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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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assessments you got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for 2200 people and in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. it's just going 1300 hours g.m.t. hello i'm sons of maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera america is back to see is back at the center of our foreign policy. from the war in yemen to the detention of russian opposition leader alexei navalny u.s. president joe biden realigns america's foreign policy priorities also in the news
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libyan leaders are expected to conduct a 2nd round of voting this hour to decide on a new interim government to end more than a decade of conflicts an editor with a top medical journal says governments should be held accountable for murder for failing to react fast enough to the pandemic. and gun violence and gang crime palestinian israelis say they're the targets and police are ignoring them. over the sports as jared hits another century the england captain past the $100.00 in a row but in the end in a strong position in the 1st test against india. well for 4 years under donald trump the u.s. really withdrew from the international stage and international stage it was that america 1st approach that he took but now president joe biden has unveiled
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a new foreign policy strategy promising to restore u.s. leadership and repair alliances and his 1st major speech on his international prior his biden address the detention of russia's opposition leader alexina valmy also talked about rejoining the paris climate accord and significantly announced he is ending america's support for the saudi that war in yemen all the details now with our state department correspondent was uninjured. u.s. president joe biden delivered his 1st foreign policy speech at the state department and made news on the long running war in yemen where saudi and amorality forces have allegedly targeted civilians with u.s. made weapons this war has to end. and to underscore our commitment we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including relevant arms sales. and the coup in me and mark the mermaid's military should relinquish power they have seized release the advocates and activists and officials
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they have detained lift the restrictions on telecommunications and refrain from violence. and on russia's imprisonment of the political activist alexei novelli he should be released immediately and without condition biden's speech which also touched on china and on reversing the trumpet ministrations dismantling of u.s. refugee policy was short but specific a reflection of the years he spent leading the senate foreign relations committee a former u.s. diplomat says he supports biden's action on yemen the u.s. going to be considerably to that war now the u.s. is saying i will no longer continue to this war i will not feel it with weapons shipments year i would like you all the big followers and the regional powers to do the same and that was something you do the other part of biden's foreign policy
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agenda repairing an agency that lost hundreds of experienced employees and suffered considerable budget cuts during the previous administration morale had crashed especially during the tenure of former secretary of state mike pompei o who many diplomats believed used the agency to boost his political ambitions in a separate speech to state employees biden said things will be different america is back diplomacy is back. you are the center of all 10 do you are the heart of it we're going to rebuild our alliances are going to really gauge the world and take on the enormous challenge we face the new administration's promise to try to restore the u.s. is reputation both at home and around the world rosalynn jordan al-jazeera
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washington so the conflict in yemen is a big part of that of course that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people including civilians and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis in his speech by then said he wanted to move away from involvement in the conflict to focus instead on the suffering of the yemeni people and we've got some reaction from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. riyadh responded by saying it supports a political solution the kingdom also welcomed biden's commitment to defend its territorial integrity has come under attack from missiles fired across the border from yemen saudi arabia's former coalition partner the u.a.e. is a good to see an end to the war from which it says it's already withdrawn while the who say they won't be deceived by statements and real pace will only come when the aggression. mohammad the tubs i correspond with more from santa. they have received such remarks with different feelings and mixed rear reactions the host the center
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of. the says that the. remarks couldn't make a difference and. the is saudi war is what he describes saudi war is ended and also the blockade is left it he asserted that there are more important issues that the that should be implemented by the new administration the other senior official the head of the negotiating team has described that there is also an important issue that the yemenis many many millions of yemenis have pinpointed to the poverty line so this situation is really difficult and many hope that the new administration will bring to yemen peace and security moving on to libya and delegates in the transition talks there are voting to select a new interim government this is the final day of the u.n. led libyan political dialogue forum it's happening in geneva part of libya's peace process candidates are running for prime minister and roles in
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a new presidency council members of the transitional government and its elected will not be allowed to stand in the national elections later this year so let's talk to malik trainer in tripoli about what's going on the talks in geneva a 2nd round of voting going on can you break it down for us a little more. well that's right for the last week we've seen participants in the libyan political dialogue forum hear from candidates on their vision and roadmap that will lead to elections in december 24th later this year since then they've they've had the 1st vote earlier today on a list of candidates and that consists of a 3 member presidential council a head and 2 deputies as well as a prime minister of the 4 lists that were put up for nomination neither none of the lists were able to get the 60 percent majority which means we are now going to see
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a 2nd round of votes between the 2 highest list that received the most votes now this should be taking place very shortly now of the 2 votes which ever receive 50 percent plus one will be announced as the new executive authority in libya so we will hear or we will see a new government announced within the next couple of hours ok and so the hope is obviously that that interim government and then a full government when the elections do happen will actually bring what libya has wanted for so long an end to the conflict and some stability into the country tell me what things are actually like in libya these days i mean i don't know that we hear as much about it as we did when the conflict was in its earliest stages. well in april 2019 the house there launched a military offensive on the capital tripoli. really very big divisions began to take place then between eastern and western libya they've had to visit 2
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different governments the un recognized government in tripoli but in the east under the eastern based parliament and we're literally for after they have a transitional government so the hope is that before the elections take place they can unify their government of course there's 3 different tracks that the u.n. is currently running there's the political track which is what we're seeing today there's also the military track where the joint military commission are actually meeting today they had meetings yesterday today they're continuing those meetings in sirte and that's hopefully to to agree on a a mechanism where foreign mercenaries can leave the country in geneva in october 23rd last year the warring sides agreed that they will. to for national cease fire and part of that agreement stipulates that the foreign
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mercenaries should leave the country within 3 months that hasn't really happened so they're also meeting today to discuss a mechanism for that to happen now there's been a stalemate of sorts for the last several months and that's been able to allow for these political talks to continue so hopefully these this new this new transitional government can sort of unite and bring about a reconciliation process that will lead to elections later on this year ok thank you for all of that malik china in tripoli. 10 minutes past the news outlets have a look at what's coming up protesters and politicians in me and mark are resisting that military rule during the crackdown after monday's coup. also a brand you covered 1000 test which is being rolled out in indonesia but really how accurate is it we've got a report from jakarta. australian open champion over djokovic suffers defeat in his
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warm up event serbia's a.t.p. cup defense is asking and joe will have your sports a little later. we'll look at hong kong which is imposing sweeping new rules for schools children as young as 6 will be taught about the controversial national security law imposed by mainland china students will also learn about tough penalties for anti government offenses that were taught how to sing china's national anthem and then also learn about the police and the people's liberation army if your partner has more from hong kong. the hong kong university campus this is one of the main campuses or particularly institutions which had pushed the ideals of democracy many of the students here were approached him ocracy activist at one point the umbrella movement of 2014 started here and the and suing pro-democracy and protest movements
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also was very much supported by students from here there not questions about what happens now from the age of 6 now teachers will be forced to warn students about sedition secession collusion with foreign powers students and teachers will be encouraged to report anything that they deem as encouraging national security books will be removed reading material material a notice board seen as an danger in national security and once again that's a very very way they get topic and very which has a very wide remit so it's not exactly clear exactly what could endanger that national security but also if you are sinatra and the teacher's union here the spokesperson had said they had expected some kind of reform in hong kong but not this drastic reform of the education system this basically allows the government to micromanage what happens in the classroom policing what happens during this
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questions in the classroom during children studies and big brings it in line with the communist control classrooms of mainland china earlier we spoke to a woman emily lau who is the chairwoman of the international affairs committee of the hong kong democratic party a former member of hong kong's legislative council and she says many people in hong kong are really shocked by these new rules. how can you teach a 6 year old about subversion secession collusion with foreign forces what are they trying to do to our children all the kids in hong kong regardless of the nationalities of rabies the religion the ethnicity the color everything they are all covered anna and i think you should you should hear from the the parents of these international schools as well so everybody every kid is covered this is really very heavy handed and many people are quite shocked of
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course there are parents who will expedite their plans to emigrate from home calls and so that they can send their kids to safer schools elsewhere but i think for the people here as you have seen us protesting in the last few years we are not the type of people who would just take everything lying down but of course the risk of bury graves and you can get a knock on the door at 7 am and be arrested by the national security police. well 5 days after me and miles military deposed the democratically elected governments led by unk son suchi civil disobedience movements sprouting up across the country as much of the political leadership is still in detention unions and students have joined the boycotts and protests calling for their release and supporters from scott haida. more and more people across myanmar coming out and
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speaking out against monday's military coup civil disobedience movements have grown in size and numbers more emerging every day since health care workers were the 1st to come out earlier in the week a going on strike. there waving the red flag of on song suchi is party and they have adopted the 3 finger salute made popular by the thai anti-government protesters. the movement has now spread to the major cities across myanmar including a gathering of teachers on the young university of education campus even got something out of it for a lot of money out we don't want this military coup we unlawfully seize power from our elected government we don't want anyone who steals power and then forms that own government we're no longer going to work with them we want the military coup to fail i want that from october of. $88.00 generation is a pro-democracy group born out of a violent army crackdown on protests in 1988 it issued a statement encouraging and congratulating the civil action this week but also said
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that it's time to organize chip inlays a former 88 generation member and political prisoner he now lives in thailand distinctly everyone has a full and everyone have a call many a call we can call net and content easily also we can't easily share their. thinking and information so this time very. different with a lot of previous the most reaching a point not lost on myanmar as military which has blocked facebook and some messaging applications at least until sunday. more than coming out in numbers. to be seen and heard organizers are calling for boycotts a business is tied to me and mars military japanese beverage maker kiran has already scrapped a 1700000000 dollar joint venture with an army. scott hodler al-jazeera.
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well for every 15 people traveling to the u.k. from so-called red list countries will now have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days the government asking hotels near the same ports to join the scheme but there are concerns about capacity. as that he throw airport in london with more on this not just concerns about capacity mending but i guess also how you make this happen in 10 days. absolutely kamau that is what the government is trying to work out we've hotel groups and the hospitality industry right now just hours after a late on thursday they announced finally that they would be bringing in this quarantine hotel scheme on monday the 15th of february now last week prime minister boris johnson said that that scheme would be coming in so there has been a time like and just in the last few hours the head of
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a major london hotel group has said 10 days is not going to be enough time to bring in the safety requirements needed under this scheme it's not clear which hotels are going to be taking part we understand that all u.k. residents flying in from countries on a so-called red list more than 30 of them are largely in south america southern africa places which possibly might be bringing in travelers with. mutation of the corona virus found in brazil and in south africa they will have to pay for their own stay for $10.00 days under $10.00 a night roughly but there will be security guards chaperoning them they will get free meals and so on for the hotels though the the details are still being thrashed out and the industry's basically been saying they've been left in the dark and they could have been given more of a heads up over the last week another good. the opposition labor party has accused
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the government of putting lives at risk risk with delays in their calling for all international arrivals to be under this scheme the government says that would be impractical and it's saying that that would risk lumping in travelers from low risk countries as well whatever the rights and wrongs of that argument so it's clear that the government is scrambling to convince the hotel industry to get on board it's understood they want up to 30000 rooms look good. will be hotels that are not be used for other customers right now they'll be at places like heathrow and the airports around the u.k. as well as some seaports so this is a major logistical challenge and it's not a moment too soon some people say. reporting from heathrow airport thank you 19. so yeah it does come to an issue about accountability in the british medical
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journal has published a scathing editorial on government responses to the 19 says the actions of some politicians amounts to quote premeditated and reckless indifference to human life the author calls for leaders to be held to account for the 2000000 deaths and suggests the remit of institutions like the international criminal court could be broadened to cover state failings in pandemics the b.m.j. executive editor is the author of that article he's with us from cambridge in the u.k. now and we thank you so much for your time the. headline of your article social murder they wrote elected unaccountable and unrepentant. social murder but still murder is a pretty big word to be using their. yeah i mean it's a serious issue i mean if you think about it as you said 2000000 people have died globally 400000 the u.s. 100000 the u.k. 150000 in india between 5 nations they're responsible for half that their
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international deaths from cove it murder is a strong word and i use that really to highlight how serious the matter is and when i discuss in the piece i think about my conclusion clearly is that there's something very hard to prove or even to act upon but we might seriously consider the notion of social murder which implies that. the decisions the policies have affected the people in the poorest sectors of our communities the most and the leaders who made those decisions knew that they would be affected in that way and so somebody needs to take responsibility for that so in your mind how could that happen how could a prime minister or a president a government to be held to account. yeah i mean it's a very long it's very torturous even now we know that people in the u.k.
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and elsewhere are considering legal action against governments and against leaders so that would be in terms of negligence criminal negligence but also misconduct in public office that's a very hard thing to actually take to court and then prove but people are people are trying to do that realistically there are 3 ways number one is to vote the leader out and we saw that also happened to donald trump that could happen to other leaders who have who have who have who have implemented policies that have led to a large number of deaths the 2nd is to push for public inquiries and if you look around the world there's been very few public inquiry simply because those least leaders have resisted inquiries because they don't want to be held accountable so it's duty bound for scientists the media for the public to push for those with inquiries to reduce deaths in future and the 3rd route is along this again
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difficult but it goes back to international accountability because if one country doesn't have the right policies that can affect every people everywhere else in the world so there's a there's an onus on the international community to create mechanisms such as via the international criminal courts to consider charges brought in terms of crimes against humanity and extending its current remit to consider those again sovereign governments can i look at one of those words you used in your headline which was unrepentant and that made me actually immediately think of of british prime minister barak's johnson when the u.k. hit that mark of 100000 deaths and he said we did everything we could and i must admit i sat there and thought i just don't think that's the case but he still gets up there and he says that now politicians sure they do their job is to always move forward and sometimes not apologize for their mistakes but i mean to actually stand up there and say you know we did everything we could but 100000 people died sorry
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it's pretty extraordinary. it is extraordinary new in a way that's what i was thinking about i think accountability issue and then he said that and in many ways that gave me the impetus to write this book is simply not true i mean you can you cannot say the u.k. for example has done everything that it could have done to prevent premier sure death we know it hasn't done that well earlier sinister dancing in hotel quarantine out there as we were just saying yeah yeah you gave the example and that shouldn't hughes and that's not a new thing that could have been implemented a year ago so we've waited a year and now the government seems to think oh yes now is the right time to do this so how can that possibly be that you've done the right thing and that logic and the same those same mistakes extend to particularly the u.k.'s test race isolate and support system. extends to the messaging extends to the use of lockdowns the timing of lock downs. and the border issue is another is another
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important one extends to working with other governments learning from others so there's a whole range of reasons why the u.k. could have done better and there might the intimate details of policy that could have been implemented a year or more forcefully that would have in all expectation not led to this burden that we have now in the situation the u.k. is saying but boris johnson isn't alone i mean there are course there are there are leaders all around the world that have. not responded appropriately and at the right time and there was an international panel this week convened by w.h.o. and they said you know the interventions are well known they needed to be implemented and w.h.o. issued a declared a public health emergency of international concern on january the 30th of last year and many countries were very slow to react to that they should have reacted immediately with the policies that were well known in the stablished which many
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other countries did implement that death rates are very low yeah cameron of us is so interesting talking to you about this and we really thank you for your time today. thank you fascinating stuff now to the u.s. where president joe biden is pushing for more economic relief measures the democrats have voted on resolutions in the house and the senate to clear the way for a partisan vote in favor of that 1.9 trillion dollars package republicans though are criticizing the new president for not getting the cross i'll support that he promised more with kimberly how could a white house correspondent in washington look kimberly anyone who can get cross i'll support in washington these days would be doing pretty well i'd say tell us more though about what joe biden is trying to do. what he's trying to do is deliver economic relief and bring the economy back that was decimated as
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a result of covert 19 so the 1st step in doing just that was achieved around 530 this morning local time when vice president coming to harris presided over a 5050 tie in the u.s. senate what this does is essentially 2 things not only clears the way for this package but kind of cuts republicans out of the process and how are they doing that well they control the white house that's democrats that is the white house the house of representatives and the senate so what this package is starting to look like if it does need to be tweaked in the house of representatives there needs to be passage of the legislation in both chambers but what this does is it provides a $1400.00 stimulus check to americans this is in addition to the ones received earlier in the year it also will extend until september $400.00 a week in unemployment insurance benefits and will give billions to various states
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cools and communities now the democrats have been pushing for this for a long time republicans have said look at we're in favor but can we tweak the price tag given we've already spent so much already on relief but the position of the bind of ministration is they can't afford not to spend this money right now in order to get the economy on track so we're watching very carefully for a number of things moving forward not only is there going to be an effort meeting with democrats at the white house to discuss this legislation what it will look like in specific terms but also we're watching very carefully within the hour for the jobs report to see whether or not any of the jobs have recovered of those 20 $2000000.00 lost back in march well we've only racine about half of those and then finally we're going to be hearing from joe biden he's going to be talking about building back better in the coming hours sort of detailing why he needs to push this through even as republicans are objecting to some aspects of this legislation
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thank you kimberly how could a white house correspondent. just what we were talking to ken lay these pictures of popped up from new york where it's 30 in the morning people lining up outside yankee stadium the baseball stadium for. vaccines. tests actually let me check back seems it is vaccines actually just wanted to check their. masks on the army being used there as well looks a bit cold and wet there but people of course lining up for that opportunity to get take over 19 vaccine. meanwhile in indonesia they're rolling out a new code test a breath test actually passengers at train stations and bus terminals are being screened with results issued within minutes but some health experts do doubt the accuracy of those tests jessica washington has more from jakarta. this is the early morning rush hour. want to cut is busiest stations these passengers are among the
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1st to try indonesia's new covert 19 breathalyzer. to get nothing. compared to the antigen rapid test in the p.c.r. test this test is a lot cheaper and more simple. the scientists behind the genoese device say it can meld cope with 19 on the breath in just 2 minutes without getting a negative result these passengers can't board the train the devices will be used at public sites around the country but scientists warn it shouldn't replace p.c.r. testing because this is in this geno's a screening tool if someone has a positive result should be confirmed with a p.c. if they test negative there's no need to. the test costs around $1.00 u.s. dollar much cheaper than a p.c.r. test which can cost up to $100.00 at some hospitals but some epidemiologists say this is yet another misguided step by indonesian authorities some health experts
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are critical of this new method of testing they say in tunisia as health care is in crisis and the country's start in a relentless 1st wave of covert 19 cases they recommend the government focuses on increasing the case we are testing rather than rolling out cheaper and less accurate options we have to. fork. out this deep or if not just. brawls the car bus you get for it get this in. indonesia conduct around $40000.00 p.c.l. tests each day and has a test positivity rate of almost 30 percent last week the country supposed a 1000000 confirmed cases but experts fear the real number is much higher more than a year into the pandemic some health workers feel the government has let them down on 2 fronts by failing to invest in more testing and by not having strict code 900
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restrictions in place for what i thought i don't really know why the testing is still lacking in indonesia it's so important and we're still seeing people traveling and gathering at the stations if it continues this way covered 1000 will stay here even next year. 10 of dr these patients have died and she fears the situation will worsen as overwhelmed hospitals are forced to reject patients the health ministry did not respond to al-jazeera as request for an interview just a washington al-jazeera jakarta. a break in a moment but 1st the weather would have some. the weather looks a little unsettled for the middle east over the next couple of days we could see some rain coming through for many even us here in concept so we've got that west of weather sliding across the levant through syria lebanon jordan pushing across iraq into iran it will be heavy at times quite widespread you can see how it runs down across q 8 northern parts of saudi arabia sees them right so ways large to cause
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some flooding and then it will continue to edge its way further east what's happening up more as it goes into that western side of iran very close to us here in qatar said don't be surprised if you see a spot or 2 for a through the course of sunday often in temperatures of around $23.00 degrees well it amount to much at least here dry skies slushy sunny across southern parts of the region at sunshine stretching down into the horn of africa where again they stay slushy settled and sunny there will be some showers just around lake victoria you got to see some showers running right down the rift valley and then the spread of showers across a good parts of southern africa having a show is in place that cross eastern parts of namibia maybe into a botswana northern and eastern parts of south africa seeing some heavy rain for a time rain will gradually not just way up into good parts of mozambique. thank you haven't seen in the news ahead where he meets refugees from ethiopia has taken
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a region still fleeing across the border into sudan. i'm nicholas hawke on the edge of senegal scene is selling dell to find out next why this man drove rich and why life is at risk from climate change. and the australian tennis star with another meltdown and his warm up for the 1st grand slam of the season and the rest of the sport with joe a little later. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls they are often legitimize and legalize pedophilia on air online jumping to the quick section and the team to be part of the discussion this dream on out is the era. that the tories
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terraces of the football ultras what club loyalty come in violent confrontation when i was young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans would go crazy but in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival most display of peace and unity just fans who make football old truism angels on al-jazeera. on the news here at al-jazeera these are up top stories u.s. president joe biden says he is ending american support for the sandy led war in
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yemen including a ban on the sale of specific weapons saudi arabia's responded saying it supports a political solution. to gets in libya's transition talks of voting to select a new interim government that's the final day of the u.n. led libyan political dialogue forum in geneva part of libya's ongoing peace process and hong kong has issued sweeping new rules for schools to teach children as young as 6 to obey the national security law the one imposed by mainland china included will be education about tough penalties for anti government on the fence. a palestinian man has been shot dead near an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank israeli army says the man tried to break into a home close to ramallah there are around 250 illegal settlements on the hill tops of the west bank well the number of violent deaths in palestinian israeli communities has been rising steadily for years despite government promises to
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tackle the problem activists blame a mixture of well armed and organized criminal gangs and a lack of action from police force that has more from northern israel. as most of israel focuses on the covert crisis for palestinian israelis a different issue dominates daily life gun violence this what it was captured in january in the northern town of omar farm in the moments after its latest killing 21 year old mohammed was shot dead on his doorstep he just returned from a protest against violent crime he was the 4th member of his extended family to be killed in just 18 months the family say they don't know why they've been targeted muhammad's cousin and anti-crime activist says it's up to the police to provide the answers. there is c.c.t.v. there is d.n.a. i don't need to teach them their job even if they can find all the evidence 50 percent will be there search and ask and investigate this is your job not mine it's
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a long running accusation by palestinian israelis that negligent law enforcement allows crime gangs freedom to operate in their towns and villages 2020 was the deadliest year for many with $96.00 violent deaths in our communities there is general agreement about one thing an epidemic of violent crime is sweeping palestinian israeli society not for the 1st time your forty's a promising more engagement and more enforcement the israeli prime minister who unusually has been campaigning for palestinian israeli votes in next month's election has pledged an overhaul of policing an investigation promising to target the violence in the same way as terrorism or farms mayer says previous such promises have failed to make a difference let's also that sort of you know that i mean look at that unfortunately the israeli police treat us as enemies not designs of the state just last friday there was a peaceful protest by the youth in front of the police station and the police attacked with extraordinary equipment and force and undercover officers it's
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unacceptable an investigation by the our it's newspaper in november found that only a 5th of murders in palestinian israeli communities. resulted in charges compared to more than half in jewish areas. we face obstacles in the arab society most importantly we need to make clear that cleaning the crime scene hiding the weapon organizing testimonies not cooperating not informing the police all of these form an obvious barrier to solving murders meanwhile the violence continues thousands took to the streets in the town of tama to mourn the death of another young man admitted josie was a 23 year old nursing student a bystander killed in crossfire as israeli police in gauged in the gun battle with a gang who was shooting into a nearby house another young life ended in another neighborhood turned into a crime scene are a force at al-jazeera farm northern israel amnesty international's launched a global campaign to counter what it's calling
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a growing and human rights agenda this is the 1st time the organizations fundraise to help protect rights defenders including journalists lawyers activists and said there's growing hostility towards human rights by governments in particular with more people being attacked for calling out abuses it says donations will fund support for rights defenders under attack give them urgent relocations medical cover legal aid to fight prosecutions and actually amnesty says it has been targeted itself when for example the indian government froze its bank accounts in september and the smear campaign that it's faced in nigeria i spoke to ruddock hostler senior director for research advocacy and policy at amnesty international who explains what has provoked the scamp. this is the 1st time ever misty is launching an global emergency fund raising appeal to counter the brazen and growing anti human rights agenda worldwide in recent years amnesty itself as phase wave of
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state concert attacks on its offices around the world illustrating actually increasing audacity of the governments who are hostile to our human rights agenda but it's not only about us alone this is happening to human rights defenders worldwide from india to turkey to china to nigeria leaders now are unapologetically stealing from the human rights violators playbook to silence those speaking truth to power and calling out human rights while ations there is a rise in terms of the so-called strong man leadership around number of countries in the world which has used demagoguery as a mean on tactics of their politics will speak we also have had a rise in number of legislations that are being implemented around the world approximately 44 legislations around the world that are being today implemented to silence muzzle the voices of those protesting and dissenting from governmental
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policies we also have had instances in terms of use of violence threats and smear campaigns as you pointed out in relation to the work on human rights standing for human rights has never been easy what has become increasingly challenging is unprecedented nature of these attacks and the scale at which we are facing violence threats and intimidation today the e.u. is top diplomat says relations with russia are at their lowest point following the arrest of kremlin critic alex and of army just a par on that circle of wrath in moscow the 1st high level even sent to russia since 27 same orals says the pair had intense frank talks about their relationship which he says has been marked by a lack of trust on his counterpart want things must in perth. it's important that both parties have shown their interest to support channels of dialogue particularly on those issues where we have different views and there are many issues like that we also expressed our willingness for corporation that is
4:43 pm
mutually beneficial for the deterioration of relations could have very bad consequences and we hope in the next summit professional constructive and pragmatic cooperation. hundreds of people in pakistan administered kashmir or hit the streets to mark kashmir solidarity day protesters gathered to show support for those on the other side of the line of control of course both india and pakistan claim the region as its own tension has been high since new delhi revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir in august of 20193 months after the start of an ethiopian government offensive in the northern region and refugees are still arriving in neighboring sedan aid organizations say many are left stranded on able to return to their home in fact there are now hosts more than 60000 refugees in the state of. gatherings where him or can reports from.
4:44 pm
the 3rd day of waiting for him to be registered at this refugee camp in sudan. she wants to be able to save her own shelter the camp is her 2nd be home since us keep fighting in ethiopia stigler region weeks ago got a hand on the. i was in a different camp before things were tough there to the extent that i thought of returning back to ethiopia but i was told by those arriving that it was still not safe to return and that the fighting is ongoing so i agreed to be transferred here . the camp which opened in early january now hosts more than $13000.00 if european refugees they fled their homes because of fighting between the government and the regional to great people's liberation front it started in early november and has left the region with little to no way to communicate aid agencies say humanitarian access to many parts of to grey have also been restricted to made by camp is the 2nd open to host the refugees who've been relocated from other camps that were
4:45 pm
closer to the sudan if you open a border. refugees continue to arrive there with lesser numbers the start of the conflict the reception centers were serviced camps and assault and battery for not meant to be camps because for the safety of the refugees a camp has to be at least 50 kilometers away from the international border so we're working to bring those still they're here to be able to give them protection and services more than 60000 have arrived in sudan since the start of the conflict government says this is a law enforcement operation its soldiers captured the to green capital in december most of the refugees here have been in camps for nearly 3 months now arriving just days after the start of the ethiopian government offensive into grey others arrived more recently but the rise in the number of refugees coming to sudan despite some reporting that if the soldiers have made it difficult to cross the border is an indication that the conflict into gray is not over. and with the continuing flow of refugees aid organizations say their appeal for funding to respond to the situation
4:46 pm
is only have met. concrete and presently a few which are required around $147000000.00 us dollars. be able to assist. 100000 refugees this doesn't mean that we have already 100000 refugees there nor that they will arrive all of them but we need to be fair them planning for that scenario more refugees are expected here in the coming days and weeks while many say they prefer to mate but camp to the reception centers they were at earlier they say what they really want is the ability to return home morgan al-jazeera to lead but camp out of state in the news ahead we're building up to the super bowl as tom brady aims for another title job with the rest of the sports in a moment. with
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
more than 35 percent of the world's mangroves already just royd a study by the journal of american science found that if emissions continue unabated forests could disappear in 30 years. as a report now from amman on the edge of senegal. where one such ecosystem is under threat. with the rising ocean comes a tide of human waste suffocating senegal's coastline tangled plastic bottles the remains of an old t.v. set a shoe and diapers mangled in fishing nets everyday items brought by the atlantic choking the sea selamat grew so who are cleaning up who will be again out of the
4:49 pm
mangrove in the burning in when there is just so much to do. joining this cleanup effort is the minister of petroleum and energy in what some may see as a public relations stunt senegal has just started the construction of a commercial port and steps are underway to start offshore extraction of oil and gas already a quarter of the mangrove has been destroyed from the existing pollution part of it was turned into the capital's dump site. when you periodical each month young people come to take the waste and the plastic to the factories nearby that today in senegal process it to produce power. seeped in brackish water the trees store salt in their leaves trapped carbon emissions like no other plant filtering out pollutants bearing them instead emits this rain forest by the ocean acts as a natural embankment deep in this maze live the endangered atlantic humpback dolphin and the western reef heron the stagnant murky water is filled with malaria
4:50 pm
transmitting mosquitoes and snakes to make it dangerous for human habitation. up until now plants and rare species of animals thrived in this environment because it is so inhospitable to humans but climate change is changing all of that rising temperatures and the rising ocean is altering this precious ecosystem slowly killing the animals and the mangrove itself. this is what is to come environmentalist if we don't do enough to stop the pollution and clean up our oceans. because hawk al-jazeera this year is telling delta senegal what's happening in sport as we head to the weekend gerri what if you got absolutely kemal thank you yes let's start with another cricketing master class from england captain gerry routes this time on day one of the 1st test against india in chennai playing in his 100th test he had
4:51 pm
a century for the 3rd game running following up on the 2 he scored against sri lanka last month he was still there at stumps on $128.00 including 14 boundaries and a 6 in there looking strong on $263.00 for 3 against india who are playing their 1st home series since the coke at 19 pandemic struck the draw for the australian open is taking place a day later than scheduled after coverts game melbourne more than 500 players and officials were forced back into quarantine on thursday because a hotel staff member tested positive meaning that the draw had to be delayed but it's finally gone ahead and novak djokovic will begin his title defense against jeremy shockey when the tournament gets underway on monday. but joke which suffered defeats to represent excerpt here in the a.t.p. cup is 11 match winning streak in the team event was ended when he and partner nicolas church itch were beaten by germany's alexandre's barrett and young men has
4:52 pm
struck in the doubles that and serbia's a.t.p. cup title defense with germany set to meet russia in the last 4. serina williams says holdouts of her warm up event with a shoulder injury despite winning her match on friday she's aiming for a record 24th grandson title in melbourne as a tricky troll in the same half as well number 2 simona halep and the u.s. open champion their mere soccer. had she not pulled out serena would have faced women's number one ash barty in that war torn and the australian beat american shelby rogers over 3 sets in a quarter final parties hoping to be the 1st homegrown singles winner at the australian open in more than 40 years. contrasting scenes for barty's compaction cariocas who was docked points to swearing smashing his racket and then throwing it into the stands the 25 year old complained about the windy conditions and lost his temper again as he was beaten by bourne a church at another war prevent in melbourne curial submitted there's
4:53 pm
a massive question mark over his australian open participation as he battles a knee injury we're just 2 days to go now until the super bowl between the tampa bay buccaneers and the kansas city chiefs tom brady seems pretty relaxed as he looks for yet another victory one of sport's biggest games david stokes reports. tom brady has seen it all before at 43 years old the n.f.l.'s biggest star is getting ready for his 10th super bowl he won 6 of them with the new england patriots but this time he's back with a new team the tampa bay buccaneers is just try to show you know on sunday you know get your get your body you know mentally physically in a good place to go out there and compete and get ready for a great game tampa not only have brady they also have home advantage the 1st time in super bowl history that a team has competed in their own stadium normally you jump on a plane or. another team's facility or a college facility and getting a customer that the 1st few days different meeting rooms so that this has been huge
4:54 pm
for us the kansas city chiefs i mean to win the super bowl for the 2nd year running they've got their own star quarterback patrick new homes but one of the key many protected him last year is not there this time they're on divin a todd defs quit the team and instead used his medical degree to join the front line battle against 19 and you know the day when you look at 2020 there is there's bigger the bigger issue yet there are bigger issues and playing football and that's why and you know they it's tough but i feel like my job is is here to get feel like i got to contribute to the greater fight that there is going on right now roughly 20000 fans will be allowed into the game on sunday but the majority will be watching at home and the n.f.l. is urging them to do so responsibly we want our fans to be safe. they need to be smart they need to wear their p.p.b. need to be some gathering in small groups one thing that might also look at it
4:55 pm
different is the famous super bowl halftime show but this year's performance the weekend isn't giving much away when we built this stage in the stadium but i'm not going to tell you thing else because you have to watch on sunday the stage is set for one of the biggest events in world sport brady aiming for a 7th title against more homes 18 years and $45.00 days is junior they've met 4 times before and it's locked at $22.00 david stokes al-jazeera. than the bron james plan the n.b.a. over their plans to hold an all star game amid the coven $1000.00 pandemic it's been reported that the exhibition game will be played in march which is contrary to what players were told the start of the season according to the tired l.a. lakers star pretty much a kind of a slap in the face and you know we're also still dealing with it with a pandemic we still don't believe with everything that's been going on and we're going to bring the whole league in one city that's open i wish you guys to see i'm
4:56 pm
not very happy about it but it's out of my hands and you know i'll be there from selected. but. i'll be there physically but not mentally. but james certainly brought all of himself to the game against denver nuggets on thursday and he got his 96 terry triple double and in the process james had 27 points 10 rebounds in tennis sists as the defending n.b.a. champions hold away in the 2nd half winning 114 to 93 leads james into 3rd place in the n.b.a.'s career field goals list western conference leaders the utah jazz protects the n.b.a.'s best record with 112291 win over the atlanta hawks jordan cotton came off the bench to sink 53 pointers on his way to scoring 23. in the english premier league thomas toho has maintained his impressive start as chelsea manager with another victory this time it was against tottenham joe jr won it for the penalty in the 1st half chelsea have taken 7 points and 3 games to hope took
4:57 pm
over from frank lampard last week with no goals conceded tottenham have lost 3 games in a row for the 1st time since 2012. it was a nasty moment from one years old same porto in the portuguese lady defend a man who was seriously injured in a collision with the opposition goalkeeper his teammate former real madrid star pay was left in taiz he was taken to hospital in an ambulance with concussion and a spinal cord injury which i say has now stable and fully conscious as a 2 way tie at the top of the leaderboard at gold's phoenix open while cupboards and matthew naismith sit at 8 and the paul after the opening round this was a nice mix tee shot to the 16th which resulted in a birdie but some of the bets and i installs aren't too far behind well number 3 just in thomas 6 at one under par longside rory mcilroy after this long parts before team all right that is like a sport for now we'll have
4:58 pm
a little bit more for you later thank you so much but that's your all done with the news hour but the news never stops on al-jazeera way back in just a couple of minutes time. al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover tracking down an international organized crime network. i want to go back. to exposing direct links to corruption at the highest level of the bangladesh government. the fact. that. al jazeera investigations all the prime ministers. even recent history can become ops q 3 intrepid photojournalists returning to the at the center of peru's civil war and truck down the brave characters that they
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had captured through their lenses 30 years earlier. memorising challenge to the official history that denies indigenous people's contribution to the peace process witness seen again on the jersey. side. and the disease because 50 percent of all deaths children. likely to see a child. deep. p.c. lead us to. cease.
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a turning point for libya as late as voted on a new interim government to end more than a decade of conflict. hello again i'm come all sons of maria in doha with the world news from al jazeera america is back to plummer's see is back at center of our foreign policy president joe biden promises to restore u.s. leadership in the world.


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