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tv   Witness Dead Lakes Alive  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2021 8:30am-9:00am +03

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the number of troops at the border to 2 tauzin locals say clashes continue and divinest will incite in a miscalculation that promises to further inflame tensions in an already volatile situation i listen to i'll just. play again i'm fully back to the headlines on al-jazeera 65 days into the job u.s. president joe biden has out this 1st news conference he announce a new goal to have 200000000 americans vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of his 1st 100 days in office biden also defended its handling of the growing arrivals of refugees and migrants at the us mexico border calling it sees no increase he said while most of the people at the border are being sent back children shouldn't be turned away. or sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming we're trying to work out now with mexico their willingness
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to take more of those families back but that's what's happening not getting across the border and those who are coming across the border who are unaccompanied children we're moving rapidly to try to put in place what was dismantled and i said for example of all the children are coming across the border over 70 percent are either 16 or 17 years old we're not talking about people ripping babies from mother's arms and a little 3 year old stand on the border less and i think it's one and a half percent. china has sanctioned a number of british politicians lawyers in organisations over what it calls lies in this information about shane john beijing's move is in response to sanctions by the u.k. u.s. canada and even over alleged human rights violations against the weak rules in the region and hong kong government has sold 14 countries to stop accepting the british national overseas passport according to a report by the reuters news agency official say they should not be considered
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valid and they should recognise the hong kong passport instead the dispute broke out earlier this year when the u.k. introduced a pathway to citizenship for 3000000 hong kong residents wanting to leave. the republicans in the u.s. state of georgia have passed new legislation adding restrictions on voting access after last year's election the new law includes limits on early voting and adding additional voter id requirements for mail in ballots argentina has announced it will suspend flights from brazil chile and mexico to prevent the spread of new coronavirus strains the measures will come into effect on saturday those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll be back with more news right after witnessed stay with us. first major legislation for president joe biden is getting the pandemic under control with a massive each action of money we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in now while the patent dead because devastated
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many industries to give it a huge boost to the videotape sector counting the cost on al-jazeera. you know you do not know. me but we destroyed a reality huge water crisis one save another save whose pollution because of industries whose population and i'll. stop a quick update from bangalore to where dense smoke continues to cloud the bill in the city after the fire broke out yesterday it's known for its a toxic pollutants and that's close on the adjoining border now has become a common occurrence to see the make on fire raging on why and then you see it was by game.
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see if you see legs. there are a lot of industrial implements sewage on board there are a lot of foreign are living and dying plants soul money although this material they're limited to here what we are going to use quickly we should not just today we should clear we should change we should not blame anyone governments are anything like me god put its founding rulers didn't really put us where we should join their arms with you know you just we should bring the pressure to governments that we want just like. want to change.
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the pastor's routine doctor one of the very get out of the can live if you don't get it either. i'm going to work in a market or. you didn't go to the. my allow the one. you need with those. i know how to do not know why because i didn't know my life. and why you are hearing i love or you. are not. the person again. you're going to. be the. little chemical lady i read.
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a lot about. the adams up work much better. i think near the end mark in the last number was in. for lou we'll talk about or you can get a little earlier but what you're full of any of. that anger doesn't hear the monks and that you know. if you see him to have this late dinner in the road completely it is a very black there is no life in it you guys. are going to. one second. so this liquor the united we start or here the 1st step we like are full of garbage grilling the breeze dumplings and olive greeting you there we are going to clear and clean and the us all this too is just the.
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last 34 years i already united about them legs there are a lot of people you know there are units lakes you know various methods my method is like we are cleaning it we are creating more drilling capacity so that our 1st will be the just if we don't love the equivalence the love we want that there is no life there is no economy and bangle going to city will become a you know it will city. i know. ok so on this issue. once. these waters. thank you so much in writing and up so now i'm going to show you quickly. going to share you my position. you see 2 of those 6 you know i spent
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more time on this search studying of old lakes and. consulting expense and meeting google groups and you do babar and all these things i use them do them something i did one lick that does except those 2 don't need to marry did one lick in or cut to the $99.00 to do licks existing content 3 occurs 2 those are already in there completions is off for another 2 legs or more going on it this year and 6 next so all a dream is. to the on going to for you know. we want to join it and we wanted to have a surplus want to invade a country my nation that is the dream no. thank you. love those jobs isn't martin here that no job isn't martin he did not get all the
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way like that whole when he that is number. one salute what might have been in the old you later going to knock me out of the. liquid is a really challenging like getting up one from the appropriate out designing them getting there for them then getting educated the project and next to those what they want. as you noted i am expecting. to get philip those licks his biggest challenging licks we have as you noted if there is no want us nobody really come forward to these kind of things.
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last one month. we're walking yes. this flick of we're doing a decent england so depending more of this lick we can how one called one of the of waterboarding and whose money has been invested and we all vote like this. and. delivers continuously we are walking. preserving is that i need to pry the company this project in 90 days like you we are in no mood of august august or september october we are using so i don't want to miss that opportunity. on a company owner. you could have
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a. yen drop. lindo you want to go for the pile of money didn't get much of the owner if you put only a lot of dictionary in our lives based on carefully that. one teller to my illegal. their clothes one would draw one of the nickel is equal in the legal of actually lake supposed to be like water bodies supposed to be want a body it does not mean that we will open them make a big compound in the clothing the lake i don't think it is ecological reserve tomorrow it will become big completion. younger that there is a live. here in one of. the open up on the moon but that in our blood american the nightly don't i don't remember when they get their gold and i'll go liberal when i get them but if you are. blind want to while they're giving money it's all ok they're using my opposition to ok but not in the cost of an ecological movie do they like so i insist on their type tell them that no no you cannot be
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possible please reducing the one here that neither you listed are you know i'm going to get a much talked about. new a burka monday and then wonder woman the woman woman little book. with the law in poland in which we're where you are because the community. development. went well. i think single. for the 1st month of the type to the most ardent plastic india though we try to segregate which are possible so such everything your lot. there
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and we're feeling it here me put one layer of that one plant side one layer of that one less clear that there is not exposed to sunlight there's no exposed to the rainwater. in fact like a lot of legs i do such things up people are going to this is that is the wrong approach the zones and depict nontechnical but. thousands of doctors are huge degrees dumping where when you see how we lose you i don't understand that i oversee it or didn't i know i use it here and that is the reality there is a fact to say 46 acres i have to compromise when they can.
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see this entire temple is intellect. and this temple belongs to the van and it is i use this to demolish what we will and step back because when this came it come and go and there can be somebody lesion anything can happen we don't know actually as of know what they were in coachmen to clear in the name. we are not broken in the temples of anything it is a 1st phenomena i also don't know we need experience about it maybe people may go and people may go upset and not only that messed up my project. now we are having a discussion with. a local community and already we are all going with them why we told them that this was going to be demolished. yeah there. but no incentive. we are taking this land back where you can one see the buttons is
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that instead 1000 illegal activities even. he used to use for illegal activities. or to see a lot of. what i think that there. wanted. in this ok was. a lot. when it comes to you are to be polite happy man. you know saying don't. walk there was a situation we are to change. and to see that you know gangster gangs said we should become a gangster then only because. 'd you
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know if you're going to have your mind around all the money you know how could you know everything about michael you know you are my do you know you wouldn't you know general you know no i don't know you know your little well you know little bit of money there you want to i don't you look like you know you can't be but do you know i don't we're not you're not going to. want that you know i you know i don't have. that here not even a little i'm going to. start with. non you know amazing. no not one doesn't mean i'm on i want my dollar. problem here again but only you know what you have.
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these are going to. be you don't know anybody any good to get this done you know and i've got a movie to near. give are going to but they're going to yes i know one of them would move called i did you know know what a one man our underwear is done if you know i want him out now did what a lot of i'm not going to i want oh no no no you have i didn't. learn to look yes i remember that i might not get them alone or i think the knowledge part of the new molecular pronoun. you want to know you were meeting with love we do yoga or you want to look you're going to go along and you're going to do now you know. i'm going like yeah. that was in one night being. a shadow no god needed.
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to take a look at what i mean if. i don't like a gender was going to run a little on the god luck scene when i looked in general i could tell it from me to me and i can tell exactly what ana. with a lot out of us what it's like going back a will to me they're going to love them dearly missed the united nations in the last capacity that in their mind about it. i don't know why he. did not you know look like going to school out of the. well i'm going on. the bunny i'm going to be. on the corner nor should you can barely shook you company that you would. get
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better now on the more than a lot of. the need of a new one the other thing the more i think that there had been more time but. on this another. one of the new. short. supported they helped me they were standing with me in all the respect subsequently did take it off. the back of the people who is backing me up like last 2 years not this new consistent.
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thing. i don't want to i don't even. demolition. money out of it. i'll tell you then again they are you can bet on the only way you can bet on the other. i am just playing god that you have not doing with bad intentions. we are not doing with anything that harmful to the. spirituality we have doing it because this temple is not a lake and there is no start unit there is no unique. because of the time
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diminishing you so you have to give me power if you want to bless me i'm doing cause me because. you will because if you want them to be 20. 5. 10 minutes early moment of the night and i'm going to. not in again i'm going to close. i got caught you never had that moment to close the. call not leave it up again but i. am going to go on and again i contemplate the. night.
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no i'm not afraid i'm not afraid because i'm not doing anything wrong i pray to god with the music and i have taken them i'm demolishing it and you know you legal property and no more new time to do that myself body and i'm going to be locked up anyone who in court to get some youth and. later on when i get out i'm one of the fullest not going to go so we have no idea
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what i'm going to do want to make a another 2 to make a demolition another 2 more like you know we'll pull up and close it up next good in this movie start wanting to. see god nature he's one knowing that i'm the bigger picture of the little girl is gone until the norm 1000000 votes meant no more in the name of god. and. we are doing today. all the gods we have to bring them that means fill up this lake in using what they would work we have done we need a lot of until you are there is no full of there's no value for this like there's no value for me well.
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you know. nobody can fill up the lake when we can comes to the lake we can the greatest. need. so i feel september and october it will fill up this lake. and once it is cleaned up up next to 40 years i don't go anywhere to. live
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. they need my life they need live life when it comes to become a creature that. you think something very happy. that.
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they're going to. get so. it's. not the way to go. if. you got ever been on. the little girl michelle now you're going to not you know what it is that. you don't know you don't do that. then i look at email of your. aleko evil and you were ready this idea for you one thing to me all we've all done who are either in or out of the 6 feet we how 6 feet what is a my high point of game a not just hold 3 they'd slow i'd give it a look. to. know what they were going to do we help
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6 feet then till next month no problem far. underground recharge follower all ecology into the lock be much the operation and but because of the what of this lake water holding capacity itself or boat those and. which can count as more than not so when doing it will is just worlds. which can. be the main source of drinking water surrounding the place. that is where your desired end and the very much connected with mother nature because. we work hard and we sweat mr gilby fight we do dig lot of calculated risk but they end up dead this is the reason.
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the system turned human rights activist the day her brother is locked in a notorious goes back to desert prison. her fight for his freedom sees her exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. the need to devil lives without her. witness on al-jazeera. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small to stop people from venturing outside institutions including hobgood say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation was that in daddy the number of kids is altered records were
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a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of and pollution across 5 known for the state's health experts and bob mentioned this and been wanting for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those is the cause of 19 it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there of white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone taking money out of the hands of other workers that won't goes to their camp and becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there you are dealing with some very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police completely. we're getting screwed twee we're getting too close to some people higher up the line. it's in the job itself. it is essentially the perfect you have a diplomatic bag that caught the end of the search al-jazeera investigates the
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poacher's pipeline. the. unit. fully back to doha with a look at our main stories on 65 days into the job u.s. president joe biden has finally held his 1st news conference and it's he outlined his administration's multiple domestic and foreign policy priorities and his plans to tackle them our white house correspondent kimberly hockett reports.


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