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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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making a healthier world. for everyone. al-jazeera . hello there i'm allan i hit it at this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the european union is proposing a coup with 90 digital green pass to ease travel restrictions within the book so you know vladimir putin you think is a killer. or do so want u.s. president joe biden criticizes russia's leader and says vladimir putin will pay
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a price for meddling in last year's elections. elections are underway in the netherlands opinion polls just prime minister margaret as party is on track to win we'll be live 8 amsterdam and police in the u.s. state of georgia have arrested a man they say or been fired several spawns killing 8 people most of them women all the asian descent. i'm joining us there with sports has the english football association i found to have failed to protect children from sex abuse until you zealand retain stagings america's cup the oldest trophy in international. well we begin with the coronavirus pandemic in several developments on the vaccination campaigns around the world and. europe the e.u.
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has proposed the so-called corbett 19 passports to help ease travel restrictions within the block the digital green pass would provide proof that travelers have either been vaccinated have recovered from the virus or had a recent negative test this significant will make sure that the results are what shows the data and is the minimum set of data mutually recognized in every member state and thirdly with this digital certificate we aim to help member states reinstate the freedom of movement in a safe responsible and trusted minim in south africa another setback for the astra zeneca vaccine after a new study shows it is less effective at protecting against the south african variants of the disease growing alarm across latin america but the increasing number of covert 1000 cases particularly in chile and that's despite the nation
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having a successful vaccine wallets and presume is experiencing a near collapse of its health care system as intensive care units run out of capacity well our latin america editor lucien newman is standing by for us in schilling's capital santiago she'll have all the latest for us from the region 1st though let's go to berlin where dominic cane is across the east plan to introduce a vaccine a passport so dominic when will these covert passports be rolled out and who will recognize them. well the 1st thing is is that the e.u.'s plan is that by some point in june this scheme this digital green part of the certificate that will be on mobile phones or other platforms similar to mobile phones will be in place so that the 450000000 people that are sort of funded lion
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the european commission president was referring to will be able to show able to prove that they fall into one of the 3 categories she outlined that idea that either somebody who has been vaccinated or who has recovered from covert or who can present a negative test will be able to present their mobile phones to authorities to allow them freedom of movement that's the plan by some point in june they want this enacted interesting lee you have certain e.u. leaders who don't believe that that is fast enough specifically the austrian chancellor's diversity and courts but he says that he wants to go it alone in one sense he wants his country to be up and running with its own form of digital green pass which will then become in meshed with the use plan but his idea will take place in april much quicker than the proposed solution from the european
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union and the other potential setback that there may be for the e.u. as we know that the world health organization has said that it does not believe that a digital passport green pass in the way that a sort of a lot from the lion is referring to all the w.h.o. says that it's not necessarily convinced that that is the right way to go but from the european perspective there are certainly many in the travel industry and the tournament tourism industries who really welcome such a move who believe that this is a way to restart their industries bearing in mind that they the tourism industry would want to be moving millions of people around the continent and remember also that southern e.u. member states the ones who have big tourism industries who've really suffered economically through the pandemic well they would welcome this idea of a digital green pass with open arms. so mccain there live from berlin thank you so many. notes in the situation and love america we see in human joints those from
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santiago c.l.s. star where you are the voice of the vaccine the jury has been going rather well but cases are searching again. it's very complex you are absolutely right the vaccination campaign is going full speed ahead behind me you see a drive in the vaccination system for senior citizens that have limited mobility in fact chile last week was the world leader in terms of the percentage of the population that had been vaccinated it's still among the top 3 but there are a killie's heels to this one of them is traceability it is very very weak here in chile that we're talking about the ability to trace the amount of people that a person who's been proven to be infected has had contact with and that here is not working as it should as well as that the government does have a system that is focused more on couldn't taining the pandemic than wiping it out
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and when this summer we are here in the summer is ending here in the southern cone when they relaxed the confinement measures to allow people to relax somewhat because they were suffering from pandemic fatigue the number of infections just once high and we are seeing one chilean dying every 15 minutes from the pandemic hospitals are absolutely bursting at the seams they just can't take anymore patients in the i.c.u. that is a very critical situation so we have the paradox of a country to the very well with the backs of nations but very badly on controlling people's movements and respecting especially the confinement measures and rules such as wave face masks and social distancing a challenging situation where you are. brazil is also is struggling with the situation there their health care system cool sick. can you tell us.
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absolutely brazil is were is worse off than chile it's the worst of all worlds very very few back city. for the amount of people in latin america's largest nation also a president that is actively boycotting things like wearing face masks social distancing vaccinations he says he doesn't believe in them and then you have a federal system very much like that of the united states where every state can more or less do what it wants so there isn't a centralized policy to tackle this enormous problem and then you add to that the brazilian variant of the corona virus that's that variant is far more aggressive and putting gauges as we know than the original one and so people are falling as they say brazil like flies to the virus to a grim picture across latin america it seems to see a new man across all the details for us thank you. let's get more now on the astra zeneca vaccine and as we mentioned earlier
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a new study shows that it's less effective at protecting against the south african variants of the disease early trialed. wouldn't see 1000 participants found a job is less than 60 percent effective at preventing mild to moderate infection but winds are data shows that it can still help prevent severe illness and death from covert 19 even for high risk individuals the world health organization supports 6 years since all countries including those with the new variants well south africa has cancelled its roll writes of the astra zeneca shots that happened back in february about concerns over vaccines effectiveness they've opted instead for the johnson and johnson single shot jab well shabbir muddy has been leading the vaccine trials of novak's and astra zeneca in south africa he says the astra zeneca shot still has a vital role to play in preventing serious illness. it does spec the best input
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and that is it protects against soviet disease and it could use a so that's got people dying from carbon 19 including possibly rid the p 1351 pm recently identified as was identified in south africa is circulating unfortunately this vaccine doesn't do it and the same will apply for many other 1st generation covered 1000 seems he said it's i'm likely to put in a saying at the same never again and smiled at martin catch due to be 1351 ph and that there couldn't test the virus so many of the 1st generation covered $1000.00 that seems have clearly been designed around then just the right as a construct they shouldn't come to much as a surprise for us at c.n.n. and probably perhaps not so far that it seems that those were not the same attitude against mild infection but for all of these covered one thing that seems expect them to perform reasonably go against it is unfortunately deceptive that will be
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shows that were in fact in times of extreme confidence but the same time i think we need to be caught at any time somewhat the way patients are now government it seems and particularly in countries such as the coverage of the sort of latency are are dominating getting to hard unity with the 1st generation of code 1000 it seems in settings such as in south africa use an idealistic option in the near future so we really need to recalibrate our expectations or discovered one thing that seems and the focus really needs to be centered on that things of it protecting people in developing severe disease and dying. palestinian health officials say 60000 ptosis of covert thank scenes are on their way to the occupied west bank and the counsel street same crew manufactured by pfizer and astra zeneca being delivered that is part of a donor program organized by the world health organization just there isn't a program has more from ramallah. the issue of vaccinations has been
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a tough issue here in the palestinian territory because many people here do not trust the palestinian authority they've been saying that after the palestinian authority has received 12000 jobs in the past few months they've given some of them to officials and their families so there is a lot of when it comes to the transparency and integrity of rolling out those effects in nations and it's going to be a true test for the palestinian authority many officials and health officials have been telling us that the health system is overwhelmed we've been to one of the hospitals and seen covered 19 patients waiting in calling doors they wanted to get a room in some of these hotels somewhere even looking in other cities in the occupied west bank but they couldn't find a place so these $60000.00 jobs are going to be imported to relieve the overwhelmed health system let's not let's not forget that $24000.00 of those jobs
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are from us and the health minister has said that they're going to be putting them in storage just until they get some sort of clearance and and it because that has been concerns about the side effects that they may cause in light of the general situation the lack of vaccinations. growing numbers of people infected with the bars the palestinian authority has been resorting to lockdowns closures here in there and they're hoping that some of these vaccines are going to help alleviate the health system that is deteriorating. pregnant women vaccinated against covert 19 could pass along protection to their babies that's according to a study conducted last month and is through research found antibodies were detected in old twin c. vaccinated women and their newborns the participants were given that. all of the finds the vaccine will this trial when i was saying how long we are. the bodies
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were last in the baby's point to mention the study has yet to be peer reviews well let's talk now with dr i mean how rotten story he researches maternal and infectious diseases is from the department of state tricks i'm going to call a g. in the medical center in jerusalem it's good to have you with us on the news it's a rotten strike. we're talking about the finest vaccine here is there any indication at this stage whether the other vaccines will acts in the same way and pass on protection from mother to baby. well 1st of all thank you for inviting me to present our study which is very important implication regarding discipline damage in distante we actually as you said examined women will receive the 2 doses of the 5 there vaccine but i think also for the other am unable to know what they are and i think there exults would be similar are also of course we didn't test it
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but there is also promising in several minutes the 1st one which is not which was not very clear before we started to study there were some concerns maybe women who received the vaccine during pregnancy will not develop an adequate immune response so 1st of all these are reassuring trying to all women included exhibited an adequate presence of antibodies. following the vaccination the other finding which is very promising that all neonates who were examined exhibited the presence of antibodies against the vaccine against the coffee 98 of course and this is important because there were some good search maybe the vaccine would have been harmful consequences on the growing food is and we didn't we didn't know was there any harmful adverse effects what we observed is as i said is the editor quit inefficient sent them transfer of antibodies transfer for the mother which is which
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would have be my next question really i mean i did any of the studies in your trial show any adverse effects of these vaccines because of course we are all talking now about the the astra zeneca vaccine and possible side effects whether they've been proven or no it's it's reassuring then to hear from you that there haven't been any adverse effects in the women in your study. you know what you very well know that in order to adequately address the safety of vaccine you need a very large number of patients you know a limited number of patients to safety the problem safety was favorable but that's not the main aim of our study of course because as i said to quickly assess safety you need a large number of subjects but besides our study needs are we are continually vaccinating women pregnant women during the 2nd and certain mr fantasy which is the recommendation of that is really ministry of cells and. among women we're talking
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about that over half of the pregnant women were already vaccinated means you're ok there are no currently any adverse reported to vax events reported and that's very reassuring as well that is reassuring i think oh sorry if i could just jump in there how important a discovery would you say this is because regardless of cool fades there have been studies to suggest that pregnant women do have reduced immunity and are at significant risk jaring their pregnancies so how much this year study contribute to developments in this regards and the winds or fields of protecting pregnant women jus ring their turns. i think it's very important because as you said turn women are also at an increased risk for getting the star c.o.v. to an infection and not only if they're getting the infection there also is an
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increase which forced the very disease so let our results showing that women develop and adequate immune response calling vaccination is very reassuring and i think the other finding that all neonates also had the president of the antibodies for which against which the vaccine is directed to is also reassuring and it will convince i think many women to take this vaccine ok so a much needed it's a good news that for me i mean i wrote in strike thank you so much for joining us on the al-jazeera news hour thank you good evening. it's plenty more still ahead on this news hour including north korea issues a warning as the u.s. secretaries of state and defense visit seoul on the 2nd stop of their asia tear gas we'll have a look at my brushes flexing its diplomatic muscles in the middle east resurfacing itself after the bike the administration to call for this than tiger woods leaves whole space or 3 weeks after his
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a car crash will get more from until later in the show. the russian and israeli foreign ministers are meeting in moscow sergey lavrov and gabby ashkenazy goosey etudes corporation a number of issues among them tensions between israelis and the palestinians earlier in the day lavrov hosted the heads of the hezbollah bloc in lebanon's parliament to discuss the situation vero and the urgent need for and you governments were meeting was the latest in a series of russian diplomatic efforts in the middle east which have increased since the u.s. administration took office lavrov began his tour of the region earlier this month in the united arab emirates it was followed by visits to saudi arabia and qatar where he also met the turkish foreign minister among the saw fix discussed with
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a lifting of u.s. sanctions on russia's course our ally syria the foreign minister also explored the possibility of selling advanced weapons systems to saudi arabia while schools also hosting a conference between the parties to the afghan conflict later this month the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says the meeting is a compliment and not a substitute for the door peace talks. well let's get more now from alexey klebnikov of middle east experts russian international affairs council joins us now by skype from moscow it's great to have you with us on the news or here given the information i've just read it does seem that russia is quite keen to expand its role as a power broker in the middle east why. well i wouldn't if you're a that and i think it's too soon to say that washer activated this
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diplomacy with white ministration coming into office i think it's just a coincidence if we look back before the demick started russia was projecting all this tracks mentioned with the gulf where with the palestinian issue with. its connections with that is below iran libya track so everything you mentioned. already only it russian right don and i don't see here any kind of a big. event out of this war or a surprise or even i wouldn't connect that or oppose it to the new administration u.s. administration comes power plus in addition the situation with god and given that russia is becoming backs needed with splitting their backs in. the amount of pouring troops of the shores are increasing and it's also again students here some
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of the let's leave aside the timing of the coa the let's leave aside the timing of the coincidences if you say this is nothing to do with the by the administration that's fair enough but it does seem that russia is quite keen supply a a much more integrity role in this region what sort of role would you say that russia is trying to carve out here in the middle east is this where moscow scenes its priorities. sure i think the most important word you know or to mention is broker russia's most the visible in bondage is that maintains relations and ties with all actors and it worked in the region it may talk a lot with israel with iran with saudi arabia turkey with it with damascus with everyone actually and that's the birth religion being connected to everyone as
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efficient as russia well to be a broker in indifferent issues this is why russia always. regenerates its ability to play a constructive role during negotiations for example between the united states and iran or the revival of the just be away or when it was the crisis within the gulf between qatar and saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt russia also offered its. services as a broker as a moderate if you get a deal that mrs morse taken up where they didn't tarry are you suggesting that russia played some role in that they tell to that scene catherine the blockading countries i'm sorry i mean you say russia offered it services but what role did russia play in the in the day talents between the cuts are saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . well well i think of course russia's services were not
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exploited here but moscow didn't pick up any sign and maintain above. this rift between that you and this actually we've seen today that russia maintains working relations with with all the axis of the g.c.c. and it managed to preserve that and even develop that but also about the. russia's being a broker moderator the coming to moral talks. and taliban and delegation and going to some government coming to moscow as well as the u.s. representatives and other representatives also confirms kind of russian narrative to market itself. as a broker or a plan for such negotiations for settlement. existing conflicts in the region ok well it'll be interesting to see how those efforts pay off in the months and years to come but alexei. thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera and sharing
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your perspective. that president joe biden has spoken about a number of foreign policy issues during an interview with an american broadcast including pulling troops out of ghana stan and allegations of russian into ference in last year's u.s. election and white house correspondent kimberly hellcats is at the white house far as kimberly you watched that interview what did we learn from this abate president biden's priorities and what should we be looking night for in the months and years ahead. well what we've learned is that some of these comments have upset some of those inside russia with regard to the statements made by the u.s. president joe biden made some comments in an interview with the network a.b.c. news here in the united states and he did discuss a number of domestic as well and for as well as foreign policy issues with respect
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to russia he said that the. leader of russia is in his words a killer that he will have to pay the price was he talking about well we've just had a report that indicates that once again the intelligence in the united states suggesting that russia interfered in the 2020 alexion as it did in the 2016 election this time to try and discredit joe biden's candidacy so the u.s. president saying that he is looking towards making sure that russia is held accountable and also that he believes that when it is in the interest of the united states that he will work cooperatively with russia here's what he had to say you know vladimir putin you think he's a killer. i do so what price must he pay the price he's going to pay well you'll see shortly i'm not going to by the way we want to be able that all of that trade expression walk and chew gum at the same time there are places where it's in our mutual interest to us to work together that's why i renewed to start agreement with
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. now u.s. president biden also talking about afghanistan and casting some doubt on his predecessor donald trump's policy with respect to pulling out u.s. troops saying that the agreement that had been put in place is likely not going to be one that will allow the united states to pull out by that date given the fact that there are some concerns that the taliban has not met its benchmarks in terms of accountability a that would allow the united states to feel comfortable about pulling out of that region so the commander in chief joe biden saying that he is looking at that agreement and that the policies in general under review by his administration take a listen. i'm in the process of making that decision now as to when they'll leave the fact is that. i was not a very solidly negotiated deal that. the president the former
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president worked out and so were and consultation with our allies as well as the government and. that decisions on a it's in process now likely to take longer i don't think a lot longer but may 1st is tough could happen but it is tough. and very quickly he was also asked about his actions with response to the release of that report that points the finger at the saudi crown prince for the killing of shoji he was asked why he was not holding the crown prince accountable his argument that it is u.s. policy not to hold those in positions of power such as a head of state and this is why there has not been any further action once he took office so those are the topics that are being discussed on the media in the united states right now with respect to this interview being discussed on the media here
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on our desire as well kerry how about live at the white house thank you kimberly well a day after some sharp words from pyongyang the u.s. secretaries of state and offensive in south korea on the 2nd stop of their asia tour u.s. secretary of defense lloyd olson was welcomed by the foreign minister with a military parade when north korea's nuclear ambitions are high on the agenda killing young has warned the u.s. not to cause trouble in the region the u.s. or ok along. which has been stuck for several over 70 years remains. it is the linchpin. security and prosperity we're now with the phrase you are free. to preserve it region across the world. still to come on al-jazeera the bike the administration is accused of pursuing the same immigration policies that provoked them to donald trump plus. i'm in
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baghdad and i'll tell you about the ancient tradition and how it struggling to survive. and n.b.a. star le bron james becomes part owner of the boston red sox baseball team joe will have more and sports. the tile up to the halls across the middle east in terms of the weather over the next couple of days most of us across the right of the nation is fine and dry add warming up nice to be could have to. stay warm even for his last 100 in found a little further north. got some snow in the forecast there across the turkish mountains sliding across a good part of turkey some rain showers running in on
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a brisk wind into the levant syria lebanon jordan could see some splashes of right as we go through the next day or 2 it all makes its way a little further east with tending to peter out as it does so i'm pleased to say to the jealous of want to see wintry shallows there in afghanistan stays on the warm side here the hot 36 celsius the friday afternoon and that lovely sunshine stretches down across the u.a.e. amman and into yemen lossie dried sioux across somalia although a chance of one of 2 showers just coming in here running across central parts so the areas of. and then the showers continue across the rift valley and big talus starting to pet pop just around the gulf of guinea and notice southern parts of nigeria could see some very heavy rain over the next day or so heavy showers right into the heart of africa then because of what the weather into the eastern cape that's making its way further east for the weekend.
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mixing the traditional with the mountain nobody knew what to expect ignoring cough divides the only thing with united there was the music greek music to the speakers wielding the power of music to turn up the volume on india's social injustices when i saw the performance i reside and shake things out we went on stage or something brought a stage or something that witness consciousness collective on al-jazeera. thanks not to mention lines to some friends because behind the song for millions of taxpayers because us taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day and 90 it is an urgent national necessity that it be officially request the education of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. the all the
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all. they say is al-jazeera quit trying to all the top stories for you this hour the e.u. has proposed a covert 1000 vaccine passports to help ease travel restrictions within the blog it would provide proof travelers of our been vaccinated separate covered from the virus or at a recent negative test. of coverts cases in chile is on the rise despite a largely successful vaccine right around 5000000 people of my have their 1st job but new cases are averaging 25000 a day. and president joe biden has spoken about a number of foreign policy
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a shares he said the u.s. may mess so may 1st deadline to pull troops out of afghanistan he also accused russia of interfering in last year's u.s. election. u.s. film and security secretary our handle majorca us is facing a panel on capitol hill on the recent 10 blocks of migrants the us mexico border president joe biden's administration a struggling to accommodate a growing number of children who are crossing the border alone customs officials say they've encountered 29 fires and people that's just in february and stopped by nearly a ferret's on the previous month of president joe biden says his message to migrants is don't come. there was a surge in the last 2 years and 19 and 20 there was a surge as well this one might be worse no it could be but here's the deal we're sending back people for 1st of all the idea that joe biden said come because i
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heard the other day that they're coming because you know i'm a nice guy and i want there's a strain of this yeah well here's the deal they're not do you have to say quite clearly don't come yes i can say quite clearly don't come when we're in the process of getting set up don't leave your town or city or community. well and fishes following things for us on capitol hill we can join the night joe biden sounds just as tough on immigration as donald trump is he. this hearing really has become very political with the republicans saying that the problem of the border which they're describing is a crisis has been caused by joe biden and his administration and the fact that they have overturned a number of trump immigration laws such as stopping the building of the border wall removing the remain in mexico policy which means that people who apply for asylum must stay in mexico and also the fact that they're allowing unaccompanied minors across the border or that my office has been saying is look at the number of
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unaccompanied minors a slightly higher than it was in 2019 but the number of people who are coming across the border is we don't because they're being turned away some democrats have suggested that the whole problem at the border has been created by the fact that donald trump essentially dismantled immigration laws over the last 4 years he made it much more difficult for people to get in but no people are coming because the it's that slight relaxation they insist republicans insist that they're open borders that has been disputed by the democrats and also by the homeland security section one other interesting fight this isn't just about immigration although it feels that way one other thing that said is very clearly look the biggest threat that is facing the united states at the moment is domestic terrorism and they're moving resources to that he said look they're aware of the other threats externally particularly as the united states is coming close to the 20 year anniversary of the
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attacks in new york and the pentagon on 911 but they are very much aware of the growing threat of domestic terrorism here in the united states ok allan fresh air there on capitol hill thank you allan. police in the u.s. state of georgia have arrested a 21 year old man charged with killing 8 people during 3 separate shootings at massage parlors they're investigating whether it was a hate crime as the majority of those killed were women of asian descent charlotte ballasts reports. the 1st call came on tuesday evening local time they'd been a shooting north of atlanta at young's asian massage parlor then an hour later another this time in atlanta at gold's spa as police responded a 3rd cocaine men reporting gunfire from across the road at aroma therapy spa the crime scenes were all message parlors and majority of the victims were women of asian to st pierre really nice girls and they just do great massages they do great
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massages out here so it's just unfortunate they had shot 3 ladies at them in front of them i thought were 9 in front of them 5 back in the fight you know and then you had a body. but he was there he hadn't passed away and then you got in our federal police of a race to 21 year old and charged him with killing 8 people they're investigating to see if the shooter was specifically targeting asian americans which would make it a hate crime and increase the charges south korea's foreign minister confirmed that 4 of the victims were of korean to seemed nothing's going to be ruled out will conducting a homicide a multiple homicide investigation so where the evidence leads us that's where they investigated the train driver that's where i'm here you've got a lot of the command staff so on to commander so it is a trade priority. crimes targeting asian americans have risen dramatically since
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the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic former president donald trump controversially called it the china virus president joe biden addressed the attacks in a speech last week vicious hate crimes against asian americans. who've been attacked harassed blamed and scapegoated they're forced to live in fear for their lives just walking down streets in america it's wrong it's un-american and it must stop a report by the organization stop a hate detailed 30 $800.00 attacks against asian americans in the last 12 months more than half were against people of chinese or korean to seemed now after what happened in georgia it's clear more needs to be done to prevent attacks like the ones chela ballasts al-jazeera. such prime minister moderates are has cast his ballot say in the netherlands and national election opinion polls suggest
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a center right party is on track so when by a large margin that's despite his entire cabinet resigning after childcare benefits scandal 2 months ago and this is europe's 1st major vote since the start of the pandemic and it's been viewed as a test all for the dutch government's policies. of course on the factions this is you'll be an issue where so and collectively you would of course defections obviously to them and to another if you're working very hard to apply the ones we have. and to make the most of us just out of touch of course looking back the last 10 years there have been some very seriously and we have to do which are also moving forward and at the same time i'm proud of some of the things you're competition as a country not just me but collecting. passon joins me now from amsterdam stop proving a general election during a pandemic was always going to be something of a challenge you've been there all day has that for been progressing.
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well very different elections indeed but it seems to go very smoothly until now the authorities have taken really far reaching to make sure that this vote can be as done as safe as possible so that even actually open of bike rides through polling station where people have come on their bikes to vote so they can keep this social distance they actually allowed people from the risk categories to vote in the last couple of days already and also people over 70 were allowed to vote by mail and there is some concern though about the turnout because the netherlands is now entering the 3rd wave of infections and the infections are really high thousands of people actually made it to hospital but if i'm looking here in the last hours and this this polling station has been open for more than 8 hours or so it's been a constant stream of people on bicycles coming here to vote so if that says
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something maybe the turnout is actually pretty good. and in terms of people are so voting it's impossible to guess these things you've been speaking with voters they've been saying what's been driving them to cast their ballots is this a referendum on the way the pandemics been handled in the. well there's 2 different things there's people actually who really want the government to continue because they are the ones in charge now of the grown up and that makes and even though the government hasn't done very well it's a sort of what they call a rally around the flag phenomenon in which the leader of a country during a crisis gets most of the trust but then there's also this very large other group who actually wants change 10 years of prime minister mark rutte they're fired up they're tired of it they want something different and they have now the choice of $37.00 parties there are lots of small parties also joining these elections but
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lots of young people especially young voters are very much attracted to these smaller parties and they might not have some kind of large influence during these elections because market is still due to win but they will have more influence in politics in the future for sure it will be interesting to see how things pan out. at the break through voting station in amsterdam thank you very much indeed. no one of the rugs religious minority groups which is survive for centuries is now rapidly disappearing the monday and say security issues forced many of their members into hiding if it has more from baghdad as forwards gather to mark a sacred ceremony known as the banjo festival. here with men women and children and running water of the tigris river. to cleanse their bodies and wash away their sins this baptism is amending and ritual also known as
6:44 pm
sabby and in iraq they are the followers of a monotheistic religion which predates islam and christianity. with you comes here every year for either a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white he must change into the special robes and head to the river. or deny they pray before being baptized in the chinese water ritual it's time for reflection. the grandfather explains the belt worn around the rule is made with 61 threads representing 61 angels but he loves being here and i have. i like meeting friends and playing here i like this festival more than others because we get but ties in the water. after the baptism food is served but just cooked using clay from the riverbed during the bungee festival all food must be washed in the river and they must drink from it as well their patriarch is john the baptist called prophet in arabic. and day and say all good comes from
6:45 pm
a world of light and all evil from the world of darkness. is the religion's ground chair or priest. monday ism is the 1st religion in the world we believe in one god who created life anees everlasting holy book is considerable well the 1st books of prophets adam a sheet and yet here we believe in charity for the poor the running water gives us purification the religion forbids any part is with god adultery killing which crossed our holy book says don't go to that which is a magic they all line. but for centuries they were considered heretics and in the digital age their faith is linked to spells and sorcery they want to dispel the myths about witchcraft and magic being associated with the gnostic religion so their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the 2003 invasion because of iraq security and there is being a close religion. one can only be born into the faith and marrying into their
6:46 pm
religion is forbidden and the population has dwindled even further because thousands have taken refuge elsewhere for safety. and her sister left iraq because of airstrikes and war today they say they're happy to have returned home but can a minor when we left for jordan we thought we will never come back we thought we would never participate in a religious ceremony as again i'm happy to see our relatives and everyone participating in a festival. festivals like this bring people together there are fewer temples but because of the pandemic only outdoor gatherings are allowed. instead of restoring places of worship the iraqi government even wants to take away the small base of rituals on the riverbank people whom we demand the government to take your farm and as an ancient religion religious harmony gathers people and interfaith relations promote respect and humanity we have suffered in other provinces from persecution in targeting of our people nearly 2 decades of violence neglect and indifference
6:47 pm
have destroyed iraq's rich heritage and one of its ancient religious groups fears extinction unless its traditions and people are protected some of the job it out as they are but that thousands of military officials and protesters loyal to the u.a.e. backed southern transitional council have taken to the streets in yemen the march across the city of carmex are angry about poor living conditions and unpaid salaries they've also sent a letter to the u.n. envoy to get men calling for more support when she's day hundreds of protesters stormed the presidential palace in aden say they were even let's say by security guards. gunmen on motorcycles of attacks a group of civilians in the share killing at least 58 people it happened as people returning from a live stock market in a bunny bungalow near the border with mali it's hackers also destroyed nearby structures used to store grain the government has declared 3 days of national
6:48 pm
mourning. still to come here on al-jazeera will take a course or look at afghanistan's national sports who's cashing that's coming up after the break with joe that. i am i.
6:49 pm
it's time for the sport here's joe hallett thank you very much let's start with cycling and team new zealand has successfully defended the america's cup the oldest trophy in international sports and they did it on home waters off the coast of
6:50 pm
oakland they needed one more win on the 6th day of racing against the italian challenges you know russia and they took rice 10 by 46 seconds to wrap up a 73 victory over old he's even in 1000 numbers are extremely low so they were more than a 1000 spectators boats out on the water to celebrate alongside them. so remember everyone is or even right back to before we're going to need a spin choose from a terry spinner based on it's right here in front of. you know 5 many kiwis you know we did all of this aboard. and there were even more fans watching back on dry land including thousands that opens by duct harbor skipper peter burling and olympic champion who also won the last america's cup in 2017 lead his team through the crowds to lift the trophy which is 170 years old is the 4th time that you
6:51 pm
zealand have won it. a long awaited report has found the english football association did not do enough to protect children from sexual abuse the independent review which took 4 years to complete focused on historical claims of abuse between 19720058 concluded that the f.a. was too slow to put sufficient protection measures in place the report also said that there were known to be at least 240 suspects and 692 survivors well let's bring in a.p.'s global sports correspondent rob harris who is in london rob this report has been a long time coming just remind us what sparked it. yes it's a real catalogue of institutional failings by english football in terms of clamping down on sexual abuse of players and it was sparked in 2016 by one of the victims of a predator paid to fire coach barry but now coming forward way means anonymity and
6:52 pm
telling his story of being abused that then sparked a wave of other survivors coming forward and talking about the suffering they had experienced in the game but it's taken 5 years after the f.a. decide its commission that report in response to the wave of allegations for the details of that be set out and also crucially for recommendations to be made but although the abuse came to light in 2016 for many of these players in fact it was a couple of decades earlier when we 1st started to hear about the abuse of coaches like barry about now but what this report shows is football did not do enough to act on them and indeed to try to address the safeguarding concerns that were raised by the initial disclosures and rub some of the biggest clubs in british football are implicated in it tell us about that. yes particularly manchester city a club where barry about now was a scout for so crew alexander where he was
6:53 pm
a youth coach and it was only really when he actually went to the u.s. on a utah where he was the authorities caught up with him where he was convicted he was jailed there and actually at the time the state prosecutor recommended a world wide ban from football for barry but now fee for even wrote to the football association in england asking what they would do about this and the f.a. did nothing and that's what this report highlights is one of those particular failings in inadequate responses which really let down children also chelsea are a club who already conducted their own investigation and they also found that they did not act on obese targeted players by one of their coaches and it's really a story of the report where either children weren't believed or thor it is turned a blind guy and did not act on rumors or indeed clear allegations even when the police often came to them and asked them so it's ok so rob what happens now will
6:54 pm
this report result in any change. well there are recommendations in the report including the appointment of someone on the f.a.'s board to particularly look at safeguarding matters there are recommendations for more spot checks across clubs across the country and checks on things like overnight trips because in some of the cases highlighted in this report albeit the investigation stopped up to 2005 there were concerns about when coaches had young players at their homes youth players and also the report highlights more modern concerns about things like social media which can also be used for grooming we are hearing some criticism from survivors in fact that there are no individuals really named in terms of action should be taken against criticism against those at the f.a. from the time that this report covers and they think in some ways the tone is a bit late in not being hard hitting anough and also there are still potentially
6:55 pm
cases to be pursued by a writer certainly pro that's been called a dark day for football for paris we'll have to leave it there thank you. go for tiger woods has left hospital 3 weeks after his car crash the 15 time major champion sustained multiple fractures to his right leg as well as other injuries he'll continue his recovery at home he tweeted thanking doctors for his care and funds for their support. and be a basketball star le bron james is now a part owner of the boston red sox baseball team he's become the 1st black partner at the fenway sports group which owns the red sox and the bull football company has previously spoken about wanting to own an n.b.a. franchise but he'd have to wait until after he retires because active players are not allowed to own teams now will finish with some great pictures from afghanistan one of the country's most popular sports books keshi cameras captured some of the action at a recent tournament in kabul they would stokes reports. to the untrained eye this
6:56 pm
may look like a chaotic tangle of horses and humans arms and legs but this is because she and here in afghanistan it's the national sport her plate for hundreds of years it has some similarities with polo was catchy translates as goat pulling and traditionally a dead goat is used as the ball at this tournament in kabul an artificial goat might have leather was used instead and to score a rider was grab the ball and then drop it into the opponent's goal. and i'm not good with the 100 percent of the cash the game has a lot of meaning for us when our people were fighting with the enemy in the past they were using these types of horse the game is a long history but even my father and forefathers they don't know exactly when it started. some believe the sport could have its roots in a time when rival tribes would steal each other's goats. it's certainly physical with riders wearing protective clothing amid the liberal swinging of whips and
6:57 pm
boots of them afghanistan i mean everybody is exhaust that this is a game which can bring all of gun people together in one place we have people from all of these and backgrounds in the league all of them love discussion this is the 1st time that we've had teams in the league from all around the country it brings me so much joy to see it. this week long event involve teams from 16 provinces the final match lasted 5 hours with nothing to separate the conducing kandahar teams who were eventually named joy when as that of all those on buckle didn't leave us like sports in afghanistan is very important because we are surrounded by war there are explosions and suicide attacks every day there are few chances for the people to just have fun this is a sport which brings all the people together it unites everyone was an ancient and dangerous sport with a role to play in building a more peaceful future in afghanistan david stokes out his era and that is all
6:58 pm
useful for now more gemma later thank you very much indeed joel that said for the sneezer to say well something back quickly after the break. jumped into the story there is going on a. global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we all want to . be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's word because there is a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from we. to he. be part of today's discussion the
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stream on out is there. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the in the workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside the sinhala. part one of a 2 part investigation people in power on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera london. 2 people in full conversation generally whenever you talk about . people. with no host and no limitations our society has structural racism built into it and needs season of studio to be unscripted.
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you know some aspects of our history have been different types of prejudice coming soon on al-jazeera. holding the phone to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. the european union is proposing a covert 19 digital green pass to ease travel restrictions within the block. of alamo haiti and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up tens of thousands of vaccines arrive in the occupied west bank and gaza strip to speed up the lacking all lights.


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