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close to the city's footballing legend eric cantona introduces cloud your temporary one of a special few who stood up for their beliefs whatever the cause. football gravitas on al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden urges vigilance from all americans and his 1st primetime address saying the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. i will not relent until we beat these fires. and i need you. the american people i need you i need every american to do their part. not robots in this is all to syria live from doha also coming up as military is
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accused of committing crimes against humanity is increasingly violent attempts to stifle protests. thailand becomes the latest country to pause its rollout of the astra zeneca vaccine and fears over blood clots that european regulators say the shots are safe. and from the beach to the building site how the people of bali are trying to broaden their horizons after the collapse of global tourism. the fight against corona virus is far from over that's the warning to americans from joe biden in his 1st primetime address since becoming u.s. president he's urging people to get vaccinated as well as to keep social distancing and wearing face masks he says history will record the us overcame one of its toughest and darkest periods alan fischer has more from washington d.c.
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from the east room in the white house joe biden's 1st national presidential address good evening my fellow americans when you don't from the global pandemic being declared the president took time to consider the human cost the growing number of deaths the families torn apart the lives left to be rebuilt we all lost something a collective suffering a collective sacrifice a year filled with the loss of life the loss of living for all of us a loss we saw how much there was to gain an appreciation respect and gratitude biden was somber but also hard to provide hope coming he believes in the form of the american rescue plan the massive $1.00 trillion dollars act he signed into law just hours before the plan to give hope to people struggling to kick start an economy to expand a vaccination program so desperately needed i'm announcing that i will direct all
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states tribes and territories to make all adults people 18 and over. eligible to be vaccinated no later than may 1 we do this together by july the 4th there's a good chance you your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate independence day there's overwhelming support across the country for the relief plan even among republican voters but republican politicians think it's not targeted and it's too expensive this isn't a relief well it's pretty much a payoff for palosi as political allies and it will be the american people paying the bill we can't let our guard down by can appealed for unity for americans to work together we don't want to go back he said and he urged people to wear masks as the man who became the face of the u.s. covert response has lamented how much politics got in the way of doing the right
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thing we had such divisiveness in our country that even simple common sense public health measures took on a political connotation look forward to seeing the president will feel up here force one and start tuning parts of the country to take the benefits of his 1st major legislative success it is essentially a victory lap and he hopes the country will start looking more normal by july the 4th more like the america everyone notes and hasn't seen for a year alan fischer al jazeera washington elizabeth anchors an associate professor of american studies and political science at george washington university she says biden is trying to change the way americans see the government. there was a lot of information packed into that small speech you know not only did biden acknowledge the mornings and the losses of this last year but he then and now nst many different policies both from you know making sure that americans get the
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vaccine quite quickly to all the ways in which he's going to solve the economic and health care problems besetting americans and then on top of that he's calling for a sea change in the way that americans address government that government is not out to harm americans as it's sometimes a popular narrative we thought with trump and even with their earlier presidents that he sang year that we are government and that government is here to solve our problems and to make our lives better i think this was his way of trying to get americans who are often suspicious of the work of government to get them to understand all of the resources and the powers that government can have to to mobilize to try to solve an enormous crisis like cope in crisis and i think he was suggesting by calling it a war footing that we need that kind of large scale mobilization across sectors of american politics public life and private life in order to do that work thailand is the latest country to delay its rollout of the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine on
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thursday denmark norway and iceland suspended use of the job after several reported cases of blood clotting including one death the danish health agency says it has not established any link between the clots and the vaccine but it will stop using the job for 2 weeks to investigate. several countries have said they'll continue using the astra zeneca vaccine france and canada say the benefits outweigh the risks and see no reason to suspend injections mexico's expressed confidence astray it says it's monitoring reports of side effects but it is seen no evidence to suggest that the job causes blood clots well let's bring in clements he's professor of infectious diseases at coaching university he's joining us by skype from perth australia it's good to have you with us sir thank you very much indeed given the speed at which these vaccines were produced and the limited amount of time that was done for testing out of clearly necessity it would be unusual for any vaccine to have escaped having any issues or i suspect do you think of the vaccines to hi.
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well i think you're right to point out that spain has been developed although there are more quickly than is normally the case but it's important to recognize all of these all of that it seems that they can register national authorities have been through all of the essential steps are in terms of testing at the state and say. we can expect that these states will be safe. we don't know whether or not. the clotting disorder is that. are related to the vaccine it's still too early to say it does seem that perception certainly public perception is key to the vaccine rollout success success around the world but we're facing this problem not me because some countries are being russia since some politicians are actively suggesting that people do not take certain vaccines what impact is this likely to have on the worldwide role that the worldwide control if you like of the virus. you
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know that's a really important point of course the global community governments. the public are all very very interested. in these kind of that sense because they are the way out and it's endemic and i think there's heightened scrutiny in terms of the safety of these vaccines i think that's absolutely to be expected however easily in order to be reassured that they are being developed using proper scientific method in terms of the different to protection of the different governments that does relate to each their to their own interpretation of of risk and scientific evidence but at this stage there is no real evidence to suggest that the astra zeneca state is the cause of any major side effects but no it does need to be done to determine our throughout this whole pandemic one of the key issues has been information and they
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in some cases certainly in the early days the lack of it but we're only gradually beginning to get an understanding of how things are working including the vaccines if there is some degree of interpretation or misinterpretation some cases of the way the vaccines are working who should the public turn to do you think for a reliable source of information about the the effectiveness of vaccines. well generally speaking it would be the government so in the case of a strain our government follows us from the chief medical officer and then it should our state jurisdictions from the state chief medical offices and the government acts according to scientists it got so you know but you have to recognize of course that different countries are going to take a slightly different approach is based on their own local interpretation of the risks. just very briefly one of the issues of course is the fact that this will put off a lot of people taking certain vaccines and of course that has been an issue since
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the rollout began given the perceptions of astra zeneca as they are at the moment and the perceptions that are of certain other vaccines around the world what is the received think that the rollout of vaccinations around the world is going to be slowed and as a result we're going to see an increase in variations of the virus and growing across the world. look i think that there's a real risk i think possibly slowing down it's our role as a cause of this mandated by government but also i think risks around the time so in order to effectively control the end of it we're going to reach high population levels of coverage and i think it's really important. to get back and i did you know just get vaccinated to particular health that you get that it took you community and we're willing to push back against the you know that sentiment is growing in some parts of the world because that's ultimately very selfish sentiment
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it's one that doesn't think about the impact on other individuals making a personal choice not to get that's not it at the time went on there's no evidence to suggest that any of the current that seems that are growing up globally are dangerous you felt far from it they protect you and that protect others from from from from a deadly does a so that we must from a message really good to get the benefits of your expertise in this hour to clemens we appreciate it thank you very much indeed. near mars military is being accused of torture and persecution over its response to peaceful protests a un special rapporteur says it's likely there's and has committed crimes against humanity is calling for sanctions against me and my senior leaders and its oil and gas industries the military has dismissed his claims are diplomatic editor james bays reports from un headquarters in new york. given the pictures the
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world seen in recent weeks the statement to the human rights council from the generals in myanmar claiming they're using utmost restraint was far from convincing it was made in a recorded address by a veteran diplomat who sounded nervous and mumbling his words there was a standing opposite countries pressure of it which ran on trying to their principles of universality impartiality objectivity now. an address in the home or an issue of the country concerned however as the permanent secretary at the foreign ministry chan i previously worked closely with. the state council at one of her jobs was foreign minister observers are now wondering whether someone who is a close aide of the now detained leader was speaking freely or perhaps was in fear of reprisals the statement was in very clear contrast to that of the un special
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rapporteur tom andrews who said at least 70 people have been killed by the military since the coup on february the 1st there is growing evidence that this senior military led by shaming sheen or leadership is now engaging in crimes against humanity including the actual murder in forces of parents persecution tortured and imprisoned in violation of fundamental rules of international law the human rights council meeting highlights an ongoing battle over diplomatic recognition while the position of the generals is read out at the. un in geneva here united nations headquarters in new york. who's denounced the military continues to hold the country's seat in the general assembly james al-jazeera of the united nations. has militaries leveled a new accusations against deposed leader aung san suu kyi as it defends its decision to seize power protesters continue to demand her release at least 9 people
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killed on thursday a military spokesman says since she accepted gold and illegal payments worth $600000.00 while she was in government lawyers dismissed the allegations so had an al-jazeera speculation months over the health and whereabouts of tanzania's president. organizers of the univision song contest have ordered the country to change its entry. how i recall some rather active weather moving across the middle east over the next couple of days a fair bit of right sleep at snow piling out. asked going to make its way across the caucasus georgia or armenia azerbaijan all seeing significant snowfall as we go
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through the next couple days northern parts of iraq could see some snow northern areas of iran certainly with a chance to see some significant snowfall and watches for a temperature drop 13 celsius in tehran 33 in kuwait even here in doha we're going to warm 35 celsius that brisk wind 50 dust and sand but look at the temperatures fall away friday going on into sas day 25 celsius to 10 degree drop here in doha so freshening up 13 degree drop there in kuwait really getting up to 7 celsius there for tara that race statement snow that will make its way across turkmenistan northern parts of afghanistan let's look further south with the u.a.e. yemen doing too badly in that dry weather that comes down across the horn of africa the fog in for i hear all the way down across the rift valley like victoria looking pretty good because some heavier showers 7 to northern parts of madagascar northern areas of mozambique through zambia those heavy showers right all the way up into the gulf of guinea.
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now to a. japanese if we women teachers daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their lives to be education the future generations. women in the way on al-jazeera.
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if you want to come visit a reminder of our top stories this hour joe biden has ordered the u.s. states to make all adults eligible for coronavirus vaccines by may the 1st and his 1st primetime television address since becoming president biden warned the fight against covert 19 is far from over. thailand is the latest country to cause its rollout of the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine denmark was the 1st to announce a suspension following reports of serious blood clotting but european regulators say the shots are safe. meanwhile as military is being accused of torturing and persecuting protesters here an expert says if their motive crimes against humanity the military rejects the claims at least 70 people to be killed seized on february 1st germany has recorded its largest daily increase in corona virus cases in more than a month and then france concern is growing about the situation in the greater paris region the government says
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a patient is being admitted to intensive care every 12 minutes it's warned new restrictions may be needed if the situation gets worse it also there's a new case behold it calls for. the best of them is what we are already preparing large transfers of patients to other regions which could take place as of this weekend when i say large i mean that we are talking about dozens even hundreds of patients who could be evacuated from the great to paris region to other hospitals in other regions of the country. estonia has entered a month long locked on after its corona virus infections compared to the size of its population became the 2nd highest in the world the country of 1300000 people as recorded nearly 80000 cases since the start of the pandemic the new measures include closing schools non-essential stores and restaurants $40000.00 coronavirus vaccines donated by the united arab emirates have arrived in gaza where hamas who's a longtime rival palestinian president mahmoud abbas took credit for security in
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securing the donations of russia's sputnik vaccine. hof the doses of for those living in the occupied west bank where our buses palestinian authority has limited self rule the indonesian island of bali is one of asia's most popular tourism destinations but the pandemic has forced dozens of the tells to close leaving thousands of people unemployed and with no indication of why and tourists might return some say bali needs to diversify its economy jessica washington reports. this is a beach once packed with foreign tourists now almost completely empty. nearby many restaurants and stores are closed. hotel owner debbie yet though says she had no choice but to temporarily shut her resort and lay off staff yeah it's a set their form there's nothing i can do except some 5 know that. most of
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the visitors are gone and the people who call bali home have had to have done it's . call months one week i have been a tour guide for 17 years he's now working in construction. but he tried to survive with what little we have you sold the jewelry and some of our belongings too. he's registered to get vaccinated and is anticipating the return of foreign travelers to bali. but he says authorities should learn from the pandemic. economy when i was in a financial sense it is really bad and painful but this is a lesson for me to be stronger mentally it's also listen forward in the future we shouldn't rely only on one thing what. the indonesian tourism ministry hopes bali can welcome back to us soon but doesn't know exactly when we're very optimistic. we
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. short a period of time we would be able to where you open the borders. be a good buy go of tourism going to. around 80 percent of the population in bali work in tourism and many turned to agriculture when they lost their jobs the indonesian government is trying to encourage domestic tourism and says it is discussing the possibility of trouble corridos without the countries but it will be months before the border can safely reopen and community groups say reverting back to mouth to rhythm will make the population vulnerable in the future. environmental groups advocate for a more balanced economy with more opportunities in farming fishing and other industries as well as tourism. the indonesian form for the environment says mass tourism in bali has resulted in polluted beaches uncontrolled development and water scarcity because of hotel consumption. health experts say bali is still
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a long way from being ready to reopen its border is before the 6000000 do so by the by no it cannot cannot by many people in bali and now not just hoping for a return to the way things were but have their sights on an even better future jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. dunson is all physicians demanding information on the health and whereabouts of the president who hasn't been seen in public for nearly 2 weeks the opposition leader suggested to john lennon fully is in a coma and receiving treatment for corona virus in india a government minister has denounced days of speculation as nonsense bugger fully has been criticised for playing down the threat of covert 19 and claiming steamed therapy to protect tanzanians from the illness of peter drawback is a global health position and director of oxford university's school center for social entrepreneurship he says countries that don't take the pandemic seriously
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can affect those that do. it's really troubling to hear these reports about the president allegedly being ill with with kovan 1000 we wish him the best i certainly hope so and we hope that the government can finally begin to take this seriously and starts with the infrastructure in place i know that tens of his neighbors in the east african community the african union the africa c.d.c. will be willing to help out in tanzania you know i'd be most worried if i were among the neighboring countries and so there it's possible that regional pressure from kenya from rwanda from other countries in the east african community may help because of course that's a real direct and immediate threat to those countries throughout this pandemic we've seen instances where where political leaders either don't want to crap with the scale of the challenge or outright deny and we saw that in the u.s. under president trump in brazil of course which is still really suffering but then other places as well like tents and you know like north korea which haven't even
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been counting the reporting cases and one thing we have to remember and i think brazil really teaches us now this lesson is that you know penn demick none of us are safe until all of us are safe and so there could be repercussions of course not only for people within tanzania and within brazil but when the fire is allowed to rage uncontrolled it has more opportunities to mutate for new variants to arise and that could threaten all the progress that we've made so we need more cooperation to work with and persuade and help countries like tanzania to tackle this pandemic. coast has seen 3 cycles of presidential and parliamentary elections since the end of its civil war and each has been marked by tension and violence. reports from abidjan on the painful and slow process of reconciliation. in a busy district a few people affected by the country's violent past meet among them victims
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aggressors mediators and facilitators confront their fears with the hope of finding closure. to the next competent blames injustice described on the murder of his friends. in ivory coast postelection pilar's. even if you don't commit any crime you live with stigma just because you are an ex combatant reconciling all sides is the only way to heal right now we face stigma and discrimination even if we didn't go to war. and for those losses so much greater recovery remains a long difficult process. uprooted by the 2002 civil war from the city of boy. only to be left devastated by the post-election of 2011. the meeting she cuts a figure of a strong character a leader. but she's overcome with grief.
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i can't explain to you how my son died when he saw me he said mom we fled only to be in a worse situation he looked to me and breathed his last on the anniversary of his death his father died of cory you see i lost my son my house my wealth almost everything. thousands have been killed in ivory coast 2002 civil war and the 2011 post-election violence more than a decade after they still much hate and anger. a truth that we consider should commission was set up between the 14th to attempt to close these dark chapters in ivory coast's the streets implementing its recommendations is taking time because of how deep the divisions are in a country once considered west africa's island of stability shortly after his reelection last year president alassane ouattara established a ministry devoted to ivorians previously the role of. the
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healing process and all was left in the hands of a few individuals and organizations. leads the federation of victims of post-election violence in ivory coast he says their work is difficult by the failure of the country to appreciate how deep their divisions are. it's a daily struggle to reconcile victims and aggressive our objective is to unite ivorians to live in peace once again. he says stocks help some to move on but won't let in areas was affected by the country's crisis there's still much suspicion we stress and in some cases hate among neighbors and it's reflected in ivory coast politics many here feel unless the government invest more in confidence building and trust the nation may not attend lasting peace destroyed by both the 2002 civil war and the post-election violence of 2011 comedy agrees.
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new york governor andrew cuomo is facing an impeachment inquiry over mounting allegations of sexual harassment dozens of state politicians have demanded kormos resignation has repeatedly said he won't step down he's asked the public to wait for the findings of an investigation gone as administration is also being accused of concealing how many nursing home residents died from covert 19. the u.s. house of representatives has voted in favor of legislation making background checks mandatory for all gun buyers the bill will now go to the senate if it passes it will close a loophole that currently allows gun sales to proceed if a check hasn't been done within 3 days speaker nancy pelosi has urged members of congress to pass the legislation it's hard to imagine legislation being more popular than the rescue plan 75 percent labor this legislation background checks closer to 90 percent bipartisan support across the country receiving in support of
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gun owners hunters and the rest they've all had to do a background check why shouldn't others and as i say about the members of congress there's no if you are afraid to vote for nonviolent prevention because of your political survival understand the political 3rd vibe of the us is more important than the survival of our children. the european broadcasting union has rejected bellow 2 sentry for this use universe and song contest sing the nominated song contravenes the competition's non political nature. the entry was by a band known for songs mocking protests against presidents alexander lukashenko the truck features lyrics such as i will teach you to toe the line it receives tens of thousands of dislikes in the universe and page and has been taken down. we used to
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say that sports it's not politics and music it's not politics but when it comes to belarus sports it's politics music tastes politics the state t.v. channel if the propaganda that megaphone for the dictatorship from the question to the president of the state of t.v. company based on the sanctions least for at crimes for 4 for one from human rights so it's to involve them in such an event if to make politics or it. this is our desire these are the top stories of joe biden's order to u.s. states to make all adults eligible for corona virus vaccines by.


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