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no limitations our society has structural racism built into part one of the shaheen and adam brother fit low tape people tend to be migrant labor and disproportionately women in care where that ultimately comes down to prejudice. unscripted and al-jazeera. we will by my 100th day in office have a 200000000 shots people's arms. in his 1st news conference since taking office president joe biden doubles his efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic but criticism and says a migrant crisis continues to build along the us mexico border. hello there i'm harlem here dean and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming
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up to join containership roommates stuck in the suez canal causing a massive backlog for global trade and tech c.e.o.'s face a grilling in the u.s. congress over their handling of misinformation on line. 64 days into the job us president joe biden has finally held his 1st press conference so huge questions from reporters about the major challenges facing the country though he wanted to talk up progress made vaccinating americans against coronavirus and boosting the economy the escalating situation on the us mexico border took center stage can be a hawk it begins our coverage from washington d.c. . he started with good news for americans and a new vaccination goal after already meeting his initial target of administering
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100000000 vaccines in record time we met that goal last week by day 5842 days ahead of schedule not a dam set is 2nd goal and that is we will by my 100 day in office have administered 200000000 shots of people's arms but joe biden solution to the problem of the flood of migrants attempting to enter the united states from mexico is less clear he denied the surge was due to his policies it happens every single solitary year there is a significant increase the number of people coming to the border in the winter months biden reminded reporters the united states mexico border remains closed and there has been no significant change in immigration policy although it's under review he said now is not the time to come and despite promising transparency
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biden declined to reveal when reporters could too are overcrowded facilities housing thousands of unaccompanied minors images released earlier this week showed children asleep on floors in crowded conditions asked whether this was acceptable biden responded angrily that's a serious question right and to accept them coming. unformed policy biden also promised to respond to north korea if it chooses to ask only but that the path to diplomacy remains open he also reiterated a may 1st deadline for withdrawing remaining u.s. troops from afghanistan is unlikely it is not my intention to stay there for a long time but the question is how and in what circumstances do we beat that agreement that was made by president trump to leave under a deal that looks like it's not been able to be worked out by outlined his policies
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in detail dispelling domestic criticism that he was too old and unfit for the job president biden told reporters he is committed to helping americans recover physically and economically from the covert 1000 pandemic that's why he says he'll be in pittsburgh next week to unveil his plan to rebuild america's infrastructure and bring back jobs can really help get al-jazeera the white house or has more now on the escalating number of people along the u.s. boards or in just a moment we'll talk with money in t one the on the mexican side of the border but 1st let's go to shihab rattansi he's monitoring developments for us in texas. one of 15000 children are in custody in facilities like the ones behind she or president biden's remarks or for any comfort to the kids in question. right 5 out
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around 5000 the children being held in facilities like this one and overcrowded conditions around 10000 and department of health and human services facilities which are at least designed for younger people look biden is getting credit for all migrant groups or at least trying to speed up the process as biden himself said most of the children most of the migrants who come to the border who are undocumented do know someone in the u.s. who they can who they can contact where they can go and stay. in this press conference that he was trying to get the kids to be able to make a phone call within 24 hours of the arriving action towards the end of the press conference of 48 hours so that was a pretty quick slip but anyway he's trying to expedite that process and you know republicans are trying to make the process even longer than they just proposals are for kids to be able to release spending at least 30 days perhaps and in facilities like this they feel is going to be a deterrent to unaccompanied unaccompanied children but the main problem with with
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with looking for comfort and what biden was saying for children in facilities like this is the entire framing of the discussion either consciously or unconsciously by his biden and the white house press corps has completely absorbed the donald trump framing all immigration of asylum seekers of refugees as a bad thing that must be stopped. and said you know ok i'll let children in because you know i am a humanitarian but it's not his it's law his decision to make this is domestic and international humanitarian law if so i want his fleeing persecution and security you give them a hearing and due process you put them in the asylum the asylum in the asylum process it's all up to biden as you know despite what the report is that would seem to be suggesting. so as long as as long as he's saying that he's going to keep the board a shot we're going to continue seeing children come across the border because of the uncertainty adults not being let in unless they have their children with them
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and even then. so what we're seeing is the reason for the spike at least there's a lot of evidence now that the reason the spike is when families get to the border with the u.s. rather the risk that children's lives on the streets homeless in a border town in mexico that's sending that's where the separation is taking place that's sending that 16 and 17 year old kids over at least they'll get into the system and be safe but on the streets of mexico that's going to continue as long as biden keeps the border shut and keeps the asylum process which is required to undergo by law 'd completely closed ok she had been tons of that live from donna in texas thank you shihab let's say head across the border to manual repel oh he's in t. wanna money we'll just give us a sense of what the situation is like on your side all the border to the people in tents behind you do they have any hope of claiming asylum in the united states
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after the discussions in the sign by is that we've been hearing over the last few days. yeah and i hope hope really is the is the right word especially when given the conditions that people are living in at this in this what's become a tent community at this point again we're at. right outside the us mexico border this is a tense community a migrant camp that popped up a little over a month ago the rains been on and off it's quite cold here and unseasonably cold really and these are some of the conditions that people have been living in some of them for over a month when they 1st arrived at this camp and every day there's as there is this slow trickle of migrants that are being returned from the united states there's new arrivals coming from from the south from southern parts of mexico others from central america countries like honduras and guatemala places other migrants that are coming in from haiti from cuba from colombia so it really is quite the mix of
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migrants that you'll find here at this camp and again when you talk to people you try to get a sense of what it is that there is that they're doing here why it is that they're waiting for weeks or over a month at this point nobody seems to be able to give you a real answer so what they're waiting for but the word that they often use the commonality here is hope as you mentioned people are hoping that u.s. officials are going to see this migrant camp people are hoping that u.s. officials are going to hear their voices and change their minds about the border being closed we heard from from president biden saying sort of dispelling some of these accusations saying that because he said nice nice guy in a and a decent man this is why migrants are coming and trying to look at the border that is not at all what we're hearing from people here on the ground people are saying that they're fleeing violence in their home countries that they've been displaced by natural disasters in their own countries and what they want is an opportunity to plead their asylum cases to u.s. officials and have their chance on the other side of the border ok money will repel
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of that life from n t wanna on the mexican side of the u.s. border man to a funky for that. now the biden administration is restoring aid programs for palestinians in the gaza strip in the occupied west bank the u.s. state department says $15000000.00 will be made available for humanitarian assistance that will go towards health care facilities and emergency food programs which are under pressure jus to the coronavirus former president donald trump suspended aid after the palestinian leadership rejected his efforts to establish peace in the region. a fire has broken out as an oil terminal in saudi arabia near its border with yemen after it was hit by a missile no one was killed in the attack on saudi arabia's energy ministry has condemned the incident as an act of sabotage the saudi led coalition in yemen has also said it's intercepted and destroyed several explosive leads and drones aimed
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at the kingdom. that's one of the world's biggest container ships stuck in one of the world's most crucial waterways creating one giant problem advisor to the egyptian egyptian president says maritime activity will resume in the suez canal in 72 hours but others fear it could take weeks to shift the stranded ship charles stratford reports 400 meters long and weighing 200000 tons stark in what's often described as the most important shipping lane in the world a maritime accident with global implications the ever given container ship became wedged across the suez canal on tuesday when high winds blew of course about 12 percent of global trade passes through the a 193 kilometer long canal which connects the red sea with the mediterranean
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providing the shortest link between asia and europe. the vessel carrying around $20000.00 containers is registered in panama are operated by taiwanese transport company evergreen marine it was sailing from china to the port city of rotterdam in the netherlands when it got stuck the japanese owner has apologized but says the situation is extremely difficult there's a citizen that's present that traffic along this year's canal has been disrupted due to the incident and local authorities are working under the issue using tugboats but there is no smith of time for it to be dissolved this image posted on a ship tracking website shows the backlog of at least $150.00 vessels stuck in the northern entrance of the canal at ports 8 in the middle in an area called the bitter lakes and at the southern entrance at sue is the vast majority of oil from the gulf is transported to europe along the canal oil prices rose sharply on thursday industry experts are warning of
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a flood of insurance claims covering the vast amount of cargo being held up including automotive parts and consumer goods would you be an official's say at least 8 tugboats are trying to dislodge the vessel which experts say could take days if not weeks or a few days of course is very very costly each day and people have made estimates of $3810000000000.00 of trade going through the suez canal absolutely fundamental for europeans flying chains not just about oil it's just as important the goods coming from the far east china and so on china number one partner to trade with the european union containers may have to be offloaded in order to lessen the weight. ships now face the prospect of having to travel thousands of additional kilometers around the southern tip of africa a huge cost and potentially delaying delivery of goods by weeks it's a cork in a bottle and there's no way to go in as you've described the ships that are stuck
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throughout the canal and it's the new up and are in a precarious position in the name may not be able just to turn around and take another course as long as it and expensive as it is to go from the mediterranean around africa and vice versa the suez canal thorax he says around $20000.00 ships pass through the canal last year egypt billions of dollars in total fee revenue the ever given is $1.00 of the largest container ships in the world but for every hour and every day it remains stuck and stationary there are concerns about the financial fallout and impact on global trade chance not that al-jazeera. still to come on ounces 0 we'll take you to remove its point of mexico where people say they won't get the covert 1000 vaccination find out why pass israel is facing a non their election with no end in sight to the political deadlock.
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however there was say some rather nasty storms are rolling across the deep south of the u.s. this massive cloud now in the process of pulling out of the way we'll see some wetter weather sliding across the appalachians through the mid atlantic states right up the eastern seaboard east and parts of canada could see some localized flooding just around the canadian maritimes snow on the northern flank of that wintry weather does remain in the mix because some snow say just around the rockies and we're kind of the seeing a little bit of snow or snow up towards that western side of canada as well and that will make its way east which as we go through saturday will see snow running across manitoba into ontario grassy nothing further east was clear skies that is the side of canada south of the border some wet weather around the lakes and sharp showers here and a return to some of that rain just around eastern parts of texas just around
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arkansas pushing up towards the tennessee valley south of that is fine and dry that dry weather the lovely sunshine runs right out across the caribbean it's generally set might catch the odd shout that's what makes a green and lovely but essentially it is looking fine and dry for the most part more in the way of sunshine than showers you might catch a shower or 2 on saturday then just around really was but not so much to speak of to make his father dry kingston a 28. tent human rights activist the day had brought. is locked in a notorious supposed back a desert prison. per fight for his freedom sees her exiled surveilled and betrayed by those closest to her. but her resolve is unshaken. bonita devil lives without her. witness on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines for you know 64 days into the job here's president joe biden has held his 1st press conference he boasted about economic progress and a new goal to have 200000000 americans vaccinated against the cold a virus by his 1st 100 days in office and also defended his handling of the influx of migrants at southern border calling it a seasonal increase so when most of the people at the border being sent back children shouldn't be turned away. and egypt's 1000000000 scuse me says canal is
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authority is now suspended all maritime traffic while tugboats work to dislodge a giant cargo ship stuck in a waterway it could be blocked for weeks. at an estimated costs to the global economy of. $3000000000.00 per day. well let's return to our top story and i had to beg your pardon we can bring in derek plumber in washington d.c. he's a democratic party strategist and a former. adviser for the democratic national committee gets happy with this let's just start with what you thought of the president biden's press conference. first and foremost thank you for having me it's always a pleasure to be with you this and i thought it was a good press conference. to say what we've seen over the last 4 years from his
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predecessor and what we saw today was not we saw a president who need sure to see focus on what he wanted to talk about in the questions that were presented to him everything from you know the market situation at the u.s. border to you know the u.s. economy and covert response in vaccine back nation here in the u.s. and so the fact that the president led with you know the fact that he was now increasing the number of 200 vaccinated. total nodes you can back in people's arms by the end of his 100 days said very clearly that that's where his focus is on dealing with the crisis that hand but i think what we've seen from this president is that he's also very much so focused on his legacy and the long term things that he needs to do in order to make america a very different country than what he here did a few months ago so to cut you off that you say he's focused on the crisis at hand but would you not agree there is
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a crisis on the southern border the immigration situation is clearly a crisis so many people on both sides of the boards or in our correspondence earlier were telling us that these are desperate people who are looking to seek asylum which under international law and by the administration is keeping the border calls. so a couple things it would be nice just say that the usa see just one crisis but the reality is that there are myriad crisis so whether we're talking about clip right and how do we make sure that americans are being backs name that 11 even backs need it and that there's an actual plan to mention about happens to ensuring that our economy continues to improve because again of the economic calamity i'm seeing latest pandemic there's also the reality of what's seen at a sudden border and so the fact that you saw this is ministration in the present and now it's vice president come on harris as taking the lead in terms of handling
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what's going on at the border i think signals a couple things one signals that this is a priority when you have a vice president because on in an initiative focused on issues of such great importance to the president and to the american people that means that the administration's going to be our hands on deck and i think the president talked about his priorities really late so that so the humanitarian crisis is real he also talked about the actions that his administration is going to is taking to alleviate what we're seeing at the border and so i think you know those things should be taken into account and just finally on the coronavirus because that was clearly what the president wanted to discuss and he's also taking very much an america 1st approach to this pandemic kerry is keen to get the number of vaccines. but the u.s. has an awful lot of vaccine is there any indication they're prepared to to to share with other people who also it needs it and think it particularly if they are
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millions of us is adequate that things which haven't yet been approved but have not been dispersed to others who need it including your neighbors in the north. yes a couple things you know that isn't to your point the ashes and vaccine has not been approved in the u.s. so there's nothing that the u.s. can do as a way so that a believes or announced earlier this week that the administration was going to be sending back seeds to mexico and has been in talks with other countries in terms of how we can help including easy evilly in terms of how we can help increase the number of vaccines that those countries have so i would. take exception with america 1st approach for sure we have to make sure that americans are being vaccinated and that is the priority right because we have to make sure that those here in this country are able to you know protect themselves right and make sure our economy is strong etc but we also see from this administration in the last week or so is that they are using vaccines to countries like mexico and up and india and
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others as well ok we're out of time unfortunately but thank you so much for joining us on i'll just say we appreciate it thanks so much for having me. the number of people who have died from the corona virus in mexico is nigh past 200000 despite the surge in cases the country is also facing an uphill battle to roll out vaccines in rural areas where people appear far less willing to get the job john holeman reports i some miguel is a small miss opponent in southern mexico where news and updates about the coronavirus pandemic can be limited. but rumors about the government's covert 19 vaccine program appear to be everywhere. some goes home to several indigenous communities not everyone hears speak spanish through an interpreter recover mendoza tells us she stays abreast of pandemic news through the radio but she says she has no plans to get the coded 19 vaccine at the end you'll see these happens when
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people don't know how to find traditional medicine which exist for many illnesses i have a living he gives me life and he will protect me. record is not the only person in town feeling hesitant so p.p.o. garcia says he also sees no need for the vaccine adding that kobe has not affected his community so put a kidney for me as i say to each his own i tell my family to not get the vaccine if god says our time is up then our time is up there's no need to run and hide it's good that the government is worrying about the people but on the other hand we are free to make our own choice. local leaders say that while everyone over 60 years old is eligible only about half of registered to receive the job is you ever see you there i think people should just accept a vaccine this community needs it and why because here there are no doctors and there are no hospitals close to us. some gal isn't the only place in mexico where
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people are refusing the vaccine since the country started its national vaccination program dozens of communities in the south of the fission expressed opposition to it but that isn't the biggest obstacle to everyone in mexico getting the job though the overall rate of corona virus contagion in the country is on the decline experts warn that vaccination efforts of food and sure what's needed to curb the outbreak in the initial bit in a step in their lives. i think the lesson developing countries must learn mexico latin america africa eastern countries is that we have to produce our own vaccines we can't be relying and waiting on the good will about that system back scenes because that's what's going on. there are several towns in southern mexico like some hugo the been largely spared from the worst of the coded 19 outbreak but authorities are still asking residents to ignore conspiracy theories about the vaccine and get the job to continue to keep this region free of the virus john homan how does either. the c.e.o.
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is a facebook twitter and google have testified before congress about the role their companies a played in promoting extremism and spreading misinformation especially in the leader of the us capital riots in january mark zuckerberg defended facebook's efforts to remove conspiracy theories and work with law enforcement to as his chief executive jack dorsey was the only one said that his platform contributed to the riots here's what mark zuckerberg had to say that the impacts of social media on society some people say that the problem is that social networks are colorizing us but that's not at all clear from the evidence or research polarisation was rising in america long before social networks riven invented and it's falling or stable in many other countries were social networks are popular others claim that algorithms feed us content that makes us angry because it's good for business but that's not accurate either. i believe that the division we see today is primarily the result of a political and media environment that drives americans apart and we need to reckon
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with that if we're going to make progress. well how responsible should companies be for the harm created by the speech of all those rebecca mackinnon as the director of ranking digital rights and on profit research initiative promoting freedom of expression and privacy on the internet she explains why there is no simple answer. we have the 1st amendment which of the constitution which prevents the government from restricting most speech with very very limited exceptions the 1st amendment and another law which is known as section $230.00 of the communications decency act does shield companies from liability for what users post but it also enables companies and kind of reinforces their right also under the 1st amendment to set their own rules to restrict content that might be
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lawful in the united states but is nonetheless awful and therefore the platform's has a business interest in keeping it off their platforms and so that's a lot of what's what's being debated is. a lot of speech that might be illegal in some countries it is legal here but the companies will have restrictions on it they are trying to show that they're stepping up and making more efforts however i think one of the things that came up in the hearing a lot is that they're never going to do it perfectly and it was also pretty clear from from what a number of the congress people were saying the representatives were saying that there's there's disagreement it even in the united states about what should be allowed or not allowed depending on where you sit on the political spectrum so it's a very difficult question and what i and my colleagues and actually quite a lot of people in the human rights field has have warned is that if you focus too
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much about just we need companies to do a better job censoring content you're actually went to end up censoring a lot of legitimate speech speech activists there are examples of activists who are calling out hate speech who end up getting censored because there's they're pointing to hate speech is bad but the algorithms aren't smart enough to tell the difference. israel remains in a political deadlock ouster final results show no policy winning and right majority in parliament the election commission says prime minister binyamin netanyahu is right when the coupons he won 52 knesset seats and she stays votes he needs 61 to claim victory a coalition of policies that wants to i used him got 57 seats the country now faces another election which should be the 5th in 2 years that's a good name is in west jerusalem and says prime minister binyamin netanyahu minds have a plan up his sleeve there are a couple things that are expected to be happening on election night netanyahu came
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out and said that he would be making overtures to members of the knesset who shared the likud party as ideology that was taken as a signal that now netanyahu is trying to win back formerly crew members who defected to other far right parties look there is a possibility that if they you mean a party joins his coalition that would mean that he has $59.00 seats so then he'd only be looking for 2 former likud members to defect and he could lure them to defect by perhaps offering a minister seat there's also the united arab list it's a conservative newcomer party that can bring 4 seats there's been discussion under way that perhaps. the leader has said he might support netanyahu but again the far right elements of that in yahoo.


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