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tv   101 East Japan - The Age Of Social Withdrawal  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2021 6:30am-7:01am +03

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and iraq like that and to the science team is now thinking about what this might mean in one of the questions we'll ask is whether these rocks represent a volcanic or sedimentary origin and both of those would be equally exciting to the team ultimately perseverance may dig up evidence that life existed on mars at some point in the ancient past that could be a sign that life is widespread in our solar system our galaxy and the far flung reaches of the universe and that we are not alone robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. times a quick check of the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has declared his country is back sweeping away donald trump's america 1st foreign policies biden addressed the munich security conference seeking to reassure allies sidelines join the trump yes i know the past few years of strain
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and tested our transatlantic relationship but the united states is determined determined to reengage with europe to consult with you earn back our position of trust and leadership achieving his these goals is going to depend on a course to the proposition and that is the united states must renew america's enduring advantages so that we can meet today's challenges from a position of strength. al-jazeera has seen parts of a u.n. report which accuses an ally of donald trump erik prince of violating a libya arms embargo the confidential report alleges prince and weapons to a militia commander who was trying to overthrow the internationally recognized government. severe flooding is forcing people from their homes in indonesia capital up to 190 centimeters of rain cooled in parts of jakarta the number of people affected is still unclear major flooding has become increasingly common and in the
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region wealthy nations have pledged to pour more money into the un's coronavirus vaccination program kovacs which i aim is to inoculate poorer countries the e.u. has promised $1200000000.00 while the us says it will put in $4000000000.00 politicians have successfully rushed through a nighttime coronavirus curfew new laws were quickly drawn up after a court last week sided with anti curfew campaigners ruling the restrictions had no legal basis and must be scrapped. dozens of pro-democracy activists have been released as algeria prepares to mark the 2nd anniversary of a popular uprising president john legend to boone announced the move to appease the iraq protest movement which forced formally that of them as he put a fico in 2019 those the headlines of news continues here on al-jazeera after what i want to watch it 5. what should americans be thinking and doing right now it
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should be about ideas they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the colony for the bloated defense budget to be high in the fossil mind on us politics and policies and their effect on the world 0. a 1000000 japanese a shunning the outside world. most are over food. as time goes on surviving at home alone is becoming harder. one no one aims to explore why so many young and old in japan associate with draw.
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on tokyo suburban aps good amazing 54 year old keynes and young i say. the time he doesn't go out much kanji is a he could morey the japanese word to socially be true and paypal who spend their lives avoiding. the outside world so this is your very quotable going to have there are no more who want that that's got a quality aim a good unit will send in the sky don't need it but he's still mobile can i he wants to marry me be ripped off could be you know they've got a mama you who are your own body community. or your work which you write. the government estimates there are more than 1000000 mori across japan most are
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over 40. kanji has lived like he's the hafiz line he says he doesn't fit with japanese society. when i keep him. jumanji moon mask we eat out in my. bones we push the 9 down i couple seasons are mine when you go you are all sort of thing the awkward you in just the thought of the. conquer this and that by being socially withdrawn do you feel that you're missing after all some summoned up in the night that was all not on the schedule so no comment about the commissioner cannot use. kenji has 80 hage day or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a condition that was left undiagnosed in 25 years ago he believes that played a role in his self-imposed isolation and left him with scars from his childhood
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those who accept looking any more civilians in iraq on this one of them or the sense i'm on this or not there more specified sooner they have a path is where i don't want to go out and that it isis cause they don't assess whether some of the schools. the number of thinking good morry is sought since the 1990s when japan's economy plunged into recession. at the time kenji dropped ask a beginner versteeg law degree and struggle to hold down a job because you also know what. it's true so put it there he was while he was on the kids and their kid on state. of the fire hose out of the stream all the more borderline this year. when a mother wanted got domino out of him want. to score that you know on the sort of
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more. boots i'm not the smart the question with a smile more critical eyes the listener. thought. kenji lives with his 88 year old mother. who largely keeps to herself. typical of what japan calls the 8050 problem where he mori aged over 50 live with parents in their right he's on room costs you're also more tuscany i thought i'd have to call you on this get on with some total. cost though you will know that i that i just i want to know carmel misled you only don't think wouldn't this sort of this google doc will not be lost on their own nic i lost their mind this will give only for me threw up within the 4 of us not just any moment there at the scene and i saw a lot of things a conscious that was never caught up. like e.g.
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a 3rd of adult he could maury depend on their parents before natural survival and that makes their future. then this woman who are thinking all cartoon this young that they could have told us we do this without your permission would support pits of honoring that because the recession was only one us nickel quarter life. do you ever worry about what the law would be like without her hands on locking up the commissary and the cop in the water in this case all sort of reasons to also know how that's one of them with the same sort. of the whole thing you got them out of there some more so also against going to mumbai you know what was a holiday i was working i get the body. and
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hour away in the iraqi prefecture. rarely leaves this house. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready for 14 years he's only points of interaction where his mother yukiko and his dog and. they both died in the last dream. he says it's his dog he misses the months. before you. were born. takuya withdrew from society 37 years ago suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder he says he's condition
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and an unloving father treated his isolation from his mother like. my doomed. second there. she must go home in mombasa to recreate this one. now he spends most days playing japanese chess against ranges online. to deep. emotion. none of the clocks in the house a working takuya says it's because time has lost all meaning to him. on to the long term. the guy on the. continent.
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tuku year's biggest problem is he's running out of money from his mother's inheritance he has $1700.00. that means engage with the outside world. soon will have to find a job or apply to social welfare to survive anything in the looking light who can lie still miles please. don't call. reporting. on that kid and. soon we're going to pull you aside got a sudden alec i believe mormons. call.
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to korea would love another canine companion. but he says his local animal shelters only let families adopt pets. or books. what to do with the. poor. george. in the church or school they're on all. the school the war. all of a scam. to kuya tells me he wants to be filmed so there's proof of his existence.
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so. i didn't call. them defensive. so that's. the i'm heading to a water a rule prefecture on japan's northeast coast. parents of he kicker maureen tend to keep their problems behind closed doors but i'm making one mother here who doesn't shy away from speaking out. don't know where to go to the mom in the hope they hire . the most and said go go to regularly
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blogs about being the single mother of a 25 year old morry. her son mastodon has not studied or gone to work for the past 6 years so many parents is secretive they don't want to talk about this problem why are you so i've been going out again and now we are no longer. mine alone. and i don't know took the. power got out of. you know my dog dog the dog i mean if you go up a little more. towards even doing or small. they're betting on you has a classic with those then i. must a tall 1st began to withdraw in his teenage years she struggled to help you. not
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have enough capital for her to move into there on the higher and neither. have enough at the mere thought that you are just on the. cover of not more than enough good luck or quest this mug or you're not on mark growing there in class to see. only what honestly what a night it was in london or in a lock up or thoughts about pushed are there any modern equipment or it will distilling out overnight or the new york there. was a large dent during our corded that. the charade must atos older brother the hardest. they were our modern line of vision michael are one of the done to our. car. because the market door and we are carrying our. top of the body up and to vote on it to get that done or are.
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they are all up there. at the. moment the family gusta. i mean i thank going at it but you know. say go is determined to help us by bringing the problem out into the lives every month she records a radio program that provides advice to he keep her maury and their families. done and tomorrow today's guest is yasu hugo coochie he hires he could hear more to work at he's busy grocery store think of the war. so all nanda got done discourse always done it that
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a small percentage i cannot walk on this you know and i'm going to quit that i mean that i put it through you i got. nothing to her is proud of his mother and her radio program which breaks the stigma many if you go maury feel could i you may go to score. oh you want to tell them of the cost of it think i'll call it a night. and must a toast relationship with his mother has improved a moment. total from what i have. seiko say she's not as strict these days with assad believing that may have been what triggered his social withdrawal he doing or how high. up going. to do you know a lot has a question that. many not just of them all on the.
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love this month. among many and one on the must. must it's we began with drawing from society in high school japan has a word for it for you to describe students who refused to attend class for more than 30 days a year and those who leave school often find it hard to rejoin society laser on sometimes becoming he come already. there are 160004 topo children across japan and that number is. a region the education system. and strict parents and a commonly blended tribute today with. japan's conform to society values it beats and those who do should be different appears content.
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but there are new alternatives to japan is street schools they are the head of that i know there are now 400 non-government schools like this one set up across the nation as a safe haven the photocells mean. runs free speech and says 80 percent of children who attend the center eventually return to the mainstream education system i see a lot of kids playing video games how does that help the thursley with. the what about put it like. a month off on. why you're so caught up. they can. understand kids better than most he was a boy you know so. now he uses his experience to help children who feel lost at
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school. where. in their home where we're going to it's an awfully long. to me thinks early intervention can prevent a lifetime of isolation kids or. a lot of although you know there. are now saying that. it's a market out there who don't want us to go to david. but he's going to there are. some in there are going to start the state and know they're. not the more that they go to the whole bait on the scale. of the to. do or need the equal employment on the not only.
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oh you know island in southern japan is known for its laid back nature and full wonder boy it's the perfect place to escape the pressures of school and something we should be interested. i heard you talk a knock a more is known as usual bone on his you tube channel is also a photographer who is home schooled the 11 year old spends most days in this apartment with the assistance 10 years in business if you go you. only lucky little good luck good stock i own that. lucille does not go through the day the cravings. or do we get.
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an idea but i. think you are thinking. you cycle. so you go if. he's a bigger david than made. his parents clearly encourage you talking to the base of a ship that is. the past. 10 years or learning. and 6 aside you talk to uses his you tube channel to address issues like bully and the rising number of students suicide. his videos have clocked up millions of views . how does your huge shooting program help children who are struggling at school
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mustn't have a little rug or a gun to your. girl sort of to go with them. playing music store or like really good ones never. in the year to work. instead of attending clock this you talk a lot of nothing more than fishing with his father along okinawans picturesque coastline it's. too late to get up. to new york it is dumped into the elements and looking down at. what is the best. policy is. it can do yes it is. let's get. one that can save them. you talk of became disillusioned with school after an incident when he was nice. also soon to go if you are
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a little girl didn't want to do with enough yelled at all the closing scene and one says and it says a little bit and the funny thing is it the leader then admitted to the will to bed . words about. mike. despite a backlash from other parents and students. supports his decision to not good for japan's strict society if. they're. given the right but we have to stare at them with the looking in what do you mean when i say they're for the most of the video. you've got a your. view when you started the whole thing you will see when you put it up on the machine that. we've. got it but then when you.
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become one of the most human you so upset over more and more to put you've got to call it the whole the ied and i got up and until that happens you talk to hopes that his you tube videos who continue to help children struggling in the system to follow his lead. little good that's going to do you kill only last week if you don't. step. up so. that. he's not the only one trying to reach out to japan's downtowns under a bridge in yokohama. studio working on a new exhibition on he a project. became a he could mori in his thirty's jew largely to depression and family issues.
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and. all. lost or so. many more. recruited for mother he could maureen to produce these yet to be completed pieces for the exhibition. all symbols of their trouble just. to address their trauma they break the artworks then put them back together. at sushi's contribution to the show is a replica of the door to his room at home so what is the meaning behind the door.
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story you need to turn off again on this. morning there or i was shown you some date on that at all not for us to go down a couple. to hear any sound like it a lot more. back a how to stare. leaving the room and all of us in the cabin done with you marty made out of them border particularly cut then i border going on the can i don't know message across there though a lock on tanya that i don't know but we're very mild call it a state of color hair nanda kind your stock wind up the method up on the. when he smashed the door down at sushi discovered his mother had been reading books about. to try and help him it was the moment that ended his isolation. candidate talk about how we don't know what i've already done your candidate that got a little bit on the court out there haha morrison all around there is video pace my
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wounds you were acknowledges his mother's pain. together they smash a model of the family home and then glue it back together. in galleries worldwide at sushi hope sees us will present he kicker morey in a different line of. state. of. well kind of like al. i'm going in and out shock i make it all going to the hall more data a day. bookie all day i like a lot i want to shop i could i not going out there one gets a photo op there so i'll call ben a local i need to. shine up a machine i shoot. at sushi says he could journey of small steps to break free from his isolation but for
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many of its freedom from japan's age of social withdrawal is still a work in progress. more than a year after the coby 19 pandemic began its origins remain a mystery one o one ace makes the scientists trying to trace the virus from the animal kingdom to humans on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. this is challenge because of all that is corrupt corruption is so dead now in syria the only way to get. across of a minister of keys to. a european judge tasked with imposing a no or
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a new order and a trial testing the nose of a newly formed nation. whitney. highway an ounce easier. i know the past years of strain. tested our trans-atlantic relationship with the united states is determined to determined to reengage with europe u.s. president joe biden says america is back and ready to tackle global issues with its european allies. alone daryn jordan this is out as a red light from coming up al-jazeera has seen parts of the confidential.


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