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zines after the sacking of the defense minister this missile was part of a cabinet overhaul by president gyre bill scenario mccain a care for ports from rio de janeiro the commanders of the army the navy and the air force jointly left their posts after president jalal sinatra fired former defense minister ferdinand was available in a cabinet overhaul the new defense minister general but i got to released a statement saying that all 3 commanders would be replaced. in the color t.v.'s brazil's armed forces haven't seen anything like this in decades the 3 former commanders in defense minister made it clear to both sonority they will not allow the military to be involved in politics nor will they support any attempt to close congress are overturned coronavirus curfews and lock downs imposed by governors and mayors. the crisis comes as brazil faces the worst phase in the cove with 910 demick with daily deaths reaching almost 4000 at least 6000 are waiting for beds in
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intensive care units being followed on people have been talking for months about the risk of the public system collapsing sadly that moment has come throughout brazil states and cities have taken restrictive measures to reduce infections president also narrow has accused governors and mayors of acting like dictators the overall bow and arrow has been guiding brazilians to expose themselves to the virus disobeying instructions given by states and cities he is promoting confrontation at a time of crises when he should be fostering cooperation but he's losing the support of businessmen and lawmakers monday's cabinet reshuffle was seen as an attempt by both so now to to change course in his response to covert 19 which has caused more than 300000 deaths in brazil. meanwhile brazil is facing another problem hunger 7 out of every 10 brazilians living in slums and core neighborhoods
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have no money to buy food the government's monthly handouts were suspended in january meineke and all this era we are this general the humanitarian situation on colombia's border with venezuela is getting worse as fighting intensifies 5000 venezuelan refugees are already in temporary shelters in colombia and the central ramp e.s.e. reports from the border town of quitter. 9 days after the start of venice well as military campaign against colombia's rebel forces the situation in the colombian border town of i'll keep is critical. almost 5000 refugees are housed in shelters but that number only tells part of the story hundreds more are staying in overcrowded private homes got a c.e.o. fled from the venezuelan town of lovett daria says she's sharing the space with 63
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other people and they haven't received any help. they say assistance is primarily for the shelters nothing is a right yet for us we don't want to go to a shelter we have many people with diabetes high blood pressure many kids and we're scared of call that. refugees are crossing the border into rural areas to at least $100.00 share this farmhouse and are extending it to protect new arrivals from the rain. the mean unit from the united nations refugee agency says under reporting is an issue but a proper camp for at least 500 hours sorry to break into that package but we are going to take you know line for it see the u.s. city old minneapolis because the 3rd day of the trial against the former police officer charged with murdering george lloyd's has now begun that no of course state jurors heard emotional testimony from the witnesses. described how they intervened
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to stop their children from kneeling on george floyd's neck that testimony is continuing so let's listen it over. good morning just as a real quick lauer to that point did you have any idea rescue at that point. you were not. necessary. you were asked about. seeing the fluid running down the street there. and you thought you considered whether it might be bio fluid from mr ford correct current if you knew that it wasn't fluid from mr floyd would it have changed your assessment of
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his medical needs at that point not seriously about it. and your assessment of. medical condition at that time you believe he needed immediate medical attention so. you were asked about whether you hear the officers talking to the officers or a summary be more specific other. that officer tao you told us you spoke directly to. the other 3 officers talked to you at all not that i remember. did any of the officers tell you hey we've got an ambulance coming. not that i remember today or the officers tell you they've got the fire department coming up your ass a little bit about what you thought your typical response time for the fire department because that's who you work for correct. and you're being asked about something you really don't know about in terms of the fire department's response in
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this case. and you don't know anything about who called the ambulance or who called fire from this particular case. so he answers that you're getting mr nelson we're just sort of typical case. here it's all the questions i have like you it further. they gave us that don't think you.
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like that. just listening there to see genevieve hansen she's the she was the off to see fire fight. there was that incident. in cheese days testimony she had explains how she wanted to help administer c.p.r. she wanted to help try and save george floyd's life but she was prevented from doing so she her testimony was cut short at the end of the day on tuesday she was called back again. this
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whedon's day see continue her testimony and it was safe to say fairly short and sweet sad when i wait sitting on the next witness. in this trial of course he has no being sworn in as we're hearing from our correspondent earlier this week we don't really know ahead of time who these witnesses are so we will wait for his being sworn in and wait to see what he has to say as well of course the defense are starting to sorry the prosecution or call in the witnesses 1st the defense will bring their witnesses in the days and hours to come so this next person being cross-examined is christopher martin christopher martin who's now been sworn in and is giving his
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testimony let's listen back into the courts can you tell the jurors really. you have to give your response generally where you are moving. and. taking you back to may 25th or 2021 here. were you learning at the time of the you know about. the informant on the a 3 person hard. how long at that time had you been living there about 4 months and who did you live there with my mom and my sister so fair to say you were pretty familiar with the area of 30 years in chicago because and. were in school to type in the ok. did you go on to do some schooling after that you know i usually do school in the morning what do you mean by that so we're going to i went to my mentors office which is down on the atlas and i would do my school
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online. and i would take the bus home. and did you also have a job are you working at the time yes i would think of. him as a full time part time as a full time and so what kind of ships did you pull there all of you were in every day except for wednesday and sundays at 3 pm or clothes and so what kinds of things would you do a couple fruits. so i was a catch here so i'll leave that working tobacco song or come in or i could help like if people wanted to buy things from the deli and i would of them are just like there is an arms and so on may 25th i'm 2020 how long have you been working a cup for it's by that day. 2 months. and. can you just describe for the jurors you know what is couple words what all can customers get there so if there is actually
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a deli there is so you can order food can get wing combos talking beef sandwiches there's groceries there there's toiletries there. and there is tobacco products there and also there's phone products there as well so and what i mean by foreign products so you could actually go p.c.'s i think you can buy a phone so up a plan. today also. it does come foods do they have people that could fix and repair phones. so they did a lot of their conference. so yes yes and then i promise you i would tell you no you didn't like that. and so fairly busy store in may of 2020 it is going to lot of customers. so the part that sold tobacco was not separated from the rest of the store somehow yes so when you 1st walk in there's
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a door there's a door to your left if you open that door that's where you go in and you can get food or snacks or as i explained or if you go to the right door kind of just straight and that's where the tobacco is so much of the tobacco part sectioned off the rest is basically so you you were both places that the tobacco area and the regular is. and. i'm going to may 25th of 2020 are you working on that day yes you know that's the date that the incident occurred that brings you to court today correct yes it was your shift 38 that day it looks good so start closed today. yes that's right and. so when you are working well let's look at that. generally you know how many coworkers did you have working with you that about 4 to
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5 with at least one manager present. and. so let's go to approximately 7 45 pm. you were working did you have. a customer came into the store that you know now as mr floyd. did you know him before he came into the store. not you're ever seen him before in the store. and you know what was it about him that sort of. did you notice oh probably just saw those i could tell it. is being so i noticed other than that i just saw him as another customer and sort of you said it was his size that tall. yes. yeah did you actually interact with him in the store i did have one
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conversation. and just what was what was the conversation. it was about i asked him if he played football football or not actually but baseball and he said you put football. and. when you were. you know communicating with them can you describe for the jurors actually what his demeanor was like what was his condition so i had asked asked him if he played all baseball. he went on to respond to that but it kind of took him a little bit long to get to what he was trying to say so it would appear that he was. so you just had some signs that you thought he was under the influence of something yes. but were you able to carry out of that leave some conversation with
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him and did you eventually sell or something. that was was what the serious matters later after he was at a store that was late in. the conversation that he had he didn't purchase any right but later when he purchased things from you you were able to understand what he was buying this. whether he was in a store. well as me ask you for how long he was in the store was it a quick time or is in there for a little bit he was enough for a little bit i think to make some repairs on his phone so i might have had to wait in line and then. and you were well let me ask it this way that cooked food you're aware that there are security cameras inside correct. and
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one of those security cameras is in the back of the store faces towards the front correct. and that will capture the employees of the color of the cashiers are correct. and prior to coming into court. we showed you a video a couple videos of the time that mr ford was still yes. that is. well when you saw that did you recognize that as a fair and accurate representation of the time he was in the store yes. you are going to offer is it $29.00. 20 that is received and then mr martin we're going to play that for you. and 3rd is no audiologists correct it's just. that right. yes and so we're just going to sit and watch it and i'll have some questions after the video shows ok.
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i'm going to pause this just for a moment right here ok. let's see if we can can you clear laura just a few more friends. let's just keep going here for a little bit. right there please. a couple things and just for the record the timestamp on the video currently is 73450 . but mr martin you don't know if that time stamp is the actual correct time this is taped interview. i do not. there we ways
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that we can deal with that later but you're not. think you've answered my question so if you would in this photograph describe for the jurors kind of what we're seeing here in the layout of the store and one of the things i want to let you know is in front of you there should be a stylus like this. and if you take it and so you can drop right on the screen so if you would as you're. just telling the jurors have a layout of the store and you just mark the screen when you're talking about the different areas of the story ok. so when you answer them here. the next door we are here and this is where. this is where tobacco is so that's how it's closed off and then if you take a left here there's a door here and then. these are all the snags
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this is where the deli located. like topped off here on various here is just kind of like my manager space museum where they are kind of watching to see who comes in and out and. back here you can't really see it but that's usually where most of the people are that can help you with your phone. and right here in the file is just mainly where i sit all day when i were. all right and then. you're i think you can clear the screen in one fell swoop right please thank you and. so. when we're looking i'm going to have you identify this individual here. george would and that's mr floyd who you've had the conversation with. and then this individual right in here who's that that's me. and then these other 3 individuals are coworkers yes. and so this
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is this the area you know when you're cashiering that you work. except going to back to when that's or back. ok and we can. i'm going to pause right here for another moment please. see there's an individual
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sitting here you notice you have to give us his name is he a coworker as well. and. so it looks like even just in this train at least for coworkers correct us now would there be a manager on duty at this time is. well yes and where would the manager be he would be tugged off. here in the corner of the store so it's just side right in the corner. you see behind his computer working and then when people needed help you would about have. it. all right on the internet.
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just operate here for. a mr martin you see where you are and just for the record we stopped at 73728 you see where you are in the story now you know what's that location about those actions them so that's where you go to sell cigarettes to people in other tobacco products i suppose yes we can.
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and while we're watching this mr martin can you tell us looks like windows on the far wall correct yes and what street is outside of those windows. there you. actually chicago all chicago's i would talk about the ones in front right one of the buses right now yes. so i thought well is that actually chicago from the start yes some are in chicago.
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i want to start here if we could please. and this for the record this is at 73909 you see an individual has just walked into the frame correct this is this individual here yes and again you don't have to give us his name but who is that that is the manager. so he has come out from the manager area of the store so. we can continue and please.
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you know if we can pause here for a moment please and again for the record this is 73928 you see that mr florida sort of walked off the off the screen correct. and so what area of the story is that were he has walked to the cell phone. and then if we can continue.
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and mr martin then at some point does mr floyd make his way through the tobacco counter to make a purchase for a few years. so we'll see that coming up here in a minute or 2. ladies and gentlemen it's just gone 1500 g.m.t. and we're watching live pictures from the trial of george lloyd's killer who is facing this trial day 3 in minneapolis right now what we're looking at is pictures of the stall cop foods that's where you may just be able to see they're sort of in the.


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