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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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on his neck he has found the week in a minneapolis courtroom with a court to selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the one little handy take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. has just gone 800 hours g.m.t. here al-jazeera hello i'm come on santa maria welcome to the news hour the newly formed palestinian israeli party is projected to have won seats in the israeli election possibly giving it a big say in benjamin netanyahu his political future thousands of children reportedly stranded and alone on the u.s. border with mexico we'll have a live report from texas the u.k.
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and the european commission struggle to come to a deal for distributing covered 19 vaccines and there are fears of a 3rd wave in the pandemic after weeks of international pressure mean mass military rulers release hundreds of prisoners. protesters who were arrested after last month's coke. and sport former head of world football sat blatter has been given a 2nd banned by the organization he used to work for an investigation by fever has found blatter deal to multiple breaches of their ethics code. pretty much count all the votes in israel's election it's full thin 2 years and unexpectedly it is a small palestinian israeli party which may hold the key the united arab list party which cross the threshold needed to enter parliament and with that majority out of reach for both the could party and the coalition of opposition parties prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu may actually have to rely on that our party for support and begins our coverage from wester islam where she tells us any television in israel is a complicated thing. according to israel's central elections committee prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a path to forming the 5th government in 2 years but it'll be a difficult one it appears the netanyahu bloc is poised to secure $59.00 seats of a required 61 in the knesset there's no reason why we should go to a 5th election and that they must come to nothing you know and say we want to be part of the government we accept the results of this round and form a right of center a government that could aggressively pursue the opportunities we have ahead of us in. the religious zionist party an alliance of the far right fared better than anticipated and is expected to bring its projected 6 seats to
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a netanyahu government members of the party have been banned in the past for anti palestinian sentiment the palestinian israeli parties are projected to lose seats this round voter turnout was low the parties previously voted as one bloc under the arab joint list but the group splintered at a 2nd conservative party called the united arab list formed now its leader months. could potentially do something unheard of previously support netanyahu government likud party members remain divided on what would be a historic alliance. critics such as opposition leader year look at the yes the tea party say netanyahu is drive to remain in power is centered on finding a way to evade prosecution on corruption charges and they argue forging ties with the religious zionist party would create a racist ultra conservative government but in this election netanyahu must attempt
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to forge a coalition with diverse smaller parties given the narrow divide between the pro and anti netanyahu camps that means these smaller parties and their leaders find themselves with a huge influence in determining israel's political path forward natasha the era was jerusalem. a military force that has now in westerns and forests hi ari we know coalitions are the nature all of israeli politics but i don't think anyone could have even thought we could be possibly looking at right wing plus the could possibly our posse. yes it is pretty extraordinary group of bedfellows and it doesn't necessarily. have to happen in fact it's probably more likely that it won't there are all sorts of reasons for
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that met you know him self during the campaign said that he would not work with months or a bus that he would not have in his coalition and would not even have a minority government supported by his party from the outside because as far as he was concerned he was an anti zionist politician he's from a politically religious conservative political philosophy that said there is now an open debate happening within the likud party as natasha just said in her report with senior members of party raising the prospect of doing just that of bringing in some form or other perhaps not into official coalition but at least relying on his support to govern and that is because netanyahu remains very motivated to say the least to say in power and he has once again fallen short his block has fallen short of that magic number of 61 there are other potential elements in play. the opposition leader could potentially it's not impossible for
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him to try to get a part of the bloc such as that led by the yemeni leader natale bennett away from the netanyahu bloc but that also looks very difficult their right wing is in his grouping his anti netanyahu grouping who wouldn't countenance working with arab lawmakers as well and as well as all of this there is this extreme far right grouping within the netanyahu putative coalition the religious sign is a movement that months or a bus was asked about on television tonight saying how could you work with these openly racist politicians and he said he wouldn't be dealing with them that they're not the address you know talking about the fact. he would actually be dealing with benjamin netanyahu but there's a real fracture there as well so there are all sorts of things on the table netanyahu himself could try to poach away some of the right wingers but the fact that this is all being talked about so openly with
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a palestinian israeli party right at the center of things that's a very new type of conversation in which as terry fall said in western islam thank you on to other news the united states where members of congress will visit one of the emergency facilities that have been reopened to cope with that surge of young migrants at the southern border but in a growing outcry after images revealed over crowded makeshift conditions at a center in donna texas more than 15000 migrant children are in u.s. custody but the white house is defending its handling of the crisis saying president biden's already reversed many of trump's hardline policies so let's go to donna texas and she had her tanzi who's reporting live there and well what do you tell us about that facility behind you she had. this is building in february to try and help with that increase in unaccompanied child's arrivals which actually began in november so while donald trump was still
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in office he was forced to and i'll make up made children in before that since last march the trumpet ministration instituted title 42 that is using the pandemic using a public health rule to stop all undocumented migration completely in violation of international and domestic law people fleeing violence people fleeing persecution were not been given any due process and the asylum process it has to be said joe biden is continuing that that's complete flouting of international and domestic law frankly for the majority of migrants undocumented migrants at the border but he is now letting him is continue to unaccompanied minors and families now and because partly because mexico doesn't have any space for them anymore this was one of the sons of set up to handle children coming in it was supposed to be about within these these walls of the these tents where about 8 paul does in that which is space hold $260.00 children each and what we're understanding at least as far as sunday
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these as of sunday it was about 1500 percent over its demick capacity meaning in a perfect world if there was social distance that we now in the pictures we have the video it's pretty clear there's social distancing going on at least one poll had 400 kids in the what was most old 260 these are very crowded conditions but again in that context of migration the biden assertion is still expelling the majority off asylum seekers and refugees from central america or north america without any due process that's still going through the courts but they are allowing kids in they are now allowing families in because of mexico's rules and that is leading to there are definitely more children coming and we're on track to 7 100000 unaccompanied children in march by comparison in 2019 the last big big so there are about 11000 kids who came in and in may of 29. she had to tell me about these politicians who are visiting us at the congresspeople but i also
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believe there's. a team led by the by the administration several delegations visiting all planning visits to the air it's going to become a big political issue but clearly there's a lot of blame to go around with both democrats and republicans we haven't yet seen any real and any substantive debate frankly liz i haven't seen any but today there's a white house delegation who is going to. springs a camp up that which is about 400 kilometers north of where we are at the border that's a white house allegation with members of congress i'm told as the senate but apparently we'll get some pictures from that at some point in the next few hours that on friday we have democrats visiting that same facility that was going to the republicans at the border on friday as well. but the debate is simply well the republicans say well biden has has as you know ended trump's hardline policies on the gratian see this is what happens and the democrats are saying no no it's the trump left everything in a mess is actually way more complicated to them but in fact biden as i was saying
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has not and the drums hardline melissy's on the border he's still flouting international and domestic law when it comes to most migrants this influx of children began in november because a court ordered trump to start that again children and then we've seen this this peak now and in march it would appear one of the reasons there is because of coded what's supposed to happen is when a kid comes to the border to be here at a border facility for noble in 3 days and then they move to a shelter where they are processed by the office of refugee resettlement because of the pandemic those facilities were down to 40 percent of capacity for social distancing only in the last few days as early as the bite into the station but that to change that to full capacity once again which actually has its own implications as far as the pandemic is concerned meanwhile we have the mexican rule changes that not allowing families to be expelled which is what the biden ministration would want to do that's what happening anymore we're also seeing the general seasonal the seasonal increase we see every yet off to winter it's spring it's before the heat
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of summer we see an increase and one way it looks to you now is this is that because the trumpet ministration shut the border down completely lost yet we're saying what we would expect to be a normal increase in spring added to all the people who wanted to cross last year but couldn't so you never really you don't stop immigration you just defer it when you shut down the border that's what we're being told and that's what we're saying now added to that the biden ministration is still expelling expelling family members who come with their children unless you're a parent you're going to be expelled because the biden ministration is using this article $42.00 rule so that separating children from bag audience that extended family which you know which means people become literally unaccompanied even if they were once they go to the border. lots of room here for change but of course we also have central america darkens the problem demick and general us foreign policy meddling in central america which we always have which which which leads to the migration flows anyway. he's in donna texas with the word on what's really
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happening there as regards to migration at the border. another note on migration this is out of britain which wants to make it harder for refugees who are into the u.k. illegally to actually apply for asylum home secretary pretty patel's proposed new legislation to overhaul the country's asylum system she says the reforms are designed to be fair to genuine asylum seekers clamping down on the people trafficking it's not in barba has more from london. for the 1st time there will be a separate and distinct approach to people arriving in the u.k. to a claim asylum through so-called illegal routes and people who arrive through what the government calls illegal routes now often they are people who've traveled across europe from for example africa or the middle east and across the english channel paying people smugglers along the way pretty patel says that one of the aims of the government is to save lives crossing the channel crossing those
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dangerous routes but also to crack down on illegal traffickers now she has said that the that there are far too many people in britain who are waiting to have their asylum claim process that she's saying it's fairer to offer a quicker service to people who get here legally and to give them greater rights and to take away rights of people who come illegally a got a home office consultation paper has now confirmed that the government still wants to change the law so that it could in theory send people to other countries without processing their claim for asylum in the 1st instance refugee advocates will tell you that that is not possible that you can the u.k. must look at people's claims the government says that it is proportionate and that it will carry through its plans but just know that these are proposal got the moment and not legislation. 14 minutes past the news hour here's what's coming up
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a senior commander in eastern libya has been assassinated a look at what that might mean for the libyan peace process. to enter one of the toughest coronavirus knockdowns in the world. with more on that one small long time coming but beijing the world cup qualifying is about to resume the details on that with our lives. right now bangladesh and officials are investigating just what caused that fire at the world's largest refugee camp but these 15 people were killed and hundreds more are missing in cox's bazar monday's fire destroyed thousands of shelters camp houses more than a 1000000 refugees from main mar in the u.n. says nearly 45000 refugees lost their homes. as more from cox is bizarre. what you see behind me is the last. now many of these huts were actually burned
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they were built overnight some of them are 10 some of them are bamboo toppling so they were built overnight to provide shelter there is a coordinated effort by all the aid agency is and the government to clear this area and to start building new shelters a lot of the people on know taking shelter in their family and friends houses some of them has been eco mandated in temporary tents there's in community centers and schools now this camp was one of the largest area that got burned they had clinics that learning centers in formal school days are gone it took years to build them and a lot of question will be raised why this fire incident happening what is the reason i mean one of the culprit is the gas cylinder used for cooking but the refugees are not trained to deal with these issues why frequently this thing happen in future this has to be dealt with i mean a lot of life being last about hundreds of people are still missing many of them
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are children you've got to realize half the population in this camp are children they are highly traumatised the government is also taking many of them to remote coastal line and the plan is to move 100000 people there 14000 have been moved they said it's because of security and decongestion reason so this people are really frustrated and shows they don't know what their future holds with the political situation in myanmar and their fate is up to others they don't have much say on the decision making process. as bizarre as louise donovan a spokeswoman for the un refugee agency she told us earlier that the situation is dire. honestly the the images the pictures don't do justice to the scale of the devastation it's really it's the biggest fire that we've ever experience in the camps and and it's affected huge numbers of people 45000 people have been made homeless over nice you know the numbers of injured as over 400 people and there are
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still more than 300 people who are unaccounted for so i mean we're working around the clock all of the humanitarian agencies it's in terms of shelter food and water but also to deal with the trauma that these people have been through most of these people fled violence terrible press occasion in myanmar just over 3 years ago and to have to go through such a severe trauma again it's really really devastating obviously in such densely populated refugee camps when a fire does does stars it's very difficult to control people are living in in flimsy shelters tarpaulin them the majority of the refugees who were affected in yesterday's fire are being are being housed by neighbors by relatives and friends in camps nearby and we're also providing temporary accommodation in learning centers and communal facilities so at the moment our priority is to respond to the immediate needs and and you know we need additional support the call on the international community to support us and support the whole humanitarian community to respond to these needs and in just a terribly desperate situation we're moving on to the latest coronavirus
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developments now 1st of all the e.u. . to discuss tougher export rules so more vaccines can go to their citizens this could increase tension with the u.k. both sides have just released a joint statement saying they're trying to work out a solution but german chancellor angela merkel this is interesting reversed the new measures for the easter holiday just a day after they were announced backtracking comes off to severe criticism of the government's handling of the pandemic. short time ago turkey's health ministry confirmed new cases look at that number 29700 the highest figure this year and in latin america chileans will be living under some of the strictest lock down measures in the world from thursday people will only be allowed out twice a week with permission to buy the essential says we will have more on that situation in latin america in a moment you can see our latin america had it in the see in him in there but we're going to start with rory challenge in the u.k. with the latest on well and you use this term earlier rory it could turn into
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a sort of vaccine nationalism if they're not careful. yeah and that's what the u.k. is warning the european union about saying that it's moves towards tightening these regulations about how and when their exports are vaccines is basically walking down the road that now of course the the u.k. does have a very large horse in this race and and it wants to safeguard its own supply of vaccines from the european union this is getting quite nasty this. argument between the 2 they have just come out with this joint statement i think which is trying to calm things down and show that you know mutual cooperation is in everyone's interests but certainly the e.u. has been looking for our answers to the question of how can it make sure that the
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vaccines that are made in the european union for better or worse off more or less stay in the european union and go towards europe in union citizens because the situation the moment is that the u.k. has had a very successful vaccination rollout and as it currently stands it's cabs. more than hoff of the adult population at least with one of the 2 jab so far in the e.u. the figure is 10 percent so you can see the gap there and they all using the same vaccines and in many ways in many cases the vaccines are coming from the same plants so what the european union is trying to do is to tightly as export regulations so that it can look at say a country like the u.k. and say ok we're doing pretty well with your vaccines you've got you know a better situation for infection rates and we have therefore we think that that vaccine shipment shouldn't go through to it's not got to that stage yet but the is
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trying to give itself that kind of tool kits the ability to do that. it's a fraud situation there is acrimony on both sides and certainly things like boris johnson's recent comments which he made to his own backbenchers saying that the reason that the u.k. was doing so well in vaccines was to do with capitalism and greed now he said that he was going to try and claim that that was a joke and you know kind of off the cuff comments but those sorts of things are not going to go down well in brussels at the moment not doesn't help us at arkaroola chalons with the situation there in the u.k. in europe thank you the see a new man in santiago i've just been noticing how busy it looks behind you lots of people out and about and that is all about to change. what they see. that's exactly how it we are that we wanted to show you just how many people are pouring into south america's largest shopping mall at this hour and that's because
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in less than 7 hours everybody in the country is going to be having at that happy to stay home because curfew will begin and after that 75 percent of the population will be under lockdown so thousands of people are trying to use this last opportunity to buy things that they're going to need after. morrow at 5 o'clock in the morning when or really starting the curfew nobody will be able to go out and as i said 3 quarters of the country and not not only not as before when they were allowed to get permits to go out to buy necessities such as the going to the pharmacy or food now the permits will be given only from monday to friday twice a week for only 2 hours and on the weekend the whole country has to stay at home no exceptions made and so that me the reason this is being done is because there are going to be a next sions here in 16 days into vital crucial historic elections to name deputies to
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a new constitution of the 78 percent voting them could be politically very very tricky indeed and so the government is hoping that by doing this for at least another 2 weeks the infection rate will go down because it is now higher than ever before despite the fact that to be one of the 3 countries in the world that have seen highest rate of vaccinations in the world so it would seem paradoxical but that's the situation. right thank you for that update the scene human rights and sons younger. back to europe where the eurozone economies made a surprising return to growth this month to spite the crunch from a year of coronavirus restrictions this is a survey of private sector companies for my address market and it shows the largest expansion of business activity since july factory output has ramped up to its highest in more than 23 years offsetting some shortfall in the block services industry but talking about it earlier this 3rd wave across europe forcing countries to extend reimpose restrictions well april's forecast is expected to be more
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subdued let's talk to him beg who is a professor at the london school of economics european institute he's on skype from london and thank you for your time it's it's difficult isn't it they're encouraging figures they're strong figures but we just know the very up and down nature of this pandemic and the fact that as we say 3rd wave very much happening if not on the way shortly yes you could be very careful about reading too much into one month's figures especially when it's concentrated in the manufacturing sector which is such a small proportion of most european economy so i think we have to be cautious about one month and almost certainly with the new lock downs are being introduced to some of the biggest countries such as france and germany the expectation must be that the next month or 2 are going to be in reverse again that said. they've and their manes and they're for war you just been talking about vaccination programs do
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finally get going seriously in most european countries you would expect the 2nd half of this year to see a very significant bounce back in the economy not least because they've been so many consumers not just in chile but also in europe who've been unable to spend their money over the last year really so they'll be desperate to get out to go to restaurants to to go on holding soon as it's practically feasible so if not manufacturing output data then what do you look at the most is that simply looking at g.d.p. numbers is that unemployment's little bit of both what is g.d.p. and just to put flesh on the bones what i said earlier the money factoring sector in from says around 10 percent of the economy 80 percent of that economy is services of different sorts and with so many services being locked down for coronavirus reasons restaurants retail all the hospitality activities that we
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were accustomed to it's no surprise if things go badly in the service sector for the short term but we would expect a big bounce back next year and one other factor potentially coming into all of this is that the huge stimulus package agreed by joe biden in the u.s. is going to trigger massive u.s. growth and that will spill over to europe was interesting to say and you may have heard us talk about a briefly before angela merkel's decision in germany to reverse the light as well that she was saying. everyone's closing for 5 that's only 5 days but she seemed to be thinking well even that could actually do more harm than good. yes i think that also reflects domestic politics in germany where the individual states and there are 16 of them in the federal system and in germany are very powerful they have a lot of the responsibility for the things that need to be done to suppress the coronavirus and they don't like being told by berlin and this is how you need to
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operate which seems something the same in other countries not least the u.k. or scotland wales northern or and of and up to different strategies from what's been done in england so i think there is politics behind that but it also tells us that you need to look at how much variation there is between european countries portugal now doing quite well spain maybe over the the worst but germany and france going back into difficulty. with the lowdown on europe's post pandemic economy great to talk to you thank you thank you we're halfway through this news hour here's what's coming up the crisis in the suez canal our skyscraper sized ship got stuck and blocked one of the world's busiest shipping routes. we've got rare access to a region in iraq still used by eisel for recent attacks and in sport after months of false starts the olympic torch relay is finally set to begin farai is here that in the late.
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how is that we've got lots of fabulous sunshine across much of the middle east as we should do it it's warm sunshine as well but look further north loss of class showing up here and boy is it cold we're struggling to get to freezing still in ankara dropping temperatures continue going to fair bit of snow coming in across the turkish bounces but further south 35 degrees warmer than that and we'll see those temperatures picking up even further as we go on into friday so some warm spring sunshine coming through across much of the arabian peninsula still very wintry into turkey and in between well as quite a rush of showers for good measure coming in across lebanon jordan if you want to show is that just creeping their way into syria as we go on through friday when she makes pushing across the far north of africa on
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a star couple at around 21 celsius so certainly not too when 3 and those sort of winds are of course across the central parts of africa it's fine and dry lots of warm sunshine coming through the showers popping up once again into the democratic republic of congo easing up towards the gulf of guinea more big downpours here now shows well i come down across the heart of africa it's impossible to go the same some heavy showers so well the weather too into that ace's side of south africa for a time moving east. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where your cancer culture creasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution 'd get organized what are world leaders or governments missing targets.
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this is the news hour from al-jazeera these are the top stories this really prime minister benjamin that's now his prospects for retaining a right wing coalition government looking on certain small palestinian israeli parties projected to win 5 seats which could break the deadlock. as members of congress are visiting detention facilities for migrant children on the mexican border the reopening of some of those sentences caused a growing outrage after images revealed the overcrowded conditions. and the european union and the u.k. say they are discussing is that there was a win win situation to a disputed vaccine distribution the e.u. stretton to tighten exports which could affect the roll out in britain. the united nations says it remains concerned by ongoing arbitrary arrests in me and even though there's been a reported release of 600 protesters state television aired pictures of the prisoners being freed in yangon follows the increasing international pressure on the military into
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a local human rights group says at least 2000 people have been arrested since the coup last month here as foreign slowly with more from kuala lumpur. dozens of buses were seen leaving insein prison in yangon city on wednesday morning but even with the release of more than 600 detainees there's still hundreds more in detention and then geo that keeps track of political prisoners says that as of 23rd march 3rd just a day before the release on wednesday morning there were more than 2400 people in detention or who had outstanding warrants now on the non-monetary possibly want to see this release as a goodwill gesture but it certainly shouldn't be taken as a sign that it's going to be taking a softer stunts a man monetary spokesman said that the internet restrictions in myanmar are going to remain in place and that the focus next is going to be on those who provoke unrest now the protesters are not out on the streets on wednesday but this isn't a sign that there's going to that the opposition to the coup is dying down even
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though people are genuinely afraid that they are going to be arrested they are changing their tactics now protesters instead of staying home the organizers say these this is called they're calling it a slide and strike and the objective one of the objectives is to honor those who died throughout the weeks of protests but another objective really is to counter what the gentleman saying that things are slowly returning back to normal in myanmar now wednesday was also supposed to be the day that hearing day for the trial of aung san suu kyi the democratically elected leader but her trial has once again been postponed and those postponement is likely to add on to many people's believe that she's not going to get a fair trial it's the 2nd day of nato talks in brussels on foreign ministers are hoping to strengthen the alliance against both russia and china all eyes have been on u.s. state and in the blinken his challenge to rebuild washington's times with nato after the trumpet ministration took its more hostile approach but can reaffirm the importance of america's partnership with the e.u.
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especially when it comes to countering beijing. but again what's so important both with regard to to nato and the issues we're dealing with but also the e.u. and our partnership with the e.u. is that. when we are working together when we are speaking with one voice when we are acting together we are much stronger and much more effective than any single one of us is doing it alone lincoln went on to urge fellow nato member turkey to get rid of its russian air defense system he met turkey's foreign minister made that covers so new on the sidelines of the talks in brussels it was ankara's purchase of the russian s 400 missiles which led to divisions within nato some members say the system is a security risk and they worry about turkey developing its closer ties with moscow we'll talk about this with an iraqi who is an associate professor in the bin cauldron center at cutty university he's on skype today thank you for your time
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it's a problem isn't it cute it's a problem isn't it the fact that turkey i mean has got these missiles in the 1st place but is there anything that would maybe lead them to giving it up. well it is one of the main problematic issues between the 2 countries there's no doubt it's along with the 25 multi-role fighter jet and the us alliance c.d.n. branch of the k.k. i think that it's not about who's going to drop what because it seems to not that both sides are still sticking to their positions does this mean that they reach the end i don't think so with the concessions they learn how to manage their differences and what on their common interests and of course the us would like to see tookie looking at this issue but the troops again the orderly there's no way to go back but they will also ask you to do that alliance with p.y.t.
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which will never happen by just ordering the most sides need to sit together and discuss these issues and i think that there is a way if they do this given that the u.s. is actually willing to even negotiate with countries such as iran or even work with china and russia on common metals so i think that to wait hold this issue it's not the end yet i think that if they focused on working on common agenda like it containing rising china. increasing influence of russia and the middle east and north africa and also working on strengthening crane i think there are a lot of cards to most countries can come together and look at this from. probably at least deescalate the situation between them and then force 7 in your opinion that the alliance is strong isn't it and you know we focus so much on the
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u.s. relationship with nato countries but. the general strength within the group and the result against russia and china is that. it needs to be stopped and of course the u.s. not with biden is working to see a stronger need to i'm more in i need to and of course the us going to do this not turkey you have the 2nd largest army in the late and the most strongest army in the middle east the strongest economy so all we have to point must sites to to work together in order to get the result the stronger nato and the ability to contain china and was stronger to react to reality otherwise things will be messed up and. i don't think that nato in its current chief will be able to stand against china or even russia given that some even countries like france openly said that they will be willing to consider even russia in
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a more european. structural in the future so i think that everyone has an answer is to strengthen nato and be in a united front against the rising experts and i think that when to achieve this comes through more cooperation between the u.s. and turkey on their common interests and i back here from the university talking turkey and nato with us thanks. thank you very much our senior military figure loyal to the libyan war largely for hafter has been assassinated and then karzai 100 what folly was a special forces commander of a half dozen libyan national army wanted by the international criminal court in fact for the killing of 33 people between 20162018 human rights watch says a militia under his command is responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of people remember libya's warring sides have largely held to a ceasefire agreed in october. and a subcommittee is who we turn to to talk libya is the founder and director of the
9:40 pm
sadeq institute the 1st public policy think tank in libya he's in a sample today nice to see you and as we hear and have heard the name. after the war very many times but not so much the people under him can you tell us any more about mohamed el what a folly and how important he was in the scheme of things what about the boy simply he was a relentless and merciless killer i mean you know that the testimony of not only those that have been documented by the i.c.c. but the hundreds of families as documented by human rights watch and understand international and the many thousands more that have lived in but i was in fear of my mother a fairly i mean over the last several weeks we've seen this the abuse of this man who stands behind the word count or the term counter-terrorism in just abusing that word gutting of any meaning you know kidnapping civilians we've just seen over the last several days the number of civilians that have been found but i was 11 or 14 depending on whose numbers you take but at least at least 11 that were found behind
9:41 pm
a cement factory another 6 that were found on the shore about ozzy member as he is fast becoming the murder capital of north africa it's a number it's a and i rate just number over the last several months and many point the finger to my mother who is not only wanted by the i.c.c. but following his indictment by the i.c.c. and his request to be delivered to the hague he was promoted by helicopter to lieutenant colonel so. i have to as the l n a the living national army loses a very significant figure here but in the broader picture now in libya the fact that there is a strong government a united government and that the ceasefire is holding how relevant still is the half time his forces. well that's a very good point that you make i would also just throw in called to question the fact that it's a military to so ship political movement it's a phenomena that is losing traction has lost them and this could be a major turning point for a kind of after his facing over the last several weeks
9:42 pm
a number of challenges social and political and military dissidents from senior commanders from senior tribal figures in libya so they may decide his fate internally and eastern libya before this new government of national unity in western libya that sides his fate for him i would also say that this is something that goes back to the heart of the conflict over the last several years the need to establish a neutral military and if we look at the berlin process that took place a year and a half ago now and over a year ago now in berlin generally 2020 this favor this document that is going to unite the institutions beginning with the political unification that gave us the g. and you the last several weeks this new unity government but that will end with the unification of libya's military it's an remorseless detail today on the airwaves on social media in eastern libya how badly put together the idea of this military is they need to start reforming that military before uniting that military i mean there is no military in libya whether it's in the west or whether it's east or
9:43 pm
whether it's in the south and i think the problem today is that they're trying to put together something that is not a regular neutral subservient military but is a coalition of militias armed groups and in many of the cases that is the libya relentless masculist murders so i think in that case we have to go back to the foundations of this unification of it because let me be different be very clear by this the unification effort and the elections in libya as the markets the hangs in the balance by what happens over the next several weeks and several months in eastern libya if they don't bring this to heel we have more problems than just the assassination of my mother a fairly we could start to see an inclusion in eastern libya and it's a major major development today and a 2nd i think from the sadic institute always good to talk to you thank you thank you. well in the past 3 months i saw has started repeated attacks on security forces in iraq al jazeera is going to access to one area that's known for regular i saw activity in a staging ground for raids on the capital and one of fulton reports from telling me
9:44 pm
. these palm groves are a lifeline for the people of the mia a farming community 50 kilometers north of baghdad they're also useful to eisele providing cover and sustenance for its fighters this man who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of being targeted says i saw extorts the community for support and. anyone who has farming projects whether it's fish chicken or targeted if you will tell him to provide support. 2 of his cousins were recently killed by eisel while working in secluded parts of the farm now the family burns the undergrowth to prevent fighters from using it to conceal their movements. we don't go out at night we just work during the day at night it's not safe many here say the iraqi army isn't doing enough to confront eisel they want more empowerment for the local troops like the ta to me a battalion of the popular mobilization forces the p.m.s.
9:45 pm
is shia led but also includes sunni components like this one drawn from local tribes it only has around $250.00 fighters but it's often at the forefront of fighting eisel. we need more troops more advanced weapons all of it is needed in late february the commander was among several injured when his troops raided and i still hide out. the last 3 of the soldiers during the operation which killed 5 firefighters the main target was the local ice leader whom the commander has personally known for years who was saying goes people of mecca know mecca the sounds of the area know how i saw moves how they enter. exit our youth has very cooperated in this matter but there's another often unspoken reason driving this desire for greater empowerment this year that shia armed groups could use isis activity as an excuse to take control of the area just as they did in other parts
9:46 pm
of iraq. the militias say they will come to protect us but the log by our houses and farms. last year prime minister most the bulk of the me assured people in tahrir mia no outside force would occupy their land a fragile promise in a country where the state struggles to assert its authority while also battling isis resurgence seem an awful teenagers era part of mia the u.n. population fund is trying to save what's left of maternal health services in yemen it says incredibly a woman dies in childbirth every 2 hours there and this is why only about half of all health facilities in yemen are actually functioning just 20 percent of those facilities provided maternal and child health services last year 80 of the $180.00 facilities which is supported by the un's population fund were forced to close due
9:47 pm
to funding issues so we're going to talk about this with dr natale economy the executive director of the population fund with us on skype from new york and i believe dr you've been to yemen only recently paint a picture for us of what you saw there. well thank you kemal i am just back from firsthand witnessing the harrowing situation that's affecting women and girls in a population of about 30000000 it is so affecting to see that they are caught up in a vortex 1st there's the war now there's the threat of famine but slowing they're sick and they're exhausted i'm appealing to the international community just step up aid for that reason we cannot let the situation continue and of course i join the secretary general and his envoy in appealing to all parties to come for peace these women deserve peace the facilities that are open the maternal and child by
9:48 pm
facilities which are open are they are they almost always on and i fetch you know i wonder about places like this having fuel to run generators or having enough medical supplies and all of that or is it just always on the brink of shutting down . well some have already shut down and for those that are just fighting for the lives of women and girls i walk into a hospital that has facilities for a says area and section to save the life of the mother and the newborn but without electricity without the protective equipment that these midwives who are the heroes need. you see that the precarious knife that a woman in a car or a girl walk into one thing i found very disturbing was that so many families are turning to marrying off their girls at a very young age as they met 13 year olds who were already married and pregnant and
9:49 pm
it just compounds the danger of the situation with the family just tell me quickly about some of the stuff we're looking at the pictures which your organization to send and i see these you know they heroes aren't they the health workers all over the world but particularly in a price in a war zone. you know even if the population fund as the sole provider of reproductive health care no woman should die while giving birth and the heroes of the story are these valiant nurses and doctors and cleaners but in particular the midwives the situation is terrible if you're in a remote area and now you're trying to access care i'm also very concerned about the mental health effects of over 6 years of perpetual living in fear and our gender based violence services are oversubscribed those hotlines are ringing off the hook every moment of every day and may i say that now with cove it and some of
9:50 pm
the restrictions related the situation is just perilous women and girls deserve better these are people with human rights and i am very very adamant that we as an international community have to step up and help before it's too late as yemen it's just forgotten isn't it i mean i know there's so many complex and there's a global pandemic and that's half the problem isn't something that yemen splits off the right. the disappointment that we feel that the international peels for yemen have fallen short is precisely because these women have been the backbone of their communities and they are exhausted they are living in fear and now the prospect of famine on top of war is just too much the women and girls of yemen should never be forgotten these are
9:51 pm
people who have held up during crisis they want peace so they can return to their lives i mean and so many young women who have told me they didn't want to get married they wanted to finish their education you know and this is exactly what deserves to to happen there but at peace is the purpose that dr natalia can i'm from the united nations population fund thank you for your time we appreciate it. thank you it's no credible pictures here as maritime authority is in egypt reopen an older section of the suez canal to divert traffic because one of the world's largest cargo ships blocked it in both directions and says the 400 meter long 200000 ton ship operated by the evergreen company it was knocked off course by strong winds tugboat spent much of tuesday trying to dislodge it the accident created a backlog with a tanker carrying saudi russian and american oil stuck in the waterway oil prices did fall initially but a concern about crude flows over the world but they have since rebounded
9:52 pm
a busy news day but we've always got you sports and his fur thanks so much mom former head of world football sepp blatter has been given a 2nd ban by the organization he used to work for an investigation by few that found blatter and former secretary general jerome valcke guilty of multiple breaches of their ethics code is the latest suspension is for an additional 6 years and 8 months the 85 year old has been banned from football since 2015 for making what was described as a disloyal payment to former you a for boston shot the teen in the band was due to end in october earlier spoke to football writer andrew worse about this latest twist in bladders controversial career. it's the end of the road. for set last and probably for jones well it was also banned by the ethics committee both of course the all powerful talk to officials for so many years but it has to be said don't forget said glass is 85 now he's has not been in good health he had heart surgery in december he's convalescing
9:53 pm
now is current band and in 7 months is really what he raised was trying to do is clear his name the time we have the latest punishments is interesting to say the least for our because it was again who is employed in a criminal prosecution by the swiss judicial authorities and. these relate to undocumented conversations he had with former swiss attorney general has since been replaced. family tonight always has done. that he was which was guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever and i think this is at the very least this will be seen as as another effort by facebook to distance the current regime of him since you know with the past administration led by stepladder in general about european qualifying for the 2022 football world cup in cats are is
9:54 pm
back underway while champions france begin their title defense at home to ukraine and then play kazakstan away on sunday followed by a game and a scare it's a giving out on march 31st when there are 75 games in 8 days if many teams playing 3 games in a compressed schedule caused by the global pandemic all great games are being squeezed into just 4 international windows over the next 8 months as a lady european championship will also happen this year along with the nations league finals france will be appearing at. we have plenty of high level competition ahead of us the players are used to it and they love it we will not complain about it but this is a very politically year in all aspects and we have repercussions on all these competitions crossing overlapping and follow each other in 2021. asian world cup qualifying has also felt the effects of covert 19 round 2 resumes on thursday after a 16 month gap the g.q.
9:55 pm
sounds home game against mongolia will get things back underway with 2 more matches happening this month the rest of the games will happen in june. and we will speak to asian football writer john durden he's optimistic that asia can get through its qualification process despite all the problems. covered has affected engines well collocation badly i mean really by now we should be almost have a good idea of which 4 teams will be going to qatar 2022 but still we haven't even finished the 2nd round yet is still 40 teams in the running class action was november 2009 team and at a time we have no idea would have to wait 60 minutes to start again the asian football confederation decided to have instead of having home away games for the remaining games in the 2nd round just east he was for 5 games left to play incentivize up their news so one city in one country horsing all other many games.
9:56 pm
so she win that works then there's just enough time to squeeze in the games remaining before june 15th deadline but really because just normal leeway left in any spiking cases any problems will have a huge effect. but i think the i.o.c. in foot was going to get better at this mean we saw in qatar last year with the end of the asian champions league how about a secure bubble can post game safely so that's the whole you know i mean it's it of course unprecedented situation they have seized in that house and sympathy for how they have to handle this and try and find a way to play these games but i think somehow in the games will be played and it will be if you will have the full amount of teams in qatar but some teams may have problems along the way but will be enough. u.s. women's soccer star meghan her piano took her fight for equal pay to capitol hill for piano and her world cup winning team mates filed a lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation 2 years ago their demand to be paid the same as the men's team is
9:57 pm
still being argued over. we've filled stadiums we've broken viewing records we've sold out our jerseys all the popular metrics by which we are judged and yet despite all of this we're still paid less than our male counterparts for each trophy of which there are many for each when for each ta and for each time we play less and after a delay of more than a year the olympic torch relay is finally under starters orders in japan 1st runners will get hold of the flame on thursday with the torch starting its journey in fukushima spectators are barred from the start of the event due to cope at 19 a 4 month relay will evolve around $10000.00 runners with the games due to start in tokyo on july the 23rd ok and that is all your support for now come all back to you thank you far more with far lighter in fact the next series out that will be
9:58 pm
2100 hours g.m.t. but right after this break it's morning tyler and the team in london i'm come all santa maria thanks for joining us. you are dealing with very powerful people people in influential positions in government where we know there were elements within the police and political evidence that were getting scared that twee were getting too close to some people higher up the line. to. get into a fight for something. that is essentially the perfect crime you have a diplomatic bag that pawn the open to congress search al-jazeera investigates the
9:59 pm
poaches pipeline. i was. working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from miles because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. mexico's qubit 19 death toll is one of the world's highest with one in 5 of its inhabitants living in the capital with the deadly upsurge inevitable to choice a good call for live visitors every day there's really no very good place to go to this is pretty good result for. all has the governments are not the drug strategy
10:00 pm
lead to unnecessary suffering from mexico the fight against 19 on al jazeera. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al-jazeera. european countries face a 3rd wave of corona virus infections and a shortage of vaccines the broke considers export limits to safeguard supply. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up only allowed out for food and medicine chileans faced tough new knock down measures as coronavirus infections continue to rise israel's elections are to.


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