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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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but look what's happening up here with not so good bar to winter yet most of those forms of the cascades in the rockies a lot colder air will eventually work than through the plains when it meets up with what's coming up in the science we have a potential problem what. qatar airways. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a death that sparks global protests the police officer accused of murdering george floyd prepares to go on trial in a minneapolis court. hopes of reopening the sewers canal a massive container ships are surely refloated after blocking the busy waterway for
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days. under its escape a 5 day siege in northern mozambique but there are fears dozens of others have been killed. in the war of words over cotton heats up as china warns foreign companies not to miss that mix business and politics. and in sports spain score a last minute goal to secure their 1st win in qualifying for next year's world cup in cats are a late strike instantly see completing a comeback win against the 20 tension it's. the trial of former police officer derek chauvin is due to begin in minneapolis in just under an hour's time has been accused of murdering george floyd in may last year an incident that led to mass protests it's minnesota's highest profile murder trial and one that's expected to have far reaching consequences in the u.s.
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the judge has allowed cameras into the court because of global interest national civil rights leaders gather together on sunday ahead of the trial to call for justice for floyd many are calling for an end to racially motivated and brutal police tactics they held a prayer service alongside floyd's family in minneapolis john hendren has more from minneapolis. and george floyd's death reignited the u.s. civil rights. movement and set off a racial revolution in american streets. it energized the black lives matter movement in harden the country's racial divide now the trial of the police officer accused of floyd's murder could either close a bitter chapter in american history. or rekindle the arson fueled riots of the summer of 2020 across the united states and i think will be similar to what took place when this happened you know we felt it all the way in chicago. you know
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people angry and. venting their frustrations will say they know how the murder trial of fired police officer derrick children is perhaps the most anticipated civil rights case here in the u.s. in the 21st century it will mark a test case of racial justice in 2021 in the case of a black man who died beneath the knee of a white police officer who held him there for 8 minutes in 46 seconds. that jury will see show than in this disturbing video as floyd cries out for his life at the bridge. these are the images we don't take anything for granted we have to keep our eyes on the prize to make sure that he doesn't get away with murder as so many other police officers have done to people of carla in america not since the racially charged trial of the white police officers charged in the 1991 beating of rodney king has one legal case so captured
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a moment in american racial history. and i may bring you live coverage of a press conference that is being held by the family of george floyd ahead of the court case which is due to start in about an hour's time this is attorney ben crump speaking. we have the owner of represent the family of george barry floored jr. present here with us is my mentor and our civil rights leader reverend al sharpton. who stand in with the family of george floyd a symbol here today and there are others who are flying in this morning for what they know will be a lone 4 week justice to journey to justice a 4 week journey to justice we have his cousins.
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sure read it take it teacher make. brown we have his nephew brandon we're humans we have his brother. rodney flawed and for lowness floyd his sister. bridget floor is in route and we know just in his door to janet is also here in minneapolis to day to day store a landmark trial that will be a referendum oh how far america has come in his
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quest for equality and justice for all it would be promised facia evidence this trial of derek chauvet regard in the killing of george floor oh may 25th 2020 right here minneapolis it will be prime a facia evidence whether america. is going to live up to the declaration of independence now no everybody can quote the declaration of independence but this trial is going to provide evidence oh well do we really believe it when we say we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equally that their endowed by their creator were
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certain inalienable rights better among stamp on life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness well america that mase back 3.2 america that means judge applaud too and for all of those people revenue continue to say that this is such a difficult trial bed this is such a hard trial will we were dead. because we know if george flora was a white american citizen and he suffered this pay full torture is a day off with a police officer the near his neck nobody nobody nobody will be say this is all case. and when people ask you to activists in the
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family thanks to activists when people ask you well isn't this a tough case because they're going to try to say judge floyd had a trace amount of drugs in his system. if you let them know they have been crime say that just was live and breathe them woken and talk and just fine until the police put him face down and put him in import had me own his neck for 8 minutes in 4 to 6 seconds so this murder case is now 2 heard when you were instead to watch a video of george floyd yellow understand. this murder case is not horrid were you worse that torture video of george floyd and we have to come at what is it was 2 torture even under the geneva
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convention definition this was torture and dead shows than should be here criminally lovable for the day off of george floyd you know we the civil law is a shooter george for our family get their civil justice under the 7th amendment totally with the historic 27000000 dollars settlement that not only. compensation for the family but oh so policy reform and that is important but that's all a part of the justice charge ploy just like any other citizen his family is deserving of whole justice for justice that
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maze that the state and the edges of the government share whole individuals who commit crimes accountable. under the tent the minimum in m. but people in america should not only help the good part should justice we have every right to get hold 7 justice oh civil justice criminal justice nobody question when a dam and family get a $20000000.00 settlement. dead that white family should not also get criminal justice so why is it then we will question in 2021 well the black people in america can get hold justices wail under the same some image and
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a 10th amendment we're not asking for anything is stored or near where i asked them for equal justice under the low nose push newsflash breaking news we expect. in just a few minutes you're going to hear opening arguments and they're going to take the playbook out reverend al and they're going to try to assassinate the character of george floyd for a loan as they go call your brother everything but a child of god and they're going to talk about as much as they care about his record but his record isn't a shoe right because this is the church of derek shows and break a nose this is to try 2 to show that let's talk about his record write his knowing
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he complained 7 excessive force us citizens here in minneapolis that's what we should be talking about george saw didn't kill anybody. derek showed it was the person that killed george floyd so why is it we will have them to assassinate the character of judge flora ethen s.s. and made it his person yeah well they taught me in law school that if you have the facts on your side then by all means argue the facts but then they say if the facts say really with you then try to assassinate your opponents' character as a way to hopefully distract everybody from focusing in on the facts well everybody please do not be distracted the facts a simple what killed george floyd was an overdose of excessive force on
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the train script from all times is a clear the manner and cause of death was a fixation but homicide alone as i said and. they choked it was a neat show so this remember the facts here this murder case is not hard just look at the torture of video of george floyd when anybody asked you remind him this murder case is not hard just look at the torch a video of george floyd the most do you. murder of a police only citizen in the history of the world it has been viewed justin
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over 50000000 times on you tube and probably as many more times on cable television . everybody has sought is video what we want to know is will we see justice the whole world is watching the whole world is watching so you're going to hear from attorney tony roman nucci attorney justin miller and attorney jeff stomps and then you're going to hear from the family of george floor and then at the day you're going to hear from our civil rights leader america civil rights leader al sharpton we're trying to time it where we can get it right i mean it's important 846 and we're going to try to keep time and then reverend. gives us a call to action we're going to take
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a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and hopefully everybody will finish sound of his voice will join us and take in that need to understand what george floor went through the last minutes and seconds of his life without further ado attorney tony roman a great great lawyer from chicago illinois my brother in this struggle good morning everybody my name is antonio roman uchi yesterday i said we were on day 306 of george floyd being killed today is day 307 but it's the 1st day of justice for the criminal case as my brother ben crump said this case of comments this is not a case about george white's character this is not a case about george floyd's past this is
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a case about what happened on may 25th of 2020 and i will tell you this. remember mechanical it's 50 a sion by homicide and that was determined by the 2 independent medical examiners that we brought to this town to examine george days after he was killed and why we did that because we had to challenge and attack the narrative that hennepin county had put out that george had died of a fat no overdose immediately you could see that that the that their message was for george floyd when it should have been about derek shows and and we are here to be the messenger for the goodness of george floyd and what derek shaaban did and george floyd that day were here because civil justice were there toward civil justice that day criminal justice but i will tell you that
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we have to message something even more important we have to message the change of was the minnesota general assembly will have an opportunity to change one of the most important laws that we've ever had in this state and that's changing the arbitration reform bill we want to name the george floyd reform arbitration bill we wanted so that if a chief of police fires a police officer because they lie because they used on reasonable use of course he was they were. i agree just conduct we want that terminations by the chief of police the stand we don't want it overturned by an arbitrator we want the chief of police just like chief or a downed o. did in this case he fired those police officers because they failed to intervene.
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because they didn't try and save george's life when he said i can't breathe just like we're all doing right now we're breathing we don't have to think about it george was begging to breeze that is deserving of terminations it's not deserving of an arbitrator to review that terminations and overturn it they were here in georgia spirit because every single day since is that george has sent a message and he's going to send a message in perpetuity we're going to make sure that never ever needless death happens again or an unrestrained nonviolent man a black man killed at the hands of white police officers never happens again thank you very much. thank you attorney rahman and helen from atlanta georgia a person who has been is to mina and happiness achieved
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a historic civil justice for the family of joyce lot especially that of joyce law and my brother the attorney just a miller who is part as well for attorney chris good. morning my name is attorney justin miller behalf of my law partner crystal one who can be here with you today i bring you greetings this today is not the trial of george slowly and i've heard people say that this is the george floyd trial this is the george george floyd is not on trial for this to trial of dead chauvinist should be printed and spoken about that way every single time we talk about it this trial is about america being america for all americans not just some of us all americans can be that way and it should be that way we have to take time now to think about what we want for our children and for our families. this family behind
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me is suffering and they've been suffering since the beginning of this thing and they're going to suffer long after all of you have gone and all of us are gone. what we want to do and what this trial can do is to make sure that no other families have to suffer in this manner george boyd was murdered he wasn't killed he didn't die he was murdered i want a man is murdered there should be retribution there's no real justice in my opinion for a person who was murdered you can never get his life back his daughter will never get a father back his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews will never have that person in their life but what we can do is make sure that justice is served in the courtroom to derek shows in the person who for 8 minutes and 46 seconds
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tortured murdered and killed george floyd in front of the world for everyone to see you know in the very beginning of this i had to explain to my children why during a pandemic i was flying to minnesota to talk about and to represent the family of george floyd and to see their faces their faces to explain to them why america was different for them and why they were going to have to change and understand what was going on 10 years old and 7 years old it broke my heart to see their faces out there i splaying that i don't think another family should have to explain that another father should have to explain that to their children i think that it should be the last time and in that courtroom behind us in minneapolis minnesota we can go
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a long way in making that a reality in the words of a good friend of mine stephen jackson who was here in the very beginning of all of this. who pushed and kept this case in the limelight he said justice for george floyd and love for all who have love for all love for all who have love for all today we can get some measure of justice. today is the beginning of a new era for many applets minnesota and for america and also for the world as a whole. keep your eyes on minnesota this is where change is going to start thank you. thank you turn in maryland. get ready to brain attorney jeff stone from minneapolis we are trying to be coordinated
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we want revenue now speaking to route 840 or so and 846. 846 is symbolic as a reason then we're going to try to have you all follow his instructions attorney jeff stumps one of the great minnesota law is a long way from a ship good though who really helped us achieve this civil justice now we're turned into attorney general keith ellison and his team of prosecutors to deliver criminal justice and it's been such an honor to work with you jeff and your native hometown thank you van it's been an honor to work with you as well for too long too many of us have been deliberately and different at least to the
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atrocities that have be fall in our black brothers and sisters. but today is a landmark moment behind us to show the world that no longer will we be deliberately indifferent to hate. love playing a role in that and we thank you all for that thank you thank you so much yeah. now we're going to have his family is going to build emotional for them and you can imagine they have about half the said sarah through this court proceeding and hear him talk about the person who they all grew up with and cuny homes projects of houston texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee reminds us that not only is george flaw
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a family in the limelight but also the whole cutie home neighborhood all of black america is in the limelight as we deal with this landmark case and his family all of them have been so dignified and graceful in the face of this unimaginable her riffing tragedy can you imagine just for a 2nd if that was your loved one who was down at ground big and i think many people can imagine that especially white brothers and sisters they can't fathom that but just try to imagine that if you can just try to imagine the person who you grew up with the person who looked at the you own that ground big in footprint.
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and that's the last moments of his life. own this earth that's what they are dead on with so we're going to call his practice to come before you. for lowness law i. ride to fly and brandon williams and also his cousins are here tamra proud and should read a tape and their teacher mcgee. so if the brothers if you are will come forward. you are represent a legacy of your brother. you know we hear. you know we hear from houston texas. our brother george sort of represents
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i in bodies 3rd boy. and any ghetto around america you know we he represents out of that we are one and he came in minnesota. to better himself. and he had a great he had a lot of great things going on he thought of with the city he thought of with the people. he was here the trip to school. and you know minnesota alf and so much to him and so. i wouldn't doubt. so just. came to decided to make a better way for self in a 4th of the mr. yatsenyuk video 8 minutes and 46 seconds on our brother's name. please
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do not be entertained by the lie that they don't go out on. he's not going to tell you about a lot of truth is he was killed in the streets. he came from houston to make a better way for himself and of course there was this of the. day when he did talk with mysteries so please keep that in mind when murdered in history. was on the leave it there. is cold out here. but on the heat is on this book the state of minneapolis minnesota they will have to make the right decision they can sweep this on the road jaws flaws the lead up to steal they were all killed also says that was small and to protect us. media others who i can name is so meaty
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throughout america but one thing i can tell you he will get justice we will not allow derek sheldon trial and his crew. to be the judge the prosecutor and the execution room. if we can't get justice for a black man here in america. we will get justice everywhere else in america this is a starting point this is not a finishing point he'll be around the world to get justice for all of the meeting in brazil london gonna eat all we had to go to because the shade of your skin should be a death scene is. america is watching just like this passed.
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midi shows court t.v. they will display everything just like when a man had his knee on my brother's name for 8 minutes and 46 seconds it was the most innocent of all pitches everybody see you had to be blind if you did see a blind man heard a man dance all at you to del thank you are. now brandon where you met his nephew who was like a son. every time we come to minnesota and we've been here a few times since the recent day on may 25th is never easy but i think i can speak for us all. when i say that this trip was a light easy we came in for one thing and one thing only we came to get justice and nothing less we came to get justice on earth when you think about may 20 feet.
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and say my uncle lay on the ground not resist norris conifers mother. would a knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. and never ever did no one thing to rain days to say hey maybe disguised in neutral he really came breed. so it's been said if this trial is hard we got to justice systems in american law for white american law for black america and we can head it. so i think today is definitely the start point is change is long overdue in this country just going all the way back to rodney king who is mark to say that a blind man can see this. a black man can see that that was murder. despite anything that they say about mark that was murder. so even there they weren't trained and qualified to do their job. or intended on
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taking his life either way we need justice and i think throughout this whole trial there's one word that you hear me and my family say a lot of justice somebody needs to be held accountable. you mean to tell me if he didn't encounter a day 7 a day day he wouldn't steal died. anybody out here standing here today believe there is still a problem in america. upon the need to be addressed and addressed today. no we can't get just law. but what we can do is make sure that no family feels this pain or suffering that we feel. his daughter won't have a father her life. his brothers won't have a big brother to love them to take in the way that he did somebody needs to be held
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accountable. and we don't demand it thank you. and the last brother you will hear from our hails from new york along. with his. piece everybody please. i my brother my family said this is a very shy and hard sell for us you know but thank you everyone so you had praise your love and support it really shiftiness and. this is this is this is different because all the cases we saw before i can name 2 because like i said i'm from new york so the name sean bell. actually lived around the corner from where he got shot. and i was actually sleep when i heard the gunshots when i woke up in the morning everybody was saying what had happened
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around the corner. you know. and i have i have friends i have friends down with the school was on them you know so to see that no justice and that in a situation it may be serious then you go then you came to new york you came with every gun that we watched. even more furious but it is just it hit different right now because we on the other side of the fence you know i was mother i was my brother. and it's just it's just feels very different to to. to sit in watch the video and i've watched the numerous times some people say why are you doing it yourself why you don't it's yourself because just like a person has a voice mail an 8 they lose a loved one but they call a voicemail just ahead a voice i was watching
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a video not to not discuss myself i'll get myself eeriest that was the last time i could hear his voice. you know so i watched it i watched it i watched every summer was to seem like it just got me it made me look maybe stronger because i knew it a day demoted him but we still fully strong. and we still here so we go hold it down for him. they say trust a system they want us to trust a system where this is a chance to show us that we can trust you thank you. they thank you terence. and tell his family his sister bridget and his daughter giana and everybody his sister the tie you to his sister judge on the whole floor
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family thank you all for been dignified and graceful and your fight for justice you know america this is the opportunity this is doppler 290 last night. national civil rights leader a person who's been with the family says to begin reverend al sharpton a nationality a network had a prayer visual gesta mila because they understood that we needed to pray for this family but also we needed to pray for america because just as a symbol a moment a landmark moment in american history and so we need to pray that america can live up to his hide deals we need to pray that
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america can continue to beat a beacon of hope and justice for all the world to marvel because the whole world is watching. in america we so desperately want to believe that marginalized people of color would get this same constitutional rights as all of the american citizens enjoy but historically we have not stayed out america that has not been our reality. so george clark gavin us cities all across america and all across the world when that video that video of torture was do millions and millions of times saw america this is the
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moment this is the moment to show the rest of the world that you on the stand it bear when it comes to liberty and justice falls the whole world is watching the whole world is watching the whole world is watching. as some of us be fit in inappropriate that we will have our civil rights leader today for america my mentor one of our koch ounces even though he's not a lawyer the man who answers the bail all the way from sean bell the rodney king attorney roman knew all the way up to a modern. briana taylor jacob blake julia and in the mclean
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andre he'll i mean i'm just told that by people who were killed by police in 2020 i tell you about trayvon and mike brown and you know sandra bland and elton sterling i'm just even here in 2020 think about how many hashtags were created during that call that 19 pandemic everything was shut down in america seems like rachid except. implicit bias in police brutality. so that's why we need is more leadership now more than ever. the reverend al sharpton. thank you turn across let me say that last may.
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when this nation and world witnessed a lynching by a need of george floyd we are here. to see the case of a man they had used his name to lynch a man and then blame the man for the nancy. frest of all what was george from ojt being he then approached for by police that would why aren't you using the force that you used what was the reason that he was apprehended in the way he was apprehended and why is the attempt being made by the defense to talk about what was the stimulus instead may have been in george trying what would be the stimulant would
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make a manhole is needed on a man's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds yeah i have actual people around the world to join us today at 846 in a few minutes the family. an attorney is and i'm going to take a need for 8 minutes and 46 seconds when i did the eulogy here in minneapolis of george fraud and we had people stand that low people treated all over the world after 3 minutes they were tied what kind of venom what kind of hatred do you have that would make you keep pressing down that loan while a man is begging for his lights while a man is asking for his mother at what point does your humanity kick in at what point does the letter of the law kick in where at what point do you say wait
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a minute did guidelines kick in this was not 8 seconds this was not a flash of anger it became intentional and deliberate and justice must be intentional and deliberate in this courthouse so just like we came last year to be with this family we told them we'd be here today and and we would be in and out until the end and we want it to end for justice but make no mistake about it. shapen is in the court room but america's on trial america's own child to see if we have gotten to a place where we can hold police accountable if they break the law the law is for everybody policemen are not above the law policemen to subject to the law and that's what's going on in this court room and that's why we hear the other
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thing that we are dealing with is that there is a law that has broad rated past the house of representatives called the judge from justice and policing at it is now headed into the senate we are asking the senate to pass that law so that the federal law all can be there to prevent george flaunts from happening again or we stand with this family in the shadows of discord house to say this is a jury in here and there's a jury in the u.s. senate and the u.s. senate need to make several law. in the name of judge fraud that would deal with all of this that would supersede the state laws to give a state routes to policeman i was in the room and used in texas when then
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candidate joe biden met with this family and promised that if you became president he would fight for justice he has supported this bill mr president madam vice president majority leader schumer they have gone in this court room haven't faith in a system that has been broken for aragon whose mothers here that's been broken for prayer do sami's here has been broken wagners we will stand up with dignity would just family we need to send it to stand up with dignity with the people in this country make no mistake about it they will videos before right and you didn't give us just a minute there was a video would write me king and it would destroy i couldn't let those police become acquitted there's a video it aired gonna never got to court you have the opportunity to make it right
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this time and make it right for the country you will never be able to bring this family his brother back you will never fill that hole but you can in his name stop this from continuing to happen over and over again and let me say to all of those that have marched down through the last several months many with us many are no no white black old young doesn't matter. and to generational and to racial. communities that have marched is the reason we're in this court room it was do reason that there is even a shot at justice and we thank them for much you know we had a lot is. earth so we've got 30 seconds let us prepare to take a knee and we were going to where we were taken in that we take going to need for 8
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minutes and 26 seconds and we want you to think of doing that tad why shaving didn't end that task. as good as new young. right move. and that's something. you. learn. to.
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deal with me. but. what if you are down there watching our jazeera will bring you live pictures from minneapolis and the press conference being held by the family of george floyd and representatives legal representatives of the family the last speaker you had was the reverend al sharpton civil rights leader all the group and there are now taking and me time that $846.00 they're going to hold that position for 8 minutes and 46 seconds that's starting at a 46 local time it's marking a reminder all of the video which is at the center of this case of police officer derrick chauvin crossing and me into the neck of george floyd who subsequently died i want to bring in john hendren who's joining us from outside the courtroom in many
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apple this. john if you're with me i just wondered there if you can give us an idea because that the stakes here are incredibly high on the. they are indeed this is the civil rights trial of the 21st century so far here in the united states the biggest case in 30 years since that beating of rodney king in 1901 and that ended badly when those officers were acquitted then the city of los angeles and others went up in flames and that's reminiscent of this summer here after george floyd died when cities like minneapolis and others endured being in ours and extended protests and the judge seems to understand the stakes in this case that's why he insisted that this be televised globally that something that they don't normally do here in minnesota this is also the 1st case of. 'd
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a white police officer accused of killing a black man here so it's not just being the local lee this is something that's going on nationally and internationally and inside that courtroom on the 18th floor the trial is of derrick chauvinist police officer accused of killing george floyd by kneeling on his neck but outside here as you heard in that press conference it's really the american justice system that is on trial and there is a very real reaction in these streets as we saw over the summer during those riots and if you're a business owner here in minneapolis well that's a big deal that could have a very direct and financial impact on you but more importantly what happens in this trial can affect the way justice is administered across the united states and as you heard benjamin crump there and the brother of george floyd terrence floyd talk about this puts the american justice system on trial and tests whether a black man who died of it under
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a police officer's knee can get justice in this case at least that's the floyd family's perspective you get a very different perspective when opening arguments start shortly from the defense but 1st. we're going to hear from the prosecution today and they're essentially going to say everything you need to know you saw in that iconic video john just on a practical level just talk us through what is going to be happening in court but way to go because they followed the court comments to start coming on probably perhaps in about 1015 minutes time but just give us an outline of what today is going to be like. well today is a day for opening arguments so the 1st thing that happens is the prosecution comes out and they talk about their case and their case is that george floyd was killed under the name of derek show even that he is fixated george floyd and that floyd would not have been killed otherwise would not have died under those circumstances now after that the defense may choose to give its own opening arguments or they may
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choose to wait until the prosecution is finished but it is clear that what they're going to say is that george floyd didn't die strictly because that police officer knelt on him they're going to say that he had drugs in that system methamphetamine and fenton you know both illegal substances that george floyd and heart disease and that he also had covert 19 that those things all contributed to the charges here they're 2nd degree murder 3rd degree murder and manslaughter they don't allege that the officer intentionally tried to kill george floyd but among the charges there is that he just had reckless disregard for the life of another person eating act with their prey ved intent that is the 3rd degree murder charge there so he faces decades in prison potentially and the defense is going to argue that it wasn't mainly derrick chauvelin that contributed to george floyd's death but they're
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essentially going to blame the victim you heard the floyd family say they're going to put the victim on trial by saying he contributed to his own death those are going to be the 2 stories in the defense is going to have to essentially say don't look at the video don't look at what appears to be happening there there's a whole lot more going on and it's important to note that there are 3 other officers who will go on trial later this summer in august for contributing to that and what we see is dear children kneeling on george floyd's neck what we don't see in that camera view is that there are 2 other officers one on his back one on his legs and the. accusation there is that they aided and abetted derek chauvin pressing on the body of george floyd and ultimately leading to his death so sides expected to have about 2 weeks in order to make their arguments and the judge said he wants to wrap this up in a month john thanks very much indeed we're going to be coming back to you of course as those pictures from the courtroom start being fed to us but i want to bring in ronald sullivan he's a professor of law and the director of criminal justice institute at harvard law
4:53 pm
school and he's joining us live by skype from newton massachusetts thank you very much indeed for being with us today sir we heard benjamin crump the flight family lawyer speaking right at the start of the press conference saying that this was a referendum on how far america has come in its quest for equality and justice for all how much in your opinion is this a landmark case it's very much a landmark case that tests a number of assumptions here in the u.s. i think is absolutely right we're going to see whether a jury is willing or not to or at least officer to account for the death of an unarmed black man which is just a huge issue here in the u.s. particularly of late. given the fact that the death of rodney king back in
4:54 pm
1901 sparked huge protests part of those. being driven by racial and economic inequality on the sounds of these let's translate this where we're in the same similar at least situation today in terms of of racial equality in the united states is there any sense at all that things have changed since rodney king . well of course there's a sense that being said changed we've progressed on a number of registers obviously there's been an african-american president of the united states since right in the. since that incident there have been expenses in the business world in the political world in the academic world in the scientific world so no things are not the same as they were thin however have we reached the ideal of our democratic tradition here in the us no there is still
4:55 pm
a fundamental problem of the criminal justice system here in america and that is that too many people still see color the color of one's skin as a proxy for criminality and we see that people love black and brown people in united states are just proportionally represented still in every category with when the criminal justice system were stopped in war were arrested more were jailed war we are sentenced for longer times in jail so all of those are still the same and indeed some of those areas that have gotten worse so in this sense it's a mixed bag there has been for enormous progress over 10 years however and in the area of criminal justice there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. oh well it's a long way appreciative we're going to be coming back to you obviously as we start
4:56 pm
getting us pictures from the courtroom but for now thank you very much indeed. ok let me take you to another big event that's happening today across the world this is the container ship that has blocked the suez canal for nearly a week it's moving again the 400 meter long ever given have been away just across the canal since tuesday on monday after days of dredging and using at least 14 tug boats the vessel was turned in the right direction it's being towed to a wider part of the canal so other vessels can pass the blockage has disrupted global supply chains and hundreds of cargo ships annoyance tankers have been delayed alexy o'brien reports. cheers of celebration in the so is canal and horns blaring. as the ever given finally appears to make a move back in. the days and despite a multinational rescue effort the vessel has hardly budged now finally it's been
4:57 pm
partially refloated. waged across the so is canal the scale of the problem has dwarfed the machinery seen as a solution dredges and diggers have removed thousands of cubic meters of sand from underneath the giant container ship and a flotilla of tugboats has been trying to dislodge it for days since it ran aground tankers and cargo ships have stacked up at either end of the canal delaying global trade each day that passes is about 7 to 8000000000 dollars worth of goods which would usually pass through the canal so a week later you're talking 4550000000000 of delays really as much of the thing will catch up on some of that but there will be ongoing place it's hard to put a figure on it and of course some carcasses may perish because they were time critical there would be no doubt some big insurance claims going in the crisis is already having an impact on syria the authorities forced to announce fuel rationing the supplies from iran a stock is also vessels carrying livestock cotton from india for clothes and auto
4:58 pm
parts from china well we've got 20 confines on all and the cargo ranging from. us. goes up grants very concerned not only get the goods she wants you to rely on this good friday and i can't really say arrived at least not yet and maybe. experts say the blockage raises long term questions about the canal sustainability i think what's happened is that container carriers got larger quite rapidly and. so i think this particular accident was really waiting to happen it's going to be a lot of head scratching and thinking not only about making supply change will resilience but i'm sure the su is can now authorities having a good think as well about how to make the canal itself more robust despite the
4:59 pm
progress the salvage company wants challenges remain and even when the at the given gets underway canal authorities say it will take days for the backlog to clear brian al-jazeera. we're going to leave you with some more pictures from the press conference that was held just a few moments ago by the family of george floyd and their attorneys they've just completed taking a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds which began at $846.00 local time which was. a marker and a reminder all of the video which will be at the center of the case and valving. minnesota police officer derek children that case is due to start in a few minutes time and we are going to be bringing you live pictures of that case as it happens the murder trial of derek chauvin. who murdered who is alleged to
5:00 pm
have killed george floyd last year prompted a wave of black lives matter of process of ease getting in the way as i see in a few moments it's going to start with ministration some paperwork but also some opening arguments is 45 years old is denied charges of a 2nd and 3rd degree murder and manslaughter over the death of the 46 year old black man after he was detained on suspicion of possibly a counterfeit $20.00 bill last may now central to the prosecution is a nearly 9 minute bystander video that i mentioned of the police officer kneeling on the floyd's neck on he's handcuffed and his 2 other officers keep him pinned to the ground floyd his head to say i can't breathe and i'm about to die and the video has been seen around the world and led to some of the biggest protests against racial injustice since the civil rights movements of the 1960 s. we're bringing you.


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