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0 was the 1st major network to find evidence of genocide. when the tragedy of the ruling was mostly on. it in genocide on al jazeera. protests his face off once again with security forces in me and as a u.n. envoy just swift action against the military's brutal crackdown. on come out of santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera the
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u.s. is accusing china of an attack on democracy over beijing's plans to change hong kong's electoral system. the rallying cry of protesters in senegal on the 3rd day of demonstrations over the arrest of an opposition leader in the ancient city state in religious significance because where pope francis will hold interfaith dialogue on his visit to iraq. starting with me and i were anti coup protesters are again defying the military crackdown large crowds have gathered in several cities one person killed in the demonstrations in fact on friday when also a united nations envoy urged the divided security council to take swift action against the military's brutal crackdown. the magic had to change spades reports
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from new york. in the last weeks the u.n. estimates around 50 people to be killed by the military in myanmar the u.n. special envoy christine seana bergen believes that after the coup people were looking to the united nations for help the envoy said that the people of myanmar including committed civil servants or the real heroes and protectors of the nation's democratic progress but she wore in the hope that they have place in the united nations and its membership is waning special envoy shriner bergen made those comments during a closed session of the security council she also told ambassadors there's an urgency for collective action how much more can we allow the myanmar military to get away with we must be clear previous and current crimes will not go unpunished. but the end of the meeting the u.k. ambassador briefed reporters as diplomats continue to work on a new statement on the situation the committee that represents the detained
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politicians including on sun suchi has said they want targeted repast sanctions on a total arms embargo why are you not considering vose measures rather than just more words the u.k. has taken by natural sanctions on individuals on trade and we have reviewed our aid but as you know from the u.n. point of view any further measures would agree would require agreement from all council members the ambassador of the european union to the u.n. told me that even if the security council can't agree sanctions there will be mounting international pressure on the military you know they might survive isolation for for some time but in the end judgment will come there will be accountability especially for people who go against their own population shooting innocent you know women you know shot bullets it's just it's not it's not sustainable and i think they know it at heart. negotiations continue among
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diplomats trying to come up with a security council statement what's not clear is whether 2 permanent members of the council russia and china are prepared to support a much harsher condemnation of the military james 0 at the united nations so let's go to bangkok thailand now talk to tony chang is monitoring developments today tony we were looking at some pictures earlier before last show i believe is the city now that's not a place i don't think of heard that much about before certainly it's mandalay in yangon that we hear about tell us about the protests there. you know we've seen a large number of people coming out onto the streets making the same calls as we've seen in yangon amanda low but this is of particular interest understand that yesterday evening just outside there was a show of force by the t.n.l. a and this is one of the armed and certain ethnic groups that exist all over me and
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mar representing some of the sort of diverse ethnic populations and they said that they were there to protect the protesters and we haven't seen them on the streets today but some of those protesters are waving flags representing the here in l.a. and i think this is one of the big concerns and not just in last year but in other areas we've seen in the last few days troops from the qur'an ethnic army is coming out and there are many other such armed insurgent groups who are likely to be coming out to protect the protesters and to stand against the tatmadaw the burmese army and this is one of the areas i think where. we've seen the violence of the last week this is where it is still teetering on the edge of an even greater conflict we're in in this country you have all sorts of different groups with all sorts of different agendas once you create the kind of chaos that we're seeing now
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an army that is prepared to use fatal force against its own population. really threaten what is a very fragile house of cards on the other side and crossed the army can't be shown to back down they've now put themselves in the position where if they show any weakness at all it will be exploited by these ethnic armed insurgent forces and so we really we've seen the balance that they're using on the streets and terrible as that is there are still worse places to go and while the army is using these terrible controls against the people i think there's still a lot of concern people watching outside that it could get even worse if the armed groups decide to use this is an opportunity to start fighting their own individual wars against the burmese army tony chang with an update on what's happening in me and i thank you tony. 2 avenues in the u.s. has condemned china's proposed new veto powers on hong kong selection of politicians saying it is
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a direct attack on the territory autonomy beijing revealed the legislation on friday at the opening of its largest political meeting the national people's congress the changes would effectively dismantle hong kong's opposition by allowing the chief executive to appoint members of parliament in line with a beijing appointed committee adrian brown has been speaking to opposition leaders in hong kong about the changes who say they won't be giving up without a fight. location hey represents what's left of a once thriving opposition party many of its members have been arrested with others now on trial accused of subversion loz doing court in 6 months to face unlawful assembly charges but is free on bail he says china's government can eliminate hong kong's political opposition but not the aspirations of its people the chinese government or the whole kong government they can suppress the whole competition's they can suppress the opposition politicians but they couldn't suppress all the
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oppositions the opposition come from the people beijing's electoral overhaul of this territory will likely mean the opposition's landslide win in district council elections 60 months ago was probably it's lost. many of the winning candidates will link to the protest movement a year later the hong kong government canceled the more important elections for the mini parliament citing code with 19 now it seems that poll could be persona again until 2022 china's leaders say that only patriots could hold elected office in hong kong without specifying exactly what that means but it does though raise serious questions over the future of the opposition and whether credible elections can be held without it in haste. says with only candidates approved by mainland china to choose from many people will be dissuaded from voting in elections already rigged
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in china's favor the reform means that they want more control they want more secure election system in hong kong and i think whenever you want to control an election more. representation of the election for the people would just be less and less shows one calls himself a patriotic the probation businessman was born on the mainland and heads a new political party that could benefit from china's new electoral rolls he says you don't have to love the chinese communist party to be a patriotic actually people should respect communist china and also respect the communist party but heavy individual in china hong kong to love a party which they have very little knowledge or experience with is unrealistic i think those are 2 different things supporters of the chinese government deny the new laws will weaken hong kong's already diluted democracy and insist the promises
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made before this place was returned from british to chinese rule have not been broken but to some those guarantees now seem worth of this adrian brown al-jazeera on kong robert scott is a senior international economist at the economic policy institute he says the u.s. has limited options to put pressure on china. certainly we can sanction china in international arena as we can consider terrorists from putting limits on their diplomats that mean limits on their voting rights in forums like the international monetary fund we're trying to china has sought to increase representation so there's one step we can take and i think the key is to actually curtail china's economic power which we have failed to do over the past 2 decades it is still the enormous trade surpluses and its uses to fuel this growing gemini around the world there are sanctions the united states can put in place on businesses operating in
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hong kong specially chinese businesses so that's one option available to us and i think that would make progress unfortunately i think china has decided that it does not need a financial power and that was tested in hong kong before it is powerful of itself china sitting on some 5 trillion dollars in for example in foreign exchange reserves is from one of the largest foreign investors in the world so i think it's going to be less damaged by the fact that businesses may move from hong kong to taiwan or to singapore in other countries i think there will have less consequences for china perhaps more countries more consequence for countries like great britain that may have to repatriate millions of on citizens. rights groups are raising concerns about senegal's handling of protests against the arrest of an opposition leader and listening to national points to a wave of arrests a partial t.v.
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and internet blackout and the use of live weapons for people who died in 3 days of demonstrations as nicolas hock reports from the capital dakar. a march the government tried to ban protesters chant this is our society be brave and strong protect our senegal not just a message to the security forces but for a government the queues of stifling dissent thousands indycar in other cities have been demonstrating after police detained opposition leader who spun song go accusing him of both rape and public disturbance to begin to do. the young people a toilet of the way we're being governed we need to free him some coas everything to us. police fire rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd the military has been deployed to help security forces stop the looting banks gas stations and supermarkets have been attacked sancho has repeatedly accused
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president mikey cell of helping french companies profit from senegal spore. in the distance behind me police are far and water cannons to try to disperse the crowds they're trying to protect a french gas station and supermarket there now so much of this protest is less about the opposition leader response unquote more about this feeling shared among many senegalese that they're not getting a fair share of this country's wealth. among those protesting are trader mo his job's employees he has come out to assess the damage job sees a failure of the state to care for its youth because of that this is a problem. this is this is not something i'm really proud of my homeland this is terrible and. kids are angry they model have food to eat that's why they're breaking shops stealing to take home children not going to school properly you know
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. not being looked after properly among those arrested are many teenagers the government is restricting access to certain social media sites they say to stop this information and public gatherings but so far all attempts to bring calm have failed and the demonstrations continue to spread because hark al-jazeera the car and update on the weather is next and then the countdown to parliamentary elections in ivory coast the opposition says democracy is at stake. people work. how the u.s. president is trying to relieve some of the pain from the pandemic. our
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wind always follows a system or winter system that runs susan levant to iran and he's already got to afghanistan but that's for sure now still blowing it blows out of iraq dancer q a dancer the govt wants us often full of dust and has been that easing a little bit but it's the strings and the dust carrying ability so the sun comes at them just dropped in their harbor it's slowly rising in for example jerusalem it's not in istanbul is going to be a miserable day on saturday to stamboul and that miserable weather being snow again for the northern part of turkey and the caucasus beyond that it's back to sunshine for the most part through most of north africa even east africa but we are picking up the sun going north and taking the rain with it and had often produces soccer in this town here we're not going to get one this time the hint of a circulation to the east of madagascar and this is the area where there has been significant rain that has been flooding in the northwest of madagascar the forecast
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to saturday with these orange top showers even still showing up in madagascar which suggests some more and that's true just across the stretch of water as well into long way maybe harare if you are south of that you're probably enjoying some late summer warms and very few showers. destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. a library and a bombs on al-jazeera. with
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al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour and protesters again define a military crackdown and 1000000 man march crowds have gathered in several cities and while the u.n. special envoy to me and maurice calling on the security council to take swift action. the u.s. has condemned china's proposed veto powers on hong kong selection of politicians saying it's a direct attack on the city's autonomy the changes would effectively dismantle the terrorist opposition. and senegalese opposition leader also appeared in court for the 1st time since his arrest on wednesday i detention which has sparked a vonage protests in which 4 people. pope francis is due to meet
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iraq's top shia muslim cleric in the coming hours on the 2nd day of his start visit to iraq the meeting with grand ayatollah ali sistani is being held in the city of not just the head of the roman catholic church is the 1st pope to travel to iraq and has pledged to deepen his dialogue with other religions later the pope is expected to hold an interfaith meeting in the ancient city of moore it's a place of historic importance for christians and muslims and it's similar to 14 reports the visit has raised hopes the long ago acted area could be developed. the ancient capital of mesopotamia it was 1st settled 5000 years before christ and became the seat of samarian kings but this was not just the cradle of one of the earliest civilizations in the world according to the biblical book of genesis or is also believed to have been the birthplace of abraham the father of the 3
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monotheistic faiths judaize and christianity and islam that is why pope francis will pay a much anticipated visit here. this visit is important in many respects tourism and will become a pilgrimage site for christians of course that will serve our province archaeologists hope the papal visit will usher in funding to further develop the site only around 10 percent has been excavated the walls of the royal tombs opened around a 100 years ago and left unprotected from the elements have been weakened by salt and humidity and are at risk of collapse of. the fluctuations and with the conditions greatly impact the buildings which are made of mud bricks and one stone. of the great ziggurat of abraham's house are the only structures that have been rehabilitated in recent decades this partly restored building is thought to have been the house of abraham some 4000 years ago he's
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regarded as the patriarch of the 3 abrahamic faiths and it is here where the pope is planning to hold an interfaith dialogue to promote understanding between christians muslims and other religions for muslims abraham is known as prophet abraham who sacrifice is celebrated during the islamic holiday of. how they'll be. our fathers used to take us to every home's house every 3 to 4 weeks since our childhood we were raised to love abraham's house his words his dialogue. shaken acidy has traveled to the vatican himself and hopes the pope's visit will result in formal collaboration. with and i hope this 1st visit will be followed by other visits from the institutes will be established here for mutual understanding an interchange where students from the vatican come to iraq to study for one or 2 years and our students can go to christian institutes the people who live around
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who would have more practical demands like this new road paved just ahead of the pope's arrival and. we hope that after the pope comes there will be better services there will be more developments i'm jobs such expectations risk being left unfulfilled during a profound financial and health crisis still the pope's visit will at least for a day cast the limelight on a side that has had few visitors in decades of war and instability seem wonderful to al-jazeera in iraq's ancient city of. and now to some a binge a very it is there for us for this well it's quite amazing isn't it a roman catholic pope and a grand ayatollah. well it is history in the making that the leader of the roman catholic church is meeting the most revered figure here in iraq a grand ayatollah ali al sistani a reclusive leader who does not usually meet foreign leaders from what we've
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gathered we went through the back alleys of niger heavily fortified for the pope's visit and it has been choreographed how the pope's car is going to come how the last 30 meters he'll have to walk because there are 2 small. house the humble abode of. he will greet him and the pope will take his shoes off to go inside just to give you an idea of how important a grand ayatollah ali al sistani is in 2004 it was him who issued the fight for that the iraqis should take part in the political process and elections in 2014 it was his fight for which provided the religious backing for the militias who could take part and play a crucial role in defeating eisen and in 29000 it was his fatah which led to the eventual dismissal of the then government so it is a very significant meeting it is a very important meeting the pope brings with him a message of interfaith dialogue to try and get support from the most important religious community in iraq for his dribbling christian population and hoping that
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this is going to build on something which has not been achieved before between the shia population of iraq and the christian population we've been speaking to various people in the majority of the religious authority of the shias here and they say that they're welcoming the pope's visit and the resonate his message in peace and security and safety and acceptance for all iraqis more from a some a bit later in the day in niger. the polls will open in the coming hours for the ivory coast's parliamentary elections 3 months after i won the presidential vote opposition parties boycotted that election this time though they say democracy could be at stake this report from. 5 requests opposition parties staying away from saturday's election is not an option they say every vote counts to stop the country turning into a one party state and taking control of parliament could make governess difficult
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for president unless a more tolerant leader of the irish tea party who was reelected $430.00 in last december's presidential election the son of water us arch rival and former president laurent gbagbo is origin voters to ensure the opposition now takes charge of parliament. let's go to the elections and type at the path to give it back to whoever has the bright to it in the ivory coast but this election is seen by the opposition as the biggest possibly only a paternity to stay politically relevant before the next presidential vote in 5 years. we think it is important for us to go to these legislative elections because we cannot yet allow the d.p. to exercise absolute power in ivory coast. some ivories believe the planned return
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of former president laurent gbagbo will employs both turnout and outcome but the president supporters dismissed the opposition challenge promising to record another decisive victory. this election is an opportunity to take stock they all came to power here we saw what they left we also saw what we've done in 10 years that's the balance sheet but if they continue to believe that time has remained fixed that things haven't changed well we're waiting for them. are 26 june referendum that the opposition called illegal paved the way for tourists 3rd time in office that led to violent protests that killed dozens of people those low violence and more deaths leading to december's presidential election something most ivorians don't want to see repeated ahmed al jazeera if you were in his foreign minister says quote hell will freeze over before the country agrees to extradite a better russian opposition leader
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a recent government is demanding. be returned over allegations she stayed violent riots claims she denies lost to president alexander in the or west election she says the vote was rigged and later fled to lithuania i mean pressure from bella russian officials. u.s. president joe biden has backed a compromise reached by senate democrats and republicans over a key part of his coronavirus relief bill the agreement on extending federal jobless benefits overcomes at least one of several obstacles the 1.9 trillion dollars package has faced but despite republican objections the bill's expected to pass and gallacher has more. the senate will come to order in the u.s. congress evenly split between democratic and republican politicians passing president biden so-called american rescue plan was never going to be easy the
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senate debates been delayed by hours long readings a marathon voting session and compromises by democratic party to pass biden's 1st piece of major legislation republicans who support isn't needed to pass the bill so it's a wasteful parade of left wing projects 200000000 for the answer to the museum and library services what's that got to do. nothing this legislation is the most consequential in a blow to progressive democrats a push for a $15.00 minimum wage failed with several democrats voting the proposal down there of also being compromises on unemployment benefits trimmed down from $400.00 to $300.00 a week and i appreciate you being rude comment tell your story from president biden meeting at the white house with the families struggling to make ends meet on a last minute plea with less than 2 weeks from enhanced unemployment checks being
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cut. and 7000000 kids don't have enough food 30000000 people are behind in their rent. and the american rescue plan i believe according to point out of the vast majority of americans believe is essential friday's unemployment numbers show signs of a steady spring recovery still of a 9000000 people remain out of work if you look at job losses most have been in the service industry a huge sector here in florida reducing unemployment benefits will hit those still out of work hard but the by the administration is keen to pass the bill quickly president biden didn't get the bipartisan support he'd hoped for but he saw the bill will pass eventually if passed the almost 2 trillion dollars will help struggling families businesses in states strapped for cash leading democrats say the sooner it's passed the quicker the u.s. will bounce back the clear majority of the american people democrats independents and republicans all support the american rescue plan it seems the only group in
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america who doesn't support the american rescue plan or washington republicans it's hoped the bill will hit the president's desk sometime next week and for many it can't come soon enough to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. in brazil thousands of elderly people and people in rio de janeiro have been turned away after lining up for hours for their 1st dose of corona virus vaccine many thought of curing overnight in one of rio's northern suburbs after the mayor said vaccines would be given to people over 60 the lines of people in vehicles stretched for several kilometers. the world health organization is urging brazil to adopt more rigorous measures to combat the virus after president john bolton r.-o. criticize new restrictions in some states the w.h.o. says it's concerned the whole of latin america could be affected and has warned all countries against letting down they got i really am very concerned that all of us
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governments and individuals are like think in some way psychologically i understand what's driving we think we're through this we're not. and countries are going to lurch back in 3rd and 4th surges if we're not careful need to be the party pooper here but that's unfortunately the way i see it and we should not waste the hope that vaccines bring we should not wish the precious gift of vaccines will bring by dropping regard in other areas it's really really important. so these are the headlines on al jazeera this hour and protesters are again defying the military crackdown in me and maher large crowds are gathered in several cities while the u.n. special envoy to me and maher is calling on the security council to take swift.


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