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on the say yes ok. anything you said that's captured on camera that would have been what you said in that moment is that right over the course of the time of your interaction with mr. ok so. what stood out to you about what mr fly was saying when you saw. on the ground when he gives in that. there were he said. man the. killer be. killing this well and care plan cambridge bombing it killed me there were these does my body share lindau . and was a your voice somewhere in the middle of all this saying get up and get in the car.
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but are you yes ma'am and why are you saying now what were you trying to do at that point trying to help him. and. how did he look to you after this continued when you said he was a mom and i can't believe how did he appear to be t.e.o. . it appeared to be in and out with the poem now this mom he said use our phone running out of yes my revolver out is mountains now. and he said get out what you may not talk in that you know not camera destroyed but he was do you hear him talking at one point and then did he later stop talking i heard him try to. do have led him up to a gate briefly. even i see
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a 2 now although 2 now has indicated really have one if you have a good job and he can bring. is it ok with you if i play this huge clip of him and keep playing and if you're ready for anything. well there but you don't know who or what is in my site it's listed as one of the. oh that's a really good. go good read oh. 0000000000000000000000 bob. oh oh ok i've now got a mouse on the way but no 000000000000. 000. we've instead you know. that we're.
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all. my friends do you have if you please or as i hope you are. the works. of my dream. and you were describing he said a hard time he saw an officer maybe going to get one did you ever see the officers . use any kind of tire other type of restraint for mr foy no he did not. mistake this down. we're going to put up another one but i'm just going to not play at an exhibit 16 that's already admitted if we could just that on st. yes on the tree i believe it's already been in time and so this is exhibit 16 which
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is a very clever affair and this is not playing its marks 820 no 5 this time sam. you see where you are standing in this particular and bench yes ma'am can you just point your self out. all right and. what do you. see the officers doing from your perspective on the street. i see there's a line at the poor job to right here they're holding the guy does need a on his net between the neck and back holding him down. but all of us are really crazy around the look like they hold joy arkanoid down all. ok so you talked about did you see 3 officers of mr foy.
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as he falls on together with 3 others only 2 people. looking at this picture or can you tell which officer was which at this moment but you always do this. there's joe i don't know where you are the right so let's just stop right there we say mr shaaban can you tell where mr shaaban is in this picture or is it too difficult to see in the subject right can you actually press that again if you're trying to point to ok so the officer that you just said on a phone with an arrow is that the one he recognized as a yes q ok and there were 2 other officers you described on top of them is that right yes ma'am and a force officer standing at the back of the truck. and it's ok with you i'd like to play just a little bit of this video are you ready for that this is an ok go.
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and this part of the video doesn't have but does that show you in the screen. and at some point you just step back a little bit out of the frame is that you walking off is there so i could ask for a little bit. but during this time you're watching what's going on you're just not on that the frame of this video right there ok so moving forward to. the. 21 and 30 i'll just play a little bit of bass here. right we've come back to the same merriment i did briefly. and then sounds like you do you see yourself back. on the screen ok i'm going. to get my.
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eye out i only got one more not my surprise and then. the hour that i've read of your oh. well when you watch the brave leave the about him again we see it. through you know i'm going to come we'll get to get in because i do want to fight the whole wow. get him to come on get up get out not right i k k. y u k m a you can. do i know you were. coming or going with her if there. was water from.
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the you know her out why. don't. you remember the our. growth area where you get up in the middle of the little i knew that well i think you know let me know. that you feel better. bro. god or are. you going to regrow his whole know what the orion was in something. so this someone and i could sense you know your knee on its neck that's wrong man something like that you just made. and. they're also before that some statements about you can't get up and get in the car was that i'll say you just. i got was that you were describing earlier just trying to help with. trying to do it when. they get what i'm saying no he
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can't wear it because it was negative or was cody's get the cops on you you can wait so i'm trying to tell him just cooperate where to get out to get him to go where you can when and did he say i can't tell you yes man ok. i mean do you understand him to be talking to you know. and. when when you are saying you know your knee on his neck well what rate were you concerned at that moment just and why was that because he's there to see and i gave brede you know my stomach hurried you know he said they that maybe they don't even trouble when you say in trouble what do you mean by that.
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did you stay i'm not going to keep trying to mess clap and down but if you continue to watch that was going on. and eventually did did you see an ambulance com. if at any point in time did you see mr chavez and or any of the officers. get any medical attention help give c.p.r. or anything like that for mr floyd. and did you see mr shaaban or any of the officers get off mr floyd before the ambulance came to me. and. while you were watching that. did your concerns increase over time. the longer it went on is there. and why was that might be
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a big group because more and paramedics arrived on the floor. i mean did in mine mine. and mine it was open question. after the paramedics arrived. and then left the scene did you have some additional interaction with mr chavez and yes i did. and. prior to today did we show you some video clips of that interaction. and we've. marked those clips as exhibit 40 in 41 but for viewing those 2 clips did they fairly and accurately show your interaction with mr sha'ath and on may 25th
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that day there's a date. for exhibits 40 and 41. 4041 hours and. that's the published exhibit 40 and before we press play. 1 9 of the city has exhibit 40 contains a composite so a video showing you as well as. mr shot ends perspective by a camera. you know i'm not slaves and minutes 40. and it's that you want to numb stream there's a. lot
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of friends that. i don't know. i think. i will. cry. so that can be we can. posit a parent but that can be difficult to hear. what was it that you were saying to mr sharon at that time i can recall but in my mind a bed i said to mr sharpton and that that big it was like 5 days ago and that whole show will i know my what i did say to him i think i said to him by days ago i. told you to dig a hole in the yellow bamboo say that indeed bush will make them do so but they're
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going to get you as a medic. and. your interaction continued west ham in the soup over these 2 plants is that right he did him with his car at some point wasn't even that clear but other kids yes he did ok and then did you also have another conversation with and this last day joe and actually. did you remark about his foot on his neck or something to that effect i can't recall but if it's there or be in the video it's hearing him all right and again some of the smi difficulty here can we put out exhibit 41. they are part of it and they're there when you think you've got it out or. around it but i respect that one person for what it really are you know i got oh i didn't ever go to war for control this is how sizeable got yeah that i was like get in the car it's like that's probably not something that i was already going to have to.
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ok so there's a voice that's turned. and choice is yours and they want to when i tell him i respect you here you go all the yogananda say that you've been pushed go home is now the see and whose place is the other place the joke and. one of the voices the sangh something to be effective and i don't respect what you did something like that was that your voice or mr sharp and place my bullies ok and was the shot as well as the other voice on that yes. and what were you trying to do at that point in time when you were talking to mr sharp and why did you feel the need to talk to mr sherman because when i watched it was long and did you feel it was important to tell him that yes ma'am.
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and figure out. what she knows her. you're watching our jazeera and that is the live trial of a derek chauvelin for the killing of george floyd live from minneapolis we were just watching aaron eldridge from the prosecution question charles amok a 1000000 who was
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a witness on the day took some video and about some of these interaction with erik chauvelin him self the policeman who of course had his knee on the unarmed black man george floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds we were just also watching quite a lot of the video some upsetting footage as well as there of george floyd being restrained pointing out clearly saying repeatedly that he couldn't breathe calling out for his mother and the witness that we just heard from charles mcmillan saying he did question derek chauvelin the policeman telling him that when he saw that he thought that what he was doing was wrong let's go back and listen in for the. sober.
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judge peter cahill there the witness we were hearing from has been let go charles. camilla and while we wait for either the next witness or to see what else happens in the courtroom let's listen back to another testimony that we heard a little earlier from 19 year old christopher martin now he was working at the cup
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food store when he was handed what he thought was a counterfeit note by george floyd let me just quickly take you back to the courtroom we understand are going to take a 20 minute break so we will go back to that as soon as it starts again but as i was saying we did hear a testimony earlier on. from the cashier at the cut foods store who thought he'd been handed a fake $20.00 bill by george floyd he saw the incident unfold and he told the court of the guilt that he felt. so you stand there with your hands on your head for a while right. was going through your mind. just leave. and go. why don't. i would. not build the border. we also saw another individual get pushed by an officer or. what did you do after
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that happened. on the times. but we're joined now via skype from minneapolis by duchess harris she's a professor of american studies at macalester college in minnesota and author of the book justice for george floyd madam sank you for being with us here again on al-jazeera so again we did see some upsetting images there again we've been watching it just for the viewers just joining us now. images from the police a body count as well as other footage shot by witnesses there we had the testimony all of the witnessed charles mcmillan who pointed out that he actually did try to speak to their insurer been telling him that what he thought he was doing was wrong was wrong how important do you think testimonies like bat the interaction from people that were witnessing what was going on how important do you think that will be in this trial. i think the testimony is incredibly important i think it's one reason why the defense team has to be on
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a sidebar right now because it is their job to try to discredit. them in just testify and that's going to be very difficult to do because what you see as a reasonable person and often in the court of law in the united states. it's based on what would a reasonable person do and he does address a former police officer kerrick show and show who continues to do what he does and so it's it's credible. and it will be interesting to see what when it comes around to to that the fence or presumably they will try to say that there were various reasons for george floyd's that but when it comes to the prosecution right now and the videos that we have seen so far in the testimonies what do you think specifically the prosecution is trying to prove beyond all doubt now what the prosecution is trying to move several things one is that mr lloyd did not use this
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the defense is trying to make the argument that he says that that this was a challenging person to arrest because of his size because he was more than 6 feet tall he was more than 200 pounds also they're trying to depict him as someone who is on trial they will say that he had done this well as you hyped up when actually mr floyd's addiction had been opioids which of subdue you and so the prosecution has the task she won as it was a flawed. in madam if you could please stay with us and just like to cross live to our correspondent is outside court and i'd like to come back to you for more reaction so let's go to gabriel is on the who is live for us in minneapolis gave obviously you've been following developments from the court
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what did you make what was your reaction is what we've seen in the past half hour. well you know sometimes the most powerful moments in a courtroom are when nobody's talking and i think that's what you saw there when they had to take a break previously when that i witnessed charles mcmillan was just overcome with grief as they were playing that video of george floyd being taken into the patrol car by the police officers and you could hear george floyd saying what's going on what's going on at one point crying out for his mother. that is when the eye witness on the stand. who was there right outside the police car watching it as us actually at the time telling george floyd you know you're not
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going to win you're not going to win meaning don't try to argue with the police just get in the police car you're not going to win you're not going to win and as they were replaying that video and replaying that audio the eyewitness just broke down and you know they had to just pause for a minute and it was well over 20 seconds that he just had to regain his composure and i think that that just shows that the raw emotions of that day on may 25th nearly 10 months ago and he's eye witnesses that are now being asked to relive that moment. and it's difficult and i think you're seeing that on monday we saw it on tuesday we saw it and now we're seeing it again today this is being done by the prosecution to really try to bring the jurors to the scene. and let them feel it through the eyes of the eyewitnesses that were there. and it's not only the eyewitnesses that are overcome with. grief or overcome with
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emotions of having to relive that we're also getting word from the courtroom that it's the jury as well according to. 2 journalists that are the pool reporters inside the courtroom at one point the judge had to take a brief break from proceedings because one of the jurors a female juror that's all we know is female juror motioned to the judge that she needed she was in distress and she told the judge apparently that she had been sleeping well all night. it's a minor situation the judge took a few minutes for her to regain herself and they moved on but it just shows you that. how. act for this testimony is and earlier in the day we heard we saw that video of george floyd inside that that foods convenience store as well and that was powerful images as well that we saw. and gave you mention how
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powerful those images were and how moved many people in the courtroom i have to say i know quite a lot of people that would have seen snippets all of the footage around the killing of of george floyd but perhaps not all of it and certainly not all of one so it's quite powerful but how much of what we're seeing has not been seen before do you think its impact is mainly in the fact that what kind of seeing it all together and then with the testimony of people who sometimes filmed it but certainly witnessed. exactly i mean the images that we saw of the security camera footage inside the convenience store where george floyd is walking around he's a little fidgety he smiles at sometimes he you know he's kind of just sort of lingering in the store that's the 1st time we've seen those images for most of us most of the world it's been following this for the last 10 months the image we
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think of george floyd is either that still photograph of him it's kind of a selfie shot of we see of him. or the unfortunate video that we see of him on his stomach with derek show vns in his neck this is now the 1st time we've seen the world is seen the public is seen as most importantly the jury has seen the images that led up to this and that's him in the convenience store buying cigarettes with allegedly that fake $20.00 bill and these are important images because it shows context context is key here and that is why the prosecution is showing this and interestingly enough the prosecution. called this witness an 1000 year old who is a cashier and they actually asked him they said did george floyd seem like something was wrong and he said yes it seemed like george floyd might have been under the influence of something we now know that there were drugs in george
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floyd's system in the autopsy that's according to the people who did the autopsy but the prosecutors basically are addressing this because why because the defense main argument is that george floyd died from the drugs that he would that he had in his system and not from derek chauvinist need so the prosecutors are trying to deal with this head on and saying he had drugs in his system essentially they're saying we're we don't doubt it and i witnessed there a witness that was on the stand said he did seem like he was not normal in his words he seemed like he was under the influence so they're giving context of this but they're also showing that the the length of this video of george floyd in the convenience store before the incident took place outside because there was also moments where george ford seemed very normal a little fidgety but he was smiling he was kind of reaching in his pocket looking for money looking for change kind of you know there are people walking by him no
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one seemed very alarmed by his behavior there is a pregnant woman walked right by him so again context that is what that is what the prosecution is trying to provide context for what led up to the incident. gabriel is on the with the latest outside court they were in minneapolis the game of course will be talking to us over the next few hours and as long as the court sits for the moment thank you. and if we can go back now to our guest duchess harris professor of american studies and author of the book justice for george floyd madame thank you so much for having stayed with us as you probably heard from our correspondents there of course we all know that one of the biggest cases. forward by the defense will be that it was drugs that it was a necessary actions of their children that caused george floyd's death their children is facing a 3 potential charges 2nd degree murder 3rd degree murder or manslaughter what do
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you think the prosecution has to prove right now to secure the 2nd degree murder charge or the strongest charge the prosecution has to prove that mr lloyd. with a need. for 9 minutes and 29 seconds despite. opioids. and i think that that's going to be a difficult case to me. the interesting thing about this case is that it's obviously incredibly well known and a lot of people have seen the some snippets of the video i suppose i want to ask you the same point that i put to to our correspondent that most of us have seen bits of the video maybe not everyone had seen the full 929 seconds if i'm honest and certainly most of us i think it was available online but most of us hadn't seen the police.


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