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tv   The Fans Who Make Football Raja Casablanca AC  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2021 8:30am-9:01am +03

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i understand what's driving we think we're through that we're not and countries are going to lurch back in 3rd and 4th surges if we're not careful it to be the party pooper here but that's unfortunately the way i see it and we should not weeks to hope that vaccines bring we should not wish the precious gift of vaccines will bring but dropping regard in other areas it's really really important. so these are the headlines on al jazeera this hour and protesters are again defying the military crackdown in me and maher large crowds are gathered in several cities while the u.n. special envoy to me and maher is calling on the security council to take swift action is more from tony chang he is in bangkok thailand. we've seen the violence of the last week but this is where it is still teetering on the edge of an even
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greater conflict we're in in this country you have all sorts of different groups with all sorts of different agendas once you create the kind of chaos that we're seeing now an army that is prepared to use fatal force against its own population. you really threaten what is a very fragile house of cards on the other side because the army can't be shown to back down if the headlines the u.s. condemning china's proposed veto powers on hong kong selection of politicians saying it's a direct attack on the city's autonomy the changes would effectively dismantle the territories opposition senegalese opposition leader one song goes appeared in court for the 1st time since his arrest on wednesday it is his detention that sparked the violent protests which have now killed 4 people. pope francis is due to meet iraq's top shia muslim cleric in the coming hours on the 2nd day of his story visit to
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iraq the meeting with grand ayatollah ali sistani is being held in the city of. the head of the roman catholic church is the 1st pope to ever travel to iraq u.s. president joe biden's backs a compromise reached by senate democrats and republicans over a key part of his coronavirus relief bill the agreement on extending federal job benefits overcomes at least one of several obstacles the $1.00 trillion dollar package has faced thousands of elderly brazilians in rio de janeiro have been turned away after lining up for hours for their 1st dose of the coronavirus vaccine only a fraction of the doses needed to to cover that designated age group were available while the lines of people and vehicles stretched for several kilometers. those are the headlines next on al-jazeera the fans who make football.
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millions but where's the money to. billions to women and ethnic minorities are missing out. to avoid. counting the costs on al-jazeera. early 1940 s. a man named paige eagle such a loan at a table in a cafe in casablanca morocco. he was troubled. world war 2 was raging and this city was
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a refuge for many trying to escape the nazi war machine. thousands fled here from europe hoping for safe passage to britain or the united states. but there you go the football coach had concerns of his own he had founded the club to give the poor of ca's a blank of force but it has been usurped by the middle classes. now he plan to take over a small forgotten team and build something that truly belongs to the less fortunate . if you could see it today be amazed at his achievement. there she goes brain child grew into one of africa's great sporting institutions. russia has a blank. look
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on it was instead. of a generation reborn brought you that this will interest. you secure while assemble rule imo propped up the can have the can because of how the war going because the ski. force is going to watch us it scares. well think of the extra soon it could be. russia was formed here in a poor district of cars a blanket of silicone. supporters are like a great clan all linked by love for their team café verde is a gathering place for the elders of the family here they take coffee and talk
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football. and you know when over the weekend and hold up let's look at some of. them tonight roger face egyptian giants in the semifinal of the african champions league the man can talk of nothing else. and no one who is not going to. get back to the high one presumably that amongst them is out there like. he's an urban historian of russia. and. a beautiful woman on the right idea but at the end of. summer you know i mean i had a fundamental academic in the office and humanism is why many of the men. will be naomi and i have the student can and will for. the next $100.00 s. s. and i had no we are going to be at ticky tack is
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a system of $1.00 and $2.00 touch process and sustained possession the fans love the exciting football it creates with rapid shifts from defense to attack then and you can compute they can make you think you can work required. under pairs you go roger quickly rose to challenge because of lanka's other big club with. that rivalry as deliver it scintillating spectacle. then when a 1st time you don't is it enough for some a b. level at me that we actually want to sit have a bill is it gonna. that'll get you have jamil you have your own and one of us up. to photos are massive visual displays made by organized fan groups mostly they tone their rivals. raja's room want to one refers to the torture chamber of george orwell's 1984. it would be torture for without fans to see their team thrashed
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by russia. one of which dead steve foes responded with a pirate's emblem threatening to sink old before the. and look i'm going to control the chief who did get out of the. dead. how did we that will because oh my how many beyond the 50 rival ultras compete through t.v. shows with that in red and russia and dream team colors rick lockridge. come back and not give the new mortgage they have the. who is. about to say i. have the end i want and that sound and it's up to our name margie as we know. and then and there as i hear the wags walk you know ha well because what when he when he condemned the.
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law. would be no way that. by any standards roger cossack blanka has enjoyed extraordinary success in world football. given the us army that suffered from in one of the us army of the interviews many in a war fought at checkers let him and via. a war for access to flog a wolf on account of a dog i want funny but i'm going along with consumption much much of that even though i will fight it. when i give us an award mock up. of what i am or what i was only one human. hairs you would surely be delighted that the club he built for the poor folk of cousin blanco has made such strides. through the
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songs and t.v. shows those people have a voice that can't be ignored. i want to lift known as salvador is a sports photographer and the roger fine. i would have. done for. our given. that photograph about. this to follow along. with it have. i seen it. salvador lives 20 kilometers from the hum of the 5th stadium rogers home ground it
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takes an hour or so to get there but on match day who knows. all the time he's driving he's planning how he might come up with a less conventional image. imagination and preparedness are key to his craft. and. those. regular fans feel a rush when the referee blows that 1st whistle. for salvatore that rush is magnified like the players he has to do his best work in the next 90 minutes. don't want to give a kid least question it. could get i thought with that well looks a lot on beyond what i was a kid always live about 18 in the book it's not those in a market as
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a fix for which really is if i had the. 05 net in a market but i will close a deal that had been his for not for having people like me in that he had a very innocent documentation has a car that i gave them and had a. committee of i have a lot of us but when i leave there when i lean into. the salvatore knows it's a privilege to be pitch side. but on the coronavirus restrictions it's just not the same. lessons if. the more a class of missed what. she came to more eyes in the 5th should have occupation with the look in the eyes of a. whore. who had come seen from india both home. covert
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$19.00 costs a long shadow over the city youth unemployment already severe has become an epidemic and it's so. you. have to leave university off there is 1st year. he says this is common in morocco i mean kalinda school. and then you can see. they want to come out of the mud of. us and i thought i was can give. them. after a succession of temporary jobs yousif tried to set himself up as a street vendor. and then did. this come out with. less money.
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every day he sets out looking for work has had a collapse all of them it's done. in the mall over the world. but then all of a. good head that's what i love most of all he says the one good thing about life in casablanca is football and i was. going to the 2000 in which in effect the way the. club any incentive. and its supporters are always. that's going. to get in the sport of that and. so that's a nice comfort is that i. live in the lemon is what i know.
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when the virus has passed yousif is determined to get back to the terraces but he's not sure how he'll pay for the ticket. man to beat is a key russia fan entrepreneur and an influencer. she shares her infusing on social media. history that of what you want your tree to know that are just she that she was that you cannot doubt that figure will do you are you with. even. yarosh pretty well those do. your next person could you do for me to say look i've just got. to see you keep it small but. what. examples could. you don't when you are not.
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see the mayor wanted to constructed system or secure the i'm all. the class c. you have on your cast had you feel. they were. restrained in general don't lash. out at you can you see truly god or your prosecutor could do for you yeah i missed that yeah i have not met him since yeah that is emotional challenge and they were so good to me and about the front of the food the funnel to desire i had to go to when you least the cultic quite well if it's good to move on the. football fans are constantly swept to emotional highs and lows. it's
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a roller coaster right young people scream the loudest. league odds are one. of his own from one side even if we miss. gone send a short like it will be to john no he's. coming perfect him coming on time. until quite recently roger supporters expressed themselves in clashes with rival fans. many were injured and some killed. believes that's all in the past. some of that's still going to let you in a man's yeah. yeah yeah traffic through family again using communicate because i
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know. when you stop. body do it again he's not going to do from. the bunch was coming more visuals made. on balsam i was my job there are also people who produce the harm has been so she. surely you have are going to bench was going on however if you do while. i'm cooking for as you. have got a much larger than just such a toy example the best price my you can my would amount to much from much ado about the looking around the stadium the fans seem almost exclusively male. my house is in the vanguard of change the circuit. i just can live in.
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glass. so if we wanted to follow along for me to listen to what fam i. saw some things that were told you about the result for the from the people the guy that wrote the freezone for the family see only deploy. what it could have come from and says he didn't and that the care law. under which that particular song sung the sitcom funny actually much just my screen nikita for it to almost. perhaps one day roger will have female troops but probably not anytime soon the authorities are very watchful of these leaders fearing they might morph into political activists. was the man who founded the roger eagles ultras see mohammed jemele has retired
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to the countryside he insists they are a political. and the money of the united. i don't want a cock the in an ad that should have become a thing and that i know my mother ended. up going far country. there's no mistaking the political nature of the songs and t.v. shows but they're never party political. i'm a chef and at the walk if i'm going to walk if i don't want to see a scene from a mission and the show babbles and about him slack that's brought him a look of the end so on for months the ones that i'm obviously atlanta when i was a genius you forget a lot of the exhibits and. some of the. load . another. lie and i.
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got off the end of the money could the faust how. low do loki. come out of it he get a new house for what it can achieve a kinship of how not but actually she's american and ned f. and the old those out ahead the cheeky kenyan the limit because move imo will saw that civil homage will be a raja found through his dying day. but he's passed his role as an ultra on to the next generation. as a founder of the ultras the battles with the authorities remain strong in his memories that even anybody can imagine a black and chief of police in the office at. the same you know. i'm going to ask you some crack even if i'm on the way on anybody's medical calendar here and that. the police now require all the photos to be submitted to
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them before they can be displayed. recently a prominent ultra was arrested when released the proper razzi rushed to photograph him. whatever took place during his detention he renounced his status as an ultra and has never explained why. nestled in the birthplace of russia cause a blanket cite maziar runs a cafe and store catering to the fans. a list of them still. on the hill and yet. once he found the premises saeed put out a request for team photos to decorate the place. the response from the community was so good that he soon had the best collection the city. has the video
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so. the beaten. leader. you know now from. growing up and thought it was so long roger players were saeed's boyhood heroes. and hitler or any other these types of men dead. not to live not. able to the father. saddened that some of the sportsmanship has gone from the game site is critical of modern family culture. he's nostalgic for the old days when the ball was heavier players were tougher and the fans were respectful and i think he said in general it looks just like he shed. i wish i might reveal what i can feel joe but if i didn't hear he didn't have any to heal. up.
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and then you go to shut him up close and yet the time not when it came up because of the time now for both of you and. was. was. was she afraid of what he sit in front of and he had to sit in court on what money of safe i'm not what i said fulfill the law i'm going to do you know what i'm doing that i say that she helped me get jimmy yeah it's isn't but he's in put out a little film knows the names and then he'll know it's you from who so well you know. oh. no please it was. for you know the other 2 at home with
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a whole fish out and she shall find it really when it can. and i mean it be shot out. like there's easy is also a russia supporter she believes the songs and t.v. shows improve much states and give a voice to a broad section of the public. you have to put this watching one of the crew i think what's it you know my. own must the privilege of an issue as it was difficult only back off only if i back off elizabeth. was standing together fans can say things that cannot be freely expressed elsewhere in the world was any dudes i'll show i'm not mounted on they never see. any of you to. bother me just
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the. also so we'll have the national soul and arsenal for bobby bunny sue not open any sin a sin. can do much on remember a 6 hour god 2 and then knock. was there that. was. was it was. the moroccan all 4 of these sometimes crackdown on anything resembling opposition but the force of thousands is difficult to contain. we'll see but you know part of was. just that 2nd of all just that every spotting and if you see me just
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say. at least 3 to one. t.v. coverage of russia games is hugely enhanced by the t. photos as they roll out to around the stadium cameras turn from the game to capture the spectacle call it all went to vauxhall pretty soon i. was. 18 you had to come home to see a bomb old 50 years after his death petty gigo is honored by with dad and roger supporters alike he and the king of morocco share a special place in the heart of the nation. tonight is an occasion for tea and cake the book leafy family are settling in to watch the 2nd leg of the champions league semifinal against egyptian giants zemanek
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. they lost the 1st leg at home so winning through to the final is a tall order. but with rocco supporters hope springs eternal. score 1st and they're right back in the competition. to the people who. really. malik go on to score 3 times to secure their place in the final i'm not here at all no pride if you are. serious in about oh. i knew and then i only thought of questions. to get bills all of that is.
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cypriot champions league separate and i still call. for shows. like this out of. africa only by this. i mean this you're a genius. i. i. it's one of the biggest clubs in south america. but its greatest rival is just a few blocks away. a mutual dislike between funds formed from a class divide sustained over generations. most vocal junior supporters are born
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into these club colors. in an epic feud of rich versus poor the fans who make football on al-jazeera. i was 600 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm come all santa maria with the headlines protesters are again defying a military crackdown in may in ma large crowds of down that in several cities more than 50 people now killed in these protests ever since the military seized power on the 1st of february tony chang is monitoring events from neighboring thailand we've seen the violence of the last week but this is where it is still teetering on the edge of an even greater conflict well in this country.


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