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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and possibly lose control of the house and the senate in 2022 when i'm worried about is how un-american this whole initiative is it's sick it's sick to society in some states that you cannot bring water to people standing in line waiting to vote the society that you're going to and vote eat at 5 o'clock when working people are just getting off work deciding that there will be no absentee ballots under the most rigid circumstances it's all designed i'm going to spend my time doing 3 things one trying to figure out how to pass the legislation passed by the house number one number 2 educating the american public the republican voters i know find this despicable republican voters.
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folks out and. outside this white house i'm not talking about the let the elected officials i'm talking about voters voters. and so i'm convinced it will be able to stop this because it is the most prodigious thing this makes jim crow look like jim eagle and this is gigantic what they're trying to do and it cannot be sustained and do everything in my power along with my friends in the house of the senate to keep that from from becoming the law. is there anything else you can do about it besides passing legislation. the answer is yes but i'm not going to lay out a strategy in front of the whole world and you know. then on a related note have you decided whether you are going to run for reelection in 2024 you haven't set up a reelection campaign yet as your predecessor had by this time of my president need do you to. my predecessor oh god i miss him. no that's or is
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yes my plan is the run for reelection that's my expectation i'm one of their new and bipartisanship your old friend mitch mcconnell. says you have only spoken to each other once since you took office and who have far left since taking office do you see it the same way he does had rejected bipartisanship no i haven't all been needed was the last time a president of the party down at least a half a dozen times to talk about issues everything from how we were. working with a group of 20 members of the senate right now in the house on how we reestablish our ability to make computer chips and how we get ahead of the game how we can work together and we're working together on a bunch of things but look i know mitch well mitch knows me well i would expect to say exactly what he said but this is a matter of making sure that i would like republican elected republican support but
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what i know i have now is that i have. support from republican voters republican voters. agree with what i'm doing and so unless mitch says the last thing i did this last piece of legislation is so far left well then you got to take a look at his party over 50 percent of them must be over that edge as well because they support what i did. well. we're here. to. thank you very much mr president i have a question for you but 1st i'd like to follow up on a question from you me and that's on the that counts is the question ok i'll make it quick it's a no no don't you them. regarding the filibuster at john lewis is funeral president barack obama said he believed the filibuster was a relic of the jim crow era do you agree yes if not why not abolish it if it's
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a relic of the jim crow era. successful electoral politics is the art of the possible. let's figure out how we can get this done and move the direction of significantly changing the abuse to be even the filibuster rule 1st. is spend abuse from the time it came into being by an extreme way in the last 20 years let's deal with the abuse 1st. you're moving closer to eliminating the filibuster is that correct. i am sure your question you also just made some news by saying that you are going to run for reelection and i said that is my expectation so is that a yes that you are running for reelection. i don't know where you guys come from
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man i've never been able to travel i'm a great perspective of fate i've planned for and i have 3 and a half years ahead for certain and if you do if you do right vice president harris be on your ticket i would fully expect that to be the case she's doing a great job she's a great partner she's a great partner believe he'll be running against former president trump oh come on i don't even think about i don't i have no idea. i have no idea who will be republican party do you i know you have to answer my question but i mean you know do you i mean look this is the way i view things i become a great respect for faith in my life i set a goal of this in front of me to get things done for the people i care most about. which are hard work and decent american people get really have a structure. i want to change the paradigm i want to change the paradigm we start to reward work not just wealth i want to change the paradigm if you notice that you
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find a kind of interesting that my republican friends are worried about that the cost of the taxes that had to be had if there is a tax to be had is they talk about it. dealing with the the fact that we just passed which puts money in people's pockets ordinary people to hear them complain when they passed close to $2.00 trillion dollars trump tax cut maybe 3 percent go to the top one percent do you talk about that. i love the fact that they found this whole idea of concern about the federal budget is kind of amazing. when the federal budget is saving people's lives i don't think it's such a good idea. when the federal budget is feather in the nest of the wealthiest americans 90 of the fortune $500.00 companies making billions of dollars not pain and taxes reducing taxes to the point that people who are making you
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know if you're a husband and wife a school teacher and a cop you're painted a higher rate than the average person making a $1000000000.00 a year is. something wrong. their newfound concern i'm concerned look i meant what i said when i ran and a lot of you still think i'm wrong and i respect that so i'm running for 3 reasons to restore the soul dignity honor honesty transparency. to the american political system. to to rebuild the backbone of this country the middle class. hard working people people struggling in the middle class they build america. and unions build them. the 3rd reason i said i was running was to unite the country and generically speaking all of you said no you can't do that. well i'm not been
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able to unite the congress but i've been uniting the country based on the polling data. we have to come together we have to so from my perspective you know it's to me it's about just you know getting out there putting one foot in front of the other and just trying to make things better for people just hardworking people people get up every morning and just want to figure out how to put food to table for their kids to be able to have a little bit of breathing room be able to have them make sure that they go to bed not stern to see like my dad did mourner with it since he didn't have health insurance what happens if mom gets sick or he got sick your basic things. basic things and i'm of the view that the vast majority of people including registered republicans by and large share that that same that same view that same
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sense of what is no what's appropriate. just and. you should see bloomberg. thanks but president i want to hear relationship with china now that you've been on and off for a couple months because obviously the meeting in alaska. with a lot of theatrical and there's a continued human rights yes as today i'm wondering are you more likely than you were when you came into office to maintain tariffs on china are you considering banning imports of 4th labor products and would you consider cutting off u.s. investment or chinese access to international payment systems who look. to each specifically. legitimate questions. but they're only touch. a smidge you know what the relationship with china really is about.
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i've known xi jinping for a long time. allegedly. by the time i left office the vice president had spent more time with she's e.p.a. than any world leader. because president obama. and the chinese president hu decided we should get to know one another since is inappropriate for the president and states to spend time with the vice president of a country but it was obvious he was going to become the new leader of china so i spent hours upon hours with him alone with an interpreter my interpreter and his . go into great detail in very very straightforward. doesn't have a democratic with a small d bone in his body but he's just smart smart guy he's one of the guys like putin who thinks that autocracy is the wave of the future democracy can't function and ever and ever complex world. so when i was elected and
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he called to congratulate me i think to the surprise of the china experts who were his people on the call as well as my listening we had a 2 hour conversation for 2 hours. and we made several things clear to one another. i made it clear to him again when i've told him in person on several occasions that we're not looking for confrontation although we know there will be steep steep competition. to that we will have strong competition but will insist that china play by the international rules fair competition fair practices fair trade. thirdly in order to compete effectively i indicated that we're going to do with
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china effectively. and we're going to need 3 things to do that telling my our people 1st we're going to invest in american workers in american science i said that all through the campaign i say it again and we're and setting up my administration to be able to that which is that you know back in the sixty's we used to invest a little over 2 percent of our untied entire g.d.p. in pure research and investment in science today it's point 7 percent i'm going to change that we're going to change that the future lies in who can in fact own the future as a relation technology quantum computing a whole range of things including the medical field and so what i'm going to do is make sure we invest. closer to 2 percent one of the reasons why i set up the the pm the president's board was scientists in the light again is
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we're going to best in medical research cancer also timers diabetes the things industries of the future artificial intelligence quantum computing bio tech and we're going to make real investments china is out investing us by a long shot because their plan is their own that future. the 3rd of the segment to do is going to reestablish our alliances and i've been very clear with them it's not anti chinese and we've talked about i want to make sure that for example later today after this matter of fact shortly after this. which is fine i'm going close now right i'm happy to. go go longer but one of the things that i'm going to be doing i'm going to be speaking with 27 heads of state in europe. and very shortly i think with the next hour or so i don't have an exact time. and earlier this month
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and apparently got the chinese attention that's not why i did it i met with our allies and how we're going to hold trying to account of all of the region australia india japan the united states the so-called quiet. because we have to have democracies working together before too long i'm going to have we're going to invite the alliance of democracies to come here to discuss the future. and so we're going to make it clear that in order to deal with these things we're going to hold china accountable to follow the rules. follow the rules whether release the south china sea the north china sea or cremate on taiwan or a whole range of other things and the 3rd thing and the thing that i i admired about dealing with she is she understands she makes no print no pretense
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about not understanding what i'm saying anymore and to him i pointed out no leader can be sustained in his position or her position they represent the values of the country and i said as and mr president as i've told you before. americans value the notion. of freedom america values human rights we don't always live up to our expectations but there's a value system we are founded on that principle and as long as you and your country continues to so blatantly violate human rights we are going to continue in an unrelenting way to call to the attention of the world and make it clear make clear what's happening. and he understood that and made it clear that no american president. in the one did no american president ever backed down from
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speaking out of what's happened in the wee hours which happened in hong kong which happened in country that's who we are. the moment a president walks away from that as the last one did is the moment we begin to lose not legitimate see around the world it's who we are so i see stiff competition. with china china has an overall goal and i don't criticize them for the goal but they have an overall goal to become a leading country in the world the wealthiest country in the world of the most powerful country in the world that's not going to happen on my watch because united states is going to continue to grow and expand just to follow up on the meeting of democracy if that where you expect in a multilateral way to make have the thing about. thanks or or that's number make decision that's where i make sure we're all the same page. on the same page look i
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predict to you your children or grandchildren are going to be doing their doctoral thesis on issue of who succeeded or talk or see or democracy because that is what is at stake. not just a china. look around the world we're in the midst of a 4th industrial revolution of an enormous consequence will the middle class how will people adjust to these significant changes in science and technology the environment how will they do that and our democracies equipped because all the people get to speak to compete. it is clear absolutely clear and most of the scholars i dealt with a pen agree with me around the country that this is
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a battle between them the utility of democracies in the 21st century and autocracies if you notice you don't have russia talking about communism anymore it's about a lot talk or see demand decisions made by a leader of a country. that's what's at stake we got approved democracy works mr president sorry i know you have another chance to address the tragedy of that and georgia in colorado you had said to stay tuned for action that you might take on gun control wondering if you've made a decision that you care about sending the manufacturer a liability bill that you have promised on day one to capitol hill or executive action like going after guns or giving money to 30 of the states that about on trial all the. matter time. as you go observe.
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successful presidents better than many. have been successful a large part because they know how to time with you knew he. ordered. to side. with needs to be done. the next major initiative is. and i'll be down soon and try to you in detail is to rebuild. the infrastructure most physical and technological infrastructure in this country. so there we can compete and create significant numbers of really good paying jobs. really good paying jobs. and some of you have been around long enough to know that used to be a great republican goal initiative. i still think the majority
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of the american people. don't like the fact that we are now ranked quite 85th in the world in infrastructure i mean look the future rests on whether or not we have the best airports and it can accommodate air travel ports that you can get quickly so businesses decide somebody you're if you're ever local reporters and you find your governor america trying to attract business to your community what's the 1st thing the business asked what's the closest access to an interstate highway how far my from freight rail. is the water is the water available is enough water available for you to conduct my business. all the things related to the structure we have somewhere i asked the staff to write it down for me they did not for this but for a longer discussion we have somewhere. in terms of infrastructure
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we have we ranked 13th globally in infrastructure. in china is investing 3 times more in infrastructure than the united states is bridges more than one 3rd of our bridges 231000 of them need repairs some are physical safety risks or preservation work one in 5 miles of our highways a major roads were poor condition that's 186000 miles of highway. aviation 20 percent of all flights 20 percent of all fleiss born on time resulting in a 1500000 hours lost in production $6.00 to $10000000.00 homes in america still have the lead pipes service in the water lines. we have over 100000 well heads that are not capped leaky methane.
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when we do it. and by the way we can put as many pipefitters and miners on ice to work kapinos well as at the same price that they were charged to dig those wells. so i just find it. frustrating. frustrating talk about. last point i'll make in the infrastructure and i apologize for any more time on it but. is that. if you think about it. it's the place where we will be able to significantly increase american productivity the same time providing. really good jobs for people but we can't build back to what they used to be. we have to
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build environments are global ones already done significant damage. the roads that used to be. above the water level. didn't have to worry about where the drainage was now you've got to rebuild on 3 feet higher because it's not going to go back to what it was before only get worse unless we stop it. there's so much we can do look at all the schools in america. most of you live in the washington area now but in your hometown jenna were all from. how many schools where the kids kids are the water on the fountain. how many schools are still in a position where there's asbestos how many schools in america are we sending our kids to don't have adequate ventilation. how many so home buildings.
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office complexes are wasting billions of barrels of oil over time because they can't hold in the heat or the air condition. because it's leaks through the windows that are so porous and the connections. it's amazing so there's so much we can do there's good stuff. makes people healthier and creates good jobs and i think that i got one more question here. from univision. thank it is the president we do have a reporter that the border i just like the feeling that we're running to a pair of siblings who came in on monday or they came by c.b.p. had the phone number for their mother who lives in the u.s. we have contact that the mother has the only way they know her kids are here because c.b.p. today thursday has not contacted that mother so when can we expect your promise of
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things getting better with contact that expedience they're already getting better but they're going to get real we're going to hold help a lot better real quick are we going to hear some people even ok we can get this done we're going to get it done had a long meeting with the entire team and several cabinet level officers. we're going to be moving within the next. within the next week over 100000 i mean a 1000 people out of. the border patrol into safe secure beds and facilities we're going to significantly ramp up we're already out there contacting everyone from getting some of the employees at h.h.s. there's a lot of them doing other things to move them into making those calls where in the in the process of rearranging and providing for the personnel needed to get that done but i admire the fact that you were down there and you're making the calls
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yourself it's real the next thing that has to happen now as you well know has to happen to have to be some certitude that this is the actually mom dad or whomever and there's ways to do that there's ways to do that a little bit like the terminator whether or not you got the right code for your credit card you know what was your dog's name kind of thing i'm being a bit facetious but not really and also seeking harder data from d.n.a. to to birth certificates which takes longer so i want to this is as. quickly as humanly possible and as safely as possible well know treated the root cause of the causes that might in america doesn't change things overnight how do you really physically and physically keep this family from coming to the us when things will not get better in their country right away. but i know you know that all through the journey of a 1000 miles starts with
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a 1st step you know as well as i do you cover it you have syria it's not like somebody sitting on a. table in water. somewhere in mexico or. say i got a great idea let's sell everything we have give it to a coyote had to take our kids across the border to the desert where they don't speak the language won't that be fun and let's go. that's not how it happens people don't want to leave. when my great grandfather got in a coffin ship in the irish sea expectation was it was it was going to live long enough on that ship to get to the united states of america but they left because what the brits had been doing they were in real real trouble they don't want to leave. but they had no choice so you've got we can't i can't guarantee are
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going to solve everything but i can guarantee you we can make everything better. we could make it better we can change the lives of so many people on the other thing i want to point out to you and i hope you point out i realize it's much more heart wrenching and it is to do with a 5 and 6 and 7 year old but you went down there and you saw the vast majority of these children 70 percent or 16 years old 70 years old mostly males the naked that make a good bet are different but the idea that we have tens of thousands of kids in these god awful facilities that are really little babies crying all night there are some that's true that's what we're going to act and yesterday i asked my team both the director of the 2 agencies as well as others i asked them what would they in fact and i asked their opinion because they're the experts but i said focus on the
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most vulnerable immediately but there's no reason why in the next month as people cross the border that phone call can't be made the 1st 48 hours and began i may ask one last question have you had any talks with said republicans who are threatening this administration with not considering the immigration legislation that was passed in the house until the 3 to 8 and at the border has been resolved no because i know they have to posture for a while. but it got to get out of our system. this is a. but i i'm ready to work with any republican. who wants to. solve the problem or maybe make the situation better patrol which i'm going to thank you very very much . we can't solve everything but we can make it better so says the 46 us president on his 65th day in office in his 1st
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news conference it is 1830 g.m.t. which makes it 230 in the afternoon in washington d.c. where joe biden's just finished well that was about i would say about an hour and 10 minutes that he spoke for there briefly at the start talking about covert relief and recovery and then taking a lot of questions from the gathered press corps in the white house he covered off immigration afghanistan north korea changes to voting laws even a mention for his predecessor donald trump of god i miss him he said but then also perhaps surprisingly did say it was his plan joe biden's plan to run for reelection in 2024 that is my expectation is what he said kimberly how could our white house correspondent listening to all of that. where do you want to start kimberly because you you spent 4 years covering the last guy and tell me what was what jumped off
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the page for you here. yeah before and quickly get into some of the domestic highlights and just want to talk overall about the performance because there was this murmuring here in the united states of the fact that we haven't seen this president for so long that he was late compared to other private presidents in holding this press conferences because he wasn't capable he might not be able to hold a thought there were questions about his health i think with the exception of one moment where he seemed to get a little flustered talking about a parliamentary procedure known as the filibuster which quite frankly i get flustered talking about he showed the world that he was very adept at talking about various ranges of policy in a detailed way so i think that there was overall very good performance by this president as he handled a number of different complex policy issues where we start with the domestic issue he's made it a priority that he wants to tackle covert 19 with respect to how it's impacted
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families he talked about made some news they're talking about going to pittsburgh where he will be outlining his infrastructure plan in order to create jobs also making news they're saying that he's ahead of schedule which we knew with respect to getting vaccines but setting a new goal of 200000000000 shots in 100 days that is an increase of by 100000000 so touting some of the significant successes and then very quickly also he really did have to talk about the border a lot which is the emerging crisis for his presidency which he's tasked to his vice president getting angry there one point when he was asked the question do you find it acceptable that these facilities are overcrowded with children he said come on of course i don't find it acceptable and here's what i'm doing about it so it seems that many people will be satisfied with some of these answers the one they may not like is that he was not opening up these credit facilities at least in the short
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term for reporters despite committing to transparency. kimberly let me ask you about the filibuster just kidding stay with immigration for a bit longer what's true. what struck me and we're going to talk every time he's in texas of course i'm going to be talking to him more about this shortly but just the way that joe biden to be prepared for this obviously he knew it was going to be the big topic but he had the numbers he was saying you know 70 percent of people they are actually 16 to 17 year olds only one and a half percent of the young children he seemed to be able to i guess hold his line in amongst all the criticism and. yeah and he defended it in the end and what i think people will see is a satisfactory way he's been getting a lot of criticism for. sending some people back and for saying that the border is not open and he said look at i inherited a broken system he did blame his predecessor he also blamed donald trump for not
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spending the money that was a vailable to sort of address the root causes of this migration in the country is when there were hundreds of millions of able to do that so. this is something that joe biden did try to adequately address but certainly it's not solving the problem keep going i'm just going to take a drink i've got a little bit of a polyp allergy issue oh ok you know i'll give you a break they can because we've got a whole raft of people to talk to as well so stick around we're going to bring in from madison wisconsin national affairs correspondent for the nation or 3rd of the fight for the soul of the democratic party it is nice to see you john i was calculating earlier 12 years since you were here in doha for president obama's election so it is nice to see you again what do you make of all of that as kimberly said so much sort of pressure is the word on joe biden but expectation willie hold up to this you know he's getting on will he have moments along the way he seemed to
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hold that up pretty well for 70 minutes. yeah i think he did and it's right to mention that front of the president's conservative critics have been very blunt in suggesting that they don't think he's up to the job they made a big deal when he tripped on a step getting out going up to an airplane the other day this press conference really dispelled a lot of those notions the president was very deliberate certainly not very theatrical this is quite different from a donald trump press conference but there was an immense amount of detail and again and again the president actually said at certain points look maybe i'm going to deep into this do you want me to stop and in fact was going very deep into complex issues and when you think of the range of what was dealt with in this press conference it was quite striking immigration up front of course filibuster getting a lot of attention but you also had discussion of afghanistan some sort of talk
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about a timeline for getting u.s. troops out of there added to serious discussion about u.s. relations with china which got quite nuanced and white details new even talk about a 4th the dust real revolution and then all of the changes that people are going to go through and you had big news i mean significant news in a political context that the president does apparently intend to run for a 2nd term that was up for grabs and also that he intends to do so with kamel heiresses running there was interesting was an exam think there's been a sort of conventional wisdom that he might just be a one term president and then pos the baton and in 4 years' time perhaps not. gun control did not get a mention as just as i go through my notes that surprisingly i thought wasn't there but then there was a big riff on infrastructure wasn't that was clearly something joe biden wanted to push. yeah he was very into infrastructure i think there was a brief kind of touching on gun control and some of the challenges as regards
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congress that sort of filtered through some of that all of us through discussion but not infrastructure is clearly a passion of this president and that's not surprising this is a guy who rode the train from washington to wilmington delaware every day when he was in the u.s. senate back and forth he he's infrastructure he likes it and also he knows as a longtime policymaker that it's in an infrastructure bill that he is perhaps most likely to plot find 2 big prospects number one in ability to deliver in a big way from many of the constituencies that elected them. particularly trade unions but also environmentalist who want to see elements of a green new deal at the same time because an infrastructure bill spends so much money. it's also a place where you could climb republicans who might actually be interested in working with the administration because nantucket they get money back if it's
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groups and back to their states joe biden sees this i think as the vehicle by which he gets around a lot of the gridlock in washington john watched. and this is kind of ironic because we're sitting here on international television talking about about how much do you think sort of set piece. news conferences really count for in 2020 what i'm just looking for i think my screens every other news channel in the world talking about it as well but you know. he's got his social media jen psaki his. communications director as their press secretary is there every day now giving news conferences herself the word is out there all the time and yet the still seems to be something about this moment. a press conference is a place where a president is sort of out there on his own doesn't have other people stepping out doesn't have you know kind of the cavity it's an individual taking questions some
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of which may be difficult some of which may be challenging and and in this case because i didn't do press conferences earlier because this is rather deep into his term this one got a lot of attention it's it's a place where you get a measure of the man to some extent and it also is a place i think where if you've got a masterful political figure a press conference can be a place where you kind of set your agenda and that's what you saw biden doing infrastructure. in and to be honest i think he didn't lose that thread a little bit and some of the other things he want to talk about i think he would have loved to have talked a lot more about covert 19 about vaccination program because that's something of a success story but when you got to be into structure issue he dove into it and clearly laid it out in
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a way that you could actually see him selling the project even before he launches john nichols great to talk to you thank you for joining us thank you for staying with us all throughout that entire speech as well and listening along great stuff to be with us always. ok so just a point as well joe biden after finishing that 70 minutes of speaking said he was actually about to go on a call with e.u. minister is a virtual call to talk about vaccines and we will be dealing with that again later in the broadcast i think the most certainly the most talked about part in that news conference was immigration and we suspected it would be such with the pictures we've seen coming out of the detention facilities or the facilities where children are staying particularly near the border we've got 2 correspondents to talk about this you've been seeing them earlier today manuel it up below who's in in mexico starting though which she had for tansy who is in donna texas that facility that's
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behind him there she have you were saying earlier when we were on here about sort of well what's he going to say water we're going to hear i think as i go through my notes there was some talking about opening up and saying yes we will let you in we will let the media in to see but it sounds like it's going to be pretty controlled . joe biden suggesting that he doesn't necessarily know when the media will be allowed into facilities like this one involving texas which was mentioned by name by one of the reporters who pointed out that this was over 1500 percent overcapacity at the weekend joe biden saying that was unacceptable that he was moving kids out to now as we were reporting earlier military bases in texas and in el paso san antonio that are opening up but he sort of suggested he didn't really know when the media would be allowed in to look at the conditions it was a very highly choreographed tour of a department of health and human services facility which is slightly different so this sort of facility where all facilities for children. to try to get lovely
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surroundings and you know crowding a little bit of a that's completely obviously not the relevant issue right now we know that there are thousands of children in conditions like this which they should not be they should only be in on the border and c.b.p. facilities for but for 3 days at the most and that's not happening but i think what was really interesting was and we sort of predicted this as well and it's very revealing about the white house press corps or when they talk about immigration it's always are you being too soft why are you letting so many people in why have you rolled back donald trump's donald trump's legislation when the me if i could actually as he sort of the joe biden sort of pointed out was he hasn't actually rolled back a lot of trump's legislation and specifically title 42 which is what donald trump instituted last last march using the pandemic as a reason to turn back all migration all undocumented by gratian of the border all asylum seekers or refugees no due process being given to anyone in november a court ordered donald trump to start a knock on the company children in and that's when we started seeing the numbers
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the numbers rise but also almost it was joe biden boasting about the fact that yes i mean he although he had moral qualms about leaving unaccompanied children in the desert you know he was he was concerned he wanted to start something families back with children as soon as he could isn't he the mexican government that's standing in the way ignoring the reality that the u.s. has to do. international law humanitarian and legal obligations to give migrants fleeing violence persecution at the border give them due process to allow them to seek asylum in the narrative or in the us either consciously or unconsciously i was completely taken on the trump card which is why they will come and you should send them all send them all back and in fact you know we always hear that question why there's so many unaccompanied children coming and it's because precisely because kept title $42.00 and he talked about it that which is sending the majority over 18 bad without any due process in violation of the law it means them that when. the
9:44 pm
about families whether they will be able to get through it means that when families with children come to the border that saying look biden is not giving us to process he's not allowing us to claim asylum but he is allowing unaccompanied children in alert so that's why they're sending their children across so it's actually it's because he's not living up to what is the world domestic or international expects him to do and humanitarian to expect them to do that we're getting this influx of single children and you can talk about this with money i guess and say we're not saying single children traveling out from central america we're saying we don't see any any increase in that necessarily what we're all saying is because biden has kept trumps draconian. on families claiming aside about everyone else claiming asylum under the law. if the choice for a family on the other side of the border is keep children here homeless on the streets of a dangerous mexico border town or send across as you said the majority 1617 year
9:45 pm
old. with the hope that they might be safer than they will be homeless on the streets or set out who are as aware of a you know let's give it a go and that's precisely because of biden's wives policies which he seemed to be suggesting he wanted to deepen he wanted the mexican government to keep on accepting families they wanted to expel more families that's what was going to make things even worse ok she had pretends the there in dona texas that's the. facility behind him actually reference to during joe biden's news conference now some of the people in there have come from where it is right now in mexico. on the border with the united states what did you take out of what joe biden had to say he seemed to push back against this argument to the nice guy joe is the nice guy he he's soft and he'll let people through you saying it's nothing to do with that. president biden did push back against a couple of different narratives that are floating around not only in the united
9:46 pm
states but here in mexico and you're right this is one of the places one of the busiest border crossings in the world this is one of the places that migrants from all over the world try to seek out as finding a place where they can either plead their asylum cases or make attempts to cross illegally into the united states where we are specifically right now is a port of entry into the united states just a few meters from the border itself and behind me is a makeshift migrant camp that popped up just a little over a month ago there are somewhere between a $11500.00 people staying at this camp many of them are central american migrants but we also know that there are people from southern mexico wharfie violence in states like me talk on in the. us there are haitian nationals colombian nationals cuban nationals it is quite the mix of migrants at this camp and the pushback. it's one of the things that we are one of those narratives that's floating around specifically about unaccompanied minors there's rumors that unaccompanied minors
9:47 pm
who cross into the united states will be treated better they will be sent back throughout the course of yesterday and today we've got up and down the us mexico border what we've seen is a slow trickle of migrants that includes minors individuals that are under the age of 18 so this does definitely does counter the stared if that if the unaccompanied minors cross into the united states illegally they will be allowed to stay that is not necessarily the case many are being sent back to mexico now the other narrative that's floating around that president biden himself spoke about people coming up from central america because he's a nice guy because he's a decent man overwhelmingly what we're hearing from migrants here is people are fleeing to back to back hurricanes in central america that slammed into honduras displacing more than a 1000000 people in that country alone people that are fleeing guatemala because of extortion because of violence because of natural disaster people that are fleeing southern mexico because of the expansion of the new generation cartel nobody here has told us that they are that they have spent more than
9:48 pm
a month at this migrant camp because joe biden is a nice guy and is going to let them in people are saying that what they want is an opportunity to plead their asylum cases to u.s. officials with many of them saying that they have valid claims. is in tijuana in mexico imo thank you for the bad so immigration the big topic in joe biden's 1st news conference as president 65 days into his presidency spoke for about 70 minutes by my count covering off as i said immigration vaccinations and the covert relief law that came into practice he talked about afghanistan north korea china even a mention for donald trump is pretty to say. and. surprisingly the mention that he was considering it was at least his expectation to run for the next election and 2024 more on that to come of course on al jazeera but we're also going
9:49 pm
to have the sport for you in a moment zlatan is back to take you to stockholm for the sweetest return to international football.
9:50 pm
time for a look at your sport with jenna. thank you one of germany's at prior's has tested positive for corona virus just hours ahead of their opening world cup qualifying game the player you know hoffman is symptom free but has been put into isolation and officials have deemed for back house about as
9:51 pm
a close contact as things stand they came in to sort of against iceland does go ahead germany also face romania on sunday in north macedonia next week will also see as last night abraham of it back in a sweden shut for the 1st time in 5 years the striker you quit international football after year 816 has come out of retirement to try to help his country qualify for the world cup so the towns are sweden's top scorer with 62 goals and has been in good form with his club side ac milan and italy so he didn't host george on thursday and travel to kosovo on sunday to play in the national team is the biggest thing you can and you can do as a football player and i was there and i was honest to myself and to dakotas to listen if i am physically good condition if you think it's a good idea. we talk and we talk and i'm sitting here so. i'm here for more on this we can join our correspondent. covering the game for us
9:52 pm
evening to you paul say is that santa making his return at the age of 9 how much of a difference will you make this weekend on the pitch. thing the fact is the sun just keeps surprising people as you mentioned when he tripped off the field that you're 2016 we thought we'd see the last of the greatest player this we've never had in a sweden shirt and even the next year we thought we might have seen the last of him as a club football he sustained a really bad knee injury playing for manchester united came back from the l.a. galaxy in major league soccer in the u.s. which tends to be where football is going to pass to really put that he surprised us again signing for ac milan just over a year ago and has been knocking in the goals for them in syria $25.00 since he signed so yes he's $39.00 but he is something special in sweden have never had
9:53 pm
a player like him they've not really ever had a sporting star like him perhaps be on board a tennis player is comparable but he's a real figurehead for sweden on the international stage on the football field perhaps the greatest player of his generation behind leonor messi and cristiano ronaldo they love him so much in sweden they put up a stunt to tell him in his hometown a couple of years ago sadly that was then torn down when he invested in a club in stockholm can he help them get to the world cup well he's capable of it remains to be seen it should be a nice easy start against georgia friends. later on in qualifying they've got spain the former world champions that would be a tough to get past them and reach 2022 if they do they will have in mind that with a national team he's never hit the heights of the sweden team that reached the semifinals . of the world cup in $9094.00 he will want to try and get to that level but by the
9:54 pm
song council rolls around he'll be 40 walmart. thank you for that bull's eye no doubt a big piece this week here some of the qualifiers taking place on thursday 22 and the world cup winners spend their time to greece italy who are unbeaten in their last $22.00 games play northern ireland scotland to begin that campaign against australia and england they face the lowest ranked team in international football sam marino after that england a jew to play albania on sunday but that much is now in doubt due to security concerns they are being in football association said it's been informed by local police that the force can't guarantee the safety of both teams the match is being played behind closed doors and with no other locked down measures in place in the country it means the area around the stadium could be busy with seemingly not enough police to patrol the area the english football association say they will continue to liaise with the relevant authorities denmark's government has said at
9:55 pm
least $11000.00 fans will be allowed in to watch you're a 2020 games in copenhagen later this year the city is set to host 4 matches during the tournament which was perspiring by because of the pandemic way for originally planned to hold theories across 12 cities but it's still unclear which ones will be able to welcome fans or even stage games to. 7 time champions egypt of qualified for the 2021 africa cup of nations in cameroon with a game to spare after a $10.00 draw with kenya history was also made for the common rose national team they celebrated after reaching the finals for the 1st time that seem to represent a population of just under a 1000000 well how to buy togo they have 9 points from 5 matches and a guarantee to place in the finals which is being held next january after a delay of more than a year the olympic torch relay for the tokyo 2020 games has begun the flame started its journey from fukushima power reports. you know policies taken i
9:56 pm
think putting a stop at long last the torch relay begins in japan for the olympic games. our football star. who was the 1st to carry the flame 10000 others will take it to every part of the country. it's shining a light on the progress made since fukushima was devastated by an earthquake tsunami and nuclear disaster 10 years ago. on the long road to tokyo it's hoped the relay will generate excitement for the games but many are wondering why it's still happening as the country is still battling cove it. so i kind of see what it would be sad to see the olympics cancelled but the priority now is to end the pandemic we can still postpone it and hold the games when it's safe to get the funding. it could cause another pandemic here because people from all over the world are coming here. if it is successful it will symbolize. many
9:57 pm
difficulties. knows what it's like to represent japan on the world stage and compete against the world's greatest he's worried organizers have run into too many problems to go ahead. with an effect on you all factors necessary for hosting the games are facing issues there are sports that have held qualifying events while others haven't when you look at domestic issues in japan the covert infections a far from over vaccination is not making progress. if the relay goes ahead safely over the next 4 months it'll go a long way in reassuring the public and signal the end of a dark chapter in japan's history and her schapelle al-jazeera. finale back with more later not you know how flat out was getting on his to. thank you jamie back in the 2100 hours g.m.t. news hour which is 2 hours from now i guess. and the rest of the team in london if
9:58 pm
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coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on al-jazeera. al-jazeera with every. we will buy my 130 in office have administered 200000000 shots in his 1st news conference as u.s. president joe biden sets a new vaccination target defends his handling of the situation at the southern border and says he expects to run again. land. of his al-jazeera live from london also coming up. is it could take weeks to move the containership block.


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