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i'm howard imus and i'm a proud person. that's machine on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. europe's medicines watchdog says there's still no indication the astra zeneca corona virus vaccine causes blood clots and its benefits outweigh any risks. and our intake of this is our jazeera live from london also coming up thousands free young gone well meanwhile as military is facing districts on the martial law and the death toll continues to rise. protesters stormed the
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presidential palace in aden as the u.n. envoy to yemen reports a dramatic deterioration in the conflict. this better news from libya which source 1st peaceful handover of power since 2012. below the european medicines agency says there's still no indication the astra zeneca coded 19 vaccine causes blood clots it says it's firmly convinced that jobs benefits outweigh any risks 19 countries have now temporarily suspended their use of the vaccine because of reports of clots in a small number of people who received it the regulator is investigating those reports to see if there's any link between the vaccine and the clotting it says the results will be released on thursday. well the investigation is ongoing we are
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currently we are still firmly convinced that the benefits of the are so pathetic that vaccine in preventing poet 19 with it the thorough theatre critic of hospital i they send that outweighed the risk of the side effects in the meantime anyone who has received the vaccine and have any concerns should contact their appropriate care professional where astra zeneca vaccine is the most widely used of all the available jobs 74 countries a using it with somalia the latest to start is also one of the cheapest just a few dollars a shot astra zeneca says it's had reports of just $37.00 patients suffering clots out of more than $17000000.00 people who've received it in the u.k. and the e.u. that's a much lower instance of clots than the roughly $1.00 to $2.00 people per 1000 who would normally be expected to develop one some vaccination centers in germany have had to close because of the suspension of the rollout they had no alternative vaccines to provide in the u.k. and belgium though the astra zeneca shot continues to be used in
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a game probably in the bill to me it is not a problem so many tens of thousands of whom you've already been vaccinated successfully so do not have a problem with it at all like the has in the media all this fuss in the media it makes me dizzy i have faith in science why should we all give our opinion i think you have more chance of blood clots with coated than with this astra zeneca vaccine market thailand was the 1st country outside europe to suspend its use of the astra zeneca vaccine but after reviewing reports its resumed its rollout in an effort to build public confidence by minister prior to not ship became one of the 1st people there to get the shot thailand will start manufacturing astra zeneca doses in june and its reserve the 1st 61000000 for its own population. japan's prime minister has been given his 1st dose of the pfizer coated 19 vaccine your share suga is the 1st japanese official to receive the shot publicly dozens of other officials will be
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vaccinated before heading to the u.s. for meetings with biden and mistress next month so go will be the 1st world leader to meet biden as president. but earlier has begun testing its current 19 vaccine on children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years it's part of a study to assess the safety and efficacy of inoculating children against the disease or most 7000 children are taking part in the research which is being conducted in collaboration with a national institute of allergy and infectious diseases the company is already conducting a separate study testing the vaccine in adolescence between the ages of 12 and 18 for. the death toll continues to rise in may in march where the u.n. says 149 people have been killed since last month's coup and a political prisoner group puts it at 183 protests as have defied nearly impose martial law in many areas to gather on the streets arcades were built and set on
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fire in the country's largest city young gone but thousands of people have fled parts of the city where the military has taken firm control after 5 chinese factories were set on fire at the weekend arrests and detentions have continued throughout the country with more than 2084 people remaining arbitrarily detained at least 37 journalists have been arrested of whom 19 remain in arbitrary detention at least 5 deaths in custody have occurred in recent weeks and at least 2 victims bodies have shown signs of severe physical abuse indicating that they were tortured . we are deeply disturbed that the crackdown continues to intensify and we again call on the military stuck to ling and detaining protesters in the last hour i spoke to a protester in yangon who we're not naming for his own safety he says they said
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uprising will continue despite the threat to their lives soldiers and militarist they were should people because they can. simple as that so they will i think the last couple of days the worst was in. a lot of factories and the people living really poor and mostly internally displaced people not sunday. there was the most brutal crackdowns so modest 50 people died on a single day and more than 300 people got into and used machine guns snipers and. bullets and there were dead bodies all over. we will keep on until the very end but it's like. we have been getting more violent more and more violent protests goes on so we are well aware that
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we are putting our lives on the line in most military has charged the international envoy avast a government with treason and issued a warrant for his arrest not to soften his known frenchmen on the day of the coup last month is accused of encouraging the civil disobedience campaign and calling for international sanctions early respect around here about the charges. to do. with high treason by the military from the. if these trees in this means that i was 13 with the people of myanmar given my love for their freedom for democracy live for justice this illegal illicit the military may have been committing a crime against humanity and trust in this genocides and the classes for the last 700 years gays think it cheney karim they are more. united
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97 they have kill peace was stupid in. them and their mother billions in 97 evolution. but will be the slaughter in 2017 there was a plan says against all his people to follow his story of independence this has been a blast and suffer a cross out of 3 by those is a means to protect our people these are the same generals who should be charged of high treason who charged me today of high treason to yemen now where protests is angry about poor living conditions and on paid salaries of storm the presidential palace in the southern city of aden witnesses told that officials from the un backed government fled as hundreds of demonstrators forced their way in the security council to the southern transitional council station there didn't try to stop the protesters demolish out has more on what triggered the protests. this
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process was triggered by members of the security services that receive their paychecks from the u.n. back to government which was taken as a headquarter ever since the with the militia overrun essentially the government the capital sanaa now those security forces haven't been paid for those personal haven't been paid their salaries for 9 months now the start of the protests around may day at bank square which is roughly around a kilometer away from the. palace and that then went on to them marching towards a presidential palace and essentially storming get interesting enough they stormed it with little resistance from the southern transitional government which is backed by the united arab emirates who were in charge of guarding the presidential palace and then entered it eventually where the ministers are and the prime minister we're not quite sure exactly what we do understand from sources on the ground that they
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weren't inside the palace at the time there were some government officials there but none of the ministers or the main. statesman present economically speaking roughly 3 weeks ago the saudi backed government did say that it was going to introduce some sort of stimulus package or something that was going to help those who were struggling economically that hasn't come to fruition obviously yemen is a devastated country to qana me is in tatters everything about it has been essentially all but destroyed over the past 4 years because of that's how do you really lead war as well as obviously the actions of the militia and those that back it 3 bombs have exploded next to a convoy carrying food to one of yemen is largest camps for displaced families in married little's in 100 province in eastern yemen say homemade devices went off in succession damaging one of the 26 trucks loaded with age no injuries were reported
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it's not clear who is behind the attack. the u.n. special envoy to yemen says the situation has taken a dramatic turn for the worse especially for children u.n. workers are still trying to raise nearly $4000000000.00 to feed millions of people that diplomatic editor james phase has more this was a very grim assessment of the situation in the yemen the u.n. special envoy telling the security council that it seems the war is back in full force this is how martin griffiths began his speech are returning to this council yet again. reports the deterioration of the public in yemen this time a dramatic. us rather than incident of morrow governor continues to produce a villianous imputing an estimated 1000000 internally displaced persons wrist fighting forces on both sides of suffered heavy losses in this unnecessary for
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allies to shocking report as our show we all do. increasingly getting drawn into the war over. the priority of the future. he says he's particularly concerned by the who thiis ongoing offensive on marriage by the cross border air attacks the who the drone and missile strikes on saudi arabia and the saudi air raids on sanaa and by the fact that war is spreading again to places like who data and ties of course one of the effects of this is humanitarian disaster the u.n. is warning of famine in yemen they tried to raise money from the international community at the beginning of the month they wanted $3850000000.00 and yet they only managed to raise $1700000000.00 less than half the money they needed still to come this half hour families dig for their missing loved ones after a large scale search is finally begin in mexico as we sure can state plus. how do
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you gain the trust back. by working very much after stepping down every scandal why the dutch prime minister will have to work hard to help people who beat slipped into poverty if he wins wednesday's election. how low their winter certainly hasn't done with us just yet across here we've got quite a messy picture going on here areas of cloud down towards the southeast in conus and storms rumbling away with rain sleet and snow mixed in but quite a weather trying to push its way into western parts big area of high pressure here i will let things settled brighter light winds will feel pleasantly warm temperatures getting into double figures there in london and also in glasgow glasgow touching 12 degrees celsius on a par with rome actually rome at 13 celsius and on
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a dry weather but in between there's that rain coming down across the north sea pushing into the low countries some snow coming back in across the out so see some snow moving in super bowl garia to remain into a good part of ukraine as well further north dry abroad. the weather coming through sparkling sunshine in scandinavia with temperatures getting up to around 4 or 5 celsius as we go on into day we will see a more wet weather coming in across the low countries will snow just coming back into will see out this is the ton of southern germany to see some of that wintry mix more snow that is easing across towards remaining i want to see showers continuing into central parts of the mediterranean eastern areas a spanking catch a shower ought to know the parts of africa generally find and dr levy will see some wet weather pushing towards morocco. but. they are close to call. after egypt's revolution that
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passion turned into something much bigger. on al-jazeera world. i'm one of the top stories here lodges there are the european medicines agency says there's no indication the astra zeneca vaccine causes blood clots and it's firmly convinced its benefits outweigh any risks 19 countries have now suspended
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a use of the code 19 job after reports of clots in a small number of recipients. as the death toll continues to rise in min ma people have again defied the security forces to protest against the coup thousands of also fled the biggest city young gone after several districts were put on the martial law. and protesters in yemen angry about poor living conditions and on paid salaries of storm the presidential palace in the southern city of aden this is the u.n. special envoy to yemen warned of a dramatic deterioration in the conflict there. people have again set fire to tires in parts of beirut after the lebanese pound crashed to a new low against the $1.01 u.s. dollar in our costs about $15000.00 pounds which has pushed up food prices and ebony's currency has lost 90 percent of its value on the informal market in the last year the country is dealing with rampant unemployment and the currency crisis means wages are worth a lot less. libya has moved
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a step forward in putting the violence and division of the past decade behind it with a united government taking office by as arash head of the outgoing un backed government in tripoli transferred power to new prime minister abdul hamid debate in the capital was a smooth transition of power from the 2 rival governments in the east and west following painstaking negotiations the new ministers have their work cut out trying to unite all warring factions and repair prepare for december's elections when a trainer has more from tripoli on the challenges ahead. libya witness its 1st peaceful transition of power today since 2012 in 2011 the wooden people rose up against war margaret duffy in a revolution calling for freedom and democracy now that hasn't really panned out as well as people hold of the years of political divisions and violence are really had a devastating impact on the people here so seeing today seeing the outgoing prime
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minister. handover of power to this new government this new interim government the government of national unity today really excited people we can see that people libyans feel now that there is a glimmer of hope that their country can become can become a democratic and civilian state but the the road ahead for the government of national unity is not going to be easy they're going to be tasked with forcing over 20000 foreign fighters out of the country they're also going to be tasked with unifying state institutions the no. syria's currently divided between forces in western libya and the forces loyal to the warlord holy father hafter told a lot of challenges ahead of this new government and they're only going to be leading this country for 9 months lections arse nationwide elections are such to take place in these in december this year but for them to make the feeling here among the most libyans is one of hope and one of of one of hope and one of
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excitement to see a peaceful transition of power and and that this government may hope in bettering or improving basic services for its citizens u.s. president joe biden is launching his helpers here tour in pennsylvania this hour to promote the 1.9 trillion dollar coded relief bill he signed into law on thursday the president traveled there from the white house to highlight the economic support it will give most americans as well as expanding health care to help manage the pandemic the biden ministration policy had 5 partisan support among voters with 7 out of 10 wanting it to become law but it passed congress without any republican support what has corresponded to me how kit is life for us in delaware county pennsylvania if this relief bill is already popular can be why does he need to go out and senate. well because for the reasons you mentioned
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just a moment ago given the fact that conservatives in the u.s. congress didn't support it that's really true of a lot of the voters in this county and around the country many conservatives did not vote for joe biden and are skeptical about this plan thinking that it is too big of a price tag that there's too much not focused on code relief that's in here so that's part of the reason why joe biden is going to be crisscrossing the country this week along with his vice president coming to harris her husband doug hoffman also the 1st lady of the united states dr jill biden they're all trying to sell this plan and also trying to win over the skeptics who have grown distrustful of government but it's going to be a tall order because of the divided nature of politics in the united states right now so that's part of the recently other part of the reason is this is a bit of a victory lap because for joe biden the state of pennsylvania is one of those battleground states that helped him win the white house so he's here to thank those
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voters as well and we have no idea what he's going to say during this trip to pennsylvania. yes this is a big big expansion of the social safety net in the united states 2 trillion dollars in aid but beyond the $1400.00 checks that many americans are about to receive or are receiving most don't really know what is in this plan it's more than 600 pages long they don't know how it will help small businesses that's why i joe biden's visiting a flooring business in delaware county it's just one of many small businesses around here that have been touched by the penn demick in fact 3 quarters say that they have been hurt negatively from the pandemic wondering how they're going to continue to keep the doors open keep the jobs of people employed so he's going to be talking about all of that to make sure in his words that government works for ordinary americans but again there's a lot of work to be done given the fact that the unemployment just in this state has gone up 2 and a half percent it's going to take
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a long time to get it back to precocious levels so that's what the president is promising to do and he's here to sell that message community ok thank you very much indeed. and a 15 year struggle between rival gangs in mexico and the government huge numbers of people have disappeared in shock and state was where the conflict began and it's been consumed by violence ever since but there's been no hard scale search for the missing in the state until now from richmond to quit at all in john heilemann reports. there's bullet holes in the door but this house might hold more secrets within we've come to the 1st big hunt for the disappeared in the state of michoacan southwest mexico suspects in a police investigation revealed a number of places where they've hit of bodies. and this is the 1st stop to try and find that someone might be under the floor and. the cement in there is newer than outside and it sounds hollow that's what people do when they
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marry someone underneath and put down concrete to hide it. there's a brotherhood among the family searching for the nearly 80000 disappeared across mexico erik's traveled more than 2000 kilometers to help the locals they're going to close up but it's here i've got a son who disappeared into you want to and i feel the same pain as these families so i've come to join their cause. because many of the teams of gangs or even authorities the tools their relatives used to find the basic this is the way that you search for the disappeared right across mexico push this through out into the ground and then put how she's doing and then sniff it and if there's a smell of decay that means that a body's been found. some you know if you're going to well why do you sort of so great and then treat search for it you know the name of the needle but we haven't got the money for technology there's a lot of poor families here that have used up everything we have trying to find our
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relatives i and a lot of people come here to search without earning anything to government just the funds to support us. it's a common complaint from the family's little government help the years they've had to do all of this on their own. to lena is learning how for the 1st time she's a local go searching for a brother who was kidnapped a year ago the pandemic and fear stopped looking till now but you know you miss brown you are finally someone is helping us and i'm hopeful that we'll find him in all of the others in a way i'm excited in another set because we're not going to find a life. she's resigned to that she just wants his body and this is probably the only shot that she'll get to find it. this area's red hot the highly skilled new generation called the viagra gang of fighting over the the wants of victims found
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for 2 weeks only the government's providing security to help families look just at the end of the day now and you can see a. number of trucks here of the national guard that have come to accompany the families now they're all piling out basically the families would never be able to look in this without this security because it is so full of criminals. this is just a slim window of time for them to try and years of torture and finally lay their loved ones to rest. john hoeven. this in to get it all in mexico. or was on course to become one of the netherlands longest serving prime ministers until a child benefits scandal forced his government to resign earlier this year despite that he is on course to hold on to power after wednesday's election but as steadfast reports from sunday many people had a hard time under his leadership. as the madams prepares to go to the polls this week hundreds of people have been queuing for food handout it shows
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a growing divide in society after a decade of leadership by the center right government of marketing. the ever smiling prime minister went to the palace in january to hand in the resignation of his cabinet on a bicycle and says i when you're old i grew up in poverty with lots of dept because the tax office accused us of fraud then we became poor. 11 year old a national is part of a campaign launched before the elections to raise awareness about the one in 13 dutch children living in poverty a mother was one of 26000 families who were wrongly accused by tax authorities of child care benefits fraud that sasha says she was forced to pay back nearly $120000.00 and lost her job her house and her marriage she suffered from 2 strokes and is learning to walk again a report concluded that most of the accused families graphic terms of racial profiling that we were confronted with that collectors on a daily basis they often came with police we lived in fear we look to door shut the
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curtains and we're too embarrassed to go outside. prime minister mark whitaker was confronted by one of the victims during a recent gallup buys the bait. i know a little responsible for this because he is the one in charge he keeps saying it is awful but i don't feel he means it actually and the other victims don't understand why you chose to run again i explained to her that at the same time i had to ask myself the question what did it mean for my rerunning again to become leader of my party and hopefully the focus would give me just again i said to the ocean have also been very many things which have been very successful lasting sort of the people in their lives have lost trust in politics because how do you gain the trust back. by working very hard. for you mark good to hear although do not illinois has been struggling through the covert 900 pandemic world indicate that people in times
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of crisis going to vote for their leader they know marco at the scene as a crisis manager but also a leader tainted by serious scandals a recent survey shows that even without a covert than that make poverty rates will increase by 30 percent or more people will depend on food handouts and one of the world's richest nations so even though market is still popular some are wondering how long 'd he can rely on his survival skills most people in this queue are longing for a change in leadership they hope may come true sooner than they might expect some political observers predict a prime minister if elected again may have to step down after all a parliamentary inquiry into the childcare benefits scandal is scheduled for 2 years from now that fast and al-jazeera. russia says it plans to block twitter in one month if the social media platform doesn't remove banned content last week the country's communications watchdog announced it had slowed down the website speed
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the russian authorities are also suing 5 social media companies for posts about opposition protests critics say it's an attempt to silence them. dozens of fragments of 2000 year old scrolls bearing biblical texts have been recovered during an archaeological expedition south of jerusalem the fragments put on to the collection of jewish texts known as the dead sea scrolls found they could run in the occupied west bank in the 1940 s. and $950.00 s. the most recent finds include lines written in greek from the biblical books of zechariah and now home teams repelled down an a.t.v. to cliff finding the fragments at a site called the cave of horror because of its precarious position jewish rebels were believed to have hidden from the romans van. was told something about the cultural world of the of the rebels of the vocal horrible. many times these rebels are thought to be specifically very nationalistic.
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hebrew speakers the jews but we see here is that they also spoke rick that the reading greek and that they had their scriptures in greek sometimes. and when money has catch up any time on our website they're just that is out there dot com and you can also watch us live by clicking on the orange live icon our desired outcome. top stories are now to 0 european medicines agency says it's firmly convinced the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine outweigh any risks 19 countries have now temporarily suspended the use of the coronavirus vaccine because of reports of blood clots in some recipients the regulator is investigating those reports to see if there's any link between the vaccine and the clotting its results will.


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