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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. take it will bring the news and current affairs that matter to you. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes too close to call polls close in israel's 4th election in 2 years in a vote largely seen as a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president 'd biden calls for a ban on assault weapons after police charge
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a 21 year old man with 10 counts of murder after a shooting spree in colorado more fallout for astra zeneca u.s. regulators says data from a trial showing the effectiveness of the vaccine may be outdated and incomplete. and in sport teams face more than just a footballing challenge to qualify for next year's world. cup in 1000 travelers strictures are causing chaos as players join up with their international side. polls have closed in israel's force election in 2 years with no clear winner in sight prime minister benjamin netanyahu was hoping to capitalize on israel's successful coronavirus vaccination campaign to end the country's political gridlock but the initial exit polls so. yes his likud party has won between 31 and 33
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seats leaving him needing to broker a series of deals to reach the 61 seat majority majority required for a clear majority now we're going to hear more from the tasha's going aim in just a moment she is in kill of even the center left party headquarters the home of the main challenger and let p. 1st though let's go to her before sit outside benjamin netanyahu is likud party headquarters in the west jerusalem and obviously likud was never going to get a clear majority the 61 seats needed but what do you think reaction or tell us what reaction is there at to the exit polls so far. well certainly there's some celebrate every mood in the room here right now and that is because the polls for what they're worth are not always entirely accurate in fact quite often they do change over time and so this has to be prefaced with this being
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according to the exit polls but according to those polls in all of that all 3 of the main polls there is a slight majority for benjamin netanyahu speech to the coalition a coalition that would include the young mean a party of naftali bennett who said that he wanted to replace budget netanyahu but left the door open to working with him in government together so if going to joins this coalition according to these numbers that's in yahoo would just have squeaked with $61.00 seats now the turnout was considerably lower than in the last couple of elections the lowest according to the running tally for the day since 2009 indeed i did there are indications that the streets and especially in palestinian israeli areas so we've seen the arab joint list which splits during the campaign for from
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15. to a projected 8 sees that you know i was campaigning for votes in that sector of israeli society but he was also looking for support from an extremely far right grouping of the religious zionist movement between a man called bizarre small tree choose a religious nationalist pro sutler made some before but comments of the right to the election and the far far right racist descendant who descended to the racist party it's not been clear that cock party was banned from the knesset the israeli parliament at one stage for anti are of racism so there are real concerns on the left and in the center of israeli politics that if there is a new coalition on this basis it will be of an extremely right wing complection and one that could be a danger to what they view as the standards of israeli democracy to the 2. very forces that with the latest there from the could party headquarters harry for the
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moment thank you. well let's go now to natasha good name who's that yes share a t.v. h.q. in 10 live. is so they're projected between 18 and 16 roughly as seats course the cabinets that these are the provisional exit polls what's the atmosphere like where you are. but that was definitely projected by the way and i would have back to expected by yes the tea party officials we spoke to the spokesman a short while ago and when i asked him how he was feeling how the party was feeling with the news that it appears that they will be the 2nd. vote getter behind les cooed getting the 2nd number of expected to get the 2nd number of largest number of knesset these he declined it is there and simply said we are going to be keeping a very close eye. the results as they come in obviously reluctant to say much but
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there's probably also a recognition that there's a difficult path ahead the spokesman though was quick to pivot to the key campaign for messages of yes and the leader yeah you're looking at he was saying that israelis clearly responded to the message that netanyahu at least from the party stand point has put his personal interests above those of the country part of the motto yes the tea party was the let's say entity when again it's time for a senior government deluding to the corruption trial moving for netanyahu and the fact that it has led to some people believe it is led to a nonstop cycle of dysfunction over the last 2 years also the campaign believes clearly that it's vestige attacking this in yahoo for his response to the covert 19
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pandemic we have resonated with voters in their view the 6000 or so israelis who have died as a result of the pandemic could have been avoided had it netanyahu implemented a lockdown sooner and of course they mention that more than a 1000000 people have lost their jobs as a result of the economic suffering that is taking place but of course that netanyahu all along his big message here was that he was the vaccinator in chief and that his swift vaccination rollout which is the envy of many countries around the world was his perhaps greatest success in any event the path forward for yes it . is not going to be an easy one again this was predicted if they are able to try to cobble together some type of coalition government it would be with disparate groups on the left including labor but again would be difficult.
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that's a good. named there with the latest from mission headquarters in tel aviv natasha thank you. but we're joined now by our senior political analyst a model would be shadow who joins us from doha good to see you i mean you know for elections in 2 years i suppose what has changed since the last election was as we've been hearing this successful vaccination campaign in israel the netanyahu was definitely taken credit for and yet it didn't really manage to push the numbers overwhelmingly where do you put the israeli political. situation right now. well certainly what we're seeing in israel regardless with how many seats exactly will prime minister netanyahu commands in the next year certainly in the overall picture of these are a the parliament barbara the right the israeli rightist parties far right
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parties and fatah far right parties have dominated the israeli parliament in this election what were seated they are some who don't have a lot lots of taste for not that yallow some other religious and some are secular some are. radical nationalists and some are radical fundamentalists but either way they are all i'm talking about the right bloc that is dominating the israeli parliament radical nationalists and religious fundamentalists and that is the sort of the basket of parties that netanyahu now will be a deal maker trying to divide the israeli government by among those radical nationalists and radical religious parties but that is the most important get
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a story that if there is sticks over this election a bit like the last few elections but certainly what we're seeing in israel is a continuous mill to the right giving ateneo a choice of forming a coalition with a lot of religious fundamentalist parties and radical nationalist parties and obviously my win this election also comes at a time when there is a new president in the us will we all remember how close donald trump anetta now were president biden might signal a difference when it comes to relations with iran for example so when it comes to all of that and especially when it comes to israel's relations with the occupied territories and the palestinians there what changes do you see what are the implications of these results. well since you mentioned trump i just want to add that bit of
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a point that in so many ways netanyahu would be present would be a present danger to whatever form of an israeli democracy it is just like trump was a bit of a threat to american democracy in the sense that whatever coalition that the neo want form will end up a target think that example the supreme court. the judiciary system and various laws that the religious want change in order to go along with their auto doxy so i think we're going to see this is really the bankers who are getting some beating now in terms of the palestinians i think that certainly that's going to get worse they've gone from bad to worse to war served as it where nothing else has already threatened to annex major parts of the occupied west bank in accordance to his agreement with the former president and so if he does go through with that
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that's certainly going to create major major repercussions on the best in us but haps even leading to a complete revamping of the palestinian national agenda basically giving up entirely on the so-called 2 state solutions but if he does in fact go through with that he might see a certain resistance on the part of the by been administered because already we've heard from the by an administration that they want to see a 2 state solution in whatever form they think this is still possible that we certainly know from they have previous. 'd experience between that then you know and the obama biden administration between 20092016 that it wasn't exactly a good one and we don't expect biden to have a lot of love for netanyahu. howard so there would be some american pressure but
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washington is in no mood for a conflict with netanyahu like the one that obama had but now that the army actually impose one on washington not only on the question of annexation and the west bank illegal an extension but also as you mentioned barbara this will touch on the question of iran because that's another issue that netanyahu will probably run wage which is. nice ation of iran and his attacks on the iran nuclear deal it also goes along with his consolidation of a new cold war or perhaps even a hot war and the middle east in an alliance with 2nd at abrasions like the united arab emirates potentially others in the region against iran that again is not exactly to the distaste. taste of the buy them a section that wanted to see return to the iran nuclear so all in all that ought to
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hold a whole host of issues that will probably go from bad to worse will probably go from a stale 2 tents and i do foresee a major tensions with the palestinians if it's especially prime minister then you know continues with the annexation plans in the occupied west bank. one of the shot our senior political analyst speaking to us from doha madeleine as always thank you . coming up in this news hour from london at least 15 people are killed in a fire at a rohingya refugee camp in bangladesh the u.n. says the damage is massive and devastate me and more us military accuses the post civilian leader and son suchi of accepting bribes while in office including cash and gold bars and then sports will hear where this 4 time champions league winner expects to be playing his football next season.
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u.s. president joe biden has responded to a mass shooting in the state of colorado with a call to action for greater gun control 10 people were killed in the attack including a police officer inside a grocery store in the city of boulder at ecole hayne has more jenny strong 20 years old. nevin student ski 23 another police press conference rikki 25 another long list of innocent victims officer eric charlie 5110 dead including police officer eric talley it's heartbreaking to talk to victims. their families. you know it's tragic. this officer had 7 children. ages 518
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officers and citizens pay tribute as his body was taken to the more investigators say they still don't know what motivated the alleged shooter who was shot in the leg during the gun fight this suspect has been identified as a mob alyssa 21 of arvada has been charged with 10 counts of murder in the 1st degree this happened in the middle of the afternoon and one of the few places people still frequent amid the covert pandemic we were at work out. and caught her going on. the record for the full record that's when i you prefer it would start and i. would like get 10 dead here just last week 8 gunned down in georgia likely moving the debate about gun control back into the headlines we can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country
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once again. i got that done when i was a senator it passed it was a law for the longest time and it brought down these mass killings we should do it again but let me simply say this. this cannot be our new normal. we should be able to feel safe in our grocery stores but once again it seems this is the new normal in america. al-jazeera or for more on this i'm joined by mike hanna in washington d.c. and mike we heard president biden there saying that effectively he's done it before he has managed to restrain gun control in the past but how likely easy is it that he's going to be able to do it now. well you heard president biden there referring to a possible ban on automatic weapons on high capacity magazines but to take a reality check there have been issues of gun legislation debated and passed in the
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house of representatives but these laws deal more with the technical aspects of the drug or than the type of weapons used one of the laws that has been passed in the house extends the waiting period for gun ownership from 3 days to 10 now even that particular measure is likely to face incredibly strong opposition in the senate now president biden talks about this being a bipartisan issue well it very clearly isn't in the course of today the judiciary committee met in the senate in a pre-show jeweled meeting that will before the shootings in atlanta and boulder and during that meeting it became very very clear that this is a partisan issue you had republican senator ted cruz bringing up the 2nd amendment accusing democrats in the chamber of intending to take away americans' rights in the wake of shootings senator cruz claiming that every time there's a shooting the democrats attempt to fiddle with the 2nd amendment this is very much
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a republican position and given the very slim margin of democratic control in the senate with the vote of the vice president it's very unlikely that any form of gun legislation is likely to pass through the senate itself even though it may pass in the house and i can now with the latest from washington d.c. mike thank you. astra zeneca has promised to share its most up to date clinical data with the u.s. agency overseeing vaccine trials that they turn safety board had expressed concern that clinical trial results published on monday but have been based on out of date information in the u.k. meanwhile a minute's silence has been held to mark a year since the 1st lockdown by reports from london. the battle of the. marking one year since the start of the u.k.'s 1st covered 19 lockdown at
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workplaces and on the streets people stop to remember. calls for a public inquiry have been getting louder but prime minister boris johnson who found himself in intensive care with covered last spring says that's not the priority list and there will be a moment to properly to review to learn lessons and to make sure that we you know we learn those lessons for the future pandemics of the current i'm sure that there will be in february last year this south london hospital received the capital's 1st covered 19 patient within weeks the place was overwhelmed a year on the number of people who've died within 4 weeks of a positive test stands at over 125000 people the truth of the death toll is higher still but amid the grief and the anger there is hope more than half the u.k.'s adult population has had a 1st dose of a covered vaccine already the u.k.'s program has involved the pfizer buy on tech
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vaccine and the astra zeneca job now u.s. officials have voiced concerns about trial data for the latter a day after interim results in the us suggested it was 79 percent effective against symptomatic covered in the gate even safety monitoring board when they saw their press release they got concerned and wrote a rather harsh note to them in the copy to me saying that in fact they felt that the data that was in the press release were somewhat outdated and might in fact be misleading astra zeneca says it'll share the most up to date data with the monitoring board by thursday but if there's potential for reputational damage in the u.s. in europe it's already happened. in france they're scrambling to get back on track with the vaccine rollout last week the prime minister made sure he was seen getting asters anika job after his government like a. others briefly halted the use of the vaccines over blood clot for years now
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paris is calling on astra zeneca to meet its delivery promise is. that what they do the particular thing that got us what we're fighting to get doses in particular astra zeneca which is currently a little below its commitments to us so we continue to mobilize and the european union is very engaged on this subject later this week e.u. leaders are set to discuss a possible ban on vaccines being exported from the e.u. to britain for now brussels is playing down that prospect but keeping up the pressure on astra zeneca it is a shame it is a reputational damage of huge an extent but it is also a question that many people are dying because the boxes are not getting here in germany where infections are on the rise chancellor angela merkel has confirmed a 3 week extension to lock down measures with public life largely shut down over the easter period. a reminder of why speeding up vaccination programs and overcoming public skepticism is so important nadine barber al jazeera. well for
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more on this let's speak to ryan patel he's a senior fellow with the drucker school of management at claremont graduate university who joins us by skype from los angeles sir thank you for joining us here on out i mean coming off the back of what has been some pretty interesting i guess few weeks you could say the least for astra zeneca when it comes to the way it's perceived in parts of europe this really is a p.r. disaster coming from the united states what do you make of it. well the last 48 hours you talk about p.r. disaster it's trust right when you when you're no matter what kind of company expects a pharmaceutical company if trust is something that is broken or that is being questioned no matter who you are from wherever that is a problem and we were talking about vaccines and already the way that is being viewed in the information that's out there it is become an issue and obviously you saw you played the. from dr fauci saying well it was
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a little bit earlier or even the question of some of the data it doesn't matter the harm has already been done you know when the data is question now after seneca has 48 hours to confirm that that data is correct and which will that change the minds of the trust factor and i think that's where we have to have multiple players in this. conversation about the vaccine and trust move forward is something that's going to be really it's going to be really different than actually having to take it step by step but so let's say that hypothetically you were on the board of a vast resentment that right now what would that what would you advise everyone else to do what would be your mission. my mission is you could be reaching out to every single government express in the you because there's such a mixed bag of those who want to use it those who don't and i think the main thing is how do you educate everyone to show that trust right how do you get not one country but all countries to come together to have a unified stance i mean obviously the farmers as
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a seneca would probably want to rubber stamp that saying all of you countries are in support of it it has to change the narrative has to change and also show data and facts to not just the public health officials that they need to get behind them but also the end user which is each of us and the citizens for each of the countries to show that's trust because even if a government is supplying the vaccine and they're not supportive of it but still supplying it that's still an issue you need everybody in the value chain to be wanting and supportive and believing in it at the same time certainly when it comes to esther's seneca's troubles within the european countries and other parts of the world we have seen an element of nationalism involved certainly certainly here in the u.k. some people even linking it to issues with brakes it or the european somehow being jealous of the success of the campaign here in the u.k. do you think there is an element of nationalism that can creep in when it comes to
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trust of certain vaccines. you know that's a great question and you know i'm naive and i want to say no but i mean at this point almost every issue that we talk about there is some time a political aspect that ends up getting into the conversation i think that's the nature of how that we're digitally connected but i like to believe that if we're talking about global health mental health physical health the way we want to move to the future and that's why i think that many pharmaceutical companies move fast the governments moved fast to come up with the vaccine rollout which is still not perfect but you know to say that we are one year later. and we're able to have a vaccine is amazing in itself but we're not done yet and i think to your point it takes everybody everybody including you know pharmaceutical companies governments businesses local communities to be able to how the rollout and i think that was something that. i don't think everybody was prepared obviously we haven't been in this kind of pandemic before and i think this kind of conversation as you're
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mentioning about nationalism and those things will will come into into the conversation about if you should take it or she should not take it who's benefiting all these questions are going to come further up in the next couple months and do you think that maybe it was i don't know whether it was unavoidable but understandable that because it was so much pressure all in getting it right and the rollout and of course the world is in the middle of append that make that perhaps you know the astra zeneca p.r. blunder. could be forgiven. i don't think the blunders could blunders can't be forgiven because. you can't make mistakes like this these are things that a high level that someone's going to double triple checking now if you're asking me can we get past this mistake and that there's ways to build trust back yes i think we can is that going to be a snap of the fingers no i think there has to be a lot of more p.r. work i guess some people call a crisis management but it's more than
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a crisis manager is building back trust and being able to what you know you saw the practice before many politicians taking that specific vaccine many celebrities many people all of this is going to matter and it just opened up pandora's box a little bit when you make a blunder like that because it then causes many people including the public health community to start having to question and i think that's something that you can't overcome only with time and we really have seen confidence plummet in some european countries when it comes to astra zeneca ryan patel senior fellow with the drucker school of management at claremont graduate university speaking to us from los angeles thank you thank you barber. still to come in this news hour from london the beatings torture and arbitrary detention amnesty accuses lebanon of abusing the human rights of syrian refugees if the o.p.'s prime minister
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finally confirms what had long been claimed as a trance old war in the teeth grave region during the government offensive and in sports india secure a big win over the world champions in the 1st match of their one day series. hell i would had some rather nasty weather in the southeastern corner of year recently this massive cloud here that is an area of rain sleet and snow which has been pushing across turkey really has hold the temperatures down here which have seen some significant snow fall in many postle coming out of area of high pressure so winds generally coming in from a northerly direction that's what been somewhat cool across central and eastern parts of europe not too bad for the west winds coming in from the southwest the direction here so getting up to 12 celsius in london despite the cloud and the rain
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which will continue to drive in as we go on through wednesday if you blustery south basically across all and across a good parts of scotland northern parts of england come down into much of france when will the policy a few showers around the breast but then she much of france fine and dry as a case to it's a spade and portugal $21.00 celsius in madrid over the next couple of days more blustery showers on thursday for the british isles while wintry showers down towards the southeast and ankara will struggle to get to a high of one degree celsius yes it's that bad single figures to fall athens and it's a great hit a ball or a wind blasting away across southeast assad of the mediterranean so a little cold to across the north coast of africa 15 sell just that in benghazi a 21 in karachi but fine and dry further west. for. a footballer but don't under pioneer bridge ball he lost the chance to play for his country one a legal battle that paved the way for
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a generation of brazilian players. footballing legend eric cantona introduces one see no penalised by his club for his political beliefs he took power into his own hands and blazed the trail for the players rights football rumbles on algis even. mexico's coded 1000 death count as one of those one time with one in 5 of its inhabit. living in the capital the deadly upsurge never to move to take a good half a 1000000 visitors every day there's really no way that they go through this in regards with it all has the governments are not a strategy lead to unnecessary suffering. from mexico the fighting. on al jazeera. the.
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come back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera polls have closed in israel's 4th election in 2 years with no clear winner in sight initial exit polls suggest prime minister benjamin netanyahu as we could party has one between 31 and 33 seats leaving him needing it to broker a series of deals to reach the 61 seats required for a clear majority as president joe biden has responded to a mass shooting in the state of colorado with a call to action for greater gun control police have charged a 21 year old man with 10 counts of murder and astra zeneca has promised to share its most up to date clinical data with the u.s. agency overseeing vaccine trials after concerns that trial results published on
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monday were based on out of date information but the white house's top health official anthony felt she says the vaccine is probably still falling. at least 15 people have been killed after a major fire swept through a refugee camp in bangladesh around 400 people are still missing aid groups say more than 17000 shelters have been the strong aid in the camp in cox's bazaar tanveer chowdhry reports now from dhaka. claims and panic in the largest refugee camp in the world more than a 1000000 drawing are refugees from myanmar live in cox's bazaar their shelters are flimsy and closely packed the fire started on monday afternoon and spread fast. that when your brother i don't have any idea where my wife and children are or la where my wife and children i'm alone now i was unable to salvage anything from my
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home thousands of shelters were reportedly destroyed in the blaze at least 20000 people fled their lives as black smoke billowed over had people scramble to save their belongings and gather their families. i can't find my children are even my husband the name of one child this moment in our 9 there is ruby and my husband's name is on mine. it's not known what started the blaze one witnesses told a news agency agents france press that the fire spread faster after gas can sisters used for cooking exploded. you know that maybe more than a 1000 shelters have burnt down many people have died elderly people were unable to get out of the shelters. firefighters worked into the night. here to be here have been to trying to put the fire out we are trying to extinguish
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the many burning gas cylinders most of the rohingya arrived in the camp in 2017 during a crackdown by the me and marc government that the un's call textbook ethnic cleansing they're going to have suffered persecution and been denied citizenship by governments in myanmar for decades they're often called the world's largest group of stateless people in this fire in the place they're fled to for safety is a reminder of how difficult their lives are and how tenuous their survival can often be done to children dhaka nan morris military has accused of accepting bribes while in office an army spokesman made the allegations against the country's ousted leader in a televised media briefing so she was the tank after being deposed in a military coup last month florence louis is following developments from the.
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the spokesman one of the 1st and few talked about was that the military expressed regret and they were sorry for the loss of lives and he said about 164 protesters had been killed during the protests and it's worth pointing out that this number is much smaller than the number given by an advocacy group that's been tracking deaths and attentions since the coup the assistance association for political prisoners says 260 more than 200 at least 261 people have been killed and more than 2300 people have been detained since the coup on the 1st of february now and then the myanmar military also went on to. in a way trying to shore up support for their case against their democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi and if you remember she was charged with breaching import export laws by possessing an illegal walkie talkies and then after that she was subsequently charged with breaking covert 19 laws and gatherings and then about
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10 days ago the military said she was guilty of corruption and now at this press conference they've shown video testimony by a former yangon chief minister saying that he had visited her and given her cash whenever needed and also accusing her of aseptic gifts of gold bars and silk. the u.n. human rights council has passed a resolution expressing serious concern over a deteriorating human rights in sri lanka that takes proposed by britain germany and canada highlights increasing discrimination against tamil and muslim minorities it also calls for further evidence gathering on war crimes carried out by sri lanka's military at the end of the civil war in 2009 sri lanka's government strongly opposes the resolution calling it politically motivated. scottish 1st minister nicola sturgeon has been criticised by a parliamentary inquiry into her handling of a sexual assault allegations against her predecessor but she'll seize on
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a separate independent inquiry that cleared her of serious wrongdoing and that may give her the momentum that she needs to force another independence referendum jonah hold reports from edinburgh. cleared of breaking the ministerial code by an independent inquiry nicholas sturgeon said her focus was on the pandemic my thought when you don't show the country going into look i with the almost 10000 families across the country who have lost a loved one to the coronavirus and a moment of reflection on the anniversary of lock down the 1st minister later said she looked forward to a new beginning the talks that atmosphere that has infected this team but in recent months will give we i hope to the finish of an election and i hope that the fish it will bring with it a regular and positive debate not just about personalities but about the kind of country we want to be the scottish national party is hoping the parliamentary
12:39 am
election in 6 weeks time will deliver its 1st ever right majority pointing the way to a 2nd referendum on independence let's create a road map that allows us as we can later call that. friend to be able to have that discussion and we're completing the purpose of the scottish parliament having the opportunity to get back into europe but the unseemly breakdown in relations between sturgeon and hope as party leader alex salmond over the scottish government's mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations may have dented s. and p. hopes and some voters may take a dim view of the finding by a parliamentary committee that sturgeon gave misleading evidence. that's not a lot to do if they want to. regain the. majority
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. is. so a majority for the scottish national. the party is by no means guaranteed but it is vital for the independence cause the prime minister boris johnson has ruled out granting scotland another referendum so soon after the 1st in 2014 but a big win for the s.n.p. would be a powerful electoral mandate but westminster may find hard to ignore exonerated but not entirely blemished nicholas sturgeon survived a vote of no confidence called by johnson's conservatives the opposition here in scotland as the election campaign begins this week there's little more they can do to stop a journal al-jazeera edinburgh. france has announced they will reopen its embassy in the libyan capital tripoli next monday french president a man who in across says the move is
12:41 am
a show of support for the country's new administration in a joint press conference with the head of libya's presidency council on said the e.u. will support libya's political efforts and called for russian and turkish forces to leave the country amnesty international is accusing lebanese security authorities are violating international human rights laws in their treatment of detained syrian refugees the group says it has documented cruel and abusive treatment ranging from torture to unfair trials xina holder has more from beirut. lebanon is home to more than a 1000000 syrians some live in refugee camps others have integrated in communities many are scared to speak in what they see as an unwelcoming country hundreds have been arbitrarily detained on terrorism related charges over the years and what rights groups call a violation of international law i mean the 26 cases we document represent why did
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. hundreds of syrian refugees 2012 and history and refugees we got on this may have committed on not treated should have access to trial and should not be subjected to torture during interrogation the report documents violations described as cool abusive and discriminatory detainees speak of beatings at times with metal sticks and electric cables torture during interrogation or detention that involved being hanged upside down 2 of the survivors were aged 15 and 16 years old at the time they also described the harsh conditions like being forced to stand for 3 days handcuffed and blindfolded and having to beg to go to the toilet and for water 2 women were also mistreated and sexually harassed and verbally assaulted during the tension. amnesty international says the lebanese
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authorities have so far not responded to its findings but it's not the 1st time they've been accused of mistreating syrians. measures in place make it hard for refugees to move around and work it also makes them vulnerable and with more than 75 percent of the refugees having that i trust the 6 that puts them at risk of being interrogated by police but security by the government officers that's what happened to many who complain about discrimination and harassment 1st and they're sure in detention the military intelligence slapped me when he knew i was syrian while questioning me about my documents i feel the way they treat us is deliberate to force us to leave many live in fear and this is sort of the syrian refugee is exposed to all kinds of violations to the extent that if he is beaten he can't even report it the regime here is the same as the one in syria. those in
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power in lebanon are close to the authorities in the syrian capital damascus leading some to accuse them of being driven by political motives and treating refugees as a security threat senator their beirut. if you know peace prime minister has confirmed for the 1st time that eritrean troops did enter the ethiopian region of tea green last year this by their initial denials eritrean forces have been accused of torturing and killing civilians and the grey during a government offensive charlotte bellis reports. so i mean it's the come from the ethiopian capital addis ababa prime minister abi ark made address politicians after months of denials he conceded that eritrean troops were integrated last year during a government of incentives witnesses say while their eritrean soldiers killed and tortured civilians but to give the ethiopia's history will never forget the care our soldiers got from era trial when they were running from death we think that era
12:45 am
trying people in government very much for what they did but we will not accept all the offenses on our people by your trained troops in november we launched is strikes and seemed federal troops into the region of to great saying he was responding to attacks by the 2 grain people's liberation front he no admits eritrean soldiers also into 2 gray but said it was out of fear they would be attacked he added eritrea had promised to leave when ethiopian forces were able to control the border because the bottom of the others got their usual with regards to human rights violations war is destructive there is no question that harms a lot of people there is destruction that occurred and take great disregarding propaganda and lies there is information that indicates women were raped and there was looting. these. witnesses told al-jazeera last month they had seen eritrean forces into grey they
12:46 am
said that while here they had committed agree just crimes. should stay. but they tried to rape me and i was thrown to the ground and then one of the soldiers fired bullets to scare me but they hit my hand and then fired another bullet that went through my arm. i was bleeding for hours then i had my arm amputated. and some girls and i managed to leave the village but on the road we were caught by eritrean soldiers more than 10 soldiers took turns raping us. eritrean soldiers have denied ever being integrated this despite wide ranging witness accounts and a report by amnesty international the found hundreds of civilians were massacred by eritrean soldiers in the town of axum in november shallop ballasts 0. more to come on this hour of news from london including the rain might be easing
12:47 am
but the water is still rising entire communities submerged in australia's flood crisis and the international teams trying to navigate the global pandemic as they prepare for the latest round of world cup qualifiers details coming up with our.
12:48 am
australian authorities are warning they may need to order more evacuations as heavy rains continue across the east coast hundreds of people have been rescued and
12:49 am
thousands more evacuated in the state of new south wales they're seeing their worst flooding in decades with several places the clear natural disaster areas they call a gauge reports now from pitt town west of sydney unrelenting rain hits already flooded regions in australia's east some towns in the state of new south wales now resemble islands caught off by rising floodwaters and surrounded by debris those who didn't leave the stranded with no way out including in peak town western sydney pulls them it left in time but has been watching as floodwaters rise around his harm fencing tools and cars already lost relays it's an absolute disaster i'm not kidding i don't have. next door is a building company underwater its owner already counting the costs.
12:50 am
of the stock and yet. still pretty upset for ourselves and everybody else i suppose . the scale of this unfolding crisis is enormous thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes may be rescued by boat helicopter and areas declared natural disasters or its authority say sydney's largest dam will likely spillover for days threatening highly populated areas people are using boats and cars i aks to rescue animals and salvage anything they can from the floodwaters the cleanup will be immense and the damage bill is expected to tip into the billions of dollars . right now the focus is on ensuring people and animals a safe ryan is forecast to ease in the coming days but the flood threat is expected to a by the strong warning we need to pay for this place continued to be patient because we envisage that even when the rain stops in some of these coastal communities the
12:51 am
rivers will keep rising people living in lawyer lying areas of new south wales the no strangers to floods but this one many say is unlike anything they've seen or gauge al-jazeera town. ok it's time to get all the sport now here is far thanks so much barbara beating their opponents isn't the only challenge facing teams in the latest round of world cup qualifiers just about every national side is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic the world's top ranked team belgium are at home to wales and their striker romelu lukaku plays for italian interim a land which recently suffered $819.00 outbreak but look how good it has tested negative and was able to join up with his belgian teammates on monday. we used this sort of situation to other like to speak about anything that has been out of the normal in the last year
12:52 am
a lot of communication following the regulations following the law and following what the local governments establish and that's the only way that we can keep everyone safe but with a light at the. the netherlands team arrived for their latest training session in traditional dutch style they face turkey in istanbul on wednesday this month's scheduled qualifiers in south america will hold off and most matches in asia have been postponed players in europe are having to work their way around travel restrictions to join up with their national teams byron munich had initially refused to release robert lewandowsky for poland's trip to england but it's been confirmed he won't need to quarantine for 2 weeks upon returning to germany's so now he's allowed to go or to go have moved their home against a home game against azerbaijan to italy had it gone ahead in portugal some players would have faced foreign team issues and there's been controversy in france where the government did a last minute u.
12:53 am
turn and is now allowing players to travel outside of the european union for matches we've been speaking to international football writer gavin hamilton who says cover governing bodies are under pressure to make sure the qualifiers do go ahead. it's up to fit to organize the qualifiers and up to the confederations to organize them in each region and they need to get them in order to host the look up in in 2022 so there's a lot of pressure feature but there are international dates in place the calendar is in place and dates are set aside for the games but there are individual countries who having problems with players being released once it's clear that the countries in the individual federations are following procedures about testing and comes up moving going then there are ways around the problems and i think people are caught pricing and i think clubs are right to to be concerned about the players they pay the players wages their employees and they're concerned about their their their future safety so clubs are right to be concerned but i think the
12:54 am
confederation's and the federal individual for their actions are up to book as well i think there's a use to you know the international calendar takes place in a very short space of time within the the wider football kind of supplies that are used to to to to to international travel and to tie travelling in tight so the spaces and tight calendars suddenly pleasure to concerned and you know let's face it they do travel 1st class and travel in quite some luxury so i don't think it's a particular poem but obviously there are their problems it's associated with international travel and international football. is possibly contributing to the transfer of the virus and that is a concern for everybody gareth bale has been talking about his future plans while on duty with the welsh chain he says he's hoping to return to around madrid next season after his loan deal with tottenham and it's a 31 year old one for champions league titles with the spanish chain that fell out of favor with coach isn't it to say dan well some already quality have died for
12:55 am
this year's european championships. going into the u.s. i want to be much for. the original plan was only to do a season that spears and then after the euros i still have a year left the real madrid. for my plan obviously is to go back and. that's as far as i've planned to be honest thoughts anybody know there has been training with the sweden team for the 1st time since his decision to come out of international retirement ibraheem of the last played for his country in 2016 but the 39 year old striker has decided to have another shot qualifying for the world cup. we just weren't see can push players but for me. to look at him how we behave he want to win you know for any price so he's so hard worker on and off the pitch he's yeah inspiring the younger players i think 3 time champion venus williams has been
12:56 am
knocked out in the 1st round of miami open while the mrs beeton into sad spies arena i.d.'s of kazakstan 19 of the world's top 20 are taking part in this event the highest profile absentee serino em's who's recovering from oral surgery diaz will place where twins will end a bench in round to yours. india beaten world champions england in the 1st match of their one day series virat kohli side beating the away team by 66 runs scored 98 for india and their total of 317 for 5 england were bowled out for $251.00 in reply. the 1st test between the west indies and sri lanka look sat for a tight finish came our road has taken 2 wickets in sri lanka's 2nd innings of the only team finished a 3 with a lead of more than 150 runs i may still have 6 wickets in hands. and
12:57 am
thousands of people in el salvador have attended the funeral of international surfer catherine diaz the 22 year old was killed by lightning as she entered the water for a training session at a beach near the capital san salvador diaz was hoping to make the team for the tokyo olympics where surfing is included for the 1st time. ok and that is all your sport for now it's now back to barbara in london for a thank you very much just before we go thousands of people have traveled to witness a new things volcano in iceland the volcano is just 30 kilometers from the capital reykjavik it started erupting on friday the 1st in this volcanic system for about 900 years roadblocks initially prevented people from visiting the site but visitors are now allowed under strict guidelines and doesn't look amazing if a little scary well that's it from me barbara starr of this news hour to stay with
12:58 am
us i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's news and the latest on these relations but. russia mixed martial law did. it bring fame. and power. one of what he did best on al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into
12:59 am
a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put us in the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names. counted as dark secret on al-jazeera. when the news breaks 4 months ago cheney 9 years was president of bolivia now she's under arrest when people who need to be heard more 11000000 people infected hospitals in brazil are struggling to cope al-jazeera has teams on the ground the last time voters lined up to cast their ballots in the central african republic an attempted coup was taking place to bring you more room mood when documentaries and lighting us on air and online i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover for him paul feed national security this
1:00 am
is a political impasse here's the conflict are we telling a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feels that you were there. to close the coal exit polls in israel's force election in 2 years suggests coalition talks could be tougher than expected for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. alone barbara sever you're watching live from london also coming up president biden calls for a ban on assault weapons after police charge a 21 year old man with 10 counts of murder.


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