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not only for the olympic but also for the paralympic. program or. for each of these additional dollars these foreign or limbic and paralympic team the i.o.c. will pay for to go it is more which can be made available to the population in the respective country according to their. daughter al-jazeera means the whole rob a reminder of our top stories the un special rapporteur on human rights they may have masses that's growing evidence the military's crackdown on protesters could constitute crimes against humanity including murder persecution and torture thomas i'm dru's has also called for multilateral sanctions on see the action to leaders the military has rejected the report who credible reports indicate it means more
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security forces had murdered at least 70 people is a horrible truth that as soon as they issue a report the number of murders an arbitrary detentions and mean more become outdated 100 is the chaining doesn't sometimes hundreds every day stop the flow of revenue into the illegal which is congress is going to happen at multilateral sanctions should be a cost on both sheen you're going to the leaders and a major source of revenue including military only and control enterprises and need more oil and gas. law in denmark of temporarily halted the use of astra zeneca as covert 1000 vaccine after a small number of cases of blood clots but then most health ministry says it's not yet clear whether the cops were linked to the vaccine and europe's medicine regulating agency has recommended the johnson and johnson coated 100 vaccine for emergency use the johnson and johnson doses which can be stored in regular fridges and requires just one shot would help speed up europe's vaccine rollout the foreign
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ministers of the cattle russia and turkey have held talks in doha they focused on finding a way to deliver humanitarian aid to people in syria russia and turkey back opposing sides in syria's war china has approved changes to the democratic participation in hong kong's elections its annual national people's congress pass new laws to veto and screen candidates that follows must protest in the 7 autonomous territory in 2019 calling for greater freedoms the us church has reinstated a 3rd degree murder charge against the former policeman accused of killing george floyd us on top of a 2nd degree murder and manslaughter charge due to be brought to trial at the end of the month the form officer is accused of killing floyd by kneeling on his neck for around 9 minutes because you're full of those stories on our website at al jazeera dot com as updated through the day i'm back with a new 30 minute stay with us next inside stories of.
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he was a popular leftist leader and president in brazil but with a criminal record now lula da silva could run for the top job again he'd be up against the far right joe you're both on our what could that mean for brazil's polarized politics this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm brazil's luis and the scylla was convicted in a corruption and bribery scandal in 2017 but
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a judge has found the court that sentence the former president lack the necessary jurisdiction the conviction has been an old and a left wing politician can now challenge for the presidency next year live the silver hasn't confirmed if he'll run but if he does his main rival would be far right president diable son r o monica you nakia of reports from rio de janeiro. he may not yet have been proven innocent but brazil's former president lula da silva is no longer a felon and he's back on the political scene with an eye on next year's presidential elections 'd. i know that i was victim of the biggest lie in the 500 years of history i know my wife died due to the high pressure and the stroke came fausta i was forbidden to even see my brother inside a coffin. roula speech on wednesday was the 1st since a supreme court judge overturned the corruption convictions which put him behind bars for 18 months and stripped him of his political rights than from the $28000.00
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elections the leader of brazil's left wing workers' party has now seen as a political threat to presidential aide was so not over he says it's too soon to talk about next year's presidential race he spoke like a candidate rule is already a very popular leader presents himself as a moderate leader that this time and i think that the 1st speech that he gave those one as they was an attempt to show that himself is a moderate it can move we had to put together different groups different sectors of the blues in society and soak i think that he is a problem a real problem for also not one for bills when i was at them to be reelected blasted both are now 2 for downplaying the coven 1000 pandemic which has already claimed the lives of almost 270000 brazilians the 2nd largest death toll after the
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united states. we have a president who says cover 19 is a small flu who says that only cowards fear the virus and that he does not because he's an athlete this is not the way a president should act in a civilized world. bo'sun out of points out that is still not off the legal hook. the decision to throw out the corruption charges was based on a technicality the supreme court judge said brazil's former president had been tried by a court in the southern city of could each eba that had no jurisdiction over his case he may still be retried in the capital brasilia there are many legal twists and turns in this case the supreme court still has to decide whether the judge who convicted in the law was impartial or had his own political agenda and colluded with the prosecution meanwhile law has started negotiating in alliance with other
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left wing parties and even conservative politicians who are not happy with president jalal son out of. al-jazeera rio de janeiro. the former president commonly known just as lula has been one of the most popular political figures in latin america he was elected brazil's president in 2002 becoming the 1st leftist leader in almost half a century he served for 8 years but his bid to run for presidency again in 2018 was blocked because of corruption charges lula has been credited with presiding over brazil's longest period of economic growth in 3 decades in 2018 he was jailed for accepting an apartment as a bribe in what's known as operation car wash scandal and served 18 months of a reduced sentence. all right let's bring in our guests in sao paolo giraldo ron is a specialist on brazil's ties with the united states from providence james graham director of brazil initiative at brown university and in london francisco domingo
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is head of latin american studies at middlesex university all right let me start with you today geraldo do you believe lula da silva will run for the presidency again. i believe to try there's a lot to happen in this next 18 months into. the election. certainly be a big part of the of the political discourse in brazil both for the people that support him and the people that attack him in any way shape or form james how popular is lula da silva now and how much of a threat could he pose politically to president. it's of all indications are that his popularity is increasing very quickly he gave a press conference yesterday which was extremely well received even by the media that had been very hostile towards him and had to close with the global news network i think his popularity will only increase as he starts carrying out
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a campaign to travel to the country to speak to the people francisco you heard james there mention the speech that lula gave yesterday i want to ask you about that in that speech lula said it's too soon to talk about next year's presidential race but he certainly spoken sounded very much like a candidate didn't he yes i think he's been cautious because until you know sort of the president you know you know don't you don't kind of if you can it's a you know i think he wants to be cautious but the whole a speech was not only the brazilians it got he actually got things to kind of be a person to the world saying you know i'm coming back to rescue a candidate from the state if. geraldo was little of the silver essentially presenting himself during that speech as a moderate i mean was he putting himself forth as someone who can bridge the
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political divide in brazil and bring different sectors of brazilian society together. you know presenting himself as a as a moderate is a hard thing when our put it call landscape shift so much to the right. the type of extreme right rhetoric we hear these days sort of changes to center of politics so even though by any that my he was a president he was not a leftist by any means he was much more a center left of center actually candidate for president. but presenting himself as he does dissuade a lot of people that just framed him as a as an extreme it as a left wing politician. so he's going to he's going to try he certainly you know compared to bush on that or to the military that are part of the government today. for sure is is
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a moderate. and it in his going to try to recall those emotions recall those feelings of a better brazil of a less extremist brazil. and he will it will get support for that but he will also get a lot of criticism for that for people from the left that says that he didn't do enough in his in his plenty not to do enough again and to sort of compromise with the elites with people that say that he should step away in opened a space for new leaders that they will do more harm than good so it will be a balancing act for the next for the next 18 months james one of the thing is that lula did during that speech was to really go after also naro his handling of the kovac 19 pandemic i mean brazil has lost nearly 270000 people took over 1000 that's the worst death toll outside of the united states and there are local variants of
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the virus that are turning this outbreak into its worst phase yet how politically vulnerable is both an hour because of his handling or as his critics would say mishandling of the pandemic. he's entirely vulnerable if i may draw an analogy with the united states even though i realize all the differences between the 2 countries is that in a situation like biden is towards trump in the sense that the nation is going to understand in this understanding the disastrous policies of the bulls are not administration another to look for an alternative and they're going to look to the past and a person a pastor who produced a very positive economy and a lot of optimism and i think he will be able to bolster his support by consistently criticizing most about his policies on of it and other issues francisco i saw you nodding along to some what james was saying let me follow up with with you about one specific point you know hours after that speech that lula
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gave also naro and some of his team were filmed with masks on and this suggests that perhaps they were really shaken by the criticism that was leveled by lula da silva toward the handling bible so naro of the pandemic i mean do you think that this shows that lula sorry that decision that both scenario and his team were really shaken by this criticism yeah i think i think they're more shame again by the presidential decision of the supreme court after the ruling by one team there you know one of the 6 scenarios lul of whom are the charges which were. my view completely false and when she presumed 1000 resins to me that that is the main reason and was never realizes that she is very weak and you very weak in the sense a number one rule or whatever anybody may say is
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a formidable candidate 'd every time she goes around the country she raises ashen humorless as people humanize him in a way that no other political is a move to do and the 2nd reason why wilson her is changing is because he knows that if he the choice lula will win and deal with all conservative or conservative spectrum or present qualities realize that on her can be less fun with a formidable as moola on the right and these are their problem they have to make to have to close that they face a very difficult choice either they continue with was an error which is it is going to be a good in or they find somebody else and who is that somebody else seems to me on those 2 grounds rulers are trying there for a new surprise that he was wearing masks after those thieves geraldo has president abbas naro lost a significant amount of support among his base due to how he has handled the
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pandemic. no incredibly not really. bizarre not who has hard core supporters and that that range of support in syria similar to what happened to trenton to united states something like 253035 percent of the population depending on which poll you look at. and these people will stay with him. if it doesn't seem that anything can shake can shake off that support but for the moderates that were. sort of not knowing what to think about the government now you know it's starting slowly some polls are showing. that his government his is is being hurt by how he's his approval has of being hard to have his condo cindy depend on it what i think is happening now is that.
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he's lost they are they still don't help don't know how to to answer. the news that lula is a candidate again and so what you saw with the masks and there's just for the vaccine some some posts on social media from government officials supporting vaccination which they didn't do for a year and a half now so they're not they're they're trying to find a new strategy they're trying to find a new narrative in we are going to have to wait to see how how they react but when i realize a lot of misinformation contains on social media this was has been well documented in we probably going to see more of that for the next you know half james it looked to me like you were nodding along to some once or all that was saying did you want to jump in. well i think it's a story at least since brazil really had its 1st democratic elections in 1905 the
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electorate is split in in general terms a 3rd to the left a 3rd to the center of 3rd to the right and so also not his kind of song to that hard right conservative base that used to be conservative catholic and middle class and now it's even general christians as a part of that base will has clear 30 to 40 percent support keep in mind that he was the candidate of the workers' party in the last election that almost 45 percent of the votes against polls are not 0 and if also not and does not go beyond 30 or 40 percent he doesn't win the election i think there is a sector that voted for him or stained from voting in the last election who this time will go for a little francisco these corruption charges that were dropped. they were they were dropped on a technicality were they not i mean the supreme court judge who threw them out said that this case against lula had been tried in a court that should not have had jurisdiction so my question is what happens next
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could lula be tried again is there going to be a review of the decision by the supreme court justice i mean how far are we from this actually this legal saga actually being over. you know we do not know one thing these are the reasons why lower score shoes and i mean there's a reason why the work is part of the zogby course that i think is a reasonable cultural course is a very hot. nobody knows exactly what this means in you know in the final analysis. it is possible to go to the supreme court and be unique solution to the problem they have is the number one i think the establishment in brazil is deeply. i mean you know years to really to those ago i think we were out there by the president said that he doesn't find any problem with being a candidate implying obviously that the charges were not real and they're going to be joe and then he had it to say that he trying that you know there are people
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there will be difficult to win the election so that's one they mention of the thing and they'll get really by it also regarding what to do i mean i think the major brazil is going to the floor in the last couple of years because it was an. even broader you know even global. center of the media quality. how. little every criticisms of also now not only in the person of the prime minister was on everything else deeply his success is good or it was theirs and so on so he seems to me that until these you know the final decision is made but it's a critical no no no that is the message sent to the world the in prime minister sent to the world these you know we're going wrong we're going to be true to fire these lists see how we do it because it's a really really embarrassment it's a bit of a mess from our point of view we're going to sort of article one thing people who were in toronto did the decision to quash the conviction charges against lula
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come as a complete surprise in brazil and also were boston r.-o. and his team blindsided by the decision. i think they were caught off guard. at least ascendance way d. there are obvious flaws in the prosecution process in many levels so while it was ruled this week was that the court that has depositions against lula didn't have anything to do with love a shot to at least that the prosecutors could not prove that and therefore they shouldn't be judged by death that courting could achieve but they should be had been sent to to but i see that to the federal courts the auditor feeling that it's also under investigate or it's being ruled was ruled this week by the by the whole by a group of the supreme court judges was suspicious that said 2 more to that the
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judge in charge of that us all of us out to was being impartial and was in collusion with the bar secure doors so there are dead 2 charges going on there at the same time. which good deeply hurt everything that love a shot to did on top of that even if. charges are presented again and because it and a new and then you have possession start a new trial starts for lula. if you follow the legal probe the legal the schedule the legal process in brazil it's very hard that those who will be charge in time for the 2022 election is actually how it happened in 2018 i mean. it was sort of put in a fast tracked and all all courts were you know working very very fast to get him out of the 20000 the election so they're all jews mishandling is off the case which
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could actually hurt not only the lula case but all in all other cases that moto and i have a shot to persecute against. disease a political case is not a legal case you know that those decisions won't be taken by by the rule of law only james if the silver officially enters the fray and decides to run for president how likely are we to see joe year bull sonar 0 start to try to implement more populist policies to ensure continuing support from his base so he runs a real dilemma he has faces a real dilemma because in order for him to be elected he built an alliance with a person to became the minister of finance. who. has insisted on a very conservative new liberal economic policy for the public edges who it's not
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very conservative neo liberal policy for the country with tremendous budget cuts and against the possibility of significant expenditures of the government the federal government so in order for him to bubble sonata to appeal to working class ordinary people by increasing or extending the possibility of financial payments to people because of recovered really he faces a real conflict with economic conservatives and setters of the establishment who support a bill so not to because they felt that their economy would benefit them in the long run and so he's running a real risk there of alienating or weakening some of his important political base an economic base in terms of establishing the figures that have supported his candidates even though they're against some of his policies as cultural policies as homophobia has racism his comments about different sectors of
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resilience society francisco just how dire is the economic situation right now in brazil and how much will the concerns about the state of the economy dot economy dominate election debate in the campaign going forward. well some commentators who know brazil very well. you know refer to the receiver economy as being called the boy was not going to do it. obviously then it has made his worse. first of all she's hired out just about everything here to make huge things much more difficult in terms of particularly generating a huge amount of 100 broke because of laid off or partly sector workers similarly he can provide for him but he is insisted on and also steady on heels and irrigation and social benefits. there is
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a significant portion of the population millions of them who are actually you know part of the informal sector and linda gibbs who called 1st of the program was a chameleon that gave them you know regular income they're not going to be able to actually be better or even not go hungry which is what lula trying to do you know and he's a ministration so therefore he's been fazer the normal difficulty or trying to deal with too many difficulties and i don't think he's got the resources to really needs you know sort of the problems of the economy the economy has contracted between 11 according to serve again you know we can still. and in the continent then it we believe as though it meshes who's a really harsh plus the significant amount of repression he has improved the whole population then i think of those abilities of very serious economic recovery who don't risk you package which is not going to exist in terms of hunting for it then
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i find it impossible to believe that he's going to be able to do something serious about this that he's going to be judged on the many days of the early going to recovery which everybody years in the work he's trying to do and then long and he's of he's a promise and it was going to happen only on both counts he phase of recently geraldo if the election were held today and if lula were running do you think that either louis or boston or would have enough support to get to a 2nd round vote. well probably both that that's the most likely scenario and that's the scenario that in a sense they're both betting on the least betting on having both scenarios his nemesis and listen i was betting on having less as numbers is just for all the reasons that francis would just mention if this is a the election about the pandemic or not it will lose if this is an election about the economics bush or not
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a real news he doesn't have results to show anywhere on those areas what he has the only thing he has is to keep banging the drum that he's not that little is going to make things worse again that we cannot lead let go back to power or the workers' party go back to power so they're there they're both betting on it in a sense the workers' party a little believe they can go to the 2nd run and win perhaps even we won the 1st round but there's a lot of moderates that say that this dispute and this polarization will be bad for brazil in general and that bill schneider might even when i mean he won against a dodgy in 20000 so. they're there they're holding their horses a day actually betting that they'll both go to the 2nd row all right we've run out of times we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests are all those iran james green and francisco deming yes and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website
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and promote sustainable development. this is al jazeera. and this is the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 60 minutes the un special rapporteur on me and there's growing evidence the military is engaging in torture and persecution that may constitute crimes against humanity also suspends astra zeneca 1000 vaccine after reports of blood clots.


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