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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why. this is al-jazeera. or that i am how i'm hittin and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the heads of the un's nuclear watchdog syrian officials to her arm threatens to block the inspection of nuclear sites if sanctions remain. libya's until your ministers attacked just weeks after a landmark peace deal was signed. evidence
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emerges from myanmar that's a military units accused of atrocities against the ranger is leaving the crack zone against and siku protesters. i'm not i'm sure butler in paris where the french television industry has much to celebrate with hunger and shows becoming global successes. and i've been asked with sports novak djokovic is now an 18 time and grand slam champion blowout number one at the depth of record extending the australian open title. but we begin with efforts to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal iranian officials are saying their talks with the heads of the un's nuclear watchdog. have been
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fruitful rafael gross's visits cohn's on the day of a deadline set by the iranian parliament's for the u.s. to lift its economic sanctions the parliament has passed a bill to suspend some inspections if those sanctions are not removed iran's foreign minister says ending the checks is not a violation of the original deal and that all steps taken since the u.s. left the nuclear agreements are reversible nothing has changed biden claims that. a policy of maximum pressure was maximum pavia. being can also just recently said that policy failed but for all practical purposes the pursuing the same policy they haven't changed. well the u.s. has no relaxed some of the restrictions imposed by the trumpet ministration and president joe biden says he's willing to rejoin efforts by european powers to save the nuclear deal iran says it's studying those proposals well the u.s.
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national security adviser has said that the face of americans being held in a rain in custody is also a major issue that needs to be resolved we intend to very directly communicate with the iranians about the complete and utter outrage the humanitarian catastrophe that is the unjust unlawful detention of american citizens have you done that yet we intend to demand it we are we have begun to communicate with the iranians on this issue yes and we will continue to do so as we go forward and our strong message to the iranians will be that it we will not accept a long term proposition where they continue to hold americans in an unjust and on unlawful manner it will be a significant priority of this administration to get those american safely back home. well we've got correspondents in the united states and iran to break the
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story dorsetshire bari is standing by for us in teheran but 1st let's head see mike hanna joins us now from washington d c mike let's start with jake sullivan had to say there. give us more about the reaction that's coming out of washington as this as this reaches a crunch point. well the biden administration has been making very clear in recent days that had once to follow a process of negotiation we heard from the national security advisor jake sullivan in the course of the day that firstly the u.s. policy now is that iran will not be allowed to get any form of weaponized nuclear program however the president joe biden believes says his national security adviser that the way to avoid this is through the path of negotiation now we've also heard in recent days from president biden that he's keen on getting
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a negotiation process resumed under the ambit of the european union together with partners to that 2015 deal like russia and germany and france so he's looking at a multilateral process of resuming negotiation rather than a unilateral one between the united states and iran directly but many complicating factors the reference to what the u.s. says are hostages being held in the run what iran says are spies who have been convicted is something that is going to muddy these embryonic diplomatic waters even further. and mike u.s. officials have also been talking about a review of iran's neighbor iran what's that about its. well that's a very fascinating aspect that has emerged in the recent days the secretary of state said that he's reviewing a u.s.
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relations with iraq how to make them better how to improve them where they've gone wrong now in terms of that to review it's likely that the secretary of state is also looking at the fact that iraq buys energy resources from iran now the trump administration placed a limit on the amount of resources that iraq could buy raising the possibility that the u.s. may lift that ban on iraq obtaining energy resources from iran and in so doing offer a olive branch to iran without dealing with it directly dealing with iraq instead so this is a potential avenue that may be explored as the u.s. begins to formulate or reformulate a coherent policy towards iran and of course to iraq. can of there bring us the latest in washington d.c. thank you very much in deed let's get the view from iran now it or certain jabari
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joins us from teheran. earlier rainy and officials were saying that talks with the head of the i.a.e.a. were fruit for doing more do we know more about what was said in those talks and at why these talks were deemed fruitful in the 1st place. well we haven't heard anything from the officials in iran about how those talks went they said that they will issue a statement later on this evening we believe that this will come at this around the same time that we expect the director general of the i.a.e.a. who will hold a press conference in vienna in the next few hours he will highlight the meetings and what came out of them but we know that he met with the head of iran's atomic energy agency out there for solid he he then met with iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif the details of those meetings have yet to be released and i
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think it's indicative that iran is waiting to see what the director general will say about them 1st before they issue any kind of statement but we know the reason he was here that is to hammer out the details of how it is inspectors will work in iran in the coming days and months after iran takes the step on february 23rd of reducing their movements in the country the additional protocols to the nonproliferation treaty iran will no longer be abiding by them and that means the inspectors went free reign to come and go in iran and visit any sites that they wished outside of the 6 nuclear facilities in the country that will no longer be the case they were in his will require them to give advance notice and then they will have to agree to the inspector specific people that will come as well and also the 24 hour surveillance cameras that are working at inside the nuclear sites will also be not available to the i mean longer so there is there will be limited access
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to those inspectors this is one of the mean points and all of this is being done of course iran says to try and force the united states to lift some of those sanctions which have cost iran nearly a trillion dollars according to the foreign minister. also we're hearing from mike that the u.s. is wanting to push a multi lateral approach but a lot does seem to hinge on the u.s. and. iran and relations between the 2 are there any signs of movements on that front. well for the radians they really want to see action they are not opposed completely to having a dialogue with the u.s. via the european signatories but for them they say that in order for that to happen there needs to be some kind of concrete action in the way of lifting of some of these sanctions that the u.s. has imposed on iran once that is down the iranians are then able to sit down with
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the americans to talk about how they could possibly return to the 2050 nuclear deal but it's been made very clear here by all levels of the government and also the highest authority in the country the supreme leader that there will be no negotiation or dialogue with the u.s. unless those sanctions are lifted this is seems to be quite a very specific demand from the iranians and of course we have to remember that this administration in iran has less than 4 months off in office we have a presidential election coming up here in june so there is a sincere push by the rouhani government to try and leave office with some kind of result with the new administration in washington that are hoping that there will be some kind of preparation on in the coming weeks and this step is seen as a move towards that there is such a bar there bring is the latest from to her on the thank you. will let's say with this joining us from vienna is robert kelly
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a licensed nuclear engineer and one of the former directors of the i.a.e.a. as kids have you with us on the news or less assume that from cheese say iran starts restricting access for these unannounced inspections that dorsey was laying out for as someone who works in this industry and has works in the region what sort of impact do you envisage this happening. you need to know since the chunk of ministration left the deal iran has made a lot of small steps away from their obligations most of those small steps have been not strategic but have been designed to annoy the us and keep to keep the issue and more oil in the case of them removing it is not protocol i think you'll find it won't make a huge difference the inspectors they still have a number of places they have to inspect he'll be doing our regular bases under rules and regulations that exist in perpetuity worth the j.c.
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peoria is a temporary process i think they will get through just fine imagine that grossi has worked out with the iranians who will continue to do the inspections how frequently and there we don't know under existing rules and how important are these inspections certainly for li into vigils i mean it is this a real safety issue if the suspects in this are lights it's a go ahead sir they're denied access to places or is this something that's that's more political than anything else. the normal inspections that the i.a.e.a. doesn't will continue to do are very technical in the sense that they go and they look at nuclear materials so if iran says i have this much uranium in this location they declare that to the i.a.e.a. and the i.e.e.e. goes and verifies that their whole process is a process of accounting and maintaining spreadsheets making measurements to see
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that. things are accurate things as simple as weighing containers 2 very complicated radiation measures so i think what you find is that the technical business of going into verifying the nuclear materials has been going on and will continue to go on if iran is enriching materials toward a weapon are you here will know that i've. given that this and you mentioned that you are perhaps hopeful that workarounds can be fined do you think that the j c p u a there's a chance that this agreement will survive or is this even if workarounds are fightings that this deal could collapse in some way. i'm personally very hopeful that it will survive one of things i know this is that in the legislation passed by the parliament back in december that is now coming to a head they actually offer huge other branch of the technical people haven't been asked to to advise this you know when the j.c.
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was negotiated we have people like the secretary of energy earning their monies in music will iran looking at this technically it really is agreed to take 125 kilograms of weapon material or could be used further toward a weapon to take it out of their stockpile and convert it to a different form or it can be used for weapons this is a huge concession on their her and it's really sad that people are not looking at this and saying it really has taken math 1st baby step and trying to see if they can get the u.s. to do the same iran keeps saying you know we we didn't leave the deal and so you have to come back to it but the after this all of rich people need to respect that what given that position if iran has been showing good faith in these ways do you think they want to sustain i on. the americans the europeans and the other say well the signature is this deal and the americans do you think you want to sit on
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them to make the 1st steps to lift the sanctions as the iranians are asking for or is the work that should be done by by both sites. i'm arguing that iran has already taken the 1st step in removing this material from the potential to be used for weapons once it's been removed from the pipeline it would lead to a weapon they've taken a big step jumping back and saying it will take us longer considerably longer to get there if things go the way they are the u.s. should recognize that they've done that and take the 2nd step you did ask if all the parties should be doing something i think it's really between iran and the united states i don't think that the europeans who want this thing to work there's very much that they can do it see merican do you have to make the next move ok robert kelly great to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us so many al-jazeera news are you're welcome. there's plenty more still to
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come on this news hour including. the number of daily coronavirus cases across the world has fallen by 50 percent in the last 5 weeks we'll ask an expert if this is the beginning of the end to the crisis. guinea awaits thousands of ebola vaccines as medics race to control the night break of the deadly disease. and the top 2 minutes leeway to head to heads in the milan darby jemma will have all the action in sports. the at. tunisia where the presidential election has been disrupted by an attack on senior officials at least 7 people are known to have been killed in the barry region if you call caring officials from the electoral commission hit
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a roadside bomb it happens as watson was underway in a presidential runoff polls have closed well that sir saving go straight see dreams see joins us from neighboring a budget i heard sorry what more do we know at this stage of boats that attack. well the incident happened as the election officials are going round to conduct of the elections until a better region remember there have been fears of things like that or incidents like that happening major attacks have been shifted to a few had to take place today and and for most of nisha the election went on peacefully so as the convoy was driving towards the election stations at that bus run over the explosive device planted by the roadside and that was when the 7 people were killed 3 were injured to leverage and by the way he's close to the
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border with mali but cannot fossil and been in the public and this is an area that has seen lots of attacks by m groups that have been crossing from these 2 countries mali and burkina faso which are also struggling with their own insecurity problems along that region so officials are saying that the incident is one of the major aspects or the major fears they had on this election day similar incidents although on the minus scale happened during the december elections now with the attention now being focused on evacuating bollard boxes and counting ballots a lot of people lost in wonder whether this day will end very well so far in the rest of the country voting and it were preceded and ended on a successful note without major incident but the 2 liberians that sort of soiled the situation for election officials around the country today it hasn't seemed
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right so what impact. think this could have on this presidential election ronald. well in fact there are certain areas that the election commission said the elections may not take place and pro probably this is one of them or these are some of the areas that they fear are such attacks may come from i remember in december the election or commission also announced that it's not going to all the elections in those areas simply because these 2 dangers and election officials want to prepare to go to that to those locations to conduct elections but because the incident is not significant enough according to officials i doubt very much if this will disrupt or affect or even ma the election as a whole remember the other part of me here the election was conducted peacefully
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and on a successful note although the opposition candidate in the election the man who came 2nd in the december vote was warning of election fraud and said that all citizens will not take it kindly if any election malpractise is allowed to take place during today's vote. ok i think it's a step bring us the latest from a big thank you. let me isn't tarrier minister has survived a gun attack 30 bashar has convoy came under fire as it traveled west of the capital tripoli 6 of the ministers guards are believed to have been injured as follows a deal brokered last month between rival administrations to form an interim government's ahead of elections in december let's get more now from a leak traina he joins us from libya what more can you tell us about this attack.
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the minister of interior is originally from here the city of misrata is also seen by many as western libya strongman he's taken a hard stance against armed groups and and militias which has resulted in him gaining lots of popularity among ordinary libyans and the international community in a statement released by the ministry of interior a short while ago they said that as the minister was returning to his place of residence in the city of jones or west of tripoli a vehicle containing 3 men opened fire on the convoy after a brief exchange of fire 2 suspects were apprehended one was killed now the u.s. embassy also posted on their facebook page that ambassador richard norman spoke to the minister he expressed his outrage on the attack and said that mr bush as the u.s. is full support and dean and didn't militias influence in the the
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situation has been described as tense in western libya as a result the minister of defense a lot has said that he has appointed a force from tripoli to calm the situation down also libya's new new executive authority has released a statement calling for a speedy and transparent investigation into the event the ministry of interior added that they have launched an investigation into the attack and that they will hold all they will use all legal and lawful avenues to hold those responsible to justice ok molly live for us in misrata not it frankly. a day after the worst violence yet since myanmar's military coup earlier this month protesters have returned to the streets in their thousands soldiers fired tear gas and live rinds killing 2 people and injuring dozens more on saturday 20 chung reports. protesters are back on the streets of mandalay less than
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24 hours after the security services shot 2 dead and injured many more occupying an important intersection in the city the message is clear it will not back down footage that has emerged overnight suggest this was a well planned and sustained crackdown not a temporary lapse in discipline building showing the scars of live rounds that were liberally used. the soldiers beat and shot my husband and others he was standing on the side and watching the protests but the soldiers took him away. and while the police took the lead it appears it was the military they were in charge soldiers from the 33rd light infantry is said to be in command the division known for its panel and crackdowns on ethnic unrest. in the city yangon the bloodshed in mandalay appeared to have hardened the result of those protesting
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against the coup. to do over the people died yesterday i protested peacefully but people have to die the general wants to stop us from coming out on to the streets so they strongly respond to us we the people want to accept their own for oppression and we will continue to fight. and calls for the international community to intervene not to do it beyond the numbers of people increase today and we will not stop we will continue to walk to our go democracy we want international countries to take more severe action than effective sanctions. in the capital now a huge funeral cortege for the 1st pay terror to lose protests a 20 year old student who died on friday. she's now become a symbol for the protesters for the sacrifice she made in the one they may face themselves. tony chang al jazeera. beer and secretary general has condemned the use of lethal force by the military in myanmar the tatmadaw is 33rd light
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infantry division is reported to have been in charge of the crackdown in mandalay the same units was responsible for the campaign of mass killings rape and arson against the muslim ranger in 27 seen 730000 members of the minority group were forced to flee bangladesh university to say they were escaping genocidal violence or weigh in in as campaigns officer of burma campaign u.k. a london based non-governmental organization she says global leaders need to take action to prevent any further violence. if you look in the past you know human rights abuses committed by the military against their ethnic minorities and the ranger the reaction from the international community had think so little so now may online is you know calculating and knowing exactly that he can get away with all these human rights violations again. you know 2 different groups so there are
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people who say for the end of the end the release of aung san suu kyi and you know all the detainees but there are other groups calling for specially if you look at minorities call. their calls us to abolish educate a ship of all this to 2000. and 2 federal union which is very important for us to go ahead with genuine democracy and seize move forward as a inclusive society and of course at the moment we have a unity and solidarity and a bit more understanding of how their ethnic minorities have acted and of the military for so long and we will continue to suffer regardless of our. city or religion but i think when it comes to the ranger issue is a bit more complex because. it's very you know it's. hatred against the muslim at the clearly we're here jim islam is deeply rooted in our society so
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we need to look you know people i hope that people understand that everyone has rights and those rights should be respected and people should be treated with respect and dignity because this is not a religion or ethnicity so i hope that we can move forward like that. israel has cools nearly all of its beaches after one of the worst oil spills in the country's history black tar was 1st reporters on the mediterranean coast last week after a heavy storm concern is growing for wildlife in the area after a whale was found dead several people taking part in a cleanup operation have been taken to hospital after inhaling fumes. still to come here on al-jazeera this truly is prime minister is 1st in line for a covert 19 vaccine as he tries to convince people it's a plus. to see.
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the lion high luna rossa get to compete for stealing all this prize after a comprehensive win in the america's cup challenger seeing. how the weather squatting down nicely now across much of the middle east we have still got this band of cloud just draped across afghanistan through iran across central parts of saudi arabia we have a spa so it's a very light rain inkatha earlier on today that rain will be very hit and miss as we cohen through the next couple days because they'll see the possibility of some showers into central parts of saudi arabia most of that it is generally not control you might just catch a roach shall i say into southern parts of syria maybe squeezing across into jordan system is very cool softens for some just 8 degrees celsius should be dry just
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notice what's the weather coming in northern parts of saudi arabia i know just some wintry weather just around the caucasus between the black sea and the caspian sea south of the rain band we have into saudi arabia it doesn't fine and dry for the most part you might just catch a shower typical western parts of yemen and the possibility of that cloud just stretching its way into central parts of ethiopia so what's the weather there just into northern areas of tanzania maybe pushing across into good parts of mozambique we will see some wet weather too into southern areas of zimbabwe for a time well swaddle looking rather unsettled along with the east of south africa. mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not everyone feels living in its shadow. with good food so there is something like
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a medical book to serve your soup the people who don't live in a couple missed by. 0 world goes to the red zone near naples. to understand this unusual love of. living with a volcano on al-jazeera. when the news breaks both would be considered by the uk and i suppose when people need to be heard. and the story told to struggle for justice they would say and rights are over with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we want to be the face that you start not a place for you and that al-jazeera has teams on the ground but climate change is changing all of that right to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news.
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this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour iran's representative to the un's nuclear watchdog says talks with the heads of the i.a.e.a. into iran have made progress rafael gore says visit comes on the day of a deadline set by the iranian parliament for the u.s. to lift economic sanctions. libya's interior minister survived a gun attack fatty bashar has convoy came under fire near tripoli and follows a deal brokered last month between rival administrations to form an interim government's ahead of elections in december. and thousands of people right in the streets in myanmar after the worst violence in more than 2 weeks of demonstrations a military brigade accused of atrocities against the ranger is reported to be in
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command of a cracked and against protesters. that all adults in the u.k. are to be offered a covert 1000 vaccination by the end of july when the 17000000 britons of ny had at least one dose of the vaccine with the government's planning to reveal its rules for easing restrictions on monday leave barker reports from london on what's expected and when i. live after what many hope is the last lockdown which seems like this in london over the weekend you'd be forgiven for thinking restrictions already over infection rates are falling quickly across the country with an 80 percent drop in infections in the capital cases of the south african variant are also shrinking. and with more than 17000000 britons receiving at least one dose of a covert 19 vaccine the government's now confident it can offer every adult in the
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country an injection by the end of july but when it comes to easing restrictions it's being cautious and there are there are signs that numbers in hospital of much more sharply than they were in the 1st way and this further analysis to be done on that but clearly the level is still far too high that's why the prime minister will be setting out a growth we can't lift the measures right now but we can see that direction travel the government says it will determine when to ease restrictions placed upon hard data on the palm pressure to set date he knows all too well but by lifting restrictions too soon it could well lead to a surgeon infections leaving things too late for many businesses that have been shuttered for months or continue to suffer. home residents have already been told they'll be allowed an indoor visit from march the 8th. and schools could return
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around the same time many have already adapted to continue teaching the children of essential workers throughout the pandemic students and staff at this london school have regular tests on the school premises and teachers their own boxes of personal protective equipment each star has its own problems we have only one entrance in and out for you know almost a 1000 students so that kind of creates its own kind of challenges and time to change timetables and movements of students and we've got to think about all of residence in the same process and ensuring that things are safe after the return of schools the government says allowing people to have more social contact will be an absolute priority but the prospect of foreign travel or summer holidays seems some way off options being cautiously considered include allowing 2 households to mix outdoors in the coming weeks a move many in the capital seem more than ready to embrace. neve barker al-jazeera
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london. now there are signs that coronavirus restrictions on vaccinations are having an impact on infections you cases are dropping overall worldwide according to data collected by the reuters news agency daily new cases globally peaks own january 7th with more than 860000 infections well that drop spur more than 50 percent spike feb 18th just over 400000 new cases of the functions are still rising in 45 countries let's speak now with a doctor he's an infectious diseases doctor and senior scholar at johns hopkins censor for health security joins us by skype from pittsburgh it's good to have you with us on the knees are given the figures that we've just cited say that this is is good news something for us to cling on to really why would you say that these
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infection numbers are coming to an. i do think is good news and it's likely multi-factorial we have people that are more likely now to wear masks we have people's travel sort of stabilized after the holidays at least that's the case in the united states and we've got many countries where so many people have been infected and some small proportion have been vaccinated it together there is some level of population immunity it's not near the herd immunity threshold but it's enough to make it harder for the virus to move through a population that it was several months ago and i think the question is how sustainable is this with new variants but everything is looking good and hopefully it stays that way so perhaps this is a bit see what's a mystic but would you say that this means for perhaps looking at the beginning of the end of this pandemic. it's hard to say we have the solution at hand we have vaccines now so it's really a race between this virus and its variants and our vaccination efforts or the quicker we vaccinate the quicker we will get to the end of this i think we can see
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the end in sight it's now just logistically implementing that that tool of the vaccine and getting it into people's arms and that's really what the key priority has to be all around the globe at the so if it effects the nation it is the key to the ends of this and we start seeing countries that are have high that the nation numbers does this mean people can start leaving the facemask. restrictions likely to ease still some routes to run when it comes to tackling this. restrictions are going to start to lift it at a variable rate in different parts of the of the world we're already seeing restrictions lifting in california in new york new jersey in the united states and that may continue to happen i think it's going to be some time before we get rid of this wearing of masks because there is still going to be a tremendous amount of infection around in in until people are vaccinated especially those vulnerable populations that require hospitalization that end up dying that threaten hospital capacity you'll likely see much of the public up or
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sections but the goal the vaccine is not to get cases to 0 it's really to remove the ability of this virus to cause serious disease so as vulnerable populations get back to even before we get to herd immunity you may see countries starting to lift restrictions as hospital capacity becomes less of a concern and if. if that were not going to get to france occasion if this disease and it is going to be vaccination in a bid to protect vulnerable populations what is the risk of this almost 2 tier system that we're seeing wealthy countries are able to offer vaccines for example in the u.k. they're looking at vaccinating all adults by the end of july this year but many other countries just can't get their hands on enough vaccine to. late a fraction of their populations do you think this is going to prolong this pandemic and do you think that vaccine availability worldwide needs to start becoming a priority. i definitely think that scene availability worldwide has to become
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a priority because this pandemic will continue until it ceases to be a problem in every corner of the world every country needs to be able to vaccinate their multiple occupations so i do think we have to solve this problem or we will still have a major disruption in the world's economy in people's lives and you will still continue to see deaths in hospital capacity concerns in some parts of the world intil those populations are protected by the vaccine so i do think this has to be something that we think of as a global problem that demands a global solution but still in that there is some good news so it's a cling on syria and heavens no safety needed at this stage. it's a great to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera thank you. that kuwait is burning and no one citizens from entering the country until further notice is a choice to get on top of karuna virus infections you know the 6500 cases were recorded in the past week alone most businesses are barred from opening at nights
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public gatherings are restricted. a serious government says confidence it will be able to vaccinate most of it citizens against covert 19 by the end of the year that's despite research showing a large number of people remain hesitant about getting the shots the 1st doses of the pfizer vaccine have now been administered before a national rule lights on monday they could gauge reports from canberra. a day ahead of shadow prime minister scott morrison joined a small group of the strains 1st in line to be vaccinated against code that 19 before a large scale rollout on monday what we're demonstrating to die is our confidence i am supreme and confident in the expert process that has been laid to get us to this day it's been a long time coming for a struggling ins who've been watching the fads of vaccine rollout in other countries but with the stradley in the enviable position of having few covert 19
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cases the government says it's been focused on safety the 1st phase of the program will involve vaccinating health workers and staff who work in quarantine facilities the 1st goal is protection the 2nd goal is to have as high as possible all right and we will learn more as a world about the impact in terms of preventing transmission although the evidence is increasingly strong. evidence made strong that government research has found more than a quarter of a struggle ian's are unsure about getting inoculated a day ago a few 1000 people protested against the vaccine in different cities at a time when the government is in a public fight with facebook which bans news content from its astray insights reducing the government's reach to share information about the importance of getting vaccinated taking the vaccine isn't mandatory but the government is hoping to vaccinate the majority of its charlie and by the end of october the rollout of
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a huge logistical operation especially in remote isolated communities. when the 5 vaccine needs to be stored at minus 80 degrees celsius the astra zeneca vaccine has also been approved by the therapeutic goods administration and he's set to be rolled out from next month but experts are warning international borders could still remain closed the some time international borders. around its national borders are currently going to continue until we know more about how where and about majority of the population is that they needed at least $60000.00 doses of the pfizer vaccine are expected to be administered in the coming week with 4000000 to receive the job by march gauge al-jazeera cambra. appliance carrying phases of ebola vaccines to guinea has been delayed spy bad weather on thursday the world health organization announced it was sending more
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than 11000 doses to the country in his eclairs an epidemic after 7 people fell ill with diarrhea vomiting and bleeding last week that so far 3 people have died from the virus nicholas hawkers in dakar and they bring senegal. the plane carrying the bowl of vaccine that was supposed to land in concrete instead landed in neighboring senegal because of bad weather conditions further delaying efforts to try to contain the outbreak that is taking place in guinea meanwhile there are cases infected cases in the guinea forest region of and there in korea but also reported cases by the mullion borders and some being treated in the capital conakry it seems the virus is spreading and whilst a state authorities has banned public gatherings and shut down marketplaces in effect trying to get these measures in place has been difficult the markets in n.z.
9:44 pm
are corey at the center of the outbreak while it's still open so there's a real fear that many more people are being infected with the virus or carrying the virus virus without showing symptoms this vaccine is the hope for health authorities to try to contain this situation to the outbreak right now 350000 doses were donated to a guinea liberia and sierra leone during the 2015 outbreak now in guinea those doses expired in december 20 twentieth's 11000 doses are on its way and they will go to frontline to health workers who are trying to contain another evola outbreak in west africa. france is having a t.v. round they so wants streamed series have been a welcome distraction for many during the pandemic but many here assert not watching the usual hollywood offering and french shows have become
9:45 pm
a surprise hit spray he barriers in a market usually dominated by english language series the reports now from paris. french t.v. series the bureau is a fictionalized glimpse into france's intelligence service a tense drama punctuated by unforeseen twists the spy thrillers long been popular in france but more than 5 years after it was 1st broadcast it's become an international hit the bureau's executive producer says the show office a fresh perspective it is a french language it's ordinary people doing an extraordinary job in intelligence and. the success in over 120 markets today is because it's relevant it is an insipid had not been seen i mean again you know most of these shows were either english or american shows distributor says the bureau's
9:46 pm
global appeal has helped change by is attitudes i think once you have a success for example the bureau. of forest through you have some discussion with buyers who usually don't acquire french series that is the case today no it's positive for us as a distributor because we can really sell some french programs where we usually never never you know have your on the 3rd series online streaming platforms have made french shows available to an unprecedented international audience pool my agents another homegrown french t.v. series attracting fans worldwide the spirit is comedy set in a talent agency in paris run by shrewd entrepreneur he shall be an off ski he sham is played by actor a sad. story i think bands have been broken and people. watching series in foreign languages anymore because core my age. it's reached a really wide public including people in the industry and that's had a big impact on new projects are being offered paris is the backdrop for most of
9:47 pm
the shows the world famous blue features in the most recent french language. netflix says the mystery thriller has attracted more than 70000000 subscribers making it one of the platforms most work shows. french t.v. shows have certainly benefited from the surgeon people watching series or home during the covert pandemic another time when few people can travel a location like paris certainly offers some welcome escapism after decades in the shadows of the country's famous film industry the french t.v. industry is clearly having a moment as more views the never take a plunge into what was previously foreign territory touches but not just 0 paris. well let's get more on this foreign language film phenomenon from vangelis a liberal policies a filmmaker director and producer and joins us now from athens in greece it's great
9:48 pm
to have you with us to discuss those because we've heard about the french films of the french series which are doing well but it is not just france that benefiting from this. money heist the spanish t.v. series is phenomenally popular i've been a joy to tell you in films which is quite unusual for me why do you think foreign language films and series are finding a much wider audience this particular moment. oh that's that's disappointing that we've lost our guest there was looking forward to hearing more about that ad to keep it with us here on al-jazeera we'll be back after the break with the sports news and france's 6 nations rugby campaign is hit by more covert cases jemma we'll have all the details for you after this.
9:49 pm
jump into the story there is a lot going on in this one julian our global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and be part of today's discussion this stream on out is they're. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions that are unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change our person
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explains it all on al-jazeera. you all on the earth. world we've managed to solve the technical problems we can get back to greece and join our guest vangelis a liberal person filmmaker and director joining us from athens glad to have you perhaps or just give us a sense of why you think these foreign language films and t.v. series are enjoying something of a written a song worldwide at the minute. because. right now we do have a platform that those movies can be shown in the past it was only through movie
9:51 pm
theaters and through distribution and films right now we have in your new platforms that these shows can be shown to people that pandemic has kept a lot of people in their homes were not able to go to the movie theaters and now they can watch any new exclusive. film the american studios. not been producing many more nice many new stuff so right now anything new. good material is coming out is accessible and people would love to watch or original films from europe or from any other world any part of the world absolutely many people are taking this opportunity to discover these series and films that have perhaps been created by the the american dominance you could say off the industry but the cover pandemic has had an impact on the creative
9:52 pm
industry do you think that there are likely to be knock on effects moving forwards or will the creative industries be able to come back once all these lock downs and restrictions are lifted. i think there will but everything will bounce back i don't think this will stay that way it is right now the great thing is that for example you mentioned their french series they have so much success trenchant all these have been very very good the there are the leaders in their oscar nominations for international films so they were all always great movies they were even making great t.v. series but they never had the money to promote them right now the new platforms enables them to be seen and promoted to the rest of the world netflix has seen so much success from the french series so they're pushing them in the right now i'll also it helps that in a word of mouth from social media i've heard
9:53 pm
a lot of those films and i watched them series actually because a friend of mine mentioned you know you should watch. my agent you should watch a look then so i watch then it's very easy for me to watch a new series on a new movie i just press the button in my laptop or on my phone and i can watch it and then i can also promote it then suggested to other people in the past that was never possible to be done so there's a new medium and then great then you'll opportunity for filmmakers all over the world absolutely their own salon and unexpected upsides of this awful pandemic adventure there's ever have to leave it there but thank you so much for bringing as your view on al-jazeera thank you and thank you thank you for having them board well from arts to sports let's head across to gemma for an update. thank you have a tennis out number one and know if that joke of it just won his 9th australian i
9:54 pm
think extending his own record maybe rushes down on medvedev in straight sets acclaim his 18th the grandson title even empty behind roger federer and rafael nadal called and of us has the action. novak djokovic has repeatedly spoken out in the past 2 weeks against the decision by the australian open organizes to quarantine play is a hit of the tournament but in front of the almost 7 and a half 1000 fans allowed in to watch it now when the trophy in hand it seemed as if all was forgiven look there are a lot of mixed feelings about what has happened in the last month or so with tennis players coming to australia. but i think when we draw a line in the end it was a successful tournament for organizers. djokovic hadn't lost in 17 the parent says in simi finals and finals at the australian open i his opponent in the made for dave hadn't lost to anyone since october but the world number one showed his intent
9:55 pm
from the very start i. in the 2nd see it the pressure proved too much for the russian 9 address i was in a straight. top teles amazing and probably it's not your last one so i mean i have no words to say. it's a matter of time when you're going to hold a grand slam that's for sure. if you don't mind waiting few more years to show. up djokovic has won 6 of the last 10 majors and is now just 2 ones away from joining roger federer and rafael nadal with the men's all time overall record of 20 grand slam titles. the one in melbourne guarantees you stay world number one until at least months 8 that'll be 311 weeks in the top spot. and that breaks another a bit of his records that are with al-jazeera. women's champion and
9:56 pm
a miss soccer has been showing off the trophy in melbourne she claimed to her full size on saturday with a straight sets win over american jennifer brady the japanese star is hoping to repeat her success at the toyota picks if they go ahead as planned in july the top 2 sides in the italian league went head to head in the milan dobby and it was in so you came out on top beating city rivals ac milan 3 no. martinez put into a head early on and then scored a 2nd after the break to give them to the lead but it was romelu lukaku with the pick of the goals of brilliance a run and finish that into extend their advantage at the top to 4 point. manchester city have made it 18 wins in a row in all competitions with the one know when i've also in the premier league sterling got the only goal of the game after just 2 minutes city remain 10 points clear that salt attends 6 points off the top 6 more destruction to
9:57 pm
france's 6 nations rugby campaign with 2 further cases of coronavirus in their squad in now means 5 players have tested positive as well as their head coach 7 players in total will miss next sunday's game with scotland because 2 of the squad met squad members were also left out as they've been in close contact with teammates from club side to law you have quoted 19 as well france that lead the 6 nations standings with 2 wins from. lympics sailing legend ben ainslie has vowed not to give up on his dream of bringing the america's cup back to britain is in the else team u.k. will have to wait for years and for another opportunity to win it's after they were easily beaten by luna rossa in the prada cup the italians at winning the best of 13 series 71 to advance to next month's main america's cup let us take on defending champions new zealand the sailings oldest prize. that is
9:58 pm
all yours for now i'll be back with more later. thank you general with us from the team here in doha we're going to hand you over to our colleagues in london after this. talk to old jews there and we'll tell us all in a case where us what is happening compensated civilians will we listen to the only music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that are on the edge is there a. big challenge because of all the. corruption is
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so good now this is the only way to do. a course of a minister a key missed. a european judge tasked with imposing or a new order and a trial road testing the nose of a newly formed nation. witnessed. highway on al-jazeera in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from the family where the most terrible thing to syria is to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship without the sometimes i thought it would be better to die than continue to be she really didn't torture. the disappeared of syria on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and
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similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter. what you see or bring you the news and current affairs that matter to the. culture is near. the end. the. us is. iran's deadline looms for the u.s. to left economic sanctions or it will block inspections of its nuclear sites. oh i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up we are. undeterred by saturday's violence people in myanmar turn out in even greater
10:01 pm
numbers to march and mourn a young woman killed in the protests. have the latest from libya where the interior minister has said.


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