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and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. good morning the u.s. president just to work with america's allies to solve the wiles greatest challenges america is back the transatlantic alliance is back. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the
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program the u.s. and other western nations on this billions of dollars to the united nations a vaccine scheme to ensure the world's poorest get that share also. gunfire on the streets of somalia's capital as a power struggle threatens to tear the country apart. welcome to the program u.s. president joe biden is saying america is back and ready to rejoin the international community stepping away from his predecessor as america 1st policy and his presidential debut on the global stage biden said his commitment to nato is unshakeable stating the an attack on one member is an attack on all the president also used his speech at the munich security conference to push back against what he
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describes as russia's attacks on democratic countries i know the past few years of strain and tested our transatlantic relationship but the united states is determined determined to reengage with europe to consult with you earn back our position of trust a leadership which even is these goals is going to depend on a course to 2 g. proposition and that is the united states must renew america's enduring advantages so that we can meet today's challenges from a position of strength. there is christian slim is life for us now in washington in a christian after 4 years of some strained alliances and relationships and withdrawing from international agreements this is quite a daunting task that joe biden pride pledging to restore u.s. credibility on the well stage. absolutely and what we saw here was joe
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biden attempting to really turn the page from the previous administration and donald trump's america 1st to bring to america's back america is back that was a theme that he said over and over again and ready to reengage with its traditional allies and multilateral institutions and prove that democracy can work in his words and to underscore that point he touched on many things but primarily efforts to deal with the coronavirus and also with climate change on the coronavirus pledging some $4000000000.00 u.s. dollars for international efforts to bring the vaccine to poor countries on climate change on the day that the united states officially reentered the paris climate agreement pledging to meet us commitments under that agreement and also calling on european and other allies to do the same and also another issue that he talked about that was particularly troublesome between traditional allies is iran and his
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willingness to reengage with talks between the europeans or iran all the signatories to the nuclear deal to attempt to get that deal back in order again that was particularly a sore spot with the european allies something that had caused great tension under the trumpet ministration which withdrew from the deal so we have joe biden showing an attempt to mend fences with allies and also reassert u.s. leadership on the global stage right and there is this desire to revive the iran nuclear deal as you say but there has to be a new practical diplomatic approach and it's not clear when that's going to happen . a lot of uncertainty the united states and iran have been out a stalemate despite the fact that the leadership in both countries wants to reengage
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in claims that they want the deal in some form to be in place iran wants the united states to remove sanctions before it comes back into compliance with the deal the united states says it has to come into compliance 1st and there's been this standoff but what could be seen as a small step forward by the united states a willingness to attend talks at the invitation of the europeans with all of the signatories to the deal on thursday also the united states rolled back its position at the united nations in terms of international sanctions and strict restrictions that were put on iranian diplomats in new york back to what it was prior to president. which maybe could be seen as it is a. branch if you will towards the iranians an incentive for them to reengage
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with the administration but it's a very touchy subject here in the united states and joe biden after those international speeches spoke to us media outside of the vaccine facility here in the united states and emphasize that he didn't see the united states taking any additional steps in order to get to those talks but did say that there needed to be a dialogue everybody needed to come together in order for any progress to be made thank you very much kristen salumi in washington thanks christine. meanwhile the u.s. special envoy for climate has governments to do more than the ban minimum on climate change also speaking at the munich security conference john kerry said environmental degradation threatens lives livelihoods and global security is warning comes after the u.s. officially rejoined the paris climate agreement on friday 3 months after its formal withdrawal by the trump administration went into effect a former secretary of state said if efforts to reduce carbon emissions are not
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stepped up the whole world will suffer the consequences or paris agreement was signed by a $196.00 parties in 2015 coming into force around a year later the united states was the only country to withdrawal it wants to clap but the it wants to cap the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees celsius compared to pre-industrial levels but the u.n. reports on thursday said temperatures on our planet's wrong track to rise by 3 and a half degrees celsius that's on top of a 1.9 degree rise that's already been recorded and far higher than the limits set by the paris accord what we do or don't do in the coming months and years will make all the difference it's a threat multiplier when tensions are already highs somewhere it resources are increasingly scarce the embers of conflict just burn brighter and when farmers can no longer make a living because the weather is so extremely learned predictable they become
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increasingly desperate many according to some studies hundreds of millions of people will be forced from their homes forced from their habitat for the place they've lived a life. wealthier nations are also pledging to pour money into the un's coronavirus vaccination program which aims to inoculate poor countries as richer governments snap up supplies the european union is saying it will double its contribution to kovacs promising a total of $1200000000.00 president joe biden is vowing $4000000000.00 half of which will be sent immediately meanwhile france is pledging to hand over up to 5 percent of its doses but hasn't specified when that will happen while the u.k. says that it will donate any surplus vaccines without giving details either kovacs is aiming to deploy $336000000.00 doses by the end of june and around $2000000000.00 by the end of the year john holl has our report under pressure from the united nations and the world health organization g 7 leaders promise to step up
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their efforts to make vaccines available worldwide make sure. that they need. to get. a strong. ahead of the virtual meeting chaired by britain's prime minister the un said just 10 countries accounted for 3 quarters of the entire global vaccine rollout 130 countries have received a single dose of w.h.o. has warned of a catastrophic moral failure that will be paid for with lives and livelihoods among the world's poorest. bucks iniquities not just the right thing to do it's also this morning thing to do 37 pledges of funding and future vaccine donations have been welcomed but countries like india and south africa want to share their access to
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vaccine peyton's what we're calling for are a forms in the how patents are in this kits we because this should be a people's 1st scene is in many countries as possible we have the capacity to be able to produce. for them so this is this we carry it starting with africa his to wait for liftoff from the rich countries is not going to end the epidemic only france and germany have considered making some of their own vaccine stocks available to developing countries now the french president has suggested donating up to 5 percent of existing supply he has support from the german chancellor i stressed in my intervention that the pandemic is not beaten and till all people in the world have been vaccinated and the g 7 has pledges of progress so campaigners but not enough job to hold.
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or the g 7 nations are eager to counter the influence of russia and china which are moving swiftly to deliver doses of their own jobs to poor countries russia spot that scene has already been authorized in 26 countries with another 300000000 doses being delivered to the african union by may china meanwhile is supplying vaccines to several countries in the middle east asia and latin america french president has told g 7 leaders that africa requires 13000000 doses as soon as possible he says unless the west steps up african countries will turn to less democratic nations like russia and china. when other stories are following the dutch senate has approved an improved new legislation that would ensure a controversial coronavirus curfew will stay in place a judge ordered the measure scrapped earlier this week saying the government misuse their emergency powers the dutch appeals court will rule on the case next week
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widespread protests were held in january when the restrictions were 1st imposed. security forces opened fire on hundreds of protesters on the streets of the somali capital mogadishu the violence broke out during a protest against delayed elections there al-jazeera is catherine sawyer reports now on a power struggle that's threatening to split the country even further. the. barely heard a protest march started near the airport when this happened. an intense firefight between government forces and part opposition fighters the demonstration had been called by opposition presidential candidates and was being led by some of them they included somalia's former prime minister of hiding and opposition leader abdul rahman. there are delays in holding
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a presidential election and the continued stay of muhammad up to life are mind you in the top post after he stomachs by age 2 weeks ago the opposition government forces for provoking the fight. to do security forces opened fire against us as we lead up peace rally in mogadishu this happened as the event was been widely watched in the media and the world as a result of this some have died and others were wounded but prime minister mohammed was saying says opposition fighters fired the 1st shots every citizen has the right to demonstrate peacefully and for the security services to be the ones to guard the demonstrators and ensure their safety but we will not accept demonstrations guarded by forces outside the state authorities this is unacceptable the constitution does not accept and we won't accept any shape or form. several people were injured in buildings around the airport destroyed by
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a rocket propelled grenade launched by an identified man. 3 other presidential candidates were also caught up in an exchange of gunfire between security forces and unknown gunmen at a hotel in the city on friday the president of ordering the attack saying it was an attempt to assassinate them. mogadishu is now calm but tense many people say they want an end to the security and sat in but they also know the longer their political leaders feel to agree on how an election will be run and who will be in charge of the country in the meantime there was this situation can get catherine so i al-jazeera. still ahead for you on the program a nervous way to the mexican border where hundreds of asylum seekers are hoping joe biden will lead into the last. and young indian climate activist is sent back to jail in a case that involves gratitude and bug agricultural reforms thousands of protesting from his.
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hello we've got thunderstorms rumbling away across northern australia at the moment further south it is generally foreign interests are looking good for the latter stages of the tennis little band of cloud rolling across south australia into victoria maybe want to lie shall us on that but it's more clout than anything $33.00 celsius there in melbourne as a system does continue to drive us where little further east was picking up more southerly fadal now winds that will fill noticeably fresher as we go on into father's day for the man on sunday 22 degrees celsius so that's they still a chance of want to showers into that basis out of new south wales plenty of rain life the storms continue because northern parts of australia get that warm dry and sunny over towards the west anyway pursing temperatures 35 degrees celsius not
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quite as warm as that's in the new zealand but should be fired in dry 26 in christchurch that's not too bad we got some warmth into japan as well as we go on through the next couple of days fair amount of cloud at the moment still a chance of one or 2 wintry flowers across northern parts of the country these were treated away as. we go on into west sunday and there we go largely dry and find temperatures well above average to see a high of 20 celsius in tokyo which is 68 found high. on counting the cost of the prosperous president we delve into just how wealthy you've got a map boots in is at a time when the rest of russia isn't bad plus the rise of maine stops where there's plenty of money to be made and almost none of it is about the core business. counting the costs on al-jazeera. play an important role.
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ringback now a recap of the main stories this hour u.s. president joe biden has announced a return to multilateralism at the munich security conference and his presidential debut on the global stage biden said his commitment to nato is unshakable. g 7 leaders have also paid more money for the un's coronavirus vaccination program which i'm still inoculate kora countries the e.u. says its promised $1200000000.00 united states has pledged $4000000000.00 and then
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the dutch senate has approved new legislation that would ensure a controversial coronavirus curfew will stay in place a judge ordered the measure scrapped early this week saying the government misuse their emergency powers but the dutch appeals court will now on the case next week. now the by administration has started unraveling a key immigration policy of the former president donald trump the 1st asylum seekers have been allowed to enter the united states ending that long waits in mexico before appearing in court the u.s. is expected to release 25 people a day into the country who people who enrolled in trumps remain in mexico program the department of homeland security has started a virtual registration process for thousands of people carney waiting south of the u.s. border until that court hearings can take place on monday rapido joins me seen america long pressure countries like mexico guatemala guatemala and others in latin america to try and block immigration to the u.s.
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border will i mean those enforcement measures are going to stay in place for now away. it certainly is a big day for all of the countries that you mentioned not only mexico become trees like guatemala honduras el salvador which fell under the designation of quote unquote safe 3rd countries under the immigration policies put in place by the trumpet ministration now friday specifically applies to the so-called migrant protection protocols for mexico specifically it's of most welcome bit of news because mexico has carried much of the burden of those policies at its height there were somewhere around $65000.00 migrants that were waiting for their asylum claims to be processed in the united states but they were forced to wait here on the mexican side of the border this is also welcome news for international human rights organizations who have said repeatedly over the course of the last 2 years since the migrant protection protocols were put in place in january of 2019 that not
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allowing migrants to to have an opportunity to present their asylum claims while waiting in the united states is a betrayal of the obligations and responsibilities that the united states has toward international human rights law now we're right now we're talking about somewhere around 25000 people 25000 migrants who are finally having their opportunity 25 people are going to be led in a day again from countries like honduras guatemala el salvador countries from the northern triangle of hundreds who make up the majority of these migrants but this is not going to be an overnight thing over the past 2 years these are people that have been forced to wait in questionable conditions in less than sanitary conditions and often time in dangerous conditions remember these are folks that are fleeing their home countries because oftentimes because of extreme violence only to find themselves in similar situations here in mexico but again it's not going to be something that happens overnight nonetheless we're hearing from international human
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rights organizations that see this as a positive step forward and as a positive reversal of policies that in the past really have stretched the limits of international human rights law thank you so much with all the h.s. from mexico city thank you manny. a 20 year old woman has become the 1st protested to die after being injured in in laws and coupe protests she was shot in the head last week when police were trying to disperse a crowd in the capital naypyidaw thousands of people have joined demonstrations for a 14th straight day now calling for the release of deposed leader unsung suchi scott either reports. a site the antic who protest movement never wanted to see the death of a protester. kind had just turned 20 when she was shot in the head as police dispersed a crowd of protesters in the capital naked or doctors say it was a live bullet she had been on life support since she was taken to hospital on
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february 9th. i want to encourage all the citizens to join the protest until we can get rid of the system. in central yangon security forces extended an area blocked off by barricades. protesters have gathered in the district around too late to go to nearly every day since the rally started more than 2 weeks ago it's the site of some of the largest gathering. elsewhere in yangon a group from the l.g.b. t.q. movement marched against the coup their concern progress for their community could be erased. we don't want to go back to a time when. we don't want to go back to the previous age where the military companies so we have gathered here to protest today and. more members of the joint are to face sanctions from britain 3 from the defense and interior ministries will be added to the 16 already sanctioned for human rights violations before the good
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assets will be frozen and travel restricted canada will also impose sanctions this is unacceptable behavior. must. be resisted that we must find our way back to democracy and those who perpetrate violations of human rights abuses as we've seen the man must be held to account. in the ancient city of began protesters tap what they believe is the supernatural to counter the military john they performed a ceremony to put a curse on the coup leader general. 7 the temple has been associated with national leaders for centuries the general had visited it just last year to seek divine blessing got heiler al-jazeera. now to nigeria officials there are saying that negotiations with an armed gang that kidnapped a group of students is on the way one child was killed in the attack on a state run school and on wednesday school officials have told al jazeera that hundreds of children are still missing and would address has more now from.
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caleb knows he's fortunate to be back home he injured his leg escaping from a group of kidnappers who attacked his boarding school in nigeria's got a district his brother didn't survive he was shot dead by the gunman a seat on the way. but i was sleeping when i heard the kidnappers come into our dormitories they started shooting guns when i saw them i jumped over the fence other students also started running everywhere. nearby yet another family is devastated they're waiting for updates hoping to keep up son or be found alive. the government should help us find our families our only hope lies with the government. hundreds of students are sleeping with their sale installed in now empty beds and deserted classrooms are reminded of growing attacks on boarding schools kidnapping surrounds them by armed groups that come on across many northern
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nigeria states. in december more than 350 students were abducted and eventually rescued by nigeria security force some parents education is under attack yeah. i haven't been able to sleep since this happened i'm asking the government to please risk my son he will continue with the education despite these types of threats once he's risk i assure you he will get back to school. pressure is mounting on the government to end these types of attacks and parents across nigeria are left wondering if students will ever b.c. officials say contact was made with a group holding the students and that they will be released soon although officials insist that money was not part of the negotiation there were reports that ransom was paid for hundreds of students taken from a boarding school in can get out in december 2020 the while also reports that money and prisoners were exchanged for some students taken from
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a girls' 2nd school in chibok in 2014. many of the paying ransom to criminal groups is emboldening them given the resources to buy arms and the confidence to strike again may decrease al jazeera. the algerian government has released dozens of pro-democracy activists from jail as the country prepares to mark the 2nd anniversary of a popular uprising. a prominent journalist their army was among 33 people freed under a presidential pardon algeria's president. announced a move to appease the protest movement which forced former leader abdelaziz bouteflika from power in 2019 organizers are now calling for mass protests on monday demanding a complete overhaul of algeria's ruling system. a course in india has ordered a climate activist to be kept in jail while she is investigated for sedition police
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arrested disha rugby for sharing an online document that told people how to support thousands of protesting farmers angry at agricultural reforms as erupted into the biggest challenge to prime minister narendra modi's rule in years elizabeth prong reports on this now from new delhi. right there on. the. court hoping to be released from jail after 5 days in police custody but the judge denies have request. ravi was arrested as part of an investigation into her and 2 other environmentalists in connection with an online document that supported farmers protesting against new agricultural laws they say favor corporations and were ruined their livelihoods. her arrest has led to protests in the cities have been looted delhi and mumbai and criticism from some of india's leading lawyers and environmentalists and who of you are looking at the
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document a google document that almost becomes like a like a nuclear cold of sorts that's the way the government is actually looking at it it's a google document that tells people what hash tag to use and what is the problem that indian farmers are actually facing people did well during the human rights lawyer call and can solve it says the accusations are unfounded so this requires in addition to the actions taken in overthrowing the has done nothing of this so the dition charges bizarre. free speech is not sedition police began investigating the document off a swedish climate activist gretta shared it on twitter the document tells people in india and abroad how they can peacefully and democratically support the farmers protests the police say it aims to wage an economic social cultural and regional
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war against the country they also say the sharing of the document on social media indicates there was a conspiracy behind the events on the public day in january when the largely peaceful protests erupted into violence involving the police. the police accuse 6 separatists of helping create the document many of the protesting farmers belong to the sick faith political analysts say the government is trying to discredit the protests by linking them to separatists despite a lack of evidence when we've seen similar methods being used in previous protests in the anti citizenship protests when. it is a misnomer. separatism left. in that context and used to disrupt the protests and thought of them during this ever since these protests started all over the really hard work with. thousands of families continue to protest against the government's recent agricultural laws on the outskirts of delhi supporters of the chevy say her arrest is a warning to those who stand up for the elizabeth product al-jazeera you daily.
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now nasa's rover on mars has sent back its 1st color photos of the red planet just a day off the landing includes this dramatic image of the perseverance being lowered on to the martian surface a rover has also sent images of a martian horizon and the planet's barren and dusty surface its mission is to collect samples to be brought back to us in about a decade's time scientists hope this will show if life ever existed on the red planet. quick reminder of the headlines this hour u.s. president joe biden has announced a return to multilateralism at the munich security conference and his presidential debut on the global stage biden said his commitment to nato is on shakable the president also used his speech to push back against what he described as russia's
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attacks on the.


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