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direct links to corruption at the highest level of the bangladesh government. do you think. i'll just the right investigations all the prime minister's. american is back diplomacy is back. u.s. president joe biden announces a major shift in foreign policy as his administration seeks to overhaul america's global standing. down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fulfilling a campaign promise the u.s. ends its support for offensive operations in saudi arabia's war in yemen. the u.s.
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house of representatives prepares to vote on stripping a conspiracy theorist of her powers in congress. ex-pat community in thailand showing solidarity for their families back home after a military coup. u.s. president joe biden has laid out his vision for america's foreign policy is promising to restore u.s. leadership on the world stage and repair alliances that were fractured during donald trump's time in office for the president directly address the coup in me and ma russia's treatment of political opposition figures and the u.s. rivalry with china america is back america is back diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy. as i said
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i'm are not going to address we will repair our alliances in gage's with the world once again not to meet yesterday's challenges but today's and tomorrow's american leadership must meet this new moment in advance and authoritarianism including a growing ambitions of china to rival the united states in the determination of russia to damage and disrupt our democracy we must meet the new moment accelerating glow of the accel already in global challenges from the pandemic through the climate crisis to nuclear proliferation challenging the will only to be solved by nations working together and in common we can't do it alone but biden also announced he was ending u.s. support for offensive operations in the saudi that war in yemen including a battle the sale of specific weapons the u.n. says the conflict has caused the deaths of nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people and left most of the population on the brink of starvation this
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war has to end and to underscore our commitment we are in need all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including relevant arms sales but biden also said the u.s. would continue to help saudi arabia to defend itself from attacks from outside its borders saudi arabia faces missile attacks u.a.b. strikes and other threats from iranian supplied forces in multiple countries. we're going to continue to support and help saudi arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people well yemen's who the rebels have responded to u.s. president joe biden stands on the war in a tweet a spokesman of the iranian backed toothy said the real proof of peace in yemen is to stop the aggression and lift the siege the president biden plans to hold u.s. support for the saudi that military offensive in yemen well alan fischer joins us
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live now from the white house allan so a raft of foreign policy changes that particularly on the approach to the war in yemen talk us through what biden wants to do that. well it is a significant change coming from the white house many people felt that donald trump essentially gave the saudis and their allies a blank check to do what they wanted in yemen because of course they were up against the rebels who are aligned with iran and we know donald trump really wanted to put mike some pressure on iran to get them back to the negotiating table for a new nuclear deal what joe biden is seeing is what he said on the campaign trail that he doesn't want to see the united states involved in offensive actions in yemen no they when doing anything directly but of course they were providing intelligence and not only that they were providing weapons that despite the fact that back in 2019 congress in a bipartisan basis decided that they were going to stop weapons sales to saudi arabia that were going to be used in yemen too many times they said they had been tried to particularly when children had been targeted the white house decided that
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they would use a waiver to make sure that those weapons sales went through that's not going to happen anymore joe biden says that stops and it stops no he's also pointed to melinda king as a special envoy to yemen linda king is a career diplomat someone who is well known in the region well respected i'm told as well he's many contacts with many of the important capitals in the area and he is the man that joe biden says he wants 1st of all to get a cease fire in yemen and then move towards a peace deal so simply by taking a harder line on so dear arabiya i think the united states are hoping that that will get both sides back around the table but as you rightly pointed out joe biden says at this stage the not abandoning saudi arabia they still insist that they have the right to defend themselves and that would include buying u.s. weapons for that purpose they're just not allowed to buy those weapons and then use them in yemen and alan in terms of the bigger picture how much does president biden want to quickly move away from donald trump america 1st approach and the same to
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reassert america's leadership on the world stage. well look the reality is that any u.s. president as soon as they sit behind the desk in the oval office their foreign policy is dictated by what is best for the united states it's only when donald trump put an american 1st tag on it that people felt that that became isolationist perhaps and certainly walked away from many of the international allies that they had built and many of the international alliances that have been created you remember how many ties that don't trump threaten to walk out of nato and many times they have to go to the meetings in brussels and elsewhere and reassure allies that that simply wasn't going to happen so you see that joe biden believes that those international alliances are important but he is going to frame foreign policy in 2 ways 1st of all he says there's a domestic angle to it that means that any time they make a foreign policy decision they're looking at how that would impact an ordinary american family this is foreign policy for the middle class is not people say well
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how about what so they wouldn't get involved in a trade war with china if they felt that ordinary american families would be empathic to buy that and then there's this 2nd element to this policy that joe biden is going to push forward and that is the fact that he will work with allies and the alliances that are there but if he feels he's got to confront countries like china and like russia and he named them specifically and then he will do that he's already pointed to the fact that he's in a very tense phone call with led to me a putin where he questioned him about various things like the big cat that happened over the christmas holiday here and the fact that there were reports of bone teas on u.s. troops intel but in afghanistan funded by the russians this is joe biden saying look we have to regain the more look forward to it and he knows that to do that they've also got to make changes here in the united states as well you can't go lecturing countries about violence on the streets when there's violence in the streets of the united states because of what some police officer has done and then
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the way that you react to that sort of thing so this is a whole different foreign policy that is going. be driven from the white house but with joe biden saying there is definitely an international element to it and no longer is america 1st all right to alan fischer line for us there at the white house alan thank you are just bring in barak barfi he's a research fellow at new america that's a think tank he joins us via skype from traverse city in michigan about good to have you with us let's get your big picture of president biden vowing to rebuild alliances and says look america's back on the world stage how much does he want to chart a clear course away from donald trump's america 1st approach. when george bush came off this in 2000 is foreign policy or any policy was a.b.c. anything but clinton i think we're going to see the same underneath return under president biden that we saw under president bush he's going to do it denounce and reno and all of president policies ranging from kindly taters such
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as that and you and i am. tired everyone in turkey to distance out from mark in north korea so let's talk about yemen then barack i mean biden says the u.s. will no longer support offensive operations in yemen and some weapons sales to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. i mean biden clearly wants to end the war in yemen but how is that going to play out with the saudis do you think. well we're in for 4 years of more tense relations with the saudis probably the chances we've we've ever see going back to the to the reagan administration they've had the red carpet laid out in front of them and biden has a lot of issues with them because it would be assassination or to mock our show the journalists in the saudi embassy consulate in istanbul the war in yemen and the problems with you ron we have a lot of issues of one of government table with the saudis and on me and mob the us
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hasn't announced sanctions against the minute judge and to just yet after the 2 but biden sounded like he wants to work with key international partners to put pressure on the generals this is a big foreign policy challenges for joe biden isn't it. definitely because the united states does not have a lot of influence in myanmar we don't have any interests there there's not a lot of trade there is no military to military relations no intelligence relationship that we have to speak of long term so all the levers the carrots and the 60 abir are a lot different than sorry radio which completely depends on united states for all its or most of its weapons purposes and for the protective don't they offer iran we don't have down from the on mark they have to work a lot with the united nations and you have to remember china is also in that neighborhood and they have a very good relationship with the generals and the previous went yeah and that brings us nicely as a last thought barak on to china i mean biden sees beijing as being increasingly
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aggressive how is he likely then to build alliances work with key partners to combat what he's seen as china's increasing expansionism. hi as you said biden has a lot of problems and specifically charlie is going to keep mark tonight why china is not a current united states contain they can't impose sanctions like they can in young mar or in russia because china is just too big to fail it's too big of a country we now surpassed united states the country that receives most point that's meant basically the chinese do not need the americans to keep growing and there is a problem that america and its allies are going to face when dealing with a resurgent china but buffy great to get your thoughts thank you for talking to al-jazeera thanks for having me now the house of representatives is voting on whether to take disciplinary action against a republican congresswoman who has supported wild conspiracy theories moderate
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taina green may be removed from the house education committee and others to which she is assigned the congresswoman from georgia has expressed support for conspiracy theories in the past unlike posts on social media which call for violence against democrats when early in the democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi said there but the republican party's decision to appoint greene to the education committee is of particular concern i remain profoundly concerned about house republicans leadership acceptance of extreme conspiracy theorist particularly disturbing their eagerness to reword occur at here and a 911 truth or a harasser of child survivors of school shootings and a value to give them value committee positions including you could imagine they would put such a person on the education committee what you have a chance he joins us live now from capitol hill shab so this has been going on for some time now just talk us through what's been happening. well it has gone on
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longer than we'd expected because the republicans did attempt a procedural delaying tactic at late afternoon when they are now finally finally voting i would democrats had said look we don't have to go to the house floor to take what is pretty unprecedented actions in some ways usually to the house majority lets the house minority sort out their own affairs this is this is this is this going this is setting a precedent for the future which is what we've heard repeatedly on the on the house floor from republicans are saying look you did this to us now if we ever get the majority we're going to start moving your people from committees to this is how things are done but the the arguments from the democrats have been look 1st of all republicans you could have sort of this out we told you about you know last night you were supposed to have a meeting and you could have removed at that meeting the committees for from adri tale agreed instead tell the green gables speech he said look i was in
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a difficult place by believing q and on a much better now and she ends up getting a huge standing ovation and the republican the republican minority leader in the house made it clear to all the other republicans say that he had made a decision that the republican party was a big enough tent to have the extremes of the trump base within it and let's face it the republicans have made a living out of this for many many decades they do take in the extremes of the right wing ever since the southern strategy of the sixty's and seventy's when they took in all the the racist in the segregationists so you know that the far as they can so no we can kind of handle this however there's a lot of debate in the republican party as to whether whether they can really handle the trump base because the trump base is different than not in the end going to fall into line they're suspicious of all establishment including the republican party and they're loyal to donald trump and that's why there are misgivings we have in the senate from mitch mcconnell and others who are saying no this isn't a good idea and we will we will lose the mainstream republican voters in the suburbs and elsewhere and most important. to mitch mcconnell certainly we will lose
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corporate donations this whole place runs on money and if corporate donors start thinking well we can't we can't donate to the republican party anymore because they got too many stream most of it well then mitch mcconnell is very very worried all right she had to live for us down capitol hill she had thank you. former u.s. president donald trump has rejected a request by democrats to testify during his 2nd senate impeachment trial democrats who drafted the charges accused him of endangering the lives of all members of congress by inciting his supporters to storm capitol hill trump's legal team says the senate lots to authority to try him now that he's no longer president the trial will begin on tuesday. time for a short break here not just here and when we come back china's state broadcaster c g t n runs into problems both or it is in the u.k. . and a social media backlash of a sexist comments made by the tokyo olympics takes more than stay with us.
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however there we've got more when she weather on the forecast for north america big bulge of cloud into central parts pushing across the plains and the central areas of canada and that's all going to make its way further a switch so there's an expansionist snow coming into the northeastern corner snow there north of the border into quebec pushing across towards canadian maritimes and some very heavy rain running down along the eastern seaboard into the panhandle and across the gulf next batch of wintry weather waiting in the wings that's going to make its way in as we go on through saturday say clearer skies over towards easter saturday but yeah that next batch of very wintry weather will come in the potential for developing nor'easter coming in for the latter part of the weekend so that could cause some problems back up to a specific northwest significant snowfall coming through here western parts of
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canada warmer and drier than across california once again a woman try to across a good part of the caribbean we have got some sherry right now moving across american republic heading towards parts of reiko wanted to share was to coming into the eastern islands but by and large more sunshine. band such showers and it's looking pretty good as we go on through the next couple of days largely try to save a central america thanks to the top temperature of $28.00. but. even recent history can become ops cured 3 intrepid photojournalists returned to the at the center of peru civil war and truck down the bridge characters that they had captured through their lenses 30 years earlier. imagine a rising challenge to the official history that denies indigenous peoples contribution
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to the peace process witness seen again on a jersey. on. the. car. but i'm back i'm out of our top stories here at this hour u.s. president joe biden set out his vision for american foreign policy he's withdrawn support for saudi arabia's more in yemen and pledge to repair global alliances that were fractured during the trump years. and the u.s. house of representatives is expected to take disciplinary action against a republican congressman who has supported wild conspiracy theories about retailer green may be removed from the house education committee and others to which she's been assigned. well as you mentioned earlier u.s.
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president joe biden has called on me and mas military jointer to step aside the un security council has also called for deposed civilian leader. cheese immediate release it held a 2nd emergency meeting after failing to agree in a statement in a previous session in a moment we'll hear from our diplomatic editor james bays at the u.n. but 1st this report on the situation in myanmar from a sad day for. small protests in the 2nd largest city in myanmar the students and activists in mandalay are speaking out against monday's military coup but with the military campaign down on internet and social media providers it's hard for people to communicate and organize protests yet. we have no access to any news no news about mother on song suchi i feel so sad it gives me a pain in my chest i would rather go out and fight if possible but that would be against the wishes of mother sue. facebook is a central part of life in myanmar it's why the military has shut it down seems as
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if the military is really going after the primary social media platforms including facebook which really is the internet in myanmar most people including people within government agencies use facebook almost as if it was an email system so it will be. terrible in terms of its consequences not only in terms of organizing a response to this coup but also in terms of conducting day to day business and economic activity but that didn't stop these health workers walking out of the hospital to protest against the coup according to their facebook groups similar walkouts happened at hospitals across the country have we had just protesting peacefully by wearing this red ribbon we don't need to speak out we all know that playing the ribbon is a sign of protest against a military government and the only want our elected government this is a message many people have likely not seen such a military presence on the streets since the 2011 democratic reforms. despite the
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apparent anger at the social media ban and the international condemnation of the coup the generals who have fast business interests in the country are not going anywhere many people in myanmar may be troubled by the military intervention but minorities in the country have long been victims of the army's crackdown hundreds of thousands of muslim rangar were forced to flee persecution deposed leader aung sun suu she was largely silent about their plight now finds herself at the mercy of the very same generals assad begged al-jazeera. well the u.n. security council has also added to the growing demands for a return to democracy in may and from new york is on diplomatic editor james bates this statement took several days to negotiate but it is significant it shows security council unity and that china is on board with criticism of the military in myanmar it was read out by the current president of the security council the
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british ambassador barbara woodward the members of the security council expressed deep concern at the declaration of a state of emergency imposed by the military on the 1st of february and the arbitrary detention of members of the government including state councilor unsung suchi and president when mint and others they called for the immediate release of all those detained. the members of the security council emphasized the need for the continued support of the democratic transition in me and she wasn't taking any questions but the spokesperson for the un secretary general said he was pleased there was security council unity on this issue i think it's very welcome that relatively quickly the council came together to speak with one voice human rights groups have welcomed the security council statement but they say words must now be matched with action well outside of their homeland more people from me and my live
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in thailand than anywhere else in the world al-jazeera scott hyla spoke to some ex-pats in the city of chiang mai well worried about their families back home. praying for peace and serenity in the thai city long known as a hub for me and mars diaspora through decades of conflict and military coups migrants dissidents and ethnic fighters have found their way to chain mart. so when myanmar's elected leadership was ousted in monday's coup it cut deep into the community here. funk wang was there in 1962 when the military 1st took power away from his civilian government he later became a soldier in a kitchen ethnic army for 10 years he fought the military for autonomy with his experience he thinks violence is not the solution now and political pressure should come from people like him. i am worried about my country men back in myanmar not just my relatives the military may be in power for many years to come. i do not
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support violent protests in the cities but in these people abroad should play a big role they don't have to live in fear from the bemused military. chiangmai has unique history and culture different from the rest of thailand and that's possibly why so many ethnic groups that have crossed the western border have decided to settle here but it's difficult for them to stay connected to their communities in myanmar and. so on long among gone runs a migrant radio network it was formed 25 years ago in chiang mai to keep the many migrants from myanmar and formed the network has been reporting on the coup since the 1st hours of the takeover a lot of the listeners were shocked and worried. i have to keep my listeners updated on the situation they need information to make decisions people are awarded the are concerned about the future. a show of solidarity in front of the chiang mai myanmar consulate a nighttime gathering of anti coupe protesters thais and migrants making themselves
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heard this in support of those who put themselves in danger by going out on the streets of myanmar to denounce the coup it's got to either al-jazeera chang mind. a medical trial in the u.k. has been launched to see if giving people different coronavirus vaccines for the 1st and 2nd dose will offer the same protection the study will mix the astra zeneca pfizer biotech jobs mixed vaccine doses have worked for h.p.v. the man leading the trials says it has the potential to speed up the rollout of code 19 jobs there are new warnings about consequences for the world of developing countries don't get fair access to cope with 19 vaccines the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies says 70 percent of doses administered so far have been in the world's 50 wealthiest countries they say this inequality could lead to further mutations of covert 19 the group is developing a plan to fund jobs for 500000000 people in poor countries. china's state run
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television channel c g t n will no longer be able to broadcast in the united kingdom after regulators revoked its license the u.k. has been a leading critic of china's crackdown on dissent in hong kong and alleged use of slave labor in. the blocking of c.g. t.n. yet another diplomatic dispute to the already frayed relations is really challenged . europe with a relaunch and a new name plate in 2016 china put a fresh face on its english language t.v. news brands china central television was now china global television network or c.d.t. n president she urged its international staff to tell china story wealth spread china's voice well but it's a voice that the u.k.'s media regulator has decided shouldn't be heard anymore in the u.k. revoking the broadcasters license said our investigation concluded that star china
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media ltd the license holder for the c.d.t. and service did not have editorial responsibility for c.d.t ends output as such as c m l does not meet the legal requirements of having control over the license service and so is not a lawful broadcast licensee. the chinese foreign ministry says it firmly opposes setting barriers to chinese media's regular activities in the u.k. shortly after off comms ruling china said it had large stern representation to the b.b.c. over quote fake news coverage and urged the b.b.c. broadcaster to apologize. to the u.k. has been a leading critic of china's hong kong security law and its crackdown on protests it's also legislating against businesses profiting from alleged slave labor in china as we get camps and it's ousting tech giants who are way from sensitive parts
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of the u.k.'s 5 g. network. so c g t n is the latest focus of attention in the u.k. china relationship that's been deteriorating for several years i think the idea really was that it would probably liberalize and change not become a democracy become a little bit easier to deal with and under siege sieging ping the current leader that's not true and it's become a. harder to wards the outside world on issues like hong kong and soon going. on taiwan it's got a much harder line now so it's more difficult diplomatic partner logic might suggest that a post breaks it britain would want to swallow some of its political differences with the world's 2nd largest economy but at the moment at least if the politics the dominant rory sharon's how does iraq. a prominent lebanese activist has been found dead in his car after being shot like man sleeman was a journalist and political analyst he also produce films and establish an archive
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of lebanon's social and political history he was well known for his criticism of hezbollah sleen was in southern lebanon when his family lost contact them on wednesday dozens of protesters have been arrested in the pools capital katmandu after rallying against a government decision to dissolve parliament and call for a snap election it was part of a nationwide general strike called by a faction of the ruling communist party prime minister k p sharma only says there's been a conspiracy against him by members of his own party. plunged into a political crisis in december when only dissolved parliament during a power struggle. the head of the tokyo olympics organizing committee has apologized over sexist comments he made about women but says he won't resign you're sure morey reportedly told a meeting of the japanese olympic committee that meetings with female directors can take a long time and are annoying the 83 year old is under pressure to step down with
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the hash tag mori please resign getting traction on life the. bush ticket i would like to take back what i said i also want to apologize to the people that were often the. i have no intention of resigning i have been supporting on working hard for the tokyo games for 7 years i'm not thinking of resigning. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has set out his vision for american foreign policy he's withdrawn support for saudi arabia's war in yemen pledge to repair global alliances that were fractured during the trump is in his address to the state department biden also called on the coup leaders in myanmar to give up power and criticize russia's treatment of opposition figures america is back america is.


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