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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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some really heavy rain on this one actually in fact it will turn to snow over the high ground possibility has some localized flooding heading towards tokyo on sas day as that rain makes its way further north. 0. hello i'm charlie and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. as security forces in myanmar can at least 7 more protest as a senior hunter official tells the un they've been exercising the utmost restraint . a year after the covert outbreak was declared a pandemic infections are rising again around europe and the death toll in brazil
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is soaring. president biden signs into law his $1.00 trillion dollar relief bill. and a better reuss why the euro vision song contest has ordered the country to change it and treat i'm german asked with sports to take care of them picks organizers deny reports they've already decided to seize fans and the international olympic committee strikes a deal with china to provide vaccines vacillates around the world who are preparing for the games. the un special rapporteur on human rights and says there's growing evidence the minute trees cut down on protesters may constitute crimes against humanity persecution at least 7 more antique you protest as were killed on thursday when the
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security forces opened fire on them the un human rights investigator accused of killing at least 70 people since the fed. with hundreds more injured and an advocacy group with more than 2000 more than 2000 protesters have been arrested including hundreds of students and media workers diplomatic had to james bays reports from the u.n. . given the pictures the. weeks the so. statement to the human rights council from the generals in myanmar claiming they're using utmost restraint was far from convincing it was made in a recorded address by a veteran diplomat who sounded nervous and mumbling his words was a standing country special. which ran on trying to the principal's office university impartiality objectivity. in the home or issue of the. harbor as the permanent secretary at the foreign ministry chan i
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previously worked closely with she a state counselor one of her jobs was foreign minister observers are now wondering whether someone who was a close aide of the now detained leader was speaking freely or perhaps was in fear of reprisals the statement was in very clear contrast to that of the un special rapporteur tom andrews who said at least 70 people have been killed by the military since the coup on february the 1st there is growing evidence that this same year the military led by shaming sheen your leadership is now engaging in crimes against humanity including the actual murder inforce disappearance persecution tortured and imprisoned in violation of fundamental rules of international law the human rights council meeting highlights an ongoing battle over diplomatic recognition while the position of the generals is read out at the un in geneva here in united nations
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headquarters in new york ambassador george moore turn his denounce the military continues to hold the country's seat in the general assembly james al-jazeera of the united nations. meehan the us military has leveled new accusations against deposed leader and son suchi a military spokesperson said she accepted a legal payments worth $600000.00 plus gold while in government scott hyla has more from bangkok on those claims and thursday's protests. protestors in myanmar again fleeing bullets on the streets of yangon live ammunition used elsewhere to protesters and several other cities and towns are facing a stepped up violent crackdown and more cases of security forces shooting unarmed protesters in the head the protest peacefully but they cracked down on us while mentally demotic crack delved a strong good of revolution we have decided the view continue until we've been in
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a news conference the military judge to restated its intention of holding on to power only until new elections can be held election fraud in november's polling was its reason for the power grab yet the generals have provided no evidence of it. they also accuse deposed civilian leader aung sang suu kyi of taking bribes and others in her cabinet of corruption. well thank you for the young gun regional minister. said he gave. himself $600000.00 in cash and 11 kilograms of gold between december of 2017 to march of 2018 so i'm watching the news conference at a young gun tea shop call it one sided and question the jump to placing blame on protesters for starting the violence when they have no weapons. they are saying that the whole country is carrying out acts of violence it's horrible it's hurtful we have given our time we have given our lives military does not care and say
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whatever they want. in another movie just a has taken the erik an army off its list of terrorist groups it's one of 2 dozen ethnic armed groups in the country it's been removed from the list according to the joint because they have now stopped attacks in order to help establish peace some of the other ethnic armies have sided with the antic who protesters and across its eastern border thailand is preparing for the possibility of a refugee flow from me and more those looking to flee the military's crackdown thailand's immigration department is converting a football arena into a processing center with health screening for now there hasn't been a large number of people trying to cross the border but in anticipation the time military has increased its patrols along the area it's got harder al-jazeera when i speak now to michael charney he's a professor of asian a military history at the school of oriental and african studies here in london and the author of a history of modern thank you for joining us so fresh accusations there from the
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military against an l d that seems to be a patton but whatever didn't have the minute she produced. well. you have to put what's happening into a particular context and that's 1st of all the burma has been under or has been under sanctions and that kind of thing for a number of years and its banking system is still not completely clean accounting practices aren't perfect and there's a great deal of a possibility that things weren't recorded correctly or. otherwise that's one of the reasons that they that they grabbed all the papers and assets from the can g m combination the own son suchi sent set up in 2012 they have they will be able to find. the military will be able to find people who will who will verify that. on behalf of their charges but that's to be expected they they will always find somebody who will who will be able to to to verify those things but how far their
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testimony is accurate is there's a great deal of doubt in this kind of circumstance and you had that assessment from the un special rapporteur with evidence of tugs and killings forced this apparent says in a coordinated campaign against civilians that should be or could be considered crimes against humanity could this label and the threat of prosecution deter the minute tree toll. no i don't i don't think so we just have to go back to 2017 and everything that happened since with the with the renga they were guilty cleared cookie crimes against humanity there they've been they don't call for that and we just have to look at that i see jane 2900 and they were they've killed 70 people now and while that's a tragedy they killed well over 10000 in case the rink and that didn't deter them that didn't lead them to stop from engaging this right now i don't think that will have far too much in effect where it might have an effect is where. the pressure
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might start to be put more heavily on china and russia in ozzy on states to conform to international standards and get on board and sort of blocking action against moammar actually cooperate in action against him or. so let's look at funding how is the military making its money at the moment and will those new sanctions against the military leaders children will they have any impact will be on the stake that the west has in the burmese economy built into imports and exports is isn't that high they have targeted to the west or economic holdings finally but even then we're not talking about the largest portion of the military families wealth is kept in other places and kept in the country singapore and and that and the p.r.c. the until we actually get these areas on board the targeted sanctions will have a limited effect beyond that we're just not talking about there are those the the generals at the top the germans of the top are you know they're leitz and they
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think like leeds and and maybe that would work with some of them but the rank and file these are these are lifelong soldiers who are race worth and orphans that militaries are only institution the only way of life they aren't going to give up you get a hardliner lightman online and with that rank and file support and still be very hard to actually change the direction of things. professor michael tony thank you so much for your expertise thank you. well the un is how the special session on the rising threat of hunger especially in yemen and ethiopia's tikrit a region where food supplies are running dangerously low the world food program's chief has just returned from yemen is seeking private donations the agency needs an extra $600000.00 to provide aid to yemen for the next 6 months a recent donor conference failed to raise even harf the $4000000000.00 needed to
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avert a famine there. it's a horrific situation it really years i went to our what would be the best hospital is sama room to room to room with our social group literally. destroy the lucky ones that actually get into the hospital what called the doctor and i said how many years you had or here and he said 25 or so what do you do with the word that you know that term that you don't have room for should we stop the hope so what happens. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has spoken out about the ongoing violence in ethiopia a region linda thomas greenfield called on all sides to reach a solution the ongoing violence helps prevent it humanitarians from helping a desperately hungry people. activists in ethiopia including eritrea and forces from a past if your views borders every strip of humanitarian access to the rural areas
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where are the most secure ians live. this situation you're a part of we call on all sides and i'm stressed all sides to stop the fighting and allow the humanitarian situation to be addressed. coming up on this from london. japan marks 10 years since the massive earthquake and tsunami that killed around 20000 people and triggered a nuclear meltdown at fukushima. the fight for chile's future candidates jockey for position as the country prepares to rewrite its constitution. and in sports we'll show you how roger federer got on in his 2nd match since returning from injury. it's exactly
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a year since the world health organization declared the corona virus outbreak a pandemic every country has been touched by the virus but with the production of vaccine some nations are beginning to see hope according to 326000000 vaccine doses to be to administer it globally nearly 100000000 of them have been given in the u.s. more than 2000000 a day no and the 7 day average number of deaths has hov since january when it recorded more than 4000 new deaths and some days in brazil though it's a different story about 12000000 vaccination doses have been to administer it but on wednesday the country suffered its worst day for related deaths recording more than 2000 for the 1st time and it looks like a 3rd wave could be sweeping parts of the just 44000000 vaccine doses have been given across the block and infections have risen 50 percent in italy in the last 2 weeks. germany has recorded its largest any increase in corona virus cases in more than a month while in france the health minister says the situation in the greater paris region is especially worrying and new measures may be needed if the situation
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continues to worsen the number of people in intensive care in france is at its highest level for 3 and a half months despite a nationwide curfew. also there's a new case behold it calls for. we are already preparing large transfers of patients to other regions which could take place as off this weekend when i say large i mean that we are talking about dozens even hundreds of patients who could be evacuated from the great to paris region to other hospitals in other regions of the country where the e.u. now has 4 coronavirus vaccines it can use with its regulatory body approving johnson and johnson single shot medication the block is trying to increase the speed of its sluggish immunization campaign which has been marred by production delays affecting its other vaccines the e.u. has ordered 200000000 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine but the company has warned it's also experiencing supply issues denmark norway and iceland have
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temporarily suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine after several cases of blood clots including one death the danish health agency says it's not established a link between clots and the vaccine but it will stop using the job for 2 weeks to investigate austria has stopped using vaccines from the same batch after women died soon after receiving the shot a stoney of lithuania luxembourg and out of here have poorest use of the same batch and italy has withdrawn another batch of the vaccine after 2 men died in sicily there are no link has been established between the vaccine and the deaths for brennan has more on the impact of the astra zeneca suspensions. it is worrying on the basis that 1st of all yes there have been some blood clots but the danish the norwegians and the ice like the icelanders who've decided to suspend the use of the astra zeneca vaccine altogether are effectively going against the advice of the european medicines agency which is saying that as far as they're concerned the
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number of blood clots related to those people who have the vaccines are not out of the ordinary what you would normally expect in the general population they've reported some $22.00 events thromboembolism events out of the $3000000.00 people who've been vaccinated up to march the night so there is the sense in some quarters that that denmark norway and iceland are are being rather over cautious and that is not going to help when you're trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible 40000 coronavirus vaccines donated by the united arab emirates have arrived in gaza but have a deadline who's a longtime rival of palestinian president mahmoud abbas took credit for securing the donations of russia's sputnik the vaccine that land says harf of the doses of for those living in the occupied west bank where about his palestinian authority has limited self rule health officials in brazil are warning hospitals in the main cities nearing capacity the number of daily coronavirus death exceeded 2000 for the
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1st time on wednesday by medical center field crew says 15 of 27 state capitals have less than 10 percent of their intensive care beds left while 3 state capitals have none the surgeon cases is believed to be because of a highly contagious variant of covert 19 which was 1st 'd detected in the amazon city of us. because obviously when the young are taking this disease when they are killing the elderly in 17 years working for the ambulance service i've never seen anything like kids more than we back to see the collapse of the ambulance service the hospitals will break down hospitals are in collapse in the short term nobody will be able to save anyone we paramedics who just drive to patients at a hospital entrance tanzania's opposition leader says the country's coronavirus denying president is in a coma or in india after not being seen for almost 2 weeks to undo lisa's says john mica fairly is being treated for covert 19 after being transferred from
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a hospital in kenya but hasn't provided any evidence on wednesday a kenyan newspaper reported that an african leader was being treated in nairobi but didn't say to senior officials recently died in tanzania including the vice president of zanzibar because it $900.00 confirmed as the cause of his death will be to draw back as a global health physician and director of oxford university skull center 1st social entrepreneurship he joins us now from oxford so one year now since the w.h.o. use the word pandemic for covert 19 pick me a picture of where we are now in the trajectory of the pandemic. well to remarkable when you think back about where we were a year ago and of course it was january 30th when to show really sounded the alarm of 2020 by declaring a public health emergency of international concern a year ago is when things were really taking root in here and in europe in the u.k. obviously since then we have seen you know millions of cases around the world it's
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turned everything upside down but what's most remarkable really is that if you had asked me a year ago would we have a vaccine not only vaccines that are safe and effective in a villa but actually in the arms of millions of people around the world i would have thought that was pretty unlikely so despite all of the destruction all of the suffering and and how far we still have to go that's an extraordinary testament to human innovation and i think one bright spot absolutely yes yet some countries a still in denial about the scale of the problem in tanzania as they today it's had 19 data since may so what to believe is the truth pitches in countries like that. well it's really concerning of course and throughout this pandemic we've seen instances where where political leaders either don't want to grapple with the scale of the challenge or outright denial and we saw that in the u.s. under president trump in brazil of course which is still really suffering but then
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other places as well like tensity of like north korea which haven't even been counting the reporting cases and one thing we have to remember and i think brazil really teaches us now this lesson is that you know penn demick none of us are safe until all of us are safe and so there could be repercussions of course not only for people within tanzania and within brazil but when the fire is allowed to rage and control it has more opportunities to mutate for new variants to arise and that could threaten all the progress that we've made so we need more cooperation to work with and persuade and help countries like tanzania to tackle this pandemic so with the death of the tents an efficient recently from suspected cave in 1000 do you think we could finally see the country taking it seriously. it's hard to say of course you know it's really troubling to hear these reports about the president allegedly being ill with with kovan 1000 we wish him the best i certainly hope so and we hope that the government can finally begin to take this seriously and
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starts with the infrastructure in place i know that tens of his neighbors in the east african community the african union the africa c.d.c. will be willing to help out and what can be done about this other countries that aren't providing data that need saying that obligation is how can pressure be applied on them. you know it's difficult i think in some cases the situation is going to differ in each of these countries there's turkmenistan there's north korea this tends to be incredibly different context for example in tanzania you know i'd be most worried if i were it among the neighboring countries and so there it's possible that regional pressure from kenya from rwanda from other countries in the east african community may help because of course that's a real direct and immediate threat to those countries as well i think we also need international pressure as well as international support and how worrying is that but countries night to brazil with that numbers and then faction rates rising well
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it's an extraordinary toll that brazil has suffered certainly and in the mid ause region which we already saw extraordinary infection rates and now some evidence of reinfection and there seems that a reminiscence of what we saw a lot of bharti in italy a year ago when the health system was was on the verge of collapse that's real concern and of course the p one variance one of those variance of concern that appears to be able to reinfect people who have recovered from cope at 19 which may be somewhat resistance of vaccines is really on the rise in brazil and we've seen that now pop up in several countries around the world it's a very concerning situation and how concerning is the recent news that some countries the suspending the use of astra zeneca and europe just as infection rates once they seem to be rising. yeah i'm not sure what to make of it the things seem to pop up with this vaccine in europe again and again there were some you know
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statements a few months back that maybe we shouldn't be using it in the elderly because this rolls to include many people over $65.00 and that was sort of proved to be debunked you know now of course these legit safety concerns. insured as lawrence investigating what do you worry about of course is that we we need to build trust in these vaccines which have been very rigorously studied in things that cast doubt on the safety of vaccines that might lead to more hesitancy really may slow down the vaccination effort so i'm concerned about that and that kind of mix messaging may hamper an effort which is so time sensitive because you know we know that after a couple of months of decline in europe and around the world as you said we're starting now to see increases we have populations that are extremely fits he didn't tired of restrictions and lockdowns and there's a very real risk of of another surge in infections so it's really
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a race against time to get vaccinations into arms and i don't think these sorts of obstacles are going to help pay to back directive oxford university skull sent fs social entrepreneurship thank you for joining us there thanks here as president joe biden has signed into know his 1.9 trillion donna when he could have it when he fell the massive economic plan pos in the house of representatives on wednesday most americans will now receive a one a direct payment of $1400.00 done is expected to be rolled out in the coming days it also includes billions to expand health care unemployment and cave in 1000 testing. when it's go to an official now in washington d.c. out in a historic bell and a big win for biden and his 1st 50 days. that's right and they moved it forward 24 hours simply because it went through the process of being processed by the house and the senate so it landed on his desk much sooner than everyone expected he said
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he would sign it as soon as he got it and that's exactly what he did so the money should start to go out pretty soon i was speaking to someone just the last hour or so say when will people start to see these checks they said look this process will be much quicker than the last time around not least because they won't have to attach the president's name to the checked this time around and of course joe biden in about 4 hours time is going to make his 1st national address as president he's doing on the one year anniversary of the corporate being declared a national global pandemic and it's his intention to leave not just how the money in the corporate relief bill will help but also how he plans to move on from here to make sure that people can continue to get vaccinated how the program will increase and how america will recover from the damage that's been inflicted over the past 12 months and in the last few hours democrats have improved to gun control
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bells how significant are they. well what we've been here before they also passed these bills back in in 2019 these would essentially make it much harder for people to to get guns because they would have to go through extensive background checks and the reason it didn't go anywhere in 29000 is it was passed by the democratically controlled house sent to the senate and the republicans who were in the majority there simply did nothing about it you know the thing is that like the covert relief bill this is a measure that is really popular in the country not just with democrats but with republicans as well they too would like to see an increase in background checks but there are many republicans who will not vote for this not because they don't like the idea but they're concerned about how it will plea with their base and the possibility they might be primaried at home for their seat if they vote for any
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sort of gun control legislation that was a point made by speaker nancy pelosi on the house of the on the floor of the house . it's hard to imagine legislation being more popular than the rescue plan 75 percent labor this legislation background checks closer to 90 percent bipartisan support across the country receiving the support of gun owners hunters and the rest they've all had to do a background check why shouldn't others and as i say about the members of congress there is no if you will afraid to vote for john violence prevention because of your political survival understand the political survival of none of us is more important than the survival of our children. so what happens next well it will go to the senate chuck schumer who's a leader of the democrats in the senate is very keen to make sure that republican
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senators are on record as voting against the background checks not least because it is popular in the country but it's unlikely the this legislation as it stands could get through the senate this isn't like the covert relief bill where you can do certain things in the committee and play the rules and play the game and make sure that you can get it passed with just a one vote majority which of course the democrats have at the moment this needs a lot more support you need 60 votes to get this through and at the moment you couldn't identify 10 republicans who would vote for this as it stands but it could be a starting point to talk about increased gun legislation in america a starting point allan fisheye life rest in washington d.c. thank you. well there's still lots more to come this hour. they want to deceive us they want to control us they want to put this muzzle on our faces this is. the growing threat of the covert anti vaccinated men believe has joined forces with the
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u.s. capitol storming crowds. the painful process of reconciliation ivory coast population tries to come to terms with its violent history. finding support the world cup winning rugby player who's giving up the game to concentrate on boxing. but. how that got a big change in the weather across europe at the moment says stormy weather rolling in from the atlantic sweeping across the british isles bringing some very strong winds gal's all civic isles pushing in across the northwest and some pretty wet weather and that's that weather runs into cooler rabbit got a fair bit of snow to just maybe across scandinavia into that eastern side if europe significant snowfall coming through here tempter moscow. that is actually
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improvements warming up to moscow's snow makes its way through somewhat cooler over towards the west and rights is just coming out of germany down across parts of france we've seen a fair bit of rain and some snow with the house is easing over towards the pole consent as we go on in sou'west saturday that will drive this way for a switch against some snow just coming in across rumania snow clearing away through moscow warming up to freezing by this stage and notice that wet and windy weather still partying across that denmark southern parts of sweden a little dry there for the british isles but the shot was still there nevertheless raffling in on a brisk northwest the wind for the south well too bad lousy dry close a good part of a spain and portugal try whether to across much of northern africa because some western weather with some showers. it's essential past algeria. to take over. history. is
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investigating what it means for the future of the southeast asian nation on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. reminder
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of the top stories here on al-jazeera the un human rights investigator for me and says growing evidence the military's crackdown on protesters may constitute crimes against humanity the military says it's been exercising the utmost restraint. the drug regulator has approved the use of johnson and johnson single dose covert 900 vaccine is infections rise in a number of european countries the shot could help boost the block struggling vaccination campaign. and u.s. president joe biden has signed into law or his $1.00 trillion dollar covert relief bill americans will start receiving a one off payment of $1400.00 in the coming days.
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all the living u.s. presidents and their wives except for the trumps have been united in ca to encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. who will protect you those you love this dangerous deadly disease. be able to visit with her. or are really looking forward to going to opening day church ranger strain with. not a joke to you. but the president's message is timely because a large number of americans are still reluctant to be inoculated and as rob reynolds reports it's tangled up in party politics and conspiracy theories. then i am having. in recent weeks and months coated skeptics have stormed shopping
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centers denouncing customers wearing masks others disrupted a major vaccination center in los angeles claiming the vaccine is harmful and part of a left wing plot. people in idaho rallied to stage a public mask burning ceremony. coppa deniers are busy spreading their message on social media this is the covert deception guys they want to deceive us they want to control us they want to put this muzzle on our face this mask now researchers and lawmakers say anti-vaccination groups and covert deniers are merging with the pro trump armed groups whose father worse attacked the u.s. capitol in january many anti vaccine leaders embraced conspiracies like you anon and joined group white supremacist groups like the proud loyce so you see this alignments with these other conspiracy groups and right wing organizations.
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anti-vaccination propaganda is partisan in nature growing partly out of ex-president donald trump's repudiation of mass wearing and his repeated denials that the coronavirus caused serious illness the seeds of science denial and then to intellectual is a run very deep in culture it's her stronger right now among republicans a february poll shows 42 percent of republicans say they will never get vaccinated some of the covert conspiracy theories are outlandish on a par with the beliefs of q anon at harriet's about a global cobol of satan worshipping pedophiles or that the vaccine is being manufactured to 00 bill gates to. microchip people it's a small matter of intelligence it's not a matter of mental illness or frenzy these are mistakes that even even very
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well educated very intelligent people can make dr richard pan is a california state senator and a practicing pediatrician he says the conspiracy theorists in danger millions the dangers of allowing people to spread lies about vaccines actually endangers all of us and it slows our ability to stop this disease which has already killed over half a 1000000 americans pan and others call for stronger social media fact checking and removal of conspiracists material online is a large group of americans continues to reject reality the by did ministrations goal of near universal adult vaccination and a return to some semblance of normal life may prove elusive rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles japan has been marking the 10th anniversary of the devastating
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earthquake and tsunami that killed about 20000 people. file and finished up the night sky to honor the lies of those lost in the earthquake which triggered a nuclear disaster at the fukushima power plant but in tokyo and to new to activists protested outside the take your electric power company's headquarters some residents have now returned to focus as friday saturday reports for taba. the port of ok though is just 5 kilometers from the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant it would be easy from here to mistake the boat's masts for the water cooling towers and the cranes on that he actors office it was only a year ago 9 years after the disaster the port was allowed to be used again as the 11 over the asian had gone down to what are termed normal limits. it was something the fishermen were waiting for but today they are not in the most what
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fishing. they want to mourn all those lost in the tsunami. because we hear a lot and i would like his photographs of the additional celebrations in the town of soma the birthplace of somewhere i want years to provide inspiration haiti is not going into favor one day i mean what i don't know maybe no one will come to see my photos but if somebody does i hope they inspire them with courage to overcome the challenges ahead. japan has undergone a massive reconstruction project since 2011 that are building homes and ports repairing ships and building hundreds of kilometers of falls along its coastline in case of another tsunami. but when you travel along route 6 which she is just 3 kilometers from the fukushima plant you realize there are
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signs showing the amount of one of the asian in there. the fukushima plant has 6 reactors 3 of them to be removed. that could take at least 10 years then there is another 30 years for the cleanup of the entire sites but there are also other challenges the 1st is getting rid of radioactive water more than 1000000 tons of it and there is no space to store more next year. you know we have no possibility of building new ways of words to conserve contaminated water we are awaiting the government's decision after careful consideration of the situation. but there is also the matter of contaminated waste 14000000 cubic meters of it the contaminated waste is temporarily stored for future disposal in warehouses like here in town just 30 kilometers away from the nuclear plant but on
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to know no one knows how or when that will happen. for the. ivory coast has gone through 3 cycles of presidential and parliamentary elections since the end of its civil war each has been marred by violence and after that it just reports it's been a painful and slow process of reconciliation for the country. in a busy district a few people affected by the country's violent past meet among them victims aggressives mediators and facilitators confront their fears with the hope of finding closure. for the next competent blames injustice described in the murder of his friend's role in ivory coast postelection bylaws. even if you don't commit any crime you live with stigma just because you are an ex combatant reconciling all sides is the only way to heal right now we face stigma and discrimination even if we didn't go to war. and for.
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much greater recovery remains a long difficult process. uprooted by the 2002 civil war from the city of boy. to be left devastated by the post-election violence of 2011. the meeting she cuts a figure of a strong character a leader. but she's overcome with grief. and i can't explain to you how my son died when he saw me he said mom we fled only to be in a worse situation he looked to me and breathed his last on the anniversary of his death his father died of cory you see i lost my son my house my wealth almost everything. thousands have been killed in ivory coast 2002 civil war and the 2011 post-election violence. more than a decade after they still much hate and anger me
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a truth that we continue should commission was set up between the 14th to attempt to close these dark chapters in ivory coast's the street implementing its recommendations is taking time because of how deep the divisions are in a country once considered west africa's island of stability shortly after his reelection last year president alassane ouattara established a ministry devoted to ivorians previously the role of. the healing process and all was left in the hands of a few individuals and organizations all of us who. leads the federation of victims of post-election violence in ivory coast he says their work is met difficult by the failure of the country to appreciate how deep their divisions are. it's a daily struggle to reconcile victims and aggressive are objective is to unite ivorians to live in peace once again. he says stocks help some to move on but one
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study in areas was affected by the country's crisis there's still much suspicion mistrust and in some cases hate among neighbors and it's reflected in ivory coast politics many here feel unless the government invest more in confidence building and trust the nation may not attend lasting peace destroyed by both the 2002 civil war at the post-election violence of 2011. and exactly a month to len's will head to the polls in a historic election to choose delegates for the body that will write a new constitution but while those face social pressure to elect a large number of independents in the constitutional congress they're competing on an uneven playing field from. reports. i think for me constitutional congress candidate can organize as her husband her toddler and a group of supporters as they set off on another day of campaigning this time at
12:44 am
a popular market in the rural municipality of planing on the outskirts of chile's capital she's no stranger here the 25 year old has been an activist for as long as she can remember especially for water rights in this area hard hit by drought and i think we've launched the new constitution to guarantee our social rights a dignified life and to protect our environment. never out who is an independent candidate which means she gets practically no campaign financing or television airtime from the state as do candidates from established political parties. we've had to scratch for money from friends and family are face masks were donated by my sister in law we had to gather thousands of signatures to qualify to run as an independent. she isn't alone. at another food and vegetable market benito brando who is well known for his work with the
12:45 am
homeless is campaigning in lapin than half a mil income area. and i'm pleased. i'm an independent he votes 90 percent of chili in stump along to the country's highly discredited political party last opera or. last year the majority voted in a referendum to rewrite their constitution and next month they'll head to the polls again to elect a $155.00 member body that will draft it the referendum confirmed that 80 percent of chileans didn't want members of congress to have that privilege but it's still an uneven playing field for those pushing for citizens representation. we aren't allowed to form a law and says or pacts with the of a political forces which the political parties can the but. parties who wrote the rules. despite there are enormous disadvantages independents are actually hoping to capitalize on what until now has been an extremely high
12:46 am
abstention rate and apathy on the part of voters this time their bet here is that millions of chileans will actually come out and vote for anyone that doesn't represent the status quo when it comes to writing their new constitution. not insulin swill is one of them through the roof in all my 52 years of living voted but now i will for an independent who's one of us. hundreds of independents have running but chile's complex electoral system has been designed to favor the country's mainstream political blocs which have long resisted calls for profound reforms to guarantee basic social rights. the biggest danger is that unless this process is viewed as credible the social crisis and uprising that led to calls for a new constitution will get worse you see in human al-jazeera bahrain it.
12:47 am
the european broadcasting union has rejected bellary says entry for this year's your vision song contest saying the nominated song contravenes the competitions known political nature. what. were the entry was by a band known for songs mocking the protests against president alexander lukashenko the song features lyrics such as i will teach you to toe the line it will save tens of thousands of dislikes on the eurovision page that has been taken down the entry spot calls for better research to be suspended from the contest could be disqualified if it doesn't change its entry. we used to say that sports it's not politics and music it's not politics but when it comes to belarus sports it's politics music tastes politics the state t.v. channel if the propaganda that megaphone for the dictatorship to look at. the president of the state of t.v.
12:48 am
company if the sanctions least for crimes or for want from human rights so it's to involve them in such an event it is to make politics or it. still ahead this news will overseas fans be allowed that they lympics the latest we take care coming up with jabba sport. and what would you pay for this piece of digital audio more than $20000000.00 people watched it go under the have a for a record price. for
12:49 am
the all.
12:50 am
down his gemma but the sport like each other a. local m.p. organizing committee says a decision has still not been raised about whether to allow overseas fans at the games several media outlets are reporting that it's already been agreed that foreign fans will be shut out to prevent the spread of coronavirus type here 2020 say that's not true but they do want a decision for the stop at the olympic torch relay on march the 25th. this requires an extremely careful and vigilant decision foreign friends book flights many of book hotels so we believe it's better to let them know as early as possible the japanese organizes it didn't comment on the international olympic committee doing a vaccine deal with china vaccination is not mandatory but the scheme will offer jobs to global athletes as they prepare to tell you the 2022 winter games in beijing and so it doesn't seem like sports jumping the queue the i.o.c. will also provide doses for the general public with 4 months to go one of the other
12:51 am
pressing concerns is getting athletes qualified for them picks lots of qualification events are being canceled because of travel restrictions just this week another gymnastics meet was scrapped which means results from the 2019 a world championships will now be used to award entries there are similar problems of canoeing trafford and also boxing with more than 50 fighters to be given spots based on results dating back 4 years while the official deadline for qualification set by the i.o.c. is june 29th and currently 25 percent of the athlete creative places a still it be filled with another 14 percent to be decided on the rankings and time is running out with $134.00 days until the opening ceremony professional sport in the brazilian state of south paolo has been stopped because of a rise in corona virus cases that want to ban activities that produce large gatherings before the health system collapses this includes the states but with
12:52 am
championships so teams are meeting later to discuss whether to move games out where over 87 percent of intensive care beds in south a taken by patients have coronavirus which is claimed more than 270000 lives in brazil. after winning his 1st match in over a year roger federer has now been knocked out of the cat's been the 39 year old swiss was competing at his 1st event since undergoing double knee surgery he beat down evans in his comeback match to ms then up against nicolas basso last really in the quarterfinals federer won the 1st set 63 but he lost the 2nd 61 and despite having a match point in the decider u.s. an able to convert it and it was the georgian player who took the victory and he'll be up against taylor fritz in the semi's the american 4 from a set down to be canadian full seeded denis shapovalov. that's not the only sports happening in doha the cats almost as gulf is going on as well and scotland's david lohr leads off to the 1st round he made 7 bodies including one here at 15 and he
12:53 am
didn't go for shots to finish on 7 on the path that leaves him a shot clear of the fields while in florida the biggest event of the season so far is taking place that's the players' championship the famous island par 370 has claimed several victims on day one but none have done lost so far anyway in south korea's ben and you can't find in the water before eventually walking away with and in level that's the 2nd highest score ever on the whole but it was a very different story for spain's sergio garcia the former moss' champion finished his round with an eagle and he leads the chasing pack ice 3 shots. ac milan scored a late equaliser to draw a 10 with manchester united in the 1st leg of their europa league last 16 tie united went ahead in the 2nd half when 18 year old ama diaz a 1st ever shot for the cup resulted in his 1st ever goal for them and it looked like you'd be enough simone kid level things up in stoppage time to give that all
12:54 am
important away goal so advantage them germany coach your commute believes stepping down after the race will give his successor more time to prepare for your 2024 on home soil he predicts that the current crop of players will peak at the tournament in germany in 3 is it seems right house if you i don't see myself as a national coach in 2024 anymore and i just think it's also right when you talk about renewals and about energy and about these things now it was the right time for me i honestly also think that a new coach who comes in and takes over this team needs the necessary time as a coach of a national team but sometimes not quite as easy as with a club team. new zealand said to your time world cup winner sonny bill williams has announced his retirement from rugby the 35 year old switched between leak and union during his 17 year career but he's not giving up sports altogether he's planning to get back in the boxing ring he's had 7 a professional fights so far and he's won the most i no doubt you want to keep that
12:55 am
record going that is your sport for me to thank you. the auction house christie's has sold a piece of digital art for a record breaking $69000000.22 people tuned in to see it at the end of the sale norburn money reports this is the 3rd most expensive all work ever sought by a living artist. but it's not actually a tangible item it's a digital who were inspired by the daily news but artist mike winkleman also known as people. until october he'd only have a soda print for $100.00 this walk went to $69000000.00 so here is the piece again that's $5000.00 days it's one image for each $5000.00 days that i've been doing that every day. this is the 1st one in the upper corner here and then in the bottom here we have the last one that was just earlier this month.
12:56 am
the sale at christie's auction house it peaked interest around the globe a record 22000000 people tuned in to see the end of the auction we knowingly went into this with a kind of. estimate unknown published on the website it was a very self-aware way of gesturing to just how impressed ended this thing was and it's also a play on the estimate on requests that we typically publish for items avatar of procedure we know we're going to sell for. it i'm certainly steep price so if this is something we can all through online why is it safe. it's become an asset thanks to an f.t. shorthand for a non fungible token the works authenticated using a digital signature on block chain that's a program that creates a unique bond could the cons because pete it turns the book into an exchange of
12:57 am
asset so who have a buys it knows they have the original piece. the n.f.t. sale comes months off to other auctions using similar technology. as this 10 2nd video with an authentic scene and what seems to be donald trump has been bought by collect a pap lowered request frail for about $66000.00 he sold it for months later for 100 times that same argument does you know you can going to into the middle of the picture than one on the side and you can have it there but it doesn't have any value because. the provenance or the history of the work again the reality years of it is a very very valuable because we behind at the end of the auction the window walks away with a digital file and rights to display the work but how that would be displayed is anyone's guess nor does money out to 0 well that's it for me and charlie angela for this news hour but i'll be back in
12:58 am
a moment with more of the day's news. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral samia is that a fair assessment you see a catastrophic failure to weiss valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying it course ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global
12:59 am
headlines inside story on al-jazeera. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of writing good muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. passions school of hard parts of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it should be about ideas they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the calling for the devoted defense budget to be high the bottom line on us politics and policies and they're affecting the world around us soon as the sun goes down the ballot box russia is
1:00 am
a very challenging place to work as you can live you're always pushing boundaries part of the times most marked always longer love down we are the while traveling the extra mile where are the media going to go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. as security forces and man the kid at least 7 whole protest says a senior hunter official tells the un they've been exercising the utmost restraint . on charlie and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the e.u. approves johnson and johnson's one shot covert vaccine as infections rise in italy .


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