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they shouldn't of this a book make it isn't we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. 0 . hello there i missed on the a 10 this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are in south korea for talks as pyongyang issues a warning to the biden administration. european union is set to unveil a vaccine possible scheme it hopes will increase summer travel. another blow for
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the astra zeneca vaccine experts say it appears to be less effective against a south african variant and voters in the netherlands decide whether or not to keep this man prime minister and his party in power as they head to the polls. i'm going to go with sports as n.b.a. star le bron james becomes a part owner of the boston red sox baseball team and to new zealand retain its failings america's top trends in international sports. now a day off to some sharp words from north korea the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are in south korea on the 2nd stop of the asia tour and they blink an annoyed austin are both staring alliances in the region on their phones to foreign trip since taking office in japan on tuesday they criticized what they called china's coercion and aggression in asia nuclear
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ambitions are expected to be the top issue in seoul and the influential sister of north korea's leader has warned the u.s. not to cause trouble in the region right mcbride is following the visit for us in seoul can you talk us through what's top the agenda for today. this visit to south korea is seen as a very important way for the u.s. to reset and restore relations with a traditional ally much as it did in japan also to some extent with the hope of repairing relations between japan and south korea which have been frayed in recent times lloyd austin the u.s. defense secretary has spoken about the importance of the alliance with south korea at their 1st meeting with his counterpart wednesday saying that it was very important in countering what he called the unprecedented challenges posed by both north korea and china now it's the china part of that which is somewhat problematic
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here in south korea which has a far more complicated relationship with its mighty neighbor china it is much more reliant on china in terms of trade it tries to avoid any head on clashes but once again we have this u.s. mission talking in terms of china as a potential adversary so for 'd south korea they have tried to avoid any direct confrontation and in fact the defense minister for south korea in his remarks talking about the importance of the relationship with the u.s. in deterring north korea no mention of china at all what the south koreans and the u.s. can agree on is the cost sharing agreement the cost of hosting u.s. troops in south korea after months and even years of disagreement under the trumpet ministration donald trump demanding that south korea along with other allies pay far more for the hosting of u.s. troops so the fact that they have an agreement which will be signed on this trip is
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seen as the ministration in some ways returning to traditional u.s. values which is being a welcome here and also traditional ways of dealing with its friends and allies for the rest of this trip or wednesday going through into thursday with more talks these than the question of north korea of course. will dominate and in that south korea would desperately want to see a return to high level dialogue possibly leading to more high level dialogue between north korea and the united states but that would take as we all know some sort of movement on concessions on sanctions concessions which so far the united states just doesn't seem to prepare be prepared to give rather fire they're following that does it for us in cell thank you so much rob well let's dig into this with brad plus the men he's the deputy director and also a visiting professor at the center for rule making strategies at tomah university he joins us now from brad bibles really sending
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a signal to the region with this whole is a visit so let's start with the relationship with saul is this a show of strength then for pyongyang well a show of strength of showing young i'm not sure it's i think it's just a signal mostly to the world again by destroy issues prepared to actually put its money where its mouth is so to speak he's talked about consultations he's talked about putting alliances 1st he's doing all of that 1st trip overseas by the secretary of state in the secretary of defense or to north east asian alliances and the priorities detached consultations he's also emphasizing the the priority that he's attached to the end of his civic region which he's been repeating time and time again and that's that's a constant theme in u.s. foreign policy for for over a decade now so i think the signal here is 1st and foremost to the world that this is going to be a return to some very well known principles of american engagement in american diplomacy and then after we've gotten past that then he's going to be focusing i think on on on countries like north korea and as as was mentioned china as well
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well let me ask you then about north korea kenya. has often been spoken of as a potential successor to him how does she view biden and his stated goal of complete to especially off what we've been hearing from her in the last few days than ours. she seems to have become the official attack dog for the for the regime in north korea and that's issues she's certainly leaning forward which i think every government like that has someone who plays that role in so far as that then allows the rest of the other characters in the administration to then sort of if you will be more accommodating in morning gauging. again the call for denuclearization is not unique to mr biden it is began of course with the you know c.v. id complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization that the bush administration talked about it's been a longstanding problem in the relationship and quite frankly it's not clear to me how there's going to be a lot of room for engagement here because the positions are so fundamentally
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opposed strikes me and it's been very well clear that north korea believes that these weapons are absolutely essential to its defense and it will not be giving them up and i think the idea is to be recognized as a nuclear possessing state and thus far have negotiations in a status within the region the world proceed from that cornerstone the united states understands that that's just an incredibly perilous and dangerous position to accept and us will never officially be able to give north korea that status that it seeks even though president trump seemed rather indifferent and one of the challenges of course that mr vine will have is to somehow undo the damage that's been done to the larger negotiating position and the larger believe that proliferation of nuclear weapons is a real threat over brad as you mentioned another antagonist in the region for the u.s. obviously bay saying that was really quite the statements yesterday off to the quad summit how is all of that going live with china. well the chinese i think are are quite concerned the one thing that they've they've wanted to be able to do is
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maintain these systems or maintain the position that they are if you will is very responsible power one that is not the threat to the international order that the americans and like minded countries like japan australia other european countries have wanted to point out of that use their leverage their incredible economic heft to if you will persuade or otherwise convince governments to not be as critical or even to take the chinese decision and you well your correspondent was quite correct about the the outsized role that china plays with the south korean economy south korea has stood up and i mean that's that's really one of the most important issues here which is going to be countries taking the steps that they see as being essential to their own national defense and not giving china and we've seen that when south korea decided to deploy missile defense system several years ago and now what you're seeing i think is japan increasingly leaning forward as well concerned about incursions into territorial waters around stupid islands larger into
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violations of international law in the south china sea and just a whole series of behaviors that seem to show a readiness to change the rules of international society and and restructure the international were in ways that work to china's advantage and sadly disadvantage other countries. in the upcoming university speaking to us from take care really interesting dynamics great to get your thoughts here on out of there that's been with us from thanks for having me it's been a pleasure. international travel has taken a huge hit because of this pandemic many countries are trying to find a safe ways are open up again now one solution is a potential passport type document for vaccinated people the european commission is expected to propose a certificate that would allow inoculated people to travel freely within the e.u. as so-called digital green pass would provide proof that a person has had one of the use for approved jabs of dominic cain is following this
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for us from berlin dominic this whole suggestion has not been without controversy so how popular is this idea. is there are lots of questions about how this is going to be enforced what sort of precautions will be in place how rigorous will be the scrutiny of the different criteria that pertain to this digital pass the whether the person has had a vaccination where the person has had coded recently and therefore has a high degree of antibodies and that sort of thing and the data protection element within the are also no question about that are also several countries particularly the southern e.u. member states whose tourism industry would definitely benefit a great deal from people being able to travel to their countries no question about that they were the countries who were very keen to see if at all possible some form of digital green pass being brought in as soon as possible because their hope would
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be that those who've been inoculated or those who could prove they had a degree of immunity or a high in amount of antibodies in their system would be able to travel to their countries and therefore spend money and as it were then revived the tourism industry in those countries so there's definitely a body of opinion that says this is a very good idea they wanted to happen as soon as possible but then there are also those who have concerns as i say about how this is going to be monitored maintained and the and the security of people's individual information as it were dominic a in there with all the latest for us from berlin thanks so much dominic. well now another setback for the astra zeneca vaccine a new study from vets university in johannesburg shows that it is less effective at protecting against the south african variant now that early trial of more than 2000 participants found the job is less than 60 percent effective at preventing mild to
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moderate infection but the findings are that it still can help prevent severe illness and deaths from cova 19 even for high risk individuals now the world health organization supports its use in all countries including those with a new variant south africa cancelled its rollout of the astra zeneca shot back in february after concerns about its effectiveness opting instead for the johnson and johnson jab well let's now speak to should be imadi he's in johannesburg and he's been leading the vaccine trials of never backs and astra zeneca in south africa he's also a professor of x. knology at its university now professor it's been really quite the week of controversy for astra zeneca so i want to start with what a lot of people are likely wondering is that the vaccine fast is safe and does it do what it needs to do. so to say that it does do where it's probably best and that is it gets against to be a disease and it produces the risk of people dying from go but you couldn't
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possibly relate that view on 3 point one didn't receive it in that this was identified in what they're currently circulating unfortunately records that he doesn't do and the same will apply for many other 1st generation 'd code 1000 book seems you said it's i'm like you to look at the same level again and smiled at moderate and picture you to be one tree for one good and bad that there couldn't just be words so many of the 1st generation few books you insert here you can design at all and then it's just the writers can start to shouldn't come to much of a surprise for that theory and probably perhaps less so for that it seems that those were not that it was a method to to get smarter. all of these covered thank you but seeing respect them to perform reasonably all attempts to view the show professor as famous saying allison africa senate that has 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine and is now running out of johnson and johnson and given that do a study shows that the job does prevents of it do you think that was the right call
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though in fact i was study didn't actually graduate to have it protects against disease but gives up in direct evidence which indicates a strong probability that it won't protect against a few disease including the compatibility efforts that seem to the johnson and johnson to exceed in terms of the immune responses that's realistic is that there. might which basically shows that you've been in the presence of the n.t. party not working against a virus that scene and you're seeing to it and your body not working against violence does my sister protect against abuse challenge with the virus or just in direct evidence that supports it doubly joke a speck there that you can come to it's writ it's got in the circulating that should continue pursuing the use of those that seem to protect against abuse disease well it's already been hard enough trying to convince people to get the job in the fast pace are you concerned that these results and what we've been hearing for the last week about astra zeneca that could encourage more vaccine has a tendency. certain employment it could disrupt the faculty shows that were in fact
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in times of extreme confidence but that the same time i think we need to be got it in terms of what the expectations are now ought to go but one thing that seems and particularly in countries such as south africa rid of that is sort of latency are dominating getting to are going to be where the 1st generation of code thank you but seems in settings such as in south africa yes and i'm the let's stick option in the near future so we really need to recalibrate our expectations or discovered one thing that seems and the focus really needs to be centered on protecting civilians a good 2nd people in developing severe disease and dying as i think it's in the short messaging as to what the expectations are students who don't do as for the got the public confidence when it comes to these fixings so given that public confidence is relatively low and given that the south african variant is now appearing in other places especially across the african continent do you think that other countries perhaps should be rethinking which that same narrowing i'm thinking
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about kenya for instance of stocks of their campaign with the astra zeneca job yes unfortunately for most southern african countries and african countries which are heavily dependent on a corporate facility for procurement of exceeding the supply of exceeding many of the options available because that's what any case of it seems which is most widely available and that is cost they're part of direct seems so it's not to say that it's many options to trade off his between leaving people completely on bets on a before we experience and that he said jens or vaccinate them with something that is available because i probability that you quote the deck against soviet disease it's not that you support for choices in terms that richer it seems odd to you both on the continent including in south africa professor. from that scene of us telling us about his study on the astra zeneca vaccine thanks so much for being with us professor. well there's plenty more ahead few this news hour including we speak to
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one woman and republic of congo who says her activist husband was abducted by government agents and she hasn't seen him sense also. i'm from a big baghdad and i'll tell you about the. position and how it struggling to survive. and tiger woods leaves hospital 3 weeks after his car crash job we'll have all these details for you in school. not dutch prime minister mark reuss has cost his ballot in the netherlands national election opinion polls suggest that his center right party is on track to win by a large margin despite his entire cabinet resigning after a child benefits scandal 2 months ago this is europe's 1st major vote since the start of the pandemic can also be a test of the government's policies. actually this is
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a good the image collective view of the. effects she would. answer and then if you've worked very hard to apply it once we have. to make the most of this article which of course. must and your sister has been shown she should and we have to do which and so forth and at the same time i am proud to show me to think your competition as a country not just me but connect. joins me now from amsterdam step of the big election in the middle of a pandemic can you talk us through how it's all been going there today. absolutely this is a very different election than we've got of course have seen in the past as you can see people here are coming on their bikes to cast their vote is a basically a drive through polling station especially set up to to have this social distancing still being protected people of course were worried to go to calling stations because of the crowds they could expect so well there's many more polling stations
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than in previous elections everything is very carefully organized but it is still some concern about the turnout because some political analysts are predicting that the turnout could actually be more than 10 percent lower than in 2017 when more than 80 percent turned up to vote step as we've been saying which is government is expecting a win but we've also seen as you've been reporting on some substantial protests in recent months how is he fairing in terms of public opinion. well what is interesting here during this election is there are $37.00 parties to choose from this is the largest amount of parties that they can actually choose from in the history of the parliamentary elections and it shows how fragment basically the political landscape in the netherlands is so yes the polls are saying that the market to the prime minister is you to win these elections but that's also very interesting because we've been for the carone up and that makes these his
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popularity was actually going down so this is what we call the rally around the flag phenomenon where the leader of a country during a crisis gets most of the support even though the netherlands has not been doing so well during this pandemic and the other want to watch is the 2nd largest party in the polls is the far right anti immigration anti islam party of here to build us the freedom party they have quite some support and they're also going down before the grown up and i'm again actually picked up really some votes because of this lock down and that's why we have to watch also these these populist far right parties because they really have been compelled me on these sentiments against the lock down step fasten they're keeping an eye on that election for us in amsterdam thanks so much step now soldiers and republic of congo are very saying ahead of sunday's presidential election there to help with security on very same day president dennis us who has now been in power for more than 40 is seeking
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a 4th term but as malcolm webb reports from the capital brazzaville rights activists say anyone critical of the government is seen as a fresh. worried about husband alex savannah she comes. of rights activist here in the congo republic she says he walked out of their home one morning last week and then disappeared neighbors told her men wearing plain clothes took him away. since learned he's been detained by congo's secret service use in pills. he is an elderly person he is unwell and i'm scared they can torture him there i don't know the living conditions there he is already on well and that's what worries me the plain clothes men briefly brought back in handcuffs and searched his home says they found this jacket he bought it on a trip to paris and they suggested he was plotting an armed rebellion according to
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the neighbors when the bonnet came out of his gate there were men in plain clothes waiting for him parked in a car just here 2 of them tried to bundle him in the back he resisted so then 3 more joined in he was forced into the vehicle and drove off in that direction the rights activists say it's common for the government here to arrest and imprison anyone it sees as a threat to its grip on power president denise are suing queso has ruled for most of the last 40 years and he wants to carry on he's running for reelection in sunday's presidential polls rights activists say there's no possibility that the democratic process. works with the banner. presell says he's documented dozens of cases of killings torture and disappearances he says abana was campaigning for democracy and for the release of political prisoners seeking for.
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what you have to understand is that we're in a dictatorship the arbitrary arrests the torture the restriction of civil space are typical of a dictatorship will the government take more political prisoners i don't know but the reality is this is a dictatorship. the last election 5 years ago this man run for president is a former army general who was one of 2 opposition candidates who contested the results they were both accused of plotting to overthrow the government we asked the interior ministry about the activists complained this activist in. the human rights activists have always worked have any complaints been submitted on the eve of the presidential election is this all part of the game i cannot tell you anything because at the interior ministry we have never been contacted regarding supposed assaulting of mines by the police gertrude said she knows nothing of sudan as human rights work she just wants her husband to come home malcolm webb al-jazeera
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brazzaville congo republic at least 8 people have been killed and one injured near the u.s. city of atlanta and 3 separate shootings targeting nassau palace now 2 of those shootings were at spas across the street from each other police say the 4 women killed that were of asian descent a male suspect has been arrested. as he is president has arrived in the libyan capital just days after a new unity government was sworn in it's the 1st visit to tripoli by a foreign leader under the new administration president says he hopes to strengthen ties with libya. well dozens of military officials and protesters loyal to the u.a.e. backed southern transitional council have taken to the streets in yemen they've marched across the city of course angry about poor living conditions and unpaid salaries they've also sent a letter to the u.n. envoy to yemen calling for more support on tuesday hundreds of protesters stormed
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the presidential palace in aden witnesses say they were even let in by security guards one of iraq's religious minority groups which has survived for centuries is now rapidly disappearing monday and say security of issues have forced many of their members into hiding osama bin of a it has more now from baghdad as far as their gather to mark a sacred ceremony known as the bunch of festival. men women and children submerged in running water of the tigris river. to cleanse their bodies and wash away their sins this baptism is amending and ritual also known as sabby and in iraq they are the followers of a monotheistic religion which predates islam and christianity. but you comes here every year for either bunya a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white he must change into the special robes and head to the river. or deny they pray before being baptized in the chilly
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water ritual it's time for reflection. the grandfather explains the belt worn around the rule is made with 61 threads representing 61 angels but he loves being here and i had. i like meeting friends and playing here i like this festival more than others because we get but ties in the water. after the baptism food is served but just cooked using clay from the riverbed during the bungee festival all food must be washed in the river and they must drink from it as well their patriarch is john the baptist called prophet in arabic. and mundane see all good comes from a world of light and all evil from the world of darkness. is the religion's grand chief priest. mandy ism is the 1st religion in the world we believe in one god who created life anees everlasting holy book is considerable well the 1st books of prophets adam
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a sheet and yet here we believe in charity for the poor the running water gives us purification the religion forbids any parts with god adultery killing which crossed our holy book says don't go to that which is a magic they all line. but for centuries they were considered heretics and in the digital age their faith is linked to spells and sorcery they want to dispel the myths about witchcraft and magic being associated with the gnostic religion so their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the 2003 invasion because of iraq security and there is being a close religion. one can only be born into the faith and marrying into their religion is forbidden and the population has dwindled even further because thousands have taken refuge elsewhere for safety. and her sister left iraq because of airstrikes and war today they say they're happy to have returned home but then a minor when we left for jordan we thought we will never come back we thought we would never participate in
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a religious ceremony as again i'm happy to see our relatives and everyone participating in a festival. festivals like this bring people together there are fewer temples but because of the pandemic only outdoor gatherings are allowed. instead of restoring places of worship the iraqi government even wants to take away the small base of rituals on the riverbank. and we demand the government to take your farm as an ancient religion religious harmony gathers people and interfaith relations promotes respect and humanity we have suffered in other provinces from persecution in targeting of people nearly 2 decades of violence neglect and indifference have destroyed iraq's rich heritage and one of its ancient religious groups fears extinction unless its traditions and people are protected some of the job with al-jazeera but that. well still ahead here on out of there the elections are over the u.s. president is back touring swing states will tell you why. and find out why the
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resignation of the un's top humanitarian official has put a spotlight on just to get senior jobs at the agency. and in sports the n.b.a. star le bron james becomes common enough the boston red sox baseball team all the details coming up shortly but. looking lost he found a dry for much of western europe over the next couple of days because got a nice big area of high pressure just not way in round area of high for the meantime we are still running a few showers down the north sea it's a cool direction mostly wind so we'll see cooler who had just taken down into central policy for celsius the 07 celsius for vienna so the single figures you get the idea of some wintry flowers as well sliding down swards rumania wet weather
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there still in place just around southern parts of italy and greece but over towards the west here's now warm 14 celsius in madrid not too bad 14 celsius in glasgow absolutely fantastic yes it does cool off a little as we go on into friday but more in the west sunshine and the light winds it really will feel quite pleasant small wintry flowers coming into those central parts just around the czech republic austria switzerland still seeing some snow showers will continue for central areas to k mistral continues to filter its way down into that western side of the medics right in the still a few shows over towards to this stage where crashes see some showers just running into the far north of africa as you go on through the next day i would say 15 celsius in ounces 16 celsius in choosing this well to bed over to us east the side of the continent the car with the top temperature of 23 degrees. what should americans be thinking and doing right now you should be about ideas
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they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money in china is not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be cut the bottom line on us politics and policies america act on the world. the protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the government lock down restrictions and lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 this threat is that we use our freedoms to protesters who are not following social distancing rules were repeatedly ordered to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to confront a scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the nat'l after some protesters started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area.
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hello again i'm a star that's around you about top stories here this hour the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are in south korea on the 2nd leg of their 1st asia tour has warned the u.s. not to cause trouble in the region. the european commission will soon unveil a certificate that would allow inoculation people to travel freely within the year a so-called digital green pass would provide proof that a person have had one of the ears for approved vaccinations. the dutch prime minister mark research has cast his ballot in the netherlands election opinion polls suggest that his center right party is on track to where it's europe's 1st
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major vote since the start of this pandemic. a gunman on motorcycles have attacked a group of civilians in asia killing at least 58 people it happened as they were returning from a live stock market near the border with mali now the attackers also destroyed nearby structures used to store grains the government has declared 3 days of national mourning of more on this we're joined now by. a gregory. security analyst who specializes in the so hell at the think tank after politica the great the death toll here is staggering but this also isn't the 1st time that we've seen this remember an attack in january killed close to 100 people so who is doing this and why thanks for having me so with soon the group behind this recent attack just like you will get the engine or us will. need that over a 100 people they were just before the. elections in nigeria public before
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the g 5 summit in germany saw the new president of this office no more members on either you mind of the security situation. with your of the truth he says is us president in monday to secure new year's eve he's going to have to think of new with new approaches that of course are you were shown with state and whatnot but not just for you know for a more lasting solution to to to be implemented in this region because these are parts don't last for printing time soon if nothing changes and we speak there about potential collaboration i was looking at this area on the map it's really with 3 borders means how have the various governments here approached this problem.
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so one of the one on one of the me one of the major flash point in this is in the travel day out there region that are the only major problem for reform regional security forces because. the address the problem which each side doesn't want to seem like is a crude into the territory of the other and then b d m groups there are terrorist organizations like you know there is listed in good us i continue to explore exploits that. the politics that ben-ami between the between dismiss continue but if you recall in 2020 though the power in somebody are a different scale summit where all of the different countries with rhythm and be revitalized they are committed and reset their commitments on how they are going to address the security situation and also focus on on this particular trouble some
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region but one of the major issues now with that international collaboration is that you have the african side. pushing for the need to doubt me always be french and not enthusiastic after all does the issue even to believe that there was a leader even to lead up to last month's differ from which was the war for 2021 and then you we you would find out if the french foreign minister joy you lead your repeatedly stated of france is not going to be new. to the parts of the 2 to bellow so that divergence is a problem in the short run long term because every of the your drivers of this conflict require has. never situation and there will be sui the
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gobi governments and in between the governments together the armed groups are because carefully become intractable when we believe that they move for their looks without position. for where i'm curious about the potential for dialogue because there are a number of different dynamics here and as you alluded to a vast array of armed groups all with very different motivations can you talk us through the tensions here how they're potentially playing into each other and how we might try to get to a point where they would be able to have some kind of dialogue. so in some countries like in mali for assistance you evolve as truck would not be troubled no where you have to i agree rebels who turned against the government back in 20 level or the. terrorist organizations like the islamic state in the qaeda and islamic maghreb writer. with money it i think it's it's very clear that
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this issue of. question is very very clearly defined as a problem because some of the population don't you represented by this so in money negotiation is it's all the media's dependence where even the modern government is one of the most vocal when it comes to battle but if you move from mali a move to is forced to waltz in. booking a pass on this track but there doesn't have because the tricky because many of the times it's not even clear who is behind the halakhah just this reason that are nobody ask limber sponsibility you can assume they were hit with goose you know it but it would be very encouraging to to to have done some of our up for the you know on the table dialogue until maybe a set up where we might begin to see some of these risk groups in a commune forced to have to speak with the government but if you move into words
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with further east towards the lake chad where you have a conflict with many in between and you are again in the general public. and chad you also find out. there is also does. this divide between the belligerent groups but the terrorists because be also unpopular who are clan mongers who are or i mean clearly are sometimes a very remote area complements and ironically staff request that we have to really walk together and there are a great greg and i looked after him after. great to get your insights again here on out there thanks for being with us. now moving back to the pandemic and india's daily kovan 1000 cases have now risen to the highest number since december days of hermit's health ministry says cases there have jumped by nearly 29000 a day india has the world's highest tally of infections off to the united states
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and brazil the federal government has blamed crowding and people not wearing masks was also growing the increasing number of cases in chile despite the nation having a successful vaccine rollout about 5000000 people there have now had their 1st jab but cases are still rising by an average of 5000 a day in america as a new senior middle ports now from santiago. a severe health crisis in the latin american country one might believe have expected when chilian is dying from cold 19 every 15 minutes and critical care units are overflowing the doctor who got it the runs the i.c.u. at the clinic it takes us to see for ourselves that every bit is occupied even though the number of critical period units nearly doubled this week. people over 17 most of movie already been vaccinated have almost disappeared from our emergency rooms now we have younger patients but some gravely ill. chile's 2nd wave is
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turning out to be far more aggressive than the 1st even though more than 33 percent of the population has received one or both jabs these people are among the 10s of thousands of chileans were killing at this hour for their corona virus vaccine and while chile is a world leader in terms of the percentage of the population that has already been inoculated health officials warn it will not make much difference at least not for some time i want to know in order for herd immunity to be effective 80 percent of chileans must be fully vaccinated and that won't happen for another 3 months. now due. used to make the vaccine available to everyone free of charge and to convince you all that it's a fictive and sight. that the hospital doctors and nurses concede they're exhausted 30 percent of staff are medical leave from illness or stress and they're more
1:42 pm
difficult to replace than a bed or respirator. we caught our breath between the 1st and 2nd wave but the patient load never dropped enough to really let us recover so here we are practically living here. with d.s. had none this hasn't been able to travel home for nearly a year so i. think it's very stressful the patients are in a critical condition there's no time to rest because the number of patients multiply faster than we do but we do all we can. while to really suffering from pandemic burnout have clearly let down their guard doctor who got a d. is one of many who questions the government's overall pandemic strategy. the strategy was not to suppress the pandemic but to contain it a delicate balance in which flexibility and easing restrictions led to thousands of patients despite be an occupation a bitter lesson for a country that thought it was out of the woods and a wake up call for others who were counting on vaccines to be the magic cure you
1:43 pm
see in human al-jazeera. the situation is also getting worse and brazil where there's been another record number of fatalities in a single day on tuesday health officials reported more than $2800.00 deaths and just 24 hours it comes as the government's 4th health minister the start of this pandemic prepares to take office he says he will support president diable so far as approach he is opposed to lock downs. well u.s. president joe biden has hit the road to promote his nearly 2 trillion $1.19 relief package promising more support was a big part of his election campaign but not everyone's clear on what they're now entitled to as our white house correspondent can be helped at reports from delaware county. like so many u.s. towns the covert pandemic has brought businesses in delaware county pennsylvania economic uncertainty and even collapse
1:44 pm
a lot of all small businesses are interdependent of each other so as one business sales we all feel that michael gibbons has been running a small automotive repair shop in delaware county that employs 7 people last year the government stimulus helped keep his business running. but he's less certain about president joe biden's promise of new age and what it means for him there's a lot of questions that americans need answers to you look at some of these big stimulus bills and there's a lot of what you'd call pork in them that's exactly why biden visited this floor in business in delaware county to highlight the benefits of his 1.9 trillion dollar american rescue plan that last week he signed into law more than what the plan includes $1400.00 checks for individuals and help for small businesses bided staking his presidency on his relief package to stop america's jobs crisis it's
1:45 pm
also intended to repair local government finances and address issues of poverty and inequality. and people are getting. a check for. why it's the biggest enhanced one of america's social safety net in decades be rolled out like a nation at war in addition to biden vice president comma harris her husband doug hoffman 1st lady dr jill biden are crisscrossing the united states to promote the rescue plans benefits it's a big gamble the buy the ministration is hoping to create an explosion of economic activity without triggering inflation on main streets just like this one all across the united states but business owners like michael good. binns are skeptical of the plan and whether all that money will go to those who really need it there's a lot of americans out there that for whatever reason have a general mistrust of government and so yes joe biden has
1:46 pm
a lot of work in front of them to kind of bridge those gaps and get this country back on line national polls show the american rescue plan is popular but biden's not taking it for granted his administration knows it needs to deliver relief to america's main street quickly in order for it to be a success. can really help get al-jazeera delaware county pennsylvania. all the searches on the for the next leader of the united nations vost humanitarian operations around the wild un relief chief mark lowe cock plans to step down as soon as his successor is chosen now while candidates from all member states can be considered the 5 permanent security council members tend to have the upper hand out of a matic at a james base hospital. the un's humanitarian chief. has been generally praised by insiders for his hard work and his ability to make the case for some of the most disadvantaged people on earth the consequences in humanitarian
1:47 pm
terms would be catastrophic. his decision to resign vo puts the spotlight on how some top jobs at the u.n. are awarded mr local is british security situation has been his predecessor was british it's absolutely horrific his predecessor was british we will have to adapt to the situation and her predecessor it was british to me it's the same with other jobs the current and last for heads of the peacekeeping department rule french the head of the u.n. political affairs office rosemarie de carlo is an american so were the 2 people who did the job before her. critics say that china and russia also have more than their fair share of senior positions the system clearly favors the 5 permanent members of the un security council not only do they have a veto on issues of peace and security they seem to have some of the top jobs
1:48 pm
reserved for them david beasley is the head of the world food program he's from the u.s. as has been every holder of his job for nearly 30 years do you not think it should is time now for the best qualified candidates regardless of their nationality to get the job i think the u.n. has them as a magic crawl through all this cash before christ and it's really important that we put the best of the best in these leadership positions no matter where they from around the world that no other major donors have a significant portion that they sure that but at the same time i would like to think that every decision we're making terms of leadership is based on the most qualified and obviously those who put a lot of money that might in x. the profile but it definitely the final decision needs to be based on merit. when it comes to mr loco successor the u.n.
1:49 pm
secretary general antonio good terrorists will make a decision in the coming weeks it is perhaps worth noting that this year mr terrace is seeking a 2nd 5 year term in charge of the u.n. and that any of the 5 permanent members of the security council also have the power to block his reappointment james by al-jazeera the united nations. still ahead here on al-jazeera we take a closer look at afghanistan that's national sport was caught she that's coming up next with jack.
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welcome back it's now time for sports history thank you very much well let's start with sailing and team new zealand has successfully defended the america's cup the oldest child feat international sports and they did it on homework says off the coast of oakland and he needed one more win on the 6th day of racing against the it's highly in challenge as you know. russell they took great 10 by 46 seconds to wrap up a 73 victory over rule new zealand's code with 19 numbers are extremely low so there were more than a 1000 spectator boats out on the water to celebrate alongside them. i'm really moving to know we're going to remember everyone is or even right back to before we have won it but neither has been huge from a team spirit based on it's right here in front of. you know by many can we say no we did all of this aboard 'd. and there were even more fans watching back on dry
1:52 pm
land including thousands at oakland's viaduct harbor skipper peter burning in a limb pick champion who also won the last america's cup in 2017 that is team through the crowds to lift the trophy which is 117 years old is the 4th time a new zealand have won it. go for tiger woods has left hospital 3 weeks after his car crash the 15 time major champion sustained multiple fractures to his right leg as well as other injuries he'll continue his recovery at home he tweeted thanking doctors for his care and fans for their support but i would have reached the champions league quarterfinals the 1st time in 3 seasons karim benzema open the scoring for them in their 2nd leg match against atlanta which they went on to win 31 on the night and 41 on aggregate by al who sit 3rd in spain and now confident they can secure a league and champions league double this season. i wasn't in town last august
1:53 pm
yes we're going to go for it i don't consider it impossible we know it's going to be difficult and complicated but we're going to fight we're alive in both competitions and what i can tell you today is that we have to enjoy it. much says here also through they went into the 2nd leg against but us here mention glad about holding a 2 mill late and finished up for mail on aggregate it puts man city as the quarter finals for 4th successive season. isn't putting pressure on his chain. the 1st year arrived here 5 years ago the journey that you have to endure temporarily. so you always is in our shoulders over the control of those who believe you deserve it you go through you deserve it. we are not thinking to get finals and thinking to do good for the game and after the 2nd game is the only thing when you would are thinking about wood you are going to when you forget what
1:54 pm
you have to do defending champions buy in munich look to have one foot in the quarter finals already they take a $41.00 lead into their 2nd leg against last year later chelsea hold a slim one will lead as they host athletic and madrid since thomas to who took over at the end of january chelsea are unbeaten in 12 games and sit 4th in the premier league. m.b.a. basketball star le bron james is now part owner of the boston red sox baseball team is become the 1st black partner at the fenway sports group which owns the red sox and liverpool football club in the u.k. 37 year old james was already a part owner of liverpool his previous he's spoken about wanting to own an n.b.a. franchise but he'd have to wait until after he retires because active players are not allowed to own tains. doesn't look like a slowing down just yet though brawn racked up his 1009 to triple double of his career playing for the l.a. lakers on tuesday is called 25 points 12 rebounds and 12 assists to help an easily
1:55 pm
beat minnesota timberwolves who are the worst team in the n.b.a. at the moment it's a 3rd straight win for the defending n.b.a. champion lakers and a nice way for james to celebrate his latest move in sports business world. topsy dominic tame has crashed out of the dubai tennis championships after shock lost to a qualifier on choose day one of the 4 was broken by south african lloyd harris midway through the opening set and crucially in the 7th came the 2nd harris completing a straight sets win in just 73 minutes the team has the reigning us open champion has been disappointing start to the season he was knocked out in the 4th round of the australian open and in the quarter finals in doha last week. now we'll finish with some great pictures from afghanistan of one of the country's most popular sports. our cameras captured some of the action at a recent tournament in kabul david stokes reports. to the untrained eye this
1:56 pm
may look like a chaotic tangle of horses and humans arms and legs but this is because cassie and here in afghanistan it's the national sport was played for hundreds of years it has some similarities with polo it was catchy translates as goat pulling and traditionally a dead goat is used as the ball at this tournament in kabul an artificial goat might have leather was used instead and to score a rider was grab the ball and then drop it into the opponent's goal. and i'm not good with the moment when we saw the cash game has a lot of meaning for us well people were fighting with the enemy in the past they were using these types of horse the game is a long history but even my father and forefathers they don't know exactly when it started. some believe the sport could have its roots in a time when rival tribes would steal each other's goats. it's certainly physical with riders wearing protective clothing and that the liberal swinging of whips and
1:57 pm
boots of them have one of the i mean everybody's is the exhaust that this is a game which can bring all of gun people together in one place we have people from all of these and backgrounds in the league all of them love discussion this is the 1st time that we've had teams in the league from all around the country it brings me so much joy to see it. this week long event involve teams from 16 provinces the final match lasted 5 hours with nothing to separate the conducing kandahar teams who were eventually named joy when as that of all those on buckle didn't leave us like sports in afghanistan is very important because we are surrounded by war there are explosions and suicide attacks every day there are few chances for the people to just have fun this is a sport which brings all the people together it unites everyone was an ancient and dangerous sport with a role to play in building a more peaceful future in afghanistan david stokes our jazeera. incredible pictures but that is only
1:58 pm
a school and i'll have more for you later this hour yeah really incredible thanks so much today but that's it for me for this news that adrian will be headlining mornings i'll see a lot. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic failure is that a fair assessment you'd be catastrophic. to twice as valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth
1:59 pm
analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. you know what put out. is very much a culture has been very harmful to the economy and the minds of many people challenging traditional attitudes narrowing the gender gap is helping women in. escape poverty and. they trying to break these barriers of machismo by giving women access to resources meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. just news as it breaks with schools continuously being targeted just freshening in northern nigeria because the. highest rates of poverty before. we detailed coverage of this and now the not for ration campaign was temporarily suspended because there weren't enough vaccine from around the world
2:00 pm
these volunteers won't be routinely tested instead they'll be getting regular blood samples. the usa is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what gets on here and i do see it as very good to bring the news to the world. the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are in south korea for talks as pyongyang issues a warning to the pipe that ministration. out of my bedroom for good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the european union is set to unveil a vaccine passport scheme that it hopes will increase summer travel. experts say the astra zeneca vaccine appears to be less effective against.


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