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it's in a critical state chillies coronavirus crisis deepens despite being one of the world's quickest of the accident. hello i'm daryn jordan this is not a 0 a lawyer from also coming up. to continue. to love to tease who can only see. this from. dramatic escape from kidnappers
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but fears remain for nigeria's missing school till. then it says i when you're old i grew up in poverty with lots of dept the plight of the poor child care scandal could affect the outcome of dutch elections. and the election is over but the u.s. president is back touring swing states we'll tell you why. chile is a success story when it comes to getting people vaccinated against coronavirus about a 3rd of its population that's more than 5000000 people have had their 1st job but it's still in a covert 900 crisis that doesn't look like ending any time soon a latin america editor listen you've been reports from santiago. a severe health crisis in the latin american country one might gleason have expected when chilian is dying from cold 19 every 15 minutes and critical care units are overflowing the
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doctor said they runs the i.c.u. at the clinic and takes us to see for ourselves that every bed is occupied even though the number of critical period units nearly doubled this week. people over 17 most of you have your. docs unaided have almost disappeared from our emergency rooms now we have younger patients but some gravely ill. chillies 2nd wave is turning out to be far more aggressive than the 1st even though more than 30 percent of the population has received one or both jabs these people are among the 10s of thousands of chileans one feeling at this hour for their coronavirus vaccine and is a world leader in terms of the percentage of the population that has already been inoculated health officials warn it will not make much difference at least not for some time. in order for herd immunity to be effective 80 percent of chileans
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must be fully vaccinated and that won't happen for another 3 months. now judy used to make the vaccine available to everyone free of charge and to convince you all that it's a fictive and saif. back at the hospital doctors and nurses concede they're exhausted 30 percent of staff are medical leave from illness or stress and they're more difficult to replace than a bed or respirator. we caught our breath between the 1st and 2nd wave but the patient load never dropped enough to really let us recover so here we are practically living here. with d.s. had none this hasn't been able to travel home for nearly a year so. it's very stressful the patients are in a critical condition there's no time to rest because the number of patients multiply faster than we do but we do all we can. to be in suffering from pandemic burnout have clearly let down their guard doctor is one of many who questions the
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government's overall pandemic strategy. the strategy was not to suppress the pandemic but to contain it as a delicate balance in which flexibility and easing restrictions led to thousands of patients despite the inoculation a bitter lesson for a country that thought it was out of the woods and a wake up call for others who are counting on vaccines to be the magic cure you see in human. it's also getting worse in brazil it's reported another record number of fatal it is in a single day $2841.00 deaths in just 24 hours comes as the government's 4th health minister since the start of the pandemic prepares to take office he says he'll support the approach of president bolton r.-o. who's been opposed to strict lock downs and in france the prime minister says the country has entered the 3rd wave of the pandemic the 7 day average of new infections has risen above $25000.00 for the 1st time since late november it's putting an added strain on the hospital's president emanuel is hoping
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a vaccination drive will ease the pressure and prevent another lockdown health officials are pushing back against fears about one of the coronavirus vaccines that's led to its suspension in 18 countries the european medicines agency says there's no indication the astra zeneca vaccine causes blood clots and it's firmly convinced its benefits outweigh any risks 17000000 people in the u.k. and europe alone have had the jab and fewer than 40 of them have shown signs of clots scientists warn the concerns could cause people to distrust vaccines. there is no indication that vaccination has caused these conditions they have not come up in the clinical trials and they're not listed as known ours or expected side events with this vaccine in clinical trials both the vaccinated people the people who are thief the people who have shown small for some very small numbers of plot talked about months the number of throw and balika bands overall in the vaccinated people
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seems not to be higher than dot seen in the camera population but once people are vaccinated they could need a passport to prove it the european commission is expected to propose a certificate on wednesday that would let fully integrated people move about freely within the block a digital green pass would provide proof that a person has 100 jobs the european medicines agency has approved only for vaccines pfizer astra zeneca and johnson and johnson iceland was the 1st european country to issue that same passports to its citizens and to recognize immunity certificates from other countries china is rolling out a similar program for international travel one easily accessible through the messaging we chat beijing's also planning to make it easier for foreigners who have the chinese made vaccine to enter the country but douglas kid is some the national association of airline passengers he says there needs to be a realistic approach to vaccines that if it's. one aspect that's not being looked
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at is that ok if you're going to have a vaccine passport and if you're going to be requiring passengers to be vaccinated against called it was one of the approved vaccines what about the hundreds of other diseases that are out there. you could have the average passenger say you know becoming more like a pin cushion where you've got to have a vaccine against this that you know something else something else you know maybe a dozen different diseases you might have to have a vaccine against some of which you may never heard of. that's going to have to be the way things go but certainly i'm not looking at the looking forward to having to have a dozen different vaccines on my vaccine passport in order to travel. say from one state to the other in the united states or from one country events developed country in the united states to say the far east like japan or perhaps england or or even in the middle east if you've got people on an airliner who are separated by
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a least one seat from the person from the next person or separated by a row the chances of spreading that virus are going to be correspondingly reduced that's why we do not like the idea of the airlines saying ok it's back to normal you've got a socially distance in the terminal that we're going to pack us tightly together but in the plane as we can in order to make money and make our money no i think it's best if the airlines follow the same policies and procedures that we're working on other businesses and limit the number of people on the planes to 50 percent. gunmen on motorcycles attacked a group of civilians in there jack killing at least 58 people they were attacked while returning from a live stock market and body bang go near the border with mani they are also destroyed nearby is 3 days of national mourning have been declared for the victims . the government in nigeria's could do in a state says it won't give in to ransom demands after 3 teachers were kidnapped
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from the primary school is the latest in a string of abductions on friday 39 college students were taken by armed men in the same state. i did just reports from. except for security personnel and if you stop at the forest research in mind. it's largely empty and quiet. the usual bustle on campus is gone no classes no field work. the hostels where hundreds used to leave and i want to lock and key as 39 students remain in the hands of their captors. and i did d.j. alexander 2 friends who escaped the attack is still haunted by what they saw trying to control myself. to tease to continue to show myself. which for me. we trying to escape.
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and the process of. i hate it when do that me enjoy our own here. big guys big one of the students. trying to rescue. those leaving. 5 days after the attack the personal effects of the missing students are still being recovered that we want they were taken. security sources say guns were used to open up this gaping hole is a breach in point from where the students were extracted now behind this wall is a force that stretches 4 kilometers to a location where the students thought to be still held by their captors neighbors and relatives still come to confront the sandy family as they try to come to terms of the kidnap of that 2 daughters from their school. the mother still shaken by the
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incident is against the use of force to rescue them. davis was on there they want to keep up with their lives the children and my hope is gone so we have begun our government is good but the fight. the family says the absence of the 2 goals is a bearable for everyone nice lady in the entire world is dark. it is wanted for you to move this children are no more english than when you lose their life and you cannot see them. with 3 kidnappings in forty's the government here says it will not give in to kidnapper's demand for runs. stand was based on principle very careful and logical evaluation of the consequences of their state negotiate to non-state actors or even given their money. and moral hazard that we could win a state government has decided to avoid completely what some parents of missing
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students want to hear at the moment but the government insists negotiating with hostage takers will only create a bigger problem our body grease al-jazeera. lots more to come here now to syria including like a war zone thousands of families from the parts of me and martin marshall more imposed by the jointer. are on track knowing everything to be. the battle to the finish for sports all this traffic more or not stay with us. however we got a little bit of a mixed bag in our weather across the middle east over the next couple days it's warm sunshine lovely weather across southern parts of the rate of 30 celsius in
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doha getting 36 in riyadh so that warmth starting to set same with southerly winds but further north it's more like winter here because some snow coming in across the turkish mountains some rain raffling into cypress pushing towards the levant and that's all making its way little further eastwards as we go on through thursday i think for much of syria the good parts of iraq it should be followed by but just from the northern fringes you might catch a shero to what it is. showers wintry in nature they're just around the caucasus chances and wintry showers over towards afghanistan as well meanwhile the warm sunshine continues across the arabian peninsula that we could touch $34.00 celsius here in doha on thursday so even a warm side for us here was sunshine to ensue a good parts of somalia but she was not too far away much as catch a shower to just around the coastal fringes and you see want to see showers to the southern parts of ethiopia elsewhere across central areas of africa the seasonal rains doing quite nicely will see the rain is extending all the way down towards
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zambia zimbabwe catching some rains with a chance of wanted to shower as the eastern cape. but. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of sedation and the state line becomes the default media namely looking for images that lead to that narrative that these guys are just how daily news is makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. welcome
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back a quick timeout of the top stories here at this hour there's growing a lot about the increasing number of coronavirus cases in chile despite having one of the world's leading vaccine rollouts 5000000 people have had their 1st job but tensions are rising by an average of 5000 a day. brazil has recorded more than 2800 cope with 19 deaths in 24 hours a record for a single day becomes the government's 4th health minister since the start of the pandemic prepares to take office. and the government in nigeria's kaduna state says it won't give in to ransom demands after 3 teachers were kidnapped from a primary school is the latest in a string of abductions from schools in northern nigeria. the protest as a man modifying martial law to run against a military takeover barricades have been built on set on fire and the young gone thousands of people have fled parts of the city where the military took control
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after 5 chinese factories were set on fire well as the military crackdown intensifies the death toll is rising the u.n. says at least 149 people have been killed in just over 6 weeks but a rights group for political prisoners puts that number of dead at 183 it's the worst violence so far was on monday at least 39 people were killed in a single day arrests and detentions have continued throughout the country with more than 2084 people remaining arbitrarily detained at least 37 journalists have been arrested. 19 remain in arbitrary detention. at least 5 deaths in custody have occurred in recent weeks and at least 2 victims bodies have shown signs of severe physical abuse indicating that they were tortured we are deeply disturbed that the crackdown continues to intensify and we again call on the military stockpiling and detaining protesters well earlier we heard from
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a protester in the young gone who we're not naming for his own safety he told us what he's been seeing including nighttime shootings soldiers and militarist they were should people because they can. simple as that so they will i think the last couple of days the worst was in china and then a lot of factories are there and the people living there are really poor and mostly internally displaced people and not sunday. there was the most brutal crackdown there so modest 50 people died on a single game and more than 300 people got into and used machine guns snipers. brown bullets. there were dead bodies all around we are we will keep on until the very end but it's like. it's we have been getting
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more violent more and more violent as the protests goes on so we are well aware that we are putting our lives on the line. the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are visiting south korea on the 2nd stop of their asia tour lloyd austin and anthony blinken are bolstering alliances in the region on their 1st foreign trip since the biden administration took office they started in japan where they joined forces with their japanese counterparts to criticize what they call china's coercion and aggression in asia north korea's nuclear ambitions are expected to be a key issue in seoul ahead of the trip young young warned the u.s. not to cause trouble in the region mcbride has more from seoul of course one of the main reasons for this mission to this part of the world is for the new bike that ministration to formulate its strategy towards north korea which we can expect to be some kind of policy of containment what's known as strategic patience the same
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kind of policy adopted by previous administrations before donald trump came came along but from the south koreans they would expect and they would want to see something far more proactive they want to try to breathe life back into the whole policy of high level dialogue between north south korea possibly leading to a resumption of talks maybe between north korea and the united states once more president moon j.n. of south korea he has just over a year left in office and he will be remembered of course is instigating this whole 'd policy of summit diplomacy 3 years ago facilitating these talks getting us away from talk of fire and fury and he would dearly like to see is his legacy seeing that resume but of course in order to do that the north koreans would expect some sort of relief from those sanctions so the south koreans behind closed doors at least will be pushing for some kind of leeway freedom to maybe have some sort of
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movement on sanctions but the u.s. administration has given no indication so far that is it is willing to back away from sanctions and maximum pressure. human rights watch is blaming yemen's who the rebels from head to tensions and the last week that killed at least 60 people most of them ethiopian the incident highlights the dangers that some are willing to face in search of a better life under reports before a devastating fire ripped through this detention center in yemen's capital last week the ethiopians being held there confronted their guards to demand better living conditions that's when survivors say who the security forces locked them in a hangar and told them to say their final prayers before firing something at them. as i did you fired to projectile at us through the hole and the fire onto the piles of pillows was sleeping on the room filled up with smoke and we all sort of just screamed as a crowd for help some of us thought had to faint and fall to the ground. i saw my
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friends burning to death i didn't receive any help and i met. dozens of people were killed in the blaze after tore through a hangar with 350 people inside mostly migrants from the horn of africa. with. the united nations is calling for an independent investigation into the cause of the fire. tens of thousands of migrants pass through yemen each year attempting to reach wealthy gulf countries in order to provide for their families back home they're exposed to kidnapping torture and abuse all navigating a deadly conflict survivors of the fire accuse the who these abusing them to feed the war effort well. i was when we told them we were going on a hunger strike they said they'd force feed us and send us to fight on the front we said we would not fight because this isn't our country we are refugees our country is facing a bigger war than the one here we could live in our own country so we escaped here . the international organization for migration has demanded the release of thousands of migrants being held at who the run facilities these young. 'd under
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the age. journey by smugglers and traffic and they are not only. here on their. journey one group at least was given a way out 150 ethiopians were evacuated on tuesday on the 1st repatriation flights since the pandemic began. and should help al jazeera. people have again set fire to tires in parts of beirut after the lebanese pound crashed to a new low against the $1.01 u.s. dollar now costs about $15000.00 pounds which has pushed up food prices the lebanese currency has lost 90 percent of its value on the informal market in the last year the country is dealing with rampant unemployment and the currency crisis means wages are worth a lot less libya has moved a step closer towards putting the violence and division of the past decade behind it with a united government taking office and tripoli the head of the outgoing un backed
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government. transferred power to the new prime minister abdul hamid debate it was a smooth transition from the 2 rival governments in the east and west of the country following painstaking the n.c.a. sions the new government will now prepare for december's elections. foldes a jewel to open in the netherlands in about an hour's time in the 1st major election in europe since the start of the coronavirus pandemic opinion polls suggest the center right party of dutch prime minister mark rutte a win by a landslide that's despite his entire cabinet resigning 2 months ago stopped us and has more now from santa fe. as the madness prepares to go to the polls this week hundreds of people have been queuing for food handout it shows a growing divide in society after a decade of leadership by the center right government of mark. the ever smiling prime minister who went to the palace in january to hand in the resignation of his cabinet on a bicycle then he says i will year old i grew up in poverty with lots of dept
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because a tax office accused us of fraud then we became poor. 11 year old and as part of a campaign launched before the elections to raise awareness about the one in 13 dutch children living in poverty a mother was one of 26000 families who were wrongly accused by tax authorities of child care benefits fraud now sasha says she was forced to pay back nearly $120000.00 and lost her job her house and her marriage she suffered from 2 strokes and is learning to walk again the report concluded that most of the accused families perfect himself racial profiling of the beaver confronted with the collectors on a daily basis they often came with police we lived in fear we look to door shut the curtains and we're too embarrassed to go outside. prime minister mark whitaker was confronted by one of the victims during a recent gallup buys the beat. i know
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a little responsible for this because he is the one in charge he keeps saying it is awful but i don't feel he means. he and the other victims don't understand why you chose to run again i explained to her that at the same time and i had to ask myself the question what did it mean for my rerunning again to become leader of my party and hopefully the focus would give me just again i said to have many things which have been very successful lasting sort of the people in their lives have lost trust in politics because how do you gain the trust back. by working very hard. for you mark good to you or bowden audience has been struggling through the covert 900 pandemic. people in times of crisis can you vote for the leader they know mark or to see him as a crisis manager but also a leader tainted by serious scandals a recent survey shows that even without a covert than that make poverty rates will increase by 30 percent or more people
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will depend on food handouts and one of the world's richest nations so even though mark is still popular some are wondering how long 'd he can rely on his survival skills most people in this queue are longing for a change in leadership they hope may come true sooner than they might expect some political observers predict a prime minister if elected again may have to step down after all a parliamentary inquiry into the child care benefits scandal is scheduled for 2 years from now that fast and al-jazeera. a u.s. intelligence report says both russia and iran directed efforts to manipulate 2020 presidential election that's been released by the office of the director of national intelligence it shows intelligence agencies believe moscow was trying to help donald trump win a 2nd term while terror on push for a biden victory the report also found cuba venezuela and lebanon's hezbollah were engaged in smaller scale campaigns influenced the vote. yes president joe biden has
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hit the road to promote his $1.00 trillion dollar covert relief bill promising more support was a big part of his election campaign but not everyone is clear on what they're not entitled to as our white house correspondent can really help get reports from delaware county. like so many u.s. towns the covert pandemic has brought businesses in delaware county pennsylvania economic uncertainty and even collapse a lot of our small businesses are interdependent of each other so as one business sales 'd we all feel that michael gibbons has been running a small automotive repair shop in delaware county that employs 7 people last year the government stimulus helped keep his business running. but he's less certain about president joe biden's promise of new aid and what it means for him. there's a lot of questions that americans need answers to you look at some of these big stimulus bills and there's a lot of what you would call pork in them that's exactly why biden visited this
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floor in business in delaware county to highlight the benefits of his $1.00 trillion dollar american rescue plan that last week he signed into law more than what the plan includes $1400.00 checks for individuals and help for small businesses bided staking his presidency on his relief package to stop america's jobs crisis it's also intended to repair local government finances and address issues of poverty and inequality. and people are getting. a check for. why it's the biggest inhance been of america's social safety net in decades being rolled out like a nation at war in addition to biden vice president camila harris her husband doug hoffman 1st lady dr jill biden are crisscrossing the united states to. remote the rescue plans benefits it's
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a big gamble the bybee ministration is hoping to create an explosion of economic activity without triggering inflation on main streets just like this one all across the united states but business owners like michael gibbons are skeptical of the plan and whether all that money will go to those who really need it there's a lot of americans out there that for whatever reason have a general mistrust of government and so yes joe biden has a lot of work in front of them to kind of bridge those gaps and get this country back on line national polls show the american rescue plan is popular but biden's not taking it for granted his administration knows it needs to deliver relief to america's main street quickly in order for it to be a success. can really help get al-jazeera delaware county pennsylvania now the oldest trophy in international sport is staying in new zealand can you
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please can pry signings most treasured eyes. in the city using a. team new zealand keeping the trophy there by beating it's in his noon hour roster in oakland they enter the regatta as heavy favorites but the italians much them in the early stages as the new zealand does eventually winning 73 to 5 votes in that they needed to be there must feel. time for a quick check of the headlines here at this hour there's growing alarm over the increasing number of coronavirus cases in chile despite one of the world's leading vaccine rollouts 5000000 people have had their 1st job but cases are rising by an average of 5000 a day and some quarantine measures will be reimposed next week a lot of america at its on the scene even reports from santiago and certainly the vaccinate.


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