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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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the study by sold 50 has shown just how much life has been transformed. and diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for getting this is that he was live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and we stand together on many issues the world leaders of the world's richest countries gathered virtually to discuss the united strategy on covert 19. the united states announces new steps of attempts to revive iran's nuclear deal to iran welcomes it but warns words are not enough.
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explosions and violence in the somali capital because protesters flood the streets demanding the president steps down. and mission to the red planet after a 7 month journey nasser's rufo gets to work looking for signs of ancient life on mars and i'm santa how much with all this think you're doing daniel medvedev it will faith 8 time champion know that the joke of it in the australian open final after beating the finals at the end straight. through global summit so being dominated by the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic leaders from the g 7 group of western nations are wrapping up their virtual conference at. moving on to participate in the munich security conference
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the summits of the 1st since april last year before the virus took hold and changed life as we knew it u.k. prime minister boris johnson hosted the g 7 promising a global reset up our plan is is to ensure that the building back better the green technology that will be used to tackle climate change delivers the hundreds of thousands if not millions of new green collar jobs that we knew it could produce a job growth is what we're going to lead up to this pandemic and i think that the other bill that better operation off is the right way forward live data london and to al-jazeera a whole who spend monitoring that conference so the u.k.'s prime minister opened the virtual g 7 jonah with a plan a call for a plan to rebuild the global economy after the pandemic.
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yes i mean you can't accuse him of attaching too much detail to that plan the clip you just played there is about all that boris johnson said in his introductory remarks about rebuilding the global economy off the back of green jobs fixing climate change of course another big platform for the united kingdom later in the year sharing the top $26.00 summit here. all of this was really boris johnson's moment in the limelight if you like for this afternoon chair of the g 7 bringing these leaders together he opened the meeting in sort of characteristic fashion if you like rather relaxed style of diplomacy that we've become used to with boris johnson telling angela merkel to muta cell phone the xoom call 'd talking to joe biden joe everybody on 1st name terms telling joe that is build back better slogan had been nicked from boris johnson who himself nicked it from some
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disaster relief campaign he said but nevertheless using the opportunity to set out very clearly his vision and this country's vision for how he wants his britain's presidency of the g 7 to unfold 1st of all focusing on coven rebuilding after covert making sure 'd that countries do play their part in getting vaccines to the developing world and not just hoarding them here in rich countries and then moving on to climate change another great scourge and evil in the world as he said we've been warned of for years and years and years time now to get together and tackle it all this happening jonah one rich richer nations coming up the pressure to ensure a fairer distribution of vaccines across the world. yes real moral pressure has been applied on the developing world particularly the 7 nations of the g 7 by the likes of the un the world health organization in particular who have made the point that a global pandemic has global costs and consequences it's no use vaccinating rich
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world populations if you do nothing for the poor because the cost as the head of the w.h.o. told us a couple days ago will be paid in lives and livelihoods in poorer nations so that resting on the conscience of these leaders as they deliberate on coded borders just again trying to steal the initiative here he has pledged that the u.k. will donate all so no not all but a majority of surplus supplies of the vaccine it has much more than it needs we don't know when that will happen presumably after the rollout is complete here later in the year we don't know how many doses it will amount to he's also pledged quite a lot of money $3.00 quarters of a $1000000000.00 the u.s. has pledged by the lot more the e.u. has come up with another 1000000000 or so as well and he wants a global treaty to cover future preparedness against future pandemic threats he's not offering anything now in terms of doses of the vaccine to the developing
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world that was left to france to do so coming up with a plan in the last few days to hand over 5 percent of available resources we believe germany might support that we'll have to see if that flies in the final communique we can only imagine that there will be steep hurdles to climb in persuading rich world populations many of whom still of course waiting to see the vaccine that now is the time to be giving it away how does there is journal reporting live from london jonah many thanks indeed. iran is high on the agenda at the g. 7 and munich conference says the u.s. has been discussing a return to the 2015 nuclear deal with iran which is all but collapsed by the ministrations accepted an invitation from the e.u. to sit down with iran and the other signatories to try to save their. grievance trumpet ministration withdrew from it in 2018 it imposed sanctions instead triggering escalating tensions between washington and tehran iran retaliated by ramping up its nuclear program in violation of what was agreed to the country's
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supreme leader says that a deal could only be struck if the u.s. removes the sanctions that it's imposed we have 3 correspondents on the story of a but will join our diplomatic it's a james spays at the united nations dorsal jabari is in iran's capital tehran but 1st let's bring in our white house correspondent kelly how has in washington d.c. so kimberly no invitations have been sent there's no timeframe as yet for this meeting but at least the u.s. has said that it's willing to attend is that a reflection of the bite that ministrations desire to reengage in global affairs. yeah it's a reflection not only of its desire to reengage but also that the issue of iran it believes can only be resolved with its partners and allies and so in addition to announcing this important 1st step that the secretary of state would be attending the p 5 plus one meeting with iran there are other measures that have been kind of
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extended to iran as kind of a goodwill gesture for example the lifting of the restrictions on iran's mission at the united nations in new york is something that was you know certainly it here too during the trumpet ministration among other things the fact that those very tough sanctions were put in place something that iran is insisting must be lifted before there is any sort of serious diplomatic negotiation but where the the united states is essentially drawing a red lion saying we can't do that until we see compliance with the 2015 agreement that we're trying so desperately to get back in place and back intact so this is where the standoff is occurring and the united states has said repeatedly joe biden said it it's his 1st speech to the state department diplomatic officials and it was reiterated it a background call with reporters on thursday that the only way forward that the
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united states sees and that the by the administration were guarding iran is working with those partners and allies that's why these international meetings is taking place right now are so critically important committee how could reporting live from washington but he thanks deep for the moment kimberly let's bring in diplomatic editor james pace's of the united nations the u.n. james with hopelessly like the psychiatrist the deal to get back together and start talking again what's it saying about this. un not saying very much at this stage monitoring the situation closely but diplomats here i think also rather concerned about the situation in the timeline that we have because you are getting positive noises and have been for some time from both the u.s. side and the iranian side the u.s. side now has backed down on some things what was known as snap back all of the sanctions the u.s. sanctions snapping back against iran under the trumpet ministration the rest of the
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world didn't recognize it well now the by an administration doesn't recognize it either so that's a positive for iran one thing that will ease pressure on iran's diplomats here in new york who work in the iranian mission and to the u.n. they had really tight movement restrictions they were only allowed to go to their home to the iranian mission to the u.n. and to the u.n. itself will those be nice too but none of this i think yet enough for iran and this is the problem because iran has said that on sunday it's going to announce whether it's going to take further measures and these measures could include kicking out the international inspectors and no longer complying with the additional protocol of the r a e a that is something that iran has in the past said it excepted and allowed the i.a.e.a.'s operations under that protocol european diplomats deeply concerned in its europe really that's been doing the diplomacy here because neither the u.s.
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or iran would back down 1st it's europe that getting this meeting going what the europeans called the eve 3 plus 3 the u.s. called the p 5 plus one the idea to get everyone together at a meeting with iran with the u.s. so perhaps they can back down together james face reporting live from the u.n. in new york many thanks indeed james let's go live to teheran al-jazeera as dosser perry is there as chambers was saying dosser positive noises from tehran but the camp he adds remain. they certainly do and we've been hearing that yet again from the reigning for minister mohammad javad zarif who's been tweeting as these events have unfolded around the world in europe and in the united states they form in a surge of odds are if is very straightforward about what iran expects they he said they should the united states should commit and act and then neat this is the standard that iran has set for what they expect the biden administration to do 1st
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they need to commit to a framework of how they're going to remove those additional sanctions and then they should act on it and then they can possibly sit down and discuss a return to that 2015 nuclear deal for iran it's very straightforward they were not the 1st ones to leave this jay c.p.o. way and they will not be the ones that have to make any kind of concessions in order to return to it at the point of view here is that they are doing what is in the best interests for the country and its nuclear program and it is up to the united states these gestures are all well and good but they are actually not lifting any of the sanctions and that is the main goal of it that deadline the iranians have set a february 23rd for the additional protocols to be removed from the nonproliferation treaty that they are abiding by this is not the 1st time iran has done this course between 20032007 they were again abiding by these additional protocols which essentially makes 3rd nuclear program much more transparent to the
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i.a.e.a. but they since withdrew and then after signing the nuclear agreement 2015 they said as a goodwill gesture we will abide by these additional protocols which had inspectors seeing them being in the country on a regular basis multiple and residencies these will all be canceled as a result of this next step that they are willing to take all this they have said very openly is an attempt to alleviate some of the pressure of the economic pressure that the united states has imposed on the. country since they withdrew from the deal and 28 to live in turnaround also many thanks indeed for the posse is the executive vice president of the quincy institute's he joins us now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us again so the u.s. has accepted this invitation from the e.u. to sit down with iran and the other signatories full informal talks we don't know when it's going to happen yet but at least it's a clear signal that the u.s.
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is willing once again to engage absolutely and it's a very positive that in order to signal a ticket mindful of the fact that the expectation was that the signal would come much sooner it's 4 weeks obviously 4 weeks is a not a long period of time under normal circumstances but this is not a normal circumstance because of national deadlines that exist when he comes to the u.s. the able to return to the 11th rather is this much less that 9 it was mentioned there are accused of more import of that 9 is that the iranians are hot and i'm action in june which means that from mid march and forward they're not really going to be able to engage the status it be in any negotiations that to get this done you need it to be done before march mid march so it's important that the u.s. is to get this not i don't suspect that it is sufficient however to use much more than he did at most of the steps are a more of a symbolic site in the sense that but signaling happens is very very important so what would it take for the u.s. talk directly with iran and for the sanctions to be lifted. i
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mean does iran want a return to this thing once the sanctions lifted but does it want to return to the deal. well iran never left that you know i think part of the package was not entirely correct the iranians never left of the of the us that the iranians used a paragraph in the graph 36 that allows them to reduce their obligations if other parties did it we'll have less or if they have reduced their all the us completely quit could be a yawn that actually sanctioned countries that were trying to abide by the iranians in response after a full mere reduce some of their obligations that's not a good thing but it's fundamentally different from actually having nothing so i think the army is very much even united states come back into that deal and i think getting them to start talking directly to each other is a critical step that can happen now if the u.s. senate and the iranians come to this if i was one meeting but it is not sufficient
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sense of making sure that we get back on track on the type of diplomacy that brought us to d.c. in the 1st place for that to happen even measures that the u.s. took on the trial in violation of the nuclear we need to lift it and i'm certain the station has the intent of doing so what we have to figure out is that it makes and the choreography of i just want to what's behind the announcement here was that it was a good policy involved in bringing the sides together. there certainly was and i think it's i'm not entirely. it wasn't the you're here to start with the parents who played a critical role in the back are engaging in the type of diplomacy that got us to this point it's very very important and it's a role that the europeans in the past did it in play at this time and we should why
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not i hope that europe has once again with that type of the facilitating role that they didn't come up with or if you are in her present your european role in this but this time around because it actually goes to the right. sort of to cut you short there but we're going to have to move on to a lie that many thanks to a posse the in washington u.n. secretary general antonio is addressing the munich security conference and has been for a couple of minutes now let's let's listen in to what he said licensees and technology transfer but i believe the g 20 is well placed to establish an emergency force to prepare such a global vaccination plan being to gather at the countries of the companies the international going to is ations of the financial institutions that have the required power scientific expertise and production and financial capacities and i'm ready to govern eyes the full united nations system in support of these efforts starting by the world also going to. our 2nd priority must be to reach next eataly
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not as good as emissions by meet century and there is a reason for hope now countries are presenting more than 65 percent of emissions and more than 70 percent of the world economy if could meet did to let's you know greenhouse emissions by 2050 that's expand the school lieschen to 90 percent by the november climate conference in glasgow all come to the cities corporation and financial institutions should set benchmarks to implement the net 0 transition in the next 2 years and we should start now we've gone could it steps. to put a price on carbon in subsidies and financing for call another for some fools and to reinvest those funds into new about energy and in just a concession cert we need to ease geopolitical tensions and enhance the diplomacy for peace we cannot solve the biggest problems when the biggest power is out of thoughts our world cannot afford
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a future where the 2 largest economies split the globe into 2 opposing daniels you know great fracture each with its own dominance currency and trade and financial rules it's an internet and it's an artificial intelligence capacity and strategy at technological and economic divide the risks turning into a geo strategic and military divide and we must avoid these at all costs i also want to repeat my call for a global ceasefire we have seen some encouraging signs you know if you start in peace processes but elsewhere fighting continues and everyone is losing and we also need a ceasefire beyond traditional battlefields in homes where places schools and public transportation where women and girls face and it be that mix of violence and in cyber space where attacks of all kinds epping every day digital technologies must be a force for good and that requires also a total ban on lead to autonomous weapons the most dangerous that i mentioned that
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artificial intelligence can bring to the future of war well that's the u.n. secretary general antonio guterres addressing the munich security conference in munich will stay listening to what the secretary general has to say will bring you any news where the points a little later on al-jazeera. well move on for the moment though the united states officially returns to the paris climate agreement on friday it reverses 4 years of former president donald trump's scaling back on commitments to a global initiative to reduce carbon emissions al-jazeera shahab returns he reports now on what setbacks if any the previous administration's decisions may have had. it was the 3rd executive order signed by joe biden. as of today. the biden administration is about to reverse donald trump's extremely
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rollback of environmental safeguards some $100.00 rules over the last 4 years including emission standards for cars power plants and the oil and gas industry all seen as key to saving the planet getting out president truman announced the u.s. is withdrawing from the paris accord in 2017 however due to a strict exit timetable stipulated in the agreement the us only officially withdrew 3 and a half years later the day off the truck lost the election nonetheless it was an announcement symbolic of the irreversible damage wrought on the planet by the us over the last 4 years it did have incredible ramifications domestically and globally we are on an actual emergency trying to scale we need to actually transition our dire buttressed at least a step by 80 percent reductions in missions by 20 or so every day that we are deploying that we are exacerbating the climate emergency. parasitical agreed to by
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the obama administration in 2015 committed the us to a 28 percent cut their greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2025 at the time scientists said it was an inadequate pledge if the goal was keeping the global temperature from rising over 2 degrees celsius from pre-industrial times and a larger rise and planetary catastrophe is predicted now it may also take several years to reverse trumps regulatory rollbacks crucial time that the pilot doesn't have biden visions of called the neutral us by 2050 but given the damage of the last 4 years members of congress argue biden will have to take bold action himself and i think it will. might be a good idea for president biden to call a climate emergency. because there are no he can do it's relates to what you're saying then he can do many many things under the emergency powers of the president
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that wouldn't have to go through that he could do without way just now trump used this emergency for a stupid war which wasn't an emergency but if there ever was an emergency climate is one. the president could end fracking will kick start the us is alternative energy industry through executive action far quicker than it would take for congress to formulate legislation scientists every day the u.s. delays the earth is to catastrophe yes using presidential are not congressional power means that a future president not concerned with climate change could reverse policies but proponents of declaring a climate emergency argue that if the focus of the executive actions is to fundamentally change the u.s. economy and infrastructure the impact of those policies may not be reversed. al-jazeera washington. a 20 year old woman has become the 1st protester to die
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after being injured in anti coup protests she was shot in the head last week when police were trying to disperse a crowd in the capital naypyidaw thousands of people have joined nationwide demonstrations for a 14th straight day to moderate the release of deposed data on san suu kyi a return to civilian rule the risk of hyatt reports a site the ethnic who protest movement never wanted to see the death of a protester. kind had just turned 20 when she was shot in the head as police dispersed a crowd of protesters in the capital naked or doctors say it was a live bullet she had been on life support since she was taken to hospital on february 9th. i want to encourage all the citizens to join the protests until we can get rid of the system. in central yangon security forces extended an area blocked off by barricades. protesters have gathered in the district around too late
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to go to nearly every day since the rally started more than 2 weeks ago it's the site of some of the largest gathering. elsewhere in yangon a group from the l.g.b. t.q. movement marched against the coup their concern progress for their community could be erased. we don't want to go back to a time when. we don't want to go back to the previous age where the military companies so we have gathered here to protest today and. more members of the joint are to face sanctions from britain 3 from the defense and interior ministries will be added to the 16 already sanctioned for human rights violations before the coup assets will be frozen and travel restricted canada will also impose sanctions this is unacceptable behavior. must. be resisted that we must find our way back to democracy and that those who perpetrate violations of human rights abuses as we've seen in manama must be held to account. in the ancient city of began protesters tap
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what they believe is the supernatural to counter the military john they performed a ceremony to put a curse on the coup leader general. the temple has been associated with national leaders for centuries the general had visited it just last year to seek divine blessing he's got idler al-jazeera. as for heavy gunfire on the streets of somalia's capital mogadishu it happened during a rally calling for the president to step down and delayed elections to go ahead. the shots were fired as a presidential candidate was holding a march against the current leader it's unclear who opened fire roads have been sealed off and there's a heavy security presence the u.n. has called for calm and is urging both sides to come together to reduce tension a presidential candidate and former prime minister her son ali addressed the media and accused security forces of killing protesters and. today security forces
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opened fire against us as we led the peace rally in mogadishu this happened as the event was being watched around the world some have died and others wounded i'm sending well wishes to those wounded so what's this all about well some obvious federal government of the 5 federal states a deadlocked over how to carry out election reforms an agreement was reached in september to hold the 1st in direct elections since the 1960 s. but that unraveled and the party's missed december's deadline to hold parliamentary elections the mandate for president mohamad abdalla the mohammed also known as farmer joe expired nearly 2 weeks ago his opponents no longer recognize him as president of demanding that he hand power to a transitional government of zeros catherine soy is following developments from neighboring kenya. about this incident at the airport we have spoken to people in
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or around the airport who have told us that operations in the airport have been suspended and it follows this dramatic since we've been seeing that played out this morning we saw an exchange of gunfire intense an exchange of gunfire between government forces and propositioned forces those also a huge explosion i have a little more detail on that we have spoken to some opposition leaders who are saying that it was a rocket propelled grenade that was launched and inside the airport and a building was destroyed we've also spoken to the government spokesman who has confirmed there was an incident but wouldn't give us more details so this all happened at the start of this protest march that was being led by several opposition presidential candidates including a former prime minister have some kind of they were trying to get to an area where they had plans to address this massive rally to call out the government and
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everything that has been going on in the country politically it's very difficult to see how that is going to happen now a days of police checkpoints military checkpoints all along the way huge military deployment those also another incident yesterday involving 3 other presidential candidates they're still holed up at a hotel called might very close to the venue where this political rally or this a process rally was supposed to be held it has been surrounded by military passon l. one of the presidential candidates of former president shaikh sharif has blamed accused presidents from marjo of ordering an attack on them to stifle their freedom of expression and to stop them from going to that rally. the weather next here on the news then. on mazar nasa spacecraft sends new pictures as it searches for traces of ancient life on the red planet. and a 1st time title with
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a straight open for this pairing the details coming out in support. of. the weather still a little cold a little wintry across parts of the middle east a fair amount of cloud now making its way across iraq pushing into iran you can see we have got some rain some snow towards the coaxes eastern parts of turkey saying some rather wintry weather little bit some places a shabby rain too just into central areas of saudi arabia and the winds have gone round to ignore the direction here and cause notice to be killed or that has been recently or as of around $21.00 or $22.00 degrees over the next couple of days with a possibility of a few spots of rain south of that it does stay dry and fine plenty of sunshine
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coming through the sunshine stretching down across the horn of africa although we might see one or 2 showers just making their way into were ethiopia will be some shabby rain suit just around southern parts of uganda pushing across into the eastern side of the democratic republic of congo some very wet weather there in play across the eastern side of angola but the really wet weather well that is from our tropical cycle making its way towards the fos out the east of mozambique some very heavy rainfall coming through here as we go through saturday starting to ease as we go on into well monday as it pulls away further south where it's at least what's. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic fire to twice as valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this
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that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on out 0. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very poor is water privatisation on anybody if they only killed. those people who seemed ever to have something to invest the profit of they want or up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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hello again this is the news hour from al-jazeera adrian so again the here in doha with you the headlines the u.k.'s prime minister has urged g 7 leaders to work together to ensure the fair distribution of vaccines to developing countries he says to the virtual conference to find the best way forward for a global covert recovery strategy. as of now moved on to participate in the munich security conference where the iran nuclear deal is high on the agenda the u.s. has agreed to e.u. mediated talks iran is to mounting an immediate lifting of sanctions but a 20 year old woman has become the 1st protest to die in myanmar's anti coupe protests she was shot in the head last week the police were trying to disperse crowds in the capital labor deal. let's get more our top story then the g. 7 summit which is focused on a coronavirus recovery strategy los ching gandu is the director of evidence of
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influence of the frontline aids group it's an advocacy group for this work closely with the people's vaccine campaign thanks for being with us what more do rich nations need to do as far as ensuring a fairer distribution of covert 19 vaccines. there are 3 things that we need to look at its sister for why it's very positive what the u.k. is done and it raises a number of issues for us is activists to start to use we this is an indication that the rich countries are hoarding more but since then what they actually need is here to put into the u.n. they have been there to countries where and when and if he dies you is yet to receive even a suitable dust off the vaccine and. this is an issue that really concerns us
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when we talk about. this is what we were talking about when you fly that the countries back in a forward will hear from all of us they even need to have developing countries who are also struggling with. the virus we have not vaccines and or the 2nd thing is that this is a bigger problem or for the issue or for cracked instance in which the knowledge or know how to produce a difference is not being widely shared it will only companies in 1000000 countries to produce the drugs who like what looms that they are need that is needed so that we want to wait for lift over i think even way. really sorry to interrupt you we've got to break away from for a moment because. germany is speaking of the big security conference let's us americans. the japanese foreign minister.
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or. including the. joe biden. trying to. bring in. the. all the. tray sion. and talk i don't want to buy me i. became clear how the u.s. made a contribution. to tell me what. i must be very clear on that. one. has only been able to see the country. in.
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you. seem to have lost i'll translate for a moment ago i was crossed here in that the several things happening at once at the moment there was the g. 7 summit meeting. in london chancellor merkel is in munich for the security conference that's getting underway there but she socially talking here about what happened in the g. 7 summit and we have a translation back let's let's this minute can me. on. my because that's. the week we spoke about and also made this plea and. sometimes the still for all that. conflict when all the people in the world all right that's. chancellor merkel speaking in berlin not in not in munich as
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previously stated at the just summing up of the g. 7 congress we're likely to hear from her again a little later when the leaders turn their attention to that security conference in . munich let's go back to our guests we were speaking to just a few minutes ago thank you so much for your patience while we where we went we broke away to listen to what the chancellor merkel you were talking about. african nations being able to produce the own vaccines germany has said that it's going to provide another $1500000000.00 euros to developing nations for the supply of vaccines but that's not what it's not so more money that you're calling for here it is the ability for africa to produce its own vaccination is that right. what you have put it is all. odd reforms in how patents are in don't in this case we
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will because this should be a people's vote seen as in many countries as possible we have the capacity should be able to produce this francine for themselves this is this recurring strategy with africa his to wait for left overs from the rich countries is not going to end the epidemic. at the moment even if the 3 biggest assume corporations are producing enough but since those are since up only enough for 1.5 percent of the global population so you can see that this is not going to meet the foreign means. that to africa here's in saw what we are asking for is really fundamental changes in how different a city council if always hindered themselves from years of bore and we have lots of experience from these you know we with hiv we saw that the issue of patents a lot of people dying before the it's
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a very drugs could actually leech africa so when we you know you just see history repeating itself you know what you're saying this is the mission of like the like convex where welcome is is not enough what what what you're what you're calling for it is vaccine equity. if we are calling for it we we yes when we are here it. still runs i think anyway it just makes the inequalities between the countries really come to the fore that you know what there is countries have to care for their people things and if they are lifted or has then they will be passed over to africa we shouldn't be using language like that in this year we should be talking about he could or events in in which his the normally that's the know how the technology should be should equally to enable everybody we have a time in which or
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a quarter of writers to produce their own for a theme for their own people has been really good to talk to you many thanks indeed and sorry for the interruption in the middle of a discussion ching under the director of evidence of the influence of the frontline dates group thank you thank you very rocks. the world health organization has shipped more than 11000 doses of vaccine to guinea to try to stop the spread of a bowler it's asked 6 countries to be on high alert for possible infections and this is where new cases are emerging and getting as south as al-jazeera is nicholas hawk reports. guineas for a street in the epicenter of the new ball outbreak at the regional health center un health workers dispatch from conakry to treat the patients in isolation among them is nurse lucy hobbs husband it is in this home where nurse lucy suffered from a fever vomiting and diarrhea
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a week later she died in hospital health workers were unaware that she had contract to a bulla during her funeral relatives and friends hugged her body contracting the virus but not her uncle dr louis who kept his distance he says he alerted authorities because he sensed her death was more than simply a personal tragedy. lucy who was treating her grandmother who had a fever and was reading from a nose and everywhere tried to get blood clotting medicine from the main town eventually the grandmother died and nursed contracted littleness. security forces stop and search vehicles in an attempt to trace close contacts and check for temperatures isolating those that appear ill guinea is on high alert people are scared haunted by the previous epidemic in 2015 over 11000 people died and 22000 were infected across guinea sirrah leone in liberia
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a bull that was contained thanks to the development of a new vaccine but the 350000 doses distributed then expired last december the u.n. says that new vaccines are on their way. into the $1000.00 of a scene and this is the achievement at least for 1st time in guinea we are having a vaccine not the beginning of outbreak to control this all break within to produce a vaccine alone will not stop a virus harbored in nature by bats and primates the resurgence of a bull and brings more questions than answers with scientists still trying to understand why a forest region is again the center of the outbreak nicholas hawke al-jazeera. born 2 people were killed in a 2nd type of process against coronavirus restrictions activists are accusing
6:44 pm
security forces of the killings people that are angry over the economic pressures brought about by a curfew and travel restrictions that are currently in place. a major overhaul of hong kong's public broadcaster could soon be on the cards raising concerns about press freedom a government review of radio television hong kong was initiated last here following its coverage of antigovernment protests in 2019 the review found editorial management deficiencies at a lack of transparency hong kong officials say that they're making sure the broadcaster complies with its charter are serious adrian brown reports from the broadcasters headquarters in hong kong. well r.-t. h. k.'s been around since 1928 but this is undoubtedly one of its darkest days what's happening here at r.t. h.k. in many ways reflects the more profound changes that are happening elsewhere in hong kong right now on friday the government released the findings of
6:45 pm
a damning report into the. essentially accusing it of bias in its coverage of the recent anti-government protests the minister responsible for overseeing broadcasting said that r t h k had failed to promote hong kong as unique one country 2 systems form of government on the same day it was announced that the boss of r.t. 8 k. was leaving his post after more than 5 years he's being replaced by a civil servant with apparently no broadcasting experience and of course just a few days ago there was more controversy when r.t. h.k. dropped the b.b.c. world service that came after the broadcaster was blocked on the mainland one of the complaints the government had against r.t. h.k. is that one of its reporters recently interviewed a representative of the world health organization and the representative was asked whether taiwan should be considered for membership well of course taiwan is
6:46 pm
regarded by china as a breakaway province to be taken back by force if necessary it's one of china's red lines it all raises questions of course about the future of this broadcast don't many commentators in hong. those still prepared to speak out so the what the government wants is a broadcaster that's much more in the image of china's state controlled broadcaster namely one that doesn't stand up to the government or hold its officials to account malaysia's top courses found a major online news portal in contempt of court over comments posted by readers that were deemed offensive to the judiciary. committee is editor in chief steven gan was cleared of any offense but the court did fine the company moving $120000.00 saying that it is responsible for publishing readers' comments. acis latest miles rover has touched on successfully on the red planet the spacecraft
6:47 pm
possibly aarons has traveled 470000000 kilometers to find out if that was at a life rob reynolds reports. space scientists erupted in cheers when perseverance landed safely on mars it was the culmination of an action packed nailbiting 7 minute landing sequence. first the spacecraft entered mars orbit then its intreat capsule raced into the martian atmosphere at 19000 kilometers per hour. the craft then deployed a large parachute to slow its approach to the target zone. slowing down the craft fired thrusters to hover just above the surface then deployed a crane to lower the rover gently downwards that's how confirmed.
6:48 pm
began picking up the end of. the complex and delicate operation went off without a hitch moments later perseverance beamed back images of barren landscape studded with boulders congratulations our savior pain and our own team that's not years well excellent job it's the most ambitious and far reaching mission to the red planet baby and you know by the end of the made by the executive 2030 start pushing out of the earth moon system in lancaster about somebody. the rover is primary goal to search for signs that microbial life may have existed on mars billions of years ago we can go somewhere in our solar system you know in our backyard and see signs of life in the and only on another planet that could tell us that life is incredibly common and gives us a great shot and so you can find a. more complex or even intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. perseverance is
6:49 pm
landing spot is does erode crater which was once likely a large water filled lake a prime spot for traces of long ago life imagine you know an ancient microbial net microbial that was growing along the shoreline of a lake and cement it in a rock and leave behind those kind of biological exteriors and we see things like that associated with organics that would be an absolutely fantastic ride that would be probably the best they were look for on mars perseverance will also take samples of martian soil and rock those samples will be stored securely inside the rover and we're going to add a sleek like them for future mission to come grab it back to earth. finally perseverance brought along a helicopter drone called ingenuity which scientists hope will be able to fly a short distances proving that flight is possible in the extremely thin martian atmosphere with its dramatic landing done perseverance is mission will last one
6:50 pm
martian year or $687.00 earth days the knowledge it acquires for humanity will last forever rob reynolds algis 0 los angeles still to come ahead on that is in sports brazil's women put in a performance to rebound on the collection that sounds as if you.
6:51 pm
from. well i guess that was for his side thank you very much adrian all rushed down to
6:52 pm
medvedev has set up a showdown with wall number one novak djokovic at the australian open final the 4th putting a dominant display against the finals system to get there so i am alec has the action. rushes down even medvedev is heading to the australian open final taking on the man the knockout rafael nadal stephanos it's the past so medvedev put in one of his most impressive displays in melbourne so far. after taking the 1st $64.00 against he was even more dominant in the 2nd overpowering just 5th the to take it $62.00. and. the 3rd set was much closer since the past battle hard to stay in the match but that only prompted medvedev to produce one of the shots of the tournament. it was a moment the he enjoyed to the max shortly before putting his greek opponent out of
6:53 pm
his misery. medvedev taking the final 75 to set up a showdown in the final against world number one novak djokovic i 1st saw it like that i don't have a lot of pressure because he never lost. a night in a time to cheer us here in the final so it's you who has all the pressure in. getting to roger rafa in the grand slam so was i i i just hope that i'm going to get out there show my best tennis as we as we see i can win some big names if i play good sunday can't come quick enough for medvedev so well malik al-jazeera. of silverware has already being claimed in melbourne. several lanka have won their maiden women's doubles title at the event this is the 2nd grand slam winner for the back to the russian pair as existing u.s.
6:54 pm
open title in 2019. i think for me this was the differing that i was kind of. didn't care about resume my thinking it works really well i think this is the key for my sorrow so far worse excess and always going to. make a solid bron james has made more basketball history has become just the 3rd player to pass 35000 points in the n.b.a. the 4 time n.b.a. champ can reach that milestone by scoring 32 points in his team's 19298 the fleece against the brooklyn nets his efforts means that his points tally now stands at 35.0017 home alone all time leading scorer kareem abdul-jabbar on the other days to keep the feet. so who's doing what i'm going to do next but again the basque wants you to respond to. me to be linked with some aggressor play
6:55 pm
this game. and. i always want to go out there and you know play the game the right way. you know inspire my teammates and spar but i watch me and. try to be as good as i can be every single night you know and not really put a ceiling on my ability to produce something or what i can do for this game. has some pretty good moments. well as you can see in the brawn a still quite a distance away from all the taken off the job bar malone and overall points scored by the brand's rate of scoring is much more impressive his reach 35000 points and far fewer games than both players and he's also achieved the feat at a younger age well we've been speaking to n.b.a. insider brandon scoop be a robinson he believes le bron has a real chance to end his career as the n.b.a.'s greatest ever score. yes
6:56 pm
a chance to me jason kareem abdul-jabbar was considered tom brady of the n.b.a. for free and definitely left his imprint on the n.b.a. from scoring perspective the social justice perspective when you look at le bron james now remember the lakers. chase goal we have now announced you know the $35000.00 mark after the loss to the nets earlier a few hours ago but then when you look at just what he's done a basketball court yeah he has a chance to do it and i think what's really impressive for is done with social justice and more so i think when you analyze his whole body of work ron is a great player already he's a living legend in these continuing to i don't want to rebounding and things of that sort are definitely in his territory as well so great job i wanted for sure i should say not his premier league title bit has lasted and recent weeks but they remain all course for european silver with the red devils thrashed at real sociedad 4 nil and their european league 1st leg round of 32 time the match was played in 2
6:57 pm
and 2 to spain's cope with 19 restrictions i thought the boys. got their little bit of. zip in their legs again so it was important yet didn't be able to take some players off still rotated the team will rotate definitely. no we're not going to take the game lightly while there are many footballing rivalries affair so then brazil's with argentina on thursday that women's teams that faced off and it was brazil that came out on top the much taking place at this to believe cup and invitation a women's sari meant in the united states. undoubtedly with the play a game a round of golf before one way. and that's always well for me and do it so we'll have more for you later in the hunt for that somebody thanks and do a little just want to for the news it is
6:58 pm
a busy day of news though i'll be back in just a moment to update you on the day's top stories see that. when freedom of the press is under threats demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish on the state line becomes the default the media namely to both images that leak that it gives to these guys that just how did you create and use this makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the
6:59 pm
focus covering the way the news this coverage the listening posts on a. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic but some have broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspired others to turn their lives around i call the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. signs
7:00 pm
not just cross the munich security conference gets underway with the international community meeting virtually to address the biggest problem i see facing the world you know. the big. but i get i'm a very unforgiving this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we stand together on many issues the all leaders of the world's richest countries got a virtually to discuss here and i did strategy on covert 19. the united states
7:01 pm
announces new steps of attempts to revive iran's nuclear deal welcomes is the form of the words.


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