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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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and but for those who struggle at school. dropping out has become the less evil in perseverance the greater gamble in future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed 0. 0. 0 i maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes this plan will get checks out the door starting this month the u.s. senate narrative passes president biden's 1.9 trillion dollar covert relief bill after a round the clock session. france's holds an historic meeting with iraq's top shiite
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cleric and calls for unity while visiting the ancient city bus of. a candlelight vigil in may and march remember the dozens of people killed in protests against the military and shops banks and petrol stations looted in senegal after 3 days of violence over the detention of an opposition leader. in sport back on top of the blunders league after a thrilling win over brushwood dortmund to go into down a robot. and secure a 42 victory. we begin in the united states where president joe biden's $1.00 trillion dollar covert relief bill has just cleared a major hurdle after a marathon session lasting more than twice. for hours the senate has approved
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a plan despite every republican voting against the bill which includes $1400.00 stimulus checks for millions of americans now returns to the democrat democrat controlled house before the president can sign it into law and the aid money can be dispersed so the millions of americans who need it my cameras following a story and joins us live now from washington a major step forward for one of president biden's legislative priorities but it didn't come without a 10 hour delay and a bit of drama from actually within his own party certainly very much so while president biden said that he wanted to press his legislative agenda on a bipartisan basis but this is 1st major legislative policy victory it was anything but that it was a process that was long and taught to us bill is passed. the bull was finally passed in the process of vote
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a rama it was the longest senate vote in recent memory approval coming more than 24 hours after the roll of members was called this bill will deliver more help to more people than anything the federal government has done in decades we could all work together. broker but our democratic colleagues wrote. a top priority one democrat. it was their washington wish wish. the whole process began as it would largely continue with the deciding vote by the vice president kaamelott areas to acceptable for debate breaking a $5050.00 dead log along party lines. the 1st made to delay was among democrats with senator joe manchin holding on for more than 10 hours before reaching a compromise to president biden on unemployment payments i as
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a republican insistence the whole ball was read out in the chamber a highly unusual measure that in itself took some 11 hours then came dozens of amendments introduced by republicans the vice president's vote not needed or many as a republican senator from alaska had to return home rule or not agree to the amendments were rejected by 50 votes to 49 unfortunately my friends on the other side have used the link tactics after the lake tactics obstruction of structured obstruction some senators raising the issues as part of the abstraction should taxpayer money be set $1400.00 to every illegal alien in america provoking a heated response the statement of the senator from texas is just plain false false let me be clear the ball will go back to the house for approval and president
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biden is likely to get his big tree when i was elected i said really get the government out of the business of battle you know on twitter back in the business of delivery for the american people making a difference in their lives giving everyone achieves a fighting chance one thing very clear is that this legislative process depends on a razor thin majority one that could be threatened should any single democratic senator decide to go against the party line we certainly learned that from this vote but what's interesting mike is that it was a very polarizing issue there in washington the majority of the american public support this bill. well all opinion polls show that it had massive public support something that president biden picked on in his state
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in soft the vote in the senate and certainly this will impact on the lives of millions of americans it's not just the direct payment that will be made to many american families it's also the fact that president biden hopes it will stimulate the economy there's already be a statement from the children treasury secretary saying how this could impact on the economy of the country as a whole and president biden picked up on this particular point in the comments that he made after the vote placing it within a wider context and that of the context of the economy of the united states as a whole marking the passing of this coronavirus relief bill as the beginning of a massive u.s. economic recovery so certainly this legislation goes far beyond immediate pandemic relief thanks very much you know latest on that story from washington mike hanna. well our other top story this hour pope francis is iraq's muslim and christian leaders to push aside that differences and weigh together for peace and unity is on
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day 2 of his trip to iraq during which he met shia islam's most influential figure the grand ayatollah ali sistani and discussed the plight of iraq's christians some avenge of a reports now from the city of najaf where they met. under strict security pope francis enters not just one of the holiest cities for shia muslims another historic 1st for the leader of the catholic church as he met iraq's grand ayatollah ali al sistani is a reclusive leader who is rarely seen in public he's iraq's most revered cleric and his proclamations have influenced many since the 2003 u.s. invasion the plight of those being persecuted in the region including palestinians and syrians that discussed. short of equal rights for christians in iraq and peaceful coexistence the meeting between the pope and grand ayatollah ali al sistani is symbolic and significant although the majority or the religious authority says it believes no rule in politics audiences tony has played
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a pivotal part in iraq recently whether it was urging people to take part in politics in elections whether it was to tell them to pick up arms against isis and more recently in the favor of the protesters. clerics in najaf say the pope's visit has highlighted iraq's central place for all religions and is a brave gesture from for france's in the face of security challenges and the pandemic rejali dean home. clerics through their words and behavior convert the message of peace and love and convince people to stay away from extremism this is what we did in iraq in the last 2 decades and not just doors have remained open the pope's visit to niger will boost the spirit with our partners the christians in iraq. as part of this pact 3 day visit the 4 went on a pilgrimage to or the city is the birthplace of prophet abraham the patriarch of all abrahamic religions. in a meeting with leaders representing sudanese sheers christians disease and say begins francis called himself
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a messenger of peace advocating harmony between faiths. believe is a strong element that unifies us terrorism and extremism has nothing to do with religion terrorism exploits religion and it is up to us to find solutions and is up to us to face and deal with those who betray religions the ancient city of the province where there have been frequent protests and violence but on saturday the message from politicians and religious leaders there was of tolerance and peaceful change for many iraqis say they're ready for such a transition and hope it will also has produced corruption and bring more jobs some of the job. now jeff. well security forces have used tear gas and violence to break up another day of protests in me and ma. despite the crackdown large crowds have continued to form across several cities or than 50 people were killed in protests since the military seized ballot last month
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and a vigil was held in yangon for those protesters about a 1000 people gathered to sing songs and to light candles they spelt out the word heroes photos of the victims were also displayed on the big screen tony chang is following developments for us from bangkok in neighboring thailand. once again people have come out on the streets in daraa where young gone mandalay in many places across the country and once again they have been met by security services who are firing tear gas setting fires trying to force them back off using those weapons of fear they'd be using particularly harshly for the last week interesting new one place where they didn't push back was in northern shan state in the town of last year where a very large crowd came out at about 9 am local time yesterday evening the t.n.l. a which is an armed insurgent group one of representing one of the ethnic minorities in that area become close to the city and made it very clear that they
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were supporting the protesters and we've seen this in other places too were soldiers from the qur'an ethnic groups have come out in support of the protesters. those protesters in law she stood off with the security services further down the road for a couple of hours they were waving groups representing different protesters around the country but also their own ethnic groups and the security services stood back they didn't push back because they had done so many other places and this whole loads of big problem that i think many people are concerned about that these aren't ethnic groups and they exist all across myanmar in many of the border areas and they're very well armed in certain cases these protests could be the potential for greater strikes in addition to which the military shows any weakness a tool those groups could use this is an opportunity to push back against them in other developments in protest as in yangon or hoping that
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a superstition involving clothes lines will help them in their ongoing battle with the authorities thing and in the in ma it's considered bad luck to walk beneath the traditional cross known locally as long he thought the defensive move might buy the protesters some time when they are just. by security forces. the army. and i don't know we have the traditional belief that if we pass on the need for the we won't lose our luck the younger generation militaries doesn't believe it certainly but the soldiers do and it's their weakness so remote more time to wrong before you come to this and then elsewhere in the western city of manya protesters there of pulled away their local beer to show their objections to the brewery zona the military sales of me and ma bear of plummeted in the past month it also lost its japanese on a cure in which announced it was pulling out of the joint venture because of the
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coup. well elsewhere in the region in neighboring thailand anti-government protesters there of march through bangkok defying a ban on public gatherings that calling for the release of activists who were arrested under strict laws that ban criticism of the law making it government is accused of using those laws to silence dissent protesters also want a prime minister to stand down saying he rigged elections in 2019. and watching the news hour live from london still ahead on the program hong kong's opposition leaders insist new chinese laws will never suppress the will of the people also at the polls close in ivory coast parliamentary elections but will vote is use in the grip of president ouattara and the nature on install with anti this tennis player has just become a 2 time capsule already in china. shops
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banks and petrol stations have been torched and looted in senegal after 3 days of protests over the arrest of an opposition leader at least 4 people have been killed since the unrest began over the detention of those money song coach who's been charged with rape and making death threats but zongo says the charges a politically motivated and an attempt by the president. the cell to discredit him before the 2024 election is posse is calling on his supporters to rally again on monday tuesday and wednesday next week. because we have conceived policies we have a government that is a assume a lot of people that are taking the well the west of the of the country believe in the magnet of people in poverty in this in this this is what we want to say and we're calling for 3 days of demonstration peaceful demonstration monday tuesday and wednesday recalling all mothers are sad those young people the whole city got to go out and said to myself enough is enough. is following the story for us from
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dhaka. the feeling is for the protest movement is that as as mentioned earlier this isn't just about some go it's about safeguarding the long tradition of democracy that you have here in senegal never has there been any coup or military dictatorship unlike neighboring countries here there's always been a peaceful transition of power and the stability the bedrock of the stability of this country is this active civil society that now when that erupts call into question the government when people are displeased with their leadership i was sitting right behind a french supermarket that was looted in the fancy is the wealthiest neighborhood of the capital and this area just further down the road is where the united states embassy is it's only the most safest area in probably in the capital and yet
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protesters were allowed to come in and loot this supermarket now they're trying to rebuild it and they're trying to put it back on its feet but earlier today we saw not just protesters frankly women with their mothers mothers with their children going in and trying to get anything that they can the food toilet paper and they've really stripped that supermarket they're even taking to fridges and that shows the level of desperation among the people that are protesting and particularly among many senegalese who feel frustrated after a year of restrictions because of the global pandemic. well people in the ivory coast have been voting for the next parliament the election comes 3 months after a somewhat tara one a presidential poll was boycotted by the opposition it is the 1st election in 10 years where the ivorian popular front headed by former president own bumbo has
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taken pot dozens of his supporters were killed after he protested against the tars reelection in october well ivory coast has a long history of political turbulence somewhat tars 1st presidential election when in 2010 lead to civil war went on refused to step down around 3000 people were killed in the violence that came off towards a constitutional amendment and 2016 allowed ouattara to seek a 3rd term that led to violence between opposition and governing party supporters on the security forces or toro one that time in october with 94 percent of the vote but his opponents didn't accept the result. is in abidjan the largest city in ivory coast and says that in some polling centers votes already been counted. election officials here are saying that voting has won has gone very well across much of the country and basically except for a few places where clashes were reported in the west of the country there were 2
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incidents and even here in the largest city abidjan there was sort of portrait. incident near the airport area some clashes were recorded by generally officials are saying that this election went on very well despite glitches early in the morning because of the month function of voting machines earlier and some people kind of why some voters couldn't find their names on the ballot however those with voting cards whatley voting cards were allowed to vote despite the malfunctioning of the voting machines right now across the country voting votes are big counted here i'm standing in one of the voting centers in question 16 voting centers are entrenched and already vote count has concluded what's happening here now these officiers entering the records of the votes cast for each candidate and right across if i move out of shot now right across the room there are political party
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agents who were paying close attention to what was exactly happening the counting of the votes every candidate has these representatives in this hall now these results in the various regions and then sent to the election commission which will compile the number of votes cast for each individual for each contestant and then the winners will be and. now 20 people have been killed in an attack on a restaurant in the somali capital mogadishu the restaurant which is popular with government workers was rammed by a vehicle packed with explosives on friday night under schapelle has more on this story. for the 2nd time in the year a popular restaurant is attacked in somalia's capital dozens are dead or wounded. yemeni was crowded on friday night when this rickshaw carrying explosives was driven into it
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a nearby building collapsed burying people under rubble. but. among those killed in the blast was my brother whose name was up to salaam it's really very sad to witness this tragedy the u.n. and police have condemned al shabaab for the attack welcome the targets a stark evidence of how the terrorists don't want any joy of safety for the residents of the capital and the somalis in general who conduct investigations into the circumstances of the bust and inform you of the final results where another suicide bomber attacked the cafe in august last year prevented from entering he detonated his explosive vest at the entrance. controls rural areas in southern somalia and frequently targets government and civilian targets in mogadishu and al-jazeera. now the yemeni army is saying that its forces have killed around 120 who see fighters in the region in the last 2 days the army is not reporting any
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casualties on its own site though. military aircraft from the saudi led coalition of been targeting the who thiis rebels began an offensive last month to seize the city and the oil rich areas nearby the united nations says the assault threatens the lives of about 2000000 civilians and could displace hundreds of thousands of people who i spoke to tell us from the charity save the children who is in the yemeni city of thais and she told me that the battle for mara could make the violence and the humanitarian situation worse across the country this is recently married has been escalating for the for the last year it's not it's not really new but we see increased. during the last months and we have seen also a lot of people being internally displaced there from all parts of the country so we're talking about 800000 people who are currently caught in the fight and
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we're talking about a lot of women and children because we've seen this by them have to stay in their. displacement camps at the moment and of course we see other parts of the country to face. in the conflict now adays i mean dies in there in that there is a region and we've seen the last last week an increase on on fighting as well and includes a lot of civilian casualties. what have you witnessed there in the country in terms of the way the food crisis has affected children so we're talking about the war student debt and crisis in their wards right now and 2 thirds of the population is facing as is in need of humanitarian assistance so we're talking about to survive. monday assistance here in yemen could go down to
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like very basic food like flour rice or looking oily and also support of health facilities that they have been affected by the war and it's important to mention the health of the health facilities are not operational at the moment in the country due to the war and the other the other houses are struggling to cope with all the needs so it seems it's not only that they don't have enough to eat but they don't have even the health facilities to go to get treated and save it either we try to support some of the get health facilities and some instead of the doctors and the running costs and medical equipment but you can understand if teams are and don't have enough streets and they will live they were not find the support that they require and we have seen that in our old own programs and in december i met one of. the minority. children that we treated in one of the hospitals that we support and see was almost one year old didn't see his baby $2.00 kilos while
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normally she should have been 6 kilos and it was it was a matter of life and death thankfully she survives but to be a feeling that more children will be in this situation these year eyes at the fighting on the northern yemen is not new but if the international community doesn't step in to try and deescalate the situation you concerned about a chain reaction that could intensify violence in other parts of country and make the humanitarian situation even worse. yeah exactly like the finding these is one thing that's in the belief that benefit of these people but we cannot seeing long long lasting solutions if we don't see an end to this conflict so yeah the 1st step that we should take is to do ask all of the parties of the conflict to sit again in the negotiation table and find a solution for lasting peace otherwise the suffering will continue and we have seen that for the 6 years of this war. indian farmers have marked the 100th day of
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their protests against new agricultural laws thousands of them blocked a large road in the capital new delhi standing on tractors and waving flags the united farm has front says since the protests began at least 248 farmers have died at the sit ins some from health issues others by suicide. the protesters say they will not budge until the government repealed the new laws posing one of the biggest challenges prime minister narendra modi has faced since coming to power in 2014. 7 a matter that a good hour to go to my regular release for people from every household have come to the protest because this is important for us if we do not come here and protest we won't have any homes. so this is important for our survival. that dog that we farmers are very resilient we will sit here even for 6 years until the laws are repealed. can the government be to even after $100.00 days of protest in they
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can't see us farmers. or pakistan's prime minister imran khan is one of vote of confidence in parliament after suffering a surprise setback in senate elections 178 members voted for him 6 more than was needed to win the motion khan's governing p.t.i. party won the most seats on wednesday senate election but his finance minister lost to former prime minister and opposition candidate use of reza killarney khan called the confidence vote after the opposition demanded his resignation it was stories of following a suicide car bombing is killed afghanistan's chief intelligence prosecutor said mahmud was travelling to his office in the city of lashkar gah or when an attacker driving a car full of explosives targeted his convoy on of body guards was also killed and 8 others were wounded and no claims of responsibility for the attack. a new report
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says the murders of more than 100 mexican officials in recent months points to the country's mid-term elections becoming the most violent in decades between september last year in the 1st week of march 126 mexican politicians and candidates were sasson ated on june 6th mexicans will elect 500 parliamentarians 15 governors and more than 20000 local officials local consulting firm i select says attacks against all politicians rose by 4 percent in the past 3 years ahead of the security ministry in mexico this week promised a protection plan for candidates. still to come for you on the news hour looking at pandemic protests in barrow of why as a country it's a record rate of infections angry clouds clash with police. the netherlands holds its 1st major music event since the crowd of ours and then it began the trial dance festival that's designed to be covert proof. i didn't sport
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a crucial victory for the 2 time olympic champion aiming to win another world cup title. coder's dancer eastern europe behind this cold front sitting over the black sea but they sort of fizzles out that's not the end of proper wintry weather that redeveloping over scandinavia of the baltic states and poland probably better routes that huge circulation will bring quite a cold wind with it so was this maybe fizzles out in the sun gets to work slowly lifting temperatures again this rather does the opposite so focus wise warsaw goes down towards 0 when the start few snow showers concert and then in the sunshine it's a frosty night and it's not very warm by days that's proper winter still sitting in
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that part of europe it will slowly warm for the southeast and this of course this is still fairly warm western med italy spain and portugal been significant rain recently in portugal that's on its way out of the way in fact you can see this circulation satellite picture from the algarve towards morocco that's produced a certain amount of street flooding right in the far north of morocco and that rain is going to continue i suspect but not particularly heavily is quite well spread into algeria as well at the same time it will hit the can area also for sunday monday and tuesday last promise is not really very summery. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic but some of broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspired others to turn their lives around i
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call the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera. make a change. change your life for the path of a country challenge the accepted truths you want to create something you 1st break and then you remolded up to turn the status quo and fight injustice down the old monsoon rather than. the old south the book is full of. witness personal documentaries are also all deception on al-jazeera.
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welcome back and look at main stories the u.s. senate has approved a $1.00 trillion dollars coronavirus relief package after more than 24 hours of debates negotiations and amendment proposals no republicans back to the bill which includes $400.00 stimulus checks for millions of americans. the leader of the roman catholic church has met shia islam's most influential figure pope francis visited the grand ayatollah ali al sistani in the city of najaf on the 2nd day of his historic visit to iraq. and security forces have used tear gas and violence to break up another day of anti could protest in me and mark despite the crackdown a large crowds of continue to form across several cities will than 50 people have been killed since the military seized power last month. or in other news the u.s.
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has condemned new veto powers proposed by china or on hong kong selection of election candidates saying that it's a direct attack on the territories autonomy beijing revealed the legislation on friday the opening of its largest political meeting the national people's congress the changes would effectively dismantle hong kong's opposition by giving a beijing appointed committee control over who can run for office there is a dream brown has been speaking to opposition leaders in hong kong about these proposals. no kin hey represents what's left of a once thriving opposition party many of its members have been arrested with others now on trial accused of subversion loz doing caught in 6 months to face unlawful assembly charges but is free on bail he says china's government can eliminate hong kong's political opposition but not the aspirations of its people the chinese government or the whole government they can suppress the whole competition's they
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can suppress the opposition politicians but they couldn't suppress or the oppositions the opposition come from the people beijing's electoral overhaul of this territory will likely mean the opposition's landslide win in district council elections 60 months ago was probably it's lost. many of the winning candidates will link to the protest movement a year later the hong kong government canceled the more important elections for the many parliament citing code with 19 now it seems that poll could be persona again until 2022 china's leaders say that only patriots can hold elected office in hong kong without specifying exactly what that means but it does though raise serious questions over the future of the opposition and whether credible elections can be held without it. says with only candidates approved by mainland china to choose from many people will be dissuaded from voting in elections already rigged in
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china's favor the reform means that they want more control they want more secure election system in whole call and i think whenever you want to control any election more. representation of the election for the people who would just be less and less chose one calls himself a patriotic the probe asian businessman was. on the mainland and heads a new political party that could benefit from china's new electoral laws he says you don't have to love the chinese communist party to be a patriot actually people should respect communist china and also respect the communist party but having individual child in hong kong to love a party which they have very little knowledge or experience with is unrealistic i think those are 2 different things supporters of the chinese government deny the
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new laws will weaken hong kong's already diluted democracy and insist the promises made before this place was returned from british to chinese rule have not been broken but to some those guarantees now seem worth a mess adrian brown al-jazeera on kong. straight to corona virus restrictions are now in force in brazil's 2 most populous cities because of a surge in new infections in sao paolo essential shops have closed while in rio de janeiro ahs and restaurants can only offer takeout services after 8 pm and a knife nighttime curfew stops people gathering from 11 pm to 5 am on friday there were chaotic scenes in rio as thousands of people aged 60 and over queued for hours for their 1st dose of the corona virus vaccine lines were up to 7 kilometers long and only a fraction of the doses needed were actually available elsewhere in the region
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protesters have been clashing with police and capitol late on friday as anger has been growing over the government's handling of the pandemic police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters surrounded the congress building innocency on breaking down barriers and burning roadblocks earlier in the day the health minister resigned after a meeting with the president has recently hit record numbers for de infections even hospitals near collapse and then in argentina police are being criticized for their handling of anti lock down protesters tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at demonstrators in the city of foremost so on friday rights groups of condemn what they say was the use of indiscriminate force are most a is one of argentina's poorest provinces has been hit hard by the recession triggered as a result of the pandemic let's go live now to donna and when is iris tell us 1st about the protests in argentina. well these
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are in the northern province of fordham also which were borders apparent why isn't the government in off this their 3rd over 20 years and they impose some of the toughest anti corporate 19 restrictions probably anywhere in latin america at the beginning of the pandemic everybody who was suspected of being infected wasn't allowed into the province whether they were residents there or not those already inside the province to be infected were either locked into government houses some were forced into sports stadiums with armed guards outside and they've been criticized by human rights groups including amnesty international as well as local groups in argentina what the ortho routines will say is they have the best record in argentina just 19 deaths since the pandemic began others are calling their measures draconian saying that human rights measured sued not be sacrificed in the interest of health or there's some kind of happy medium to be found but the
12:38 am
government is insistently reimposed some of their tough measures after 17 cases of called it a work discovered those measures are back in force and that's why people are out on the streets protesting this saying they're too tough shops aren't allowed to open their allowed to circulate freely they obviously want to see a government deal with the corporate 19 vaccine virus but not these extreme measures have been similar scenes in paraguayan as well daniel where police have been clashing with protesters why are people there so angry with the government's handling of the pandemic. well this in many ways with the formosa province is being accused of doing too much power and why it's a case of the government being accused of doing far too little you mentioned earlier the hospitals are breaking point because the number of infections is going up to record levels over 1500
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a day now over 3000 people have died imperiled why as you mentioned the health minister resigned on friday the president. neat is has now asked all of his cabinet to resign and he will decide one of the time which one should stay and which ones should go he's saying that these listening to the will of the people what the people on the streets are saying is that he should go there backed by factions within his own governing party and the opposition saying his handling of the cause of the pandemic has been horrendous only 4000 vaccines have arrived so far in the country of over 7000000 people they're saying that's not enough that there's very little investment in infrastructure and as you mentioned hospitals are overloaded so they want to see measures put in place to deal with the pandemic they're saying simply is not enough has been done and those demonstrations have been on the streets now for several days one person died on friday in clashes with police 80 more injured there only likely to continue until they see some reaction
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from the authorities thanks very much in buenos aires daniel shaima. i jerry is president has received his 1st dose of the astra zeneca 19 vaccine as part of an effort to boost public confidence muhammadu buhari was inoculated days after the country received almost 4000000 vaccine doses through the global kovacs initiative the program was created to ensure that low and middle income nations receive vaccines but it has been marred by delays and limited supplies and then the dalai lama also received his 1st vaccine dose the 85 year old received the oxford astra zeneca medication at a hospital in india's northern city of dharma sala there on salah the exiled but it's virtually the encouraged people to get the vaccine. one of europe's best known party spots is holding its 1st major dance event since the crime virus outbreak began more than a 1000 people are expected to attend amsterdam's largest music venue across the
12:41 am
weekend as opposed to remain and small isolated groups the whole time that step boston is with them. an explosion of an itchy was released after hundreds of duck trustable france returned to the dance arena after a year of absence and with no social distancing the word just let the party again flow the material the every round at your club or brotherly love it might cheer me leo love the love of the hour. it was so amazing i'm still higher like drilling is still my body but i loved every 2nd the people went crazy so really amazing organizers divided 13 on the people in 6 different bubbles in which different rules apply with sand so they gathered data about their behavior after you want is asked to get tested afterwords but researches say the results are not needed for the experiments to work and not
12:42 am
interested in the real infections it's it's a mess magical prediction model what we are actually doing isn't that strange because that's the best proof you can get right if it's safe or not yeah but then people really become guinea pigs and i don't think that's the idea it's it's not say before the event 11 people classify that if with covert 19 they were not allowed to enter. such a low bar to get something not the least likely. not that it was really such a. similar experiments will be held in the next few weeks if successful organizers are hopeful they can reopen soon we have the eurovision song 1st of all in may we have the euro. football tournament in. in june and we work want to build up the capacity to step by step in order to have a summer with. hopefully
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a full capacity and much will depend on the possible 3rd wave of infections many in the netherlands have urged the government to ease the lockdown which is one of the strictest in the region last tuesday an explosion took place at one of the testing facilities police called it an attack but with infection still high and night curfew remains in place. the future now. to be honest i hope not i don't really want to go back to normal but if this is necessary why not for at least 1300 people life held a little bit like normal again but however welcome it was shortly after a few hours on the dance floor they went back into lockdown stepped out from al-jazeera and. so one the future of live events we're joined by kent and the east end coordinator for the music venue trust so many the pandemic has really caused a crisis for the industry for artists and producers how do you see concepts evolving
12:44 am
or being we imagined it would be. a gradual a gradual process within music venue transmitting quite clear without well members which cannot hundreds or news across the u.k. the key thing is following the tapes are not just the tapes that we've been given so there will be so steps taken through. pilot events which are jews take place for from april in century just instruments but be agents take place from a look into them be back at full capacity or full capacity true mass of late june. do you envisage the possibility of there being a concert somehow without crowds if there has to be you know if we see mutations of the virus there's uncertainty testing that sort of thing is it how what changes might that be. i think it's something we've seen over the past 12 months that there
12:45 am
has been a sudden increase in strain to parents so online. or to the key thing and a lot of the feeling is getting back people back into the news and and to do it safely so as much as we all miss being part of. being in a room which we have hundreds of other people the key thing is about it being safe so whether the dates are here it's irrelevant as long as we know that we can get people into the new safely and the venue's are secure as you say many artists have turned to streaming and virtual events as a way to stay in touch with people and to keep performing but these events are totally free right so it's this whole thing is taking away a massive chunk of their income. there has to have been ticketed events which of the have have worked to an extent and it's seen it's enabled artists to work and earn money and an obscene ports lead to crow who've. not denying throughout the
12:46 am
pandemic as well but also there is something about it you don't have a whole feeling of the reason why people go to gigs is to be in there and being in their own person so as much as it's been great to see that and have people working and. and enjoying life music which such an important thing for us all mental health people i think is something. it is good for stock up to me and i think we will see it continue but it's still about getting people back to watching live music. all thanks very much for joining us canton a coordinator for the music and you trust ok. i want to turn now to the ongoing fallout from the bronx a deal and people in northern ireland who want to remain a part of the u.k. say the deal has driven a wedge between them and the rest of the country feelings are running so high in fact that an organization which represents formally armed factions is saying no
12:47 am
longer supports the 1908 peace treaty which ended the violence john holl reports now from belfast on just how real the prospect of renewed fighting is in communities still divided protestant unionists from catholic nationalist the past is hard to shake off even though we have a peace process here it's probably more of a negative piece of those days or. it's not a part of the case because they still have grills in the windows of the still the soul of securitisation right here community activists on both sides with this regular confrontations between young people who weren't even born when the good friday agreement brought peace to northern ireland 9098 has kind of fraud back all that sort of old memories of a lot of times where that was a constant here as well and it is unfortunate that this is passed to another generation of young people who are basically going out and the other way to attack
12:48 am
others is the other. some fear that a fragile peace could falter with tensions raised further by post breaks it customs checks between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. under the so-called northern ireland protocol. for unionists it's a stake through the heart of what they stand for causing loyalist paramilitary groups to withdraw their support for the good friday agreement and the major decision affecting the north in our community hard to have the consent of both communities in the case of this protocol a fact is being given just to the national nationalist side of the agreement in other words there is being broader perspective it should not be a hard border on the island of ireland but equally there cannot be a hard border or regulatory border between northern ireland and the rest of our own country up some plea as an author most to unionism so how much of a threat is there to peace in northern ireland well observers including the police
12:49 am
force don't believe there are many among the former paramilitaries who want a return to violence but there's no denying that unionists and therefore harder line loyalists have been badly let down by the briggs it negotiations and there's very real anger about their feelings that loyalist activists warn shouldn't be overlooked if the concerns of young loyalists and the concerns of the way he and his community are persistently ignored then what's what's going to happen is the data anger as is going to have nowhere to go and when you have all this pent up anger and even awarded to the act and then you end of a the in just hard way and once once that genie gets out of the bottle it's again extraordinarily difficult to fit it back in again and that's a concern the good friday agreement is underpinned by public support and it will likely stand regardless of the loyalists move but as long as there remains no alternative to a sea border between northern ireland and great britain now the anger will grow
12:50 am
threatening to spill over into something worse join a whole al-jazeera belfast. so there is a costly mistake in japan's leading football competition and you will be here with that in sport. i am. an act of youthful defiance the memory of the dollar turn next hour also on the school will the arrest of new top 4 in the morning was electric shock treatment or worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without a hand that was really beginning of the armed struggle with syria. the boy who started the syrian war. on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion
12:51 am
is you are battling this and i'm it you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are on all the capitol hill international filmmakers the world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and in one of us in the responsibility to change our 1st place you know on al-jazeera. the. andes and now this. thank you so much mario by munich have gone back to the top of the blunders league after a thrilling when i over brush at dortmund the woman went up in this game thanks not
12:52 am
surprisingly perhaps too early in holland the 20 year old norwegian school in twice inside the 1st 7 minutes is total for the season now stands at $29.00 by and of course of their own goal scoring master of 11 dusky replied with series i'm going as before half time for the world and european champions. and in the 2nd half hearted one tough with an ankle injury well beyond routes of a $42.00 win linger at scone targets and 11 lawsky would complete his hatrick lights on his team are 2 points clear of rb leipzig at the top of the table. leipzig meanwhile comfortable 3 no one is in its freiburg their next challenge attempting to overcome a sunil 1st like deficit in their last 16 champions league tie with liverpool that game is coming up on wednesday. barcelona's spanish league match against us assume in the rink full psalmist suniel to pass a win will take them within a couple of points of the leader's athletico madrid on sunday though the club will
12:53 am
be electing a new club president a vote that could have a big impact on leno messy future former boss of president john reports that is the favorites he's up against business been victor phones and lawyer sonny fraser more than a 100000 club members gets votes with a lot of big issues in play. club isn't in a good financial state it has debts of close to $1000000000.00 messy contract one expires on june 30th he could leave for free at the end of this season and on the pitch the team are on the brink of a last 16 exit from the european champions league out so that earlier this week former president gerry said maria bought some he stepped down in october was arrested as part of a corruption investigation it's alleged bought some wrongfully used club cash to criticize some of the team's players for social media those players included messi now we've been talking to spanish football writer rick sharma he believes sorting out the messy situation is bass's immediate priority and the reporter has the best
12:54 am
chance of getting him to stay. i think that was it is that. and he probably is also the guy who has the best chance of keeping messi because he has a relationship but they know each other like water that was passed in 20032010 which is the latest that stages they are the best is the best bottle opener in history classically the best book will seem in history perhaps pep guardiola garza 208-000-9010 look was i was there and he knew messi and he speaks to messi i would say regularly but he does speak to messi unlike us attorney pressure and because of the bottom you don't have that personal relationship with messi a look also to me is the guy with the best plan he's not the guy with the who's been working on this this election years and years and years that's the bottom is the one who's going to know he's a businessman he's carefully plotted out how he wants things to go if and when he becomes president but look water is a personality he's a character is
12:55 am
a showman and people like that and that you know they haven't looked upon him in the last week they've been 3 debates between the candidates and one of the accusations that was a by point of the pressure was that he was avoiding the bait and avoiding speaking but in the debates it's been a look also who's come out on top because he does have that natural character and i think if there was a paper at the start of the week he's a favorite now. a costly mistake in the jail league coming up for a match rosary sark is this misstep by. was decisive in the game his team losing 3 seem to have seen tokyo. when they've been told you have to 5th in the table. the next round of welcome qualifiers in south america has been postponed many country faced being without key players who are basic loves in europe 2 to travel restrictions caused by coronavirus to qualifiers have been set to take place at the end of the month new dates for those matches yet to be announced. but your
12:56 am
competitor has won the cats are open silently for the 2nd time in her career to be checked by a barely an hour to be got been in the so our final 2 time wimbledon champion dropped in just 3 games against her spanish opponents a bit of a wrapping up a straight sets victory 6261 to claim her 28th career title but it is her 1st tournament win in almost 2 its. its 1st i've been waiting for it by far or some time since most of the title and 19 so it's a really great viewing especially here in the day i've been in the finals last year and i'm going over and i couldn't make it today so that's very nice cricket india have qualified for the inaugural world test championship final a 31 the series win against england means they'll now take on new zealand in that title decider on saturday very kohli's same beating england by an innings and
12:57 am
$25.00 runs or nothing about x. or patel and ravi chandra ashwin took 5 wickets each is england where they were bowled out for just 135 in the 2nd innings. i think that the more i learn the team spirit and also the kind of bonding that teams believe because of these buyable to something that i have not experienced in the last decade off to get a beer with the team it's kind of been quite special. i'm 2 time olympic champion mccullough shifrin has claimed her 45th world cup slalom victory the american edging out harm favorite pressure of all over the slide but actually competing on the slope where she learned to ski you're from there is still training to live in the overall world cup stardom standings. there are 3 races left in the season. ok that's how the sport is looking for now let's get back to marry him in london andy thank you that's it for the news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the daisies a focus on coming up in just
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a couple of minutes at 2200 g.m.t. . amidst destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness.
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a library under bombs on al-jazeera that america is a region of wonder joyeux tragedy and yet they are violent but it doesn't matter where you are you have to be able to relate to the human condition this is trying to break away you. know i think it's a lie and it's my job to shed light on how and why. military takeover amy and molly has sparked chaos on the streets 101 east is on the ground investigating what it means for the future of the southeast asian nation on al-jazeera.
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this plan will get checks out the door starting this month. the u.s. senate narrative passes president biden's $1.00 trillion dollar covert relief bill after around the clock session. low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program pope francis holds an historic meeting with iraq's top shiite cleric and calls for unity while visiting the ancient.


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