeah that's right what prosecutors are trying to do by showing the jury this these body cam footage from the officers on scene is give context context to what the scene was like there and what it sounded like and kind of what it felt like through the body cam images from the police officers and quite frankly as we all have been watching now it's chilling. this is what the prosecution is trying to do here they're trying to give
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a full perspective of not only what you see but also what you hear you can hear george floyd in many parts of this. crying out for help in other parts of it you can hear people eyewitnesses on the sidewalk saying in previous ones are saying saying you know you can't breathe he can't breathe get off get off and then in other parts of the body cam footage you hear almost nothing and that's because george floyd is not saying anything else because. you know perhaps lost consciousness at that point so listen the bottom line here is this is it is very very powerful footage and it's again to show the context of what was going on there at the scene that day it's important to point out that this lieutenant jeff froogle who's on this witness stand right now he is with the minneapolis police department but he has nothing to do with this this trial he was not there on that day he is
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only being called to the stand by the prosecution because he is sort of the minneapolis police department expert on body cams and so he's just there to by the prosecution called him just to just to authenticate this video and explain how body cams work but beyond that he's just being rooms just to keep me i need to interrupt you and. i need to take you back to the trial because. eric nelson for the defense is questioning the witness on the stand james all right let's listen to change now as far as the clips that we saw you to agree that that's a shortened version of the entire piece of evidence that was gathered by the m.p.t. yes now in terms of the software keep abilities of the milestone camera. you're familiar with how that operates yes and you. would.
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agree that the software that runs the milestone is different than the software that was used to show that. yes ok. for purposes your honor if we could show the witness or even display it since the jury is not. even in terms this is what the player looks like for the milestone system correct and you are able to. go through this. you were able to scroll through the time that was saved yes the pink bar at the bottom with that indicate the time that were saved yes and the thing that happened prior to that where it's black or subsequent to that where it turns black. would be gone yes are now you can all this player also has some other capabilities such as zooming right yes so we can actually take this and move the
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camera route. he has or has like this compass rose that allows you to. manipulate where the camera is. as far where the images enlarged within the red the original video you're you're zooming with in the video. is posed with the camera you also have the ability here to play it in different speeds. so i could play it. as high as 16 times the original speed correct so goes much faster on the screen yes as well as we could slow it down. because much of quarter time yes are. if i just put this back
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to regular speed. that's the defense attorney eric. the defense lawyer for derek chauvelin questioning james rubel the witness that we've had on the stand about those images c.c.t.v. images just very much to give context to what was going on and another perspective all of the events of those fateful minutes that ended george floyd's life gabriel is on though has been following the trial he's in minneapolis for us gave you were talking about context and the importance of seeing the events from so many different points of view we saw it from most of the police officers that were there and of course we also saw the footage and we could hear the voices of the people that eventually started gathering around. there and show been at the other police officers and george floyd very much press thing and trying to persuade. to take his
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off. yeah that's right i mean we've all seen that you know now infamous video of of. george neck for more than 9 minutes as we now know from testimony from monday. but there was so much more to it than simply that 9 minutes that was a critical 9 minutes that ultimately led to floyd's death but what the prosecution now is doing is they have access to so many other pieces of video body cam footage from the other officers on scene i witness videos from their cell phones security camera footage there is so much video out there and for the past 3 days and particularly today on wednesday the prosecution has been showing the jury almost all of this and particularly here what we've seen in the last you know hour or so
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in the afternoon here on wednesday is this body. footage that is just chilling and like you mentioned it's not only the image this images that you see but it's also what you hear in different stages of the process as the officers are arresting george floyd you hear you know a little bit of confusion a little bit of a struggle. you know you hear george floyd crying one point you hear him you know asking what's going on you hear the officers saying to him you're acting acting erratic. and then you hear when he's on the ground the audio from the video from the the body cam video from the officers you hear a bystander saying stop stop what are you doing why imploring the officers. to intervene or for show of and to get off of his neck and then what's really striking is for a while there you hear nothing from george floyd and presumably that's because he's
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lost consciousness so you add all of that up the beginning part the middle and then that in this body can footage that's been showed to the jury now. and you really get a stark context and picture of what it was like to see this scene from the officers body cam footage and you have to imagine that this is pretty powerful it's pretty gripping quite frankly but it's also very disturbing and you we all saw that that footage of course are so disturbing of chauvinist needy on floyd's neck for that 9 minutes and you think what could be worse than watch having to watch that or experience that it's almost like the buildup to that what led to that is almost as disturbing as the actual 9 minutes but clearly this is a powerful powerful video that the prosecution has brought in for the jury to take in now. absolutely gabriel elizondo following that trial for us in minneapolis gave
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thank you all to talk about what we have seen and the events really of the past 3 days in court we can speak their behinds she's a legal analyst and former prosecutor from the city of baltimore she joins us from washington d.c. madam thank you so much for joining us here. on al-jazeera 1st of all can i ask i presume you were also watching the footage that we have just seen had you seen it before is it something that people had been allowed to to see before online or is it the 1st time that most of us are watching it. i think the body cam is the 1st time that most of us are watching it we've all seen the death of the mess 8 minutes and what is exacted video but even the video that was longer that was shown a couple of days ago which was the 9 minute and 29 2nd video of their show when mr floyd's neck i don't really think that one had randomly been seen because everyone
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thought before it was only 8 minutes of voice exact and sell you know this is the 1st time that we're seeing it in obviously that means it's the 1st time that the jury has seen it yet and we know that some jurors have found that upsetting understandably so and now we also saw george floyd being obviously upset from the 2nd he's confronted after say at gunpoint by the police when they go to his car we do see him resisting getting into the police car what do you think the prosecution has to prove now to try to secure the highest conviction for 2nd degree murder. i think the prosecution has that the phenomenal job and i don't say that lightly you know because you're saying what happens before and what happens but what with the police are processed trying to get mr ford into that vehicle he said he has some anxiety or gas and issues or he's closer phobic and they're taking him out of the vehicle and there is some slight resistance there and so well after so is are
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allowed to do they are allowed to use reasonable force when there is any type of resistance but arrest but once that resistance has stopped then they cannot longer use force and so that's really the focus of the case is the 9 minutes and 29 seconds and mr fullaway was wondering round pen down my dare show been found down by 2 other officers glad crowd is yelling that he can't breathe that is really the case but they don't want to just show that they're trying to put everything in kind that's from the time that he is arrested up until the time that presumably the license last breath but they really have to make the charges they have to just show really the time frame on the way when this juror who was no longer resisting when he's on the ground is endowed he can get up to walk to the car at the police car if he wants to and that is where there is more of that and you know excessive force than it is excessive force that we know now that killed him according to the autopsy report so that's really that's really their case the by you know by
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bringing in not just a video because sometimes you have the video and you only have one person who has taken the video but this case has had the luxury of having several perspectives of the video of the 17 year old then young woman who took the video that's the one that everybody has seen around the world we have her testimony putting everything in context the firefighter e.m.t. who came with the scene who was just walking around in her day arpan encountered everything we have her video she instinctively knew to take out her video. martial arts fighter who last saw her on the video giving his stand it's point and the video that that he took so this is a case i've read every happens where you have different videos from different vantage points and the witnesses you can say that's me in the video from another person taking it and this is what i had witness and this is what i heard but going
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back to the earlier body cam video one of the things that is very minor and then that sure you were playing it in the clip in the proceedings that you heard because i heard it earlier is why do officers says to show gary what he's heard on the video say just leave him and that's what they should have done this should have just let me have guile gotten in the car you know secured him and you know and gone to the police station where they should have just taken him instead of art everything else that happened with him and it is the thing which we don't know from watching the video is why did they take him out of the car i mean it took about why you know why did you get him back yet i mean that's still like and i never even thought watching you know all of the videos he was basically in the vehicle cell would you know but that's not the crux of the murder charges the murder charges stem from years and reasonable for us and then she ended up killing mr fullaway and
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these nacho are still going is not like a 1st degree murder of level i think there was a nothing there to charge him with that but the prosecutor did not indict when 1st degree murder which is an intent to kill which is premeditated you intended to kill the person but what we're watching all of these videos and putting all these pieces together with the witnesses who have testified it clearly looks i'm not on the jury but he clearly looks like to me that he intended to kill george full way but that's not to try to lift the debt and. which is 2nd degree and 3rd degree and one of them carries a match where years in jail and 30 years 30 degrees scuse me carries a matter of 25 years so those are the the trying to say that he's facing and worth reminding our audience as well that the other officer is if i'm not wrong in saying i've also been charged their trial is coming up in a couple of months but this focuses on their chosen and also to tell our audience
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that the jury is actually adjourned for the day so that's it in light of that. what else would you be looking for i guess what do you think is the most damning evidence you've seen so far that would lead to a conviction what else are you expecting to see in the next few days. so the case is going to divide it between and most murder cases i've divided up this way you have the witnesses in the case and then you have the medical examiner which is designed to fit gathered as you have to put in to show how the person died and that it was a homicide so we're always saying right now the 1st phase which are the witnesses that hard testified and the strongest writes don't are with all of the witnesses has really been several themes is a witnesses who either lived in the neighborhood you know why mblaq people they lived in the neighborhood they were doing different dangerous going around going to the store or to get treats are is that the e.m.t.
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firefighter she was on her they are she was just taking my time trying to show out for the day the other individuals that mr make milena testified today was a 61 year old black man and he was kind of like you know i don't know how we decide how you would describe it where you are but he's kind of the person in neighborhoods year that he has this past and everything in the neighborhood so he knows the people in the neighborhood in it even in their show that he is seen there show than are 5 days before this incident but the overriding theme is that all of these bystanders wrists stop by what they saw are they knew that it was terrible that what was when they are trying to in some way intervene and instinctively their gut reaction was to take out their cell phones from different vantage points because they could tell they could tell something was wrong they didn't just walk away you know sometimes we see things or naps and you just keep going they didn't
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do that and so you have you have seen throughout the trial their testimonies of the emotions of humanity and that's the humanity the opposite side that you didn't see from derek shell that has his nearly one george towards neck with his hand very casually very nonchalant his hand and. pocket as if this is nothing going well with this as he's killing an individual and the other thing that is the theme that you're seeing from the witnesses is that unfortunately my heart goes out to them for what they saw are because they're are experiencing guilt this 17 year old now 18 year old. young woman who took the video that we've seen the initial a minister what is the 2nd video she said she goes to beheaded night and she apologizes to george floor way because she didn't do more the e.m.t. work and she has guilt you know she just that like me i should've called 911 i
12:53 am
should not have distant they're embedded in the police officer to allow me to do something but as they have our indicated it's not them that should fill their guilt it is derek show them now and a video that you why do we do get to hear derek showmance as always and that's kind of good because there is no guarantee that he will testify and i would assume that he probably will not testify he doesn't have the testified yesterday right to remain silent and that silence and that the inferred in any way against him but you hear his voice and other all the other witnesses ringback voices you know that you hear they are planted they're upset that you know they're not angry they're just upset their voices you know loudly we're you know we're hysterical supreme lack of a better word but mr sheldon and he remains car and the interesting thing of the e.m.t. it would end blanking out her name she was at something on cross-examination she
12:54 am
got a little confused about semesters and she said to the defense attorney i don't know if you've ever seen someone died but it's very upsetting but george and with their shopping never looked that way and mr mcmillan spoke to their show the after the. which way it was taken away and he said to him i saw you 5 days earlier and at that time i respected you as a man and i told you you get home safely to your family and you let everyone else get home safely to your family he said i was respecting your humanity your words and that of that but he said but today you're not a man to me you're a maggot that is powerful testimony but what a case what the defense is really going to try to do because there's not that much to do with these witnesses i mean the video is more than a 1000 words and then you have the witnesses the money that is going on with the video when they are going to really hard when is ringback the autopsy report which
12:55 am
the carry on taps report does not say that mr floyd died as a result of strangulation you know that was that was the independent report which will not be used to try but they're saying that he died you know because supply issues that was secondary are significant in that obviously mr. yesterday and i think a lot of over the next few days if i could just pick you up on something that you said is very interesting and obviously upsetting about one of the witnesses that feels guilty because she filmed what was going on and goes to sleep apologizing to george for it for not having done more i have to say as someone who's talking to you from europe it does show me how scared people are of the police there i mean everything is easy in hindsight but i do think there's something about american police that is quite frightening to people is in we saw the bystanders they were all talking to their children they were using quite strong words they were filming
12:56 am
but no one actually sort of went there and tried to pull him off do you think that that's a sign of how intimidating the united states police can be. well why don't we miss a day answered another way one witness who was the e.m.t. . she was the white woman who was off that day and she did try to you know see if she could render aid but what she said to answer your question is she said after everything was over and mr floyd had been taken away and dare show up in the police or connoisseur that is still there but milling around she said she stayed on the scene because there were a lot of black and brown people they are and she did not want the police to hurt them i mean that was heart wrenching for me to hear that but that kind of answers you know the question the reason why i think people didn't do anything. in the
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circumstances and that's we are not of the witnesses or 2nd guessing themselves i should have done something i shouldn't intervene if you can see people are respectful of the police i think they had either they were respectful so when the police told them to stay on the current they got back to me that they were on the sidewalk don't come down the street they got back on the sidewalk i think it shows a describe it was orderly and they were respectful of the police i don't think it was a fear of the police because if they had a fear of the police they would have kept walking absolutely none of them having are they all stayed and filmed their behinds it's great talking to you we're going to have to leave it there for time pressures but our legal analyst and former prosecutor from the city of baltimore thank you so much for sharing your views and expertise with us thank you. and that we will be discussing the trial of a derek chauvin in the next half hour as well and of course you can get the latest on all of it on our web site al-jazeera dot com by stay with us will be back in
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just a few minutes with more of the day's. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish and the state becomes the default media in waiting for images that lead to the negative to these guys and just how did it create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside
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the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts. from the al-jazeera london broke. to people in thoughtful conversation i got. when i was. really scared me because i was like these people are going to be in positions of power with no host and no limitations empire is the reason that we live in a multicultural society to say he and adam rather studio unscripted. decades ago called the pearl of the orient the. theater was once a testament to the city's grandeur but decades later the theater has become a symbol. now the philippine government is changing their government buildings the
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universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed during world war 2. but rebuilding a lives and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never truly recover it. who was the police. george floyd's last moments alive are shown in court as the man accused of causing his death goes on trial for the 3rd day. along barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. as people keep protesting against me and more as military warnings that ethnic
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minority on groups may soon join the fight brazil's death toll surges again there but president bush so that all says hunger is killing.


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