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news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. boldin untold stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. all. the way. this is al-jazeera. hello there i am how the market in endo how with the al-jazeera user coming up in the next 60 minutes myanmar's military says it's fired at some bastard to the u.n. a day after this traumatic appeal to the world the military coup it's a subdued will in this modern world and must be.
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inside myanmar the junes are intensifies its cracked own it nationwide protesters are refusing to back down. protesters continue to call for armenian prime minister nicole passion young to go now the president piles on more pressure. and a man on a mission joe biden and the new u.s. government's battle plan to ease the coronavirus paid of so many i'm german ash with the sports bar in munich new 5 points clear at the top the been displayed at robert lemon dusky on the scoresheet again after 5 on when i recollect. his voice was full of emotion and hesitancy as he urged the united nations to use any means necessary. me and maurice military coup no the army says it's fired the
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ambassador who defiantly spoke his mind it says john morton betrayed the country let's remind you of what he told delegates at the un general assembly near my military has become the existential threat for myanmar as a polity and civilised society now is not the time for the international community to tolerate the war crimes and crimes against humanity can committed by myanmar military the international community must ensure that who has no place in the modern world as bound by in the un secretary-general in that regard we the committee representing our c.r.p. julie are the united nations the united nations security council an international community that aspired to build peaceful and civilized global society to use any
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means necessary to take action against the myanmar military and to prove i say 50 and security for the people of myanmar are diplomatic had sir james basis at the united nations with more. well the ambassador would have known what was at stake when he made those words he would of very carefully judge that he knew the the possible repercussions against his family he knew that the military would try to sack him and recall him the big question now is is he going to go is he going to give up his job or is he going to say that he is the legitimate representative of the people of myanmar and of the rulers of the country who are currently jailed it's worth reminding you that at the same general assembly session the special envoy the secretary-general special envoy on myanmar christine seana bergen said it's important the international community does not lend legitimacy or recognition
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to this regime so will they recognize the decision of the regime to sack the ambassador i'm sure that the military will now is try and send a new ambassador that will reflect their views but which one is the united nations going to recognize it will go to a rather obscure body part of the general assembly known as the credentials committee if there is a dispute it has 9 members interestingly among those 9 members of the u.s. is one as are china and russia which of made the point that this is largely an internal affair they will come up with a recommendation and then it will go to the general assembly for a vote so it's although the military is saying they've sat with us that is not a tall clear whether he'll be losing his job or after a protective fight will actually stay in the job well inside myanmar security forces have intensified their crackdown across the country troops of chase protesters through the streets he's in tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the
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crowds protests are demanding the release of elected leader aung san suu kyi tony chang reports. police in the amman southern city of daraa way employing more aggressive tactics to disperse protesters. advancing behind the cover of their riot shields they fired tear gas into the crowd forcing people back into the city's small alleyways in yangon on more aggression 2 from the early morning on saturday security forces occupied areas the protesters had claimed as their own charging forward they pursued protesters relentlessly throughout the day those who didn't flee were detained not just protesters several journalists were also arrested. but the mood on the streets remains defiant behind improvised barricades to keep the police at bay and the protesters happy to see their cause raised so publicly at the united nations a call on the one law we got so much encouragement to protest by seeing me and
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mars' ambassador to the u.n. that's why we're protesting with lots of energy and as much effort as we can have we feel so thankful and got so much courage to see that the u.n. representative stands with us while we're trying to protest and get our state councilor and president released. and memo 2nd city mendeley protest when led by monks in this majority but this nation it's regarded as to boo to attack a member of the clergy but myanmar's military has shown in the past it has no qualms about cracking down on monks and it's unlikely these protesters will find sanctuary behind their saffron robes tony ching al jazeera. in armenia the president is refusing to fire the top army general even though the prime minister has publicly called for his dismissal nicol passion yan had urged the president to fire the general after cues in the military of an attempted coup
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question yan has faced growing calls to step down since november that's when protesters say he betrayed the country by seizing land in a bid to end a 6 week war with azerbaijan open for see a walker reports from yerevan it is definitely a story supports. from the political institutions is waning in our media for maaco pressure on the prime minister and the opposition who know. every every day of late calling for his resignation said that this was a breakthrough of sorts for them and they even say now that they're hoping that the police and the other security services will join the armed services in calling for that call pressure resignation that of course would be a major development because it looks as if we've all the political institutions that run the prime minister's office and i'm standing in front of that promise is
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obvious now if all of them are lining up to call for him to go it looks as if the situation because it is becoming pretty untenable when they call question. the face of 317 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria on friday is still unknown gunmen raided their school in the town of john gave a in northern some fire a state police say they have information the girls have you moved to a nearby forest meanwhile dozens of students kidnapped from a secondary school last week of being released they've arrived in mina in central nigeria come and raided a school in the state taking 27 students and some of their relatives and staff members at the school one of the students were shot and killed as a trace is in a budget and has the latest on both mass abductions. the release of the students and members of staff as well as family members came after 10 days of intense
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negotiations between government officials and the armed men who held the students for at least 10 days now and it's also 10 days of intense tension anger and frustration on the part of members of the school community and the entire community who felt that the government wasn't doing enough to get the children released now government said it was not going to pay any ransom for the release of the students but we also understood that the gunman who abducted the students demanded the release of at least 6 of their members held in police custody we're not sure at this moment whether the ransom has been paid and members of the armed group also been released now the release of these students came just hours or even at least a day after another set of students 317 goes who have been taken from a boarding school in northwestern some for a state now there are questions being raised as to how they were told to hundley
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the rise in cases of kidnapping banditry in the north as well as the central parts of nigeria many people believe that being run some to free hostages has resulted in the rise in cases of abductions as well as criminality in the northern part of nigeria as well as the central parts of the country a lot of people are questioning the rationale of the go shooting with people that just criminals who i say were said to be emboldened by enron someone who goes issues between them and government officials. ethiopian officials are being accused of carrying out a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing in the region of tea tray the allegations are in the u.s. government reports obtained by the new york times and says fine says he backs prime minister of the modes are moving from time to time who should not to grain season intimidation and violence in field. launched a military campaign against separatists in the both sites have been accused of atrocities william davison is the international crisis group's ethiopia researcher
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he says the conflict has fueled tensions about land traits. during the early stages of the war. the federal forces intervened into west integrate they were accompanied by forces from the neighboring region including some irregular militia that was part of the military campaign to oust the greys regional government but many of those and horror of factions also have the intention of reclaiming what they see as an horror land in west integrate and these reports indicate that there has been significant the population of to gray and from those areas in in western degree but much of this is being under covered under reported so far because of the lack of access to those degree and who have fled and we believe huge numbers into central to quit as the federation which has an ethnic or multinational character
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was created in the 1990 s. a regional states was created and it's at that point that the un horace say they were depopulated from these areas in western ukraine so was the areas formally been part of the region ever since some horrified actions politicians activists have always said that this is rightfully. land that partly explains some of the events that we've seen over the past few months in these areas. plans of ourselves come on this news are including mexico's coronavirus vaccinations finally get underway but the president is under fire for the way he's handled the crisis so far. will be live out of new zealand's will speak to a call for 100 patients as the nation's largest city goes back into lockdown. and and sports a 2nd career title for the reigning french open champion general will be here with
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more later in the show. u.s. president joe biden's $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus aid package has passed the house of representatives it will now have to go through the senate son needs president biden signature before coming into force the package includes direct payments of $1400.00 to most americans now now the middle moves the united states senate right hope will receive quick action. we have no time to waste if we act now decisively quickly and boldly we can finally get ahead of this virus we can finally get our economy moving again and the people of this country have suffered far too much for too long we need to relieve that suffering the american rescue plan does just that relieve the suffering and it's time to act
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i thank you all for being. well they can speak now it's a passing cool hain she joins us live from washington d.c. patsy we heard joe biden there hailing the passage of the bill through the highs but a still has to go through that evenly divided senate doesn't that still think it will pass. it doesn't it doesn't seem likely that it is going to pass the democrats do have a majority 50 senators with vice president connell harris breaking the tie one of the things that was possibly going to hold it up is that there are 2 democratic senators who said they were not ok with the hike in the minimum wage over the next couple of years to $15.00 an hour the senate parliamentarian has said under the rules of the senate because of the way they're putting this bill forward they can't include that now they're trying to find work around some of the democrats possibly a tax increase for companies who don't raise the minimum wage but know without that with that out of the bill it appears they'll likely have the votes in the senate important point out there was no republican support in the house of representatives
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they say the bill is a necessary too big not targeted enough not bipartisan but still nancy pelosi was able to get it through the house in early early in the morning because this is what threw all hours of the night she declared victory we are moved to act swiftly to put an end to this pandemic and to stem the suffering felt by so many the time for decisive action is long overdue president biden's american rescue plan is that decisive action well provided this does pass how soon will it be that this relief will be found it's going to marry americans. well for those millions of americans who are unemployed this will show them an additional $400.00 in their unemployment benefits per week up from $300.00 and that protection will last until august so that'll be a comfort to the millions of americans who have lost their job because of the
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pandemic and the economic crisis that followed for the americans who qualify for those direct payments those who make under a certain amount of money those people with children they could see that that amount is direct deposited in their bank account depending on how they file their taxes with the federal government so that should go out in short order and they really think that that could boost the economy and with vaccinations increasing by the day still the vast majority of americans not vaccinated one india vaccine vaccinated and also help states and cities their budgets have been just slammed by this pandemic they're not getting as much taxes as they thought they were so they were looking in many places to lay off firefighters and teachers and garbage collectors so this money will go to make sure those people keep their jobs and also a big chunk of it is for distributing the vaccine do increasing testing and tracing obviously that is a big concern here in the united states many older americans have now received the vaccine and they're starting to make their way through the tears but there is
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a lot of frustration because people it really depends on the state which state you live in if you live in west virginia and you're probably good if you live in i don't know any other state basically you've had a hard time finding the vaccine so some of the money will go to increase in that and also money to reopen schools ok patsie live from washington d.c. with the latest thank you very much indeed. well this week the 1st doses of russia's sputnik vaccine arrived in mexico the country with the world's 3rd highest death toll the only 200000 people of lost their lives there and the outbreak has pushed the economy into its worst recession in 1000 years that republic reports from mexico city the president is getting much of the blame. vaccination efforts continue in mexico at this inoculation site in sochi need health workers are ministry 1st doses of the sputnik b. vaccine developed by russia which for now is only available for people 60 years of
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age or older. people this is the appointment for the next dose that i'll receive on march 17th i don't have a time but they'll let me now. since the virus was 1st spotted in mexico the outbreak in the country has grown beyond what anyone here could have imagined today the death toll nationwide remains the world's 3rd highest. it's become frustrating to see our local ones die people who have dedicated their lives to their patients in the area of medical professionals mexico has lost more lives than any other country that has been painful and i hope we have learned some important lessons we need to better health says we need to be better prepared we need to produce our own back scenes. the outbreak is not only stretch the limits of the country's public health system it's also pushed the national economy into the worst recession in almost 90 years the coded 19 pandemic in mexico has led to
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a devastating 8.5 percent decline in g.d.p. and a dramatic increase in the national poverty rate from 36 percent to 45 percent of the population. there much of the blame for why the health emergency in mexico has ballooned beyond control has fallen on mexico's president who's been widely criticized for do. downplaying the extent of the crisis. for his part the president has promised that everyone in the country will have access to vaccines as supplies become available to. the hand the people should know that we are committed to vaccinating everyone as soon as possible even if we don't finish by march every senior citizen will at least be vaccinated with one dose by the end of april. though mexico is now in phase 2 of the national inoculation program health experts warn that so far less than 2000000 people of mexico's 126000000 residents have been
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inoculated. amounting to a vaccination rate that is still far from making a meaningful impact against the pandemic. below al jazeera mexico city. new zealand's biggest city is just over an hour into stronger restrictions after a new coronavirus case was discovered schools and non-essential shops are shots all travel in and i was hit the city is restricts it's the rest of the country is under a slightly lower level of restrictions including limits on the size of public gatherings new zealand has avoided a high number of infections by closing off most international travel and quickly imposing restrictions when needed the 7 days in this case relative to your recall a shorter period last time was the length of an fictious period we have had this case in the community across a wide range of sites and effect that we must assume it is the more infectious
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variant that we continue to deal with. the level 3 remains the same as you recall from earlier in the month that means the main thing we are asking people in or clint to do is to stay at home. well it's a setback for new zealand which has been hailed as a success story in its battle against cove 19 had recorded its 1st case almost a year ago it declared itself corona virus free just 4 months later since then it's seen a trickle of new locally transmitted infections november or quins went into a partial lockdown after a student tested positive for covert 192 weeks ago the city called a snap 3 day locked and after a family of 3 tested positive for the u.k. variant of the virus authorities are now investigating whether the latest case is linked to that cluster well for more let's speak to janine cross and she was one of
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the 1st people in new zealand to contract the corona virus near the year ago and joins us by skype from auckland thank you so much for joining us on our what i understand is quite an early time of day where you are you were one of you zealand's 1st covert patients how are you reacting to the news that you're waking up locked in auckland's. yes indeed we are. if it's a little trigger i have to say it certainly gives me a lot of butterflies in my tummy but i do know that that absolute right thing to do is actually makes me feel safe so would you say it's quite reassuring then that this street strict action is being taken i mean do people feel on the whole that this is a good thing that such strict measures are taken or is there a sense that this is perhaps an overreaction after all it's just one extra case that's been found. you know well as someone said to me and our last lockdown
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a few weeks ago there is no such thing as an overreaction when it comes to an insidious changing barrus and there is never been a chance or time we could prove that to be true it's the overreaction or is the abundance of caution that his kitchen new zealand as safe as it has been and so i think you'll find for the large part new zealanders whilst it's very inconvenient to not be able to go back to business as usual it certainly is the right thing to do to help us keep at a level we've been of freedom and enjoying life as it has been in new zealand over the last year it's interesting you point to that because for many of our viewers many of those were we are living under different stages of locked various various levels of severity in new zealand's life has been pretty much normal. but people going to bars restaurants clubs big festivals and so on given that and
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given the strict action that that been taken i mean are people prepared to go in so locked on at a moment's notice is that something that people always have in the back of their minds. i think so i think mentally we are all end up like you know where we know if there's a press conference coming out on a saturday night at 9 pm and the prime ministers and team going to be yet there it's an imminent lockdown you certainly hear and c.s. carrying of people organizing around to running to the supermarket buying toilet paper and all the things they don't need to be doing it's a human reaction of course when they're told that freedoms are about to change but you know it a way we have to remember that iran has their own way of dealing with this kind of news and the most important. that i like to continue to get out here is to ensure they know that holding together as a team of $5000000.00 and that we're doing the right thing together being to each
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other even under really trying circumstances is the right thing to do to keep us continuing this level of freedom that we have been touring and how is that the general mood in new zealand because certainly the fact that this pandemic this global pandemic has been going on for. almost a year now it's certainly taking an emotional strain on people worldwide the fact that it's always in the back of your mind and as someone who's gone through the illness someone who has really fought it off. is that there always that thing at the back of your mind i mean it can't just be normal normal in new zealand it's there's still some sense of struggle with this virus looming in the back of people's minds i think most people are a little bit bored of it no doubt about it and we just have to redirect them and understanding we have that feeling needs to go it certainly can't be into fracturing in our response to it because just because you may be bored of it as. it
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doesn't mean that it's just going to go away and once you talk of you know having 40. after the virus the time we spoke i was feeling pretty good at the moment i'd suggest i'm sitting at about 40 percent of my usual self so i'm livin months into long copers it's not going away any time soon having to readjust my entire life continuously around there. it's not something that i would want anybody else to experience and it's why i do these interviews because i need you zealanders to know the reason they're giving up their freedoms for short periods of time the reason they're all doing what they need to do is because you don't want this virus as overseas people can continuously tell an easy unders we've got a great please don't lose their. journey in the cross and thank you so much for talking to us here on al-jazeera we do wish you well with your continued recovery thank you thank you. my palestine's health ministry says
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hospital intensive care unit so around 95 percent fool in the occupied west bank the government has announced new restrictions but they don't include a 2 week laaksonen recommended by the health minister and nighttime curfew will be in place and schools will go back to teaching online new strains 1st identified in the u.k. and south africa are spreading fast. still to come here on al-jazeera they struggle to clean up lebanon's beaches after an oil spill spreads from israel. and in sports a big crash couldn't stop this writer from making a strong finish at the u.a.e. tour.
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how the weather looks pretty quiet across much of the middle east over the next couple of days fair amount of hazy sunshine then we are going to see want to see showers having said that maybe the odd sharon to the far north of saudi arabia some wetter weather up towards the black sea just sliding across the caucasus georgia might see a shower with say western weather just pushing across the far east of turkey chance of a shower just around the iranian mountains as we go on through monday but to the east of that is fine and dry kabul 13 celsius and to the south of that is fine and dry winds easing here in qatar doha with a top temperature a pleasant $22.00 degrees celsius the sunshine stretches down across the horn of africa we have got some very wet weather there just pushing towards northern parts of madagascar easing across into southern areas of tanzania as you go through the next day or so showers there through the rift valley some heavier rain now gathering just around and zimbabwe go on into monday and that rain really popping
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out that could cause some localized flooding so we want to watch out for the showers extend their way into central parts of big by the state just want to see showers to into southern parts of south africa but it brightens up nicely by the time we come to choose day. toronto news there are windows in a case where some of those up being compensated civilians will we listen to the only music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges their own. march on al-jazeera. 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan i'll just erupt revisits the people most affected by the disaster football rebels eric cantona presents a new series about iconic players whose influence has been as great off the page as
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on it. pope francis makes history with the 1st papal visit to iraq his 1st trip outside easily since the coronavirus pandemic upfront mark lamont hill cut through the headlines to challenge conventional wisdom hope for the future the ivory coast to coast to the polls for its column entry elections. march on al-jazeera. come. on. this is al-jazeera quick reminder all of our headlines for you this hour on p.b.s. president is refusing to fire the country's top general even though the prime minister has publicly called for his dismissal he called question young accuses the
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military all of an attempted coup. yet morris military has far the country's ambassador to the u.n. after he made a defiant appeal to the general assembly on friday john morton urged the united nations to use any means mess. sorry to end the month long military coup. or the decision to remove him comes as police in myanmar intensify their cracked and on and seeking protests across the country troops chase protesters through the streets use tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowds let's get you more on the situation in myanmar linney charbonneau is the un tourettes or for human rights watch and joins us now from new york by skype good to have you with us on the news hour and let's just start with the impact that that speech by the ambassador has had how would you say his intervention has affected the situation on the ground in
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myanmar. well i think that there was a lot of surprise that the you want to sit or was willing to say what he did that he said that the coup was illegal he called on u.n. member states to support the democratically elected government and i think that this statement which was done in a very public way at a very public meeting it important meeting of the general assembly is really going to energize protesters and make them feel like there's a snowballing effect of of the support that it's really internationalizing so i think that this is going to have an impact and we'll have to wait and see whether other diplomats around the world are going to join him and also speak out against the junta and the coup that they launched in order
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to. overturn the election results and they said there was a strong response at the u.n. but the chinese ambassador to the u.n. was was very measured in his response do you think that of bolton's the the military in myanmar to continue down the path that they're on or do you think there is some possibility that china and other us in nations may pressure on the military. yeah that's kind of the $1000000.00 question right china has a veto on the u.n. security council which is the u.n. body with the power to impose sanctions and human rights watch and $136.00 other non-governmental organizations from around the world from $31.00 countries have called on the security council to impose an arms embargo on myanmar china has
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been cautious but they have actually supported some calls that were actually rather surprising more than you'd expect from china i think that they're feeling the pressure from the international community from the un secretary general who has been very outspoken against the coup also his special envoy who spoke at yesterday's general assembly meeting was as well china is being very cautious they're. talking about stability dialogue peaceful resolution these are things that china generally says about everything but it's not clear yet how far they are willing to go if countries really push them are they going to come down squarely on the side of the military and against what seems to be
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a very large percentage of the population who feel that they've had a democratic election or ripped out of their hands that government that they wanted torn away from them something does china really want to stand with the military or what those people sorry go ahead and in terms of the ambassador himself. when we were speaking with our diplomatic as he seemed to suggest it was unclear if he was still in posts or no do you have any. you've been in contact with the ambassador do you know if. he is still impulse or if there's been any change in his situation or indeed his family's situation because his immediate family are also in new york at this time. right now we'd like to know and i
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think that there's a scramble. for people to get in touch with him i mean at this point he is still the credentialed permanent representative of myanmar there's a process if he. wants to. ask the secretary general to. appoint a or credential a new a sitter well that's probably going to get passed to the u.n. credentials committee they will make a recommendation the general assembly goes this far then could have a vote on it and then we certainly would hope that member states would side with the democratically elected government in myanmar so this doesn't happen that often but it has happened in the past and there is a process for these disputes when there are different people and then of course if
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there is someone who wants to become the new myanmar permanent representative they would have to come to the united states and that it would be up to the u.s. government to decide whether to issue that person a visa their issues of control of diplomatic missions which also the u.s. government. they're the ones who have some power over that so there's a process we don't know and will be very interested to see how this plays out we will days we will indeed i'm afraid we're out of time but louise charbonneau you entr'actes of human rights watch thank you so much for talking to us here on al-jazeera thanks for having me. bangladesh says it's under no obligation to take back 81 ridden giraffe you g.'s rescued by the indian coast guards they've been adrift for 2 weeks in the endurance sea in a crowded fishing boats along with 8 people who died it set sail from a refugee camp in bangladesh hoping to reach malaysia india was bangladesh to take
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them back. well the 1951 refugee convention lays out states obligations towards refugees this includes that they can't be returned to a place where they felt in danger it's also says a state shouldn't stop them from entering but india never signed the convention and has no domestic laws on protecting refugees despite this it hosts more than 200000 including some injure. sheltering more than 1000000 ranger who fled persecution in the bring me and mark or some revenge refugees pay people smugglers to take them to say the station womanly is a visiting scholar at the international state crime initiative at queen mary university of london he says there's a legal responsibility to help people rescued at sea. they're in dire straits i mean the situation that they find themselves in highlights the dread for
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humanitarian circumstances that in myanmar have found themselves in and consequently those in bangladesh where they face genocide or crimes within me and ma and then those who managed to flee across the border to bangladesh find themselves in limbo. permanently in camps the prospect of return to me in mass seems very slim and their life opportunities are incredibly limited i mean access to to education or or industry or any sense of a meaningful future is genuinely limited for them so it's understandable in those circumstances that people will become desperate and will try to escape they'll try to go to somewhere where life can be better that the situation today though is that the 80 people are in danger at sea and whether or not india or bangladesh have signed the refugee convention becomes irrelevant the law of the sea means that
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whoever finds them has an obligation to make them safe in this case i understand it's the indian navy they have an obligation to take those people who are in trouble at sea to a safe place. iraq's foreign minister for hussein is in iran's capital on his 2nd trip this month hussein's basing his counterpart covered serif in teheran a day after u.s. airstrikes hit iranian backed militias and eastern syria near the border with iraq he's also met iran's top security official who says the airstrikes only encourage terrorism in the region. yemeni government sources say more than 65 have been killed in clashes between hutu rebels and government forces in moree province they described it as the most violent days since fighting erupted there are 3 weeks ago who seized in seems an offensive to seize marie burr there this month east of the rebel held capital sanaa the city lies close to some of the country's richest oil
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fields and its capture would be a major prize for the rebels. former u.s. secretary of state's mike pompei always about speak at the conservative political action conference c pac is an annual meeting of conservative activists and politicians from across america donald trump will be the keynote speaker on sunday those attending the meeting so far spoken about immigration and foreign policy. john hendren is live for us from orlando florida where that conference is being held john was sort of thing are we expecting to hear from mike pompei o and indeed donald trump when he addresses the conference on sunday. it was really the appetizer donald trump is the main course the final speaker of this conference and they've really got 2 goals one is to raise their own profiles
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and the other one is to set the future direction of the republican party they want it to be an america 1st donald trump style party not the traditional republican party that we had seen before trump there are really 2 republican parties right now you've got the moderates people like mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader congresswoman liz cheney who supported the impeachment process this last time against donald trump and then you have the trump wing well the moderates are really aren't made to feel welcome here and they're generally not here what we're seeing here is the real hardcore trump america 1st republican party and pompei 0 is likely to talk about how joe biden could have you could do better by charging china with more aggressive policies more confrontational policies and he'll probably stick to foreign policy pompei as a potential 2024 presidential candidate and that is the only place where he and
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donald trump might disagree because trump himself hasn't ruled out a 2024 run so we can expect trump to lay out those 'd principles on sunday he is expected to get a raucous welcome talking about the america 1st policies and once again criticizing the moderates like liz cheney who has been critical of trump of course and then attacking joe biden the president wants to weaken him as much as he can because in 4 years one of those 2 men could be taking biden on so i expect them both to be very much on message. thank you so much john hendren there at the conference in orlando. i mean all spill that status state of the coast of israel has begun to wash ashore in southern lebanon the spill happened earlier this month but environmental groups fear it could take years to clean up his whole day on reports . the sand on tired beach in lebanon is contaminated and soaked in tar.
9:44 pm
it's residue from a massive oil spill that started in israel's coast now the beginning of a tedious cleanup effort entire is under way to protect the environment and the city's tourism and i mean it's sort of let me be even a nature reserve is suffering from approximately 2 tons of tar 90 percent of which is hidden under the sand we're trying to extract it as soon as possible so we can protect the turtles hatching season. the spill is considered israel's a biggest environmental disaster beaches have been shut down and there are reports of turtles and birds covered in oil. the sale of fish and other seafood from the area is now prohibited but not all fishermen are following the guidelines now as they are were still eating the fish the entire village many of my friends and people i know bought it and were not affected the tar floats on the water it damages the reefs and seaweed the beach and our equipment like nets and boat but the fish don't eat anything unnatural. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
9:45 pm
says nearly $40000000.00 have been earmarked to clean up the country's shoreline should move to an oil tanker leak off the coast is suspected to have cost the spill and tons of tar continue to wash up the mediterranean coast environmental groups fear it could take months or perhaps even hears to clean up the damage. on al-jazeera. so come on the news hour we'll have the sport for you in manchester city one hands on the english premier league trophy will have more on that with gemma after the break. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish on the state line becomes the default the media then wait about looking for images that lead to
9:46 pm
that letter to these guys that just how did it create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. latest news the decision here means that donald trump will not be excluded for running for political office in the future he could run again for the presidency in 2024 with details coverage this is the only thing that is functioning and it's strictly only open to allowing european workers to work in farms hearing about of spain from around the world a detail study by solar city has shown just how much life has been transformed. the all the the all.
9:47 pm
my. adult children who once ranks among the world's happiest but more getting depressed because of the coronavirus pandemic mental health experts say they've seen a sharp rise in calls to suicide prevention helplines a step vasant reports from amsterdam. for 20 years old paper from the garden life has become a struggle the theater student suffers from loneliness and panic attacks especially since the dutch government imposed a nighttime curfew her studies are all online and she lost a part time job due to the lockdown i also sometimes. get for depression or for i just had trouble with school and getting out of bed. and rare have serial care for yourself like the whole time. and games where you go
9:48 pm
outside it just gets worse and worse and worse the parents of 14 year old pain saw their son changing from an energetic positive teenager into a lethargic child who started experimenting with drugs out of boredom the pain died in january of a tragic accident when he used drugs in a small tent and suffered carbon monoxide poisoning his parents believe lockdown measures led to their son's risky behavior he started looking for things that you otherwise wouldn't have looked for probably because he would be much more engaged with his friends with school was bored in there will be between has the burial i was sitting next to his body every morning and i realized this is a this is a bunch of potentiality which is lying here which is just become dead. it hurts me so much that this is what we do with the youth to stay active but pain had turned his room into a small gym his parents say the government should have been more focused on the impact that lockdown has had on young people because i feel that there's very
9:49 pm
little compassion for young. young people there's often fingers pointing at them you just want to have a party and you don't care about the elder people and i find that very that hurts my heart. because i see that my boys are struggling by telling their story but parents parents hope the government will look for more creative ways to keep young people mentally healthy growing up an adult and long man children had a good chance to be among the happiest in the world but a continuous lockdown has changed that schools have been closed since early december and there's a fairly huge impact on the mental help of children and teenagers and their impact that could last for a long time according to experts and won't simply be solved by going back to class in the netherlands people with suicidal thoughts can call the suicide prevention line 113 center start of the pandemic the number of calls and chats has increased
9:50 pm
by 30 percent nearly 80 percent of the callers are below the age of 30 especially the younger people. have lost their confidence their self-confidence and confidence in other people which is significance compared to before so far the number of suicides has not increased something the helpline contributes to the listening ear they can offer better has also found support with therapy after a month on a waiting list but local leaders say the government should do more so young people can meet each other in a safe way only then dutch children and teenagers may score high on the happiness index again step fasten al-jazeera. a funeral has been held in the u.k. for a 100 year old became famous for his covert 19 efforts captain sit on murder raised more than $45000000.00 for charities supporting the u.k.'s national health service he didn't buy walking 100 laps of his garden just before his 100th birthday and was
9:51 pm
knighted by the queen or died after contracts in covert 19 a new money as well as time for the sports his gym. thanks hello world champions of binah munich a little good in the effort to win and 9th straight bundesliga title robert leaven scoring twice in a 51 with a that's now 28 league goals this season for the polish striker searching every also scored twice as biased a top ahead of rb like stick in the table. and may still be february but manchester city already looks i have one hand on the english premier league trophy they beat west ham 2 on for their 20th straight win in all competitions their goals came from rubin d.s. and johnstone's city and now 13 points clear of 2nd placed manchester united at
9:52 pm
west ham they stay 4th he so difficult so. in dispute in this era. with this intuitional run the wall will be able to do 20 years maybe as one of the greatest achievements we have done all together in our careers we've had a few games where got thought would perform very well we've got good results which you need during the season you need got to go for you change book to do with a good performance and probably don't get the result to go with it or want to see the result of that if we go point from it then it would be no complaints. le bron james has hit back at football as latin abraham if he's criticized the basketball star for political activism satins a swedish national whose parents are from the broken and as himself in the past spoken out against racism but the ac milan striker says it's a mistake for the likes of james to involve themselves in phillips who causes in an interview he said just do what you do best because it doesn't look good wow this is
9:53 pm
the response that le bron gave after the lakers latest game. it's funny he said because i believe in what you don't they say and it was the same god when he was back in sweden talking about the same things because his last name was in a certain last name that i feel like it was a racist born or when he was on the pitch. right it is their right. or that it was i thought he said it so. it's become a very educated mind so i'm going to wrong actually go ahead because the homework that brawn has consistently spoken out against social injustice and gave his backing it to the black life matter protests last year he campaigned against fota suppression in the u.s. is black communities at the presidential election in 2008 seanie open disco in his hometown of akron ohio to help at risk children and that i just as also what the
9:54 pm
n.b.a. players association that's the union that helps to promote player while fat bosket will write a brandon robinson says activism about the likes of the braun house and connects it with the game's fans. i think many people look to particularly african-american athletes to be the voice of black folks look ron speaking about social injustice in powering up people of color and less and more is really nothing you know even during obama's administration but post obama going into it to the whole trump presidency in particular with that promise school and even just thinking about things concerning the notion concerning george floyd it's nothing new that's that's his fight that's what he's added to do and i commend him for it and i think oftentimes people look at michael jordan as. conversation with look around james and i think you know playing on the court aside i think that's the immunise that
9:55 pm
one james has that it's not a competition this is by anything right knowing about it in the just way i think o'brien has more important things to worry about and what someone in a another sport had to say specifically because the lakers just now a 4 game losing streak beating they mail it in the pool a trailblazer so now his response i think was was well executed he did his press conference with no shirt on but i think look ron has been pretty consistent in his approach that social injustice powering people of color and in educating. wales have made it 3 wins from 3 in rugby 6 nations they beat england by 40 points to 24 in cardiff is a 2nd loss in 3 games of the defending champions while the win puts wales top of the standings sunday's match between france and scotland has been postponed due to
9:56 pm
a current of us outbreak within the french squads and there's a dominant display from olland in italy 4810 for their 1st win of this year's tournament ireland run in 6 tries in that one quarter france champion as had i forgot she has won cycling's a u.a.e. top to secure his 1st title of the final stage in abu dabi was hit by a big crash of 40 kilometers from the finish line britain's adam gates one of the riders to fall but he was able to pick himself up and he finished 2nd overall to get slovenia stayed out of trouble to win by a margin of 35 seconds indian cricketer ravichandran ashwin says it is wrong to claim his team only beating england because of favorable pitch conditions the 30 s. match in ahmedabad lasted less than 2 days with india wrapping up the quickest it's test win in more than 80 is india beating led by 10 wickets to take a 21 series lead you can't believe you know sort of so you watch the match you
9:57 pm
watch you know when the game most are most everybody thinking i might be there when they get good feeling but you don't want people to go back home and say you know not winning the game you know that's winning the game so that's not what i want people to do and though i know anyway that's going to come up and these are conditioned that's happening and it's happened for a long long time. hits an unbeaten $92.00 how karate kings feet moat and so sounds in the pakistan super league that's a 2nd successive pop century england club also in the run system going on to win by 7 wickets with more than an over to spare. french open tennis champion. has won just the 2nd side of her career she led the bench 6 to 60 in the find of the adelaide international the 19 year old didn't drop a set during the whole 20 but the way it was i cut to 15 in the banking. that is all you'll fall for now i'll be back with a lot later thank you gemma but that brings this news are to. buy for me and the
9:58 pm
team here in doha in hundreds our colleagues in london will be with you in a moment with more of the day's news. mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not everyone feels living in its shadow. with good food so perhaps there is something like that a good about the serious people who don't live in the. old world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of. living with
9:59 pm
a volcano on al-jazeera. when match day arrives the green army comes to life. but football is not all they shout about . a club where society's disenfranchised have the loudest voice. and political dissent take center stage. they own the locals resistance the ultras of roger cossack lanka the fans who make football on al-jazeera. context these are the fake storytelling around the biggest issues done by ed today you should do it again.
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al jazeera. where after. me and mars military regime sacks the country's u.n. ambassador a day after his dramatic appeal to the world he called the military an existential threat words which have emboldened the protest movement in me and mine. alone barbara starr this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program dozens of kidnapped students are released and nigeria.


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