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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2021 3:00am-3:31am +03

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the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security and this is a political impounds here's the conflict are we telling a good story. really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to absolutely feel as if you were there. the bloodiest day and 92 protests in may and 18 people were killed in the military crackdown the un called for international action. follow and are in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up iran rejects a european offer for direct talks with the u.s. to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. i may even decide to beat them for
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a 3rd time ok. still refusing to concede defeat donald trump told supporters he may run for the presidency again but has no plans to start a new party plus. we have. an agonizing wait for parents in northwest nigeria as the search continues for over 300 school children kidnapped by armed men . the u.n. secretary general is demanding international action against the military in me and my office security forces shot dead 18 protesters i'm tony harris says the violence is unacceptable and that world leaders have to send a strong message to the military u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has also join the condemnation calling the violence apparent he says washington will push for the military to be held accountable these condemnations follow the most violent days since demonstrations
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began against the 2 live rounds are fired at huge crowds in several cities across the country tony chang has more. medics struggle to treat a wounded protester shot in the chest an arm of the streets have done away. with the security services crackdown early on sunday police supported by the military firing tear gas rubber bullets and live around. but despite the dangers protesters still turned out in larger. numbers to oppose the military coup. on live rounds used in yangon a man wounded in the streets of play down district as protesters tried to give him 1st aid and get them to cover. as the tear gas rained down they ran for shelter elsewhere hid behind improvise shields but if the intention was to get the crowds to disperse it failed regrouping out of
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range of the guns the protesters remain defiant the crackdown has been widely anticipated and the crowds are fully aware of the dangers they face down or. we the public are only protesting peacefully and now the military has come to crackdown they're just here to give us trouble we want peace we have nothing but still they come to crack down on us. we want to protect our people because the police aren't doing that they're attacking us instead as you know the jointer is doing illegal actions so the citizens need to protect themselves the campaign of civil disobedience has been widely observed against the military coup on febrile the 1st in many areas people block the roads with obstacles and cars the progress of the police hindered as they tried to clear a path in some places the protesters tried to take the stand throwing projectiles a molotov cocktails at the police. but it seems a futile effort as they attempt to stop
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a military government prepared to use lethal force against its own people tony al jazeera when earlier we spoke to a protester in young gone who's been demonstrating almost every day this month didn't want to be identified she says the military is misrepresenting the protest movement for. most of the information that is from the military's perspective is from states hand such as melody and my t.v. and the way that they present the narrative even with what happened today late this evening we received a news report from their perspective they were sending police to take care of the mobs that were in the street so they were fired as bad as mobs of people who are just trapped seeing the pieces of the state which is the complete opposite of what the truth is so for us those are ways in which they're manipulating the narrative of what our experience is that we protect there's we are civilians who
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care about the future of this country who have and for many of us this is not our 1st school i know for our other generation this is the 4th crew that they experience and. the school is bringing up all of these memories and this trauma of the military believing that they're above the law that their desires are hierarchy and that we civilians are collateral damage efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and major powers of store the white house says it's disappointed that iran is not ready to hold informal talks along with its european allies iran's foreign ministry says it's too early to be back at the negotiating table to iran wants the u.s. to lift unilateral sanctions 1st gabrielle is on though has more now from washington d.c. . this is the initial stages of posturing when it comes to diplomacy and
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negotiations and this was a meeting that was face to face meeting that was proposed by the european union it would have been the 1st preliminary meeting between tehran and washington and this is what tehran and said no to at least for now but the door still remains very much open especially here in washington the white house spokesperson a white house post person giving a statement out jazeera basically saying that they are disappointed in the decision by iran but we remain ready to engage in meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to the compliance with the j c p o a the white house indicating now that they'll go back to the p 5 plus one the 5 permanent members of the security council of course united states france the u.k. . china and russia add the other being germany to see where they go from here bottom line is though is that. tehran wants sanction relief
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before discussing anything the biden ministration has said nope we'll discuss it but we 1st got to meet and that's that is where the real roadblock is right now are james pattison is a former u.s. diplomat he says the biden administration should not back down against iran. americans were told that during joe biden was elected president that he was bringing an expert team into the ministration especially on foreign policy because that's the area east nationalized in over 50 years and want in the senate. this revived in his next words look very foolish right now in the eyes of the world because they can't get there they are there in the process of trying to meet the demands of. the iranians and they're just making america look very weak in the world and questioning whether mr vireo party plans to
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take on or again you know last we keep our rainy and malicious sites in syria and in retaliation now it seems there are aliens are bombed as readily because that ship in the gulf of oman and. the israelis are saying that they are very heavy price there so the situation is escalating it's very it's tense and it's an escalating and it's not the time for the by straight in and here's a great team of our experts our own a renowned at the state department to back down they've got to insist that they're not meeting and they're not taking in the sanctions not now and in fact at the end they put but they could put more on so they've got to pull they've got to bargain for a position of strength for us president donald trump has hinted he may run for the white house again in 2024 but has no plans to start his own party from speaking on the final day of the conservative political action conference in florida that was
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his 1st public speech since leaving office he also repeated his baseless claims of election fraud biden is failed in his number one duty as chief executive it's forcing america's loss. god this alone should be reason enough for democrats to suffer withering losses in the midterms and to lose the white house actually as you know they just lost the white house but it's one of those. who have. who you know i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok. john hendren joins us live now from orlando florida john so this was a speech that was highly anticipated by trump's supporters not surprisingly as you heard there he attacks president biden how did the speech go down.
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well there and it was well received by a crowd that was prepared to receive it well and here most everybody is left as you can see behind me it's all over but the merchandising those t. shirts stands you see behind me are the last of a number that were here earlier people camped out early in the day in order to try to see the president come in those who weren't lucky enough to have tickets in there and he began with a very focused critique as you mentioned of joe biden criticizing his immigration policy is economic policies everything it really done to reverse trump's policies and that includes joining the world health organization again that includes joining the paris climate treaty again and he went on to say that the republican party was unified but he made it clear he meant it was unified behind him he said it was unified all except a few political hacks those are presumably the people who voted to impeach the president on the republican side and that used to be the mainstream of the
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republican party but here it see back this is really a crowd that is largely suporn of of the president and by largely i mean the stage was in the shape of the number 45 which is in honor of the 45th president president trumpeting one day to give a kind of a rambling speech one of those classic kitchen sinkers that trump gives about the election and about all the things he thought was wrong about it and what he thinks needs to be done in the future he says he wants one election day he wants people to be required to have i.d.'s and he wants you to have a reason to have mail and all of those things he feels contributed to his loss in this presidential election but one thing he did that he hasn't done a lot lately and that is referred to the new administration is the by good ministration acknowledging that he did indeed lose in 2020 don't despise what trump said i mean this conference does on the line the divisions in the republican pot to do the speech given the clues as to the future direction of the g.o.p. . that's right there are really 2 republican parties
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there is the party that wants to move on to approach it to a post trump era those are the people now being called the moderates used to be called mainstream and then who are the pro trump. republicans and it must be said that in most polls a majority of republicans still favors donald trump which is why he hinted that he beat the democrats twice that is him including the 2020 election despite what 60 courts have said and then he offered a tantalizing hints republican saying maybe i'll even beat them a 3rd time which is the motivation for the flags people are carrying here that say trump 2024 john thank you. niger and officials say they're close to rescuing $317.00 girls abducted from a boarding school in the northwest and site of some far it's given their families hope after the raid in the early hours of friday but it just traveled to the school
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in john gave it to speak to a community still in shock. what's left behind in these rooms indicates the goals left in hungary and probably in shock the attackers shot through glass windows to force them out post them effects strewn across the floor they were gone only for a few days but the dry weather casts theme layers of dust of what was left behind. at the school and the lawn security guard who tried to stop them but field is back on his job watching because. after a short patrol of the school perimeter i went back in and shortly after i saw someone on the wall i pointed my gun at that intruder and he fell back i heard him telling others to shoot me ahead and i called for help no one was able to help because they've surrounded the school. although there are 2 security posts within a few 100 meters of the school in this north western state of them for not enough
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support rich to a police officer who attempted to stop them was shot dead by the attackers or wanted to shoot to is among students who evaded capture they now start shouting short and shouted everybody out if anybody inside knew them without coming i went to them so i just came in running to the gate. is my own assignee still waiting for the news of his 10 year old daughter my sister and a friend's daughter. i've never been in such a confused state i haven't slept much you know eaten well since then there is no joy no laughter anymore in this house back at the school a few parents hanging around for news of their children with them a few security personnel guarding empty classrooms and hospitals. just a few days ago these hostages were full of life 550 goes where he i chase in their
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dreams some wanted to be doctors others teachers then as they prepare for the night armed men bussed in they herded and drove 317 goals into the night now the holes of residence are empty the government of them for a state has now shut down all boarding schools in the state but for some the damage has already been done some parents insist that daughters aren't going back to school saying that i get it government has failed them a few students who still want to continue with their education say they may consider going back but under certain conditions i can continue. they have been at least 6 mos kidnappings from schools in northern nigeria in 6 years 2 of them this february the attacks are happening in the region with the lowest levels of school enrollment in high dropout sparking fears the region may fall farther behind the rest of the country ahmed degrees al-jazeera jenga nigeria
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the united nations says 15 people have drowned off the coast of libya after a boat carrying more than 100 migrants capsized elsewhere in the mediterranean 360 refugees migrants have been rescued the humanitarian group c. watch carried out 5 operations over 3 days they transferred the migrants from dangerously overloaded boats to a sea watch vessel. the syrian military saying its ad offenses have responded to an israeli strike near damascus state media says missiles were fired from the golan heights but most were intercepted in the vicinity of the capital has been no official response from israel which rarely comments on strikes inside syria. also to come here not just here including the philippines is set to finally roll out its vaccination program but there's concern for people in rural areas. and u.s. president joe biden reopen his detention centers to migrant children the same shelters that its predecessor was forced to close down or not stay with us.
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mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not everyone fears living in its shadow. and there is something like that again about the soviet people who don't live. near old world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of. living with the volcano on al-jazeera. the latest news the decision here means that donald trump will not be excluded for running from political office in the future he could run again for the presidency in 2024 weeks details coverage this is now the only official crossing that it's functioning and it's strictly only open to allowing european workers to work in farms here think about it spain from around
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the world i do tell stars the vice old city has shown just how much life has been transformed. welcome back a program out of our top stories here this hour the u.n. secretary general is calling for international action against me and was military after the most violent days since antiquity protests began the army fired live rounds of huge crowds across the country killing at least 18 people. iran has rejected an invitation for formal talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal the government is insisting u.s. sanctions must be lifted 1st the u.s. says it's disappointed i will talk to european allies about the way forward. former
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u.s. president donald trump has hinted he may run for the white house again in 2024 but has no plans to start his own party he delivered his 1st public speech since leaving office on the final day of a conservative conference in florida. now the fall out from hong kong's pro-democracy battle continues protesters are expected to swarm the courthouse on monday as $47.00 activists and former politicians are set to appear they've been charged under the national security nor imposed by beijing they're accused of participating in an unofficial election primary brown reports 3. leicestershire is a district councillor now facing the prospect of life in prison after being charged with violating hong kong's tough new national security law if he's convicted his political career like his freedom will be over on sunday he was one of 47 activists told to appear at police stations across the territory with his wife or 4 weeks by
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his side sure i'm insisted the fight for democracy in hong kong must go on i want. the hong kong people no matter where you are to keep faith and to be hopeful and to accounting to our struggle to do you believe you'll be disqualified on okami i had are sure that same question 7 months ago after he was detained for taking part in a small protest in breach of social distancing rules i really don't know whether i would be smart i don't know but i'm i can say for sure that this. shooting was a candidate in an unofficial poll held last july to pre-select candidates for legislative elections 2 months later elections which were later canceled with the government citing covert 90 the strategy of the pro-democracy camp had been this again a simple majority in parliament block important legislation and forced the resignation
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of the territory's leader kerry lamb but such tactics common in democracies around the world are enough to get you arrested in today's hong kong and in january the police came knocking rounding up 55 acted. this including us human rights lawyer john clancy who was not charged on sunday but joshua young the territories best known pro-democracy voice was he's already in jail after being convicted of organizing an unauthorized protests 2 years ago when the beijing imposed national security law took effect here carrie lamb said it would only affect a small number of people so far it's led to almost $100.00 arrests with half that number now charged human rights groups say that hong kong is heading in an all for a tarion direction with new laws and regulations curbing freedoms once promised by
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china gradually the voices of dissent are being silenced adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. no a surge in migrants reaching the u.s. border is challenging joe biden's promise of a more open approach to immigrants nearly 80000 migrants have been reported along the country's southern border with mexico in january the highest figure for that month in at least a decade it comes as the president reopened controversial temporary shelters to help deal with the numbers well how does your castro joins us live now from the calon in texas how do so what's the current situation on the border now what's been happening. there and i'm standing right on the border in fact that fence behind me is trans notorious border fence between the u.s. and mexico and behind it is where these arrests are happening out of public the public's view but the border patrol agents tell me that they're encountering groups of migrants numbering in the $100.00 plus almost on a daily basis which certainly is evidence of what they think is
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a brewing border crisis for bided all of this activity of brain the migrants in on buses and processing them in the border patrol centers that had come to a halt under former president donald trump but now the u.s. has resumed accepting asylum applications from people who are now brit being brought into the country for that purpose and for some of the families we spoke with today they said that this is something that could not have come soon enough. they waited 2 years for this moment the 1st steps of freedom in the united states. it was just this morning these families woke up in a squalid camp across the border and matamoros mexico under former president donald trump they'd been forced to wait there for a chance to apply for asylum in the u.s. . the problems on the other side of finally over
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much suffering and waiting thank god we've triumphed. so amazed to see how you know them could cause you know the president joyce the moment where they're a contrast to the border wall the legacy of trump's crackdown on immigration biden's dramatic pivot away from those policies include a proposal that would eventually offer citizenship to the 11000000 undocumented immigrants currently living in the united states that plan if it becomes law would not help the migrants who are arriving now but they're coming regardless the u.s. border patrol reports a surge in migrants inspired in one office many of them children traveling without parents that's led to the reopening of temporary shelters for migrant children the same shelters that drew protests when they were opened by trump what i have seen so far you bite into ministration is very focused on family unity and protection of
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human life so i think there there is that is a process that. i just hope that he doesn't face too long for his children to be in that place jostling zamora and her 2 year old daughter had waited out from the presidency in nicaragua where they've been threatened by gangs now they've just crossed into the u.s. with little drama going to. book a window before we are. scared we'd be returned to our country where we could have been harmed no it's much better we can be with our families in a much safer place humanitarian groups are helping migrants get kovi tests and bus tickets to head toward the american interior there with relatives or friends who long awaited their arrival but eventually have a chance to see an immigration judge who will then decide if they can stay. and the
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united states is still dealing with the aftermath of president trump's controversial policy when you separated about 4000 children from their parents once they arrived at the border there are some 500 of those kids who to this day have still not had their parents located alibhai administration is quick to point out that the 7000 kids currently in federal custody are not part of that family separation policy which was long and did these are kids who arrived on their own without parents at the border and their growing number is coupled with the pandemic which makes those per the more permanent shelters only at half capacity well the by the ministrations says that's what necessitated the reopening of these controversial trump era shelters for these kids they'll stay there for some 30 days which advocates say is still far too long before they are placed with their u.s. sponsors daryn all right to how does the castro there live for us in mcallen texas
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heidi thank you. now on to lock down demonstrators have again gathered in the netherlands to protest against coronavirus restrictions at least in watertown and as large crowds formed in the amsterdam running as against the country's covert 19 measures in recent weeks have led to violent clashes and hundreds of arrests on friday a dutch appeals court ruled the government had been right to impose a nighttime curfew overturning a lower court order. the philippines will start its vaccination program in the coming hours after receiving its 1st batch of coronavirus jobs isn't it just secure the vaccines despite having the 2nd highest number of cases and deaths in southeast asia while major cities are prepared to roll out their were not connection programs there are concerns people in remote areas will miss out. on reports from northern philippines. this is one of the most advanced and sophisticated vaccine storage facilities in the philippines sorted out to prepare.
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these. things. we have in this the. funds have also been allocated to purchase growing virus vaccines for millions of its people but the situation isn't deceiving many rural towns in this small town the. province villagers say they are allocating about 10 percent of their budget to the purchase of crew in the virus vaccines it's money that was meant for infrastructure and education. and i think. we know that the philippines he's struggling on the national government going to provide that seats for everyone that this way we decided to contribute for the good the power constituents. in. the
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freezer this refrigerator is a lifeline it stores of vaccines for polio and measles and we'll be able to keep. that don't need sophisticated cold storage systems well other wealthier cities they're able to set up separate vaccination facilities rural health clinics like this one will have to serve as main back to the hub at least for now but this by meager resources help workers here. unless they are ready and all they're waiting for now is for the corona virus vaccine to actually arrive the government says it expects to vaccinate 25 percent of its 110000000 people by the end of this year but while other countries have started in ocular nations vaccines have not even their rights in the philippines we've been on our fears for almost 24 hours a day. so we are exhausting the about the daily beast not the solution to the fun day but it surely would offer her the very significant
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solution to this. still the prospect of them provides hope to millions of filipinos already weary of the pentagon week jim duggan al-jazeera television and where they see a province northern philippines astronauts onboard the international space station have ventured outside on the space walk now since kate rubin's and victor glover left the station to install support brackets for a 6 new solar panels which will arrive on space x. rockets later this year they'll give the space station 30 percent more power. up a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general is calling for international action against me and was military often the most violent. protests began the army fired live rounds of huge crowds
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across the country killing at least 18 people and the un's human rights office described it as a worrying escalation. we're calling on the military to stop the use of force against peaceful protests.


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