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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish it shifts the focus covering the way the news this covered the listening posts on a. al-jazeera . of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up we will have one more 100. $200.00 shots in his 1st news conference as u.s. president joe biden sets a new vaccination target defends his handling of the situation at the southern border and says he expects to run again. fears it could take weeks to move the
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containership blocking the suez canal a new setback for global trade. warnings a vaccine war will worsen a 3rd wave of kobita in africa where several countries have yet to receive any doses class. hundreds protest against china's treatment of reagan muslims as the foreign minister visits turkey i'm german ash with sports the world cup qualifiers continue in europe was that abraham of it has made his comeback for sweden after retiring 5 years ago. in his 1st news conference 64 days after taking office u.s. president joe biden has set a bold new target in his fight against corona virus is up to his vaccination goal to knock late 200000000 people by his 100th day after already reaching his goal of
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$100000000.00 doses taking questions for around an hour he also said he intends to run for reelection in 2024 and he defended his handling of the influx of migrants many of them unaccompanied children at the southern border saying the situation there is ready getting better. we're sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming we're trying to work out now with mexico their willingness to take more of those families back but we that's what's happening they're not getting across the border and those who are coming across the border who are unaccompanied children we're moving rapidly to try to put in place what was dismantled and i said for example of all the children are coming across the border over 70 percent are either 16 or 17 years old we're not talking about people ripping babies from mother's arms or little 3 year old stand on the border less than i think it's one and a half percent. in a moment we'll hear from she have a tansey in donna texas and then you know rapido and the mexican border city have
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to juana 1st desk. in washington. and also time devoted to to the situation at the border. that's right it's really become the big talking point here in washington what is the by an administration doing about a problem that really predates the by an administration and to be fair predates the trumpet ministration as well we've seen families trying to get into the united states asking for asylum particularly from the so-called northern triangle countries of el salvador honduras and nicaragua saying that the situation in those countries is so dangerous for themselves and their children that they have no choice but to come to the united states and even though the trumpet ministration was roundly criticized and there were massive protests here and around the world against the policy of separating children from their parents when they made it to
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the u.s. border the biden ministration is now trying to deal with the fact that children are showing up without their parents there are real concerns about their welfare but the ministration is trying to get its arms around it the vice president camila harris has been tasked with trying to find solutions to the issue of immigration and in particular with the situation involving these unaccompanied children one of the main other issues that were raised during the news conference well we heard questions about north korea that country apparently launched a couple of ballistic missiles in the past 36 hours but there also was the big question about afghanistan the united states has now been in afghanistan just short of 20 years after the september 11th attacks and even though the trumpet ministration struck a deal with the afghan government to pull u.s.
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forces out by may 1st joe biden the current president has a different view. can you commit to the american people that by may 2nd the u.s. will no longer have forces in afghanistan. the answer is that it's going to be hard to meet the may 1 deadline. is in terms of tactical reasons hard to get those troops out we will leave the question is when we. started do you believe though it's possible we could have troops there next year. i can't picture that be the case and rosa's been a long wait to get to this 1st news conference what was said they have real performance like. well we need to be clear the so-called long wait for the president's 1st press conference is again one of these washington talking points people have become so accustomed to donald trump engaging with the
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press very informally and pretty much on a daily basis that there seems to be frustration particularly among some within the white house press corps that they're not getting as much access to joe biden now it's the understanding that his aides wanted to see the president get his 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus pill passed and signed into law before putting him in this very formal law setting to take questions from the white house press corps and certainly the president was able to take as they say a victory lap in terms of getting money into the hands of low income and middle income americans who have been hard hit hard by the pandemic because of the need to close businesses and keep people at home for the better part of the last year now how he performed joe biden was very comfortable he was a long time senator very much ease in dealing with the press he didn't seem to make
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any mistakes at least based on what i saw during the hour long press conference and he was also willing to call out reporters and to question the promise of their questions in fact saying to one reporter are you serious when she asked whether or not he was a k. with the situation involving children basically sleeping on concrete floors in some of these holding facilities along the us mexico border he said of course he was not satisfied with the situation which is why he wants a ramp up and is going to hold people accountable for not improving the situation involving these children as quickly as possible he was very comfortable it's but he also kept reminding reporters that he didn't have a lot of. time to engage with them because he had another meeting with members of the e.u. to talk about issues in common between the e.u. and the united states and so after one hour or 2 minutes joe biden the us president
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wrapped it up and left the podium thank you very much indeed it was and told him that. i was going to have a tansey who's in donna texas and she had biden said at the situation at the southern border is already getting better are you seeing any signs of that. interesting another issue that press conference is transparency we have no idea if things are getting better in the tents behind me here and here we did know as was mentioned in the press conference that over the weekend there were 5200 percent over capacity with unaccompanied children we've been trying all day to get the latest figures we haven't been able to get them biden promising more transparency of some unspecified date but i think what was really concerning i think was the entire framing of the migration issue in that press conference what is getting better biden and sort of the white house press school either consciously or unconsciously seem to be completely taken the trump framework of what better is that is biden suggesting it would be better if the u.s. could just expel families coming across the border it would be better if i had
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boasted about the fact that he had kept in place donald trump's completely draconian unprecedented closure of the border to everyone over the age of 18 not coming with a with a with a with a child in complete violation of the us is domestic and international responsibilities under the law you're supposed to give people asylum users to give them due process at the very least and put them in the system if they come to your border seeking refuge from violence and instability he's kind of the whole framing it was like no which i'm sure they send them back they're worried they won't be a problem soon we'll try to get mexico lead on mexico to take more of them and what we're seeing now is really real evidence that because joe biden is continuing with that draconian policy from joe biden not allowing adults in unless they have a direct descendant with them that is contributing to the number of unaccompanied children because of the confusion over whether family members will be allowed and so on given the choice of spending an uncertain time at
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a mexican border town where we know migrants are being preyed upon asylum seekers are being preyed upon families are choosing to send as biden said 1718 or 16 or 17 year old kids over the border by themselves because at least they'll have a chance to get in the system and we're. the in danger from criminals in on the mexican side of the border who are clearly preying on families as long as it keeps closure in place we're going to continue to see on their company children coming across the border and yet he seemed to be saying i was being encouraged by the white house press corps that he was going to try to keep the borders as firmly shut as possible she returns and thank you very much and is live for us in on in mexico so biden said that he and his his government is in talks with mexico change sure and more migrant families can be expelled there as you have was alluding to is mexico likely to agree to that. well on the question
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of whether or not mexico would comply or be on board with this sort of policy initiative by the united states mexico doesn't really have much of a choice the relationship between the united states and mexico may be a partnership but it's a very unequal partnership now the loop is over the administration here in mexico is not facing the same types of policy pressures that it was facing over the trumpet ministration when when the trump white house was threatening to slam mexico with export tariffs with mexico did not implement an immigration policy in the style that the united states wanted but pressure from the by the administration could have similar or the exact same effect the only difference is that it would have a softer and more diplomatic tone and we've already seen mexico deploy national guard members and border agents to mexico southern border with water mollett to sort of stem the flow of more migrants heading north toward the united states and this happened at around the same time that the united states announced that surplus vaccines kovan $1000.00 vaccines would be sent to mexico here in mexico that's been
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interpreted by many as quid pro quo so there is also if we may offer our own analysis the potential for this sort of policy. this policy effort that we're joint effort with mexico to backfire given that many families here if you look behind me look we're at we're out of migrant you into you wanna just a stone's throw from the us mexico border a majority of the people that we see here all families there are anywhere between 800-8500 people who are staying here many of them say that they're waiting we don't know exactly what they're waiting for but they're hoping that they're going to at some point have an opportunity to plead their asylum cases to the united states traveling with their families from central america countries like honduras guatemala many people here also from southern mexico fleeing violence linked to cartels but the point is all of these people are or are together so the potential exists that if the by did ministration is saying that families are going to be sent . back to mexico families are going to be sent back to central america and many of
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the people here that are already on the fence as to whether or not they would consider sending their children across the border that might be the final push that they need to say you know what we may not have an opportunity to cross but our children might have an opportunity to have a better life on the other side of the border and with a policy that would require families to stay in mexico that may be the final push that they need to send more unaccompanied minors to the other side of the border when you're up on a thank you very much indeed. for me up on this news hour from london another problem for mexico now to get the vaccine message across as it becomes the 3rd country in the world to record 200000 deaths seeking a path out of their shared crisis of european union leaders discuss how to ramp up their vaccine supplies and in school we hear from the formula one world champion us call to the head of the new season.
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it's one of the key arteries that keeps global trade pumping carrying around 12 percent of the world's goods but the suez canal could be blocked for weeks by a beached congo ship at an estimated cost to the global economy of some $3000000000.00 a day the $224000.00 ton ever given has been stubbornly waged for nearly 48 hours and salvage teams are flown in from around the world to shift it has once a program the 193 kilometer canal cuts through egypt linking the mediterranean and red sees it means there's a route for goods from southeast asia to the markets of europe that takes around 3 weeks if it's broke for a long time the only other route his around the cape of good hope thousands of kilometers and at least a week longer trial stratford has the latest. metres long and weighing 200000 tons stuck in what's often described as the most important shipping lane in the world
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a maritime accident with global implications the ever given container ship became wedged across the suez canal and choose day when high winds blew her off course about 12 percent of global trade passes through the 193 kilometer long canal which connects the red sea with the mediterranean providing the shortest link between asia and europe the vessel carrying around $20000.00 containers is registered in panama or operated by taiwanese transport company evergreen marine it was sailing from china to the port city of rotterdam in the netherlands when it got stuck the japanese owner has apologized but says the situation is extremely difficult and there is a citizen that will present the traffic along this year's canal has been disrupted due to the incident and local authorities are working under the issue using tugboats but that is most most of time for debate as all of this image posted on a ship tracking website shows the backlog of at least $150.00 vessels stuck in the
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northern entrance of the canal at ports 8 in the middle in an area called the bitter lakes and at the southern entrance at sue is the vast majority of oil from the gulf is transported to europe along the canal oil prices rose sharply on thursday. industry experts are warning of a flood of insurance claims covering the vast amount of cargo being held up including automotive parts and consumer goods but ships and officials say at least 8 tug boats are trying to dislodge the vessel which experts say could take days if not weeks but a few days of course is very very costly each day and people have made estimates of $3810000000000.00 of trade going through the suez canal absolutely fundamental for europeans ply chains not just about oil it's just as important the goods coming from the arms china and so on china number one trade with the european union containers may have to be offloaded in order to lessen the weight. ships now face
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the prospect of having to travel thousands of additional kilometers around the southern tip of africa a huge cost and potentially delaying delivery of goods by weeks it's a cork in a bottle and there's no way to go in as you describe the ships that are stuck throughout the canal and at the north and are in a precarious position i'm a name may not be able just to turn around and take another course as long as it's an expensive as it is to go from the mediterranean around africa and vice versa the suez canal authority says around $20000.00 ships pass through the canal last year on egypt billions of dollars in toll free revenue the ever given is one of the largest container ships in the world but for every hour and every day it remains stuck on a reef and stationary there are concerns about the financial fallout and impact on global trade chance struck that al-jazeera.
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well than 200000 people are now known to have died from the corona virus in mexico is the 3rd country in the world to reach that milestone their experts believe the actual number killed by the virus is much higher despite that it's still an uphill battle to roll out vaccines in rural areas where people are paid less willing to get the job john home and reports. some miguel is a small mini supine it in southern mexico where news and updates about the coronavirus pandemic can be limited. to rumors about the government's covert 19 vaccine program appeared to be everywhere. some goes home to several indigenous communities not everyone his speak spanish through an interpreter recover them and also tells us she stays abreast of pandemic news through the radio but she says she has no plans to get the coded 19 vaccine we and you'll see these happens when
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people don't know how to find. additional medicine which exist for many illnesses i believe in god he gives me life and he will protect me. ricardo is not the only person in town feeling hesitant so p.p.o. garcia says he also sees no need for the vaccine adding that kobe does not affected his community so put a q. and a for me as i say to each his own i tell my family to not get the vaccine if god says our time is up then our time is up there's no need to run and hide it's good that the government is worrying about the people but on the other hand we are free to make our own choice. local leaders say that while everyone over 60 years old is eligible only about half of registered to receive the job you see you ever see you there i think people should just accept the vaccine this community needs it and why because here there are no doctors and there are no hospitals close to us some girl isn't the only place in mexico where people are refusing the vaccine since the
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country started its national vaccination program dozens of communities in the south of officially expressed opposition to it but that isn't the biggest obstacle to everyone in mexico getting the job. though the overall rate of corona virus contagion in the country is on the decline experts warn that vaccination efforts of food sure what's needed to curb the outbreak. there was basically. i think the lesson developing countries must learn mexico latin america africa eastern countries is that we have to produce our own vaccines we can't be relying and waiting on the good will about this december scenes because that's what's going on. there are several towns in southern mexico like some ago that been largely spared from the worst of the covert 19 outbreak but authorities are still asking residents to ignore conspiracy theories about the vaccine and get the job to continue to keep this region free of the virus john home does either india's daily
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infection rate has risen to a 5 month high with more than 53000 new cases and 251 deaths reported on thursday before as reports of a new variant described as a double mutation found in the country's hardest hit state of maharashtra despite the surge in cases india's government has denied reports that it plans to delay exports of astra zeneca vaccine doses produced locally. denmark has extended its suspension of the astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine by 3 weeks. authorities say they'll continue to evaluate a potential link to blood clots reported in some recipients as despite here opinion regulators clearing the job for use following their own investigation vaccinations will resume for people over 65 in sweden after the country suspended its rollout of astra zeneca jabs last week a vaccine rollout has dominated talks at a virtual european union leaders summit members have been discussing ways to ramp
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up vaccine supplies and ensure fair access within the union but the hour over access to senecas jobs continued with the commission president placing blame for a slow rollout with drugs for. vaccination is now finally progressing steadily we have 88000000 doses that have been delivered so far and 62000000 doses have been administered overall if you look at the number of people that have been fully vaccinated in europe these are 18200000 so 4 point one percent have already received 2 japs but of course we all know we could have been much faster if all pharmaceutical companies had fulfilled their contracts went about and joins me from paris or has anything been decided in the e.u. summit on the issue of vaccines. well the big question going
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into this is a you summit was would leaders agree to a proposal that had been put forward by the head of the e.u. commission o'sullivan lion which would basically put curbs on covert 19 vaccines now what the e.u. commissioner said in her statement was simply that. the e.u. remained the area the region if you like in the world that was the biggest exporter of covert vaccines having exported nearly 80000000 to 33 countries since december and she said she just hoped that other countries would do the same she was also asked quite directly by a reporter to clarify whether or not this means that the e.u. is going to go ahead with its threat to cut kovi vaccine exports but she just sidelined the answer sideline the question and what this suggests is what some political commentators have been saying in the day that perhaps this was the e.u. commission really trying to ramp up the rhetoric rather than looking to follow
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through with real action ramping up the rhetoric to try and put more pressure on pharmaceutical companies particularly astra zeneca to deliver doses of the e.u. says that they are owed of online saying that astra zeneca for example has only provided 30 percent of the $90000000.00 vaccine doses that it was supposed to deliver in the 1st quarter of this year aside from one to lyon and the possible threat to exports which doesn't seem to materialize we also heard from the e.u. council header sharma shell he said the talks have been nevertheless very through fall with of course leaders talking about how to boost production of doses within the e.u. how to boost production distribution i should say improved distribution amongst member states because it is clear that the vaccine rollout in the e.u. has been extremely slow in many countries and at a time when so many countries are battling 3rd waves and the treasurer joe biden
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has been addressing the summit what did you talk to them about. yes the 1st time in 11 years that a u.s. president has joined leaders summit joe biden popped up on the video conference call for a few minutes and what the e.u. council head michel said afterwards was that joe biden and e.u. leaders have had a very fruitful discussions they talked about the pandemic they talked about climate change the talks about. geopolitical issues of course relations with russia and china and that this was really a meeting that helped to show both the u.s. and the e.u. that both sides are very interested very keen to improve the transatlantic relationship biden made it very clear that he wanted to revitalize a relationship that is really did say it had deteriorated over the past few years under the former u.s. president donald trump and josh about life thank you very much indeed africa's 2nd
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wave of corona virus was far more aggressive than the 1st according to a new report in the lancet medical journal and scientists say understanding why it could be key to fighting a 3rd in mid july of last year africa was reporting an average of more than $800000.00 new cases per day that rose to nearly $24000.00 by the end of december it wasn't equal there was a 403 percent rise in daily cases between the 1st and 2nd waves in 24 of the 40 countries that were in a 2nd peak that could be because a 3rd of countries mostly north african don't appear to be doing enough testing the african centers for disease control also says the 2nd wave saw less mask wearing and social distancing and many countries put open borders for trade before managing who was crossing the director of africa's centers for disease control says he's concerned a vaccine war involving restrictions on export could lead to a 3rd surge in infections. a truly few
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headless. men who feel. this situation is going to significantly improve. to fight is that we have gone through 2 waves of the virus difference and the 2nd and i think it's fair to say that based understood this extent that i just shared is going in that we had it in cause it that we and without rapid access to vaccines we challenge continue to be challenge life would be lost. on a missile continue to struggle with. one of his aching is a global health advisor base to investigation and she specializes in infectious diseases joins us by skype thanks very much for being with us so from that lancet report into the 2nd wave in africa what are the key lessons that emerged from the response there. well certainly there's been a concerning drop in a public health and social measures to contain the virus that actually many
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countries including rwanda at the beginning depending which had to make to a very good job of in some way even more robust measures for order control than we have seen in the u.k. and in europe but over the course of the 1st wave and into the 2nd there was a reduction in the extent that the public health measures were implemented and followed and this is problematic because of course we also know that there is a lack of vaccines available through the kind of accessibility 600000000 doses will be made available by the end of 2021 but these public health and social measures can be if there is going to correctly just as powerful as vaccines in the short term and so this is concerning in the sense of the capacity for testing going down alongside. some of this rollback in positive behavior and part of that might be due
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to pandemic the teak and tommy mentioned that the rollout of the vaccines what areas in africa ahead and where where it's come falling behind. well do you see in the 1st regions that have reached. back and have come through could i include gone as to why our. again through a certain south africa there are countries that have had their program preparation in order to qualify for kovacs whereas 10 beneath for instance has had no vaccines and has expressed no demand for it as well so that's going to be a problem and a lot of that is actually linked to some downplaying of the virus the spreading of misinformation going right from the very top and this is problematic because it opens up criminal organizations to fill in some of the gas around vaccinations
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and south africa for instance we saw $2400.00 s. as a falsified vaccines. were identified as there and that makes the rest of the continent very vulnerable already to w. show estimates that one in 10 medicines worldwide are either falsifier substandard and in some regions that number would be even higher pandemic this also is a growing threat which is why it's really important for wreckage hurry bodies to have herman ideation on such issues such as a gravity cation of the treaty for the african medicine agency which the world health organization director general has also been calling for another aspect that could help is to ensure that there are production of vaccines in these willynilly and countries so how. meet this demand and there are unfortunately trade restrictions in place and again the dead we have been calling for
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a temporary ip waiver through the trip's agreements through the world trade organization but it has been met with severe isn't for many hine convention and in terms of progress of the disease at the moment how much of a problem on new variants in africa in particular. well certainly we know that the south african variant for instance is one of the. ones that has shown to really knock down the 50 of the academic a vaccine so already we have one variant that has emerged as africa and with this. incoming wave we will potentially see that liesel combination of high levels of transmission increasing cases low levels of vaccination really favors the virus and the evolution of new mutants and variants so again we're kind of creating these perfect circumstances for new variants to
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merge which is why we need to ensure that back in equity is a priority amongst other countries to for instance the u.s. the u.k. and e.u. we look at their stockpile that would again go so far in terms of the excess backing they have not even for just their population to go on to really make a difference in the areas that are most vulnerable that are facing humanitarian crises accent of physics and very much indeed to just thank you thank you. quest more still to come this hour including at the v.a. when i grow up i want to be a soldier because boko haram has killed my fault that child victims in cameroon who need the most protection but get the least. africa's now endangered gentle giant had decades of pitching and habitat loss at the continents and if it is at risk. and in sport then in fact torch relay begins with 4 months to go until the teenage
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take a few games. hello there we've got something of a mixed bag and i wear the still across europe it's slushy settled and dry across central pasta we have got that wintry mix down towards the southeast that key northerly wind blowing in here with some snow and it will turn colder up tools and all west got a cold front that blue line that'll make its way in for the weekend in the showers say will turn wintry at the moment those showers are generally of rain we've got temperatures of around 12 celsius in london starting to cool down in glasgow would be getting up to double figures here over the last couple of days 7 celsius for friday night is something of a wintry mix coming on as we go on through the course of friday some rain there into positive fronts of course northern areas of spain fought in trying to central
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parts for the most part and there's that so wintry mix and snow there on the side of the black sea that will tend to ease away as we go on into sas day prizes guys coming in behind temperatures still struggling gazza with the way wetter weather coming in across the low countries the easing across since you were poland was about 6 days and there comsats a blast of showers as we go on through the course of the weekend blustery showers a rattling in a few blustery showers through its northern parts of egypt but for much of north africa it's fine and dry. but. in russia a mixed martial artist didn't just pull as he did to bring the fame fortune and how does fall collection one a $100.00 investigates on al-jazeera april on al-jazeera from
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october wave to the vaccine roll out we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic $100.00 skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world of japanese sumo a good president either to still be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chop election. the award winning our choice returns with stories of those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on al-jazeera.
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on one of the top stories here nonzero u.s. president joe biden has set a new coronavirus vaccine goal of 200000000 shots within his 1st 100 days in office at his 1st news conference in office he also promised to rebuild the immigration system to deal with an influx of unaccompanied minors at the southern border. a number of people have died from the corona virus in mexico has now passed 200000 is the 3rd country in the world to reach that milestone after the u.s. and brazil. and the service canal could be blocked for weeks by a beached cargo ship as an estimated cost to the global economy of some $3000000000.00 a day salvage teams are being flown in from around the world to try to shift the ever giving. soldiers in mozambique are trying to push rebel fighters out of the northern town of power which is close to a $60000000000.00 gas project was
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a defense ministry confirmed the rebels raided the town in the province of kabul delgado on wednesday residents were forced be forced to hide in nearby forests communication with the town has been caught making it hard to confirm the number of people missing or killed on groups linked to eisele have been behind similar attacks in recent years the violent rebellion in northern nigeria has led to an influx of abandoned children in cameroon u.n. aid workers say they need immediate help despite surviving trauma boko haram as young victims are determined to turn their lives around as nicholas hack reports. these children have spent the best part of the night begging for food and money they have been abandoned here in cameroon far north region near the nigerian border they will not keep what they get instead they'll give it to this religious teacher who in exchange gives them shelter water and occasionally teaches them prayers sometimes a charity and they offer amounts for children to sleep on and teach them to read
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and write but the children are distracted most have been abused many have witnessed their fathers being killed or mothers being raped by book fighters who entered their villages like 8 year old mohammad yousuf. when i grow up i want to be a soldier because boko haram killed my father we were picking it when i saw them slit my thought their throat and take my mother away. 10 year old a blues man hopes his father will come back to get him and his vocal her own came to my village and i picked up all the kids but i ran away my father well my father i don't know where he is. thousands of children have been separated from their parents either abducted by boko haram or frint by the conflict between government forces and the fighters children who have escaped from the armed group or seen with suspicion with schools refusing to enroll them in the state authorities unwilling
12:39 am
to register them the u.n. says state authorities are failing the children they are meant to protect. we have to recognize something children develop skills when they're with armed groups they develop an incredible sense of resilience sometimes leadership it's not it's an illicit kind of function but they nevertheless do develop some skills and some of those skills we need to capture and and reinforce as well as help them get over the very negative experiences. is one such child while he has lost his parents and continues to beg on the streets he has joint state school he says he wants to be a doctor not only to heal his country but the children of campbell who have been abandoned but worthy of care nicholas hawke al-jazeera. both the u.s. and u.k. have imposed more sanctions on business is linked to me in laws military on
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a day which saw another 5 protesters killed the u.s. says the restrictions which hit mining and tourism firms ultimately funding the genter are due to quote a bar and violence and abuses security forces again open fire as thousands of activists return to the streets of the largest city young go on and other areas here. in france anti coup protests is of course fake blood outside the paris offices of oil and gas giant. dozens gathered to denounce the company's continued operations in which they say help to finance the june 10th. turkey's foreign minister says he conveyed to the nation's sensitivity and sought about the treatment of weak of muslims to his chinese counterpart during talks in ankara we have muslims across turkey protested against the visit of chinese foreign minister wang some $40000.00 week is live in turkey and hundreds came out to protest against the treatment of the ethnic minority in china turkey has become less vocal about
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their plight in recent years as it's developed economic ties with china she of course who was one of the protests. and the way that simple living in turkey gathered in istanbul there's a 'd force of the chinese foreign minister sergei and they have been throwing the try and his government also fires because they say they want to get their land in there for all the same here on province in china i was seen as they sit. down for those people and they are me slowly the mismatch of the chinese government down inside and many of those. they have family in laws are in danger and that's why sometimes they cannot even contracts they have family is this in china can charges a. government to release our family member and close the camps under stop a genocide that is over. the days of 57 years old and this is the almost of the trial your civil servants you working for government the more than 30 years and she
12:42 am
can't speak chinese are very real what kind of education is my mother made my father is taken to concentration camp my father is that business owner who is always how the people in the and south of me look and sound very loving person he was taken to a concentration camp and it's been more than 3 years i haven't heard i haven't heard his voice. truth he holds the largest we've heard i ask for our heart in the world and these people have been absolutely vulnerable especially since 3rd he ends . i signed the max remission deal in 2017 meant to say that is just the next of this some so far and between any 2 columns for. instance the kerry kids try not relations indeed put in because of economic cooperation with chinese investment in $3.00 to $4.00 drugs most people are afraid to have a lover and over on fire off for that awful this year fear for your figure is that
12:43 am
the government told us terrorists might mean extradited 1st of all this is i've been saying that and they did they give importance of china out there it's all integrity but they are against any kind of mistreatment against the lawyers who are the called made so much of this recall now here in the sweden freshers 3 discretion giant h. and m. facing boycotts in china after old statements resurfaced in which they expressed concern about reports of forced labor in. a branch of china's communist party drew attention to the statements which were made last year in march 2028 said it would stop buying cotton from where foreign governments say more than 1000000 people are confined to work camps shares of nike tumbled 4.8 percent following the backlash on chinese social media on monday several western nations impose sanctions on senior chinese officials over human rights abuses against weekers. the heads of social
12:44 am
media giants facebook twitter and google have faced questions about that about the role that platforms played in the storming of congress and eventual house of representatives hearing focused on how the cut holmes a clamping down on misinformation and harmful content some lawmakers are calling for the end of a noise that shields internet companies from liability for what users post facebook's chief executive defended his platform and said former president should be held accountable his words really and some people say that the problem is that social networks are coal arising us but that's not at all clear from the evidence or research polarisation was rising in america long before social networks riven invented it it's falling or stable in many other countries were social networks are popular others claim that algorithms feed us content that makes us angry because it's good for business but that's not accurate either i believe that the division we see today is primarily the result of a political and media environment that drives americans apart and we need to reckon
12:45 am
with that if we're going to make progress when i speak to a back in the can is the director of ranking digital rights a nonprofit research initiative promoting freedom of expression and privacy on the internet she joins us from washington d.c. thanks for being with us and how much did the people who still in the capital actually use social media to organize what they did. well thanks for having me well social media was certainly a major organizing tool you know one can quibble about which tool was used by you know most by whom but in in the internet age in any kind of whether it's a protest demonstration riot if people can use online tools and social media they will and that was certainly a factor here you know there's another question about what this is happened without social media i think that's a completely separate question but you know social media is used to organize all types of things and it was certainly used to on january 6th and house to don the
12:46 am
rules in the us about what's allowed to be published on social media. while we have the 1st amendment which of the constitution which prevents the government from restricting most speech with very very limited exceptions the 1st amendment and another law which is known as 2nd to 30 of the communications decency act does shield companies from liability for what users post but it also enables companies and kind of reinforces their right also under the 1st amendment to set their own rules to restrict content that might be lawful in the united states but is nonetheless awful and therefore the platforms have a business interest in keeping it off their platforms and so that's a lot of what's what's being debated is. a lot of speech that might be
12:47 am
illegal in some countries it is legal here but the companies will have restrictions on it harassment hate speech extremist. speech and and so it's about to what what are companies doing to be response so. salie responsible to bridge prevent harm that is causing. some users by the speech of others i mean given this this had the hearing consultant both house is considering legislation to rein in the tech industry is it is it essentially a kind of last chance for the company so show that they can police themselves better and if so will they have done enough to convince the politicians that they don't need more a day to write well they are trying to show that they're stepping up and making more efforts however i think one of the things that came up in the hearing a lot is that they're never going to do it perfectly and it was also pretty clear from from what
12:48 am
a number of the congress people were saying the representatives were saying that there's there's disagreement it even in the united states about what should be allowed or not allowed depending on where you sit on the political spectrum so it's a very difficult question and what i and my colleagues and actually quite a lot of people in the human rights field have have warned is that if you focus too much about just we need companies to do a better job censoring content you're actually going to end up censoring a lot of legitimate speech speech activists there are examples of activists who are calling out hate speech who end up getting censored because there's they're pointing to hate speech is bad but the algorithms aren't smart enough to tell the difference and that what we really need to be looking at and regulating instead is the business model which is based on tracking and profiling users and enable ah it enabling advertisers to target people with with messages and including dissin from
12:49 am
a nation and algorithms that that amplify speech that is going to maximize engagement on the platform and that companies need to be held accountable for actually doing risk assessment and mitigating the harms of of their business model to society and that that that is that is a better place to look at. also requiring more transparency one of the problems is that the algorithms are opaque people don't know why certain content is being recommended to them. they don't we don't have enough control over how speech is curated to us how we're targeted by different messages we need more control and also there's antitrust there's we need more competition we need more options it's the fact that everyone is dependent on a couple of platforms and as small handful platforms have so much power of speech at is highly problematic we need more options different types of platforms and then
12:50 am
i think that the problem will be easier to address becca mckenna thank you very much need to take the time to talk to us thank you israel remains in political deadlock off to final results showed no party winning an outright majority in parliament then action commission says prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a bloc won 59 knesset seats in tuesday's vote it needed 61 to claim victory a coalition of parties that wants to oust him got 57 the country could now face another election which would be the 5th in 2 years. decades of poaching and habitat loss have put african elephants on the endangered list for the 1st time the african forest elephant which is native to west africa and the congo basin is now critically endangered one step away from extinction numbers have fallen by almost 90 percent in the last 3 decades and the savannah elephant which has habitats across sub-saharan africa has lost 60 percent of its population in the last 50
12:51 am
years the international union for conservation of nature has read list of threatened animal and plant species shows more than 37000 and now in danger of extinction that's doubled in just a decade but there were no sessions as it is possible to reverse the decline and several african countries are leading the way in oki to is co-chair of the african elephant specialist group at the international union for conservation of nature he says efforts facing a twin threat to. the human activities are become. one of those silent killer. event was them fortune in terms though from entering habitants all these family homes in terms of making them smaller and in terms of making them not available as much as some of them might be suitable you know it as much as you can then they're
12:52 am
not available because of the fermented. too many reasons. or there i've written and also the tips if we can or behind the troops and missions that. stomp out. better. you know a that allows. for the need kept us with the needs. oh his gym of the sport thank you lauren is all time leading goalscorer zlatan abraham of it has made a winning return to the side on his comeback the striker haven't played for his country for 5 years but came out of retirement to try to help them reach the world cup and they began their qualifying campaign against georgia he started the match and provided the assist for a sweet ins goal in the one narrow win before that match with iceland germany's that year in his hofmann tested positive for corona virus and teammate loss of
12:53 am
a host of the also have to go into isolation as he was deemed a close contact but it didn't seem to cause too much destruction of the 2014 champions who were turned up against ice and within 7 minutes they want it 3 nil in the end well here's what happened in some of the other matches at 2010 world cup when a space that could only draw one all at home and to greece it's a they are now unbeaten in 23 games after a 2 no when i have a northern ireland scotland came from behind twice a 2 year old school with austria and a comfortable 5 no in finland the san marino the lowest ranked team in international football denmark beat israel to now and that government has said at least 11000 fans will be allowed in to watch your a 2020 games in copenhagen later this shit the city is set to host 4 matches during the tournament which was postponed by because of the pandemic rigidly planned to hold the arrows across 12 cities but it's still unclear which ones will be able to
12:54 am
welcome fans or even stage games until. 7 time champions egypt have qualified of the 2021 africa cup of nations in cameroon with a game to spare off to a 10 draw with kenya history was made by coming rays to reach the finals for the 1st time the team who represents a population of just under a 1000000 no no by togo they have 9 points from 5 matches and they guaranteed a place in the finals in january that we're joined by gambia who also qualified for the 1st time the reigning formula one champion lewis hamilton is predicting this could be the most exciting season he's had in the sport how it is going for his 8th world title it is gearing up for practice ahead of 2021 opening race in bahrain on sunday the british drive it recently signed a one year contract to stay with the sadie's says that doesn't mean this season will be his last. i don't feel like i'm at the end so but i only know. the next 8 months or so will. let me know find out whether i'm ready to stop or not
12:55 am
i don't think i will personally but. you never know. after delay of more than a year the olympic torch relay for the tokyo 2020 games has begun the flame started its journey from fukushima which was devastated by a tsunami and earthquake 10 years ago and reports. you know how it should be taken i think i thought it was at long last the torch relay begins in japan for the olympic games. our football star. who was the 1st to carry the flame 10000 others will take it to every part of the country. it's shining a light on the progress made since fukushima was devastated by an earthquake tsunami and nuclear disaster 10 years ago. on the long road to tokyo it's hoped the relay will generate excitement for the games but many are wondering
12:56 am
why it's still happening as the country is still battling covert only because i've got to. sort out kind of see what it would be sad to see the olympics cancelled but the priority now is to end the pandemic we can still postpone it and hold the games when it's safe again what the pundits say it could cause another pandemic here because people from all over the world are coming here. if it is successful it will symbolize how we overcame many difficulties. moto knows what it's like to represent japan on the world stage and compete against the world's greatest he's worried organizers have run into too many problems to go ahead. with an effect on your all factors necessary for hosting the games are facing issues there are sports that have held qualifying events while others haven't when you look at domestic issues in japan the covert infections a far from over vaccination is not making progress. that if the relay goes ahead
12:57 am
safely over the next 4 months it will go a long way in reassuring the public and signal the end of a dark chapter in japan's history and her schapelle al-jazeera. england's cricket captain owen morgan has been ruled out of the final 21 day internationals against india he injured his hand during his side's 66 wrong loss and the 1st one by much on cheers day he's had 4 stitches to the wedding between his thumb. an index finger a bit of a freak injury that one and when they need to win the final 21 day is to avoid a series defeat and south african go for justin harding a lead so going into the final day of the kenya savannah classic hartings trying to make it 2 titles in a week after winning at this course in nairobi on sunday his 3rd round included 8 birdies as he finished on 17 under par which leaves him 3 shots clear of the fielders certainly a man in form that is all you'll spot for me daryn thank you very much gemma and that's it for me nor in china for this news or i'll be back remember with another
12:58 am
full roundup of the base news thanks for watching. the 1st major legislation for president joe biden is getting the pandemic under control with a laugh even the direction of money we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in now while the president because devastated many industries to give it a huge boost to the videogame side to come to the coast on al-jazeera. in colombia in the mid ninety's coca fields covered homes stretches of land far from the cities
12:59 am
which were now on the highest surveillance the end of the ninety's people were talking about the potential for preserving a knocker stint with the guerrillas to. drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungles of mountains well out of the state's reach. a father writes minister of 20000 men the united self defenders of colombia to find the guerrillas. meanwhile colombia's not just so much military suffered ambushes by the fox soldiers were abducted in the hundreds the systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people the paramilitaries dictated that holes in the zones they took over areas the state could never reach under pressure from the d.n.a. the criminals who came off the problem escobar hunted down the shell companies were dismantled under arresting increased. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our teachings you're
1:00 am
putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there. we will buy more 113 office have administered 200 shots and his 1st news conference as u.s. president joe biden the sets a new vaccination target defends his handling of the situation at the southern border and says he expects to run again. live from london also coming up. physic could take weeks to move the container ship .


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