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what we want to know is how do these things affect people we visit me day even when they're no international i'd like. i'm just here really in back and that's a privilege. not backing down crowds gather in several cities across me after a call for a general strike against the military coup. so robert you want to launch their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.s. aviation regulator orders more inspections on boeing triple 7 passenger jets after mr burgess see over daniel plus the whole of the yeah yeah he has been to be able
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to just take. a situation which was very unstable. the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog strikes a deal with iran to allow inspectors into the country. and we look at whether israel's green pasture it's that selected citizens will become the ticket out of lockdown. but with the program we begin our momentum is building for another big showdown have to fire the protesters are gathering across multiple cities following a call by the movement to support supporters to join the national strike that's despite warnings from military rulers who seized power 3 weeks ago meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state and city blinken has tweeted that washington will continue to take firm action against those who perpetrate violence against civilians let's get more this from our correspondent tony chang is monitoring events from bangkok in
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neighboring thailand another big day really of demonstrations expected in the numbers that we're seeing right now tony from various sources seem to show why a cross-section of support. absolutely across the country from the from the far north. down to darwin in the south amongst the ethnic groups amongst them on the qur'an the shan and in the largest cities in the capital near people mandalay were the brutal crackdown happened on saturday afternoon in the largest city yangon where there are protests and in the university area and now downtown so this general strike is being very widely observed across the country we understand that a lot of businesses have shut down transport systems have ground to a halt so if the intention of the military was both on saturday and with the
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broadcast message gestate is send a warning shot to people to say don't observe this general store it is they are sending a message back which is that they are going to protest it does create a big problem for the military because how are they going to bang down now said i think the intent of the protesters is clear they are going to keep up the pressure they're talking about keeping up protests in the same way that they did in 1988 when they also came out on the streets to push for democracy i think many people will be hoping the result this time is different from then on the military did crack down with some considerable brutality. depending on who you ask it's either got to be a real worry or real concern about how far the demonstrations can go and how far the public at large can protest knowing in the background that the military's patience is running out of people have died. well indeed but i think what we've seen over the last 3 weeks since the coup
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happened at the beginning of february is this is a movement which is sort of gathered momentum i think initially people were quite tentative about coming out they were very aware of the record of the military but as the numbers have come people have grown with confidence in what we saw on saturday was instead of being cowardly as the news from mandalay spread around the country people were coming out and saying look we realize we've got nothing to lose but we don't want things to go back to the way they were in the eighty's the ninety's were was a pariah state they've seen the opportunities that democracy has to offer and i think again that is going to be the problem for the minute she because even if they were to step back and somehow find a compromise the fact that they occupied such a prominent position with this guaranteed number of seats in the parliament that
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will be very hard to go back to now particularly for the senior generals who've been behind this queue at this stage it's very hard to know there are any cracks in the senior command in the army but they must be feeling an awful lot of pressure at the moment nonetheless you know we've seen the myanmar military they have been very united in the past in one imagines they are again and their track record is not good in the way they deal with these kinds of demonstrations is to crack down at this stage they seem to be standing by but they do have the resources to crack down and i think everyone's kind of holding their breath at the moment for the update thanks very much tony chain of force bangkok. u.s. aviation regulators have ordered extra inspections for boeing triple 7 i cross that's a fitted with a type of engine that exploded during a flying to the u.s. but the engine catastrophic failure soon after takeoff from the train so perhaps with so you break kristen salumi house. this frightening scene onboard
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a united airlines passenger flight has led to the grounding of some boeing 777 aircraft around the globe large pieces of the plane's pratt and whitney p w 4000 engine fell over the suburbs of denver colorado shortly after take off the plane landed safely and no one was hurt but u.s. regulators quickly stepped in to investigate and on sunday the federal aviation administration issued an emergency directive calling for stepped up inspections focusing on the engines fan blades united announced it would voluntarily and temporarily remove $24.00 of its 777 from use saying safety was their highest priority it has another $28.00 of the planes in storage it's yet another setback for boeing the u.s. aerospace manufacturers $737.00 max only recently returned to flight after being
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grounded for 20 months due to pay it all crashes in less than a year and more trouble for united which like other airlines has seen a drastic reduction in travelers due to the coronavirus pandemic. other than united airlines in the united states the f.a.a. says the prime whitney engines are only used in south korea and japan the investigation is continuing kristen salumi jazeera. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says an agreement has been reached to cushion the impact of iran's latest moves to reduce corporation to who wants to put pressure on the u.s. to remove sanctions the agreement means model train will continue but inspectors will get less access to also jabari explains from tehran. is an important visit at a critical time rafael grossi the director general of the international atomic energy agency arrived in tehran on saturday ahead of aranesp plan to partly suspend
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his agency's inspections of its nuclear facilities early on sunday grossly sat down with the head of iran's atomic energy organization to discuss what happens next to his inspectors. the director general also met foreign ministers of odd serif before heading back to vienna. and the outcome of those meetings is that the i.a.e.a. reached a temporary bilateral technical understanding with iranian officials which will allow the agency to continue its monitoring of to iran's nuclear program the hope of the i yield has been to be able to take. a situation which was very understated . and i think this. understanding does it. so that other political sick patients at other levels can take place and.
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we can avoid ration in which we would have been in practical terms like officials have said as a february 23rd iran will no longer abide by the to settle poor recalls of the nonproliferation treaty because the united states left a 2050 nuclear deal and imposed tough new economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sector this decision is part of a bill which parliament passed in the summer in an attempt to force the united states to lift some of those sanctions and return to the nuclear deal. for ministers of god serif is not optimistic anything will happen before that that mine nothing has changed by going claims that trump policy of maximum pressure was maximum pavia rincon also just recently said that that policy fate but for all practical purposes there for the pursuing the same policy they haven't changed that policy. the new restrictions mean i will no longer be allowed to make
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surprise visits to any of iran's 6 declared nuclear facilities and they won't have access to any other sensitive or military sites either they will also be denied access to the 24 hour surveillance cameras at those sites with less than 4 months left in office there are any administration was hesitant at 1st to implement the bill which had passed the parliament but after the endorsement of the supreme leader the president had no choice now the government is hoping that the new administration in washington will lift some of the sanctions which have cost iran an estimated $1.00 trillion dollars or president rouhani as 8 year term will end with a failed nuclear deal and a crumbling economy. dorsetshire party al-jazeera. who remember leverett as chief executive of strategic or a political risk consultancy she says there are important forces a play in any u.s. decision to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. i would caution that the specifics aren't
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critically important what is critically important here in washington are the domestic politics and the tightening the way the current iran nuclear deal is written the j c p a way president biden would have to go to congress by 2023 and have congress lift all sanctions on a killer related sanctions against iran that is not going to happen there is no way with the constitution of the senate the way it is the way that it is basically a 5050 tie with just the vice president being the tie breaker there's no way they can lift the sanctions so domestically president biden has to find it different way to not have to go to congress by 2023 and he has to get his domestic agenda passed and he has to get all of his appointees in office that's just not going to happen if he goes back into the j.c. p.o. a so the particulars are unfortunately not that important it's really the domestic
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politics here and the timing he needs something to get beyond 2023 so he wants a process where there are number of steps that could take possibly even a number of years to accomplish during that time perhaps the united states could ease some sanctions for example waive some sanctions or allow the i.m.f. to proceed with a loan to iran these small things along the way could happen in a process but the key is going to be to have a process that allows that by an administration to draw this out for some time. well it's a number that was once of the fathomable but very soon it will become a stark reality $500000.00 kroner virus deaths will be reported reported in the united states in the coming hours though it means that within the course of the year the virus has killed more americans than the 2 world wars and the conflict in vietnam combined and even as that's the nation's ramp up the u.s. still has tens of thousands of new infections every day and almost 2000 deaths dr
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eric fielding is an epidemiologist and the senior fellow at the federation of american scientists he says the u.s. could have avoided such big numbers if the government continually failed to take action. there was a lot of political fighting over critical critical resources last year when we clearly knew that if it was not politically conflated we could have saved more lives than to leaders with premium maps who shouldn't vote production and had more premium assets last year we could have you need rapids has improved rather testing and maybe cheaply available less than a dollar or free across the us like unlike many other countries actually are offered for free we could have done all that but we did not and we're now we're paying a heavier from price and after this is over we're going to need a reckoning $911.00 commission type reckoning of what went wrong who really
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hampered a pandemic response and who is responsible for a lot of these lives were lost well still ahead here on al jazeera families myself items are allowed to leave a camp in northern syria but many have no place to go. bang gloria together never talk about threats of the other major title the story after the. hello with some bits and pieces a cloud of rain moving across the middle east over the next couple days but nothing too much to speak of line of cloud there just around afghanistan with some snow there up towards higher ground there for kabul temperatures at around 12 degrees celsius elsewhere with slushy fine and dry we can follow that unsettled weather down into central parts of saudi arabia chance of
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a shower or 2 coming in here southern parts of syria could catch a shower here as well pushing down into northern parts of jordan and as it sinks a little further southwest tempest in jerusalem falling back to around 8 degrees celsius so wetter whether they're cost more than parts of saudi arabia and. this time and that could lead to a little bit of localized flooding further north that's where the rather more active weather is some rain sleet and snow between the black sea and the caspian south of rain bad air main rain bad it is looking fine and dry for the u.a.e. for amman and also for yemen fog and dry to into a good part so 1st somalia chance of some showers into central areas of ethiopia and some as a weather for a time into central parts of kenya joining up with a showers that we have across eastern parts of tanzania what's the weather now in the process of pulling away from mozambique as have tropical cyclones slides out into the cooler waters of the southern indian ocean.
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but. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to hear those words brother those asian and anybody else the only field. those people who see the ever to do something to invest the profit of the 1 dollar up to the last drop on al-jazeera. world. book about to watch al-jazeera be cell run the reminder of our top news stories
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protesters are gathering in cities across we have a bath after the anti cupid call for supporters to join our national strike the demonstrators are defying warnings from military rulers. also u.s. aviation regulators have ordered extra inspections for boeing triple 7 aircraft visit with a type of venture exploded during a flight on saturday in japan as top carries to ground triple sevens with the same engines also had all the years you feel watchdog has reached a temporary agreement with iran on inspections but less access will be granted us iran continues reducing its compliance with the 2015 nuclear deals. libya's interior minister has survived what he's describing as a well planned assassination attempt that the bashar goes convoy was fired on as it drove to the west of the capital tripoli it happened as the government in tripoli which bashar serves prepares to make way for an interim administration. we should it's part of a u.s. led process to unify warring factions. within the house and the whole the guard
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tried to get away from the car but it kept coming until it flipped over one of my guards was hit by gunfire one person died in 2 were arrested was the one who i believe it wasn't a coincidence it was a well planned operation because it happened as we arrived. the 100 families of i still find since i've been allowed to leave an overcrowded camp controlled by kurdish forces in the all things done syria has become increasingly of saith many of those released have few places to turn as our drew chapelle explains. nearly 2 years after its territorial defeat in syria the remnants of eisel are ever present the family members of ice will fighters remain in el whole camp in northeastern syria by the 10s of thousands all in this departure hole are eager to head back to memphis though they have little to return to their home for we have a very happy we've been waiting for this moment for about 2 and a half years and now we are returning to our home praise be to god kurdish led
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syrian democratic forces are releasing families in batches most of the names crossed off the list belong to women and children whose fathers won't be joining them with my sons or in a heavily secured area for i saw fighters elsewhere in the camp. they are imprisoned i'm happy to go back to but my songs are imprisoned so who should i go to my joy is not complete 105 families are part of this group allowed to pack up their things and go. the camp is home to 60000 people and there are children everywhere. we are happy because we are going back to our families and daughters i have daughters outside and i can go to them i have no one else except my daughters all the men are gone none of them are alive all killed they all die for them. while these families are returning to manage others have no country to return to and the camp has become increasingly unsafe at least 20 residents have been killed in the
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last month eisel sleeper cells use murder as a weapon of intimidation punishment for those who reject its views hardly the environment for children to be brought up. 8000 children of foreign nationals are still here despite calls by the un and us to send them home only 200 were repatriated last year according to save the children while some countries russia was back a stand kazakhstan have removed hundreds of children from the camp most nations don't want them thinking much rather keep the problem out left over there in the region in syria in iraq rather than and pulls it back to their own home countries but this is a completely floored not as cool because what you are seeing is the training we're seeing the indoctrination of a new generation of extremists un counterterrorism and child welfare officials say the children are victims not security threats and the 57 nations with children here must act quickly. internship al-jazeera. a top diplomat has accused former us
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president donald trump of trying to suppress and contain china at a forum in beijing has urged washington to stop smearing china's ruling communist party she was trying to u.s. relations deviated from the nordic track and are running to the biggest difficulty since the establishment of diplomatic ties the root cause was that the previous u.s. ministration out of its own political moves seriously distorted china's future path and policy completely you has beijing and sensually this speech by one is a response to comments we have heard from the biden administration over the past few weeks now one gave a speech at a forum attended by chinese officials and various academics this is really significant in terms of the time we because this is the 1st week back to the chinese government the 1st for we back 4 week back after the chinese new year period so this is really aging setting it's tauren its strategic approach to the
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u.s. going forward now one you said that the u.s. and china were at a crossroads and he put the oar in his on washington to put things back on track and he asked he said that us we need to do 3 things in order to do this mainly number one is remove tariffs on chinese goods that have been imposed during the last few years because of the trade war he also called for the end of restrictions on chinese students and restrictions on chinese cultural and educational institutions in the u.s. and he also called for the end of sanctions on chinese technology companies he then reiterated areas in which the 2 countries could continue to work together or start to work together that is climate change fighting the pandemic and on economic recovery but of course this comes at a very difficult time relations between china and the u.s. are at an all time low and for this one you blame the previous trump administration . the british government says saving to give every adult their 1st vaccine shots by
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the end of july about 17000000 britons have had the job so far and on monday british prime minister barak's johnson will detail how his country will ease out of lockdown as the bark reports from london. life after what many hope is the last lockdown would seems like this in london over the weekend you'd be forgiven for thinking restrictions are already over infection rates are falling quickly across the country with an 80 percent drop in infections in the capital cases of the south african variant are also shrinking and with more than 17000000 britons receiving at least one dose of a covert 19 vaccine the government's now confident it can offer every adult in the country an injection by the end of july but when it comes to easing restrictions it's being cautious there are there are signs that the numbers in hospital all much
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more sharply than they were in the 1st way and this further analysis to be done. but clearly the level is still far too high that's why the prime minister will be setting out a growth we can't lift the measures right now but we can see that direction travel the government says it will determine when to ease restrictions placed upon hard data all the pomp pressure to set date he knows all too well but by lifting restrictions too soon it could well lead to a surgeon infections while leaving things too late for many businesses that have been shuttered for months to continue to suffer. home residents have already been told they'll be allowed an indoor visit from march the 8th. and schools could return around the same time many have already adapted to continue teaching the children of essential workers throughout the pandemic students and staff at this
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london school have regular tests on the school premises and teachers their own boxes of personal protective equipment each star has its own problems we have only one entrance in and out for you know almost a 1000 students so that kind of creates its own kind of challenges and time to change timetables and movements of students and we've got to think about our local residents in the same process and ensuring that things are safe after the return of schools the government says allowing people to have more social contact will be an absolute priority but the prospect of foreign travel or summer holidays seems some way off options being cautiously considered include allowing 2 households to mix outdoors in the coming weeks a move many in the capital seem more than ready to embrace. neve barker al-jazeera london. now the doors to israel shops miles and gyms are open again but only to those who've been vaccinated against covert 19 to get in people need a green pass that's raising concerns about the potential for decision making and
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harry false reports now from west jerusalem. after 5 months west jerusalem's y.m.c.a. gym is open again as israel emerges further from its latest and potentially last lockdown but it's a selective reopening only those with the so-called green pass on paper or not proving full vaccination against a recovery from covert 19 can come in to work out i am so happy to be back here i love this place and i've been working out for better now in 20 minutes said hartley feel fantastic not all gyms are reopening some site difficulties in persuading staff to get the vaccine some doubt they'll have enough vaccinated customers to make a profit we believe that this is best for the community in general and specifically for our members it has its challenges because it's a load of work that he's really usually we do not have but i believe that with time it's things will become easier israel is relying on the fire as
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a bone tech vaccine as its ticket back to normality with nearly half the population having had at least one job health ministry figures released on saturday suggest it's about 99 percent effective in preventing serious illness and death 2 weeks after the 2nd dose younger more vaccine reluctant israelis are being enticed with free snacks and drinks but some epidemiologists say a highly protected older population may just have to live alongside a less protected or younger group where the virus could continue to thrive the prime minister whose campaign for next month's election leans heavily on his back to life message the green pass is crucial so that. you can get your green pass and head to the gym and other sporting and cultural events. his government will soon be running a giant social experiment by distinguishing some say discriminating between those who have and have not been vaccinated i think it's extremely dangerous you colonel
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. divide between 2 population if there is a good medical reason. so for example if someone was exposed to. someone infected and these vaccinated you don't need to state all that's ok that's a medical decision. it's a balancing act that will be examined closely by other countries with lockdown weary populations desperate for a taste of their old lives democracy is not infringing on other people and making them ill so if somebody doesn't want to so let them stay in their house israel got it sparks a nation head start in part by volunteering to be a giant live to the vaccines effectiveness for now it's also running a country sized test on how to use it are a force of al-jazeera west jerusalem. is getting closer to a grand slam tennis truck called the world the ball has won his 18th major putting
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in just 2 behind roger federer and rafael nadal in total and he's delivered nothing else trailing in open despite courting controversy over possible. novak djokovic has repeatedly spoken out in the past 2 weeks against the decision by the australian open organizers to quarantine players ahead of the tournament but in front of the almost 7 and a half 1000 fans allowed in to watch it now on par with the trophy in hand it seemed as if all was forgiven look there are a lot of mixed feelings about what has happened in the last month or so with tennis players coming to australia. but i think when we draw a line in the end it was a successful tournament for organizers. djokovic hadn't lost in 17 the parent says in simi finals in finals at the australian open i his opponent in the made for dave hadn't lost to anyone since october but the world number one showed his intent from the very start i in the 2nd set the pressure proved too much for the
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russian 9 address i was in a strat i thought telly's amazing and probably it's not your last one so i mean i have no words to say. it's a matter of time when you're going to hold a grand slam that's for sure. if you don't mind waiting few more years to show. up djokovic has won 6 of the last 10 majors and is now just 2 one's away from joining roger federer and rafael nadal with the men's old time overall record of 20 grand slam titles i won in melbourne guarantees you stay world number one until at least mine site that'll be 311 weeks in the top spot oh. and that breaks another of federer's records that are with al-jazeera.


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